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-Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) Cheddar and Cheshire cheeses making tutorial -Different types of cheese Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) Cheddar and Cheshire cheeses making tutorial how to make

Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) Cheddar and Cheshire cheeses making tutorial how to make

    -Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) Cheddar and Cheshire cheeses making tutorial -Different types of cheese

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    How To Make A FALL HARVEST CAKE! Carrot cake, caramel, cinnamon buttercream and sautéed fruit! - YouTube !!!
    welcome back to had a cake and everyone it's time to fall for cake its fall
    where I live here in Canada getting really pretty outside so I'm gonna make
    a fall harvest take the first to lead us into hibernation and to celebrate our
    Canadian Thanksgiving which give in October I'm gonna make a luscious carrot
    cake cinnamon buttercream sauteed apples and sautéed prawns and homemade parents
    will get me into the fall Canadian Thanksgiving mood you know that I am
    professional baker I'm gonna get in the zone right now if you want the full
    breakdown of ingredients too old and step-by-step instructions on how to make
    this cake just head to my blog at how to kick it dot com or click the link in the
    description below
    let's make homemade caramel to begin by pouring your sugar into a really good
    stainless steel pot and then pour on your one now we're going to get this on
    the heat really hot we want our sugar and water to come to a complete oil in
    the hot because once it starts to boil it will actually start to turn and
    security and that's what the century but it is going to take a few minutes and in
    the meanwhile we should prepare are winning because sugar boils at such a
    high temperature if you pour in your cream ice cold from the cleavage it will
    really bubble up and there's a chance you could burn yourself we don't want
    that to happen so what you should do is heat your cream in the microwave and
    bring it to a boil
    it's a half a cup of cream and I hate it for about a minute I can hear my sugar
    mixture bubbling and it sure is now if you see some crystallization happening
    at the edges of your pot just have a little bit of cold water and a brush and
    brush down the sides of your pot wedding that crystallized sugar watcher has been
    very careful this is extremely hot ok so I'm starting to see the sugar and a
    little in the middle ear and want to see that start to stir it around your pot
    the reason why stir the answer is so that it normalizes even you want it deep
    in the amber but you don't want to burn it you gonna keep your heat on high the
    whole time and when it gets to a nice color almost like this
    we're gonna removed from my carol is nice and brown perfectly
    quickly remove it from the heat pouring here whipping cream with a glove on your
    hand right now for your boiling hot caramel into your cold butter to listen
    to your brother
    push your caring for yourself just earlier caramel and till it all comes
    together this is one of my favorite things now for this fall harvest cake I
    add to my parents and I didn't add too much because I didn't want it to be in
    the caramel too much I actually added extra butter to this care amounts of
    that it would be thicker so that when I added my make the serum which would make
    it thinner even it out now put your caramel aside it has to be completely
    cool before we use it on our cake later I'm still ran the turkey has time to
    start a apple and plum guess I know you haven't seen a cake yet there is cake
    coming but we have to do this first we're going to begin by peeling apples I
    chose Granny Smith cuz I love the sharpness Apple if is quite certain
    quarter and now you're going to use it to poor and slice your apples you don't
    have one you can use a regular core are just using only goals I need a workout
    regimen other than I think he doesn't know what we're gonna do is sliced in
    make them dinner now we're gonna move on to our plan unfortunately they don't
    make a plumber quarter so we are going to fight them open pit them and cut them
    in which we could do the plan we're just a little bigger so only I could teach
    plummeting eight with all web as well and we can start to take you need some
    unsalted butter you need a saute pan on medium-high heat and you also need a
