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-gumapste (fondant) piano tutorial . gumapste (fondant) piano tutorial how to make

gumapste (fondant) piano tutorial how to make

    -gumapste (fondant) piano tutorial .

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    Cake decorating - how to make Hello kitty cake topper - YouTube !!! *** *** How to make a Hello Kitty cake - How to airbrush cake - Complete cake decorating tutorial - YouTube !!!
    okay I'm doing Hello Kitty for you I'm using a whole pack
    I've made a frame that fits perfectly to the top of this cake
    quite cutting shapes with the template on fondant
    I suggest that you not use an exacto knife what happens with an exacto knife
    finance I'm companies is sticky has elasticity
    so when you pull your life through their it'll tend to Dragon poll
    and not make a really nice cut this here is a very good tool it's
    it's like a little tiny tiny the smaller than the other and pizza cutter
    and so what this does actually roles over the pond enjoy the gumpaste
    and cut through it without back stretching that works
    your finished product and it gives you a nice kind of like flattened
    eggs sort like if you're using a cutter so this is a handy tool if you're
    in our in cakes here I've got a combination
    gumpaste fondant I would say af
    quarter young pace
    nominal roll this out not just fan
    so we're gonna cut this out now got on a cookie sheet
    so that it doesn't get war so we're gonna start with the
    outside parameter so try with your hand to hold it
    I suggest you make this frame at least two weeks in advance so that its
    very dry so that you can easily pick it up and I won't crack when you place it
    on top of the key
    I wanna an innovative a.m. decoration to this frame
    some adding some pearls to them to that
    tech insight border I have this says so a Cornwall thats
    basically past
    string of pearls so you just have to queue
    dust it with some corn starch or whatever it is that you use
    and I find it make goes better
    works better if you have us me can make us like a
    a snake the link the love them all and then you can just press it again
    and then you can actually pass over it with
    you're rolling pin and men with your
    from you can remove the excess
    person back in
    yes perhaps a easier way but I find if I roll my strange my spaghetti or whatever
    makes a committee getting too small then they're not fill the cavities are
    failed well
    certainly faster than rolling all these little balls not to mention
    they're all perfectly uniform
    thanks to this too long and the
    that's a pretty long string AFP /url so you should be good
    well depending what you're doing I sake that was wrapped
    the whole way up with this I do not have the patience for that type of a project
    but it was lovely
    alright so now we're done
    give it a last summer pass what the rolling K
    and now we're just this is the
    the easy part with silicone you see
    can just pull it out posture that now it broke
    not a problem these are just a little be so they join now
    super easily abstract brushed so now I'm just using water to glue
    my string of pearls to
    a friend I've got a piece of paper inside the shape up
    down out the frame that I want to the opening just to maintain cuz it's wet
    and I don't want it to get warts so this helps me
    keep the shape right you see it was broke and it broke again
    just push them into each other its not a problem
    I'm working in the white because I'm gonna be
    painting at after so everything will be the same colour
    not decided if I'm gonna do it
    a cold frame or maybe I'll do a kind of metallic pink frame
    actually have too much stuff to strip off the excess
    here you can just give it a little pack down
    and there's the inside i fap
    praying I've worked my way around the frame
    young as the woman see you can see I'm just
    adding these flowers all the way around to make it a little bit more ornate
    or just work your way around have it fit me is little scallops
    here is the complete frame we can see it's got flowers all the way around
    and its just now I'm gonna have to try and then we'll be ready to put on the
    I decided to color my frame paint
    simes frame at me it's the same thing cuz my cupcake toppers
    and once I've gotta free even coverage
    I'm going to come back and spray at Pearl I want it to be shiny
    here's one of the cupcake toppers with my
    cake frame and i wanna tie the two together
    thing on a slant this area here in black
    just to get some black on my friend
    just coax it into the crevices and it'll heal
    now I'm just quickly filling the
    these areas out this royal icing actually softens my gum paste
    and if I was to do this project again I would start the frame a few weeks
    earlier to get everything really ample time to dry
    here's the frame and the cupcake topper I think perfect I am a little bit better
    let's bring in a cookie here's the complete set
    for everything kinda goes together 12 painting this cake I wanna mascot
    optional I have a hair brush on their
    some fun and hold a live match for it
    from a central vs Ricky
    for this to protect it from getting
    a rush on it and now I want
    strikes on action
    summon a mask again using
    Tate for
    that months not strength
    think you straight Street
    I've got my cake all mast
    and now I'm giving it a spray with gold color
    on all the way around the Kate and then on top of that I'm gonna spray with
    metallic gold to get the shine
    once I've got even coverage
    everywhere I'm gonna be able to remove dictate to reveal my stripes
    be careful not to touch the key
    figure out where to put Hello Kitty I'm just gonna put back my
    little over here and I'll take the sticky offer her
    so I can grow our own she needs to
    protect the white on the key
    and using adhesive paper really cuts down on the
    under spray getting onto the cake
    itself you should go
    group think she does like her
    yes of
    you can rubber down which
    incidents in stock on mmm
    work right and now touch this
    I wanna have the circle around here
    protected as well cut the cake masked
    here the overall to protect the cold my Hello Kitty stock arm
    to protect the white behind her and I'm gonna paint my soon
    I've got my compressor at
    my class to be very light just make sure your sticker
    is on wealth got that template to make white clouds
    just follow the
    got my sir
    protectionists high grass there
    we've got all
    and home wanna make a treaty got my little tree in place
    thanks a lot and wrists
    price stuff
    was grown I got a little over spray right here
    nominal interest hairbrush the leaves
    for the tree starts
    heists all
    I think I'm just at that to look back grass it's a little washed so
    months to another room sites
    no so let's see how she looks
    so that's the take their
    expose so now we just have to do her shirt
    now I code Hello Kitty's close
    my quarterback to protect the cake
    and now I'm gonna be
    air freshener her her outfit
    right okay testing of pink not replaced her little
    overalls to protect their interests
    dusts pierson said its alright
    let's see what we've got
    now that fits
    there's just a little pick up here but I'll live with it
    now we're gonna outlining I'm using black royal icing
    and I think it was a
    to outline Hello Kitty here
    easy to do I have those lines and I can kind of gas where to
    where to go now I'm going to be using my
    I am template to just mark the I
    case to know where to
    pipe them to get them absolutely perfect sense that's
    most important part on her face and I'm just adding a few other little detail
    some flowers
    and a few I'm leaves
    now I've place the frame around hello kitty
    this frame was glued on with royal icing and I got a couple little crack since
    I'm just doing some swirls to hide
    the cracks that Sarah I got *** *** How to: Hello Kitty Cake Pops - YouTube !!!
