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Cake tutorials

-Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) Edam cheese making tutorial -Different types of cheese Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) Edam cheese making tutorial how to make

Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) Edam cheese making tutorial how to make

    -Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) Edam cheese making tutorial -Different types of cheese

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    Swimming Pool-Torte / Pool-Torte / Pool Cake / Swimming Pool Cake selber machen - YouTube !!! English English German German (Automatic Captions)
    This time, we're making a delicious summer cake. The recipe and ingredient list
    is linked in the info box or can be found directly at http://amerikanisch-kochen.de
    We start off with a tasty lemon ganache. For this, we pour some boiled cream over
    chopped up white chocolate.
    After 5 minutes, we stir until smooth, add some lemon aroma and put the ganache in the refridgerator until it has hardened a bit. .
    It should be stirred in between so it hardens
    For the dough, we mix soft butter with grated lemon zest, sugar and vanilla sugar until foamy.
    If your butter mix looks like that, it is time to add the eggs and keep stirring.
    In order for the dry ingredients to spread better in the dough, we mix the flour with baking powder
    and salt, and added to the butter-egg-mixture, alternating with milk and lemon juice.
    The dough is now spread out over two springform pans with
    minutes at
    Meanwhile, we can prepare the blue jello for the pool so it can
    cool a little. Simply mix the powder with hot water until the
    gelatine dissolves and then add some cold water. Let it cool further
    at room temperature. All infos and alternatives for this,
    can be found in the recipe. If you don’t have any dough stick during the “skewer test”,
    the cake is ready and has to cool off. Put some tinfoil on it so
    it doesn’t dry out.
    When the cake has cooled off and the ganache looks like this, we can move on.
    Put one of the two cakes upside down on a cake place, top it with the ganache and
    place the other cake on top.
    Next, everything is evenly covered in ganache. The cake is then put into the refrigerator for
    minutes, so
    the cream can harden a bit.
    After that, we start hollowing out the cake with a spoon at the spot where we want the pool to be.
    This opening should be covered with ganache as well since it has to take the moisture of the jello later.
    You can spread it better when you use a spoon that has been heated a bit with hot water.
    When this is done, we can finally get back to decorating.
    For that, we roll out some white fondant and put it on top of the cake.
    Carefully cut out the fondant where you hollowed the cake.
    The border of the cake is decorated with blue fondant.
    The unsightly edges can be hidden with fondant. Simply use some sugar glue,
    water or lemon icing.
    In order to make the tiles, we cut some white fondant into some small, even squares (about
    We’re almost finished. The slighty hardened jello is now poured
    Into the cake and decorated a bit. Feel free to do this
    to your liking. Before you serve the cake,
    you should put it in the refridgerator for another hour so the jello can harden.
    We hope you enjoyed our video and wish you lots of fun trying this recipe.
    If you had enough american food, feel free to visit our second channel
    "kochkino". For everyone watching us on their phone or tablet, you can find all infos
    in the info box below the video. *** *** Girls Do Balloon Cake Prank on Dad - Kids Shaving Cream in Face Fun - YouTube !!!
    we did a balloon cake
    Crake my desk three you get a ballooning Nicoletta cake
    check with the conical cake and then
    we cut it hi by
    carry high chips there
    him up their statement
    yet schools been out for last couple days we had a small
    lot of snow storms like I'm more stressed though
    unfortunately the trees
    some the snow just bought some land down I gotta tomorrow
    cream at the truth gonna get rid their
    for now the yes take a look when you have a

    luxury right there now and there's
    is going to come down to is gonna have to get it down is is dead
    they could fall down right on right on the deck
    that this blues auto watching to go outside okay I want to stay in the house
    likes me you have a grammar yeah you and your sister do not go outside to
    britannia is
    when she's done with a shower never did not go outside officially the back as
    I'm leaving work and again that tree cut down
    okay or a okay say course you don't want nobody crown
    so I mean if thats I make a
    demo to go out to have some fun of his post are killing one today
    in latex nose like yesterday 4th BR gonna six today at all
    I don't get weather thing luminaries gonna have to do her
    a good size although
    list I gotta cut a tree down I would have to go out there and clean the
    can help and they're gonna clean that shit gonna ruled
    got a little bored to be exciting up exciting day today
    a happy cap
    happen hi North dangerous I don't
    don't want to be out there is danger should christine helms K
    break and when she got there UK stay in there when I'm done
    you can come out and play if you're K key
    I gotta go to I could clinch a missing in put some other firewood
    islamic fire went out at the tree the dead tree here
    yeah here hate me but
    and then we'll go to store later hello it's a car seat somewhere
    I gotta to find where I stuck it and then head over
    this one with autism go outside do that's really good
    with okay okay I will be very very careful
    whose right
    all hi
    Ricky yeah your renewal
    appeal for thank you he
    take yeah E sir
    he acting again Caggie
    and manic K
    hope think it's pretty bad here you know
    we don't normally gets no but we got some dead trees out here
    got to get them straightened out get the
    limbs taken down with you for firewood summer
    with us not to run they're all saturated
    for gotta get all that straightened out this gets really money back your cancer
    orch though is not so fast
    with %uh yeah I gotta go down here in Street know that situation there
    now is a good time to get the bank started because my dad is outside
    working on that jury cell
    I found these wax candle
    Mel things in the closet the issue them
    at now the house and they
    dalton has entries use cocaine and ocean breeze but
    they were very strong Italy
    and also I'm going to do a prank on my dad
    and I have this no cupcake on here and this red raspberry wine
    aren't you and I'm going to print him
    arcade game start by making a raspberry and vanilla cake
    but I'm going to use the scent Brenda wax and handled in
    until he actually believes that I'm making a cake to actually smells like to
    take in the house began
    hikers no Center sent to the cake
    and he's probably not gonna burn it so I want me to use the
    and already put the vanilla cupcake on here and
    I'm melting this right now so that
    has sent getting the air and then
    I have this vanilla fragrance stuff
    that when I am done putting everything on this
    that use my cupcake K
    I have actually I should take the blame them first
    you up
    it was wondering outside
    cutting a tree so and your our
    taped down
    like that sleep
    be careful when think cutting your box out well I thought this out earlier but
    when you're cutting it shall be careful
    because do you think be dangerous I had like
    adult military prison money but I would make sure
    you're allowed to die for yes watching
    I'm going to like that some tissue paper in here to even out in like filming at
    so that
    by Anthony shaving cream on doesn't or
    right she doesn't take in so much
    office hope spring done with this
    now get changing
    here what this dynamic resting
    miss mckinny stars
    sportiness in there
    really used for across the subscript this the
    row they didn't remember that makeup
    you think cream but green waste any
    on it
    like three jobs in
    red dying here
    home help

