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-Camion cake topper how to Camion cake topper how to how to make

Camion cake topper how to how to make

    -Camion cake topper how to

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    Frozen Cake - Elsa Doll Cake how to make by Pink Cake Princess - YouTube !!!
    try and jam weapons think a princess
    today I am gonna change guys had to make a crane airfare
    okay critically appraising paint tiny said he had someone that crazy hand and
    the Fraser
    yet to hit with your special princess you looking for more present rates tend
    to get treatment that's right button here
    more three-year and in which demanded that the enemy morning
    T more phrase in nineteen
    place a small round cake until cake part
    and their I'm just icing the cupcakes somebody crane
    companies three cases in tow
    nothing about seven inches wide am gonna
    set them on top of each other
    and Karen buttock pain in that made in between
    six innings a serrated knife and I'm gonna tremor
    the cake is a top said that looks like that's good
    are health and stress
    to spreading our little bit at a time and here
    never shake and the skirt trainer
    my set the standard for I my son the rest in the body
    crane and Emma K
    them in a place in the brain to fit plant that when
    went firmed up taking it at Hannah adding
    a second I am buttercream and my head before I as the back in the fray
    for another half an hour this day to realize I forgot to cut out
    Center advocate for me downs les

    said I'm just doing at maritime second kinda and my serrated knife
    using FB and help me maybe in the middle you don't need to cut all the way to the
    just enough for the late Heath pp
    come to my friend and running a complete hundred and that means
    came to get him any and the whole day campaigning at and be physical with my
    K forward as the guy
    blackberry be cuz you want to come in the home here
    using them well I feel and get a £

    my K on him a cake for
    and out cut Melissa and the Center
    had a kinda cat from the content in your sign
    bread it up
    and place yet carefully aunty K
    shaping scare
    and making sure that the front is all coming
    cut me
    him getting mad 0 and disrupting head names including Rep
    and because he's pretty productive thanks to check
    my head chest isn't is gonna come about you know section with a bit on what
    I'm using a template to Canada and butter
    and me for I put it on her I'm just gonna put some impression with this
    plunger cutter
    can you determine what happened scanner I'm gonna stick on her clothing
    mentioning the xfer
    have no doubt some light blue Hyundai Hannah kayaking on the street
    mentoring on TV am section get repressing
    and meeting ever until it joins them
    coming up the excess funds
    comedian heating manager at nigga
    anti-crime Hey
    can using my template again 50k small faction
    for the top a budget
    attaching with a little bit of water and
    my head
    dampening set down into the cake get me pressing him
    in using my craft night cut excess

    not a compressor in a little bit better
    next a round at the extreme are sleep under and his gun agree that
    around here to hide the joining
    if the and like in the future and don't forget to click the Like button below
    any think any agree add to favorites thanks to jail for future reference
    now I'm just gently pressing down on this trip Monday send a
    nice and me
    campground at be fiction and the light blue Hyundai
    an upcoming two-match a
    and then using my undercutting for 10 most nights like impressions into the
    now I'm gonna have this section too hot
    Kemah sanitarium the top portions of
    just checking they haven't been a huge on hair dress nafta
    for an amusing to hear from whatever
    just acted alone before I think it on
    to shaking in a rare are the meter am
    and a mantener back
    and just making it look like it striking down beside a pair
    carrying excess up with minecraft night
    and again using a little bit more
    here attached second place to be and this item address
    trading at seven o'clock straighten hair
    heading up the excess
    and just attaching a high little bit tactful manner
    paint mantis doing the final details and okay
    and he's a little number three cutter
    to carry out a hundred rainy an attacking it but a little bit and wanted
    to I'm wire
    and Anthony an assigned to separately
    an hour saying
    contact them Medion there
    they think you're name
    and I'm making them candle holders that some funding
    I'm also going up but I read a poem what from banks and also coming here
    from what's nice like and company thanks right
    attaching the number pointy haired
    is wrapping them lying around her hand and am planning on my little

