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    How To Design Cross Stitch Patterns - YouTube !!!
    I am leave the comfort from forever and today we're going to go through
    again shame you know how to design a cross stitch design
    what you will need: is them great paper no graph paper
    that looks like that iPad so for tracing
    some think that you can get a design from so either a stencil
    or even something that you printed off like
    thats most in need I like store
    so that you can trace easily if you don't have a lightbox
    a window on a sunny day will help you do that
    I'm going to take design
    thanks I'll and lay over
    migrate paper than taking a pencil on hold in a sense of
    still I'm going to draw around say
    this will be outline
    up my cross stitch pattern up
    which new routine we back
    or double running
    just do that lower okay that the outline
    and then all you need to do now
    it's funny no crosses says some of these will be
    of cross stitches them will be filled
    focus stitches just go through
    the home design bringing your crosses saying see what
    call somewhat full and then
    like I said the outline youth stitched with
    act which or double running did me inside
    you can do across state and she sighed
    on your colors each section but he would need to use
    a cost from across states when you've got a full
    square showing a new design a hard constant
    or attempted you can do when only harm
    love you square is available to you you may want to decide
    only do for cross stitch is but there will then be
    small gap between outlying up
    thanks to your cross stitch design you can use this
    posted operate like got
    side on how big blue cross stitch is going to be
    and this is the threat that you would use the embroidery floss
    they call you can split this loss
    into two separate Yang's said there are six
    strands and you can split it
    the finer you want to work to be
    less trans you use you may want to you do your
    outline in say three strands
    but the Phil design cross stitch in
    ThinkPad the strands the more shading
    I'm contrast *** *** Cross Section Software - Defining Cross Section Template - YouTube !!!
    defining profile to understand profile let us consider a simple Road profile
    first we need to play profile Matthew Rikon
    until Bochy open profile master window
    pulled a profile need p in Mt
    s why I like licking
    button which opens the Edit Profile type the profile name
    including philanthropy and she
    why profile under the drop down box and click on mail
    this has
    wearing into t
    personal find the with them one point
    ratio mines 3 percent in the two to three years a slope line with with

    leaders and ratio mines
    4 percent an entity three to four with a gradient in

    with child -
    please note pad the gradient mine has to stop an intersection of ground-level
    cell we have to label intersect option while defining
    profile a shame
    with the left portion and the PNG s why profile
    is defined
    to complete the profile click on the right mouse
    simple profile is ready all this
    profile is applied point about the ground level
    in the section entitled bitch on using this definition not be correct
    grady in client meeting the line win this profile
    is applied
    politically sound level then the section of beach on using this definition of the
    wrong this is Brady
    line has to go and meet the line this requirement can be easily addressed in
    the survey section by defining to
    gradient mines from seeing point as shown here
    poor communities alike