    hoops there was a little too much
    smut up
    so here
    I just ago
    i think im
    McCosh my gosh
    like us
    well you know I did
    you can they be in for a big pop
    pay at that time here that
    already in place
    kick all new
    to see the ball I'm
    go ahead and turn the oven on he believes that
    and I decided I was going to square the cake out
    and with some freely
    yes I didn't want suspicious because it
    polje yeah now
    put these beautiful
    such to be a pic today demonstrate the stuff from here
    scared to death to shiny
    noted I see my gosh prop
    keep okay
    doesn't ok ap
    now want to take these dreams to that keep
    something on it
    I just went for the

    State College keep
    now the victim with victim
    did room in I dot
    sup plate set up and some
    Cup so it will look like for it
    eaters drink nothing
    okay cell mine dad just texted me that he was done playing the tree down
    and that we can go outside and play if we want to
    so I should be used
    like I don't like he sat down and played me police
    please clear stamp wanna wait for him will come play
    kaelin koin mere don't go outside yet
    yeah I know he's done his like
    play let's go to the balloon please keep
    here light what's your fall
    here what's one-way
    he didn't run away outside
    one right no he didn't know we think you'll find he was cutting the tree down
    me yep yes yes
    we'll get my cry each his neck
    what com key please play with me
    its please Lord little incredibly first
    to keep
    balloon that to you para
    fun her hmmm
    didn't you tell me
    daddy she ran away to
    until you can't read on to know he run away
    who gave only another
    we may surprise she can dump it on fish
    the prize she be better surprise
    here how know you have to see it
    about you like pasta or yep
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    it really was no you know I have trees are dead and you have kids out there
    especially when you have young children visible in smaller military guy
    hurt so you know always be careful on you know
    obvious when you get up work proved alrighty then
    the day love you guys in surprising I just
    for sure but that's okay
    I kitty okay year
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    cyanide its blindfold
    when agent like this or but its we need you to put it on
    remained now
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    faces a little piece nurse working here her
    we know it before I chipped away from that it's going fast
    napkins family or just wanted
    today briana caisson
    catty Brittany in okay
    Kate and guess what this is here
    yeah is that cool
    I can is Cup
    I'll play and all
    feet but prices
    here you get your night to a plate they were going to
    only one is a beautifully would it
    and let them know if me know
    think I'd should yeah
    savor the flavor savor the moment yes and entertainment
    about are party's over again me
    should be fine peace p to okay
    yet alright sleepy
    what castro's
    sleep yeah our for on for
    fellow her for the for see
    Friday it
    I'm good come on you yeah
    did this to me the real takes over
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    how would you make it look like today
    it looks like a key practice okay
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    this thread yet
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    all day to you now
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    okay old
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    no cooking and other was pretty good
    hi We're
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    okay Tarso I receive the counter somewhere
    lemiux where is it because you know you don't do something like this without
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    stay or
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    by this cake here unit
    Wakefield lets that shaving cream
    jQuery oh my god but
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    okay guys I gotta shave I need to shape today anyway
    yeah hi as what is particularly actually be
    face gonna be pink ok the guys crazy
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    thank you I I knew they had to make you think that
    actually made and mmm
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    me yeah happen K cake
    do you know about this cable yeah use it
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    and then she went upstairs to watch a movie with Britney real
    yeah and reportedly yes you help me
    Gary yes is burning really we're here
    I ownership course you have to be at the just because
    she didn't wanna it's a bar to a pretty obvious there's a thing to were
    very much an enemy style yeah yeah challenged
    Haley carefully major hacking happy
    movies careful the whole thing here
    me you wouldn't funny really funny if you like
    explode in your face like all your favorite here
    maybe but I mean just on the whole thing is put inside like that
    it's about eleven what the heck is going on W good
    you know it few we should like slow
    would ok with
    not even K yeah
    little bit I got
    friggin bored
    funny he liked
    you seem to know it's a female if you put it on your face
    your with wrinkles on your faith
    again get life in a more when you put american
    yup not bank
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    but look at your better
    but hey I
    me me yeah her
    love your for me up
    this is really nice great crowd here
    mean red although
    for losses of rest
    I thanks to good people but bro
    boy faith almost fact
    after I shaved her shape on doing it
    the reaction working on it very old
    her me here over now
    are not linked collective breath
    what K okay
    my impressive K actually Realty all got
    call me yeah
    me hi very
    three-year p thanks for watching
    please be sure to rate comment subscribe engineer with as much people as you can
