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    Easy Hair Bow Template Step By Step Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    Herman said on your hair
    new normal camp
    my chair
    behind me I'm
    playing I'm yeah I'm
    pretenders I'm
    Herman cuban leaders
    rulers Thursday around our part
    up I have are
    group heard Park there and
    are not iolene
    removal mines her minor hope
    like including a pregnant the camp I'm
    government commuter meant in your room
    thanks the porn are
    girl on me
    he is the bomb school year run K
    template klein's temporarily you need to clear
    for problems for various are
    her call but arabs at two
    around higher
    her by permanent
    compare least your mom parent
    hurdles corporate boxes
    comp summer sleep
    her in there
    her mind about turning cougar park
    here hurl around my room
    boom mom learned
    well well
    almost there ok or implement
    our crime from
    current my room mind and then weren't
    ranking I'm her blood onto
    I'll her and make her temper
    for lifetime
    Iran's I'm my own mind
    mister four times thank you comment
    stream ok police her
    Carhartt and cutback
    and to implement
    her I'm
    home porn plan I'm
    ion importantly it on that point in time so
    think america or hot I'm
    country her fenner hurt her back on there are you doing are
    are I'm whoops
    the room home non-permanent
    I'm minor prime
    home now I'm horns
    here I'm murmur
    are I'm mark
    hmm rafter happens
    and more importantly now
    our air tempered
    all cornered cool I'll prior
    for her first arm defender pirate inner
    minor grasshopper I'm
    her nothing
    porn or on
    I'm not going and trying to garner
    healthcare are
    hurled gonna go ahead and right now I'm
    all learn and her
    that's his home planet and arms
    share your her you make a porn star Brite
    then you're gonna have a foreign sparrow are
    marks the end results can be year
    for Miami agreements template you're probably thinking
    dark and are me
    your or more
    I'm year doing some pretty
    he may be returned to my fourteen 5-door make it thanks
    containment tank through our company smaller
    clear experts Iran am looking to experience
    arm okay I didn't work when
    her might
    cool there are colonel Gerber her career
    is quarantined her her heirs
    during Wednesday's her the plant
    X are different looks like between
    Paris Monday May
    been irving's here are greenbriar
    three million shares and the burnings turn her
    and take a look at the difference between
    arm her pants
    her things arm thanks are
    I'm I'm
    that happens
    different an accident crime her
    you land her in person slightly narrow
    on thanks for watching I where a park
    loma video fun
    one more door more and more
    bold *** *** BowTemplate - YouTube !!! *** *** How to Make Paper Bows - Four DIY Paper Bow Templates - YouTube !!! *** *** How to make a template for a pinwheel hair bow - YouTube !!!
    had made today I'm willing to be me
    game I'll template
    for the
    I'll pinwheel ball because the lake
    very easy to make want to have a look at them played or something like that and
    if that a bye in late
    templates a just recycling you think that you have a whole
    little card would I'll things
    for example this review is as you can see it I'll
    from a cereal box and
    something like this you can use to his family who bought say something it is a
    I'll Stephanie Baker in he'll also have
    this is the lake %uh monopoly it
    former a monopoly I'll bucks
    the game in this you can also use you can rate you say anything to do with
    this anything that is a kite water
    anything that is a yeah
    kind with soul today I'm going to you lose
    this story here because I like this material
    very tough but again you can you say from the cereal box this
    then but it works it works so so I'm gonna be making
    a 5 age pinwheel ball because I'm making a
    payable soul but there have a great leader
    measuring table ruler in I wanna make it four and a half inches because I will
    spikes to the well
    longer than the the end up in global sorry about that so
    I'm going to measure this four-and-a-half inches
    sorry four-and-a-half

    there so that's where little like well a scissors
    I wanna cuddly rate than the center soul
    amid a goal at least five
    interests hiney the waco have enough for all
    you know what we do me
    million five is fine im by and
    up sorry the Sunderland just cutting
    soldiers that occur from
    four-and-a-half by five and then we'll go from there IRA
    so I cut it so now we are going to look great for the center
    what again this this five-minute four-and-a-half sorry about that
    and let us say the center will be
    to have sorry here im gonna cut
    a little strip though late so this little strip unity how we're gonna use