    couple of baking trays on the side either lined with a non-stick nap or
    parchment paper so that as our apples are cooked we could pick them off and
    put them on the trail and surgical products get some butter and melt your
    butter is melted and nice and hot start to add some apple slices to your pen you
    only want to add one layer at a time
    you don't want them to be piled on top of each other we don't want to get these
    apples really saw you want to cook them so that they soften but we definitely
    don't want to lose the shape of the wedge I think the apples are ready to
    turn over after
    have a look
    yeah you feel a little bit of brown
    our first batch of apples is looking great and will it take them out onto a
    baking tray and you on to the next step
    granny smith apples were gonna move on to our plums same procedure policy
    clearly oh yeah they don't need a close-up of this hat they need to see
    plums soft a gentle with your plans they're more delicate than Apple back
    these plans are done every move them carefully
    one of the time all of our plans and apples have been beautifully soft aid
    we're going to put these aside to cool completely and in the meanwhile you
    guessed it gonna move onto cakes I guess what I baked a cake I baked a super
    moist carrot cake this is one of my favorite I've made a full video tutorial
    on how to make my favorite carrot cake recipe just click the link in the
    description for this fall harvest cake you're gonna need
    inch rim once
    they're cool removed and coming up and I don't like to lose my cakes from their
    pan until they are completely cooled I don't want them to settle and I think
    it's much easier all under this cake is really the dole's in the crust off the
    top of my PE teacher and therefore the carrot cake this committee placed the
    middle ear I also want to remove the bottom now carrot cake is so much that I
    actually don't insult you should know that this is fine now this is my
    favorite Italian meringue buttercream you can make it yourself is a link in
    the description below and today I'm gonna flavored with cinnamon I only use
    fresh ground cinnamon from Grenada in case you don't know I'm have canadian
    which is a small island in the Caribbean and it's known as the island of spice
    because of minutes drive what I'm gonna do is remove some better come into a
    smaller bowl flavor it was cinnamon mix it up and then pour it back into the
    whole batch because I don't want this to clamp in this big batch of but now I'm
    happy with my little bit of extreme cinnamon buttercream time to add this
    back to the rest of the book
    and now makes it all the time for my favorite part
    and remember that is if you want a list of all the tools I've used as well as
    all the recipes I've made to make this fall harvest cake today I have made
    simple for you it's all in my blog at how to keep it calm is a link in the
    description below see so what I'm gonna do is Philip piping bag with a bit of
    the cinnamon buttercream read a little bit right onto your carrot cake to
    spread a nice layer of finding better than take a piping bag and we're gonna
    make cinnamon buttercream fence just pipe around the perimeter fence is gonna
    hold in mainly or caramel and it will sort of stopped or apple wedges from
    poking out the sides with the ice this case you don't have to keep shoving back
    if and when I like to do is to defend basically just pick up apples and think
    about clock and found them with any offence overlap a little bit to fill in
    your little capital it'll just take to Apple's places and overlap them how
    something so beautiful baby girl I saw your kids
    and I thought you were looking so fine girl just over your apples in a circular
    motion and trying not to send any over the care you know when layers never
    enough for headache a cake to repeat this whole thing you could check if
    we're aligned by just using a straight spatula and smoothing out that but let's
    spread another layer of cinnamon buttercream time to pipe another
    buttercream pen and now back to our sauteed apples banning them around this
    secondly the best thing about fanning your apples in your case is it creates a
    lot of new clean crannies for your caramel to fall into place our final
    carrot cake clear right on top and then we're gonna cry this beautiful fall
    harvest kick start by just school to know your fence or buttercream fence
    this cake is may speak round coded it's important to chill it in the fridge for

