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Baby foot cake how to how to make

    -Baby foot cake how to

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    Giant Gummy Bear kitkat and m&m cake HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English - Giant Gummy Bear kitkat and m&m cake English - Giant Gummy Bear kitkat and m&m cake Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
    Today we are making a giant gummy bear swimming pool cake with jelly belly very cherry frosting.
    And some home made lolly pop splashes coming out of the top of the pool.
    Firstly you'll need to bake two round chocolate cakes and make one quantity of chocolate buttercream.
    I'll put a link in the description below to howtocookthat.net and there you'll find all
    of the cake and frosting recipes and recipe quantities and amounts of everything that
    you need to make this cake. I am using my rich chocolate cake recipe.
    And once you've made it and let it cool use a cake leveler or a knife to cut each one
    into two even layers.
    Now to make the jelly belly very cherry frosting. To do you are going to need
    I got these and the giant gummy bear from vat
    channel that didn't know existed before and it's great fun. Me and my boys ended up watching
    many of their videos and writing a big wish list and we had their catchphrase end of video
    vat19.com song stuck in our heads for days. ANyway you should go check it out it's really
    Turn that on to boil, we want to concentrate the flavour and the sugar. To do that it will
    need to boil for about
    minutes. All pans and stove tops are different so don't just
    time it you'll need to add a candy thermometer to your pan and let the water evaporate off
    it's ready when it reaches
    While you're waiting check out vat
    and then make some simple syrup. To do that mix
    together half a cup of sugar and half a cup of water and stir until it is dissolved and
    boiling. Then remove it from the heat and let it cool down.
    Check your candy thermometer when it is getting to around
    Place four egg whites into the bowl of an electric mixer and mix them until they have
    soft peaks.
    Once the jelly belly soda is at 238F or 114C take it off the heat, turn the mixers on again
    and pour the hot sugar syrup into the bowl in a thin stream. Keep the mixers running,
    if you feel the side of that bowl it will be hot, you want to keep whipping it until
    it has cooled down. And is thick.
    To assemble, place a small amount of chocolate buttercream on the base, add a layer of cake
    then pipe a circle of buttercream around the edge.
    Using a pastry brush dab on some of your cooled simple syrup, this helps make the cake really
    moist. Then add some of your very cherry frosting and spread it out. Having the buttercream
    on the sides like I have got here. That helps stop the inside frosting from spilling out
    the edges of the cake which makes it easier when you are trying to cover the whole cake
    in frosting. Repeat that with two more layers of cake then cover the whole thing in buttercream.
    Get the edges as straight up and down as you can so that when you add the kitkats they
    have a flat surface to stick to.
    Then add those kit kats all the way around the outside edge of the cake. Secure in place
    with a ribbon. I actually added the ribbon later, but it will be easier if you add it
    To the left over frosting add some blue colouring and mix that in really well. Then add that
    onto the top of the cake. If you are making this cake the day before the party then stop
    there and do the rest of this recipe on the day of the party.
    Now to unwrap the giant gummy bear, this thing weighs
    a premie baby. And just like a newborn it can't sit itself up. So we are going to need
    to support it with cake spikes

    Take three wooden cake spikes and spike them into the base of the bear in a triangular
    shape so it will stand itself . Then place it into the top of the cake. Then add your
    blue m&m's around the base of the bear.
    To make our blue lollipop splashes. Heat the sugar and water in a saucepan and stir until
    it is dissolved. Once its dissolved wash down the sides of the pan using a wet pastry brush
    and let it boil unstirred until you see one area start to turn golden. When you see that
    remove it from the heat immediately. Stir in some blue food colour and then spoon onto
    some non-stick baking paper. Once you have made a nice splash shape add
    a lolli pop stick to the lower side of the splash.
    Once they are cooled completely they will set hard and then you can just add them into
    your cake to make it look like the bear is jumping into the water to make it look like
    the bear is jumping into the water and making a big splash everywhere.
    And there you have it a very cherry giant gummy bear swimming pool cake.
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    And click here to see last weeks easter eggs video.
    Have a great week and I'll see you on Friday. *** *** Oreo Cookie Dirt & Gummy Worms Dessert with Snack Pack Chocolate Pudding & Birthday Treats - YouTube !!!
    hey everyone and Sandra for the Disney Channel also we're going to lose because
    he went to use today
    it's very special treat for about a year
    lol one or so we have to we need me where I know we have to treat each pick
    one who cool and that's the crumbly on top and look up how to make this a long
    time before I think the first thing you should do is currently the Orion that ok
    so we have
    go and smash
    ok ok ok / she /
    careful the hall he go after the life of the church and then we need a we can put
    into this will get down to the next time we have any solutions to these first a
    little bit of everything so let's get real air so we don't want any
    and they sent shock lady and then it we need to go ahead and grab like maybe to
    go anywhere where can you arms there and then through my non-human on the way we
    have time we have for putting me
    and the cute little
    ok for me

    ok now I got this mash them or are you ok
    healthy treat
    and it looks like dirt but it looks like we're going to make more and then now
    which quickly and did you want and white flour so far more here
    birthday make sure everybody like this video is Alex's birth year ago and then
    I will do the Bucs ok I know ok
    and then just ran and went from work to keep this is where you can get one of
    everything around here I can ok ok I'll alright I just told you choose colors
    soldiers to hear from you tomorrow morning on you know I think I need to
    work on time here
    here we go and then we need from your kids in
    by the day down to
    retire in the comments from which they have