    with a gradient to is
    which is mine percent and made five meters
    enable the Intersect option and also selected reference point
    now near this pope I'll now the profile can be applied to any combination
    levels information levels and we'll get Papa cross infection *** *** Building Cross-Platform Mobile Applications with Cordova and Visual Studio - YouTube !!!
    everyone thanks for tuning in for break point before we get into the actual
    episode just wanting to make sure that you know when to take advantage of you
    score a little bit further down the page is little form that says that get you to
    fill out your information and basically what that's going to do is get someone
    from our team to contact you guys on how to be the Visual Studio champion in your
    organization not super quick forum just
    or so fields admit that and we'll get
    in touch with you not that i dont so see you on the show shortly
    everybody and welcome to the December
    episode of breakpoint my name is
    Paula bearish for previous versions of break point you'll you'll know if not
    welcome aboard you may notice that kind of alone here today my partner in crime
    jonathan is here today but he'll be back for the next episode of breakpoint so
    because we we miss him here we've actually added him in spirit as a as a
    paper token of himself as you can see there he's he's right there it's a newer
    silent more silent version of JRR as we like to call them so so welcome chair so
    anyways I gotta be hosting you for the next few you know
    minutes to an hour
    or so and we're gonna talk about what we're going to talk about mobile
    applications cross-platform mobile applications as they relate to hybrid
    applications so just let me get my lights here and when we talk about
    mobile applications I spent a lot of my time in the past and certainly also in
    the president talking to developers around mobile application strategies and
    it's really interesting to see how how developers are you there
    their way of going into the into the mobile space if they have not done so
    before what they're thinking of doing what I find really interesting is that
    there's two camps you have one tampa says native is best you should always
    build a native application that we can make full use of your you know that this
    tack on a mobile device and the operating system and all that kind of
    thing then have another set of people in different camp that basically say that
    you know well yeah I i understand what you're saying around native applications
    and the power that they bring but there is some flexibility with creating a web
    application or even a hybrid application that combines a little bit
    in a little bit of web and to be honest
    both strategies if you will are equally relevant and equally correct it really
    depends on a number of different things that are sort of external to what you're
    you're you're thinking of when you actually build your mobile applications
    one is you know like if you're familiar with the platform nigger building for in
    the language is associated so say for example your building for iOS well you
    kind of have to know objectives to your swift if you doing it natively on that
    machine on on that platform or maybe you know C sharp and there's some facilities
    within Visual Studio with a partner calls a marine and we talked about
    salmon in the previous episodes I'm not gonna get too much into that where you
    can actually build in need of mobile application for iOS or Android or
    Windows Windows Phone among others coming up that allow you to really build
    a native native experience across different platforms ensure that cold but
    not everybody knows t-shirt for example or not everybody wants to build my
    location if your web developer why wouldn't you want to use the the
    capabilities of your web skills your web development skills to build applications
    for the mobile space so those are the two different camps like I said there
    there's no one right answer and it really depends a lot on your skill set
    and what you wanna do there's also benefits and drawbacks
    each side as well so if you're building a native application you know you do
    typically if you doing a consumer base application more often than not you're
    probably pushing that application to a store where this the Apple App Store
    Google Play or the Windows Store for example to actually deliver your
    applications in that requires you to do updates and you have to do that
    certification process and all those types of things which is both good and
    bad in some ways right so a it protects the consumer because it allows them to
    make sure that there you know there's no malicious code dallas has two things
    typically and also make sure that your application is rock-solid it provides a
    new requires you to have a set of structure and how you deliver
    occasion and on the west side the great news is if you do have an update to the
    actual logic of your application it's a website maybe it's localized on on on
    the mobile devices cell but in some cases a lot of people actually hosted a
    separate website on their own
    you know that's not a bad way of doing things as well because it means that you
    don't have to go to the store to do an update necessarily all the time you're
    making changes to the style or the content and all those types of things or
    to the structure and navigation of your project
    well it's a website which means that if it's hosted on the web and you can make
    use of that and go from there so it's actually quite easy to do that way but
    at the same time both have their drawbacks rate so again we talked about
    the fact that you have to update your applications and things like that from a
    native standpoint it does require you to page very special attention to each
    mobile platform that you're supporting well as on the website if you build
    hybrid application for example you do have to worry about you know the look
    and feel of your application if you build a single application maybe make it
    look like an iOS app that's not gonna look very good on a on a Windows Phone
    and Android phone for example so you have to pay special close attention to
    the design in the experiential components of your application on the
    web as well so it's you know it's a bit of a balancing act you have to figure
    out exactly what's most important to you as a developer and what you think it's
    going to be clicking the most with your end users as to how you sort of deliver
    that application so once you figure that out I think it's it's probably fairly
    fairly obvious in most developers mines which way they gonna go where they gonna
    build a web app or whether they're going to need about and today we're going to
    talk about is a technology call cordova and will get a little bit into what that
    is in the second but the idea behind cordoba is that it's a hybrid
    application so it's got a little bit a native and it got a little bit of web so
    that's that's kind of interesting because it allows you to really sort of
    leverage a whole bunch of different things together one as a web developer
    potentially you have a lot of skill set within you know using Javascript and CSS
    and HTML and maybe the latest html5 standards make use of that new mobile
    applications are good to go
    you also have access to a lot of the facilities are available now
    deadly to the device because basically you're gonna have access to things such
    as you know the GPS device or maybe the accelerometer and all those types of
    things as well because basically what happens with something like Cordova is
    you have a need of rapper so if you think about it it's it's a shell
    application that sort of sits on your mobile applications mobile device that
    is basically need a code that has a window into a browser-based application
    so it's basically the browser-based application hosted within within the
    native gel works now as far as the way it works is Cordova has an interesting
    history so those of you that have been in the mobile space for a while may have
    know that there used to be a technology called PhoneGap PhoneGap was exactly
    what I just described rates are in need of shell surrounding a web application
    and that's all well and good and it's interesting because it's actually was
    built by a couple Canadians if I understand correctly so if you're
    Canadian watching this there's some pride there as well you know a great
    comedians are a product of you and it was bought by it'll be so Adobe very
    very rich software company from a rich for me from a revenue stable but I was
    thinking more from a design standpoint in the software products that point they
    have great software they have provided some some some extra boost I guess you
    could say to the team and what they did was actually open sourced from gab and
    put it under the Apache License so now it's actually when you think about
    PhoneGap you actually more thinking about Apache Cordova is there and you
    can see the logo in the little blue box there and frankly I think their logos
    are pretty cool kinda reminds me of even from the movie wall-e except this one is
    a little bit more square rather than that was a little bit more round which
    is interesting but but the bottom line here is that you know you can build
    applications that are cross-platform with cordova so you can support iOS you
    can support Android you can support Windows you can support you know all
    different types of devices and things like that which is very very interesting
    to you if you're looking to actually build your applications and provide that
    wide swath their wide area of support for all your various different user
    basis regardless of the device at the run in the good news is is if you're
    familiar with Visual Studio and you use it on a daily basis for example you can
    use Visual Studio to build cordova based applications among other different
    applications obviously but we're specifically focusing on court earlier
    recently or the past six months or so we've released a number of different
    rules that allow you to build hybrid applications actually over the past few
    weeks couple years actually to build hybrid applications on on Visual Studio
    but typically in the past some of those tools were really focused on the
    platform so yes you could build a hybrid application but it really only works on
    Windows Phone 8 only worked on Windows Store applications
    well we partner with the Cordova team to actually deliver court over tooling to
    Visual Studio as part of part of the the value add that you have for us so that's
    that's that's great news so basically means that you know Visual Studio is an
    extremely powerful issue 5 better if you have not used it for html
    and web development the past and you're interested I do suggest you take a look
    at it I'll be doing basically all my demos and things like that using Visual
    Studio and things like that as well it's very powerful there's lots of facilities
    in there for web developers to be very productive and and we've really thought
    through the workflow which is which is interesting as well right to work both
    for web developers how that sort of goes and it also see if you're familiar with
    Visual Studio it really does have a lot of conductivity into all sorts of
    different other services as well so that into in spectrum of conductivity to
    services that developers will use and things like that
    alongside the powerful editing tools within Visual Studio for web development
    it actually provide you with a very very strong sorry for developing great
    cordoba get in a little bit to that as well so let's talk a little bit about
    what cordoba is never went through this already rate so it's it's it's an open
    source framework and it was actually delivered from the phone back from got
    team which was in by Adobe so you can download it you can take a look at it
    there's lots of documentation on there's lots of applications out there in fact I
    think there's a status says when there was a there was a study done that
    basically said that overall the application stores that are out there
    today almost 6 percent of the applications are actually using cordoba
    or PhoneGap or some sort of you know PhoneGap laker cordova like capability
    to deliver those applications now six percent doesn't seem like a lot from a
    personal standpoint but such a significant number of applications and
    it's growing which is interesting as well
    rates he can deliver a great user experience using web based applications
    in a hybrid format on mobile devices that covers all sorts of your mobile
    devices so that's a good news story right there right as I mentioned before
    the way it works is that it's actually hosted within a native rapper as I said
    before she'll also the native code that actually integrates and talks to the
    various different facilities within the mobile operating system so ability to
    access GPS accelerometer gyroscope or you know help her sort of tasks such as
    no setting up a phone call or you know creating an email or talking to other
    applications on the actual devices so and then the actual application
    the the the the real brains of your application is basically your website
    it's it's a javascript in the CSS and HTML
    your typical web occasion and the good news about that is that if you built
    your web application properly you can target multiple different devices which
    is obviously very very good as well because that means that you have full
    support for you know why different variety of devices and you know from if
    you're worried about you know the ability to manage its scalability of
    various different sort of screen size and things like that that's something
    that's a worry to its probably less worried to you in a lot of ways if
    you're using web based applications because you can use
    earlier tools you already hot today such as media queries to manage the size your
    screen and interactivity component to it as well so you can really define what
    the user experience will be say for example on a very small device such as
    you know Windows Phone
    series for example which has a very small screen
    size to something very very large such as you know Nokia Lumia
    or Samsung
    Note for whatever it is that you might have like the phablets right and it's
    the same code base beyond across all those different types of things because
    it does provide you all that and the Cordova plugin API basically allows you
    to use JavaScript within your web application to talk to the need of
    rapper which then marshals those policies various different operating
    system right so it's a way to soar to provide you with the ability to have a
    conduit of communication between your javascript within your web application
    and actually talk to you the mobile app mobile operating system itself as well
    so again say for example you were creating a again and your game was
    basically a JavaScript html5 game but you need an accelerometer support to
    really make it work raising maybe it's something like that
    well you could you do that by just adding calls within your javascript that
    actually talk to the API said actually access and native rapper to make calls
    to the to the accelerometer and gyroscope for things like that for
    example so lots of great great capabilities are very rich very very
    possible for you to make amazing cross-platform applications that way and
    as I said before from Statistics 10.6% of the absent in the stores across our
    are basically you know they store or hybrid base and it's actually as you can
    see where their little bit larger even than the enterprise in that is probably
    not very surprising in WC because of that enterprises in general have made a
    lot of investments in web-based technologies intranet applications and
    things like that so why wouldn't they leverage that the assets that they've
    already created in the hard work that they've actually done before in a mobile
    application in sort of retrofit the screens and things like that to make it
    fit properly with animal certain context but ultimately the the logic and things
    like that remains so that's good news story
    and I think that's something very very useful so how does a studio fit into
    this well like I said before we partnered with the Apache Cordova team
    to deliver great richness of you note ruling that is available within Visual
    Studio so that you can use those tools to build great court over this
    applications as well so as you can see right there you know we we do provide
    you with a lot of facilities to you to build applications and things like that
    which is really interesting so I guess the first thing to do is I'm actually
    gonna get out of PowerPoint right now and I'm actually show you where you can
    find cordova because I think that's the first step that's very interesting so
    I'm gonna go to a virtual machine in this is a natural bridge machine will
    explain a little bit why I am using virtual machines in second but you can
    see this is just when does a point one then I'm running right here you might be
    able to see here in the background and it's actually a Visual Studio installed
    on already so this is basically Visual Studio
    and if I click on Internet
    Explorer browser choice obviously in an experience when they choose to use most
    often I can just do a search and say Visual Studio studio cordova you know
    just those three three words as you can see here what shows up as just a number
    of different listings here and what you see here is we have some lady page for
    Visual Studio for Apache Cordova so the good news here is that we provide you
    with a lot of guidance right from the get go before you install the tools
    that's what you want so you know we have an overview so we provide you with an
    overview from home runs out whose principal program manager need on the
    team for the card over tool in with a mutual studio in provides you with some
    some some overview content to get you familiar with some of this stuff so if
    you want to take a look at that you can give me the typical things that you find
    the product page rate so all these types of things are you know you can see the
    bargain analyzed and all that kind of stuff but also tells you know how you
    actually get the stuff so you can see there's a quick start and I can just go
    to Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova CTP
    businesses community
    technology preview which is basically means that it's not currently in
    production but it is available to you to make use of its fully free it's an
    add-on to Visual Studio

    in the next version of Visual Studio Visual Studio
    should be built in as
    I understand it so there's that you do need update for Visual Studio
    make use of these dueling
    and you do need to visual