    this regard and chemistry department you hello
    pick her have a hella K and so I thought why not
    say goodbye to do the cake pop so
    I'm will renew are out perhaps
    form hard-hit balls and to you
    ok we'll see pitfalls kinda the way
    hello kitty peddling okay
    we're just going to you depart it
    how first report that one I government court
    all and Picasa on
    my channel so question
    check that out but first what we're gonna do
    for now for chocolate we're gonna shaper pitfalls into you
    own state
    we're good at this that into melted chocolate you not like chocolate hot
    we're just in a different about as far in as because they're going to BK
    then we are going
    that you can buy stamps BK upfront and honest and so I use and obey perhaps
    they work
    just as well
    so again we're just going to you
    takers did tippit into the top but only about us part and
    Afghanistan ago and then you're gonna take the bottom
    arm and you can oppress the state into the bottom
    where to set in it's a little bit flatter than that haha
    want Hello Kitty had to be around and you're just gonna let that
    so that four-minute don't want to trip
    and remove a little bit have it
    you just kinda want that set up a little bit and it won't take very long
    and let God you just gonna play set
    into your stay and her
    on your in your car and you're just gonna let that
    continued said
    take our next one
    we're just gonna let that one minute
    week with an upside down
    now the recipe that I have on my channel for K
    pot did really good and I would suggest that you try it
    you're gonna see we make these and helen is a little further along
    gonna hold up really well and then when you bite into on their
    lefty like taken on all hard growth like
    I so again but that set up for just a few minutes
    place it into your folder
    I now i'm Englands
    talk check
    and annotated
    your workspace
    your heart attack
    so we're gonna start on the same here just ahead
    hot chocolate chip and differently why you fly
    but I find white chocolate chips
    so I'm just gonna use I'm not championship for
    we're just gonna catch that chocolate share I was a little bit at the white
    to hold it
    you're gonna do that of course you have to use
    and you can come kinda position that is you need to you and but I don't know if
    you can see you there
    bring in a little bit closer Korea we just positioners on you want to crawl
    toward the back
    the whole other chocolate chip you got home
    want that's what the fact that so I'm gonna finish shows that and then
    I'll bring guard
    right excellent
    Western you just gonna let this here set up for just a moment
    one-star standing water washing hands again you know when I get your it
    perhaps that

    nothing worse than a dirty bit time
    so anyway you too many and now we're just gonna
    it can straight down the chocolate
    you wanna make sure it halted however
    Joe Kinahan TD golan you want to keep this
    it is possible
    know me
    you're just gonna alright
    you're gonna
    just gone away
    be patient
    my home at there
    and when she of it
    we're just gonna placed her back in a homer and put her in the crate
    for the next step is about
    and I just a quick primer I rolled it into a circle
    and I and to about same size at
    Preston flattened you know it's there so too little red balls apartment and
    rolled into a ball press flower
    you want about the same size and then you're gonna cool
    another call me even tinier and that's gonna be
    the center after pearl okay and
    I'll go ahead and make these
    her and admission together so that they stay
    on her so that the BOE
    actually connect together but just to take a showing
    here I'm attach
    read here now
    another little trick to make this a lot easier than I seen online
    you study hard I couldn't find
    her and it's not February
    and I had a difficult time finding red ones so that's why I am making my

    news when a so there's the fact that one
    and we're just going to take a little ball
    and I'm just gonna touch it right there and I am going to you
    tax that will call work
    I'm you serve chocolate
    unit sure that your hands are clean when you're done presentation is everything
    and there's hermano said I'm gonna finish the fat we're gonna come back
    and continue and will be back its owner knows
    I made it is packed on camera only 10 percent to their rolled up on it
    little yellow balls question are
    and shape the Minto holes take a little bit at the
    I think for that melted chocolate
    attach it to you her
    say and then put on her know
    and the only reason I say to do it that way
    it's because I don't know what you hear and it
    don't think I didn't get a little bit I fact you can see right there look like
    you can if they're
    honor knows but we can fix perhaps just a little
    pp and all we're gonna do despite
    so we have her bone her
    no less and maybe those back on the video to help recap we got those
    now we're gonna move on to her eyes and whispers and where they will be right
    with you guys said not trying for her I asked to take a little bit of Latin
    corning killing me I was a little bit premature tire and now we're just gonna
    we're going to
    and I'm gonna do that and we'll be right back any day
    that there's yes we put it on for online and their whiskers