    video *** *** How to Make Dirt Cake - YouTube !!!
    thank you attack Oreos for you
    nothing a cream cheese some butter
    powdered sugar but now I'm
    male whipped cream
    time and
    no opening anything the first thing you need to do is play rory is
    him back you need to smash down to read side
    can I say in a mixing bowl we have 1 package
    a half cup butter softened 1 cup confetti shooter
    and 1 teaspoon open up her when it's mixed Asian look something like this:
    and another boy needed next two packages
    a self-study where
    three cups of milk
    and you need to West the style there makes completely
    just next to fall than
    call with into year vanilla pudding and milk
    next level put my folded mixture whipped cream and pudding
    and do my cream cheese mixture and I'll fall that
    like finished mixture should look like first thing you need to know to Smok
    just put Korea
    on the bottom left-hand there from top
    then u of L
    on top o the Oreos with your make stir not coming in

    after you get all your
    make sure into the following spring called your Oreos on top
    make it look nice scant you want
    you can and gummy worms
    like farms
    man is it *** *** Bubbling Halloween Cauldron Cake with Giant Gummi Snake by Cupcake Addiction - YouTube !!!
    high dive welcome to a very special hello in addition of my cupcake
    no me I've gotten dressed for the occasion showing how to make
    amazing cauldron K me is away affect the K
    I'm also gonna show you how to make it bubble broiling seen you think a bit of
    a drive effect
    could not do you want to add in the dried out if you just wanna make it as a
    straight K
    have teamed up with the guys there that nineteen and they fit me them
    amazing dummy confectionery to really make a cake pop
    let's get started because they've got such
    a lot of tools and equipment for this video rather than spending the first
    five minutes
    going through the mall onto gonna leave them in the Description box below
    a couple things I do want to point out one of them these
    also make gummy gulp of
    girl on a lollipop stick and also the gigantic
    gummy hyphen but these are available from that nineteen dot com I will link
    to the YouTube channel
    and to their website down below in the Description box if you want to pre-order
    those to make your cauldron cake
    to begin with split open ily cake batter into two bowls now and add a little bit
    if your doctor green and then you're next
    lightest grain in age in both polls and start all the way through
    doesn't really matter what kinda green recurring you see films you've got two
    different grain
    I put a little bit over baking paper down on the base of my two rounds teens
    and then really well great them and the ball and then you wanna take

    limbaugh alms up one of the green poppin HBO containers and then the other
    so basically what you're doing is putting a combination of those two
    different colors which is gonna give it a bit above eight bob would affect
    want to go to the nixon pass it down using a big spenders bachelor and then
    ask you up all the way around cunning little figure
    that model effect
    before they go in the oven take another step to love baking paper
    on top that can help you okay can ride evenly and they detect when forty minute
    and I
    now well they're in the oven you want to combine your chocolate in Ukraine and
    we're gonna put that into the mic way for two minutes on HIGH
    money to
    minutes but they're really democracy money to put it in
    for couple more interval a minute at a time stirring really well in between
    it doesn't matter if you use a liquid paper are paid him but I love the
    electric green to get this relief slimy sludgy color
    and the consistency looking for is going to be different a to go back to that can
    actually make she pay attention to the ingredient measurement that I put down
    want to take the cooked and completely cool you wanna take a serrated edge
    and true and the top and then you want to trim any aging doctor all lose crispy
    brown edges you just wanna take them off
    and then flip you okay and trim away the bottom this is the only be just what
    that nice
    grain sponge and Annette cat no cake
    in Hama and leave your ball cake completely as it is so don't trip
    anything away from your ball cake because you wanted to retain that lovely
    we're going to stack a cup side down so I've got my in Chicago Board
    on a temporary cake board which is my book I'm gonna let get messy
    need Canada back in NASH and then tip UK
    upside down but the first lie at Faith down onto
    that couple cake board taking you settle kinda core at a central circle
    and then you think I love those tests user small circle kinda
    you just want to pour out for what little circles before applying a knife
    even credit cash on top
    you can I should have taken by now but it won't be completely fit
    cut a couple just rolled in half and then just hope it means that you can
    remember where you put that in a test tube holder posting on your neck player
    K and you were paid enough prices age liar said Corinne at the centre circle
    and you should have a rough estimation awareness test your whole thank God
    you want me to make these test chip holes a news the Test cheats
    if you're planning on using the dry I've bubbling smoking effect if you're not
    ignore this step completely of to get your core at the centre circle because
    that's going to be the EU's East line inside a cauldron
    the reason we paid him a test you got hold now is because the cake
    have a lot of pressure resting on quanta small bay FEA and we want to avoid
    putting any
    unnecessary pressure on the topic became one fifth of Captain