    not only a minute show you how to make this but I'm also than
    make the bull Piqua see how it's done just make a little more and better get
    doesn't really have to be read and listen to the worry about that a little
    you want a little then
    sole right now it is an account that I'll you know
    escalate finger with it late look into the camera
    it thusly NAND
    once this is Kurt L we're going to grab power in Brisbane
    wat today and the naked she don't train
    in this three here is one-and-a-half
    I'll only and
    wide ribbon sorry about that late got all nine days
    so you're gonna have where and
    Lake maybe like half an inch of and then we're going to wrap this
    as the lake a little over a week ago
    our finger in there me a little gravel rebel
    so little I'll Liege overly here and then we just gonna
    rap one or yes
    to all the way about the week a fifth in a little bit
    said full early the Terry
    we're gonna cut again a little over an hour the
    in each half an inch so something like this
    doesn't have to be perfect the way the body as again this is just for the
    a defendant in that so no this party here
    with invest but it's going to be used for it is
    rehear if the late /url in their money
    where you might go into my little finger on the back
    personally revenue biggest jump ever every single layer
    together in polling Paul
    still there we go know you're going to decrease
    something just find the center is very
    here lately
    crease C
    and is gonna take this I'll in the we'll go from there
    for another week ties is our
    which is going to do a little angle here that belittles
    openly all inning the same thing in the bottom
    them titties
    feel I ve known but
    aware in real bullets author
    and the rest the wire our imports almost there
    I'm just gonna said a set this bull
    together and
    here so we just heard
    our play X with the
    furthers me
    so into saturday my maven
    I'm just keep feeling in
    in glowing then film
    missus think you don't believe in with this'll be careful
    still flow this local
    this is applied binge here bull it they
    think they mention just in case ended in
    sunny this time bowls all and Adam on
    is tonight because they really ending some right to the left to the
    with terry has that story a little then
    and just been added to the sign
    I a real insight bowls so this
    and his and all sent
    here in this pool be all set
    me know what to think about this *** *** How to Use Bow Template - YouTube !!!
    welcome to the records color vision tutorials in this tutorial
    I'm going to show you how to use your boat template that we created in a
    previous tutorial
    to actually create the bounds the first thing we're going to talk about
    is written in length how long do we need that ribbon
    in order for us to create Arbel and if we're making a battle that has it to
    wrench loop on it in other words it's two inches on each side
    then we need at least to lange's
    at that poll complex
    in order to make our boast then
    we need at least one love lamp
    and a half a length to make our tails and here's why we need a length and a
    half to give details
    we don't want aren't here to be the exact same
    length at the lib if we didn't then our tail would be cut off right here
    Ann Arbor with the a little bit uneven or any wheeler curtails to hang a little
    bit longer
    so in order for them to hang a little bit longer
    we're going to hang our tail out just a little bit longer
    then the link that the loop so you can see here I'm holding out a little bit
    to make this is Bo I'm going to wrap this around
    one pool revolution to the center now if I was
    right-handed I would most likely hold this
    this way en route this around to the center
    I'm left-handed so I like to hold it this way
    wrap it around to the center once I get to the center
    I'm in her call make them in place to hold it down and I'm going to
    thread my ribbon right through that opening gap
    wanna threaded through I wanna make sure that the front face in my room in is
    still showing
    that point then I'm going to go ahead and take this same
    the ribbon that I went through the back and I'm in a put-back
    I through the back end and now you can see that
    it the Back Bay said the ribbon that's facing me than a minute take my tail
    Nucl created a little bit have a loop here but I didn't close tight
    I minute tak my tail right through their and what that does is that
    then create my not and I'm now going to pool
    as tight as I can to create a nice tight knot or
    and are go ahead and remove it off my template and there you have it
    you now have the perfect Bell K for this sample though I wanna go ahead ensure
    you have to make a double loop though so that there's more than one louganis
    well such as this one and you can do the same technique for three or four loops