    it doesn't work with
    at least as far
    as I understand it so just be aware of those types of things if I click on this
    and as you can see here it's gonna ask you to download it and then if I click
    on this part here I want to download it already previously downloaded it that's
    why he's so quick here I'm going to click on run and it's going to bring up
    the the installer because they are you have Visual Studio installed you can see
    here it says setup requires up to 6 gigabytes across all drives fairly large
    right but there's a reason for that
    cynically gone I agree to the licensing terms as always
    which he should probably read the licensing terms and privacy policy
    always read what you're doing there's nothing malicious and what we're doing
    but just make sure that you know what you're getting into and stuff like that
    I always regardless of what piece of software that you're installing it's a
    good thing to do and as you can see here when I click Next it actually says okay
    well there's we're gonna see all the tools for Visual Studio for you already
    here and that's all well and good but there's a number of other third-party
    tools that are important that we need to install as well so if you've ever done
    and over with before and things like that to get that cross platform sort of
    capabilities required a lot of different sort of software so as you can see here
    you require node.js patchy and the JDK so the Java Development Kit for a trade
    for example the Android SDK Google Chrome and we'll explain why I did it
    again command line so if you want to do things like that
    sequel late for Windows and even Apple iTunes which is kind of interesting to
    rate again this is because it requires that from an Iowa standpoint actually
    deliver in and create the proper tooling for bugging iOS applications and things
    like that plus also things like WebSocket things as a lot of different
    pieces of software that required to actually get Apache Cordova working
    properly so we do that for you all the way through it so you can actually
    direct download each of these things were provided you link also the
    terms with each of these things so again you know read the licensing terms
    because you just want to make sure that you understand what you doing
    you click Install I'm not gonna bother doing that because watching software
    installs like watching paint dry we don't want to do that they're alright
    alright so anyways I'm just an accident but that's basically what you do so if
    you have Visual Studio
    update for all the all the skills that are
    everything from community all the way through the ultimate ultimate because of
    all the various different other tooling and that's available you can do that and
    then it will install it all for you once it's all done you're ready to go and
    we'll show you what that looks like a very simple in fact what I'll do know is
    I'm just going to cancel set up and legs at this virtual machine that having the
    cloud that that i'm gonna talk about showing you some demos in a little bit
    here is the fact that you know Visual Studio it's an integrated development
    environment IDE and everything that is good about Visual Studio everything that
    is you know rich and feature full in and provide you with the great tooling that
    allow you to be productive as a developer is a designer as a team member
    that's all available to you as part of its part of a kind of application which
    is kinda cool right so the ability to do you know any great test to your
    application lifecycle management check-in check-out and things like that
    to TFS or whatever sort of repository that you click the buggy facilities
    including things such as you know the ability to have you know until a trace
    on the server and things like that that's something that you're interested
    do load testing for example on your applications if you want to do that as
    well because he's a web applications at Ardmore probably more typically found in
    the web rather than localized within your device you know load testing is
    something that's very interesting so if you if you want to do that you can do
    that but visual studio ultimate and also provides you with things such as you
    know and tell us and so the ability to have full intelligence on JavaScript and
    CSS and things like that too so that's always very very good so I'm actually an
    exit the slides because that's all the slides and a half and we're gonna get
    right into them know just to show you some of the stuff so do is something
    that's gonna throw you for a loop
    gonna start Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure if you're not familiar with it is
    our cloud platform and the reason why I'm doing this is because it's a number
    of different bonus features if you will if you have an MSDN subscription so MSDN
    if you're not familiar with it is Microsoft Developer Network subscription
    it comes with paid skews the Visual Studio Pro
    test pro Premium and ultimate and basically what you get with that is that
    you have benefits that allow you to use for non-production use Microsoft which
    is our cloud platform so you get credits every month that you can use towards
    building applications in the cloud which include a number of different things so
    you can create as you can see here mobile services which are busy building
    blocks for building applications mobile applications everything from database
    connectivity API said access control is even push notification services which
    obviously something that's very very common across you know very rich
    applications and you can make use of those applications as well don't go too
    deeply into that there's lots of content on mobile services out there already
    today but I did when I mentioned it but the reason why I'm doing this is because
    you may notice at all midday most are measuring in virtual machines and the
    reason why I want to do that is if you have an MSDN subscription you can
    actually create a virtual machine with Visual Studio already installed on it
    with the Cordoba tooling built-in as well so you don't have to go and
    actually install Visual Studio on your own desktop or you know download the
    patches if you don't want to you can actually do that here so it's very easy
    to do that very quickly so you can see here if I go to the new button here at
    the bottom and go from gallery you'll see that there's a number of different
    images that are available to me as Visual Studio side you can see here in
    Visual Studio click on that there's a whole bunch of different images examples
    that we have here so you can see here I can create gif essences which is a
    basically your work item tracking and version control product you also have
    access to basically a lot of different sort of versions of Visual Studio up to
    this description level that you have so far have a premium Visual Studio Premium
    Plus MSDN I can get Visual Studio profession
    on Visual Studio premium but I don't get ultimate for example but I have an
    ultimate solution so I get all these things but you can see here for example
    we have a number of different different things here so we have Visual Studio
    premium update 3 with tools for a better Apache Cordova
    for example so these
    are already are all created for you so we had this for professional we have for
    premium we have it for anyone level as you have with the court over chillin
    already in so if you don't want to install the court over to lean on your
    machine and you do have access to MSDN subscription this is a good way to start
    and test it out and try to things like that so I would I would suggest you do
    that in fact I spend most of my demo time all it within a virtual machine
    that already created so I'm gonna go to the right now and we have set this up as
    I have an ultimate visual studio ultimate
    set up here with with
    cordoba already installed on it as well as can see here already started Visual
    Studio just so that we don't have to wait for it and it's actually quite easy
    to start up a Visual Studio application now
    application projects so I i gotta do is go to file your project is due within
    Visual Studio and as you can see here there's and i cant really doing very
    well in my apologize there's two different things here and the focus on
    my demos on the job site so the recent rise in javascript is because obviously
    court over application is primarily a web based application which is a job
    application right so you see here their store apps which is basically creating
    applications that use wind Jas which is Windows JavaScript library for native
    applications running Java but that's out of school for what we're doing
    hybrid applications that live on the web as well or maybe local on your machine
    on your device but it's still a web based application and we have here a
    multi-device hybrid application as you can see here black cap cordoba and your
    record over whatever done that so I don't have to worry about that now
    there's another way you can do this this is under tight script if you're not
    familiar with type script script is basically just a is an implementation
    and JavaScript that microsoft is providing its fully compliant
    percent complaint with JavaScript in the ACMA script standards so there's nothing
    different about type script to JavaScript because I script is
    JavaScript there's no add-ons extensions plugins whatever what it did what it
    does is it provides you with some things that are really nice warm programming
    state points such as you know tight safety as if we're ever done JavaScript
    development before you may notice that you know when you create a very variable
    can contain almost anything can contain characters it contained in string array
    of numbers afloat decimal integer whatever and if your variable contains
    the wrong types of values for example you're trying to do a condition for
    example of function that does edition and you're adding in you know very well
    that has like a string of characters that is going to bail on you gonna have
    a runtime error this type script capability is basically something that
    will help you avoid those types of things that provides a type safety so
    that it finds out right away before you even deliver your occasion where there
    might be issues and things like that so if you're interested just go to type
    script outdoor and find out more about that but like I said we're gonna stay
    away from that we're just gonna focus on Saturday JavaScript and things like that
    so we're gonna stay within the multi-device hybrid application within
    JavaScript will create a blank application will call this blank cordova
    do that's why are there it's doesn't really matter and it's going to create
    the product structure so what you see here is basically the project that you
    see here and as you might imagine there's a whole bunch of different
    things that are here so your CSS is basically where you actually keep your
    time skating style sheets right so this is the way your application look and
    feel and things like that from that standpoint so this is where you would
    make sure that you know it has the right look and feel for iOS vs Android vs
    Windows Phone vs blackberry whatever it is that you're actually doing there's
    also some standard stuff so you see here for example index HTML get into that
    little bit just standard HTML there's nothing while about it and here in the
    west side you'll see for example we have different screens now the screens are
    basically for things that are specific to the platform
    developing for safe and take a look at Android for example there's a whole
    bunch of differences green landscape so provide you with some defaults here so
    that allows you to find out for example D the sizes of the screens and things
    like that
    anything that would be specific to the platform so if something was different
    about Android compared to iOS that you're actually building your
    application for it will go on the rez sort of set of folders which is
    basically your resources and things like that to to to those but as you can see
    here we also have scripts in your script basically your javascript so we have an
    index such as plus a platform overriding the platform or right is basically the
    area and I'll just go very quickly there shouldn't be too much in here in fact
    there's nothing basically what this platform override sis file for its for a
    code that is specific to each popcorn right so there's a set a standard API is
    that are you know set up so that you know you have cross-platform
    capabilities across all different platforms supporting but maybe there's a
    situation where there's a different functionality for Iowa compared to
    Windows Phone that you're trying to do what you actually put that functionality
    within your override judge on crippled by so that it can actually figure out
    exactly ok well because we're gonna do something different here for example but
    we're just gonna keep it very very simple because it's pretty much just a
    glorified hello world that but maybe a little bit more exciting but I actually
    take a look here at the index HTML you see here is just a standard you know
    HTML 5 document got the meta information around the character sets the title you
    know all these types of things we're gonna take name this and we're gonna
    call this exploding dinosaurs and here will basically say that's the title of
    it and we're gonna say hello your applications ready will change this will
    make this little bit will say is polluting dinosaurs and here we're gonna
    add something so image to my application so you can see here there's images if I
    click on this and
    dragged by mistake so I'm just gonna right click on this and add an existing
    item which is going to be an image now forgotten the desktop I just happen to
    have this image available to me here and it is now there's images there and as
    you can see from Visual Studio standpoint as I hover over you can
    actually see the image and all that kind of stuff too so it's basically a
    dinosaur riding a motorcycle with an explosion in the background if you can't
    really see it so what we gonna do now is now that we have that I'm actually gonna
    add an image in ok so also put the image tag in here as you can see source equals
    and I'll say images and Dec consider this intellisense which actually helps
    me with my project as well say if I type something in wrong you'll give me an
    Arab this way it properly and will basically say and will finish that he
    liked that now there's some other things that I can do because this is just a
    shemale I can do all sorts of cool things as well so one of the things that
    have added that part of part of my install is after the fact after I
    created this virtual machine I did something called Visual Studio web
    so if i go to here and I say for example I go to if I give her trivia or if I
    gotta vs weather essentials dot com this is basically an add-on to Visual Studio
    that contains a lot of forward-looking sort of web facilities and functionality
    for Visual Studio that allows you to do some great things right so as you can
    see here you can download it's completely free and it provides you with
    a whole bunch of different things from you know if you don't rape for
    JavaScript JavaScript last whatever plus all sorts of things like facilities were
    intellisense across a whole bunch of different things
    the most recent versions of standards because standards actual change over
    time as well we will add those into Visual Studio web essential so that you
    can actually manage those things I'm not gonna go very deep into what essentials
    is you can actually do a search for BS weather essentials and find some great
    resources on what's in it and things like that so I do suggest you take a
    look at that you can even take a look at BS West Central dot com which is what I
    down to find more great features that but already downloaded it but there's
    one feature that I thought was iconic all night I like to show it off so what
    we're gonna do something here in this is basically because in code and if I do
    this if I go to section give in and if I say for example Li times five and then

