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the cake is decorated with candied fruits how to make

the cake is decorated with candied fruits how to make

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    How to make a Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake tutorial. Bake and Make with Angela Capeski - YouTube !!!
    hi welcome back to the epicenter
    I can bank I'm a jerk pesky to them to be showing how to make these Thomas the
    Tank Engine cake
    okay when I got here is a
    square not cut the tuple
    and we're just gonna cut it down the center
    and then we're just gonna stack on the top man we're gonna take
    I've got an 8-inch round HEA I'm gonna cut that
    in half as well stock that on the top
    place the other one name
    and I'm gonna change half here that a mistake on the top as well
    what I've done here
    I've cut the half
    each back down to how and we're gonna put that on signed
    center that K would only do here's we're cutting two centimeters
    from the ames first half way down and we're going to do that
    to the top as well such a sentiment is back if i sat down
    up UCF cuts for the top names
    positions at the back I'm using a shop not begin around the top of
    came I'm uses seven square now cut three circles at this seven centimeters
    around and they just cut to have them in hot
    stacked them on the top and this last step down
    and that's gonna pay for a top pop
    I've got some good Nash here so we're gonna I safe use but a crane
    the sauce all the pieces together
    K %uh stick a Kia and I rode out simply funded sorry to scan a lifted up
    and cover the cake speech into not to tear the fund in here
    Mike Shanahan's acclaim and then jet plane
    using a hand was gonna say that I am
    care finished here up cut the sides
    just making sure that everything's claim and I've gotten that critics say the
    Hibiscus made up sciences
    okay uses seven centimeter round cut its a cat at some white fondant
    and I'm just using Paul told to intent
    the eyes is push it down and stick denies in the checks on
    roll out some great fund in and begin a place it over the top
    smooth it out and then just use a paean to get rid of that
    a bubble inspire that down
    Munich around the outside
    to get rid of the excess fund in
    Miami support role in pushing is somewhat funding
    use shoot low water stick the white funding
    roll out somewhat fund in for the mouth
    stick that on for us some black fund in
    and stick that on further I S as well
    and we're doing eyebrows as well candice is a Top Pot
    on the Thomas I just roll at a pace and the role that another pace
    and put the white bowls on top
    and these are gonna be the wheels so I'm local
    broder six circles and three of them
    on top of that which we gonna cut in half for let some long strips
    and stick them on the top
    the round and overlap them
    it's like that and press it in the center
    take whatever house has taken a tough rats inbred
    fun and stick it to the front here and then just take a pizza cutter
    naming analysts last the front thing you remove the excess
    using a plane kept the Red funding
    on an angle top all the way down to the bottom
    make the excess there cut two strips
    stick them on the Site i sat down
    is here thing to say that up
    chop it up for the back there just takes for sure
    play and playset and in a
    role at some black fund in
    and place on top role at a stripper
    black glued to the site and
    on the other side as well sign
    that I've use in your life under
    for the top part for the Windows and just
    fill it up with some black fondant day just push it down
    do it all the way around now I can act cover al
    am face here the cake face so to scroll some black Honda now
    cut down on this trip it's a sugar
    and then glue it on cut the end up K
    abstract that face on what's around lasting and we're just gonna profit up
    to simply funded underneath
    and one on each side so just
    put it in a and one on the other side as well
    but some royal icing on the back
    antagonistic the face onto then they carry their
    it to try do
    the little black am pieces for the front day
    and gross strips out clear that on
    roll along straight
    I've read and place should clear the way around
    and we're just gonna use FB business made it all the way around
    and then chop it up the and slika

    the same besides as well
    have put a number to there's swells can now economically
    the top part they just roll it out
    temple role an ass worship down
    butts and get it should be clear there
    and then discovered on coming into same
    that right pace from before Swisher player and we're gonna stick it on their
    its like that K
    have done he as self cover the front section we found some great fund in
    and just checked the signs down and same with the site
    just buy some grain fund down
    smooth it out
    I'm just trying to sign stuff as well like that
    near the tracks at the front by some great funder
    and little strips frankly that on
    just wrapped up for the flight so there we have it
    not just cut out and Sam
    a message here much issues
    some kind is it you can buy it any cake shop and I've cut at little stars as
    and just put some yellow the temples at the centre de
    so do now so we'll get some roll icing
    gonna stick out wheels on on the side day
    so just grab a bit everlasting and we dismiss some on the back pain not too
    as it will a cap and
    scrap now we own composition any which way
    just place one at the back
    wanna Center I'm on the front and do the same to the back as well
    time there we have it up beautiful
    three-day Thomas the Tank Engine cake thanks for watching the video
    am please feel free to subscribe to my channel I saw the uploading
    be is on a weekly basis and thanks for watching
    goodbye for now *** *** Easy 2 Tier Sprinkles Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey guys are going to a season that's fuckin is absurd I'll be teaching you
    how to make this very easy sprinkles cake and working with a eight inch cake
    and a six inch cake
    adding liberty but according to my clipboard that'll help my eight inch
    cake adhered to the Cape Cod pressing it down when Tyson sent it and then adding
    in my vanilla buttercream just piping there on my next play an extra Center at
    the moment happy with its positioning up her sit down you know areas and then
    just continue building your cake like this for their last year of cake I'm
    using the bottom of the cake and attended upside down that weighed myself
    at the top
    adding your code helps to grab all of the loose crimes and
    cakes here very
    last layer of buttercream won't have any crimes in it and also make sure to press
    them against the cake that way all the air pockets have been filled out a bit
    about to come to the table to keep his file and then just taking it off towards
    center of the cake for sitting around the cake to lift those areas up then I
    put into a freezer for a good
    that way the doesn't shift around when you're adding the final a buttercream
    and to top first news my speciality flattened that out and shoot the better
    come to the sides adding some American genocide and this time I'm adding a fair
    bit of it as we are going to be taking off injury of the body cream with a
    scraper to cover the whole outside the cake then using a big-screen gently go
    around the cake scraping off the excess and people ran into its nice and sunny
    then take off the top section of the cake as well just moved into the center
    and this is a six inch cake I feel the exact same steps and I'm just covering
    it with red butter cream instead of white and you do the same motions and
    its kicking sitting on a six-inch board which is attached to a twelve-inch board
    reason being is that makes it a lot easier for me to work with the
    buttercream to add it on and taking off as well
    I'll generously than using my bench scraper to scrape down the excess and
    Smith Center then I'll be putting that into the freezer for at least a good

    minutes that way it's so nice and hard and we can handle that he paid the
    bottom tiananmen sprinkles in a cookie sheet template that way my cake consider
    this plate and you give me good waking space to start adding my screen calls
    from grabbing a handful of it and just putting it up against the cake leaving
    at this has been sitting in the freezer for a good
    minutes the speakers
    actually stick on really well in kind of press and lift your hand press meet you
    and all the way up to the edge of the cake that gives you really good coverage
    now just continue to do this around the whole cake
    and if there's any empty spots like to go in after a cover the whole cake and
    just fill in those areas same way that I'm doing here on to the very top of the
    cake exactly why is just sort of misleading moving around and it's a
    really good waves who fill in the spaces at the very top within the edges seems
    to be like a problem area that way you can kind of shake motorcycle in prison
    between your hands to my fingers and cover those edges don't feel too
    stressful not sticking when you're working in the scientific and picks up
    when you're working on the top remove all the extra federal down its nothing
    attached in to move the speakers from the cake borders really finger along and
    whatever it doesn't want to come off the cake thought just president begins to
    security now I'm adding my extra thick straws and adding these because I wanted
    to be able to support the weight of my top using the american ago me and just
    marking on the cake
    where I need to cut it that way it sits flush with the frosting don't make sure
    our top kick doesn't seem can destroy a bottom
    now releasing my cake from the cake boy just running a special around the whole
    the bottom reason being is if you were to take it off directly from just one
    site without going around the whole case somebody cream rooming stuck to the
    bottom and kickball and you have really uneven cracked ages and because of this
    reason we can handle very easily just collected to give you need and I just
    read take your turntable to make sure we have it all sent it adding a little gold
    ribbon around the cake just streaming offering needs to start and finish them
    using some non-toxic double side adhesive money and I'll stick to itself
    then you deliberate glucose syrup onto the bow and that'll help it to stick to
    the cake as well there for a couple seconds and you done I'm sure they will
    enjoy helping the fam when it comes out you won't me shape when you press it
    obviously you will agree but it's actually pretty steady with this week's
    editorial thanks again for joining me and I will catch you next time *** *** How to make a TMNT birthday cake tutorial Bake and Make with Angela Capeski How to make a cake - YouTube !!!
