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Cake tutorials

-Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) Traditional Bread Loaf making tutorial -Bakery Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) Traditional Bread Loaf making tutorial how to make

Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) Traditional Bread Loaf making tutorial how to make

    -Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) Traditional Bread Loaf making tutorial -Bakery

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    Peppa Pig CAKE | How to Make a Peppa Pig House Cake | My Cupcake Addiction - YouTube !!! *** *** HALLOWEEN HAUNTED HOUSE CAKE. Cake Decorating - YouTube !!!
    ok so right here I have to a in Turkey and I'm just gonna go ahead and take my
    first key and I just figured out from the freezer so it's nice and cold so
    that it's easier for me to handle just gonna go ahead and build my cake
    and just so that I get my sheet and they didn't want to be there anything and so
    and then I'm just gonna shock in the Edit here a little bit as well
    at the bottom of my cake onto my people and I'm just using a ten-inch work and
    I'm just going to get onto the cake or just like that so I'm just gonna go
    ahead and start with my cum coat my cake and this is just to fill in any crime
    this party here does not have to be perfect
    off completed understand quickly into my freezer right to set before my final
    cossacks Black Canyon here and I just know today and I have it in a piping bag
    and I'm just gonna go ahead and cut off the tip a little bit and I'm just gonna
    go ahead and just pipeline a little bigger fans and media tree if I get to
    use when this gonna go ahead and just by being little fences and it doesn't have
    to be perfect or anything you want it to be creepy and scary looking so I want to
    make sure that my body is a little bit even though you'll stick onto my word
    I'm gonna head couple of those I'm not gonna come back over here and maybe make
    a little scary
    attempt to make one
    and I'm just making sure that it's enough for me to use so that when I'm
    putting it on my make board it doesn't break you are planning on doing
    something like this make sure that you are chocolate this big enough and if you
    want but that's all and wants to get a kick out from the freezer it's been in
    there from about

    minutes I'm gonna go ahead and distrust the size of my
    cake and I'm gonna leave the roof
    hyper and go ahead and just my frosting on roughly don't want to be too perfect
    just gonna go ahead and go all the way around the key
    now that I make a call hostage understanding go ahead and just do most
    disliked not my house and this is fitted with a built in a while and this is
    going to be the rooftop are my house and I'm just gonna go ahead and do you sleep
    just like that
    up to the top
    get ahead and cape on some windows and doors on you so this is what the health
    effects so far in and just gonna go ahead and just do a more and this is the
    insides I'm also going to be doing the right at the door to put this is
    basically just going to be the light as the
    be putting a small window rear window here and Google windows
    just from the refrigerator and we can see a whole bunch of other stuff to me
    than Tim stone about I don't know if I'm going to use some window frames and so
    I'm just gonna grab my window screens and I'm just gonna go ahead and just to
    get onto my might just like that in the numbers going to repeat it with all my
    windows before I pick my door on and everything else I'm just gonna go ahead
    and just read better clean on the cake for Dax best and his juniper green that
    are used in and just gonna go ahead and just think if all over and it definitely
    need anything you want like a definition to it so that I can stick on a
    chalkboard in what it looks like when I'm done playing this on Microsoft I
    thought you can see and I'm just gonna go ahead and just about everything else
    so I have my door but I made and I'm just gonna leave it in here like it's
    opened up a little bit and then I'm going to be going ahead and putting on
    my feet riders you can do it any way you like
    gonna see if I can put Metreon here to my tree on this number is gonna put it
    just in a little bit with my house so that it doesn't fall was gonna go ahead
    and put in the rest of my fence
    I'm also going to be putting in my little tombstone that I need for fleet
    sticks police just click on one of my back but I need to my house
    I'm just gonna go ahead and just paper on some bones on here again its shape
    than other upside-down hurts she will be doing couple of those in the also you
    what it looks like
    ok for this final product of what my cake looks like and you can see also
    added my pumpkin that I had bob and I also added a little bit of spider webs
    and then I added my chocolate to the back of the house but this is the final
    product just something very simple very easy to do so hopefully guys like my
    tutorial on how I make this haunted house so I have any comments or call and
    leave it down below and as always thanks so much for watching you guys *** *** How To Make A WATERMELON out of CAKE! PINK VELVET cake with BUTTERCREAM and FONDANT! - YouTube !!!