    and where black becoming a little bit premature to her
    had set up into I'm and complete absolutely horrible said I would suggest
    using a white chocolate chips
    if you're gonna make her only because you can see a little bit at Brown
    hoping for and that it's not a big deal I just wanted to do it wailed
    sure you guys make sure also when you make payment
    you have a template available and I didn't use one
    I kinda figured new you look like and
    where you wanna go ahead and make sure you have a complaint Paris best
    it's a concern I had two guys into a nurse is really fun to do here
    and armageddon for cake pop as well
    and I it definitely didn't want her and
    the cake with delicious it was nice and collecting an analyst it this morning

    give it a try again I do you have cake pops recipe
    on my channel as well effects that and that's always good
    i three say to her sending them said and share me with your friends on
    thanks but and on Twitter and done thanks so much for watching *** *** Pink Velvet Cake im Hello Kitty Style selber machen - YouTube !!! English English German Indonesian Malay
    Today, we’re baking a pink velvet cake in a cute „Hello Kitty“ style.
    The recipe and ingredients can be found below in the info box or
    can visit us at http://amerikanisch-kochen.de
    For the dough, we mix neutral vegetable oil, sugar, vanilla sugar and
    soft butter until we have a foamy, almost white mix.
    Now we add the eggs and keep stirring until the consistency is like pudding.
    Next, we mix buttermilk, lemon juice and baking resistant, pink food coloring.
    The acid in the buttermilk and lemon juice reacts with the baking powder and soda bicarbonate during baking.
    This gives the cake a smooth, velvety consistency later.
    We now proceed with the dry ingredients.
    The flour is screened into the butter-egg-mixture with baking powder, bicarbonate soda and salt.
    Quickly mix it with the colored buttermilk and pour it into a greased baking pan.
    We used a Hello Kitty pan, greased it with oil and dusted it with breadcrumbs.
    All information regarding the used materials and products can be found in the info box and in the recipe.
    You don’t have to use a „Hello Kitty“ pan, a regular springform pan works as well
    since you can cut out the „Hello Kitty“ shape later on.
    The cake is now baked for
    minutes in the preheated oven at
    It looks like this after baking and has to cool down before we move on.
    You can test if the cake is ready using the „skewer test“.
    If there’s no dough sticking to the skewer, the cake is ready.
    After the cake has cooled off, we proceed with the raspberry buttercream.
    For the aroma, we use frozen raspberrys that we ground into a fine powder with some icing sugar.
    For the cream, we use butter at room temperature that is stirred for
    and after that, we add some screened icing sugar.
    After this is done, we can move on to decorating.
    The cake is carefully removed from the pan and topped with the raspberry cream.
    Next, we roll out white fondant and cover the cake with it.
    Now we add the nose, eyes, ribbon and whiskers.
    For this, you can simply shape colored fondant and cut it to fit.
    You should dust the form with icing powder so it doesn’t stick.
    Using some sugar glue, you can glue everything on the cake.
    The finished cake can be served on a regular cake plate or on a cakeboard like us.
    We simply covered it with pink fondant and concealed the border with some pink ribbon band.
    We hope you enjoyed our video. If you try our recipes, we would love to see pictures on Facebook.
    If you had enough american food, feel free to check our second youtube Channel „Kochkino“. *** *** Make ZOMBIE Hello Kitty Cake Pops for Halloween - A Cupcake Addiction How to Tutorial - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
    Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Zombie Hello Kitty Cakepop Tutorial where I'll be
    showing you how to make this really cool little zombified Hello Kitty cakepop.
    You might have seen the other Hello Kitty cupcakes and cakepops that I've got on my
    channel My Cupcake Addiction. This one here is a little bit of a spookier version, perfect
    for Halloween or spooky parties. So tools and equipment that we will be using
    today: I'm resting my Hello Kitty today in a polystyrene
    block. I've got
    A couple of lollipop sticks. And a pair of scissors.
    I've got my cakepop ball. Now I've got that pre-prepared. If you don't have a great recipe
    for getting your cakepops to this stage, ready to dip and decorate, I will leave a link to
    the Cupcake Addiction recipe in the description box below. I'm going to be showing you how
    to achieve that head shape today. And I've also got one here that's pre-prepared
    just to make things a little bit quicker for this tutorial. I will also mention that is
    a fraction smaller. That's about a quarter smaller than I would usually roll my cakepop
    balls. I've got some melted, kind of a greenish colored
    chocolate. So this is mainly white chocolate and I added I think
    Wilton green candy
    melts to just regular white chocolate. You can also use just a little bit of green color
    paste or green powdered color, never liquid to chocolate, just to achieve that really
    nice kind of light greenish color, but there's no exact color that really matters grayish
    greenish, so long as it looks a little bit zombified.
