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--Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) turnip making tutorial -Vegetables -Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) turnip making tutorial how to make

-Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) turnip making tutorial how to make

    --Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) turnip making tutorial -Vegetables

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    How to throw a Circus Birthday Party! - YouTube !!!
    okay thank you for watching Tom entebbe
    so today we're going to learn had a circuit party or
    carnival themed birthday party and the really cute
    team to have for any kid boy or girl in fact he just threw
    a joint birthday party for math and 103 and many teacher
    one their birthdays he said bring it back repaid so
    me like this to have a joint birthday party for them
    and it turned out great so percent certain
    indication in-patient on if you don't come again
    and I'm instantly search circus early
    in the nation's credible implications plantation defender
    and a whole host uniformed haitians Cheryl hola
    have my ideas this from the arnie and I had a lot of time
    so it worked out great I'm just gonna go over everything that I did for his
    birthday party
    and you can choose why I and II for
    but for that so first stop list articles
    table this is a lot of fun to create and
    course that was wanna my favorite part about the party
    and did he say making cupcakes indication at any
    cue popcorn Paquet any you wanted to try or how I may be the normal have cake be
    sure to check out my other videos
    for you okay install a date with
    by clown head and limbs to complete the circuit feel
    I got the long most manage operations on ornamental chain company
    dot com on this I i also that some cute cupcake boxes and made a legal that's a
    please take care came home with here I really think that many was it
    here me and my touch me and all I did was buy whole the car
    and decorative label and even decorated red and white striped tee
    on Paper Source dot com I cut about
    inge K and placed it about halfway down and they did this on both sides
    and then just sent you the decorative label right on top
    this is how they came out so sheets for the cable included
    in way I animal finance animal crackers that coming
    cute little box indicating you these part that party favors
    I had gumballs among the top suggest that the
    cent store so it's
    definitely worth a check
    you could get lucky buying stuff for a sec he and they even had some cheesy
    with a label saying you want goldfish I also ordered since you're having letter
    candy dishes are amazon dot com and fill them with defending
    color candy which end up looking really cute aunty all
    lastly the main focus at the table with the circuit
    K and I thought it turned out so here okay
    so I'm the decorations for the cables any
    cute and repeated made popcorn containers that I found at Target
    dollar section I UK changes to make it work with huh
    or and step mom popped it as well I got the red and white table runners from
    alexei hope dearly beamed up collagen really adorable
    but I heart you
    as for balloons I decided to go with the oversight
    be skew looms there are actually very trendy right now
    City and Los Angeles bar mitzvah in wedding showers et cetera
    and I got mine company called sure
    Almeida combo lethal last for
    week so he had party backpacking definitely make sense to use
    I also made the Paso at a factory
    and if anybody interest in Miami he's just let me know in the comments
    and I can see it triana I also think that
    this cue
    I yet fully
    and I'm kids were happy to play in that
    well another fun thing I had was a makeshift
    photo booth and I did this using
    red and white striped tablecloth and I got Oriental Trading
    company dot com just takes a hot against the wall
    and put together 8 of bucket which consisted a
    clown noses oversight jumbo hi
    though said clown wig bowlers in
    where record by found target and a
    then start my house that a and then I also made
    by that's it photo booth on any defined at
    tables for less than five dollars for the kids tables I just put out some
    and I got some Sun catchers that
    children were able to paint and then also sound
    sticker decorating kids for the pilgrims
    so there's plenty of things for the kids to do at the kids table other
    me and the other hit the party was of course
    in the eye my kids actually enjoyed filming the plan at the night before
    on but all the kids to turned lacking at the night
    where gathering up the actor the but it open
    for food we decided to have these cute credible card a company called let's
    have a car
    party dot com but certainly don't need these carts in
    just make hot dogs and hamburgers and judicial
    barbecue food we also got a bouncy
    because it is always winner at the party's
    on and then we have found that way Boing Boing
    S&P faces for somebody or ticket that were there
    and math laying the party favors what I did was
    by popcorn containers at Target in the dollar section and then use the
    one thinking to an attack so the little smaller than the ones that use for
    but I feel that way clown nose crackerjack
    then blasted crayon and a couple other
    finger puppets that were initially up defense secretary animals
    I wrapped in cellophane and tied it off with
    cleaner and that's it everybody got it even home Pacific here
    that's one way to throw a sex party
    I hope you enjoyed my video and were able to get some ideas and let me know
    what you think or how important our
    thank you for watching Top Model T at the next time
    the deal
    do day *** *** Classic Birthday Cake with a Melting Chocolate Bar Effect by Cupcake Addiction - YouTube !!!
    police and welcome back to my country addition today me show you how to do a
    really cool and really simple melted chocolate bar allusion on kinda classic