    into your not gonna be victory you just gotta model modeling don't you have the
    right guys or it doesn't have a problem with me and I don't have a problem with
    that i'm gonna be a pink velvet cake that's right like red bill that pink and
    I'm gonna special that cake with chocolate chips to represent watermelons
    and then I'm gonna come of this cake in white fine in which will represent the
    rind and paint the outside to look exactly like a problem with walter is he
    is a little bit quiet don't just saying you could talk a little bit more
    I begin by making
    inch round pink velvet cake as well as a board pink
    velvet cake that's nine inches round in diameter I removed them from their
    parents and the ball and level that was my ruler my serrated knife pink powder
    keg is just red velvet cake but instead of red food coloring I used to take a
    break from chocolate chips into each cake layer as well as the boy sort of
    put them in half way but chips always thinkin cake batter they have wait I
    begin with my classic Italian meringue buttercream and I'm going to start to
    diet and what I actually did this time was I used red butter and mix it to my
    white if you want to make my Italian meringue buttercream I have a video
    tutorial a walk you through every step
    just click the link right here don't know Walters face right now we split
    when I feel this cake I actually want to fill it with a butter content to the
    same as the cake so that we slice of watermelon you just see pink and feeds
    like a watermelon I know and I know what I didn't even cut you open to see the
    inside so you're both coming
    and as a fill the layers with the pink tinted buttercream I also put some chips
    in the this is a really seedy water mount you know the CD watermelons rate I
    know your seat but I know I told him in order to staff this watermelon cake I
    start with one round cake buttercream with chocolate chips another round cake
    buttercream and chocolate chips another round cake buttercream chocolate chips
    and then the ball cake with dome on top a watermelon wouldn't have AK Press in
    it they don't know what I have to tell them so I don't have to carve this cake
    really but I do have to cut away all of trust so that we just see pink
    watermelon and then white so I just use me straight in knife to go around the
    cake over their job and all the way around to cut off all the edges of the
    10th time to cram Co my watermelon and pop it in the fridge to chill before I
    said once more
    my cake is chilled and take it out of the fridge right walter
    smoothly as they can and then it's time
    I roll up my wife on in and cover the Cape
    it actually kinda look like a chubby ghost when I first covers the nice thing
    about it is it doesn't edges so you don't have to worry as much about your
    funding cracking her dripping down the sides it's a nice gradual curve on the
    watermelon rind is perfect now I need to paint this cake to make it look like a
    watermelon and my model hasn't even shown up yet are you out partying last
    may I mean really tired feet I couldn't find them I don't he was probably a
    juice bar or something like that so I called Walter had to go pick him up
    finally got walter my kitchen it's time to pay i didnt mixture of different
    Greens Adam kelly green and some ma screen and then I had actually a little
    bit of yellow and a little bit of red so if you'll notice watermelon they're very
    like there's a lot of depth to them you know it's not just flat screen it's not
    i know i know im trying to tell them so I start by painting this sort of way to
    screen out here and I'm sorry I'm sorry I didn't need to provide my birthday
    paint the lightest coat of green onto the watermelon I Russian on liberally
    and let it sort of drip down and make sure to cover the entire time I went
    back and deepen my green and then I sort of speckled all the way around the cape
    with paintbrushes speckled try not to think about it too much
    keep it looking natural all the way you're really deepened my food coloring
    to get this sort of dark screen some watermelon a wonderful kind of strength
    so I took the darker green and needs stripes let it drip down and then went
    back and sort of speckled and just sort of blurred out the strip so it wasn't a
    definite hardline
    with the same dark green and just sort of speckled here and there just so I
    thought it looked great I just kept playing with it until walter really told
    me you know
    once the final coat of paint design and I'm happy I'm really gonna let this
    watermelon oh I forgot something you have to add the Little Walter can I show
    them your head
    I guess I made his bottom gotta make the little like now is it called a
    watermelon nothing really when I ask you these questions I'm testing you I know
    what it is if you know it just tried it but I have to make this little known
    outside take a little bit of cream colored find it I use the ball tool to
    push into my cake place the cream fun and crazy a boomer
    a place another piece of fine on top and then I just play around with adding some
    texture and pressing it in until I'm happy with the win and then I painted
    the little love with some ivory food coloring and a green tree
    I told you it was a nude modeling gig don't say they'll tell you that my
    watermelon cake was looking beautiful I'm so proud of it just let it dry and
    then what do you do with watermelon
    yet cut it open in the eat it it's always fun coming into the case but with
    this one I was so curious to see how it looked on the five such a big part of it
    I don't know just how beautiful they are my flight
    big wedge have at this watermelon cake so happy to see the pain shaver the cake
    with chocolate chips looking like a white Honda it looking exactly like
    riding the painted outside just like a watermelon can I offered walking like
    and take a while to her if you like dirty dancing
    subscribe if you don't like dirty dancing watch it like it and then
    subscribe Walters in dirty dancing *** *** wedding cake gingerbread house recipe how to cook that Ann Reardon Wedding Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!! English - Gingerbread House English English - Gingerbread House English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to how to cook that dot net I'm Ann Reardon and today I am going to show you how to make a gingerbread house
    from scratch
    first thing you need to do is either design your own
    or print out a template for a gingerbread house and cut it out of paper.
