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-Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) Baguettes making tutorial -Bakery Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) Baguettes making tutorial how to make

Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) Baguettes making tutorial how to make

    -Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) Baguettes making tutorial -Bakery

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    Cake decorating - How to make an elephant cake topper - YouTube !!!
    I get a damn wanna show you how to do this really cute elephant cake topper
    hope you enjoyed the video to create a scholar I use some cornflower blue food
    coloring and I added just a tiny little bit
    a black also and then you get this nice
    I'm boo hoo grayish
    aid this type of shape which is almost a triangle but you don't want this to be
    point you want it to be
    a little bit rounded at the top and then what you do
    as you're going to you a toothpick
    that you're going to you dip in water
    and simply put it in a meadow
    and what this is going to do as when you're going to
    hatch in his head the whole entire piece it going to stick
    very nicely and once you've done death you just put this
    can I round shape
    and then you going to then
    wanna be and by rolling like this
    just hearing your fingers final one
    this rain here flat best part ray here
    around and the partly here
    mom so what you have to shape it you want
    you want to create a hole right here in a metal
    so you're going to use eight-point lead tool that you have
    only use that the by Wilton
    and simply go in fair lakes
    so and create the crease to this point taken I
    in create creases all the way down
    just this just going to get
    a nice backpack
    to create here's what I do with I used to it
    medium fry the leaf cutter and
    I don't do it quite then I come into it little bit quicker
    so that when a user is kinda tool which
    I'm going to use I'm going to make this
    peace quite larger and longer
    and the reason why I don't use
    the bigger one it because the way to back for the piece that i'm gonna do
    obviously if you're doing
    and bigger topper
    cake topper then you can use that but for me it's not going to work
    and what you need to do as create
    around shape ray here and keep it
    been I just then once you're done doing bad you can
    canopy put your pieces together not by gluing them but just put them together
    and just measure air you like
    or not how it looks at how it will look
    see a kinda like that it kind it there by eight

    you can have them playing let it dry
    and when are these little Clara cups
    to create arms very thankful rollout
    a the same color font aunts and
    cut in the middle what you need from what you're looking for
    as two pieces at the same size and you gonna make this
    piece right here fenner and this p
    fatter so simply but using
    both have your fingers
    like that and then
    just measure the link bet you
    do me take a knife in cut entangle
    both and create it per
    and flute the edges
    what this will do is just gonna be much Ethier freeh you
    to do what you have to get the building the tire
    put your PF
    next to your body and just
    leaves where you want that kept to be
    so you just gonna squeeze like that to create
    ok I never al shape
    and do that with both P third
    both peace said
    at a friends makes out
    and then you're going to create and share on demand now
    by just using some kind of a small
    round cutter
    to pieces find on the same side and
    again one and is going to be fenner
    then the other and
    and this part right here you're going to use both if your fingers
    and you're going to squeeze like that
    you can even use

    a backup brash
    anything to help you %uh really
    when you do that with both your mouth
    cutter and creates creases
    only around
    breast some water and
    glue it on the side
    to create the as real out some away
    and black farm dont and simply cut it with around cutter
    I use these plungers right here
    with stair I love them so just take
    here white first and
    include to UPS using some water
    and again
    brash a little bit Panamera love
    your way
    mmm and and also
    can create definition
    next to the I S
    with a knife again
    and I have the option to either way 24 hours
    before going your pieces together or
    you could
    blew it together right away but the thing is that database
    is not gonna be sturdy enough but because I'm doing the video and it is
    going to show you
    so hi water ray here
    and then glue your I had
    and then this is importan
    you can not the time to shape it however you want
    right that
    and also goo
    your years brush a little better
    in the back on the back of your head
    green due time
    create detail what I did air I wrote out some
    find on and using a sharp knife cut
    little piece this lake so ID and and then with a little bit over water
    I brushed the back and I just simply include
    might peace my little appeal to my LFS
    and to finish it often given night interest what I
    dead as I hear some pedal that
    poppy red color I love death perfect to make
    red cheeks and I simply use the dry and using
    a clean brass I just brush it to
    my piece and then that so
    I hope you enjoy make video *** *** Baby Elephant Cake Preview | Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School - YouTube !!! *** ***

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