    me *** *** PIGS IN MUD CAKE! A Mycupcakeaddiction collaboration how to - YouTube !!!
    casey helping any
    anybody had a
    damage montana
    economically for many to make a case
    that take brass identicator cocktail state and it will stop
    cake being a member of revenge
    and he said he has a different standard
    nine two five
    let me know that they're taking advantage
    so i think you can take on it yes
    pizza hut
    slight modification of the great refugees sort of a destructive awsome
    injustices buffalo
    going to be hot might today
    three qty
    lost and we does not recommend denunciations
    instead philosopher seeing
    not mine accidents dot
    is yes
    operates opposite in regards
    not good
    let's say young inside hungary
    in walking sounds fascinating maintenance to arrive on scene upgrade
    teach are yes but you don't keep n_b_a_ kitty
    deliver anything in my case truly spectacular
    came out of my did you see that you need to make a
    site will be
    and sounds as if he's trying to find my updated
    construction dept so i think this is not a proper along the way
    regard hanging there
    can be
    innocents ticketsnow
    how will the senate right now
    that gets you wanna
    west again haha
    combat partying
    section here and there are a lot of the captain at any time you did a gap
    that's not my enough to say
    street seattle wa
    associates an a_t_r_ back
    thinking about because he's defended taxicab lost and found that upgrade
    landing on
    the reason for that right on the inside of the trial of the airport
    placements of holidays altogether
    however entirely families find
    some measure tactics and announcing our outrage
    and inside
    that main house and then you know
    resigned starting this sunday after cards and you know
    qualities found in india
    inside are
    dandelion and coming up here
    casing and check in on it
    concerns and made himself
    hi state
    came up erections are absent
    depictions moments at the belatedly sam inexcusable allotted
    i'd say probably holds wanted all my hospital quite a lot of pressure on them
    out there and something that i've seen is there anything in there
    but the lady and honestly and outside
    under this act as a couple of
    very thoughtful around the entire nobody's perfect and i got
    nanditha experience
    dot blots
    designs calls that far
    if that's what's right
    three just ahead fast balls
    already small bottles
    to say that the defense on second thought
    dehumanization donated
    astonishing about modeling inside pages twenty people are asking why did he have
    just seeing faulty state senate hearings
    drafts are
    finances a few things that i see
    polyethylene awesome so for the vast
    basic cannot
    anti tobacco
    not stephanie
    all right down
    people from crack
    vineyards and exciting and
    that's a nice lols
    nancyra accessories
    kgp satire
    says the states
    and i've just sent a letter and in st
    vicki's missiles
    and uh...
    antenna caps antennas has ended last time
    six and sound
    another one
    and that kind of people are coming out
    sakshi dot
    he he
    intervenes and on
    calendar and botha
    specialist expresses even
    lifting the arms
    and cancer next
    linden what's excessive use
    patterns of the economy
    banks here and black
    and has an update usually sally
    citing its economy
    on tuesday is
    not so easy
    at the l_a_p_d_ and he is that
    ascendancy and hang out soon
    often tell
    that the
    looks like he's again because they see pull up a little bit for us now
    so first now biscuits and palatable
    and justice at the same time
    linda wassup
    indignities that sound
    something on the peace now
    surrounding areas eat misconduct
    laughing at you
    patrick cox in d_c_ iphone
    activity of the case in bed
    happy faces and not
    there's the handled the defense
    into the bar
    it was not
    hitler and assistants to monitor requirements cannot
    there's too much
    rosato legal practice by its teeth innocent people and see what's up
    january twenty five
    must meet a_b_c_'s charlie
    what size are you
    and say well into the struggle
    first steps that you know
    teeth and get to the second guess
    notes the twenty four months ago tedious
    sixty-eight sally
    f twelve years instead even just using a little bit of work that has been a
    little doesn't was around each of these hearings start
    first yeah
    somalis that
    birthday party but needed
    leaner and meaner
    integrated kate hits
    families that don't to tell me that she also had and
    exceeds demand
    fantasy colors trusts experience of all thank you very much
    chances these sustainable as
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    systemic cause i was very very defeat
    genetics at charges now face
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    mackenzie advocate delhi and yet they hate my life
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    anti-ballistic stairs
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    paintballing ahahaha
    made up
    have in fact it was time to opening up against but i'm not ready for it since
    it was a good evening
    halfway hanging there
    popularity and understands that it is looking towards iraq
    t_-seventy two
    impacts on the part of its kentucky
    ticket for that we've created
    starting absentee landlords are renovating
    style that reminds me that was pretty impossible
    with sci fi
    from the excitement of itself
    green for c_n_n_ diplomat
    cream frosting
    eking out our house and a half
    so that all the airheads
    you have offered a tells us
    so that's a fact
    and instead of catholic orthodoxy minus
    nazir five set on fire
    candidates on that
    really fast fast vast space
    managing painstakingly senator iraqis letterpress
    farabee-sax less expensive
    really tests
    time just because i haven't talked to her
    amazing travel and contact your local anesthesia anything
    so i love it
    you go to bed