    minutes to get this crime code nice and hard before I say it one more time
    my cake is cool you can tell just by touching your buttercream does it come
    off any fingers and now we're ready to just take some more their cinnamon
    buttercream I'm just using a straight spatula cake icing spatula it's ok if
    this cake looks rustic Inn homemade I think that's kind of a part of full and
    so just put some butter cream all around we don't want to see it carrot keep
    apples quickly decide to smooth your top what I like to do is just sort of
    pulling access to the center of the cake and wipe off your bachelorette every
    single time I want this cake to have a bit of texture so what I'm gonna do is
    use my spatula and just create lines within the buttercream to take your
    spatula using the tip of it hold it upright and just go back and forth the
    city of buttercream in small section you're creating almost buttercream leads
    when you're happy with your texture once again just bring all your exes
    buttercream the center at the top of your cake this cake looks great already
    let's get it in our fridge for half an hour and get it nice and cool mist
    ok well im gonna move my cake onto this beautiful autumn bachelor wanna get it
    off this cold keyboard we're gonna lay our plums on top of the cake in the same
    fan pattern that we did with her apples inside the case just fill in this fourth
    and last little bit of cinnamon butter just to give my phone
    time more caramel I want make caramel to be a little more running than this so
    I'm just gonna pop in the microwave for
    seconds I love the way you know the
    other night when I called you and you might even care although he did our
    caramel a little you definitely don't want it to be as you don't want it to
    certain the buttercream around but not at all but it is and now it's time for
    the trip
    but I am
    in that caramel over that fall harvest keg enough thought I need to subscribe
    to had a cake that'll make my life better *** *** Quick RICE CAKES Snack Hack RECIPE | Autumn Fitness - YouTube !!!
    well not everyone welcomes you on fitness were in the kitchen
    today actually want to use time won a competition
    Rai it's fast missionary a few variations
    you need it right Kate their brown rice cakes with Hills all
    let's hope diet better braced organic
    all-natural peanut butter now want to do is
    a banana for this first one show you how I do it
    not girls
    this one mommy's favorite when I need something sweet but like I said I mean
    competition craft
    just not I'm it saving grace K hazelnut
    this guy me
    player now you could just do with chocolate spread but
    I liked bust its
    past it key me
    for from K
    how so that it you guys it fast
    you complete your own spin on it you can even slight
    strawberries then you can get peanut butter and jelly going have fun with it
    a creative I hope you enjoy it as much as I do be sure to subscribe if you have
    any other fun
    snacks I should try beat them in the comments below maybe will feature you
    thanks for tuning out the next time I
    going all out to be okay
    for *** *** Cake decorating- Fall Leaves Design- Piped On- Tutorial - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    hi this is Leslie Larsen back to some cake decorating basics
    today I want to show you off all designed that has several layers three
    layers in fact we can show you
    Oakleaf and
    an eight-point so for this project continues to
    rose to first and aid paperback
    these bats are multiple straight so I've got
    dark orange on the outside with raw food coloring
    pure food coloring elaire orange here and yellow
    this one is red Lake orange and later orange
    in this one I've got to dark brown pure
    for construct with a lighter brown the first layer this design
    is going to be the spray base so
    I'm gonna make some find out if my dark brown light brown mixture
    can administer
    with ace c-shaped and even heat not my
    I'm hey let's hear Stern Show commit again
    and again with these CEOs twenty years three years
    know that that's earned we go the opposite direction
    okay at least on the base my spray
    next I'm going to do. my first Maple Leaf
    so the Maybelline we wanna have five petals are fine day
    points to lead going put those down first for and the way from the center
    highest to decide
    turn it around so
    we're gonna start with a roasted plane flight
    an organ has a rippling motion
    come to a point to point relief
    brought back about today now any treaty
    come to a point to brockbank
    now are mainly for center
    and rough first one more turn
    nursing home I'm Easter to change colours that's exactly what I want
    come in the center
    like that next one is here
    he mean the upset your channel want this place to be slightly smaller
    restful work for you riffle back
    Elise ruffle went forward
    missile back release know that's the beauty of the stripping the bed is it
    changes the whole time
    as you go
    each point changes a little kisses beautiful intense focal urs
    so this is another design element I wanted to show you were gonna do a rogue
    waves on the site here
    and we're also gonna put down our spray based
    but put something on site he wanted decide with a friend if your cake is
    going to be pretty here
    you wanna be just started decided that so this is going to be a little bit more
    I V Hennessy
    wanna come down over the top your border
    and again down
    the topic for you
    now for this the Senators obstetrician come right on the border
    and right on the border
    in our who believes are more like five petal flower they're not
    five but it's more about movement startin two tops I'm
    moon to