    but this is basically this is one of the create a section tag in a div tag
    inside of the section and then set up a list of five items with lorem ipsum of
    the first three letters of Lorem Ipsum in each of those things I could actually
    do that someone that actually done that this doesn't actually show up here but
    what if I do it
    attack now it's actually created as you can see here it created all this code
    for me automatically so that's all well and good and you can see here since I
    got all the information here so it's kind of cool so so I can even do things
    such as a fighter from one of the move this specific item down so keep on
    having over the image so apologize so if I if I want to move this item down I'll
    have to do is per person the Alt key and actually move these things around so you
    can see here
    up and down with the ok I can actually move a full line of code our full line
    of hypertext across as well says just some great little things that are
    available to me that I can actually do know that's not specific to court over
    this just went about it but that's kinda cool you don't just the fact that you
    can do all these things now because this is also a this is actually a web page
    you can actually make use of any JavaScript library that's out there
    today so for example you can see here obviously as you might imagine there's a
    quarter over to Jas library that's included because obviously it's a
    quarter of application plus he knows custom scripts that you create within
    your project as well let's say for example of that jQuery or angular and
    bootstrap or you know whatever sort of client library that you want for for
    your javascript side things you can add those in to make use of those with
    cordoba publications as well so that's great you know that ok so now that we've
    done that that's all well and good but we don't really have we don't see this
    yet so how do we actually do some debugging on these things
    well within Visual Studio you can see here I'm currently on end
    but I can actually change this to iOS Windows Phone Windows under various
    different sort of CPU type such as arm-based processor
    bit and
    all those things that you can actually do these things and actually toboggan in
    and all that kind of stuff within within the device type that you are actually
    looking for now one caveat is that I West bugging is coming not currently
    available but by the time it goes live out of CTP the intent is that I was
    hugging facilities as well but you will need a Mac for that as I understand it
    so just be aware that and that's just a limitation based on iOS and how Apple
    sort of architect their platform inside that's their prerogative they can do
    whatever they want with their their their plan on just for the heck of it
    and the way you to bug these things as you actually just there isn't a bugger
    facility here and you can see that there's all sorts of different sort of
    options and a half years so I can use the device so if I had an Android device

    hook up to it I just plug it into my PC and then I can actually do you device
    testing and things like that as well as the Android emulator which is it's good
    but sometimes a little bit slow depending on things we're actually going
    to be providing an Android emulator barone within Visual Studio in the next
    version of Visual Studio Visual Studio
    which is actually quite fast so
    stay tuned for that but you can also see something called ripple now trip will
    provide you with a number of different little stopped up here that provides a
    number of different options here for you no debugging the Chrome browser which
    are going to show you and it provides you with the the reference devices so
    you can see the Nexus 7 Nexus S Nexus galaxy which we have here and I just a
    standard nexusgalaxy and then click on the bug and that's fine I'm not sure
    what happened again
    course sure what's going on here so it's a bit maybe that's a problem
    ok let's start again
    ok so they're open project
    not sure what the problem is but it was working before so I apologize but
    basically what happened just to show you here is that when I created this when I
    started bugging you would actually bring up the Chrome browser and the Chrome
    browser would create a new instance of the this application within with an
    Android and I could actually see how this works so people try to a bit later
    and see what happens
    so in the meantime what we'll do is also a different way of actually doing this
    now there's one more den mother and show and that's actually bring over an
    existing website and adding it into a quarter of application so I'm just gonna
    start Visual Studio again hopefully it'll work this time from a device used
    in a very important to fit in and what I'm gonna do it I'm going to include an
    existing application or game called you anymore so you can actually get your
    table yourselves if I actually do a search for any ball it's actually on
    CodePlex game and you can download the source code and basically what this is a
    reference application or reference game free shemale
    the web so it's a web
    application as well as a Windows 8 when Jas application as well as we create a
    native version of Windows Phone 8 as well
    you want to do but the intent there is that we're going to focus specifically
    on the web application to create this so hopefully this will work properly and
    we'll show you what it looks like so here I am I gonna find you project again
    and will create a blank cordova African in JavaScript that's fine
    code just going to double click on this and I'm going to highlight and copy it
    all over my cold shoulder which is where actually created that application think
    it is in its court over
    I click on this I V there I've added these things
    into the folder where my project is now what I need to do is that doesn't
    automatically mean that the copy the folder said I copied over the code that
    I copied over jets referenced within my application what I need to do here as I
    need to show all files what this will do is it will find all the files that are
    within the folder structure that was created from a solution so you see here
    is a number of different things that may or may not show up very well but
    basically you know the bin and the beat build folder will ignore those we don't
    need to add those we will have the game library so we're gonna say including the
    project and will add JavaScript in the media so I'm just gonna shift click
    project and will include game . html project now one last thing that we're
    going to do because the default page thats all set up for the the quarter
    application is in texts and emails are you to rename this one
    index one just for the heck of it and will remain gamedata gmail too
    index HTML now we're gonna try to this is that the ripple said a thing again
    and hopefully this will work so let's see yeah and it's decided not just to
    work well that's really unfortunate so basically what would have happened is
    this would have actually shown up and actually provided you with the would
    have actually created the process and show you the game so in fact I think
    I'll do is I got another virtual machine maybe there's a problem with a virtual
    machine or something and if I click here to see if we can actually get to a
    different virtual machines will go to my original one here and I'll connect to it
    and just are you peeing in some remote desktop into my machine in the cloud
    will try that again
    ok that's fine the show is that ok alright okay so
    right now we're gonna do as I'm going to go to Visual Studio
    in this case
    I'm running premium doesn't really matter and I'm gonna go to File new
    and here you see for example blank application so I just click OK on this
    the ones already loaded up here as you can see all this stuff is here now and
    would actually go get the the contents are you going to go to the desktop cuz I
    got this on this one as well get the web content posted over
    we'll just copy and pasted over go no go through and do the same thing that we
    did before so we're gonna show all files and will include the game library
    JavaScript in the media
    now renamed this one
    try this again say about this just to make sure I'm good and we'll go to the
    ripple and now it seems to be working properly so so I'll be able to show you
    a little bit about what this looks like as well from the from the ripple ripple
    the bugger is whether the ripple emulator so it's just gonna bring up or
    chrome or just wait for this load up as you can see it's creating a local
    version of it in Port
    which if you can see that on your screen and there
    you go there's a game and there's some hikers and are trying to go up the hike
    and there's my Getty whose days basically going to throw down balls and
    see if I can any of these things so the interesting thing about this is you know
    the screen refresh level is a little bit low so I apologize for that but you see
    I'm not a very good player at this but you can see there's there there's what
    looks like now what I can do as I can actually do the orientation so much
    different things that are available to me that I should take a look so you can
    see there that's what it looks like its screen orientation is important read and
    landscape provides platforms you can actually see the various different
    platforms are supported in this case about you cordoba PhoneGap can change
    the version of it I want to plus it also provides me with a whole bunch of
    different things like what it what would happen if I'm simulating Ethernet versus
    something else for example you can get some globalization so you know what's a
    locale so if I wanted to do for example French I can do that as well and in all
    can't even fake out GPS capabilities here as well so with me just bringing
    copying over an existing website was actually quite easy for me to create a
    record of application to make use of that for example there's other things
    such as sending here that you can see as well and that's for example you know you
    can have some proxies and things like that as well as provide the themes of
    you want to use light vs dark theme and things like that of your device and
    things like that to see how it works and how it looks on your application using
    those things you can do that so that's all well and good but that's an example
    of you know how you can actually create again for example and and I didn't go
    through the code again because you can actually go through that yourself and
    take a look at it it's really more the the intent behind the demolition how you
    can actually bring existing assets and bring them over to cordoba occasion and
    I could actually bring this to Windows Phone
    windows and all those types of things as well now the other thing I want to show
    you gonna redo that initially hello world application in our closest
    solution and I'll create a new vision just show that he is so you can see it
    so good to find new project and in this case what we do here is will create
    another another blank application and in this case what all do again as I'm gonna
    add an image so we're gonna provide that exploding dinosaur any age
    an existing item which I have on my desktop I believe here
    I think they're in our index that each email will redo this just to show you so
    for example here you know in this case with this to exploding dinosaurs and
    then again here what this is
    and then the image
    source which is / JPEG and we will just add another paragraph and we'll just say
    Jay R we miss you ok so we we got that done and I will say this and now
    actually bring this up in reply again just to show you what it looks like and
    if we take a look at this is actually bring you know that
    there you go so you have exploded dinosaurs Jeremy Mincey see next episode
    and the requisite dinosaur with explosions going on at the same time we
    can do to bugging in like you would normally do with with debugging within
    Visual Studio for asp.net MVC for example you can do the same as well for
    for your applications with in court over as well
    can even do like I said we'll see what it looks like when we're actually in
    that format C can also see for example sorts of things like that so so that's
    all well and good and that's that's great to see so the the great thing
    about this is that it's it's a fully capable
    it's a full capability within Visual Studio currently and CTP Community
    Technology Preview which means that you know it's not currently in production
    but you do have a goal I'd license with it to actually build applications for
    court over using this and it's actually really easy to deliver great experiences
    regardless of whether it's an existing website they are trying to port into a
    mobile application or you know just creating new applications all alone all
    the same for yourself so with that I'm gonna leave that as is and I'll let you
    play with the tooling yourself if you do have an MSDN subscription for forestry
    that same to you I do encourage you to try just putting a virtual machine in
    doing this in the virgin because it's a great way to do this and test out these
    things and just out to the next version of Visual Studio Visual Studio