    i love to hear fire
    a_t_t_'s directv drastic wildlife every single grounds
    uh... faster and
    you'll as usual applicants finalizing yeah
    piggy matching chastain policies and lifestyle strategy chance my company and
    he said *** *** Dinosaur Cake - How to decorate a mini dinosaur cake - kids cake-tutorial - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    in response to your request for some level
    where including this many dragon dinosaur video
    perfect for a first birthday or small child
    lots of ways to decorate it up hope you enjoy for this project we're going to
    use a quick I sir
    if you want to use it to issue your spatula we're going to use a couple are
    for I think your piping tech and we've got and number seven
    I'm figure piping her writing tips: these are miniature
    dinosaurs so this is a six inch round that split
    unfilled and put in the freezer for about an hour
    so that it's nice and firm longer than that it's going to be hard to cut your
    gonna have to wait for it
    so I'm gonna split this and put it on two separate
    the preacher half cut brown
    in the middle the the I'm board and a switch it to a
    I think that's gonna fit better gonna give me a little more room for tail
    so there's that one and it gives me room for a second wind
    smooth now and if you're feeling that sticky now and again this is best to the
    cream filling I put some chocolate an option the middle
    on just want something that's gonna is out
    company is my quick I sir and this is going to be quick
    want to get all the way down to the base come up over the top
    give urself to boost reps
    now you see what's called a quick answer company is a mini spatula
    just to smooth out the scene there and the scene there
    okay I just wanna knock down these edges
    and then wait my spatula
    you go one final right
    now he doesn't have to be super smooth because he's a dragon or a dinosaur and
    they don't have the most
    smooth skin so now we're going to add his snout
    and his tail so I'm gonna start his tail here
    so we're going to use this is a figure typing tip which means we squeeze
    and let it build will slowly round circular motions and we're gonna come
    and around now about here we can start to do more of a circular motion so that
    his tail kinda has occurred here
    had little interest really special smaller and smaller
    and release now for this now
    lot to me big fat
    pillows for by saying for a man this way
    we're gonna start just a diagonal here just on the edge
    to have the body squeeze let it build
    but bill big fat pillow about their
    so we wanna know they're the same big fat
    lol right on top federal level there keep it movin
    and and we want to give them
    a nice fat little a geek so
    squeeeeze and around motion tennis
    and another but sure that again
    nice round in motion but
    and another for
    can teach you
    fat nostrils just to squeeze and release
    so I'm using a pastry bag here paper P three batches
    because it'll give us some the most Ranger views
    with the lease waste so to start and a skinny make
    a just a tiny clip in the end so I can make his toenails
    Kansas School he's
    release pressure and Paul squeeeeze
    release pressure and cold
    speech give a nice long cloth
    so now I want to cut just a little bit more of that hit
    little bit wider number you gave them some polka dot
    shield fun to keep them nice and flat against the body
    squeeze circular motion squeeze
    circle and release
    couldn't some smaller ones on his legs on
    we decided this guy's gonna be green and purple but he can be any combination of
    colors that you like
    it's a real fantasy peace
    k I'm leaving some space in the middle cuz I am going to give him
    some spikes down the back and also as caller
    so for the spices Cairo Minister don't wanna squeeze
    let it build and pull out just like we did the toes
    call out and release of pressure
    they want to practice this one on the board just a little bit
    you could also use some candy not specs
    for this if you wish stan is fact you wanna make them a little fatter at the
    and then come all the way down just helped
    and at the end
    again choose specs
    for gonna given T it's actually the same motion is this just a little skin here
    which means later pressure
    to want to squeeze and hold down
    lots a different
    more links culminates in a little silly are looking
    him since he all the way around on
    now we're gonna take of park %uh player here
    and use our white bag use the end for figure piping tip again
    flight with your finger forget to give them two big googly eyes right on top
    we're gonna village the eyes a little bit given to be googly circles
    this is some black piping gel you use some black frosting
    or you can use some mom have the black and the strips that they have
    at some cake decorating stores even a Walmart give them a nice
    I live here this guy's probably avoid I'm gonna give them my lashes
    anyway on
    various there's our little many dinosaur quick
    easy but really cute and you get two for the price of one
    i just want to see this one this is actually done on a
    but it's a four inch round cake so it's really many
    same thing this this you get two for the price of one
    but it's much smaller thanks for watching this week's video
    we've included the rest before decorating buttercream and really I
    in the description says a lot he asked for thanks again season *** *** Easy Bake Cake Pops - Baking Tiny Cake Pops for Kids Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hello everyone welcome back this is Sarah in this video were gonna be
    shaking I'm going to be making these delicious hopefully cake pops in my Easy
    Bake Oven I found this kpop kit at my local K-mart and they were selling it
    for $
    if you don't have a camera in your area I noticed that amazon.com is
    selling the set as well so in the cake pop did you get two packets devil's food
    cake mix two packets of brown IC chips one packet of vanilla frosting mix two
    packets and sprinkle