    hi welcome back to another episode
    I can make I mention that pesky I'm gonna showing how to make these teenage
    mutant ninja turtle cake
    best for gonna start off with the figurines and we gonna take some green
    fund in
    and place in the same see a tie lines so we're gonna roll it out
    and shape into a round hole was gonna take a two-week even on
    filmmaking team there for the mouth and two small dots on the site
    now I'm gonna start off with the orange
    and we're gonna roll this out and this is going to be for the dent Anapa
    so just roll it out and taking a pizza cutter or knife
    we discuss lost that down into a thing straight
    take balto
    making to make two Indian stay with the eyes are gonna be
    take some should include all what up
    I'm just gonna spread that around
    the front part and sides and the back how to spell
    take a strip
    I'm just gonna place around push it down
    and I have a lot on the side them
    take to wipe
    fundamentals with some shit like I'm just gonna place those on there for the
    takes a black funding
    and roll out to smaller bowls place in the same today
    can see have made all four say just roll out to do the same
    you do a purple are in trade and a blue and leave them to try
    case is going to be delayed for the top part so just
    and sprinkle down some icing sugar corn flour and roll out some great funding
    cam using a six-inch board hiya so just turn around and play some sugar alert
    on the top
    so we can have
    like that funding to stake so just take a great find him a place
    over the top and SME that out taking us made a
    dismayed that out and run your fingers along the side day
    take a plane and we're gonna cut around
    that circle thing all the way around
    take a smoother
    estimate the edge itself roll out a long case
    upgrade funding and just push that down I'm using a rule here
    and his place at around all the way to the back
    and cut that excess of thing
    take a tool or not who dis Mike little Indian team name
    ice dancing should include and roll some bowls out
    place from Downey take a knife and we're gonna make those lil
    in Dane Smith for the screws okay this is gonna be the bottom t so
    got four lanes and you need to break baked two cakes so
    one I each for the bottom and
    inch for the top
    just a couple and I'm going to use white chocolate and now she can you spot a
    and we just spread that all that the porch so we can stick a cake day
    take one layer
    and now it is placed on the porch feel
    each layer and smooth out the signs
    I'm going to use chocolate can match here and which is spread it
    which spread it all left the signed it's like that
    make you act the top
    and spread that around a middling I some good national atop
    and spread that up to the end taking a scraper we're gonna just scrape
    all the way around so we can get an even surface makes that excess
    bank scrape it around again
    KK see here at cut the edges up the top
    so just take a scraper and then called back
    read the excess do that all the way around
    k can see here gotten a nice even seen each
    so we just finish it off not space
    surface take some icing sugar corn flour
    I'm a gonna roll out the blue funding for the bottom tier so just roll that
    take a smoother
    and would dispute that finding out they take a cake uncovered on the top
    and secure the ages so we don't have any tears thing
    cake take a pizza cutter and I'm I'm gonna
    take I'm chupa FedEx este using a smooth I would just mean
    out funding may all the way around on the top
    and this is going to be for the top tier
    so takes mcrae fund in n roll it out
    take a smoother and smoothed out
    Company K and again
    we can secure the ages 7 side day so it doesn't crack
    take a smooth Aaron Smith that out
    now I'm gonna cover up a landmark piece a
    and displacing should declare that the bullet just smooth out that funding
    take blade I can just cut that excess of
    just like to
    can use some royal icing to stick their cakes
    H lay on to the onto the ball with day
    such a smooth out some rely same taken not to lift up the cake
    seizing hand
    the place on the boat and position it in the sentencing
    I've used them down so skewers
    to hold that second tier up so just insert them into that and bottom tier
    take some other royal icing
    a place it in the same today just threw that out
    taken i
    lift up that Tia a place on the top day
    disposition in the center
    roll out some black funding this is going to be for the buildings and thus I
    am so use one square cut up
    one triangle Kutta and will cut out two rectangular shape Spain
    for the site takes should conclude
    all water just buy some there on the cake
    and we'll stick outpaces
    saying to form building for the scientists well
    month for the other side
    and some the top part as well so do this all the way around you can do them
    different sizes different shapes
    just using rectangular cut-up
    we can cut them down as you wish
    buy some shoes leather and stick them on
    I stepped up and do this all the way around
    roll out some yellow fund in and is using a small rectangular cut-up
    has cut out some cases and these are gonna be for than
    window its says cut them out into little squares
    and stick them on on each case
    you have to do this all the way around cam using a number
    any number of you if you don't want to use that is fine
    so just take some schindler
    play some sugar on the back I'll stick it on that front building
    roll out some light poles
    me just play some sugar on me and just do the surround the cake
    roll out some red funding of color to the speech black
    and black and red combined and is using a ribbon-cutting only keys a pizza
    cutter roll them down and cut sorry cut them down into long strips
    and these are gonna be for the greeks on the top tier
    so just cut them down starting from the front
    hope take some shit great place that on the cake I'm just going down like that
    space them out
    aunty getting even coverage all the way to the top
    now we're gonna stick a little figurines on the top so many some real icing
    almost up from the center I'll just play set down here
    this just a little bit underneath not too much because it will
    Lake out

    next to each other
    and that's the last one namely
    is too dry mammogram did a little hands so just roll out some green fund in
    stick it next to them push that down using a knife
    smacked three small little and didn't say
    their fingers K now gonna stick that top lead on
    said his place some royal icing on them on a side thing
    and play some right at the back
    I'm a take a little bit a fund in roll into a ball
    a stick that the back as well and place just a little bit for a lasting on the
    grab alley and and disposition on the top
    hold that down and labor to try
    now of products a.m. edible image here
    and up display some stars ASA can decorate it however you wish
    and of place to reopen around that bullet day
    so the guy atticus a happy this is quite easy to make
    and thanks for watching the video and she like this video please feel free to
    subscribe to my channel
    and I look forward to showing another video saying
    thanks for watching *** *** Simple Chocolate Birthday Cake - Frosting Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hi well the Christie sweet treats today we're gonna be making a simple
    chocolate birthday cake the team deal he'd in
    8-inch cake in mind Rd crumb coated with chocolate buttercream
    and eighty straight edge and have fun
    an edge canyons as an extra better claim in a piping bag with Michelle Ted
    now first you again
    deal a regular Cody
    if the coding your buttercream all over
    take the excess of
    and on the side he wanna leave it a little bit thicker than normal
    never easier offense I'd like this it's gonna take
    the extra of for you it's really simple
    discuss all the way around and anything he messed epicness line it up again
    and yes can they read it night in a shelter it
    let's go all the way around the bottom in the descending on top
    other way around
    let's get this way but if you're doing it for a birthday
    anyone right on the evening spit happy birthday this is for Joe
    me who everyone on it I'm not good at free
    handwriting so I have to use as little
    died for my writing
    and fire ID on the years eighty mind a lil tinted number thirty
    anything smaller than that
    streams world tend to just break
    three ily really carefully happy birthday
    me lol have me nice chocolate buttercream cake
    amet thank you for watching and please subscribe *** *** Birthday Cake/ Princess Doll Tutorial How To Cook That Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How to Cook That.net, I'm Ann Reardon. For a printable copy of the recipes, including
    quantities and ingredients, simply go to the website, howtocookthat.net.