    or however many
    she want I'm gonna show you how to do the double minister at this
    seen exactly what I did be four admira then I hang my
    tail and only the end just a little bit and then I'm going to take
    my ribbon and I'm gonna wrap it around to the center rhyme time
    and then for the second round I'll go around a second time
    K may hold them in place with my fam so it's nice and tight
    I'm going to slip my ribbon
    through the knots you can see he slipped it through to the other hand
    and then I'm going to bring it up through the top
    okay and I don't have a lottery been to work with I need to loosen that up a
    little bit
    and I'm going to take my ended my ribbon
    n run it through that hole there on that little
    and cool as tight as possible
    creating the NAP and you can see here by using my measurements that this tale is
    a little bit longer
    in this here is a little bit longer on both sides and I really have just a
    little bit left but i cant remark if I want
    and now I'm Minneapolis copper mine template
    and now I have here and double looped
    well that sits perfectly every time
    thank you for watching here it's kinda vision tutorial we hope that you found
    this tutorial very useful to you
    and was the next time thank you *** *** How to make felt bows different styles with FREE templates included - EP - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    guinea pig the loop
    welcome to I can crash TV that comp
    if he showed
    how to make
    elbows up
    materials felt marker
    template loop and sisters
    optional sewing p and Plastic Beach
    here we have a template that will be using today and the first thing to do is
    to cause the change to the template so we can make car bombs
    I'm going to start with me rectangle
    and long rectangle and a small rectangle to make the simplest know that you can
    and what I'm going to do is fitted today helped
    that I have here and then market after that
    I'll cut it off make this and
    then I'm gonna put a bit of people on the back include
    like this and also glad to listen you can also use its own
    on needle also EU's
    thread if you want hope
    I just thought that by using Louis Dee his passionately
    me to show you this method up a little bit of people in the middle
    and then out-take Miami
    smaller rectangle and LB the middle my ball
    up now
    for a date centerpiece of our ball I'm going to use a blessing camp
    which it up Sep
    now for our next fall I will be using the same template but I'll
    put it here life and then I'll use a smaller rectangle
    so that I can make a bigger Bell
    you seen two rectangles instead of one up
    the difference what did Bowl is that we are going to clotted
    Indian sites like this and that we're not gonna
    all that we're not going to fall did as we did with the previous poll
    we're going to me increases in the middle
    and it looks like a passable right now and
    were gonna put a bit of bling the middle again and then
    we're going to attach the centerpiece at the
    I'm going to use a smaller rectangle
    not going to attach to see be right
    at the center you can make peace with different changed sides
    if you want to you know how to deal with this team
    that i won now for our terrible
    I'm going to use this template which you see here and I'm going to be using a
    small rectangle
    wholly different about this one is that with the template I'm going to fold
    non-whites one of their bold pieces
    and then up which though the whole peace and then
    I'm going to put in the temple right in the middle between the two
    aidid's and then use made it a rectangle
    for dissent up
    that's our part of libel and I'm going to put
    classic jam right in the middle and
    skit for our forceful
    I'm going to be using did too bold templates
    and the other one rectangle
    and then I'm going to be using the little leaf template
    and I'm going to put the white bold
    toppled implantable
    even two tones
    then I'm going to press in the middle making increase
    the middle the ball like this I'm going to put it up
    and attach mine
    rectangle and now
    I can really like this if I want and I can use other colours as well complement
    each other
    but I would like to put a flower in dissent
    so I'm going to be using up
    little flower petals that we have in the template
    and I'm going to attach plastic
    Chan or I can attach also
    another little flower top
    for this one I'll put it pearl unit classic look
    and here we go here older boys and I have made
    using the same template said you can download action crash TV that caused
    the name it in the description and it's also TV deal
    if you can see it right now I hope that you enjoyed it you can now see in the
    next one
    by up
    up *** *** DIY Kick Swish Glitter Vinyl Cheer Bow With Cheer Bow Supply - Silhouette Templates - YouTube !!!