    until a hand with them well I think
    and also that bring condom the name and nice break on to make a point
    finishing up with a little better real mmmk one
    and placing the candor that back what do you love about praising
    cummick and hear bill I Debbie it is hideous
    with your special princess if you wanna see more
    brazen trade Creek the link here and epically that's right button here
    well be more free terrier camera hello
    thank him for letting guys you guys have a fantastic day *** *** HOW TO MAKE A PIZZA CAKE ft Grace Helbig - NERDY NUMMIES - YouTube !!! English English
    Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies!
    Ro: Today I have a very special guest, it’s Grace! Grace: Yay!
    Ro: From, It’s Grace. Grace: Perfect!
    Ro: I’ll put your links down below, she has an awesome channel, you guys should go
    Ro: check it out. And, she’s a fellow author. Grace: Huh, yes!
    Ro: I have her book right here!
    Ro: There is a section in here all about food. Grace: Yes, it’s um, it’s a loose
    Grace: cooking section, yes. Ro: It’s yummy! My favorite recipe is the one that
    Ro: combines Mac and Cheese and Nachos!
    Grace: It’s hard to hate that recipe… Ro: Is it called a mon, a ma-na…
    Grace: Mac-Achos. Ro: Mac-Achos. Grace: Mac-Achos, rolls off the tongue!
    Ro: Yes! Well, speaking of yummy food, we got so many requests from you guys
    Ro: to make a pizza cake, and, I thought you guys were talking about a
    Ro: cake that looks like a pizza, which is what I made before, but then some of you
    Ro: were saying, no, no, no Ro, the other one!
    Grace: Pizza, that looks like a cake!
    Ro: Yes! So today, that’s what we’re gonna make you guys.
    Both: Let’s get started!
    Ro: The things you will need, will be: 4 tubes of pizza crust, I will also
    Ro: put a link down below if you’d like to make your pizza crust from scratch,
    Ro: I have a really yummy recipe. But, if you’re in a hurry, or you want to
    Ro: save some time, these are a really good option because they will roll flat
    Ro: and you can cut out all your shapes really quickly.
    Ro: You’ll also need pepperonis, mozzarella cheese, and a can of pizza sauce.
    Grace: You’ll also need: Cooking spray, a knife… Ro: Mmmhmmm!
    Grace: A cutting board, a baking sheet, and an
    Grace: high sides and a removable bottom.
    Ro: Now let’s put it all together!
    Ro: The first thing that we’re gonna do is open up our pizza crust tubes and
    Ro: lay them flat across the baking pans.
    Grace: OK, this is one of my favorite parts! Oh you twist it? I do the peel.
    Ro: How do you… Oh! Grace: Peel it and then hopefully it pops.
    Ro: Oh, right where it says peel and pop?!?!
    Grace: Peel and… Ro: How did, how did you do that?
    Grace: I’m sorry, we hardly know each other, I know this is very aggressive.
    Ro: How do you? Grace: And then you, Ah! Happy New Year!
    Ro: Oh my gosh that’s so cool!
    Grace: We missed a step, we need to spray some cooking oil into our pans!
    Ro: Yeah, let’s do that, OK.
    Ro: I feel like I should do that for you, you’re like…
    Grace: Look! Ha-ha! Modern woman!
    Grace: Here you go.
    Ro: Ah! Grace: Ahhhh!
    Grace: My favorite kind of science, is dough exploding out of a tube, hello buddy!
    Ro: Oooooh! OK! Grace: Now what do we do? We’re rolling it this?
    Ro: Here, OK, so you just roll it out so it’s the full length of the pans.
    Ro: Roll ‘em out like a rug. Grace: Oh, like a rug! Ro: There we go!
    Ro; And you just want to make sure to make it as flat as possible!
    Grace: OK!
    Ro: A dough band! Grace: Yeah!
    Grace: Now we’re gonna pop these in the oven for
    Grace: and then take ‘em out.