    Today we're looking at how to make a princess cake, using buttercream and vanilla cake.
    To start with, to make your cake, put all the ingredients in the mixing bowl, and set
    it on high and leave it for about
    minutes, until it is light and creamy. While that is
    mixing, you need to take a bowl that's about the size that you want the skirt to be and
    spray it with some cooking oil, and also you need one tin that also needs to be sprayed
    with cooking oil. Take some baking paper. We're going to line the tin with baking paper.
    Fold it in half, and fold it in half again. Using one hand here, because I've got my baby
    on my hip. Then once you've folded it in half
    the shape of your tin. And then when you unfold it, you've got your circle ready to go in
    the base of your tin. And that is ready for your cake. Check your mixture, it should be
    looking like this light, fluffy and white-ish in colour. You need to half fill your tin.
    If you put anymore than that in there it's going to overflow when it rises in the oven.
    Then when I'm making my cakes that I want to layer, I like to push more mixture towards
    the edge and away from the middle. Even though when you put it in the oven it's going to
    flow back into the middle, this seems to stop the large doming effect and the sides being
    too low. Put the rest of the mixture into the oven-proof bowl and then push that towards
    the edge again.
    Bake in a moderate oven for about
    minutes and then move both of them down to a lower
    shelf in the oven and then put a baking tray over the top, so they don't burn on top. The
    bowl in particular is going to take a while to cook. You just need to keep checking it
    by placing a knife in the middle to see if it's done. If the knife comes out clean, it's
    Once it's cooked, tip it out and allow it to cool completely. And then we want to trim
    around the top edge of the bowl. Cause we want it to be the shape of a skirt, not the
    shape of a bowl turned upside down. So you need to take a sharp knife and trim off around
    the top. Start doing little by little. You can always take off more. And then we're gonna
    cut this into 3 layers. Being careful not to cut your hand. There's one, and then there's
    two and three. So you're doing two cuts through which gives you the three layers.
    Then take your cake, which I don't need to level the top, because as I said, the way
    of moving it away from the middle has meant that we've got a flat cake on top. So we're
    just cutting it into 2 layers for our base layer. There we go. And then using a cookie
    cutter for each of those layers in the middle, take out a centre circle. This is to allow
    room to put the legs of the doll down the middle of the cake. Then you can eat those
    Then we're going to take some simple syrup. The recipe for that is on the website. If
    you click on the link in the description below the video you'll get all the quantities for
    the cake and the Simple syrup and everything. The purpose for the simple syrup is it keeps
    the cake moist. Often if you have an ice cake, it can come out quite dry, but by adding some
    simple syrup, which you can flavour how you like, it helps keep the cake moist and it
    doesn't make the cake soggy at all.
    Put a layer of butter cream. Again the butter cream recipe is also on the website, just
    link in the description below this video. Then spread it. It doesn't matter if it's
    overlapping on the outside because we're going to put a layer of butter cream on the outside.
    We don't want too much overlapping into the middle, because that's just going to be wasted.
    On your next layer, just repeat what we've already done. So another squirt of your simple
    syrup, then add your butter cream, spread it out and repeat this, all the way, with
    all your layers, up to the top. And you're just doing the same thing. As I said, don't
    worry about butter cream sticking out on the outside edge. Because we're gonna use that
    to help cover the outside of the cake anyway. And it's easier if you've actually got it
    overlapping to the outside because then you don't have lots of gaps and holes that you
    need to fill. So there's our final layer.
    Then using a large knife or spatular if you've got one, spread out that butter cream that
    we had overlapping. If you need to get extra, just get some extra out of the bowl and spread
    that around. So we're trying to get a really thin, what's called a "crumb coat" over the
    whole cake. And the purpose for that with this cake, is it's gonna help us when we're
    piping on pretty frills, to not get crumbs in our icing. And also it'll help the icing
    stick to the cake.
    Now take your doll, put its hair up, and wrap the body in plastic wrap to protect it. Then
    take a zip-lock bag and make a cut as shown. Just a small cut, not too big. And then take
    the very tip off your bag, just a tiny bit, not a lot for taking that off. And you want
    to do that twice cause we want two bags, one for white butter cream and one for our pink.
    I'll just show you on an envelope in case you couldn't see that. Make a small cut into
    the bag. And take the very tip off the end. Then fill your bag with your butter cream
    and put one layer of white butter cream around the bottom. Then this is your pink. Just showing
    you the direction that you hold the bag. And put a, just above the white layer, just overlaping
    slightly. Go around, just slightly going in and out with your pink icing. And continue
    to do that all the way around. To make it easy to turn, if you put the base on a bowl,
    you can then get your hand underneath to turn easily.
    Now you've got a few choices of bodice types. For this particular one, bend your dolls legs
    and pop the doll into the cake. Then get a zip-lock bag. Make a very small cut off the
    corner and a small cut in. Start with your straps, over the shoulder and around the back.
    This is your classic sort of bodice that you see on these cakes. I have given you a couple
    more options of different ones after this, if you prefer a different sort of a style.
    So follow around the line of the top of the dress with your butter cream, giving a line.
    And then just do little spots of butter cream. Just push it in, give a little squeeze, and
    pull back and move along. Repeat this all over the the whole bodice. And you've got
    your classic butter cream bodice for your cake. Then take your bag that you had your
    frill butter cream in, and just put a frill the whole way around to fill any gap between
    the doll and the cake and finish it off. And then finally, we'll take some silver decorations
    and just pop those at the neck line of the cake. And that's one bodice option.
    Your other option, you need to do this before you put the doll into the cake. Just make
    an outline of your dress, and some stripes going downwards. Make it go further down the
    body than you think you need, so that way you don't have to come back and top it up
    if you've missed some. All the way around. Then what we're going to do is, hold the doll
    over a bowl, and cover it in sprinkles of your choice. I've used pink here, but you
    can use multi-coloured or whatever you'd like. Shake off any excess, do the back and the
    sides. And then take your butter cream again, and fill in the holes that you left the lines.
    So it gives us a striped bodice effect to your cake. Which can look pretty. It give
    a bit of variation to it. Once you've finished doing that, again bend the doll's legs to
    get it to the right height. And because you've already covered the body, you hold it by the
    head, and push it in. And then do the frill around the top.