    which is also available as a virtual machine for MSDN subscribers to test out
    because of Cordova capabilities will be built in automatically into that and you
    can you can go to town with it so without leave leave you be for now I do
    want to say Happy Holidays to everybody seemed that is December so anybody does
    taking vacation enjoy it if you're not taking vacation make sure you take some
    time for yourself I know I will be and we'll see you in the new year in

    with more exciting stuff from break point so take care and have a great one
    thanks for watching just wanted to remind you and you should be okay just
    to remind you if you scroll down there is a quick for me you can fill out the
    form for you to fill out that actually allows us to get in touch with you if
    you wanted to become the champion of your company that's really cool make
    sure you fill it out we'll get in touch with you will give you all the
    information you need and we can see what you can do for you and your company *** *** How to Straight Bar Lace your shoes - Professor Shoelace - YouTube !!! English English
    G'day everyone, Ian Fieggen here,
    also known as "Professor Shoelace".
    Today's video is about Straight Bar Lacing,
    so named because it forms a series of
    straight horizontal bars across the shoe.
    Although some people think it's like the
    vertical bars of a prison cell, but,
    you can make up your own mind about that.
    It's also known as "Lydiard Lacing",
    named after the legendary running coach
    Arthur Lydiard, who recommended it for
    reducing pressure on the upper ridge of the foot.
    In fact, if you compare it to something like ...
    Straight European, which also has straight sections,
    but it's got this underlying zig-zag,
    now those underlying bits are obviously
    what's going to be pressed into the foot.
    So ... having ... no underlying sections
    makes it a bit more comfortable,
    not to mention looking more uncluttered, it ...
    a lot of people use this on
    dress shoes or, just on sneakers, 'cos,
    hey, it look pretty cool! So ...
    That's what it looks like, let's see how it's laced.
    I've got us set up here on a simple sneaker.
    And ... you can see I've started already
    with the lacing running straight across
    the bottom and in through both bottom eyelets.
    Now we begin with one end. I'm taking the left end
    and running it straight up the inside
    and out through the next higher eyelet.
    Then I continue straight across the shoe
    and in through the adjacent eyelet.
    Now the idea is we've got both ends on the same side
    and we can run straight up the inside,
    straight across the outside,
    straight up the inside, straight across the outside,
    and so forth if you've got more eyelets.
    So I'll take the lowest end,
    go straight up two eyelets,
    and out through the first ... vacant eyelet.
    Again ... this one goes in through there, so up two,
    and again, out through the first vacant eyelet.
    Now we run straight across on the outside,
    and in through the adjacent eyelet.
    Again, straight across the outside,
    and in through the adjacent eyelet.
    I'll just neaten that up there.
    Now here, we once again go
    straight up the inside,
    and out through the first vacant eyelet.
    Again, straight up one ... two ...
    out through the first vacant eyelet.
    Straight across on the outside,
    in through the adjacent eyelet.
    And now that we're at the top of the shoe,
    we can simply complete it by ...
    straight up and out through the top eyelet.
    Here, I'm tying it off with my
    world's fastest shoelace knot,
    but you can use any knot you like.
    And that's it: Straight Bar Lacing.
    Now you'll notice - see how I've got quite a long
    loose end there?
    In fact, if I compare it to Criss Cross Lacing,
    the ends are ... substantially longer.
    I usually find the total end length is about

    percent longer on typical shoes.
    So it's something to bear in mind
    when you use Straight Bar Lacing,
    it uses up less shoelace than Criss Cross Lacing,
    so you'll end up with longer ends.
    That's great if your normal ends are a bit too short,
    you can simply re-lace it with Straight Bar Lacing
    and you'll have slightly longer ends.
    Now, a couple of other points.
    I'll just show you this on my ... Windows ...
    on my website. This is Ian's Shoelace Site,
    which, if I animate the Straight Bar Lacing,
    you'll see it goes straight across,
    straight up,
    straight across,
    straight up,
    straight across,
    straight up,
    straight across, and finish.
    Now that's on a shoe with eight pairs of eyelets.
    Here it is on six ... four ...
    or two pairs of eyelets.
    And the reason I haven't shown it on
    any ODD numbers of eyelet pairs ... is ...
    that that's a real problem.
    Here's a shoe with seven pairs of eyelets,
    and ... you can see that when it's finished,
    well, what have we got? We've got ...
    both ends sort of ending up at the same point.
    So, do we ... run a diagonal or do we
    run that and then ... they don't meet?
    Here I'll show you ... on my iPhone app,
    I've got a few workarounds.
    So this one I've just simply decided, look, let's ...
    forget the bottom pair of eyelets so we'll
    pretend it's only a shoe with six pairs of eyelets.
    Here we've actually run a single diagonal across the bottom.
    You can do that at the top as well.
    Here we've got a single crossover ... at the bottom.
    Here we've cut the lace at the bottom
    and got one end tied off at the bottom-left (oops!)
    and one end tied off at the bottom-right.
    Here we've got ... two passes across
    the second-from-bottom eyelet.
    And again, a double-pass with this one
    sort of looped under before it proceeds up.
    This variation has both ends coming out through
    the top-left eyelet and then across the top.
    When you've got that tied you'll effectively have
    a double-pass at the top there.
    And this final variation,
    what I've done is simply laced with
    Straight Bar Lacing for the first six eyelets,
    and then finished at the top with
    what we call "Lock Lacing".
    Lock Lacing's a special technique for
    additional tightening, so,
    if you're a runner and you want that additional tightening
    well you've got a ... a solution built in.
    Anyway, that's Straight Bar Lacing.
    Hope you enjoyed it!
    And if you want more detailed instructions,
    diagrams, animations, you name it,
    you can go to Ian's Shoelace Site:
    www.fieggen.com/shoelace *** *** How to Diamond Lace shoes with Lace Anchors - YouTube !!!
    the bomb
    them what's up guys this is the how to die in lace video by lace acres are not
    familiar with lace anchors are never used them before you might wanna click
    right here
    there's going to be a pretty clear idea or instructions on how to use and
    install them
    mine a little bit of background on them comment on this video to jump into how
    to achieve the diamond place and we call it dies because it does have the
    diamonds have seen a couple different names for
    we had decided that the time and place was appropriate
    anyways whatcha gonna do is take a lace
    through these bottom i listening to take amanpour out about a mile away
    and on this I don't how to the bottom eyelid year then gonna skip up
    to the third hole any sites including this one the chile Syrian account lauren