    I've got a little bit of black colored paste. I've got some melted red candy melts and melted
    black candy melts. If you don't have access to candy melts where you're are, you can also
    use cookie icing. I've got
    mine in half with a sharp knife. I've got
    don't need the red heart sprinkles. I've used them just to make the little bow a little
    bit more kind of bow-like. But you can also just use that red candy melt and just kind
    of draw on a little bit of a bow. I've got a clean, dry tissue.
    A clean Q-tip. And I've got
    So the first thing that we're going to do is we're going to make our Hello Kitty head
    shape. Now this ball is about a quarter smaller than I would usually roll my cakepop balls.
    You just want to take your hands and just flatten it down just a little bit. Now once
    it's flattened, use your fingers just to elongate it out to a little bit more like an oval.
    And then, without pinching inwards, you want Hello Kitty's ears to sort of stay up on the
    side of her head, just kind of pinch out a bit of an ear shape. Now I usually just use
    my fingers just to sort of stretch her out and round it off so that you've got your basic
    Hello Kitty shape. Now, you want to pop that one into the refrigerator
    for about
    minutes until it's really nice and firm. Don't freeze it and don't let it
    set rock hard. You just want it to be nice and firm so that when you touch it, it doesn't
    push out of shape. So as I mentioned, I've got my one here that's pre-prepared and ready
    to go. Now what we're going to do is Hello Kitty's head is going to go in on an angle
    and we want the lollipop stick to poke all the way through so that it kind of looks like
    a head that's been speared or impaled on a lollipop stick.
    You want to dip your lollipop stick just a little bit into that green chocolate so you've
    got a nice little coating on the end and choosing your best side, start down sort of on the
    bottom, and you want to bring your stick up on an angle so that it comes out just above
    her ear. So as I push that in, I'm going twist my stick and I'm holding that cakepop. So
    I'm twisting and you should see it poke out the end. Beautiful! Let that go quite a little
    past her ear there. Once we dip that in chocolate, it's actually going to look like it's not
    coming out quite as much. So make sure that you do let it protrude quite a bit past Hello
    Kitty's head. Now we're going to let that chocolate seal completely dry, then we're
    going to come back and we're going to dip and decorate our zombie Hello Kitty.
    Alright, so we've given that chocolate seal a little bit of time to completely set. Now
    you also just want to clean off the end of your little lollipop stick there just to make
    sure it's not got any chunks of that chocolate cakepop mix, and now we're going to dip and
    decorate. So you want to dip your cakepop. You want
    quite a deep container because you've got that extra stick protruding. So just dipping
    into your melted green chocolate, make sure that chocolate meets all the way over the
    seal and pulling it off. Now, you want to tap your excess chocolate off. And I like
    to tap it sort of holding it on this side and then flipping it to this side. That helps
    you retain your really nice Hello Kitty head shape and it also helps that chocolate go
    down on either side of that little stabbing skewer that's through her head and really
    defines it nicely. Beautiful! Now don't worry if it's not too perfect of a coat, this is
    after all zombie Hello Kitty. So while that chocolate is still wet, I'm
    going to take that half of a mini-M&M, and about a quarter of the way from the bottom
    of the face, I'm just going to push that into the chocolate and that's going to be our little
    Hello Kitty nose. Perfect! So now you want to let that coat completely dry before we
    come and do our final details. Alright, so we're back from letting that cakepop
    completely set. Now I wanted to leave this crack here. I've found with the ones that
    I've made, they do have a tendency to crack and I'm sure that's because we're shoving
    the lollipop stick so far through and we're creating a little bit more pressure through
    that little ear shape. So if this happens, do not worry, just use another lollipop stick
    or a piping bag or something like that and just kind of force a little bit of that green
    chocolate into the crack. So put more than what you need and come down a little past
    where it's cracked, so you've got covering off where it's going to continue, and then
    just use your finger, and just run your finger over. So it sorts of forces chocolate back
    into that crack and particularly for these ones, they don't need to be very neat. We're
    actually going to spend a little bit of time now making them look less neat with a little
    bit of that black food color paste. So what you want to do with your food color
    paste is...I'm not even going to use the main body of the paste, I'm just going to use the
    lid and I'm going to use this tissue. Now with the tissue, I'm just going to take just
    a little bit of the color paste. I'm going to dab a bit of it off so that it's sort of
    making these sorts of marks here rather than the big heavy black marks, and I'm just going
    to dab it over our Hello Kitty's face. This is just kind of make her look, I guess, like
    she's just a bit dirty, a bit zombie-ish, it just makes her look less neat and green.
    We want her to look as dead and ragged as we can. So you can sort of swipe it down.
    If you need more food color, just grab a little bit more. Once again, just test it out on
    that tissue. So you can see we fixed that crack. You can't even tell that it was there.