    Checking that the largest piece that you have will fit onto your baking tray.
    once you've done that you need to sticky tape all the pieces together to make the actual house
    so you can see
    what it is all going to look like and is it all going to fit together.
    it is quite easy to make adjustments like
    here I have had to make and adjustment in the paper
    but in a gingerbread house once you've baked it you can't
    adjust it very easily at all.
    so make any adjustments like
    this one wasn't going to fit together because of the way the roof was so I just adjusted it.
    and then you know your template is
    correct and it will fit together.
    things to remember when you are doing your
    adjustments are you actually
    do need to cut the windows out so you can cut them out
    when you're doing it. This piece here is going to have windows
    and if I want lights which I do to
    shine through those windows
    then I'm going to have to cut a hole in this piece behind it
    to allow that light to come through
    so remember those sort of things. Also think about it not in terms of not thin paper but
    one centimeter thick gingerbread
    so thinking OK
    these sides are going to go
    inside and those ones sandwich on the
    outside will they still fit together
    like that. That is particularly important when you put the smaller pieces
    allowing for that all to work together. If you are not confident pick a template which, you can get some online, but pick one which has got a picture
    of a finished gingerbread house not just a drawing because otherwise they have probably never made it out of gingerbread. And it might not
    fit together which was the case with this one. OK so once you've done that also make sure it's going to
    fit onto your cake board that you
    are going to put it on at the end and if that's all going to
    fit then
    you're ready to start baking. Next
    you're going to need to make your dough.
    There's a printable copy of the recipe on the website
    just follow the link in the description below the video
    you are going to need butter
    castor sugar, now I'm trippllng the recipe that's on the website because I am making a very big
    ahh so
    don't be suprised by the quantities, so we've got butter, caster sugar, glucose syrup
    molasses, milk,
    plain flour and then all the spices. We've got ground cloves, cinnamon,
    nutmeg and some bicarb soda in there as well. So first of all you need to do is
    pop you butter in a saucepan and melt your butter.
    Once your butter is completely melted we're going to add in our sugar and our syrups
    just a tip when you are weighing out your syrups
    if you get your bowl
    put a little bit of the butter at the bottom
    and swirl it round first.
    it just makes the syrup not stick to the bottom of the bowl.
    and then it's easier to get out. Then add the molasses
    you can use all glucose syrup
    if you want
    a lighter coloured gingerbread
    but I think the molasses adds a nice
    rich flavour to it as well.
    OK once you've added all of that stir it together
    and heat it long enough for the
    sugar to dissolve, so it shouldn't feel grainy at all it should be completely smooth. So once you've done that once you've heated that
    it should look like a giant pot of melted chocolate.
    The reason I like making my own gingerbread
    dough is it just tastes so much better than the bought kits
    and you can customize it and make your own house.
    next you're going to add your milk, stir that in and then we are going to add our flour and our spices.
    I find it easiest to whisk some of the flour in and then add some more and add some more until you've added it all.
    once you've mixed in your flour and your spices
    it should look like this a
    sticky, gooey mixture
    continue to stir it over a low heat until it forms a thick paste like this.
    you need to stir it right to the bottom when it's over the heat so that it.
    doesn't cook at the bottom or burn at the bottom. You don't want to completely cook it you are not trying to
    do that. You'll do that in the oven
    You just want to thicken it up a little bit.
    ok once you've once that we're going to tip in onto some plastic wrap
    I'm going to leave that on the bench to cool and once it is
    not warm to the touch I will pop it in the fridge to cool down properly.
    once your gingerbread dough has rested in the fridge it
    goes from being sticky goo that you had yesterday
    to a nice firm dough. If it's too firm just leave it out of
    the fridge
    for about ten minutes to soften up.
    I like to split my dough into the number of trays
    that i will be baking
    so get your trays out
    get your pattern for your gingerbread house and see how many trays it is
    going to take you to bake it
    and then cut your dough up into that many pieces so that you are not going to
    use it all up and then
    still have a roof to bake or
    a side of the house that you have missed
    once you have kneaded it
    get some baking paper
    roughly make it into the shape that you are going to be rolling it into, then roll it out
    You need to make sure it's an even thickness
    the whole way
    It does rise a tiny bit in the oven but not much at all.
    so you don't want to make it too thin because you don't want your pieces to crack.
    but then also if it is too thick it is hard to get it dry enough in the oven.
    and then
    if you have it not dry
    it's going to be
    too soft and it will bend
    place your template over the top
    and using a pizza cutter cut along the edges.
    Now very importantly don't just take ll of those edges off.
    Leave about a centimetre of them on.
    the reason you do that is two fold, one
    it helps
    keep the gingerbread in shape if you don't have that there it tends to bow out in the middle
    a bit.
    It also helps stop the edges burning.
    Once you've had them in the oven for a little while the edges tend to go quite brown and
    before it's ready in the middle
    This way
    they are the edges that go brown and crisp and you discard those.
    with your windows
    cut them but leave them in place for now
    again the reason you leave them in place
    is so that it doesn't go out of shape.
    Remember to take a template off
    before you put it in the oven.
    The great thing about it being on the baking paper is that you can now just slide that onto your
    baking sheet when you've got one free.