    ribbons for decoration to think he's you want to give them as a gift
    one cake pop stand and of course some instructions on how to make your cake
    pops in addition you will also need some cooking spray
    a mixing bowl and spoon
    and some measuring spoons to live get started first Western on the easy-bake
    oven to preheat to the correct temperature then I'll grab the package
    out devils food cake mix and pour the entire thing into my mixing bowl add
    five teaspoons of water
    tier cake mix
    you know what time it is it time for a little mixi mixi with them as tagged
    pics emix sheriffs out this makes it makes it goes out to Naomi Mackenzie
    Christopher luma Jmac their life and Adriana I N G when Miller Graeme Samuel
    Zell Miller short dark wolf girl 676 Natalia Martinez Tamara spent thirty
    teams in Cali christophe Charlene Williams in the course to jazz man with
    her two daughters to now he leaned in a course we can't forget junior if you
    didn't get a mixie mix he shall this time please don't worry I had over

    requested my last video and I'll be doing plenty more of these videos in the
    near future so guys if you would like in
    just right hash tag mixi mixi in
    the comments box down below
    prev thinking pan with cooking spray and wipe it down a little bit with a paper
    towel to make sure that they're cooking sprays even and the you wipe off the
    over these yummy looking chocolate cake mix onto your baking pan to make sure
    that your cake won't be evenly split Park in to work even in this will need
    minutes to fully be alright it's been
    minutes will push the cake
    pan into the cooling station of the the case should be cool by now but just in
    case I'll use a hot pad wow it looks delicious alright I'm gonna put this in
    the fridge for a few minutes while we make our frosting grab the packet of
    vanilla frosting mix and put in just three and a half teaspoon of the mix in
    one-half teaspoon of water now will give the frosting a little mixi mixi in here
    some additional
    shouts for you guys
    this goes out to lose clear Carter mangled foxy Marcel motley grease down I
    D Cruz Kelly Denton and never LTV I got the cake out of my friends now we're
    just going to take it off the man he ought to be very clean about this you
    can be very messy because we're just going to freak out all the kinks in put
    it into the frosting bowl combine both the cake and frosting this a little
    tough using the spoon so eventually I just started using my hand now I'm going
    to prepare the frosting and those on the outside the cake pops songs gonna open
    up one packet of chips and pour them into a bowl the instructions say that
    you can help them in water with the plastic bag but I'm going to go the easy
    route I'm just gonna melt these in my microwave and here is my melted
    chocolate Wow doesn't look delicious
    time to make our cake into kpop have a little bit of the dough in road between
    your fingers the frosting the weekend into the cake earlier will make the cake
    together and stay into around G
    do this five more times until you have six total little round cake balls take
    one of the cake pop sticks and different into the chocolate this is so that the
    actual cake pop will stick onto the stick a little bit better now insert the
    end of the stick into one of the kickball you may have to reshape your
    cake pop before you dip it into the chocolate now using the spoon just
    carefully covered the kink in delicious chocolate here's our first when I came
    out some kids just put it in the stand for it to fully dry my next key part to
    be a little bit more colorful and some of my sprinkles to a bowl after I cover
    my keep up with chocolate immediately tippit into the sprinkle here while he
    very colorful cake pop I'm gonna continue to work on this until all six
    of my cake pops are covered in chocolate and sprinkles
    but I can't wait to try these so chooses frugal one first
    oh yeah this is pretty good they can get nice and chocolatey not too sweet with
    the additional frosting that was added I'm love love love the sprinkle
    because they had a nice little crunch the pop I don't love the outside
    chocolate frosting I don't feel like it's a real talk with frosting I think
    it's a little bit off yeah I think it's the outside chocolate coating that's
    throwing me a little bit off in the teeth but otherwise it's pretty good
    thank you guys SO much for watching I had fun making these cakes and I'm
    really happy with the way they turned out for you anyway thank you guys so
    much we'll see you in the next video *** *** Easy 2 Tier Sprinkles Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey guys are going to a season that's fuckin is absurd I'll be teaching you
    how to make this very easy sprinkles cake and working with a eight inch cake
    and a six inch cake
    adding liberty but according to my clipboard that'll help my eight inch
    cake adhered to the Cape Cod pressing it down when Tyson sent it and then adding
    in my vanilla buttercream just piping there on my next play an extra Center at
    the moment happy with its positioning up her sit down you know areas and then
    just continue building your cake like this for their last year of cake I'm
    using the bottom of the cake and attended upside down that weighed myself
    at the top
    adding your code helps to grab all of the loose crimes and
    cakes here very
    last layer of buttercream won't have any crimes in it and also make sure to press
    them against the cake that way all the air pockets have been filled out a bit
    about to come to the table to keep his file and then just taking it off towards
    center of the cake for sitting around the cake to lift those areas up then I
    put into a freezer for a good
    that way the doesn't shift around when you're adding the final a buttercream
    and to top first news my speciality flattened that out and shoot the better
    come to the sides adding some American genocide and this time I'm adding a fair
    bit of it as we are going to be taking off injury of the body cream with a
    scraper to cover the whole outside the cake then using a big-screen gently go
    around the cake scraping off the excess and people ran into its nice and sunny
    then take off the top section of the cake as well just moved into the center
    and this is a six inch cake I feel the exact same steps and I'm just covering
    it with red butter cream instead of white and you do the same motions and
    its kicking sitting on a six-inch board which is attached to a twelve-inch board
    reason being is that makes it a lot easier for me to work with the
    buttercream to add it on and taking off as well
    I'll generously than using my bench scraper to scrape down the excess and
    Smith Center then I'll be putting that into the freezer for at least a good

    minutes that way it's so nice and hard and we can handle that he paid the
    bottom tiananmen sprinkles in a cookie sheet template that way my cake consider
    this plate and you give me good waking space to start adding my screen calls
    from grabbing a handful of it and just putting it up against the cake leaving
    at this has been sitting in the freezer for a good
    minutes the speakers
    actually stick on really well in kind of press and lift your hand press meet you
    and all the way up to the edge of the cake that gives you really good coverage
    now just continue to do this around the whole cake
    and if there's any empty spots like to go in after a cover the whole cake and
    just fill in those areas same way that I'm doing here on to the very top of the
    cake exactly why is just sort of misleading moving around and it's a
    really good waves who fill in the spaces at the very top within the edges seems
    to be like a problem area that way you can kind of shake motorcycle in prison
    between your hands to my fingers and cover those edges don't feel too
    stressful not sticking when you're working in the scientific and picks up
    when you're working on the top remove all the extra federal down its nothing
    attached in to move the speakers from the cake borders really finger along and
    whatever it doesn't want to come off the cake thought just president begins to
    security now I'm adding my extra thick straws and adding these because I wanted
    to be able to support the weight of my top using the american ago me and just
    marking on the cake
    where I need to cut it that way it sits flush with the frosting don't make sure
    our top kick doesn't seem can destroy a bottom
    now releasing my cake from the cake boy just running a special around the whole
    the bottom reason being is if you were to take it off directly from just one
    site without going around the whole case somebody cream rooming stuck to the
    bottom and kickball and you have really uneven cracked ages and because of this
    reason we can handle very easily just collected to give you need and I just
    read take your turntable to make sure we have it all sent it adding a little gold
    ribbon around the cake just streaming offering needs to start and finish them
    using some non-toxic double side adhesive money and I'll stick to itself
    then you deliberate glucose syrup onto the bow and that'll help it to stick to
    the cake as well there for a couple seconds and you done I'm sure they will
    enjoy helping the fam when it comes out you won't me shape when you press it
    obviously you will agree but it's actually pretty steady with this week's
    editorial thanks again for joining me and I will catch you next time *** *** Swimming Pool Cake - YouTube !!!