    Alright, once we've got here looking like that, you want to take your Q-tip now and
    keep your tissue handy because we're going to just put the Q-tip into that black color
    paste. Once again, just get the bulk of the color off there, and I'm just going to use
    this to create kind of like a black circle around where her eyes are going to go. So
    you want the eyes to be quite low so that I guess the bottom of the eye is about in
    line with the nose. And try not to make those eyes too dark because you do want to make
    sure that you can see the little blacks of her eyes. So that one there, I feel is a little
    bit too dark so I'm just going to use the other side of my Q-tip just to wipe a little
    bit of it off. You really just want it to be kind of like a dark shadow around the eyes.
    Beautiful! Alright, so once you've got her to that stage,
    we can take our black candy melt. Actually, we might do our red. We'll do our red candy
    melt first. Get rid of that tissue. You might get rid of that black color paste too because
    it will become quite messy. You just want to spoon a little bit of that
    red candy melt into your zip lock bag, push it all the way down to the corner, make sure
    that you seal the bag, let any air out. And we're going to cut just a...It doesn't really
    matter the size. We don't want it to be too big and chunky but I'm just going to cut just
    a little corner off the end of that zip lock bag to create us our little piping bag so
    you can see there as I squeeze it, it's just a nice sort of a thin little streak that's
    giving us, but it doesn't really matter. It doesn't have to be perfect. So we can get
    our little bow pieces ready and just give her her little bow. She might be a zombie
    but she still knows how to accessorise! So for the bow, I'm just going to pipe just
    a dot and then into that dot, I'm just going to take those
    sit them into that melted candy melt which is going to hold them in place. And I like
    to just stand them up a little bit so they're a little bit
    Now we'll leave those to dry. While those are drying, we're going to give
    her the blood on her head where that stick is pierced through. So just randomly just
    give her some little blood streaks. Beautiful! You can give that a couple of taps just to
    let that blood drizzle down a little bit, sounds so gruesome, and then I'm just going
    to come up just on that stick a bit. I want to leave sort of the top of it sticking out
    so people know what it is, but I jut want to put a little bit of red around the top.
    Beautiful! Alright, so we're going to let that now completely dry and then we're just
    going to paint on our black detailing. Pop her in the polystyrene block.
    We're getting our next zip lock bag with just some of that black candy melt ready. So once
    again, pushing it all the way down to the corner of the bag, letting any air out, sealing
    it up, and cutting off. You do want this one to be quite a nice little fine tip. Perfect.
    Alright, now you can take Kitty. I do normally wait for her to completely dry in between
    these but I'm just going to hold her. If you wait for her to completely dry, you can actually
    lay her on the bench and it is a little bit steadier. Now you just want to give her her
    eyes, so just kind of an oval-y shape right in the center of that black shadow and then
    you'll do her whiskers . There's her whiskers on
    Perfect! So there you have your completed zombie Hello
    Kitty head on a stick, perfect for Halloween, perfect for any spooky occasion or just perfect
    if you're looking for something a little bit different from the regular Hello Kitty range.
    I hope that you guys have enjoyed this tutorial, do make sure that you check out our other
    Hello Kitty tutorials. And if you love this one, hit the subscribe button if you want
    to see lots more from us. We upload every week.
    Thanks very much for tuning in to My Cupcake Addiction. *** *** How to make HELLO KITTY CAKE POPS [2.24.13] - YouTube !!! *** *** Hello Kitty Torte/Motivtorte/Fondanttorte/Cake - YouTube !!! German (Automatic Captions) German (Automatic Captions)
    Hallo ich begrüße ich ganz herzlich wieder zu meinem neuen Video Fragen sie
    ganz toll dass er eingeschaltet hat ich bin den Käufern Begriff Zuckerberg
    weil ich als ganz gerne zeigen wie eine Torte ganz einfach einem Hello Kitty
    sagen einen eindecken könnt
    ein ich habe mich dafür entschieden weil das ist eigentlich auch für Krach
    für Anfänger für Neulinge das recht einfache Sache ist
    er traf zu sehr weh tun ist dazu und es eigentlich ist es für jeden
    m Anfänger sogar geeignet beide Tracks die hat schon vorbereitet
    ich hatte hier mit Nachlässen Schulabgang nach eingestrichen
    da bin ich jetzt nicht mehr so genau den Beko drauf eingegangen
    weil hier sollte es einfach nur um das Hello Kittys eingehen
    ich habe mir schon ihr alles zu recht Bild Stampe starkem einfach mal aus und
    stand Simmons ein Dritter