    moon and then here
    surveyed by Thomson one
    squeeze and release to you squeeze in a race
    when it can be in around
    and then to do on the side
    more than me
    little stem and I want to show you
    this technique take a little secure toothpick
    and pull up for an idiot same
    so only use my rating kid here just to give a little extra accent
    just some dots here always have those
    a min away from your center it's okay to get a move on to the border if you want
    don't let your borders actually be borders
    came out a couple others here
    should mimic the basic a crime and it is it basically like a nasty circling
    around and around in a room
    simply wants to release aiming
    away from the center you can see how others can it makes a nice nasty hole
    and one more can you
    and we want but those on the front also
    spot which is good but one here
    and finish up a condom use some later brown just with a deep
    and I'm coupler to reaganesque we should let it go to slightly
    Ruiz she you pumpkin didn't get hurt it
    use a tip
    I hope you enjoyed learning about autumn leaves cake I have been joking about
    I may believe air ok we use and the seven ish
    I just at all happy birthday and a little bit is so important to show you
    what can be done
    so thanks for watching don't forget to subscribe to it will see all next time *** *** Fall Inspired Buttercream Ruffle Cake - How To With The Icing Artist - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    hey guys my name is Lori and lock them citing are that so I thought we kick
    ball off with a fall themed kind of Russell Cave Rd take a six inch round
    cake and I'm gonna feel it using my buttercream icing for all of my recipes
    you can go to that I think are at a Stockholm I have all these are you there
    but you can just download or print or do whatever you'd like them he doesn't want
    to go there and check it out and then take my second layer on top
    gonna push down a little bit just exercising and then spread that around
    the sides kind of feeling it and now I'm just trying to paper on mama I think
    around the outside we don't want to do too much we're just looking to basically
    cream color cake at this stage because we're getting a lot of ice thing when we
    go to russell it can take off any of the access I think they're a perfectly
    smooth because we are going to be doing this entire cake kind of covered in
    those raffle gonna get out of there what we're doing the raffle piece of paper
    towel and just move out
    over the top and then over the side this is gonna give me a really nice service
    to work on red food coloring and this is a joke kind of food coloring and I'm
    just gonna drive from of my better I'm looking for a nice vibrant to start off
    with my cars to fade from red to yellow gonna put that on a piping bag this is
    Nathan vibrant
    now number
    with the large side they think we're gonna do this
    walking pattern going up and down making like a Muslim U-shaped those were going
    around the cake like that kind of sweeping as we go round and add a little
    bit more weight to my red and add a touch of orange so for every single
    rifle air that we do we're going to change the color up a little bit and
    this is so we can do a nice on break a traditional on bravery and faith from
    dark to light we're gonna be feted between different color as you can see
    it's just a little bit later I can add more weight and a little bit more orange
    this time mcveigh donna
    going to continue going around the cake and you're one of overlap a little bit
    but we don't want to see me about weight showing through to make sure your
    overlapping iraq says you're going around keeping it going
    adding a little bit more every time slowly changed last unless right and
    more and more or
    going around the top edge there and now I'm ready for my yellow go to the orange
    I'm gonna have some weight and then i mix and then we can start coming fading
    into the
    from those really golden yellow colors and all these beautiful fall colors he
    kind of looks like it's on fire to your ways use it for fighter birthday party
    around the top or just kind of going around in a circle like this thing you
    want to the big side the Big Fat Gypsy facing down and you're just kind of
    sweeping around in this motion overlapping each getting into a tighter
    circle in the middle it's going to be a little bit more difficult be just kind
    of keep going around this right and then you can just do little rascals like this
    and you must wanna make a little but pretty
    really enjoyed my football team truffle cake now of course this technique can be
    applied to any kind of thing

    really pretty kind of princess the state from her phone working to white
    would be really pretty good to me before bidding to light really nice you can
    really you think talked me into it on any spark a variety of colors can you
    guys really enjoyed it and if you like this video please subscribe to my
    channel subscribe they have I do lots of video for you guys do you know watch
    them to leave a comment below I'd like to know if we're changing color around
    here are getting all of these beautiful yellows and oranges and of course I'm so
    and are these changing room you are thank you guys SO much for watching I
    really do appreciate it and take care *** ***

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