    The last one, which is my favourite one. Again do your outline, going around the doll. Then
    placing it over a bowl, using some white, longer style spinkles, so it looks a bit like
    white fur, cover over the icing that you've already done, and shake off any excess. And
    then take your butter cream, and just following straight down, doing lines all the way down,
    finish off your bodice, and do that all the way round and on the other side. And then
    put your doll into your cake, and do the frill around to finish any gap.
    I've also done a tutorial on how to do a princess doll using fondant which you can click on,
    or the easy butter cream rose cupcakes for you there as well.
    Thanks to all my subscribers. If you'd like to subscribe, just click on the link shown
    and then you'll be notified of any new videos that have been posted. *** *** How to Make a Pink Zebra Cake Tutorial from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is Dan from cookies cupcakes think our new dot com
    today I'm going to be showing you how to make as zebra cake
    the zebra printers on the inside on the cake and outside
    it's super fun let's get started to make the zebra cake we're going to use two
    granulated sugar two and a quarter teaspoon
    a baking powder half a teaspoon love salt

    aches 1 cup love milk three-quarters of a cup
    a vegetable oil and we're going to be using white
    coloring deep pink and a super black america color gels
    and it will also go with two and a half cups of all-purpose flour
    then for decorating are going to be using white buttercream
    black fondant and pink buttercream
    so to start of I have my flower in my stand mixing bowl
    and I'm going to put in the sugar and baking powder and salt
    when I left that makes up for about 30 seconds on low
    next I'm going to add in my oil well it's mixing
    and my eggs one at a time
    when that started to incorporate I'm going to pour in my vanilla next
    and then my milk in a minute turn the mixer on into both of those
    see on a mix this until it is all completely combined
    and I'll be back to show you the next step after that
    so I've divided my batters
    up for coloring and in this boy I have about half
    love the actual mixture and in these two there's the other half so this is a
    and this is a quarter of the mixture cuz you're not going to need as much black
    and pink
    as you will the white some just taking my white color ink
    and I'm going to add it to my batter and I'm going to stir it up
    and then I'll do the exact same thing with the pink and the black
    and once they're all mixed I will be back timely
    to go
    now going to use my big scoop to take a scoop up the white
    in is going right into the center then right on top of that
    I'm going using a medium scoop for my black
    and I'm going to put that right on top
    love the white you can see a post seal start to push each other out
    and then because my pink one is really small I'm gonna do to love those
    on top of each other like the art
    numbers going to repeat it
    so obviously this will be enough Fort who are these agent round pans
    and so you'll need to do this use a pop your batter for this for spam
    and then repeat again with your second pan
    so was going to keep following this
    pattern and then I'm going to pop the cakes
    into the oven at
    degrees Fahrenheit
    and then I'm gonna let them cool and I'll be back to show you the next step
    so the cakes are cooled and I've leveled off the tops
    a number in to take my white buttercream and I'm going to
    fill it into the middle and then I'm going to go around the outside
    when given a nice good coat in order for the fondant to be able to sit
    on topple the buttercream so it's gonna get going on this
    put on the top and
    cover so when I'm finished covering
    I'll be back to show you how to put on the
    fondant zebra stripes so I will CNN so the cake covered in buttercream now I'm
    going to show you the last two steps
    so I'm going to I just pulled out my black fondant
    and I'm just cutting off a little piece which will be the and their
    and then just to cut the stripes you can just cut like
    any sort of random shape here and then you take
    it up and then just line up the bottom
    and then go up and over the cake
    like that and then just keep cutting
    any sort of shape that you want to have for your zebra stripes
    and then what I found was the best thing was to follow
    your pattern so anytime your lines um
    turn you want to make sure the lines around it turns well
    it just gives it a little bit more from natural look to Lizzie bro
    will do one more and then I'm just going to
    show you the final like how to do the border with the pink buttercream
    and then I'll be back to show you the whole cake so I'm just taking my
    pink buttercream with a number
    Wilton tip
    and I'm just squeezing and
    making a little topped and releasing
    so it's going to go around the cake once I got all the stripes
    and just make those little dots on the border
    so when I'm finished I'll be back to show you the completed cake
    so they do everybody how to make a zebra cake
    so sliced up a piece here and you can't see the pink just popping right out in
    the contract with the black and white
    looks so cool so thanks for watching remember to subscribe to the channel:
    and you can find us on all over social media sites what we put in the
    Description box below the video
    so thanks again and see you next time *** *** Rainbow Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    I seventy receives its fun in the simpson I'll be teaching you
    me a tight I V K to begin annexing all my train Reince
    in a bowl combining all-knowing to the N double
    the recipe in the Description box below Carrington Way
    when I recorded it mixing together but once it does you separate

    rumbles in at all York I'll I've used liquid karma and for my last
    fogelman his junk I'll nipsey
    the reasons to the time X is only in
    and instill in 1 tablespoon into your beloved use a financial
    for the sci-fi skating unicef my recipe is really runny
    that's what you can only use even a recipe or something
    white to pale and that way runs into itself
    as you keep hanging each table Speedway okay eat things into itself increases
    the usual boring day this is my favorite way to indicate
    yes yes because the rainbow just keep repeating
    you can tell this is beautiful rings around

    few people about three quarters of the way up to cancer
    and this is just a different way I'm trying to tie dye
    rain look only cialis into special
    I think and I just couldn't think they're
    Canon rent in reply all cialis into
    ball to the Katy
    and give it up just to take only in those
    a purple that might be trapped in and they close at
    50th minute next gonna make my cream cheese frosting
    now this first things going to incite the cake is also indicate the outsized
    with at
    but I went in just gives a much more stable
    strong forcing because in the outside and you won't seem keen on itself just
    your gradually and Kenya icing sugar
    and because this is a remake
    Wilson and sprinkle
    mix those three
    Nash you how I cut my cakes Asian the school with a serrated knife
    on the outside and making sure the key clinton table
    nice internet making sure keep my night as little as I can
    wanna make really level key
    wanted mark the outside stuff so in a way you take
    always make sure that my night can be seen on the other side key
    that we remain straight because it has a cake to help
    do that I use the same insulin and cutting my key can help
    do the same for time taking you see it has it it does have a very distinctive
    and look to you the ring we before so so very pretty
    next and I think my HK well & Investment Summit
    frosting on today that I hope the cake down
    on the ball and then just spent some
    it up that making it to make it is even as he can maybe
    centimeters with the frosting usually
    user humping entities didn't have any enhance ladies
    censure we'll see why I prefer the I think make sure that scented
    sit down and continue you the first thing I see as you working it that top
    player just %uh
    shifting around eight kills me so we use I think
    you won't have that problem you make sure you keep keys straight
    the Holy
    and she'll King sure it's not
    screen name
    strain enough sleep well
    lastly a which was the bottom of the cake seeking to the top
    nice once it's nice and straight
    concert taking away the excess along the edge just the
    actually do anything fancy and input into the freezer
    for good
    minutes so we went
    you cross the outside the key when shifted so nice and
    this time the huge to open it up
    and just with my way out the outside K just across the ages little
    the top and just huge dollars
    on the outside making sure that you 15 you
    and taking all these a pocket
    thing that frosting recipe well animosity couple
    the cake is using a spatula go over at once just a company
    and give it a real nice clean
    nation using my bench scraper making shirts and that money to Greece
    gist rotate Mikey boy you'll see that there are no spaces
    can just going with you'll frosting
    and then continue to you take off the excess
    big-screen Michael areas always tend to be right at the top is lousy
    discover all that and
    good as you satisfied
    with how smooth the outside is the cake you can
    start removing any excess of the top nothing that we can do this it pulls the
    edges out a little bit
    say was going around the cake second time just make sure
    them is raised again and his continued her
    as UK very elastic
    I put my been scraped under really hot water
    and very slowly going around like eight matches kids
    really really clean green smoothies change
    it's a massive fuel creating cakes
    that out because in funded to Hwy you will want
    you to not want to skip this step
    and other is my first thing in a collette
    all the colors in the rain and I'm screening
    into a bag
    fitted with case at Minister making
    shells across the bottom which and as a retirement
    you see the other colors and styles come through as well see
    keepers in your bank in you get the full range occur
    this is but
    officially for children's party do the same
    the top too slow on the edge
    sure you guys inside
    is your time dynamic a Capri
    that because the and you can see how
    you and guess what she did you know if you enjoyed this tutorial
    and I will see you anything *** *** DIGGER CAKE! Diagonal Stripe Surprise Inside Construction Cake Tutorial by Cupcake Addiction - YouTube !!!