    And pop it into the oven.
    repeat that
    and roll out all of your trays.
    Half way through cooking pull your tray out of the oven and just
    reaffirm those lines.
    Ans at this stage take the windows out.
    and pop that back in the oven
    for the reminder of the time.
    tOnce each of your pieces is baked and cooled
    just turn it over put it flat and
    gently feel, does it still feels soft
    or is it firm, see this one feels firm on the edges but still a bit soft in the middle
    to build a gingerbread house this size it needs ot be firm the whole way through so what I will do is
    leave this one upside down like that and I'll put it back in the
    oven for about three or four minutes just to allow this side to dry out here.
    So that we don't have any bending once the weight of the roof goes on.
    decide if you want any pattern on the inside of the gingerbread house. Because
    now is the time to do that.
    On this particular house it is actually a wedding cake and we are having a white
    chocolate filigree pattern piped on the inside of all of the pieces.
    to make the
    royal icing which glues the house together you will need
    a half cups of
    icing sugar or icing mixture either one and one and a half teaspoons of cream of tartar
    which helps
    to aerate it
    and then just put the
    electric mixer on for about three minutes until it's really
    whipped right up and dry
    and that's it simple as that.
    That will dry like glue once you put it together on the house.
    Take it from there
    and put it into a
    piping bag
    you can colour this or add different flavourings
    mint essence or a little bit of lemon juice
    or you can just leave it plain
    and make sure you twist the top so that it doesn't come out the top.
    Then lay is out
    as if the walls have been opened up
    so how it is going to be. So you've got your two ends
    and then it's laid flat
    because this is a large house
    there is also an internal support piece
    which is going in the middle so I am going to do that half of it first
    OK so once you have laid out your house you need
    you need to decide right at the beginining before you start
    do you want lights in your house?
    If you do then place them int he middle
    with enough spare cord so that you can lift it up from the bottom. This house is going to have chocolates inside it
    You don't want those
    light bulbs right at the bottom because then they are going to melt your chocolates or start a fire.
    So give yourself enough spare room inside. You need to tape that to the cake board. Take your icing and because you have it laid out you know where your lines are going to be. Move it out a little bit and just along where the bottom is going to be
    just pipe some icing. It does not amtter if it is not all that pretty
    it is going to be inside the house anyway
    You need a generous amount because you need
    these walls to stay strong in the position where they have been put.
    I ma going to start by doing half the house, as I said this is a large gingerbread house. So it has a support wall down the middle. We are going to do a line down this side of the house. My side walls are going inside the front and back ones. And the same on the other side. Put the internal ones up first and then the external ones. Now we have had a little piece break off there, that is not a problem. Put a little bit more icing across. This dries like glue so it will hold it in place no worries. Now for this side. Make sure they are straight. Once you've done that just take some extra icing and put it right down in the corners to make it very strong. Next we are going to do the second half of the house.
    And then note how the
    centre support piece has a hole through it
    and as does this
    front piece of the house
    That is so that
    the light can shine through
    my bay windows at the front
    and so I can get the lights through the whole house
    in the middle.
    Also notice how on this piece
    the window on the actual particular
    bay window
    looks like it was to one side
    but then once we actually put it on the house because that piece is sitting behind that one it
    it then makes it look like it is in the centre. So that's where when you are designing it you need to think about which piece is sitting behind.
    Some houses
    need a bit more support while they are
    setting. Just grab a cup and place it like that against the wall.
    So that the handle is giving the all some support.
    The reason you use a cup with a handle is so that the base of it is not sitting in the icing glue, but it will support the walls while they are drying.
    Now this gingerbread house
    the entire
    walls are going to be completely white.
    If you are decorating your with lollies then I would suggest doing the
    roof step, which I will show you in a minute, first.
    and then
    going for it with decorating with lollies. But if you want a
    look on the walls or you are going to do fondant on the walls, do that first before you put the roof on.
    To make your window frames
    Take a piece of fondant and wet it on the back with a little bit of water.
    and starting at one corner press
    it into place around the edge of your window. Then trim it to size.
    And using the flat part of your knife push it to flatten it off.
    Then take aclear sheet of gelatine and
    place a cross of fondant across the middle of it
    and a small wet
    ball of fondant in each corner
    and then place it on the
    inside of the house and push it up against the window into place.
    Then take some more fondant
    place it across each side trimming it on a forty five degree angle.
    around to make the outside
    frame of your window
    then using your knife straighten up your window frame. Decide if you want
    chocolates or lollies inside your house
    to put the roof on the gingerbread house
    what we are going to do is pipe some more royal icing along here
    up both sides of the triangle
    and put one side of the roof on and then repeat that on the other side.
    Because the roof sits at an angle you need to support it while it is drying.
    Just stack up different tin cans to the right height so that it just sits underneath the roof to hold
    it in place. Also remember if you want that white rendered look on your house
    remember to render the underneath.