    it's also the reason we won at center board to take you

    place it face down onto yoga nashed Steph is and then you take a little bit
    more about the mash
    and chest lot leaf actually read the top of the board city but thank you Paul K
    to stick to a
    if you need to trim the top up your ball cake so that it completely flat it fits
    flush with that cake board
    and then take your heart strolls be cut in half and push them down into the K
    rest like a quote on top just to make sure that you got it even and Sri my
    little strolled of them that that boy did it perfectly even if you can get it
    and the manufacturer them to Nash because I lost a little
    chunk about ball cake as I pulled it out of the ball I'm actually made my straws
    just touched Ola
    they're all perfectly even but the phone up in line with the highest point of the
    don't be too fussy with this fast car it can be a pretty messy just get a bunch
    of good national net and as you put it in all make sure the Ysleta
    statuary into any of the cracks and gaps between UK players
    given up three of the with the basic whole journey type shape
    and popping off into the fridge for 20 minutes if that I'm now using my
    secondary Batcave in ash and that's been sitting at room temperature for about
    three hours to stop fanning but it not yet fit
    pay special attention to the quantity for the fun and it needs to be quite
    and you want to apply a generous in math about a half an inch
    all over the outside of the cake wanted reply take a scraper
    a rule out on the edge a serrated knife and lining up with that bottom cake
    before dragging along the outside educate get a really nice
    me a then you could you just factual a Tunisian
    up that top section as best as you can but don't worry if you've got some
    little lines in ripple here because I show you how to
    me that out ones that fit pop that one back into the fridge for
    minutes no
    longer than
    minutes because you don't want the cake been need to get called

    that it should be really nice unfairness last
    with them boiling water in it
    and I'm dipping in my factually to hate up with bachelor
    and I'm just going to use the heat from a spatula to take off any of those
    little rigid
    and relief made it down if you get any what are you bought him a she cleaned it
    up to see the acclaimed righty she said you don't get any water
    nuna funded fungi going to need to write quite a large pay $
    bring good and
    generous in
    on a cold platter and I'm using a big rolling pin here in rolling out
    and not large pay for funded keep up on it moving when you mention it doesn't
    and then take them plain water or you can use some sugar therapy and not pay
    for brushing just apply generous coating awarded to the
    outside obvio que once again making sure it's not on the cake board
    and then lift up your she should fondant and Paul a fit over the top
    both moving it you want to cure the top affecting any
    a row to the top and then gradually poll out
    the edges well smeeting down to hand he can't bear the thought of pulling it out
    so that I don't get wrinkles
    and then I'm meeting down all the way to the top all the bottom
    all your cake take a pay cut an outcome riding close to the edge ago cauldron K
    and just trim all the way around and then do the tissue to make sure that you
    any excess water of the board at also to push that leap in fact not then flush
    with the cake
    if you have the time here I recommend leaving the cake for about six hours
    to let bonded start to dry at it just improved to structure a little bit and
    makes it easier to