    als erstes nehmen Garten Stückpreis Kreuzband Abend
    und sie hat mit den Männern gibt es nach großer Unternehmen Hatting
    farbenen Lebensmittel Nein ich habe hier das Team von
    aber nur ganz wenig
    Platz zwei ist nur ein zartes
    halten möchte
    wenn es richtig runtergedreht ist jetzt ja von Bankhaus Kobold ich hab das jetzt
    hier nicht mehr in der Teil der macht weil darüber hp-sprecher schon ein
    Video gezeigt
    ich verliebe ich das nochmal in die Infobox
    dann nehme ich mir mit Hilfe meines aus Holzstapels meinem Hund ans Netz gehen
    ohne mir meine Torte und lege den von dort oben drauf und fangen an
    als erstes die Pleiten aus zu arbeiten dass die Falken frei sind
    dann nämlich gehen
    oben überstand
    und arbeitet dann mit dem gesparten kletterten vom Band richtig schön
    bleibt es auf beiden Seiten so dass ich gleich auch den restlichen überschuss
    noch keine scharfen Messer abnehmen
    dann nimmt er noch bei den Fahrten kletter- und Glätte zieht Wortes so
    Laden ist sie an allen Seiten
    schön gleichmäßig und die Artists
    Yolanda die euch gefällt
    x-men bei ein Stück weist noch voll von Dante
    an den Deal auf etwa drei Millimeter aus Polen mich ganz gut
    ich habe mir im Vorfeld ein Hello Kitty
    aus Internet ausgedruckt einfach auf
    Papier ausgedruckt
    und hat sie schon mal ausgeschrieben
    die nehme ich nämlich jetzt als Schablone
    mit Hilfe meines Erachtens könnte
    das ist nämlich sehr schöne späten Sonnabend starten
    damit schneiden die Registrierung ist
    das gleiten
    nebenbei den gleichen großartig von Band wie
    die Kreditrate eingedeckt habe ich hab das jetzt von den Kraftfahrern
    auch schon ausgeschnitten
    das Fachmedienhaus Uhr
    Deep Blue Magic Cities jetzt schneit die schnittigen ähnlich aus
    Kopf nochmal aus
    um sie als Schablone zu benutzen für die Blumen nämlich ein etwas verstärkt
    war eingefärbten pinkfarbenen Ton
    ich Liebe diese Sachen
    August gegen
    so kleben das machen dann nach r wenn der alles auf die Torte
    besichtigt das im Zweifel zu haben
    die NASA die Nase ist aus Rosa von Bands die auf
    Marcus schwarze von dort aus zu bestellen
    hinzu kommt die Schnurrbart rarer gesät und mit einfachen Organismen Schlange
    und arbeitete aus die ihr Stammquartier des Inhalts
    jetzt machen seitdem als Ausschnitt
    und die Einheimischen
    dazu habe ich mit den Zinken von Lanz noch ein bisschen Pink abgefärbt
    das recht der thermischen happig
    um nicht ein bisschen verändert Paris
    in Künzell Hello Kitty haben wollte und deswegen schreibe ich das ist jetzt
    der Mittelpunkt von der Blume es einfacher
    warum Schwabener von Dante ich nehme hier eine große Loch Thriller ihr
    könnt natürlich auch nur im kleinen Kreis aussteigen
    so jetzt nimm doch ins Detroiter nehmen
    Grothaus beschnitten
    Dieter Kratzer legen die Traufe
    wegen sehr zumal
    Oeding haben
    dann blieben leer
    das weiße ersten mal mit Superkleber fest jetzt sogar Kleber herstellt ich
    schreibe ich euch um die info-box
    er ist nämlich ganz einfach in der Herstellung
    und auch sehr viel besser wie Wasser
    dazu hätte ich euch gleich noch etwas
    dann kämen bei uns Einzelteile traut
    Soderbergh Daumen Tests im Interview
    dabei sind es nicht einmal Marx
    die Fahnder gehen mit dem Skalpell noch mal ein bisschen nach Wetten dass nur
    nicht jetzt und nehmt euch meinen das ist nur so ein bisschen ein Gesetz zur
    dass man das
    dass man den Damen jetzt sieht da arbeite ich noch ein bisschen was nach
    und natürlich auch die kleinsten so dass sie auch voneinander getrennt
    jetzt arbeite ich das ganze mit dem etwas Spitz und ruhig nochmal nach
    so ganz einfach dieser setzt ein bisschen
    dick an Wert dass man das auch sieht er sieht das jetzt klappen
    so dann kommt er rannte und nicht schlecht die an schönen sauberen
    Abschluss haben dazu habe ich mir überlegt dass ich einfach gut
    zwei Zentimeter
    reiten Streit Nein
    SandRidge wartet steht ab sofort nicht mehr zu erstmals standen Schlange aus

    b genau in der Länge dass sie einmal und Exportprodukt
    dann noch voll ich mir das ganze
    ein bisschen flacher aus
    mit meinem kleinen Auswahl starb
    unstreitig nicht an einer zweiprozentigen Meter
    breiten Streifen ich hab die einigen Jahren
    politischen Establishments Inhaber
    unstreitig Mittagspause
    dann bin ich mit etwas Zucker clever
    nachdem unten
    am Rande des Yen auf Steinmeier und Brot
    die Bank lege ich meinen weißen Streifen auf
    Neumann den Abschluss machten wir natürlich anderer Stelle wo man sie
    nicht sieht also entweder nach hinten oder ich habe ist bei mir hier an die
    Seite gemacht
    und jetzt ganz zum Schluss waren habe ich hier noch ein paar hübschen
    USD ausweisen
    und aus rosafarbenem von Band
    hier ist es natürlich von Vorteil mit Superkleber zu arbeiten
    die Stadt ist mit Wasser Marie
    im Prinzip das gleiche