    who so
    me okay start with the
    regular Joe we're going to make some Joe extra strong today we're going to use to
    lucio overuse normal water
    sorry one boiling water and woke up a very cold water
    no actually a little ice cubes in a star water
    you all have our gotta
    and both act Joe whole
    so what make
    all home
    well yesterday lol
    mister are com K going all out
    happen aged three to four inches deep in the middle
    when I around so I vs so
    with a sharp knife I'm by Mike a
    great know that other ministers
    going to take a mill that's going to give us the a holiday for the job
    Olympus from people
    I will start
    her top shocks
    say this case where called
    yes the colours with yesterday but only after
    all all got all hours although there all
    great Easter all
    talk call mister
    we're going to use a nice
    finalizing the bottle this fall and it ought to be cooler
    doesn't melt that first not
    if you don't put upon it in the bottom
    the holes in the cable service yellow
    and you won't have a nice you answering Berkshire
    his personal show last
    shimmy his
    hit look at some poll
    so I'm down about three-quarters official governor
    trooper Joe we've got plenty of Joe going up more Joe
    me so can I session
    so you
    mile away
    make sure
    no me plumbing
    Noel actually cool
    not money much
    ok me
    killer Joe me
    he yeah %uh
    let go
    now me
    some each
    gel she
    right all
    he'll chill
    foolish people
    which movie I sing all the way around the K
    and now the fun part the actual battery so star
    you know waiters like any other all and then embellished
    billionaires fishburne's oh you she what break
    hairy here
    he's OK its
    your question
    he's a waitress
    the Lakers
    me cap
    okay bien students me
    yes waivers cool
    here well
    to me stick Evers
    okay strong
    human me you want
    I'm here scared
    me up but we r you
    people message
    you know
    like it boy working
    thing like

    still wary here me
    stick like hearing
    you okay but
    here here *** *** Pigs In Mud Kit Kat Cake! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial Featuring Charlis Crafty Kitchen - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
    Good day! Welcome to Charlis Crafty Kitchen. Today, we're making Pigs in Mud Cake.
    And welcome to My Cupcake Addiction. We're guest starring today on Charlis Crafty Kitchen
    and we're helping her make her Pigs in Mud Cake.
    So this is a little bit of a different look for My Cupcake Addiction. This week's Mixed
    Up Monday is a collaboration that I've done with my beautiful niece Charli from Charlis
    Crafty Kitchen. Yes, she has her own YouTube Channel and it's doing fairly well. She's
    rivaling me for subscribers at the moment and I keep telling her she's very close.
    Between you and I, she's got a little way to go. So if you want to head over to her
    channel and hit the Subscribe button, I know she would be forever grateful.
    We've themed up to do this great Kit Kat Pigs in Mud Cake. Now, you might have seen the
    Kit Kat Rainbow M&M cakes that have been going around for a little while. There's certainly
    plenty of tutorials on YouTube and Charli has in fact done one of those before. She
    found this Pigs in Mud Cake and she asked me to help. She didn't think she was quite
    up there in the cake decorating skills to actually get it done all by herself but I
    was surprised by how much of it she got done. This is a fantastic cake to make with your
    kids, for your kids, or just because. And look, it is really easy and so effective.
    Unfortunately, this picture wasn't watermarked so we have no idea who the original creator
    was but it has gone viral. And I have seen it popped up on so many different cake decorating
    blogs and websites. It's just crazy. I really hope that you enjoy this tutorial.
    You will have to head over to Charlis Crafty Kitchen to view the full tutorial. But I hope
    that you like what you see when you get there. She's got heaps of tutorials and they're great
    for kids, great school holiday fun. And look, if you've got little kids, they just love
    watching them. I don't know what it is. Make sure that you subscribe to Charlis Crafty
    Kitchen for more great kid's tutorial and potentially more collaborations with My Cupcake
    Addiction. And as always, thank you very much for watching. *** *** Peppa Pig Birthday Cake | DIY Quick and Easy Recipes : Fun Food for Kids | Cooking for Children - YouTube !!!
    hello everyone and welcome to my kids recipes today I'm going to show you how
    to make a Peppa Pig birthday cake doesn't this look amazing look at Papa
    so far this you are going to need 500 grams of pink buttercream frosting a
    sponge cake Peppa Pig cut out and you're also going to need some black writing
    icing hundred and fifty grams and dot pink buttercream frosting
    and number thirty piping nozzle and fifty grams of couple buttercream
    frosting finally you're going to need fifty grams of white fondant icing and a
    rolling pin so let's get started the first thing you want to do is to cut off
    his way now been a layout template of pepper on top of us on cake and cut
    around the edge make sure you get a parent to help you keep going
    we're now going to cut out purpose is separately so don't check out the edge
    of your sponge right now we're gonna stick on purpose is using some butter
    cream frosting as good now we want to make sure that peppers the right color
    so we're going to cover her in the light pink buttercream frosting make sure you
    get the edges as well don't worry if it gets in your baseboard we can clean up
    later like so set aside now we're going to take I dot pink buttercream frosting
    and spin it into a piping bag make sure you don't use all of your buttercream
    frosting because you want to separate into another piping bag that that his
    side has now it's time to make kept his eyes were gonna roll out a white fondant
    I think he's up cookie cutter to make those used to print out of his head as a
    guide and make sure that the eyes of the right size
    Smith on the edges and then use the first time as a template to cut the
    second I i'm not spamming my popularizing into a piping bag now we're
    going to spend the rest of a dot pink buttercream frosting into a third piping
    back this one should have the nozzle in it
    perfect now it's time to decorate his base less puffy eyes on fast and we're
    now taking a dark pink buttercream frosting in the bag that doesn't have a
    novel we're gonna go around the edge of Kappa just like this
    don't forget to go around her eyes as well and of course she needs now I'm
    driving now I'm taking the purple icing and doing peppers smile the black
    writing a nice thing to do to pupils in her eyes and I'm typing this down using
    my finger but make sure you let your finger to the IC doesn't stick now we're
    going to take that icing in the bag that scott knows this is going to create a
    great trip around the edge on the baseboard just like this and perfect
    their you have a Peppa Pig birthday cake doesn't look great I picked up a big
    birthday cake happy birthday everyone
    thank you very much for watching him play kids recipes if you have enjoyed
    this video please to make sure you check out all of our other videos and don't
    forget to come back soon we'll see you next time by *** *** Rainbow Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    I seventy receives its fun in the simpson I'll be teaching you
    me a tight I V K to begin annexing all my train Reince
    in a bowl combining all-knowing to the N double
    the recipe in the Description box below Carrington Way
    when I recorded it mixing together but once it does you separate