    To make the rook tiles, I have drawn a template sot hat I can get them all exactly the same
    size, then
    then I will put another sheet of baking paper over the top.
    Get your white chocolate, this chocolate is
    colored slightly green
    to fit in with the theme of the wedding. Spread that out
    over your template
    using a spoon to do it roughly and then you can use a platte knife to smooth it off
    a little more
    wait for it to set but not set hard, it should be still a little bit soft
    and then using a ruler
    and a knife score out
    where those tiles are using the guidelines that you drew on the paper first
    now if you are going to make enough for a big house you are going to have to repeat that several times.
    Then glue them on your house using your royal icing starting with the bottom row
    and working your way up.
    Then because this is a wedding cake I will add the fondant details that I made earlier
    such as the bride and the groom,
    the white picket fence, little garden bed with fondant flowers and leaves, some grass
    which is just coconut coloured using green food colouring and the soil in the
    garden beds is crushed oreo biscuits. Turn the lights on, look in the windows
    see the chocolates and the piping work which is on the inside
    of the house
    and you have a finished gingerbread house. *** *** MINECRAFT CAKE VILLAGE How To Cook That Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
    Due to popular demand this week we are making a minecraft village.
    Every village is different on minecraft.
    This one has a farm bordered by wooden logs, a sheep, large house, trees, steve, a pig,
    a small house and a hut. A creeper and even a well.
    I have another minecraft cake tutorial on the channel which is for one giant grass block,
    but there have been so many requests for another minecraft cake that it's made it to the top
    of the list again.
    To start with you will need to make some grass blocks. To do that put a small amount of green
    sprinkles in the base of a mini ice cube tray. I saw this one online and immediately thought
    we could make an epic minecraft cake using that so I bought two.
    Once you've got an even spread of sprinkles pipe some chocolate into each cube and then
    tap it on the counter a few times. If you tap it too much the chocolate is going to
    go all the way down and cover the sprinkles so just a few times to get any big air bubbles
    Then use an offset spatula to level off the tops. Once they are set tip them out of the
    mold and you've got cute little grass blocks.
    Now for the plants on the farm. Take a jelly bean and cut it in half and then in half again.
    And take one of those and make a slit down the middle and seperate them so it looks like
    two leaves.
    Fill the tray with chocolate - it is important that your tray is not wet when you are working
    with chocolate so you don't wash it between making the different blocks. Water and chocolate
    don't go together Add your plants to each block.
    Remember if you are using real chocolate you'll need to temper it first or it won't set firmly,
    if you're using compound you don't have to worry about that - if you have no idea what
    I am talking about then there is a whole video on how to temper chocolate and what chocolate
    to use on the howtocookthat channel for you.
    Once they are set take you're mini plants out of the mold.
    For plain dirt blocks just fill the mold with milk chocolate and let it set.
    For wooden logs you want to fill the mold with dark chocolate and then flip it over
    and tip it out. This leaves a lining of dark chocolate around
    the edge. Smooth off the top and leave it upside down to set.
    Then take some white chocolate and add a tiny bit of dark to make a tannish sort of colour.
    Pour that over the dark chocolate in the mold and let it set. If you have more than one
    of these molds it will make it quicker because you don't have to wait as long for it to set
    you can move on the the next one. Once they are ready they will look like this.
    For blocks that you need to see the top with the brown line around it . Trim them off shorter
    to revel the pattern. Then to make them the right size again pipe some more dark chocolate
    into the mold and add the other block on top. Then smooth that off the top using the spatula.
    For ones where you'll just see the side you don't need to do that we will scrape it with
    the knife for the wood look. But it will be easier and quicker to do that once they are
    built into the structure you are using it for.
    For the planks pour some of the tanned coloured chocolate into the mold. Once they are set
    you can draw three lines across for the planks, but same as with the logs we'll do that once
    they are in place on the buildings. For wooden step blocks take a plank block
    and cut out one quarter of it so you are taking our a corner and these are used for the roof
    of the large house.
    For the trees colour some chocolate green using either powdered or oil based food colouring.
    Tip that into the mold. I am not going to worry about tapping it on the bench because
    I do want some air bubbles in these so the trees look a bit more leafy rather than solid
    To make the stone and gravel blocks, colour some white chocolate to make it grey. If you
    want it to look speckled you can add some chopped withe chocolate to the mold and then
    pour grey over the top. Or you can just make them plain or do a mixture like I did.
    Cake time. Now you'll need three trays of chocolate cake and two batches of ganache
    mixed with buttercream - the recipes for all of those are on the howtocookthat.net website
    along with all the other details you need of how much chocolate and everything to make
    this cake. I'll link to that in the description below.
    Cut your cake into two thin
    Spread a little frosting onto the cake board to stop the cake from slipping then add that
    cake on top so the whole board is covered in thin one centimeter layer of cake.