    dunno hey guys it believes you might have taken action
    today I'm sharing with you a very special cake that I made for my phone
    all of his third birthday
    he loved a good love dump truck so we decided to go with the construction
    paint body
    and i'd making this really cool relief simple decay
    on the m5 when you cut into it its full construction print on the inside
    what are those surprise inside cakes let's get started
    to make this cake you going to need them either baking paper
    all grease proof paper about the plastic wrap and quite a lot

    inch cake board I'm using some gel color pace
    in a dealer and a black I've got a spare in
    a bread knife shop knife an offset spatula I'm gonna cake tins only thing I
    didn't skate in as well as a six-inch and a four inch cake board
    but you don't need a cut to their goals from Patman paper flight data and rubble
    and even some crushed up Oreos and it could be created with mike candys I'm
    using some choco to pop corns and took credit Honeycutt I'm
    about the Maltese is a walk with I also found some chocolate candy rocks
    my first thing after I finish up with the National a link to that recipe
    in the Description box below I mean a couple toy toying is today after an
    excavator and
    dump truck they did not gonna touch the cake but you do wanna make sure they
    clean and dry
    I don't got a little traffic symbols in traffic I'll always make a fabulous gift
    as part of the birthday boy
    all-girl present once the cake been served and finished your money to back
    to be a favorite vanilla
    and your favorite chocolate cake mix recipe you can use the ones for the
    cupcake addiction recipe book
    I want you can use your favorite feed are packing Inc the first thing you want
    to do take your vanilla mix anyone make that up as pay a recipe instructions
    one all mixed up you wanna take your cake tin and we can line it so I always
    cut a sample for the base of my cake tin and another circle about greaseproof
    baking paper for the top
    taking a longer piece a black paper I folded into three
    what does that help to lie on the tin but it also helps to give you like an
    extended hi
    on your cake tin seeking to bake a cake a little bit harder than
    the general
    so inches you can make like up to a
    iraq that thrives folded collar around my hand and stick it straight into the

    unique grace this you can just lining with that baking paper
    and it's good to guard thank you coloring now I voted for a
    yellow it to be taken to like a standard bright lemon yellow because the clinton
    want that with
    orangy yellow color for construction start you put in a generous amount about
    and its gonna make that coloring a three-month in a cake mix
    once you really can't make this a lovely shade or via alerts
    I'm going to justify all into that HKT I'm your puppet of into the oven to bake
    before popping in to buy I flattened down and then I'm gonna take that
    extra circle upgrade for the paper and I'm gonna sit on top
    this is a little bit too broad a little bit more evenly in a bid to stop it from
    cracking on top with much
    hope that one of into a moderate oven cook it as paying your recipe
    instructions then come back and repeat the process for that chocolate
    so once again you wanna make a chocolate cake mix them with starting with the
    chocolate because it
    already a doc Cali here and then you had to have that Blackberry calif.-based
    if you want to try and color vanilla cake mix here you'd need a time-honored
    that like pecan
    and you never get quite if doc fifth on a chocolate mean journey starting with
    the doc allocate
    then you're adding a bit a black and we gonna get that nice ridge black color
    once again line ok
    and into a fat black makes
    seem really down on top pop in there extra circle of greaseproof baking paper
    and into the oven you want by the both cake completely cooked
    and completely cool before we start doing anything else with them
    one thing completely cool you wanna take you to read not be afraid not
    and just cut the tree tops of them so that they have the same height
    I think it just kind of any vote counted crispy edges you want to make sure that
    the fab by
    the same high pick up the next to each other and then you would a double wrap
    in plastic wrap and when you put those into the freezer
    you don't want to be completely frozen solid about
    alice is perfect
    otherwise you can make him a few days in advance
    freezing solid and bring them out about an hour or so before you want to work
    with them to flee
    stopped or a little bit so now to make them black national anthem
    that black pickup 8 to back hope you packed
    have chocolate can ash believe you do when you can ashes quite warm and quite
    know you can't get technical sales got my cheek eight boards the first cup we
    gonna make
    it could be about a
    degree angle and you want to come right around the edges
    the cake this is why it's imperative the OK key ninth unfair and
    but you can't be there I'm not in too much trouble getting my not been so it's
    not rock-solid
    if it's not fair if it's really fresh and still warm
    backache just going to crumble once you've made the first cut
    all where Anne
    indicate what are you gonna do the exact same
    angle going all the way around for you are coming in about
    degree angle
    then you take your foreign skateboard and the same thing again this is what
    makes the diagonal stripes if you're not a hundred percent confident with this
    technique or if you're pressed for time
    you could always just lawsuit to cake layers on the horizontal so you've got
    four layers and a stack them on top of each other in alternating colors to give
    it up like a horizontal
    yellow and black striped this I look exactly like the construction take the
    guys ram it construction thought
    this and to be fair because I haven't gone quiet through the bottom I'm just
    gonna cut through
    little about cases look roughly the same and you are you after two pieces still
    join together cuz they gonna be of Lindsay's wants to make
    repeat the process with the black cake and you can see how delicate the center
    section is a be really careful
    and you want to just stack these two together
    different colors
    this black one he did start to crumble a me a little bit if this happens to you
    don't worry about it you'll see here I'm just putting all the pieces of cake up
    and I'm using some of the places that have crumbled of
    to feel in any of those gaps one thing for a second to get that we're gonna
    come to glue them together with that can Asha don't worry if they're little crime
    really not quite perfect
    or if you happen to crack one of the lies sales a hundred
    feeling in them a little tough sections and when you should have is
    a black cake with yellow then black they know I'm
    any yellow cake with black thing hello there black alternating with those two
    want to look at cases are you wanna press them down quite family with the
    calming a hand and then take from that
    really not fluid chocolate Nash nothing liquidy money
    if you want to start if it was a fair amount you can just pop in the microwave
    seconds I thought
    really nothing fluid I'm skipping out on top and then I'm using my not just
    describe it around
    so essentially I'm coaching those two cakes completely in that black
    Nash which is gonna feel all those live together it's gonna hold everything
    together beautifully
    and its gonna give it a really nice base to work with
    alt just
    scraper are not big piece of cardboard just to pick up your cake
    and you want to wrap the weekend in plastic wrap and put them back up into
    the fray the
    for about half an hour aside this is gonna allow that to happen in NASH to
    really set on it also going to allow those cakes to fuse together now that
    we've chop them up interest