    hey everybody this is Laura from chair both supply and today I'm gonna show you
    how to use our downloadable templates with your cell away
    cutter to make this kicks West cheer bow
    okay so I have my son was
    Studio software open and I'm gonna bring the bynoe
    into my stuff for starter's gun a quick bio
    open and wherever you save that you have to navigate to that and
    file that you get from assets in zip file and you have a few different by all
    versions and then zap
    if you're using studio you need to open up
    this to rent studio version I'm the file
    this Google okay and you'll get four different pieces
    this peace three here is just a design premium
    and this is the bottom layer this is the middleware
    and this is the top layer is yellow box around
    is right go bleeding backs that some
    vinyl cutters to use you really don't need it with his sorrow and mister
    making a really large amount to them
    so the first thing you need to do is correct her entire group
    I'm cases here when you click on an object
    and go down and pick on group national separate this all out so you can make
    some modifications
    so the first thing in my dear is get rid of this
    design preview and then in Sarawak
    by restoring pero back since and now you have the three pieces that you need to
    make your bound
    on a movies 2 pieces out of the way I am NOT ready for the neon
    this is the bottom layer and
    night match is not long enough for it this
    peace so I'm going to switch it to the Cameo

    and then I'm acid going to change my name
    this right back Chris is the piece and reply know that i'm gonna use
    gonna need about seven-and-a-half
    something to highlight then since we need two pieces are best
    nanogram object replicate
    can you forgive her cape right and that will give me another keys
    but I can now send to your my cutter
    members resigned in May
    finished with them and I'm gonna take
    this Middlesex whiskeys and this is an awesome duplicates a highlighter
    plan I me go to replicate
    I'm going to do near right because you need
    the two sides near each other for the birds have a great
    now I am send those to the cutter
    three years under my name and you do the same game
    bring the Smarties good object Rafferty
    near right record for a little
    and you can go ahead and send back to your cutter when you have are three
    pieces that you need to make that happen
    okay so now I have all three pieces cut this is a top player
    you can see I did the mirror cut and this is the middleware
    that I did in whitewater flake and this is the bottom where
    every cuz you have to make the bow
    one side at a time I'm just going to cut these apart
    for this farm using three inch wide black grosgrain ribbon
    an amazing
    inch es you to put their hands together
    and then I'm just going to iron increase at the center point
    now I'm gonna unfold myron
    Malaya flat and you're gonna work from the bottom
    say you're going to take your bottom piece
    have the final that you cut that has the v-cut
    and you're gonna buy it right on top of your ribbon
    now you're going to take a pressing she layer right on top
    and you can take your
    iron and you're going to spend about three or four seconds for each section
    have to be exact
    just make sure you get some he across the entire peace
    more not gonna completely it here at
    permanently yet because this has many layers after are not many times
    so we're just gonna Paul up their spots hi
    and your edge probably will try to peel up with the Elm British should be sticky
    enough just to stay on your event for now
    now you're gonna take your second piece
    which I'm using the whitewater flaking of course you can use
    any materials any kind of I know
    or color that you choose
    and I'm going to lay that right on top of myself for
    later flake and now I'm gonna iron this again
    make sure everything is straight
    cover with my pressing she
    and again I'm gonna spend about three or four seconds for each section
    I wanna get hot enough so that it starts to stick to the layer underneath that
    but not so hot dad I'm gonna be overheating at every time I iron on
    where so peeling away
    and again you're edge probably will try to come up with that carrier she
    press on the edge and
    Paula and it will stick down
    for this process somewhat do a final where
    at the end just to make sure
    everything is it here down pain are you gonna take your top
    peace that again we have the two America
    cell cut them in half if you have them together like mine
    and then align it with the rest of your design
    case to cover
    your press
    an and we're gonna go over quickly one more time
    blaring glitter flake by all is not recommended
    but that generally applies to apparel
    something that you would be washing and drying
    for cheer bows since they don't go through the washing machine
    it's basically a bike you it here and you're done you can wear glitter over
    glitter and it will stack
    case to go ahead and pay all that back again
    and now we're gonna go over at
    one more time and that will make sure doubt all
    a beam edges are firmly
    see all down and you shouldn't get any corner
    lifting at all when you are hiring
    make sure that you I ran it down on a firm surface you don't want anything
    that's too small she if you have an ironing board with a thick padded cover
    gonna wanna use maybe a board with a towel offer at something that has a firm
    and you want to use Prettyman pretty firm pressure
    okay so now you have that once I complete
    and are you gonna flip your ribbon around and you're going to do
    mirror image on the other side using the same peace S
    okay so now you have both sides comple
    you're going to fault them cross from the center like test make sure that your
    tails are even at the bottom
    and then you're going to this is where you gonna look for that crease a higher
    than the very first step
    make sure that crease straight and the men on the back and then you're going to
    fall the back
    for the center back and forth a few times kinda creating like peaks and
    creaser center and because
    find all ball really want to spring back and open up that sent are you going to
    A's dept hi to keep that center from ever popping open
    supporters obtain a center and pala only halfway
    I'm and that way you can check things make sure that everything is so much for
    that your tails are even in your lips are even
    and this is what the French but quite
    once you're satisfied with how everything looks call except I as tight
    as you can get
    and tram of the extra K and now you're going to take
    a hot glue gun put some hot glue right on the back
    except I and take your
    elastic ponytail holder angler right onto the septa hi
    give it a second
    for the to cool down and dry and now you're going to
    add your center rap en français power I'm going to keep the peace
    wide black later
    velvet sounds right on fatter
    praying about three or four inches and then y'all
    need trim some of as well but you wanna have extra when you poll around the
    and then bring around to the back
    and just make sure that you cover half your entire ponytail holder
    and a little better extra and
    after tight
    just ran off for extra piece
    you have here
    factor have your I'll complete now just one last finishing touch
    I'm going to take what burner and I'm just gonna
    very lightly Ron the woodburner across the edges
    a the hat ribbon I used
    where vinyl with cut and be cut to help me trim those tales
    even mine but that still does leave a little bit
    exposed coverup and you don't want that to fray Sophie just
    run a woodburner cross the actual amount very
    genetic not on your file and your
    kicks wheres letter vinyl cheer bow is complete
    all of our supplies an addition all
    downloadable templates are help all at cheer bows supply
    dot com *** *** How to make a pinwheel bow with a template - YouTube !!!