    rumbles in at all York I'll I've used liquid karma and for my last
    fogelman his junk I'll nipsey
    the reasons to the time X is only in
    and instill in 1 tablespoon into your beloved use a financial
    for the sci-fi skating unicef my recipe is really runny
    that's what you can only use even a recipe or something
    white to pale and that way runs into itself
    as you keep hanging each table Speedway okay eat things into itself increases
    the usual boring day this is my favorite way to indicate
    yes yes because the rainbow just keep repeating
    you can tell this is beautiful rings around

    few people about three quarters of the way up to cancer
    and this is just a different way I'm trying to tie dye
    rain look only cialis into special
    I think and I just couldn't think they're
    Canon rent in reply all cialis into
    ball to the Katy
    and give it up just to take only in those
    a purple that might be trapped in and they close at
    50th minute next gonna make my cream cheese frosting
    now this first things going to incite the cake is also indicate the outsized
    with at
    but I went in just gives a much more stable
    strong forcing because in the outside and you won't seem keen on itself just
    your gradually and Kenya icing sugar
    and because this is a remake
    Wilson and sprinkle
    mix those three
    Nash you how I cut my cakes Asian the school with a serrated knife
    on the outside and making sure the key clinton table
    nice internet making sure keep my night as little as I can
    wanna make really level key
    wanted mark the outside stuff so in a way you take
    always make sure that my night can be seen on the other side key
    that we remain straight because it has a cake to help
    do that I use the same insulin and cutting my key can help
    do the same for time taking you see it has it it does have a very distinctive
    and look to you the ring we before so so very pretty
    next and I think my HK well & Investment Summit
    frosting on today that I hope the cake down
    on the ball and then just spent some
    it up that making it to make it is even as he can maybe
    centimeters with the frosting usually
    user humping entities didn't have any enhance ladies
    censure we'll see why I prefer the I think make sure that scented
    sit down and continue you the first thing I see as you working it that top
    player just %uh
    shifting around eight kills me so we use I think
    you won't have that problem you make sure you keep keys straight
    the Holy
    and she'll King sure it's not
    screen name
    strain enough sleep well
    lastly a which was the bottom of the cake seeking to the top
    nice once it's nice and straight
    concert taking away the excess along the edge just the
    actually do anything fancy and input into the freezer
    for good
    minutes so we went
    you cross the outside the key when shifted so nice and
    this time the huge to open it up
    and just with my way out the outside K just across the ages little
    the top and just huge dollars
    on the outside making sure that you 15 you
    and taking all these a pocket
    thing that frosting recipe well animosity couple
    the cake is using a spatula go over at once just a company
    and give it a real nice clean
    nation using my bench scraper making shirts and that money to Greece
    gist rotate Mikey boy you'll see that there are no spaces
    can just going with you'll frosting
    and then continue to you take off the excess
    big-screen Michael areas always tend to be right at the top is lousy
    discover all that and
    good as you satisfied
    with how smooth the outside is the cake you can
    start removing any excess of the top nothing that we can do this it pulls the
    edges out a little bit
    say was going around the cake second time just make sure
    them is raised again and his continued her
    as UK very elastic
    I put my been scraped under really hot water
    and very slowly going around like eight matches kids
    really really clean green smoothies change
    it's a massive fuel creating cakes
    that out because in funded to Hwy you will want
    you to not want to skip this step
    and other is my first thing in a collette
    all the colors in the rain and I'm screening
    into a bag
    fitted with case at Minister making
    shells across the bottom which and as a retirement
    you see the other colors and styles come through as well see
    keepers in your bank in you get the full range occur
    this is but
    officially for children's party do the same
    the top too slow on the edge
    sure you guys inside
    is your time dynamic a Capri
    that because the and you can see how
    you and guess what she did you know if you enjoyed this tutorial
    and I will see you anything *** *** HOW TO MAKE A FROZEN PRINCESS CAKE - NERDY NUMMIES - YouTube !!! English English
    Ro: Hey guys, its Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Today I have a special guest,
    Ro: this is my sister Mo. Mo: Hello!
    Ro: we got so many more request to do something frozen related
    Ro: specifically Elsa and Anna, so today
    Ro: Mo and I are gonna be making... da da
    Ro: princess Elsa. Mo: And Anna. Ro: princess cakes
    Ro: Oh, put her little hand up, let's do a high five.
    Ro: Oh yeah! Let's get started!
    Ro: To make this princess cake, the first thing that you're gonna need are three
    Ro: different types of cakes.
    Mo: The first one is gonna be in an
    Mo: so it'll look like this. Then you'll also an eight inch pan
    Mo: two inches high, so it'll be a little bit taller and we've leveled them off
    Mo: so they're easy to stack up. Ro: Mmhmm! And the third cake you're gonna need
    Ro: is gonna be a round dome shape cake. We made this by putting our batter into a bowl
    Ro: and then look at that when you pop it out, boom!
    Ro: A little dome. And just remember when you're baking your bowl cake to reduce your
    Ro: heat in the oven by just a little bit,
    Ro: and cook it for a little bit longer so that your cake doesn't burn.
    Ro: Alright, let's stack this cake together!
    Mo: Alright everybody, we're gonna start with our two inch cake and we're gonna put it