    UK you would apply a nice amount of that chocolate can mash
    onto the base obvio cauldron and then take your presentation board
    for lipid so that your good side if facing the cauldron and stick it in the
    you won't want to hear under the center the attempt bored and wanted to defend
    your presentation board
    and then just flip if you're not so strong in the armpit
    get someone who is to help because that cake is really heavy
    you need to remove that first cable we stuck down for just flying to offset
    underneath or not and you might need to slide it around just to disengage the
    suction about the National for peeling it off
    tidy up in a way would be to begin Nash okay and then I used my pipe in here for
    the giant gummy piping is actually the perfect accompaniment to give K
    not only did he look creepy and spooky and also
    but he's really feminine body is the perfect fitness to provide it with a
    little bit extra support
    he is optional and that cake will hold at it but I think it looks amazing and
    it's always good to have that knowledge
    the UK got more stability than in a with Nikon plowed down you want to roll out
    fat stricken on that this is gonna be there live all the rebound cauldron for
    making it even as you can
    and if lots of on either end
    before state unit down I just a very little bit of water and a paintbrush
    and just gently painted around that skinny top prima fondant
    and then night at my sausage black fondant directly on top
    they're really this is gonna be sticking to that nasa ejup funded
    which is another reason why it's great if you can let that on its data
    that a little bit before flipping a cake chill of any excess with a knife in a
    match it to end up and spending time getting at is smooth and
    even as possible so that it makes you called you look at me and as realistic
    as you can
    to make my handles I just throw that shoot
    he not suffered as a fondant and using my fingers I just make kinda like a
    little handle
    would have any impression in the middle and flattened
    tape it flat shape before applying a little bit of water and sticking around
    on either side my cauldron if you going for the bubbling affect now's the time
    to answer it s chief said just pop them in and United they are parking out a
    little way above that K
    that can avoid cross-contamination between you try to I and UK
    poorly last batch idk a Nash over it should fill that then too well and not
    coincide it s chief
    and you want to make sure you're completely for lighting the whole topic
    view cauldron
    we want had a bit of a bubbly effect if the iPhone with them
    a rich chocolate mint round chocolate balls you could walk with
    multiverse whatever you like and then you want to spoon for more back to Nash
    over top of those balls you need to cope covering the ball city-county their
    initial color throw
    now I'm taking my gummy Gallatin pops from that nineteen
    and I said don't want them to be the college gummy I want them to be want to
    I'm spooning them nice
    thinned at melted white chocolate all the way over
    I'm spooning rather than dipping because it allows me to get the chocolate
    into all those little cavity the our eyes and a nice
    and a fiend that melted white chocolate out using an innovative Chris Carney to
    be shortening
    so it's really
    nice and fluid one of the red ones I just left them in the red exposed so it
    looks like this them grew them bloody skull poking out of the barn
    our growth to position your skull simply slide in the hollow leap optic
    that can hold them in place mhm is sliding it nicely around those test yet
    I used three international the final step too gruesome cauldron it's just
    going to be adding info on local enough teeth so I've got like the little gummy
    I've got some frogs and I found these really cool kinda disgusting
    chicken feet candies a couple have little candy bar and complete the look
    and I'm pretty happy with my guru some cold rinsed you
    aren't they just before you want to search your cake that drive to the gonna
    last long but if the
    spectacular spectacular feature when you bring that cake at to the table just
    before you get there about to start eating at
    so I'm dispiriting in some of those dried ice pellets into a little test
    are out there want to love you drive the new test tubes you just gonna put in
    some water
    check out that parish in effect today's you finish college in effect look at it
    bubbling in broiling and steaming in smoky
    it's a truly spectacular cake for Halloween I think I've enjoyed this
    I hope you have a great hello in another way thanks very much for watching *** *** GIANT SOUR WORM RECIPE How To Cook That Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English English Portuguese Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That I'm Ann Reardon and today we're making a Giant Sour Worm!
    My eldest son doesn't really like eating that much cake so he requested this for his birthday instead.
    To make this you'll need sugar, glucose syrup, sorbitol, citric acid, flavours and colours
    of your choice, water and gelatin. And that gelatin needs to be a strong gelatin with
    Add the water to the gelatin and stir it well to combine. And you'll find all the recipe
    quantities that you need on the HowToCookThat.net website and i'll also explain about the gelatin
    there and what that means too.
    Leave that to absorb all of the water. And then put the citric acid into the pan with
    the sugar, then add the glucose syrup. A bit of a trick that I use when pouring glucose
    syrup is to microwave it for about 5 to 10 seconds, that just makes it a little bit more
    If you don't have glucose syrup where you live then look for light corn syrup instead.
    Stir that over high heat and at first it will be very thick and then as the sugar starts
    to dissolve and melt it will become thinner.
    Keep heating it and once it's bubbling like this you can stop stirring and wash down any
    sugar from the sides of the pan using a wet pastry brush to do that.
    Lift up a spoonful and just let the bubbles subside and check if all that sugar has dissolved.
    I'm using castor sugar or super-fine sugar so it will dissolve fairly quickly.
    Remove it from the heat once it is all dissolved and add in the gelatin. Now you'll need to
    keep stirring this, it's a big lump but the heat of that sugar syrup is going to melt
    it and it will just mix into the rest of the mixture.
    Once that is all melted in, add the sorbitol and stir that through too.Now pour half of
    this mixture into a separate pan and add the flavour and colour that you want into each
    Now if you want your snake to be two-coloured you'll need to fill one half first and let
    that set so to do that we're going to pinch the mould in the middle and I'm just using
    some clips to hold it there, you can use pegs or whatever you've got. We'll probably still
    get some leakage but we can cut that off and neaten it up once it's set.
    So pour it in and then with any leftover mixture, tip it into a muffin tin or a silicon muffin
    case and we'll use to straighten up the edge.
    Once it's set unclip it and just use scissors to cut off that bit that's not straight. if
    you're happy with it how it is then that's fine you can just leave it but if you want
    it straight add the muffin shaped piece and any off-cuts and then pour in rest of the
    mixture over the top and let that set.
    Obviously in that time the other half of your mixture will have set in the pan too so just
    heat it up over a medium heat over a stove top and stir it the whole time until it's
    dissolved and liquid again. And then pour that into the other half.
    Oncee that's set you can peel off the mould and we have a giant gummi worm but we want
    it to be a sour worm so to do that mix together some sugar and citric acid.
    Stir it in well and then give it a generous coating all over the outside. Now this really
    is to taste, the more citric acid you add the more sour it will be.
    And citric acid is just the acid found in citrus fruits like lemons and oranges.
    Shake it and rub off any excess sugar and it's ready to serve.
    And if it's for a birthday you can of course stick candles in it like we did. Happy birthday
    to my wonderful son and you can check out his YouTube channel over here.
    Subscribe to HowToCookThat for more cakes, chocolates and desserts. Click here to go
    to the website to get the recipe and here to go to the channel on YouTube and see all
    my other videos.
    Have a great week and I'll see you all on Friday. *** *** Popcorn Movie Cake Tutorial - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    i think is I'm she ABC Ekpe tonight
    a movie thing completely caramel popcorn
    I love caramel popcorn I think everybody does and so we're going to enjoy this
    delicious cake
    and show you how we made it now this is how the skate it to make a little
    where we going to play birthday boy's neck so got a cap in black fondant
    accent I lies to its hand I'm gonna roll and huh
    out squish need
    go to thing on me because it does need to stay
    slightly upright coming along
    just making it a little bit smaller one direction
    million simply take an exacto crops not
    god damn bit less than a centimetre
    only about a quarter in each and then we just gonna allow this to try
    once s try I'm going to cut it and let it is practiced a boy's name
    %uh gonna little cookie cutters the fun because the names fairly short
    he have a longer than you might decide that you wanna hi with my life
    instead my going for be in at this time
    and then just caitlin is getting a little regal