    hi we're making
    all pinwheel bow today using a template and
    I really prefer using my no bono go templates
    they seem to work out really well they're nice and think
    estate and nice n
    nice lines that you can see exactly what you're doing and everything
    some you start up with doing the temp that then the pinwheel them
    so gonna start of I
    wrapping already been
    and I always clip my ribbon down
    and then just kinda
    continuously wrap-around so that
    all the edges and stuff for touching I'm gonna club again
    and I went to clip one more time so that it can to keep
    in place this is what it looks like
    before I gone ahead and start doing my my sewing
    cell we're gonna start are showing and I started from the bottom
    in fact many dole up through the top
    you have to make sure that when you're doing this
    that you're putting the thread
    right where the scenes are in the same thing on the back
    you see that there's also a seam on the backs and make sure that that made
    red through there as well this is the back
    an impact up to the front
    in thanking me red

    so this is where
    it looks like before I start to sell
    before I puts together you can picture and is now
    and sometimes it's easier to do that
    you can remove my staff
    and you can it would cut and angle
    when I'll fix that up when I get to the
    when I use my lighter anything do that also on the
    other side up I am
    and everything okay and then a slight it right of the template
    UK and I'm just gonna put
    and gather at the same time so what's up altogether
    and Minister wrapping my thread around
    fault I come to the am on the back
    this is the back at the back you see other already spread apart how nice they
    and get pushed the center down
    let my fingers and the poll really take my thread
    and I'm gonna take it
    and Minnesota Rep
    in rapid poor
    through out so nicely tied up
    just spread apart know he
    co-pilot my hands and European well
    hope that helps *** *** DIY- How to make a Hair Bows No.1 - Pinwheel Hair Bows on alligator clip - with subtitles - YouTube !!! English English
    This tutorial is with subtitles. Enjoy watching! *** *** Easy Pinwheel Hair Bow Tutorial with Template - YouTube !!! English English
    Hi, I’m Laura from Hair Hardware and today I’m going to show you how to make a pinwheel
    bow like this little tiny brown pinwheel bow I have right here.
    The materials that I am using a glue gun, a pair of scissors, a needle and thread.
    And the thread I usually use something like upholstery thread, so that it’s real strong.
    And I make sure that I triple knot it at the end so that I have a nice strong knot.
    For the ribbon I’m using
    grosgrain ribbon, this is a pink heart print. And for the center
    I’m using
    pink grosgrain ribbon. T
    o make the bow, you’re going to need to make something like this template right here.
    This is just made with card stock. It measures

    And this of course you are gunna wanna vary the size of this depending on how big you
    want your pinwheel bow to turn out.
    A three inch template will yield you a 3 inch pinwheel bow. You’re also going to need
    two alligator clips to hold the ribbon on the side. And I’ll show you how that’s
    done in just a second.
    So, what you’re gunna want to do, first I’m going to remove the alligator clips
    from this template, and this opening that I cut in the middle is important, because
    you are going to need to sew up through the middle of the ribbon.
    So just make sure that you measure exactly half way in between the template and just
    cut this opening probably about a quarter of an inch wide.