    Mo: on these spinners so that it's easy to frost later. We're gonna take a small, round
    Mo: cookie-cutter put it in the middle, and then cut down,
    Mo: to hollow out the middle section. Ro: Perfect.
    Ro: pull that puppy out! Both: Ta-da! Mo: Oh my god, that looks
    Mo: delicious. Ro: As you can see we are making two princess cakes but you can just do this to one.
    Ro: Now you're going to take your frosting. I've got a light blue frosting
    Ro: and Mo's got a dark blue and you're just gonna put a little frosting
    Ro: in between the cake layers like this. "wheeeeooooooo"
    Ro: then you're going to take a spoon or spatula
    Ro: and just move it around
    Both: do-do-doo-doo, da-la, do-do-doo-doo, da-la, do-do-doo-doo, do-do-dee-dee-do-do-dee-dee
    Ro: Now you're going to take your 8 one inch round and place it right on top. We've already cut holes in
    Ro: the middle. Over dere? Mo: Hello! Ro: Herro!
    Ro: Press them down, and it's okay if it's a little messy on the outside because we'll fix it later.
    Ro: And then you're gonna frost again on the top and then we're gonna put on our domes.
    Ro: now we're going to take your dome cakes and we've also cut a hole on the top of these
    Ro: And we pushed it all the way through. Mo: Oops! Both: hahahaha
    Mo: I'm dropping crumbs!
    Ro: You're going to line it up and put it right on the top, perfect!
    Ro: Now that we've got our cake layers stacked we've, got the princess dress
    Ro: all ready, we're gonna make our crumb coat, which is just the first layer of
    Ro: frosting, and they call it crumb coat because it has little crumbs in it. And that's OK!
    Ro: Because it's the first layer, you don't see it.
    Ro: So, take your frosting and this is where the spinner
    Ro: really comes in handy. So, you're just gonna lightly press
    Ro: a little bit of frosting out. Weee do do, all the way around, just spin your around
    Ro: and work it down the cake.
    Ro: Now you're going to take your must-patchula, and you're just going to slowly and gently
    Ro: spread it all the way around.
    Mo: And once you're done frosting, you're just gonna take your cake and place it in the freezer
    Mo: for about ten-minutes you and and it will help the frosting harden to help us
    Mo: When we sculpt and decorate the dresses. Ro: Now you're going to take your dolls
    Ro: and, if you don't have the Anna and Elsa dolls, that's okay you can just get
    Ro: Barbies that have similar hair colors. One that has blonde hair and one that has
    Ro: kind of a red-brownish color
    Ro: And now we are going to de-robe them. Mo: Take her boots off, kick-back
    Ro: I feel so, like, creepy. I'm like, taking off her skirt, OK.
    Mo: You're going to want to put the arms up to make sure that they don't stick down in the cake and
    Mo: Ruin any of the frosting. Ro: Put your arms up oh ah-oh oh. Mo: Put your hands up, playin' my song
    Both: Butterflies fly away! Ro: Alright now we're going to just stick them in, right down the middle.
    Ro: Weeeeeoooop
    Mo: Now that we have our beautiful sister princesses in their gorgeous gowns,
    Mo: it's time to start decorating them. And I'm gonna start with some
    Mo: purple dyed frosting. Ro: Mmhmm! Mo: And Rosanna has some teal.
    Ro: Yeah, I got some light teal, and we're just going to decorate the dresses to look like
    Ro: Anna and Elsa from the movie. But, were going to get a little creative with it. You can decorate it
    Ro: how ever you'd like. I'm gonna do snowflakes and sparkles.
    Ro: And for Anna we're gonna do little flowers
    Mo: Yeah I'm gonna do some flowers and um, foofy things on her dress.
    Ro: Yeah let's get foofy with it! First thing I'm gonna do is I've got a tip, it's number fotry eight
    Ro: and its kind of this long tip and you'll see what kind of shape
    Ro: it makes. But I'm just gonna fill in, right here
    Ro: where she meets the cake.
    Ro: Kind of making a top of the dress, like this.
    Ro: I'm just going all the way around. Mo: I'm gonna start by making little balls that go
    Mo: around her dress to top off it. Ro: I'm gonna hold her hair, to keep it out of the way.
    Mo: Thanks sister! Now I'm gonna finish up by doing the same thing
    Mo: at the bottom of her skirt, for the outline. Ro: Now we're gonna decorate, I'm gonna add
    Ro: some little bling and sprinkles for our ice princess over here. And then Mo.
    Mo: I'm gonna start using the pink and decorating her dress a little bit more.
    Mo: It's my favorite color so I think I'll start doing the flowers and maybe, uh,
    Mo: I could put some pink over here? Ro: NO! She's ice princess!
    Mo: Ok, you're missing out, pinks the best
    Ro: Molly, let it go, let it go-oo! I'm just playin!
    Both: Ta-Da!!! Ro: Here are our Princess Elsa and Anna cakes! I Hope you guys liked em,
    Ro: If you have any other suggestions for any other Nerdy Nummies,
    Ro: please let me know, leave me a comment down below and I'll do my best to make it happen.
    Ro: Also, a big thank you to my sister Mo, for being here. Sister, you did a good job!
    Mo: It was so much fun. Ro: High five! You can follow my sister on her Twitter or new Instagram.
    Ro: I'll put the links down below. Please send her funny photos because she's new to the internet!
    Ro: So mess with her! I'll be posting pictures of our creations
    Ro: on my Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and all of that.
    Ro: And if you create any of these, please send us some pictures because we
    Ro: love to see baking creations.
    Ro: We get a kick out of it! Did you like that?
    Mo: High kick! Oooohhhhhh!! Ro: hahahahaha
    Mo: Did you guys hear that? Ro: Was that your hip? Mo: Yeah!
    Ro: Was it like popping? Two thumbs up and a foot! Both: hahahahaha
    Ro: Alright, thanks again you guys! Bye-bye!
    Ro: A diguhdigadiguhdiga
    Ro: hahahaha ow!
    Ro: And now we're just gonna dector.... decorate
    Ro: The Dresses? Hahaha I just picked my nose!
    Ro: ONE, TWO, THREE!!
    Mo: God dang it!
    Mo: Pumpernickel!
    Ro: Go! Go
    Mo: Now that we have our gorgeous...
    Ro: Wait, giiiirl get right! OK. Mo: OK
    Mo: Ahem! Ro: OK... Boom *** ***

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