    them all back together like a jigsaw puzzle when they come out of the freezer
    when you took them up by Daniel say that they've still got cut gaps in the bottom
    because they stopped them all back together
    so little bit more back in after ticking at bottom center section
    and spread it over with you of that actual once again just to stick
    everything together
    no I'm putting this on quanta large cake board because I know I want to give an
    accessory the gravel and everything around it
    I'm gonna put it brought up in one corner so that I can use the rest to the
    to make this cake look like it's a lot bigger than it really is
    I'm using the National the bottom of the cake essentially as included to take it
    straight to the board
    and then turn it up a little bit more going out on a topic that by fly-half
    just to stick the secondly it to the top so been international don't take it all
    the way out to the sides
    and then sleepy okay and on it guys
    this year two layers stacked in many regards because in case anything in a
    phrase that they should be quite called
    budget allow them five minutes or so for that can Nash to step in between the two
    and not gonna stop the two last sliding around we go to put on these next lotta
    now this is me other half Mike Nash the half I didn't color
    black and you can see the difference inconsistency so I've made this
    and it all started to think it's been out for about two hours what we've been
    doing all the other bits and pieces
    and you think you're actually quite nice and thick to work with and no any reason
    bernie is that black was
    you just want to spread it really roughly over the outside on a que
    make sure you feeling any cracks in between the two liars and then you're
    bachelor the current me that often make it relatively neat so we can see the
    shape a vacay company
    but don't be cheap but the year this is a rubble cake the construction cake it
    is meant to look day
    before that the National to set against you call Katie much you take are you ok
    Romney defended you think my head just to supply them out the side to the cake
    and sticking into that can ash
    which give the fifth congress fresh do it effect all over the cake
    unit arias everywhere so be prepared to get messy
    once you've got UK completely covered use your hands just a pad around the
    edges to keep the shape in UK
    and then tidy up all the excess REO if you're bored I always use my cake board
    I could have an extension if the cake to bring it all together and to take the
    cake over-the-top some Guinness me down a bit of cash
    on the board just idk I just sort of neatly
    and then I'm gonna put down some of those Oreo cookie crumbs now on Sunday
    position you think it's not up to you how many you want to use and how big but
    just keep in mind if I think the cake you going to make
    i thought id put one in one corner and one in the other and then I'm gonna put
    like my rocks and rubble in traffic signals in the center
    now I know my excavators gonna card some Mexican a cop-out
    a section of this cake so that we can expose them up or some pat me inside the
    people can see what's going on in that sense it looks like the excavated been
    kinda digging out some about cake as potteries where
    to stick my toys down to the board an easy a little bit more about traffic in
    on the bottom if the wheels and it was gonna stick it's right down to the board
    I will mention with this piece if carved out if you're not serving if taken to
    the following day
    just cover that sent a piece of cake really lightly with a little piece of
    plastic wrap
    to stop the air from getting into the insides of your cake downgrade my dump
    truck once again with the National wheels for Glee
    and not gonna stop in my bubble in the back to the dump truck sorry I'm using
    can Ashley can to glue it because I know that I'm actually gonna leave to the
    better that truck cap
    so that it looks like the rubble pouring out I don't physically want both
    chocolates to move around especially not we transport the K
    so the Canasta comically them in place you can see he I can to make it look
    all the rebels coming down with forming a bit nervous stack and this is
    fantastic because as you cut the pay the pay
    you can also offer a few of the face the chocolate and candy stick them on the
    cake to the kids but
    absolutely love it on top of the cake I'm gonna put another little mountain
    rocks or another little man the rubble just give it some texture
    given a little bit more detail and then you put some more third down around the
    front of the cake
    it's up to you how much detail you wanna plan is cake
    but it isn't really really simple cake to achieve
    the design inside does make it slightly hot I C you could of course make this
    without the design in five just for the regular chocolate cake our regular
    vanilla cake
    making it super simple now I'm gonna take the weather traffic current in
    traffic symbols
    and I'm just in a position around the ball once again to bring up or riding to
    what you end up with here is an entire construction seen
    built around that cake if you're like me you've got a little dig a lover
    in the family veiled a absolutely crazy every this cake
    ideal either enjoy this tutorial I hope people like this really unique take on a
    coup construction K
    make sure you visit the channel and subscribe if you're not already and as
    always thanks very much for tuning in to my pic addiction
    the *** *** Birthday Betty Cake Tutorial - Shopkins Season 3 - YouTube !!!
    with and mandame speaking to trial harding
    you you need me
    p i cant media me
    date when me me
    key you haven't everywhere you keep re not making
    Rams even
    he East you can bring
    back keep going and the Green Knight I have the green light to begin to be
    making back
    like people
    now i cant action thank you honey
    year yeah I'm
    at creamy
    Aki him
    all cool make
    at me you next time I
    you back to you every means
    NP Halifax me keep speaking
    you don't need to make
    so we can get actual im me
    now I'm fasting happening
    from now on I'll last year
    how many three different I know
    me any high
    yet i dont while
    KQ range anymore captain greene
    find you can Benny
    know how many I'm be
    plastic which make
    I'm really funding
    now me p.m. to me
    K me tap me
    pink mighty and greens
    you and now I'm any
    degree on
    unit capital
    and pushed thank want me
    so my mom Kyle del
    me take you know Jan
    yeah me Greenaway call temperamental
    now im on me
    and China really happy
    and being
    fell you
    back pic happy ticket mixed drinks
    now can at any train both
    bank began Catalan top
    to make cool peak be
    like herbal group
    changed helping
    Downey clear just
    mine when
    them now me take to me
    can you let a person traffic at Pantene containing
    plans to make it feel like she's holding film
    my mom any top team on break bpm
    take now she can
    black find me brown me
    she got black in my finding to make a look
    me AT&T acts
    you now in cement a passion
    bunny all expert
    she need a clean look Betty interests you
    happy birthday me you can write back some finding panel Rodion
    and make still see

    in is just the cutest thing every you pick the best
    taking yet but close fact are
    for eight-ball when they're trying to cop doing here
    at Back Bay Bay me fine baby
    may an anti-big me me
    help from mom me
    any I hope like ppl
    me right kami one more from me
    you can't make half-empty
    through now
    I'm me dream
    me company
    go hungry why you got where you
    me sure
    me me hammy my
    now you been doing
    you unique
    don't care you gold bikini *** *** How to make a 3D Wine bottle birthday cake tutorial. Bake and Make with Angela Capeski. - YouTube !!!