    gonna skip one whole
    into taking place across and enter the whole
    so you're skipping only one hole in this is the only time that you're actually
    gonna skip a hole during this lacing process
    take away some exciting news going to that third hole
    at this point should have some
    Aug 2nd tax rate in the middle her towards the bottom issue here
    I'm using an intentional aces and go into the hole that just kept from the
    inside she actually might come out at all
    skipped it and now you can go back into it from the inside
    and poured out same thing on the side from the inside
    call it out snap some it looks like this
    air lease should be coming out of the whole just skipped they gonna take it
    away saying to go directly across
    into the very next hole that's available which
    beer for hold their forward
    take the opposite side into that hole where
    where I know this
    power might get a little bit tricky for you guys to pay attention dinner
    bring this lays down to the whole right below the one you just went into so that
    are to: lace
    through this whole but you need to get this back through from the inside and
    come out of that hole again a little bit tricky but
    if you work with it get it how taxing really easy do the same thing on this
    ago poor about
    action gonna give you guys a little tip here but I did is took like a big hand
    before started this video and I tear it up to the third and fourth hole and I
    just can't
    showed a big pain in their made his hold a little bit bigger because
    it can be difficult all rights national look like this
    you gonna take it across and you're gonna enter
    this next call lmao same thing on this site take it across
    and tear saying thank you can take this down to the whole below
    all for said
    through that I'll to different inside
    back down portion that I'll
    should look like this now taken across
    once again this is the last one for me I don't book to the very top of you wanna
    do this process for more time go to the top of its completely up to you
    usually stop wash it all down or so
    fringe should pretty much completely
    don't wish you could see its through Lisa was actually one of my favorites
    it's a clean look and it's super simple to achieve I'll
    it looks a lot more complicated than it is to actually accomplish
    so at this point I'll show you how to utilize chalet sector
    this is all a Sager then
    little product here whatcha gonna do is take your waist up
    center hole a slight delay sinker down touching inside the issue
    like so see it there generate take
    by lacing go to the top quartile a sinker like so
    gonna bring it over the top in his little spikes on my way same here am I
    going to the
    bottom slot you wanna try to keep your lace tree
    you can see on nice n flack that is
    going to waste twisted anything like that this place your skin
    flagged as you you don't feel these things inside its usual absolutely
    what this does is lock sell a sack on to the LASIK NC porn outside here that
    doesn't move it's not coming out
    so you're setting is staying here alright
    same thing on this site again take it to the center hole
    like so slight delay sinker down to earth
    touching it inside here she there you want to touch a shame because that's the
    point where
    you want your lace anchored to be sick care to shoelace because
    it's on the inside Silas at this lease can foresee what it is
    to stay right there
    bring it up over the top with the spikes and down into this
    bottom slot really same here or through their
    Seattle nice liar
    all right now
    at this point Asian leaving inch or so
    just for just machine need to loosen or tighten LA's for any reason
    can go shorter by 2i don't suggest that you don't feel that's inside anyways
    get rid of all year actually sink rotate is down and
    poll on outside here
    a perder talent here to simulate a
    for going to share
    people's were that looks like agency are clean now looks without beer
    bow on their mom
    injure solid it's not gonna move on you have the same consistent fitting shoe
    every single time just like different get to go you can see
    Union siegel et sager's actually took behind the top on this you can see if I
    move it tucked back in there but you feel absolutely nothing
    issues don't move on you whatsoever this day
    percent secure
    educate the same Kansas to finish every single time
    on check out some of our other videos on lace anchor TV had that's our YouTube
    and also our web site WWW dot lace acres dot com and
    you find out where these things are available thanks for watching
    home ok %uh
    home *** *** How To Start A Cross Stitch Pattern - YouTube !!!
    had minor-league seems dream
    been doing the yeah these demons
    ok it is always advisable to stack
    affected at the center now on the paper also you mock kill
    send to and usually the sent up
    a role is marked by arrows like that
    one political land the other one horizontal
    so what to do is you joining dole's
    and there you have your center point
    that so
    noone you take it the fabric and
    breaking on me the up from the
    left end call on am
    leave the boat an angel soul then you take it down
    not take it up to the right
    the right end and bring it down again
    they had to be careful not to pull the

    tuhade if you pull it cud like will happen is it good
    be like that where you get a a
    not not my stitch
    again you take
    the a claim from the
    top right hand corner down to the
    bottom left hand corner
    top left hand corner
    down to the bottom right
    help Google across
    saw here
    moving ball this way again %um
    look at and not the important thing is that you must have
    the threads all I'm going in one direction
    if you can see that one this
    that bid and here also the fitness that
    it did that is really important for the finish to be nice
    now you find that here
    that if you can't this the square yes there will be one

    so you know someone status
    across like that
    minutemen you come I haven't done seven stitches hip
    when you come to the end then you gore
    take the next each up which is that too on
    and that one is going dead than this not straight up
    the next to use the Dada no stitch so you
    goal that Emily up like that
    it was here that you
    you just passed your named cool about three or four stitches
    at the back
    men miss
    cut it off necessary to do that
    little bit he added to it you also a symbol
    us instead of color the
    the dash deleted that shit is here
    is for the white color the
    numbers that they give you and you follow the symbols
    in the same way as you hold a issue had a color
    track *** *** QuikArt 2Step Cross Template - YouTube !!!
    using the Quick art metal tool
    this is a demonstration at a quick art brand two-step template we're gonna make
    across start by
    cutting the outer dimension and the crash
    marked you got holes take the end portion the crash
    up it's got holes ok
    cut that geometry ok
    done ok
    do *** *** Learn how to cross stitch and how to read a cross stitching pattern - YouTube !!!
    hi I'm Kelly
    for my simple walk to come and today I'm gonna teach you how to cross stitch
    available on my website my simple walk to calm
    you can find this pattern that I created specifically for this video
    before we begin actually stitching
    for those of you who do not understand how a cross-stitch pattern works
    I would like to. brief moment and teach you my parents usually come one page
    I find that those are easy to read an easy to use and easy to print out
    but this does apply to other patterns as well
    most parents will tell you how many stitch
    is where six counties minus
    stitches by nineteen stitches
    the reason that's important is depending on the tape amateur you're using
    actually cross stitch you will
    arm that's how you will determine how much you need to measure out
    this one also tells you that I recommend a three by three
    peace apps across this material now I did cut mine a little bit bigger
    I like to have more room for for my fingers to hold onto
    while I'm searching but 3 inches by 3 inches is adequate
    I also said
    count cross-stitch mature comes in various accounts
    hom I also use um different type some material
    to cross stitch and debt actually affects your stitching whereas you if
    you could choose to just over two stitches
    we're doing is very basic this we're just doing their squares
    this little squares the dots make up all these different squares
    she just hang up from
    the next I also want to use three strands of Los
    DMC floss comes with there six trance here
    a lot a pair parents will say
    choose transfer cross stitching one for back stitching I let's use three for
    cross stitching cell
    my parents just tell you that I was lucky for strength
    here's our caller key this is very important because this is how we
    read the patter this open circle
    which you can see on the pattern here I want to use
    this is how floss comes when you get it
    at the store company's long pieces
    and the numbers are labeled on their when I bring them home I put monies
    cardboard pieces
    and I leave the paper and that's what number did
    so the oak or sponsor

    so this is
    which is a green color and then we have the
    X for
    which is a red color
    the plus sign for
    which is the brown color
    and then this dash which is
    which is the yellow color
    now if you have these colors on hand please feel free to use any color
    combination you like
    on the green on here is the tree itself the red
    is the decorations the brown as the base and the all-star
    but you can use whatever cause you have even you should have a brand you have
    DMC just happens to be the brand I perfer
    and have easy access to so now
    that is how you read a pattern the most part into the same they could have
    with the numbers to tell you what with the pattern it some parents come
    where you can see the X is also in color not just in symbols
    I for furry was symbols but this man to be easier for you see you're welcome to
    use either one
    now we're going to get started
    do you have your piece mature cut ready to go you need all
    now embroidery needles tend to be larger than sewing needles
    and they're easier to just run with the flow so
    when you cross stitch they usually recommend starting in the middle
    and because I am teaching you how to do this we are going to do the traditional
    way start in the middle
    once you get are more experienced you can
    I iced I stop a reference for its most convenient for me
    I usually pick a spot but I like the color I like when it's gonna be so I
    that's right
    start but that does take practice because if you're of
    the whole pattern will be of which means you will may not have enough material to
    finish the piece
    so for this piece is a small enough you cut generously enough for gonna be fine
    but for the sake of learning we're gonna start in the middle
    so I've sold it material
    to mark the middle now I'm here
    some patterns are marked with the middle really large patterns tend to be
    but on here I did not market but the middle
    me the middle is about here so we're going to start with
    all these news okay and the ozark