    and just and he's the end up a paintbrush
    just gently pop much all analysis
    now I'm not to line them up
    first before I could and should one just like get spicy
    vigilant want to have that
    and just take a little bit should google and just lifting up the letters
    very carefully and he spots
    tests and glue and then put them back to him
    ruling out a long p I'm going to use that
    to make a little arrow shape said top the clipboard
    I case and how we have along upon
    that headed up into smaller sections
    we're going to need six in total and basically they don't like bill
    high-rise something online the Moxie
    I can get nice three Indiana an international
    you as well as a little crop not and we're just trying not the ages
    make in touch with some sugar girl
    now asking allow this to dry
    so while I'm clapboard is resting gonna get Donna
    take I'm bank a giant cupcake Cup giant cupcake pan
    and I'm still mired in a little bit and then stacking up until cronkite
    first so the first thing I'm gonna do is just
    take off very very top just to make it a little bit more level
    and then I'm gonna go ahead and put a feeling liar
    now while I'm still cutting
    this particular one I just wanna change shape this time just a touch
    so messed up by taking off the chart and I'm just gonna shade
    damn we did this Texas
    Justin is not quite as much gap between the base and the tall
    an outline take a turntable
    I just want to use these not an easy and Kate plant
    I'm gonna tactic sack and to feel tax
    little bit I
    India never gonna take best shot
    taking second half and then hank
    on top
    talented same again
    for a second one brush up any with crimes
    wanna of the cake and I just gonna set
    on top taking them on a crane can we just get it to you
    nice little crown clutch on the whole cake
    and that will help to see you in the incident dry happens
    thanks I like to try and keep it very very top on
    no uncrowned for as long as possible just to get myself a little spot to hold
    now that I have preached time to get a good coat
    so it's gonna didn't bite and work top
    because we don't want that to be done and limited now popcorn on
    months ago lawman
    which is going to come back and great hit with
    scrapie yeah remembering to keep it a slight
    angle so just one to keep it so that the bottom is a little bit skinny and
    Hall because we use
    beautiful but a crane looking ahead now and cover
    respondents right away now rolling at San
    what on dat am already freemen she might take a little bit earlier
    before it had bought a crane on and needed to be
    about four inches high and and its widest point
    top it around $
    around so wanna make it a little bit wideout
    hola and four inches because only a slight Hakimi
    to make it easier to cover any you have watched out loud pop latham
    right do the same wrapping technique and modeling chocolate
    you know that I just want to give it a little bit helps to do that
    hit from told wuyda too skinny like
    fell into a creek measure and we've got
    no problems there gonna do just come alongside
    create a slight huh
    and they're not coming back in measuring so many now top section T
    she's I'm for about twenty wanted to be on the safe side
    and then I'm gonna measure
    now for Anaheim because I'd rather have too much than too little
    campaign you a slightly smaller rolling pin one of the lucky ones that I E is
    after doing sugar flowers and the small and I'm just gonna roll it up all night
    you know put this up here we can't let go with that products get messy as I do
    the body cream and we just been pressed up against the side of the cake
    trying to make the abortion
    Linea okay now coming
    i'ma so we can see we've got a good article at just gonna
    Rob impressive onto the cake came down and take crops not
    am just gonna treatment back to where they joining
    I can see where the dent yes
    just slowly and gradually cut through that just pressed us together
    now just gonna
    how this did hanging around but I'm just going to you
    given to the press get a feel
    away the top of the cupcake he is and then we just going to trim around
    he worried just how a little bit less you can always keep coming back
    now this is where you can take an assortment
    our last meeting had whatever you want to use to smooth it now
    you know we all know that I love that only what Laxmi this
    company's wholly two-line an just to go around and press
    and make sure that the pond attaching well to the buttercream
    not ruling out some bread
    to make astronauts and I've using a
    laminating sheets which you keep watching Valentino I love these things
    and I like them because something like this you have to make quite a few days
    and me cake decorating sometimes the longest things
    our little things like these waihee comic in a big batch
    drying out and no crack if we get them on Gate II anchee
    from office supply flights and in that way
    he can use that dominated obviously late as like a little pocket
    and it's the handiest being knife and to protect you funded
    so that he can do the section and then chop block
    so now I'm using a Monte proven cut-up if he don't have one
    eighty can use a pizza cutter and just measure across
    out although management are in the materials list down below us to check
    that out
    and I'm just gonna roll and makes them more stripes
    and we need chemo cut the bottom of
    and I just wanna make them about Porsche side
    now taking some sugar glue
    you can be. blew all clear alcohol to do the state
    we won't come along and just put some glue
    onto the cake itself now we know
    we want pre-strike where st. yes could be one hot
    at and then we just gonna come along touching
    abortion slowly going up
    and giving it a little trim on top
    we just might come on always paint ashley blue again
    and then attaching
    and now that would put us drops on get ready to put the right thing on the top
    to do I'm right boorda I'm gonna be easing
    clay extruder I absolutely love these doing right thing
    him on the craft stores there around twenty or thirty dollars
    and this one I actually more than that for because its
    really good makings brand and I love it
    and basically what you need to do is just wall a little sausage
    Avant poppin break up your excess
    and I'm just using the largest circle that they had
    and he just wished
    now to comply
    little bit should lead to the top
    lonely gently arrested
    coming around when you reach the end just wanna give it a little sneak
    where is it with your
    now I lasted nice fund's debt
    is just sad cut to a degree
    and then apply whole out delicious caramel popcorn
    now it's time to stop sprinkling
    tiny advice and we just gonna work our way
    %uh and around
    we can play set clapboard on now that is completely dry
    and eat we have out who the heck if you have a cake idea that you would like to
    see us create
    leave a comment below you can also follow us on Facebook tweeter
    and Instagram and you can't leave this message is on what you would like to see
    in our next lesson *** *** How to Make Sprite Soda Gummy Bottle Shape Fun & Easy DIY Sprite Soda Jello Dessert! - YouTube !!!
    everyone all the details here and lately I've been getting a lot to do with red
    jelly video key please make this red jelly please because one described below
    double check out all these government because I love miles and been here this
    virus we started with
    million as a watered I know it's a little more water
    than we're used to born in but I'll explain that later next year to be the
    hundreds of the Rams of lime jello we need business but is clear and we want
    to try making the jelly look like the spray bottle so the colors right
    although the hundreds of the Grahams cool it looks like we're doing a magical
    potion will also be a package of unflavored gelatin
    magical potion watch out that the bodies back Anton I was like the flash powder
    into the water until all the clips are gone
    looks like this
    the reason for this into a glass to enjoy later europe a leading into jelly
    player might take a little often using the spray but I think the lime jello
    will still work hopefully we're trying to get the ball rolling as real as
    possible we could sacrifice the days will need to be real with all the other
    jelly videos will use an exacto knife to cut her right down the middle of the
    model for those who are watching for the first time we needed it is now so that
    we don't cut up her jelly at the end and let's grab some duct tape to cover up
    that line be sure to really get on there it would be a real shame of all your
    liquid spilled out jelly perfect we got into the temperature we need will just
    give you one final stir and then poured onto this bottle so far just by looking
    at it the lime jello color is pretty similar with the spray bottle will cross
    my fingers hopefully this if that's you want to make sure you fill it all the
    way to the top so that we can create the neck of the bottle to put the cap back
    on and usually as they put it in the fridge for about an hour but this time
    around will leave this bottle in the fridge overnight sorry for the long wait
    for duct tape no liquid filling so we're looking good use these plastic
    check as usual yup that jelly to be perfect colors the exact same color as
    the bottle you can't even really tell when you feel like the gulf we got the
    middle part of we could start by taking the top of the plastic are looking good