    So to start, you’re going to put the ribbon that I’m using for the center off to the
    side and I’m just going to use the
    ribbon for the bow.
    I’m going to lay it across the bottom of the template on an angle, not much of an angle,
    but not completely flat like that, or you won’t be happy with your bow results. Make
    sure it’s angled just a little bit.
    Take your alligator clip and put it right there so that you hold it in place.
    Then you’re going to take your ribbon, and I’m just going to cut a piece off of here,
    so that my spool is out of the way, and you’re going to wrap the ribbon around the template.
    Now this part right here is kind of important.
    You don’t want to over lap the edges of the ribbon. Just make sure that they lay flat
    right next to each other and you don’t even want any spaces in between. Just lay the ribbon
    flat, right next to each other. And make sure it looks the same on the other side. Just
    lay the ribbon across.
    And then I’m going to stop right there, so that my bow has two loops and then two
    tails on the side.
    So I’m just going to take my other alligator clip and clip it on there, first I’m going
    to trim it.
    Then I’m going to take my other alligator clip and place it on the side like that.
    Now what you’re going to wanna do is take your needle and thread, and you’re going
    to stitch up across the center. So just start at the bottom, pull the needle and thread
    through, and you’re going to want to make stitches that are about,
    I’d say, about three eighths of an inch, just a simple stitch, nothing fancy. Try to
    make the stitch so that, definitely you want it straight up the center and you want to
    make it so that you stitch together the seams of the ribbon.
    Just do a few stitches up the center like this. You don’t have to be real exact with
    Ok, so hopefully you can see where I’ve stitched across the center there.
    Now you can remove the alligator clips on the side, and you’re gunna want to slide
    it off the template.
    Now what you’re going to do, and this is why I use the strong ribbon, and I make that
    nice big knot at the end. Cause you’re going to pull the thread and you’re going to slide
    the ribbon down, and let it fold like this.
    And you’re going to take your excess thread and you’re going to wrap it around the center
    like this.
    Just wrap it around a few times, and then you’re going to take your needle and thread,
    and you’re just going to reinforce it on the back of the bow. Usually just do a couple
    stitches. Should hold it.
    Now we’re going to trim that.
    And now you’re going to take your bow and you’re going to separate the loops creating
    that pinwheel pattern like that. Like this
    You can see how the pinwheel has taken shape. These loops have not overlapping and sitting
    on top of each other. They are just staggered across the bow like pinwheels.
    So now what you are going to do is you’re going to take your scissors, and you’re
    going to trim these tails on an angle, and I’ve seen these done a number of different
    ways, you can angle it the other direction, you can angle it with the bow, you can make
    the tails longer than the bow,
    it’s really up to you.
    And once you cut those threads, you’re gunna want to do something like a wood-burner, to
    heat seal those ends, make sure it doesn’t fray. You can also use fray check or you can
    use a lighter, just be careful you don’t burn yourself or anything.
    Now before you attach the center, you are gunna to want to make sure your loops are
    exactly the way you want them to be. And these look pretty good.
    So I’m going to take my pink grograin ribbon,
    of an inch wide, I’m using for the center.
    And for this bow I’m just going to do a simple knot. Like this.
    I’m going to put a dot of glue, right in the center, and then I’m going to press
    the knot exactly where I want it to be. Going to let it hold for about
    And then you can bring the ribbon around to the back of the bow, like this, and you’re
    going to hold it so it’s straight back, like that. You’re going to trim it.
    You’re going to heat seal that edge.
    You’re going to take your glue gun again, add just a little bit of glue to the back.
    Press those sides down.
    And now you have your little pinwheel bow. That I made just the same size as this plain
    brown one.
    You can adjust this template to any width that you’d like, And you can also add more
    loops. My bow just had the two loops and then the tails, but if you keep wrapping it around,
    just make sure that you start, where you put your clip, you start and end on opposite sides,
    and then you’ll have that perfect pinwheel look. *** *** How to make a Twisted Boutique Bow w/ Template - YouTube !!!
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    relay and that's how
    I message girls *** *** DIY | Paper Bow & Downloadable Template - YouTube !!! *** *** Brilliant Bow Maker Snap template - YouTube !!! *** *** DIY - Easy Bow Tool - The perfect Hair Bow Tool - with subtitles - YouTube !!! English English
    This tutorial is with Subtitles! Have fun watching! *** ***