    Spread frosting over the top then place a second thin layer of cake over the back half
    of it. For your third level cut out cube shaped pattern,
    there is no right or wrong way to build your village because they are randomly generated
    but it always a good idea when you are making a cake to have some sort of plan before you
    start cutting into it. You can draw your own, or if you want to make it the same as mine
    I'll draw up a proper template for you and put it on the website.
    Spread more frosting then add the cake layer that we just cut out.
    Add more frosting and continue to build up the layers to a height you are happy with.
    For the gravel path take out a section on that bottom level to fit the blocks in.
    Add the gravel blocks in rows of three all the way down the cake, then add the grass
    blocks across the front of the cake, using a little frosting underneath them to make
    them stick and to make them the same level as the cake Add green sprinkles for the grass
    on that first tier Then add the grass blocks along the start
    of the second level just to border it. Use the logs and plants to make farm then
    add some blue chocolate blocks in the middle there for the water. Fill in the other areas
    with sprinkles for grass. Continue to use grass and gravel and dirt
    blocks in the same way to border each level and to build up the cake.
    To make your buildings use melted chocolate to join the bricks together. It will be easiest
    if you join the layers together first and then stack them up on top of each other.
    Once it is built take your knife and make indents in the logs and going across the planks
    - the planks should be the tanned coloured blocks, but never mind it will be OK. Spread
    some more grass around it.
    To make a tree use some melted chocolate to build a tower of logs.
    Then build the leaf part in layers. I am using brown chocolate to join them, it would look
    better if you use green if you have any of that left. Join the layers together and add
    a few more on top. You can be creative with the size and shape of your trees.
    Turn it upside down and join on the trunk then make indents down it with a knife.
    Pour some more chocolate into the mold and add a cake pop stick into each cube. You'll
    need one of these for each tree that you want to make.
    Turn the trees upside down and use some melted chocolate to attach your support block.
    For the large house follow the plans that I'll put on the template and I'll put the
    plans for each of the different houses on there. build up each layer of bricks all the
    way up to the roof.
    Add the large house into place and put a tree next to it then more sprinkles for the grass.
    Continue to add trees and buildings until your are happy with with your village.
    At the back of the cake cut out a small hole. And line it with grey blocks to make a cave.
    Push a few more blocks into the cake to make it appear like it is made out of cubes.
    Then get a dirt block and brush it with gold luster dust and add that into your cave for
    a gold block.
    To make a creeper simply trim down some green blocks to make them skinnier. Then cut two
    little feet and add them on using melted green chocolate.
    Add a block on top for the head and use a food safe marker to draw on the details for
    his face and feet as well.
    For steve cut a log down sideways for his face and hair.
    Cut two corners out of a blue block to make a t-shirt . Then cut up a plank block to make
    skinny pieces for this arms. Then cut a thin bit of darker blue block to
    make his pants. Then join them all together using melted white chocolate. And then just
    draw on his face.
    To make a sheep cut a slice of a plank block and cut that slice into quarters. Do the same
    thing with white block so you have four little tiny cubes. Cut another slice of plank and
    use it to make the shape of the sheep's face. For the head take a white block and cut a
    little of each side to make a slightly smaller cube then cut a chunk out of one of the sides
    so that it can join onto the body. Join it all together using melted chocolate.
    If you want to make a pig just follow the same steps that we are doing for the sheep
    except the head doesn't need to be smaller it can be full sized.
    Let them set firmly and then add them into place on the cake where you want them to be.
    For any larger grass areas you can add some water or push in some grey bricks to break
    it up a bit and make it look more blocky. Place left over bricks into bags for party
    favours or you could just make the bricks and sell bags of minecraft blocks at stalls
    as a fundraiser.
    If you like minecraft share this video with a friend.
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    lego man recipe.
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    [music: the boat song by youtube.com/setsailtv used with permission] *** *** Snoopy Flying Ace Cake- Peanuts Movie- Cake Decorating - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    hi I'm arson and I learned and we're here today with your frosting and the
    israeli cable lead them to show up how did you know this amazing little new DK
    she did this last year from lots and lots of her I just a little spin on it
    with the 3d snoopy I just knew he'd figure out a way to do it and I think so
    that's what we did this is a lot of fun guys so let's get started
    funny little character and he's pretty nicely drawn so teardrop body which is
    let it build up to a thin so simple that is quite a bit larger than its a light
    bulb shape but in use a small rotation let it build and still totally be figure
    pride tonight saying I'm just doing him and had him up so I can stick them on
    what he's done and and and with you can see a large baseball size or bigger
    though and we need our snoopy to be about six inches tall and it's
    essentially just okay so I've got there
    and what we're gonna do is see about the two are about this on the board
    his shoulders are more narrow bottom it's really just like
    and then
    top his nose need to just below indentation
    just a little bit of a dip so here is what I want to do is here
    neck area definitely for his car flying in the wind a little color in between
    and lock the times newbie his head out which is awesome but in this case it
    won't be centered and we will lose our Design in the freezer but before we get
    to where I think on
    you want them to be attached so that they can just stick on with one entry
    around where one thing
    just you think a big hit with red white and green just giving a few patches
    around with you i think
    and so we're just going to come in here
    for those *** *** How To Make a THANKSGIVING TURKEY CAKE! With Vanilla Cake and Modeling Chocolate! - YouTube !!!