    even the ball design of the bottom was perfectly created on to the jello
    thrifty meet the bottom part of and we're almost finished
    even without the spray label this looks pretty real and when you touch it you
    know jello but i think thats cool just as real as the cola bottle we did but
    the rapper on this material to be what are you guys doing we look at it from
    all angles it pretty much looks like the real bottle let's just at the cap back
    on and we just saw this as I guarantee that's just a spray bottle what's so
    interesting about this but they would also be a pretty but if you told people
    that you could easily cut through a soda bottle with the night in their freak out
    that it's been on the jello the bottom portion of the bottle the middle I
    wonder if we didn't use any of the sprite so pretty sure will taste like
    that but right is a lemon-lime flavor so hopefully it's somewhat similar let's
    just start cutting a little slices and get ready to take a bite
    the big
    to make it sweeter depending on your taste goes it just dislike line
    could be a little sweeter though now I'll just go ahead and start cutting up
    some more jello
    more serious even if you haven't done so already be sure to follow me on
    Instagram Facebook and Twitter the links are in the Description box below *** *** How to make Gummy Worms Jello Worms - YouTube !!!
    hi everyone this fellow felony
    hear from one to grow want to share with you guys our
    latest experiment well
    actually families from its something more fun things that we're making
    eat and they are what are we making night
    silhouette Joe
    yeah yes so
    things that you need are case yes