    so I have thread on here from stitching my sample cause this is what it's gonna
    look like when we're done
    and this could be easily turned into a Christmas ornament
    so I am already have my free strea m separated
    but for the sake love learning I will show you how to separate them
    some Oregon smaller pieces now a good
    a good laying to cut um
    the false when using it is go from your hand
    shoe the bend in your elbow you don't want it to be too long
    because then it'll crawl and when it curls it can create not
    so that's for starting that's a good like
    alright and for this piece to we don't need much this is a small little pattern
    now here we have our r6 trans so what you're gonna do
    is carefully separate them until you have seen I have three in one hand Reina
    they just fall their ago so now I have my two sets of three
    to do a project so this one thirty in da nang
    my such a three became a threat money don't
    right so here's the middle point and here's where I found the middle point to
    be so one hears the middle
    and actually over two stitches that we're gonna start now in this paper
    a stitch is simply here's a dot so there would be a stitch
    gonna go over one more dot it's a whole
    forgive me if it's a whole nother material so
    we're gonna come up here now what we're gonna do
    is we need to catch this could see if not its gonna go through
    cross it just enough but not on back at the works when you frame it they can
    bumps we don't want to be so we don't you use knots
    so what I'm gonna do is on a comeback here
    and catch the tail this is a tale my thread on a catch with one my fingers
    and hold it in place
    and what we'll do is we'll do our stitching overt opposite
    to secure it in place to know what we're going to do.
    now I can't tell how well you can see this
    so I came up here with this whole now I'm gonna go
    to the upper left so you don't want the whole directly above
    you want the hall to the left but one row higher
    I don't know which way you can see that that her
    okay and reports through
    see how it makes a slanted line
    alright now what I'm gonna do because I wanna catch this
    gonna come back here to look and when she get
    better at this you won't have to look ill you'll know with details to be okay
    so where this one came out you wanna go in the hole directly above it
    but making sure yours you're going over top at this tale
    cousin what's gonna happen is now Seahawks securing that in place
    see this is why i cant open the front so there's my dash
    I'm in this hole here so now we're gonna go
    across diagonally
    to the up for right
    has them but that's gonna for is an axe
    CDC the axe alright
    now if you want you can just take this and some loss and his practice Texas
    several rows affects is I thought to be fun to do an actual pattern
    to have something to show for when you're done but if you want to access by
    all means go go ahead and practice on your taxes
    now what images on a move his tail over because I want to be able to catch it
    from my next purchase
    okay so now I did this
    open circle right here now there's just a cheer that we're skipping cuz there's
    nothing there
    and never gonna do another one so I'm here
    here's the here is the the bottom Rome sorry
    here's the bottom right corner of the actually finished
    so this next whole to the right
    is a skip steps there's nothing there ceramic oh one more hole to the rights
    which is their ago
    and then we're gonna come up the bottom right whole
    now you're gonna go diagonally across
    to the up from left whole
    okay and catching
    thats you're gonna come up through
    the bottom left and then go
    to the up for rights
    alright the idea is performing these axis
    now let me see here mark so what we're doing is
    we have the series %uh love holes
    and I call a square because for hosting other makes a square
    so we're starting here
    coming up here and never going down this one
    and they're coming up here are going down
    ok that one price look at the camera not my work
    that's how we gonna create creator axe to cross stitching at this point
    is a series of X's once you get good with this week it added some specialty
    but for now it's just a series of axis so now we have our two on there
    okay which is here
    just here and here alright now this one
    is down and over one to the left
    so what you do you as you go down one from where you're listed twice
    and I go over once the left now our tails should be secure at this point
    so we don't have to worry too much about it
    so what I would suggest we do is we trim that of such as in the middle %uh view
    your work that's gone I'm
    so now we started in this lower corner
    diagonally to the left upper corner
    up carew the bottom laugh
    and then over shoot the top right
    okay now we have
    now we r so we've done the issue
    now some people like to when they're doing their work
    actually cross off so we did this one here and did this one here and we did
    this one here
    if that makes it easier for you by all means cross that off
    okay so now we need to do this one here so once again we are skipping a stitch
    and going to the left so here is the bottom left at this stage we just did
    so that is actually the star the next home
    if or the next square the next X
    forgive me so we're gonna skip that one and go one more
    and make an X now cross stitching is pretty easy to pull out if you make a
    mistake so don't worry
    and mistakes happen I have done entire patterns and when I finished realize a
    dissection of
    its okay most likely only you will ever know
    so there is another step all right now this
    now you're gonna continue what thoughts cross else
    that one now eventually
    you can be able to feed them see a better and then understand or to put it
    so this one's here in the middle the suit so I can see withheld these two are
    so this would be the upper right but that's not what we're starting our
    we're starting with the lower rates I'm just not comfortable alright
    Bagnoli to the upper left
    up not bottom on the left lower left
    and cross over to the upper right now must restart a tangle
    all ages untangle it as I just hold it up then let them
    string onto itself alright so we've done that one
    there are any go back over so we're skipping one
    nurse or skipping one when she would be here
    for skipping that one we're going over one more so up
    on the lower left down
    through I'm sorry up through the lower right
    and down through the upper left
    up through the lower left
    and down the upper right
    alright so they're just now we're starting to form our tree here
    so now we're going to do this one down here
    its in between these two hear so we went down now
    your income up through the lower right
    down through the upper left
    up through the lower left
    and then back down again through the upper right
    now instead continue on with this color:
    I'm going to change color so that you can see
    om how we do that so pretend I've done all my stage in this thread is all
    finished but we have a lot left but we're gonna pretend it's finished here's
    the back
    see there's no not or did you take are neato
    run it through the back to the stitches
    call it and now you have secured that threat
    you're going to cut it off in your face to travelers.
    try know what I tend to do as I tend to finish all one color before moving on to
    on smaller pieces but you may do it however you feel comfortable that you do
    enough stitches to hold the threat
    now if you do happen have just one stage that you forgot wanna go back to do
    when you start all she had to that now or start with the right now I really cut
    sis sorry is my three strands
    subject read it here II
    cell now
    alright so here we go so there's what I already did now those are
    there's our except here which is the rednecks here in here I mister with this
    one up here
    which is right above the stage here so now what you can do to start when
    there's RT stitching
    and this is good if you'll hit need to do one such as you run through the

    back there
    now you know me very secure did now when you do that first just hold it because
    sometimes people to
    to our hard it over about so this one strictly about
    some coming in the whole the
    this would have been on this stitch he up for right hole
    but now we're coming up on this particular stitch
    the lower rate whole other diagonally
    upper left
    directly down which is the lower left
    and then diagonally again to the upper right
    alright so there you go now we have the stage
    all the way over here now you can the reason is called can across it is a lot
    so you can count the stitches to get there
    or because we already did the stitches
    see here's to you and yours three here's to industry we know that axe
    is right there but if that's confusing for you
    think counts go one so below the exits one
    shoot three so i'd countdown

    and its over
    in that's right but my stitch
    so wanna come up through the lower right
    diagonally to the upper left
    up through the lower left
    and i know im again to the upper right alright
    so we did this one and this one
    and now we want to do this one now once again
    we can count their we have
    stitches here
    so there would be
    a stitch there in there
    but you're not that you're just using them to guide us that's

    and then it's over just there so one
    is here

    an hour in for another Ericsson
    and you're gonna continue doing this through the entire pattern
    you can change to the brown for the bottom the hell for the top
    and then when you're finished this is what you have
    now I would love to see your finished piece
    so please when you're done send me an email so I can
    either see it myself for shared on my blog
    if you have any questions if any parts confusing pleeeease
    don't hesitate to send me an email I would be glad to do another video
    that shows whatever aspect she found difficult
    um I welcome any and all emails and I also welcome
    emails for crash you'd like to learn that I have yet to DVDs for
    so thank you for watching *** *** Road Design - Template and Quantities - YouTube !!!
    existing snd and I'll call mission 11 and looking Oaklawn youths
    in the previous feed you we have known how to create cross-section levin's
    using existing don't live in we have also learned
    how horizontal alignment and what they can alignment a creative in any project
    that will be typically cross-sections
    which have to be up like along the alignment to get the proposed
    and quantities these typically cross-sections beautiful
    is an SMG in East the week get typical cross-section speed baby
    some core segment segment if any on project
    what makes he saw a pic at allows you to create
    any number to equal sections we can selectively applied the school sections
    to be two segments along the alignment
    in this medio even done how to create
    formation live in spa specific alignments how to apply the
    assembly a media statement and how extract the quantities using
    he so big cat for understanding you will use an existing
    SNP in the next meet you you will learn how to create
    a complete snd creating the formation levin's
    specific alignments in cross-section
    that under play SMD a cross-section template cool
    selling be required alignment pic on
    update but didn't you see that the formation lebanese asked the same in
    that on important the similarly
    the formation live instead imported other alignment s created
    application optically active SMB as mentioned only a
    critic not have different typically cross-section spot a particularly in
    of the total alignment for example EC
    yes and BC s
    under essentially I'll cross-section template
    new selling shrum and to change in
    Aztec way in other things happen you select seato and seven eighty
    and PC s
    ext sell it change