    American Thanksgiving everyone I'm still Canadian so I already had my turkey but
    I made one for you america here though can we like put fireworks got a big and
    gonna try to be as American themed I can this episode but when I start to feel
    guilty about that I might be and what does it say about me that I made the
    full on Turkey for america and not pay are americans getting mad at this title
    this video
    hashtag sorry you need to do to make a turkey cake is baked a cake to make us

    inch and
    inch round delegate you can be yourself the
    recipe is in the description below now I need to assemble all of these cases into
    one pig cake and somehow turkey first and then the level my ten and
    case by cutting the hump off the top
    and then I need to cut part of the circle off each key so that it will have
    a flat bottom because this cake is going to make sure that these parts of the
    cake we just cut off we're going to use the later for our weight and length and
    now cut each one of my nine inch cakes in half horizontally so that I have for
    nineteen years now I need to fill and stack my cakes don't forget to use
    simple SharePoint filling your changes to keep them nice and moist the bottle
    that I is available in the link in the description below I don't think that was
    a good trip there like that was not an all american infomercial pitch here goes
    don't forget to use simple syrups to keep your cake moist and delicious you
    can buy my simple syrup bottle at have a cake a.com just click the link in the
    description below and while you're at it don't forget to try out my recipe for my
    favorite Italian meringue buttercream it's not American but it's good try it
    link in the description I'm gonna begin by filling
    engineers on the bottom
    then the
    engineer and then another
    inch layers and make sure to line up
    all the flat and on one side because that's actually gonna be the bottom of
    her now make cakes are filled and going to chill them for about
    minutes to
    get the buttercream icing set so I can start to call carving time everyone in
    all honesty no joke
    real cake topper it here I was very nervous about carving
    I started to carve like a spine
    no i think thats belly-up is no its belly is down after his bath arms are
    like this it's like oh wait a minute no begging attorney I start by parking from
    the center out trying to create the body of the turkey and this is so difficult
    for me because even though it's technically symmetrical it's not
    perfectly symmetric also I car side to side to make sure I'm keeping it
    somewhat a close-up of this had bad luck coming back into the house if any of you
    want that had to leave a comment below I'll send it to you all pick someone
    randomly the deal is you have to wear to your Thanksgiving dinner and you have to
    post the picture of yourself in the house on Instagram and tag me here's my
    hand oh I want proof continue carving I'm still have it we need to talk about
    this for a while because it took me two and half hours to carve the turkey so
    what what does she have a minute he was teaching them it's a party make it look
    really easy job when you presented turkey Thanksgiving American
    Thanksgiving thing I defended my turkey need to be more so I actually pulled out
    a six inch round and allocate leveled it cut it in half then added the two halves
    either end my church either side
    and continue to work hard and just made my turkey bit rounder supple supple you
    know I used to plant a synonym for plump remember those parts of the cake would
    come out earlier they're gonna come in handy right here because we have a car
    to drum sticks and to make our two drumsticks and I start by using the
    leftover bits of cake from the
    inch from the
    inch drop stocks were
    actually telling me I keep in mind when McCabe looks like a because the legs
    come out please follow up their butt and then actually is why two remaining humps
    of my nine inch cake a trip down a sandwich them together just a bit of
    butter cream and then I carved too and I didn't drive the whole way
    car I didn't I just card like this part of the way the other part that sticks
    out that's gonna be all funded later on
    this important but I don't know what it's like the flap
    under thingy when you follow up the turkey or stuffing in it so I'm gonna
    create this back and with the leftover part of my tenant room key I used a six
    inch round cake pan to just sort of cut a six-inch circle out of that or a half
    circle and so the tapered down and that's the part that will be under our
    legs when the criss cross on top you know me you'll get it you'll get it once
    it's all done but right now it's going to look really weird I honestly I get so
    nervous making case like this because I am a template ruler loving girl and
    there is no turkey ruler and no turkey template is just pictured take care
    child and good luck everyone
    turkey cake I'm gonna get an ice cream cone with my Italian meringue
    buttercream and pop it in the fridge to chill now give your to crowd you came
    here to drum states and your two wings i proud colored have put them in the
    fridge with the rest of the turkey
    are chilled and then I spend one more time with my town wearing buttercream
    great part about icing this turkey cake is it actually doesn't need to be as all
    my other Cape because this is socially and the turkey is that I mean don't get
    me wrong I some jobs good don't benefit that will look stuffy do not put that in
    this is a Canadian morning
    now in the fridge internal
    way to assure us of a sporting event it's time to cover your trendy confine
    them have such a good time I dyed my fondant a base color because I will be
    painting the turkey later I used gel food coloring as always in my fondant
    some pink eye Research burgundy
    obviously 5% on white that won't deepen the colors I painting so you want to