    out of packages %uh the rest original
    I process
    which came out a little too expensive by to
    I'm site I
    to keep out young leader were thinking of putting the worms
    in some chocolate cake so we're gonna and will give it to dad
    and how when he picks up its upcoming in Turkey
    worms are Hannah lie
    like looking that okay anyway annual me
    package up yeah unflavored gelatin this to you
    small packets and thus far of you solve it
    this will help with making the workers more surface moment
    he consistency and know me speak or
    quarter cup I love had free if you cannot have the his
    non-dairy creamer so this will meet there were
    get worms that colony cloudy ish color
    pickups up water that you'll be boiling
    and funny can the
    gelatin with hot water
    and the
    you will see guys some distrust

    up the seven possible strong in the coming two hundred
    dollar anyone outs
    that way me that you'll get the
    which look from the or the worst you'll be
    putting them and is one leader site carton
    up milk word you have it is kinda 35.1 leader Saif
    because they fit right in the air perfectly just like that
    ok one more thing your you'll be forty drops of green food coloring into your
    I'm jello mixture some yep so what's in them now
    and vision fit snugly
    in this card here and will be praying for the extra in there
    and that will help form the warmth and
    after with them find extraneous think
    fridge until worse firming up
    fo so what you're doing is you're gonna be balling it make up some water
    and you'll be combining the Joannie the athlete
    resulted in the fall you'll be part of the world water into the bowl
    and you're mixing together along with three quarter cup up there
    will be cream or heavy cream or whatever
    murder Monday fiction week tell the
    that jello mixture here
    is lukewarm though at the have a queen
    when it's hot so we're at combined
    together and
    misplace stuff that mean for comes with it
    use the land will and that's what kinda for help
    green more
    summit use them seven times
    here should fill up the straws all the way
    hopefully we have enough to Fulham
    slander with longer were and let this
    in here for these
    said maybe half an hour to an hour
    maybe longer we'll see you serve them
    right you all right with this and that which
    worms me
    okay so it's been about two hours
    and we ended up ripping off the
    not carton so we have the Samsung mass right now
    we're going to run it under warm water and the
    tell warm smile should flip out easily strong so
    make sure you write your own Easter under warm running water
    and after you do that you can't that gently squeeze
    the general worms and strong sleep
    you know one thing and
    we forget to do is when you're putting your strongest in the
    milk are you wanna plan upside down so that way this cavity
    weirdo very being part is look at phil with that on
    chill the mixture that we have more but one look so I wasn't really a look like
    def reforms actually these are pretty close so what we're doing here is that
    this week I love me
    so much with a turkey and
    so we just gotta pry crush them chocolate are you a cookie on top
    as you can see in the kids are just happy enough with
    worms yep %um
    so worried
    after you don't have enough guys lights hunt
    me what do you do with a pie
    in the worms well eat them okay

    I just went
    from came ball
    Casey by
    hell *** *** Easy 2 Tier Sprinkles Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey guys are going to a season that's fuckin is absurd I'll be teaching you
    how to make this very easy sprinkles cake and working with a eight inch cake
    and a six inch cake
    adding liberty but according to my clipboard that'll help my eight inch
    cake adhered to the Cape Cod pressing it down when Tyson sent it and then adding
    in my vanilla buttercream just piping there on my next play an extra Center at
    the moment happy with its positioning up her sit down you know areas and then
    just continue building your cake like this for their last year of cake I'm
    using the bottom of the cake and attended upside down that weighed myself
    at the top
    adding your code helps to grab all of the loose crimes and
    cakes here very
    last layer of buttercream won't have any crimes in it and also make sure to press
    them against the cake that way all the air pockets have been filled out a bit
    about to come to the table to keep his file and then just taking it off towards
    center of the cake for sitting around the cake to lift those areas up then I
    put into a freezer for a good
    that way the doesn't shift around when you're adding the final a buttercream
    and to top first news my speciality flattened that out and shoot the better
    come to the sides adding some American genocide and this time I'm adding a fair
    bit of it as we are going to be taking off injury of the body cream with a
    scraper to cover the whole outside the cake then using a big-screen gently go
    around the cake scraping off the excess and people ran into its nice and sunny
    then take off the top section of the cake as well just moved into the center
    and this is a six inch cake I feel the exact same steps and I'm just covering
    it with red butter cream instead of white and you do the same motions and
    its kicking sitting on a six-inch board which is attached to a twelve-inch board
    reason being is that makes it a lot easier for me to work with the
    buttercream to add it on and taking off as well
    I'll generously than using my bench scraper to scrape down the excess and
    Smith Center then I'll be putting that into the freezer for at least a good