    and select EC s
    and seen it by saving we have applied its enemies along
    selected alignment of applying to become cross-sections
    if you select the cross-section from changes cool you will notice that cross
    section is
    updated its elected SMD you may also notice
    that along with cross-sections they mention spoke made his compliments up
    and the cross-section updated with a look at the nation did
    application of superannuation
    know if you noticed all cross-sections including the one
    along go Missy that all the cross sections have seen
    came but ISP have to find in typical cross-section
    how that book it is expected that that it looked it up close
    in horizontal alignment the Campbell value has to change from
    section to section accommodate superannuation
    and you talk needs to be widening along cool
    for small movement of traffic you can update the Super education to each
    ok well alignment with the single operation it
    on mediated by in Sydney brought to which you want
    lady superannuation sell it super education and lightning
    some design option and on create but
    by doing this operation he so pick admit automatically update the chemo venues
    and walking venues each cross-section
    which game but his diction from the default value flood bill
    in this bindle you can specifically change bad news of media been
    ass but the project let me it is not discussed in DT
    continents school but this particular meet you extraction quantities
    I line superannuation and lightning values but the cross-section
    he select the cross-section ok cool ocean of it all
    minot is that cross section with superannuation
    and respected lightning is ready not only that
    cross-section also updated with a theatrical begin Jan
    extension course related to want the specific teams
    for I can missed under decor I caught no
    that he's so big cat
    treats design laos and BT videos separate the
    design liaison dole's which have definite shape with respect to pick
    and that accepted BC DBN
    sup buddy XXL that is videos
    dole's which 80% from section to section accepted
    cutting shelling BCC median
    exceptional he's so big cat allows you to quantico
    which layup venue you want to show in cross-section this can be done when
    snd creating SNP explaining
    in next chapter thank you *** *** Easiest Way on How to solve a 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube: Intro to F2L - YouTube !!! *** *** How To- Stephen Curry Crossovers And Moves!! - YouTube !!! *** *** How to Quilt Fondant & Buttercream - YouTube !!! *** *** #Part 11 - Localised eBay Listing Templates - eBay Cross Border Trade with Magento & M2EPro - YouTube !!!
    welcome to party levin
    and in this tutorial this is where we can quibble with you
    how to set top international eBay templates
    that's right this is why we can show you how you can
    amends your existing the eBay templates
    easily for the International eat a site's
    use in which you chair won't be shown in a few minutes they
    is how you can she pick a and then customize your week system response if
    the bay
    distant template templates
    in San nationally based sites say
    it links and I will go to e-bay tocando AU
    or eBay .de for example will ymail.com
    depending on which our site you set that simply out for cool
    now let's just be one ish but my and maybe perhaps
    introduced which each into anyone you doesn't come across this before
    this pretty good point day so
    relationship in short you can create fully responsive
    ebay listing templates which work on de stops
    tablets and mobile devices as well
    eights some quite different thing is probably the best way to explain its not
    like youve
    fixed template where you pay several underpants for
    you're in control and a absolutely
    and the secret bit which everyone loves
    is how easy it is to revise the template literally
    no nerd required and for anyone who is aware
    which chip is actually bond old in
    understanding the premium membership where you can actually save yourself is
    it $

    on the membership that we people in for free with understand in a
    this right knee and a neither us the sales people but we do believe in
    is no brain and body say you can I have like an elite
    subscription on which chips for 30 pencil

    or you can get understand any premium

    and you generally K for which he chaired bundled a
    but it just seems the right thing to help you and your business
    yes we know that if you've got a fantastic template which would solidify
    mobile devices they also will you gonna sell more
    and is like you said mandate on sales people we just believe in neighboring
    about you nice play which each in
    is unlimited premium membership mission site
    so with that said lester look how we can customize and localize are the best in
    some planes
    images showed a low catch a few down a few minutes time
    first place but we're gonna start day is that we're gonna go by no description
    policy for email straight Class the nice easy one because it's all in English
    up on site where you can translate any it assesses into
    German or French or any language which lines said today that is good to sell
    the bay
    and then into configuration there were asked to the
    policies to alerts Albany yet we just wanted less running a single a cessation

    so just let us finish
    and then click into your policies to along with salt
    and then date we need to EVA
    a you description so disco a kind of basic confessed
    that deep bowl description policy says click into that
    and just let that lead up eleven and scroll down
    and then beat God description source
    7 I'm gonna go and change that to you custom
    description and we need a template which we can paste in here
    day what we're gonna show you is which Egypt and speak already being in the
    background getting
    pre-made listing template for the UK

    you said you EVA games so
    official cross two dimensions ship at me it so again if you don't have a witch
    pecan Jones writes a seven day free trial or
    if you are premium member you do you generally need to change with your
    misgivings the template builder and the security edit
    a responsiveness
    templates need a are only got one in here
    already for UK and sorry bro so
    be adequate look it up on scale kit at on this one
    say is very much a pink template
    that's what because ACU is and the budget point a
    here on the left hand side is that you'll see that the e-bay site is lots
    okay and the reason why slots is that we don't want to use it
    in a bit me make the states would live eBay listings so instead
    what we're gonna do is ashey Jeep JK is template
    so after stalin exited that so clicking on that you click a button
    on the right hand side every day that went very quickly and we can I go copy
    and you'll see that the eBay ID and the eBay site is not been set
    so let's go in customized that template night is set up for
    eBay Australia say and that could be renamed this one so
    from UK and sorry paralegal at AU im sry
    Friday then if the software provider we gonna go and she's
    events repair should be at the top of the list you leave the eBay ID is a
    Serie A
    and then crucially day we're gonna change this
    see eBay
    da calm dollar AUD okay safer
    Australia and what that will do is that all
    update the store links any cassock readings which we've got in here as well
    agenda search box on Sophia template see then work
    on eBay da call .au say if you've got a strain customer
    looking into products only debate or condo AE
    is that the customer will stay on
    debate or call the IAEA and they will come back to the UK site with the US
    where your native the base IaaS vicious cold I need a
    you can change the layout just for eBay Australia assuming all the details are
    correct then you would then go on a per se
    they I did mention about legalization
    say maybe this is for Germany so I should acquit Ichi in the back thanks
    I hands up by a German isn't very good
    so don't use Google Translate about price
    so grab that from Google Translate and I click on the Settings tab
    and whether it's high insulated bolster image gallery
    myspace really good sense for the UK laws if the US as well as in today
    but food Germany or in German I'm not even gonna try to embarrass myself by
    Jonathan H that
    but that is that Google Translate version
    so image gallery soda and their press Save Changes
    and then will then say there are image galleries Heights OH
    has been updated as well there course you could then get you doing this for
    %um go all in translate well yeah thats haps is appropriate say
    there we are doing this one first radius on scanner ily
    %uh back a but you can change the top sites souls
    let you can also do it through maybe if you've got by in a but since
    on there as well since drexel by now but since
    see you can customize those by persons says put them in the sensor
    is that you can then change the text on skype
    hey in net for example and change that day
    you see that sex is they've been changed possible to use web your translation is
    all the different a base I S and that's what he's going to use their
    every Cisco take to get let's say
    ans less compressed same template will save that's all right hand corner
    and sweet named a new template could a you
    and Sri prayer just don't get it simply k-
    and a doing daily that the option there
    a pin up tonight it but just took a tape in another screen so
    mean okay betsy kitchen so intense repro
    hands right click and I'm gonna paste
    the responsive template in that what that name eases because these templates
    been set up at the bay australia:
    is our stochastic relaying solo go to
    us search box and the related items on the customer reviews
    are all gonna go in late see eBay don't calm
    .au not our native the Bayside
    which is debate kTVK that was once you've been to make those changes
    then just don't press Save it's all and intercourse
    you wanna call impressed with her cousin if you have already gone to schedule the
    got some items listed anywhere an update and revise them for you
    I known that night for myself manner after made a half
    cheerios say for myself
    Matt and of course they'd say be Bay hey the Spanish tutoring
    helpful if you did week based really appreciate firms up a new cheap
    either at the top for this video all that is awesome
    so on screen right now we have the next part
    have this tutorial so he just click on the next tutorial
    hot sandwiches in the top right from parts the screen your head on
    over there right
    if you would like to be nice if I'd have the latest video chat souls that myself
    and a
    publish a new cheap it also press the subscribe person
    and the this video as well I would %uh said
    will see you in the next tutorial Mac
    and a *** ***