    have a piece of that sort of resembles the color you're going to beat it and so
    I was looking for
    well cooked turkey skin which they don't make enough food coloring job when I
    have my own line I am promising you cook turkey skin mention hot frankfurter
    frankfurter I roll out my cook turkey colored fund in and pick it up with my
    friend rolling pin and lay it over the body of my turkey on all around tuck it
    under trim away the excess we're gonna create texture on this turkey cake so
    that it looks like skin all I did was use shelf liner from the dollar store i
    three piece of this shelf liner to press into life on it right after I covered my
    turkey cake just to create a texture it works really well you can just pick it
    up and pressed over and over again it's amazing because you can get under the
    turkey and all around the turkey is very soft and very handy ladies and gentlemen
    for only $
    you can get your turkey skin creator right here on how to take
    it gets washable durable and very handy and you'll get two for the price of one
    and we'll throw in a live Turkey if you call in the next
    seconds after you
    look at me like the turkey skin later
    my wings and drumsticks also need fund and I'm gonna roll out a piece of fun
    and cover a way in a drumstick at a time and let me use my shelf liner went again
    to create texture
    onto my gorgeous platter and then I need to add the wings but I need them to
    appear like their little bit under the turkey so actually lift my body a little
    and I laid my wings on the side and then dropped my turkey day I position my two
    drumsticks alongside my turkey wings squeeze the legacy we have a few
    accessories yes accessories to make for this turkey cake we need to make two
    bones that you see coming out of the drum sticks and then we need to make the
    extra part of the way I decided to make my bones and of modeling chocolate
    because I like the base color and it's really easy to model so I just take
    chances and modeling chocolate I just formed well I created the rest of my
    wings with some extra fun and I added a little bit of CMC just to stiffen it a
    little and then once again with nothing but a picture I modeled to win
    and then I'm gonna add the whales to the other part of the main thing want them
    to like stick out and I use a little bit more fondant just sort of sneak out the
    scenes and you don't have to worry about the scenes because we're going to use
    our shelf liner once again and press it into the scenes to height and you know I
    said the scenes scenes in a plan my bones to my drumsticks by sort of poking
    a hole into the top of the funding of mind stick and inserting the bone in
    there because it looks like you know the skin comes up around the bone ladies and
    gentlemen I'm gonna show you had a roaster Thanksgiving turkey to
    perfection and you won't even need another you won't even need electricity
    I'm gonna pay my turkey cake into layers because I feel like turkeys have death
    three layers so the first layer I'm using ivory and copper Joe color mixed
    up a little bit of alcohol and I just could have faced
    after let this layer of paint dry the next layer I painted on was Buckeye
    brown but first I paint the bones because they get dark in the opening too
    with my buck ID ground and this time I don't add any alcohol to my food
    coloring because I don't want extra liquid on my modeled it will just be
    just get into the rules of the bones they can you tell us a little clearer
    alcohol and then I brushed back over the first coat looked like a smoked turkey
    looked really good but adding the brown really deep in did it look like that
    Turkey had been baking it started to the police and you know when you're roasted
    turkey you have to tie up the drumstick that's what we're gonna do all I did was
    roll out too thin long strips of my life with my fingers and then I twisted them
    together in my hands until it started to look like one and then I brushed on some
    dried cocoa and then I brushed on a little water on top to get the colorful
    and hopefully
    and they make it like twice and then I placed it over my two trips to the bone
    of my children now turning out and make perfectly evenly and it does get crispy
    year in some areas so I'm going to recreate this using cocoa I'm using
    Dutch process cocoa and may start cocoa and a dry brush and make sure that your
    turkey is dry and then just sort of like double I learned that several it on in
    areas where the jackie gets more crispy like light on its back up here and I
    love how this is my dumpster and even layer called go out of here and there is
    just had to have this turkey turkey just like people that we roast and things
    every Thanksgiving turkey needs stuffing and I write this year stuffing is pound
    cake pecans dried apricots and dried cranberries yes that's right
    pal I cut a few slices the pound cake and then cut the slices into cute and
    then i talked them in a pool with some pecans dried cranberries and some
    chopped dried apricot and to hold it all together I care in a little bit of
    apricot jam and I just talked it all together like a good thing it's time to
    stop selling this stuffing into my turkey
    Thanksgiving turkey roasted to perfection and stuffed with delicious
    stuffing service chaired guess make some extra stuffing on the side they're going
    to be still I'm all american note it's tiring I'm used to be quieter I'm so
    excited to carve this cake just like you would carve a turkey make sure it is
    nice and cool you could cut things
    turkey cake makes you just as tired as Turkey
    don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you want to see these are the other
    day before it hits you to sign up for my mailing list and we will send it to you
    the night before
    BFP I feel it for some reason in the Thanksgiving race americans are winning
    as Canadians are just forgotten *** ***

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