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    Cake decorating: How to make fondant letters 4 ways tutorial - Ann Reardon - How To Cook That Ep009 - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to howtocookthat.net. For a printable copy of the recipes simply go to www.howtocookthat.net.
    Today we are going to look at four different ways of doing lettering on a cake using fondant.
    The first one we are going to roll our fondant out. We've already colored our fondant to
    the color we want. If you are not sure how to color fondant, see the video on fondant
    basics on howtocookthat.net. Once you've rolled it out to about that thickness,
    get one of the letters you've printed out of the computer. This method is ideal if you
    have a particular logo that you're doing, like the Ninjago logo on the Lego cake. It
    needed to match the exact font, so this is the easiest way to do that.
    Print it out, pop it on top your fondant, and simply cut. Again, using the pizza cutter
    means that it doesn't drag the fondant out of shape. And then for the smaller areas you
    are going to need to use a knife. We go up and down rather than straight across; it will
    help it not to drag. It's not as good as a pizza cutter, but we can't get a pizza cutter
    in that smaller spot. Then we'll get that bit out. If you have any little rough edges
    don't worry about them, because once the sugar paste is dry, it's easy to rub those off.
    Okay? If it's not quite smooth here, see I bumped it there with a knife, just get your
    finger give it a little rub over the top, and it will help smooth it out nicely. Put
    it to one side, leave it on the baking paper exactly as it is; put it to one side on a
    tray on top of the fridge, or somewhere where it's not going to get damaged, and leave it
    to dry until it's hard. Then you can easily pick up the hard letter, and place it where
    you want on the cake.
    Say you want a finer font like this one. You can get some of your fondant, and roll it
    until it's nice and thin and smooth. Then what you do is simply put that over your lettering,
    and trim it to size. We'll just squash the end and put that underneath this one. You
    can add a little bit of water on there to make it stick together better if you like.
    Then in line with how it goes on the page, just bend it around and cut it off. Okay?
    So if you had your whole word printed out, you'd just continue doing that, and then just
    put it to one side, and leave it to dry.
    Okay, the next method we are going to use is cutting it out. You can get all sorts of
    stencils for cutting out letters from sugar paste; some of them are very expensive; so
    unless you're going to be doing a lot of the same font, then that's not very economical.
    These little cutters, though, you can get kids' cookie cutters and play-dough cutters
    very cheaply. So you can always get that sort of a thing if it's going to suit your needs.
    Just simply push down, make sure you pushed it all the way through, pull the excess away,
    and then take it off.
    The other option, to roll out a fondant square the size of what you're going to be doing
    it on, say that big. You will want to cut out a square nice and neatly with our pizza
    cutter, and simply get a sharp pencil. And trace over the writing, pressing reasonably
    hard or it won't come through; we are trying to imprint onto the fondant. Now of course
    if you have beautiful scripture handwriting, and you can space exactly with that you know
    exactly how long the word is going to go, and then there'd be no need to do this, you
    can just pipe straight onto the sugar paste. But if you're like me and you need a little
    bit help with the writing, making sure it's all going to be spaced perfectly, and it's
    going to fit, then this is the cheapest way of doing it.
    Right now we'll take that off, okay? Now you can see there, we've got a slight indentation.
    It's not very deep, but it's just enough to see what we're going to be doing. Using your
    royal icing -- the recipe for the royal icing is on the gingerbread house page of howtocookthat.net,
    if you need the recipe for that -- just trace around where you have the indent.
    And there you have four different ways of doing lettering with fondant. *** ***

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