    die Airlines die Blumen an Claire muss ich die wirklich nur ganz ganz kurz
    auch wenn's im Schnelldurchlauf ist aber ihr seht dass ich das wirklich nicht
    lange an und wird bundesweit

    das erlaubt ihm Schläge an
    und mit Wasser müsse jedoch bedeutend länger Trittin
    AMD ist die Nummer wirklich an der Steller auch üben
    ist und genau in die Mitte
    Ladenburg dann jetzt gleich die kleine weiße Tuch
    und da haben IZ die Torte auf SPON
    Nein die kleine Rosa Blumen Entschuldigung
    und dann ist die Torte auch schon fest
    Hello Kitty schreibt die EZB wie schafft sie wieder in Kürze
    es war eigentlich relativ einfach herzustellen ich hab jetzt mit knappen
    Stunde dafür gebraucht
    m und gerade wie gesagt für
    alle Neulinge für alle Anfänger ist natürlich auch möglich das recht
    einfache Sachen begann Motiv trat zu starten
    für mich zeigt euch nochmal die Touristik ich gebraucht habe
    also als erstes natürlich mein Hello Kitty
    «Es sieht sehr schlimm ist es
    ihr habt's ja schon gesehen wie die ubs-aktie an
    ich hasse ihn einfach aus dem Internet ausgesprochen hat die vorher schon
    ausgestiegen und damit hat
    als Schablone gearbeitet
    Getrag weiter Dr ganz wichtig ist um elf von Bernd Klass zu streichen denn außer
    auf die Knie
    die Auswahl stehe ich hab sehr groß
    und ich hab auch hier Klein aus Drittstaaten wenn ich kleinere Sachen
    zum ausrollen habe
    die IE Deco hatte nicht erhalten
    für die EU unter anderem gibt
    und da könnte aber auch einfach im kleinen Kreis ausschneiden
    ich hatte
    Uhr klopfte mit einer größeren Runde hatte ich natürlich
    ist natürlich ein bastel- Skype
    das ist nicht richtig schön geschwitzt
    damit kann man richtig stellen
    am Abend trat er zurück eine Sache ist
    kann man den Verband richtig schön mit
    ein spezieller
    weil die kita-träger für fünf Euro bei
    wirklich unentbehrlich weil so muss sich nicht immer die ganze trotz der Tränen
    nutzbar einfach gedreht hätte also ich denke das ist ein absolutes muss
    wenn man jetzt das Motiv teuer macht
    zum Schluss habe ich mich noch entschieden ein paar Blümchen
    an diese alte mit Auszug dringend ab für ihn habe ich
    diese trugen Ausstecher benutzt
    das System recht machen könnt ihr machen ich verliebe ich aber gerne die
    Prozentpunkten aus städtischer in der Nähe vom Palast wo es ihr unter anderem
    bestellen könnt
    dann war's das für heute gewesen
    freue mich sehr dass er zugeschaut hat Dennis tragen hat
    Schratz nie die Kommentare oder ihr könnt mich auch gerne ab Freitag leicht
    nahm neben Facebook Seite besuchen da könnte ich mir auch immer Fragen
    stellen können irgendwas unklar ist um ist überhaupt kein Thema ist
    beantwortete er die Frage
    «Natürlich freue ich mich über ein deutlich nach oben
    genauso auch im Plan
    ab auch
    uns dann bist du legst ein *** *** Hello Kitty Cakepops! Make Hello Kitty as a Cake pop! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
    Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Hello Kitty Cakepop Tutorial where I'll be showing
    you how to make this absolutely adorable Hello Kitty cakepop. You might have [caught] our
    Hello Kitty cupcakes, and this little cakepop will be the perfect accessory to those.
    Tools and equipment that I will be using today: I've got some sticky tape.
    I've got a pre-rolled cakepop ball. If you don't have a great recipe for getting your
    cakepop balls to this stage, ready to decorate, I will leave a link to the one on our channel
    in the description box below. I've got a toothpick and a lollipop stick.
    Some melted white chocolate. I've got Hello Kitty's dress. Now, I've got
    a little template for you guys and I will leave a link to that in the description box
    below. That's found on our Facebook page. So you can just print those out on a regular
    household computer, printer, with just some normal paper. And you can see there, I've
    cut Hello Kitty's head off because we're going to be making that today. And I've just cut
    around the outline of her dress. I've got some little pink love hearts sprinkles.
    These are just little pink love heart sprinkles. They come out at a lot of different cake decorating
    shops and you can also buy them online. If you don't have access to this where you are,
    you can make a little flower out of fondant. Otherwise, you can cut it out of perhaps roller
    or something like that. I've got some candy-covered chocolate chips.
    Now for us here in Australia, at our local supermarket, these are called rainbow-choc
    chips and that's how they come. But if you don't have access to those, anything small
    and yellow so Nerds are a great option. But you just want something small and yellow.
    You can use a little bit of yellow melted chocolate or you could also use a little bit
    of yellow fondant. Let's get started.
    So firstly, we need to shape Hello Kitty's head. I've got
    one's been refrigerated just to save us some time today.