    hi welcome back to another set up a command time into the pesky
    to damnation had to make the score just one bottle cake
    now but I've got here's a rectangular cake it's a nine
    by failing each home again dewey's Fergie says three centimeters
    kinda and we can be cutting out the sickles
    for the cake for the bottle itself season
    to skirt around the age make sure that their sequiturs and crumble
    and what we're gonna do is we're gonna push it out from the back
    gently am place to the side stuff cut at all six pieces
    from from that and displacement forward now I'm gonna use
    3 cinematic had a further neck of the bottle and they were just gonna cut to
    nice up emplacement
    just like that
    okay now it got our keiki on
    and I'm gonna be sculpting the front of the cake and she's going to be that make
    up the bottle
    using a sharp knife this
    sculpted around anti
    get a place picked perfect size and shape
    capital Port hiya I'm going to be using some macho click an ash
    use but a crime if you'd like now look at it does we gonna feel
    H part so they can sammich the pieces together
    and to spread that around and
    stick them all together I can say I've done all the feelings here including the
    done gonna be grabbing some white funding and this is gonna go underneath
    and make
    underneath their and
    the neck power and a bottle
    to display set down okay now can match the outsider
    this again you he's got a crane and I'm using a scraper he or she can use and
    not if you don't have one of these
    said is so new that out gently
    and name just go around the edges
    to create a SME even finish
    K K would have done is out places in the freezer for
    and they gonna be taking a black funded yeah
    just made it give it a good name not too much because it will crack
    I'm using icing sugar or we can use corn flour
    and name with this rollout
    that fund just be careful not to get any icing sugar on the top pocket and make
    sure the hands
    always claim it touching icing on Jimmy
    to just roll it out now bro down the page someone to put it aside
    we gonna get a cake here and there's gonna lift
    the fund and gently became so it doesn't
    came lifted up place it gently over the top
    the bottle make sure your hands are clean again
    and name disgusts me that the sides
    smooth it out all the way can lift it back up again
    and then Smith it down all the way around
    careful not to tear it just be gentle getting all
    the crevices day can now finish dead
    have cut the sides now I'm just gonna be using my hand to SME
    downs anything it doesn't look right
    came out what we're gonna be doing is the back panel but some back black fund
    in HEA
    and we're just gonna roll it out into a long string
    an on going to be using a ruler just to get in a perfectionist so just roll it
    on the way
    into a nice thing paints
    getting a shop not just chop
    H&R now we're gonna squash it down to make it a little bit flat
    and then I'm gonna take some shows glowed you can use water if you'd like
    and then we just gonna by
    place around your age pressure on
    all the way around into a circle just don't use too much curry
    yeah was shot three ever gonna grab a piece
    prices start from the bottom all the way up
    is pushing down gently and so it
    sticks grab a shower knife and cut into
    annex what we gonna do is we're gonna make the Indian tea season
    or one these tools and displacing
    way around okay now what I'm gonna do is use Epsom
    gloss that a got in a spray can he can purchase from any cakes
    sup I'm gonna spray it just give it a good shake
    and about
    centimeters away
    just given it good even cut don't spray too much of it because it will late
    down it would reap and you will see some angst massacres committed good spray
    scape spreading it around
    eight million the way and then we're gonna leave this to dry
    when it got here since I'm
    I'll put the dimensions in the description below
    a cut in on Ingleside gonna grab session include
    damage skin impression all the way around
    so we can stick a London on this fine cap collects some great fun in here with
    black to give it
    into great color just using icing sugar
    we're gonna roll this out to nice long pates
    Anna to go around the fine again lifting it up
    making sure that doesn't stick and
    hands acclaim sewing getting me I said sure on the top
    so just keep rolling it out lifting it up rolling
    down am lifted up again to we get there
    required length man
    I was gonna that pizza cutter hiya and we can chop the sides of
    I sent away an
    with the pizza cutter gonna slice it down to nice straight line
    i sat up to one side
    grab of I'm you and what we're gonna do is bake in a cup at the side
    up the spine said take the edge they've cut down a playset
    down what's I've to the side and up in around in two seasons
    some go all the way around
    looks messy now but later on
    must be getting all claimed episcopal really good
    against move it out with the basic Hill
    and smooth yeah
    all the way all the way around
    picked it up so its stake center but any
    finished a and at the front as well
    too slowly in a little patience for the same
    I'm just using a pizza cutter day Skype
    that per thing all the way around sites
    came so I finished up here
    got it all there make use a knife here
    or Paris is like I have and just chop the top of
    evenly around
    and it's easy thing to say that down checked all the way around
    until you get it pretty much
    even with the fine using a finger again
    and just made it all the way down okay now gone in acrylics me here
    if you don't have one of these you can just use your hands
    this week given even finish say just pressed down
    family home the top fine
    as well says the move anyway and just move it around
    all the way around on a sign
    make sure that their inner
    a bubble stay smoother around
    at the back as well each side
    care what I've done here is up just got some little numbers confetti numbers
    by from many Party Shop the two dollar store
    just using some clue miss was on the back
    and then just stick it on the side okay well
    got here ease of covered important to 15 inch forward
    black fondant and name I'm just put we've been around the side
    you don't have this
    it's the size board use any size you don't have to cover the board it does
    give it a good finish
    so we can use his uncle royal icing you we can make the self or by
    already made it
    how to form just at someone to makes it around
    so we can use this to stick to find to the board
    a butter knife so we're just gonna
    take the spring and I guess dollop a little bit in the center
    its gonna go on an angle surges position it some way on an angle in the back
    seven complaints that down there so just tell a pat-down
    a generous amount
    that way it's gonna St Kenya cakes not gonna go anyway
    now using you know I just spread our
    and same size
    obviously don't go I because any BMC the royal icing
    to spread it evenly
    down through their so it's almost right
    pain we're gonna do now is we're gonna grab a fireman place it on the board
    now so make sure you don't damage the fam I'm using a knife to lift it up
    and try not to touch the fund on the outside
    pick it up and place it
    down and the back section an imposition
    strain I'm you can move it around here
    he feels like it's not being in the right section and then just push it down
    am I gonna leave it to dry until that one lasting six
    that way cakes not gonna go
    anyway held in QuickTime k I'm gonna roll out
    a piece that the raid fund in HEA
    using my ruler again miss roll it out
    into a nice even things straight things string
    I should say just keep growing it out
    lifting it up so it's not sticking image scanning and not French
    the answer and then I've got some shit include
    which I'm gonna get and
    what can I just painted around pressure around the signs
    every every side all the way around
    don't put too much clue here because it will
    Lake Anna just enough for it to stick
    all the way around
    me inside as well
    name is gonna pick up a string of on didn't
    and starting from the back dispersion down gently
    and then all the way around this is gonna give it a nice
    thing finish the way around
    the back now do season I'm just chop that pot of
    user thing to squash down
    now pro now somewhat fund in HEA
    and just using the pizza cutter cut the ends up gonna get out but only gonna be
    covering that part of the poor thing
    don't worry about the spray that's on the board let be able to say that
    so get out what
    London and then just cut it down the center i sat on one side
    times measured enough certainly good enough they
    using a shipment delay but this can include
    place include damn onto the board besides as well
    in a bit at the front there the back and pick up now
    one side about funding and displacing down make shirts
    all the way to the age thing keys if King is a few
    to close in a then just lifted up and push it in here
    where that make part means slow that down
    so it's all smooth actually
    just like and issues aside about
    hands to make increase meh bear and then
    I'm just using ascap yeah
    her plane condemns gonna cut a side of
    care so whatever he a is some clothes some ribbon
    I'm just gonna play special glow around the side to stick this ribbon
    aside the board use any color rieben
    I'm just starting from the back
    making a
    stick it down from the center and the juice using a finger all the way around
    so it clears on