    minutes that way it's so nice and hard and we can handle that he paid the
    bottom tiananmen sprinkles in a cookie sheet template that way my cake consider
    this plate and you give me good waking space to start adding my screen calls
    from grabbing a handful of it and just putting it up against the cake leaving
    at this has been sitting in the freezer for a good
    minutes the speakers
    actually stick on really well in kind of press and lift your hand press meet you
    and all the way up to the edge of the cake that gives you really good coverage
    now just continue to do this around the whole cake
    and if there's any empty spots like to go in after a cover the whole cake and
    just fill in those areas same way that I'm doing here on to the very top of the
    cake exactly why is just sort of misleading moving around and it's a
    really good waves who fill in the spaces at the very top within the edges seems
    to be like a problem area that way you can kind of shake motorcycle in prison
    between your hands to my fingers and cover those edges don't feel too
    stressful not sticking when you're working in the scientific and picks up
    when you're working on the top remove all the extra federal down its nothing
    attached in to move the speakers from the cake borders really finger along and
    whatever it doesn't want to come off the cake thought just president begins to
    security now I'm adding my extra thick straws and adding these because I wanted
    to be able to support the weight of my top using the american ago me and just
    marking on the cake
    where I need to cut it that way it sits flush with the frosting don't make sure
    our top kick doesn't seem can destroy a bottom
    now releasing my cake from the cake boy just running a special around the whole
    the bottom reason being is if you were to take it off directly from just one
    site without going around the whole case somebody cream rooming stuck to the
    bottom and kickball and you have really uneven cracked ages and because of this
    reason we can handle very easily just collected to give you need and I just
    read take your turntable to make sure we have it all sent it adding a little gold
    ribbon around the cake just streaming offering needs to start and finish them
    using some non-toxic double side adhesive money and I'll stick to itself
    then you deliberate glucose syrup onto the bow and that'll help it to stick to
    the cake as well there for a couple seconds and you done I'm sure they will
    enjoy helping the fam when it comes out you won't me shape when you press it
    obviously you will agree but it's actually pretty steady with this week's
    editorial thanks again for joining me and I will catch you next time *** *** World's Largest Gummy Worm | B2cutecupcakes - YouTube !!!
    funny because that is what I have here with me I have liked it and it really
    and it's world's largest country warning and it makes a diff types of guns they
    have anyone got any bears gummy bears on the stick they have frogs Tom and buns
    orange and got to travel there were pictures really bad because they didn't
    settle in and left next to have given her
    at the top
    and I get it *** *** How to Make RAINBOW LOOM CAKE *Holiday Ideas* - YouTube !!!
    burned has
    I'm gay an empty him leader she had to make it
    me they won't hold I will
    asked my mom to make the same girl cake
    because they have a soccer kinda happy said this is haymakers
    awesome a moment gonna show you how to make his adorable
    Remo bloom K and %uh for that
    we used to Det rowly or trolley not sure how to pronounce its tower
    bright crawlers and overcome like sour
    danny is gummy worms and I got a big back just the regular press restore
    and I said that America's best-selling so I assume in
    be able to find its pretty much anywhere I
    and they're really easy because you can cut em
    out with a wrap butter knife
    and attaching really easy and
    they stay together well well and course
    fellas wanna let you know that to have the parent use the night
    and make sure to better night and then you
    as their young men or younger kid
    can actually help in craft team and putting them together and attaching them
    and molding and in creating the take step
    but everyone to get started youth our break up what the different colors and
    so I'm gonna show you the first how we're gonna make
    these little ground pieces
    a jerk and put on the outside out here K alright
    a crappy ones that are the same powers discounts in multiple colors
    about your up orange and green
    red and yellow and your clue so
    work little brown line
    take the night and gently massaging like I wanna fashion
    gather to cut off on one
    I and then you can if they did little bit every time you put something of you
    gonna say these little bit so you can put 'em
    I in a pile and no at the bottom of your cake
    panicked like little confetti falls
    your site and
    now that they're kinda see their kind it attacked a little bit you wanna really
    does kinda push a min
    and massaging together make sure you massage 'em
    or they will fall apart late are you really wanna massage it so you can't see
    a break
    me and make a bunch of these readings and you put him on the outside
    up your cake just like that so that's your first step
    K our next step
    is going to be making the actual
    rainbow loom
    bracelet that is going to go on
    the top love it and what I've done
    have already played a lot anything to show your to show you how much these
    bigger bracelet there's bigger rains
    for your bracelet already

    looks like fixable
    and then six cities that literally made
    these big rainbow lube and cinnamon show you how to make a bracelet out an app
    cinema show you how to first make these really big mainland brand so we make
    min redline
    we have equal parts some for you and red
    you need for love
    your crawlers for
    big man
    and but your blues together
    like that again same thing massage in
    I'll take
    his little beads and put them in your little the pile
    attach im really pushing together
    like that that your first extended
    now wanna take the red pushed those together
    crush them
    that up
    another blow
    penny and now the last two
    just like that
    and you have UN big
    Rehman and edible
    accords but a
    on my little teeny and be in a file so I'll be able to put this all around the
    we have all our fans ready sure they are kinda
    the NRL massaged
    I'm really adamant about cranium that now I'm gonna do with this one
    minor take this is gonna be my bottom Mandrake here
    animal Placide just one eighties K
    yes to him
    take it just like that bring this one up
    this is going to be here and some work in a secure area
    just for temporarily
    we finish the whole thing take that little
    small one and just catch it off like that
    okay so now starting
    see how that's gonna start creating your amber lynn bracelet
    you can mix and match colors are a few months blues on the outside and now
    gonna take
    these questions black put in through here
    per year
    and bring it up like that stay home it's starting to make your and
    band like
    K the same thing
    so I the Blues to be on
    upper side and I do the rest momentum
    okay now what you gonna do as you're gonna continue this all the way up
    until you have the desired lane
    you want to so on the top and dark a Korean around the bottom
    outside UK if you can do that as well no
    the passport now in their once we finish it off
    tree how to put it on your K in finish of the cake
    do okay no but I love addiction
    reached all the way around to
    my desire to main on and this is my last one on
    and then I'm in a secure it off you know I can understand this party
    anonymous occurred off with just prime by
    7 take this one off now just like little name
    ok but not like that but just opened I can attach it to you
    peachy orange one this
    those %uh hammers stick
    this through here
    attach it
    make the rain where you can do whatever man power supply there post second
    there are there you have your
    of them rainbow luma bracelet that's gonna go on top here k
    now what we're gonna do I and baking a cake
    that it's a blue velvet cake so it is really pretty blue collar
    they have other colors they have hot pink you can really choose any cake
    color you want I took the frosted you can leave that way
    you can choose any color you want what they've done baking a frost
    my cake all the way through
    I'm gonna take these little be
    so we don't waste those lose those little confetti around the bottom
    ca then
    and then I'm going to take these around
    fleeing and space some around
    the outside I love the cake
    so there you have nowhere rainbow known
    sour Brite trolley crawlers K
    we just want to thank you so much for watching please click on the top left
    other screen to subscribe also share this seventy oh with all your friends
    and gives the thumbs up ben de comida hotels in DC like us to make in the
    future we do crafts with you rainbow lamb
    had a lotta creative cooking funky
    I family cap klaas
    me I think esli feelin shares barely a fad they're like
    I think yeah
    thank you in
    in by
    the *** ***

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