    looking that de que
    let's get started to make okay I'm using a double batch of my perfectly piping
    buttercream frosting acting did mine
    peak and play with it with trav you can use any color of labial I
    about the book sponge cake so I've got four one-inch I by seven inch round
    sponge cake
    you met quite a toll cake today a plastic ruler
    an offset spatula and a serrated edge knife I've got some
    compound chocolate said this is chocolate that doesn't contain
    coke about up I've also got them how she thought you could use something like
    link here make sure it's a nice
    in chocolate Pop because you don't want them to be to enlarge
    all they can to be too heavy to stand up on topic a I've got some sprinkle them
    using the little round confetti
    sequined so much whipping cream with a
    percent milk fat a couple the book
    and a pair of scissors I also have a little bit if they can babe and the cake
    board you need some kind if it raises to state your chocolate bar on
    so the best thing you wanted two years when I get no love your cake level and
    about the same high
    see a pic you're sure to store your smallest liar
    and you just want to trim the top off so that it's nice and flat and level
    then you already is that is your guide for all your other line is so that the
    all about the same within about the same thickness
    he can you pick a clever here we can just do it by I using yourself actually
    Mia down a bit but a creamy not coming in a glue your bottom led to the ports
    you Kate doesn't move around
    and then you wanna put another layer for st. making sure the temperature David E
    edges appeal air sponge although the next layer
    fund and a little bit more butter cream frosting and to you play it all for the
    Alliance if K
    you want a so that if a person am I gonna do a crime carts are really
    mere soda into those groups between the cake layers
    and make sure the wetness bachelor back and forth to get that first inning ride
    into any cracks
    creases in crevices on your cake put a little bit on top
    he should have a fair amount of resting he said
    you wanna scrape it back so what you've got is a really
    in cronkite you can see Kate coming through that's totally fine
    once he got that relatively smooth and all scraped back pocket of
    into the phrase a fifteen-minute and we let the cronkite
    that meltdown your compound chocolate Oreo chocolate melts and I put my hair
    she's onto
    I baking it rate like that baking paper and then I'm just using the chocolate to
    kind of get brought up nothing close to the edges
    what you wanna make it like a long chocolate
    stick almost this is gonna go inside the cake it's completely edible but it can
    give stability a chocolate bar
    break up your remaining Hershey's chocolate and then pour maybe a week in
    I'm gonna pop it into the mic with the
    staring in between it should only take about a minute you quantities but what
    is essentially a small batch of chocolate can Nash
    I'm gonna leave in the Description box below this video as you start you'll see
    that chocolate is also and you can see the thickness so you don't want to be
    too thin here
    Iran if consistencies perfect take your cake and a free then it should be nice
    and Bowman solid
    and you put your nice pretty coat on top and the idea is with that crime cart
    shouldn't have no crumbs in the top where the frosting separate really
    generous the man to that story about a cream on
    all even if I'd been all over the top and then using your ruler
    use that to scrape back the edges what you get is a really nice
    smooth side and then created like a men play you just want to use their ruler to
    come across the top
    it is natan of those edges near not good enough here because you going to
    suited edge the bottom using those confetti sprinkles
    any sprinkles you like by just pressing them up against the side of a cake
    get a cake for a little bit of a tidy up and then you wanna pop it back in the
    fridge or the freezer for about 10 minutes just to start to crest on top so
    that it not soft soft but a crane
    make sure you can Nash it at room temperature you don't want this to be
    hot earth gonna melt through the but a crane
    so third have a bit of a fine line in making sure that it's still melted
    and haven't added get completely called but it's not still
    at all hot I've been about three or four tablespoons on top of my cake and then
    just use the offset spatula
    to really did gently smoothie
    really over the top so that it's just up to dribble over the edge is kinda like
    melting chocolate
    give it a couple of good hide tacked on the bench in that often if all those
    chocolate trickled down to find a little bit
    and then you can pull your hair she thought out in the fridge stick it up
    next to the cake seeking get around idea
    helped holyoke acres ended up I had to snap off about an inch or so from the
    bottom of mine
    and then you can you take your chocolate dick
    essentially and shove that chocolate bar right down to the center BK
    you will apply even pressure here because you definitely don't want to
    break your chocolate bar
    this point a little bit if they rested that chocolate can Ashgate
    into a zip lock bag and you can snip off just a very small corner the book bag
    for making like a
    makeshift piping bag and then you def going to come
    op and around the join with the chocolate bomb eat the cake
    so that you've got gin Nash acting like the easy melting is and the National the
    chocolate Obama
    to thicken ashen it up a cake that it
    that is a relatively simple to make but really really cool to look at birthday
    you guys requested something fun simple and generic for a bit they thought I
    hope that I've managed to fill the criteria on the fun
    if you're not already subscribe to my cupcake addiction make sure you do

    videos every weekend as the waveguide thanks
    rematch between learn *** ***

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