    my sis strike all around the other side
    and to get to the back to squash it down
    he have it now cause some red fund in here
    and I rolled it out too long stripping this is going to be for the neck
    about bottle just cut it down enough to defeat
    that section me just slice it down
    assigned a straight training go
    and the other side as well
    enough to fit the top part you can always measured I is my thing is to
    he's a rola take some of
    uglier his place so that a bit on the top they
    aside from one site
    sna place to find a up and over to the other side day
    once using a knife
    in just cut it down the side of the pizza cutter
    some got some white fun in here
    and that's gonna go anything stages cut each side of
    and then we're gonna cut it down into a
    stripped enough to fit just underneath section name
    to starting from there neck of the bottle
    all the way around it's gonna be placed
    day to cut that in huh
    nimitz gonna slice the side down into a narrow section
    me just like that
    and get some more about colored
    more stuff from named to the end and a spice include an
    I'm gonna put the white
    funding i sat down gently
    she and down the finger and then just using a knife
    can cut the end of day and do that around each side
    okay so what we gonna do now
    is we're gonna take some royal icing I'm in a place on the top of the fire
    to stick that forward with the bottle on name
    that whites secure seizing a knife give it a generous amount
    and spread it all the way around China Flickr too much to the age because once
    you put the boat on
    this icing might leak out their allies think
    said his place in up through
    the section
    everywhere name again and take a point
    using a knife just lifted up and then
    we disconnect position at on their
    I'm and then push it down
    another just touch that found out that Boyd
    don't push it too much because and Nick will break
    K so it got a now colored some red
    roll icing just with red food coloring
    and this is gonna be out red wine coming at it from the bottle
    but some
    numbers there as well so just grab
    in I'm and
    we start from there and we're just gonna
    same just squash someone named place their royal icing
    from the bottle and
    keep doing that and two week it enough like pouring effects
    this red wind coming at the bottom
    scrap a bit more
    i sat down that section is gonna cover that
    sectioning doesn't need to be tonight
    taken put as much or as little as you want here
    now we're gonna take a number since and what we're gonna do is
    just gonna place it on top but that wit royal icing
    and once it dries obviously they'll be stuck on their
    just place them down all the way up to
    all top royal icing
    okay so now it got it
    hiya and abuse some
    face the cut is he can buy from any cake shop and discuss some letters here
    and stuck them on the board sir
    now cause some red funded here and we just
    role that made it into a nice round ball
    in this is gonna be four the lead just roll it
    and this question down making too nice round section
    grab some colored just by sit down there
    and push it down so it sticks
    now I have done here's a got an edible image for
    their label me he get this at any cake
    cake stall just take the image that you want to print
    and the print for you so we have done is up cut around the label
    and then I was gonna take it off peel it off very jet
    me said doesn't me of from the back in shape and
    turn it around and in place
    a little bit assuredly use water as well isolated on the back not too much
    in tennis around and then place it
    in the center of the bottle museum fingers gently push it down so it's
    slaying bottle evenly and there we have it
    now beautiful
    it's absolutely gorgeous and as you can see it's not that hard to make
    its perfect
    present for any birthday or any special occasion say
    I hope you liked this video I thank you for watching
    and please make sure to give it a thumbs up and
    don't forget to subscribe as I'll be posting videos on a weekly basis
    and I look forward to showing you
    another year once again thanks for watching *** *** Shopkins Cake: How to make Shopkins "Wishes" Birthday Cake from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    IRA many of the system from cookies cupcakes in cardio dot com today I'm
    going to be taking a very popular toy the shop and I'm going to be turning it
    into a cake now this shop cannes is a special one it is called wishes and
    she's a birthday cake so I decided that was perfect and I had to make it and so
    I'm going to show you how to make this a really adorable shop can skate today to
    make the cake were going to be using 86 into round cake and it's covered in
    yellow butter cream we're going to be using pink buttercream you gonna need
    about a cup to 2 cups is going to depend on how much I see you wanna put on the
    top now in our piping bags we have yellow butter cream with a
    tip we
    have it with a ten number ten tip we have black butter cream with a number
    we have white buttercream with a number six and some more pink buttercream with
    a number five we're gonna be putting some Campbell's on the top and are going
    to be using these little blue candy and their Mike and Ikes and I just found
    them at the grocery store
    ok so I have my cake here and all around the outside I'm going to mark out of
    both the two and a half mark there just was like a little toothpick and was
    gonna turn on my cake board here and I'm just going to keep marking all the way
    around at that same height once I've got all my daughter are doing it lately I'm
    going to connect them really gently just using the toothpick as well so once we
    have the line drawn we're going to take our white buttercream and we're going to
    just do a rope border so reporters starts out with a little see and then we
    just go right over top of it and just keep going and doing sees all over top
    of each other I'm going to follow this border and make this border all around
    on the little while I know he drew about the rope border done around the top pick
    the front of your case and I'm just going to cheat a little bit I'm going to
    use a cookie cutter to mark my eyes so I'm just if you want a free hand
    you can I'm just gently rolling that back and forth like that and I'll do it
    again for another I hope that they are here and I just had a little smile kinda
    crippled their
    minute take my black butter cream and I'm just going to wipe
    it along the lines and I did with the cookie cutter and then I'm going to
    repeated on the other side it's pretty simple to get the laws in there and just
    go up like that too with both the ice now done I've just taken my toothpick
    again and sketched a little spot for the nose and mouth you can totally
    if you want it's just a little bit tricky for me to pipe this here on this
    angle is going to go over top of my little guidelines here and then we're
    going to be ready to finish off the top of the shut-ins we're going to do next
    is we're going to take her pink buttercream and I'm going to melt it so
    it's really runny someone to pop it into the microwave at fifteen second
    intervals stirring after each one and it's going to make it so I can pour it
    on top of the cake when their daughter cream is melted it's nice and runny like
    this we're going to put it on the top of the case I'm just going to use the scoop
    you could pour it just want to keep it a little bit neater possible and I'm just
    going to let that run and you're very carefully with an offset spatula just
    going to kind of coax it towards the edge and just get a little bit to go
    over the sides so I'm gonna do this all over the whole top of the cake and I
    just want little bits heading over the case if it hits down there to the white
    little band not a big deal but I don't really want this one to go further than
    that once we've got the top of the icing onto the cake
    we're going to take our yellow butter cream and we're going to pipe little
    small swirls here on the top and I'm going to go around the cake and do a
    couple of variety of those just kinda like all around here at the front and
    kind of keeping them towards the outer edge of the case I'll continue around
    after but we're also going to add on our blue little Mike and Ikes three goals
    and was gonna try that one again so you can see across to go to press a little
    bit into that so we're going to just put these on china sporadically and I'm
    gonna finish off the top here and then I'll show you the final steps are a lot
    of stuff to finishing off the key here is to take our large yellow bag with the
    largest-ever on to it I'm going to pay for the arms so many do isn't just
    holding the tip is close to the body and I'm just squeezing squeezing squeezing
    squeezing squeezing and then I'm going to just pull back like that repeated on
    the other side of the finish off the keg I added the Campbells on top and you can
    put as many as you want to fit for a special birthday party first then put
    that many on its gonna be the perfect present for somebody's birthday so
    thanks for watching everybody and i wanna invite you to join me over on the
    app called Paris to go get let me live broadcast I get to chat with you guys
    and it's so much fun it linked with my Twitter so all you have to do is
    download the periscope out and then follow me and all the links to that are
    in the Description box below
    so they start watching remember to subscribe to the channel and I will see
    you all again next time *** ***

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