    Taking your cakepop ball -- it's in a nice ball shape -- so taking that ball, you just
    want to very very slightly roll it, just so it's a little kind of like an egg shape. And
    give it the tiniest little squish. You don't want to squash it down. We're just making
    it more of an oval. Now with that oval, from the outside, you're
    just going to use your finger and your thumb just to pinch up a little ear. And the same
    on the other side. So make sure that you're not going too into the center with them because
    Hello Kitty's ears are quite on the outside and they're not very big. So don't make them
    too big or too pointy. And with your thumb, we're just going to push down that top just
    to give us a nice Hello Kitty sort of a head shape. Just turn it around to face me so that
    I'm happy with how it looks. Alright, so that should be what you have for
    your Hello Kitty head shape. Now as I mentioned, this one here has been refrigerated so this
    is really firm. You want this to be really nice and firm. We're going to take the lollipop
    stick and dip it in that melted white chocolate about a centimeter or so of chocolate. Take
    Hello Kitty, turn her upside down and insert that into the bottom of her head.
    Now, because we know we're going to be putting her dress on her, you want to take... Now
    if this should happen. See the little crack appearing in my cakepop? You want to just
    take a little bit of that chocolate and just push it into the crack. Those cracks will
    actually close your cakepop to crack at once you dip it into the chocolate. So if you can
    see anything like that, just coat it in a little bit of chocolate.
    Because we know we're going to put the dress on her, I'm just going to take my fingers
    and just remove that little seal. So the chocolate's still going to be holding our cakepop ball
    on but I don't have that big chunky seal which is going to separate her head from her neck.
    We're going to let that one completely set so I'm going to pop it in the refrigerator
    for about 5 minutes and then we'll back to continue dipping and decorating.
    Alright, so we're back from the fridge and I'm happy that it's completely set and nice
    and firm so it's time to dip. Taking your melted white chocolate, just dip your Hello
    Kitty head in. Make sure that it meets all the way up with that stick. Pulling it out,
    just give it a few taps to get off any excess. Make sure that you do turn your cakepop while
    you're tapping it to make sure you get an even distribution of that white chocolate.
    Alright, so my Hello Kitty is nicely-dipped. And it's time to add on our flower and nose
    detail. Now I've found it easiest to do the flower first because the nose is quite low
    down on her face. So taking one of those little yellow choc chips or whatever it is that you're
    using, just carefully place it right up the corner of her ear there.
    And then we're going to take our little pink love hearts and we're just going to fashion
    them around like a little flower. I left mine standing up a little bit out of the chocolate
    to give it a 3-dimensional look. If you love this tutorial, make sure that
    you do head over to our channel My Cupcake Addiction. Lots of great tutorials on there
    and we would love to have you stop by. You can just use your toothpick like I am
    here just to position them. I actually normally have a pair of cake decorating tweezers and
    they're just for cake decorating and you'd be amaze of how much I use them. I kind of
    wish I have them now. When you put that last one in, just grab your
    toothpick, and just give them a little bit of an adjust so that they're relatively even.
    I'm just going to flip them back up again to make sure none are falling down. I've still
    got my lovely 3D flower. Beautiful. Also got to pop in our little Hello Kitty
    nose. So the Hello Kitty nose should be right down low, about a quarter up her face. And
    I've popped that pointy side in so that it's just a nice round yellow nose. So Hello Kitty
    is currently looking like this. And now we have to wait for her to completely dry before
    we can put her eyes and whiskers and beautiful little dress on.
    Alright, so Kitty is all set, completely dry, and it's time to add on her details. So taking
    your sticky tape -- very kind of primitive, just a little bit of sticky tape -- I'm going
    to attach one side of it to one side of her dress, and lifting her up, push the neck.
    So you can here a nice, clean, neat bottom on her head. Push the neck right up flashed
    and bring that sticky tape around at the back, and curl it around. You can use a pair of
    scissors if you've got a little tiny bit of excess sticky tape just to neaten it up. Push
    it right up. And now she's dressed. Alright, time to add on just the eyes and
    the whiskers and we're just going to use a little bit of black food coloring. You can
    also use black candy melts. And I generally like to just put a tiny tiny bit of alcohol,
    Rose Spirit or vodka, just like a drop to maybe a quarter of a teaspoon of food coloring.
    That just helps it dry and set a little bit faster.
    Alright, so for her eyes, and I like to do the eyes first because we don't want to drag
    through the whiskers as we're trying to do them. They're down quite close to the nose.
    They're quite far apart. So we just want 2 nice, little ovals --
    you're looking at her front on here so you can make sure that you're getting them nice
    and evenly spaced. Alright, so there you've got her
    And the whiskers: Now I'm going to take off a bit of that color just so that I've not
    got too much on my little toothpick. And I'm just going to come right out to the edges
    and just kind of drag the side of the toothpick up on a slight angle. And I'm turning the
    toothpick to hopefully get a fresh side, out on a bit of a straight, and down.
    Make sure that you don't have too much black on your toothpick at this stage. You don't
    want to do a big chunky, thick whisker. So there you have your gorgeous, competed
    and fully-clothed Hello Kitty cakepop, perfect for your next event for the Hello Kitty lover
    in your life. As always, I hope that you've enjoyed watching
    this tutorial as much as I have loved making it for you, and thank you very much for tuning
    in. *** ***

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