    Ro: And we’re gonna do one more pan, so we’ll have
    Ro: We just popped our crust out of the oven, and it’s still warm, and now
    Ro: We’re gonna cut out
    into each, so you’re gonna take your pan
    Ro: and pop out the bottom. Grace: Removable bottom!
    Ro: OH! Um… Grace: No time for Music Ro!
    Ro: I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I just like it!
    Ro: OK, you’re gonna take your little circle, you’re gonna place it at the end,
    Ro: and your sharp cutting knife. Grace: Wow. Ro: And just be careful, and just
    Ro: cut out a circle. Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo!
    Grace: Oh! Ro: Like so!
    Ro: We’ve got our circles cut out and now you’re gonna peel off the excess.
    Grace: Oooooh! Ro: And these make good snacks! Grace: Huh!
    Ro: Look! We got out pizza… Pizza pie…. Oh!
    Grace: So now we’re gonna throw our circles back on our baking sheet, put them
    Grace: back in the
    degree oven for 3-4 more minutes!
    Grace: So our circles are done and they are cooling and now we are going to make
    Grace: the sides of the pizza cake.
    Ro: So what you’re gonna do is, you’re gonna open another tube of crust.
    Grace: I can do this. Ro: Grace I’ll have you do it because you’re really good at it!
    Grace: Thank you, it’s the cheapest form of therapy there is!
    Ro: Just rip off the paper, give it a pop. Grace: Ahhhhhh!
    Grace: Hoooh!
    Ro: Then we’re gonna roll out the dough again.
    Ro: Now we’re gonna use this as a guideline. Grace: So where am I cutting?
    Ro: Uh, about right here, and just go all the way down.
    Ro: So we’re gonna cut two long strips. Grace: OK.
    Ro: Now we’ve got our dough cut and now we are gonna line the pan all the
    Ro: way around with the dough, so you’re gonna take the first one, just gonna
    Ro: pick it up, bloop! Grace: Ohhh! Ro: And I’m just gonna line it up.
    Ro: You’ll see it goes about half way.
    Ro: And if you’ve got a lot of excess crust over here…
    Grace: You might have to perform some surgery! Ro: Yeah!
    Grace: OK, this one goes on the other half of it? Ro: Yeah.
    Grace: OK. Ro: OK, you got it you ready? Grace: OK… What?
    Ro: You got it! Grace: Oh my gosh! Ro: Looks great!
    Ro: So right here where it’s overlapping we’re just gonna pinch it together.
    Grace: Now we just finished lining our sides, so now we’re gonna start building
    Grace: this Pizza Cake! Ro: Yes! And we have six of the little pizza rounds right
    Ro: here, but we’re only gonna need to use five of them.
    Grace: So pick your favorite five and make a tiny pizza with the last one,
    Grace: use it as a frisbee for your dog, there’s lots of things you could do!
    Ro: Oh! Dogs would love that! Grace: That would be a very quick game of frisbee!
    Ro: Yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum!
    Ro: First thing you’re gonna do is take one of your curst rounds and you’re gonna
    Ro: place it in there, that’s gonna be the bottom.
    Ro: Ooop-ooop-ooop!
    Grace: It fits perfectly!
    Ro: We’re gonna add a little sauce. You want to go a little easy on the sauce,
    Ro: because there’s a lot of layers!
    Grace: So the opposite of what we’ve done here! Ro: Mmmhmm!
    Ro: I like my last layer a little saucy!
    Grace: Ro this is an intervention, I need you to lay off the sauce!
    Ro: You want to throw some pepperoni in here? Grace: I love throwing pepperoni!
    Ro: These little, little guys over here.
    Ro: Now a little cheesy cheese!
    Grace: Now next layer? Ro: Yeah, next layer!
    Grace: Boom! Ro: Crust, and you want to do some suace?
    Grace: I’ll do some sauce. Ro: OK, I’m gonna lay off the sauce this time!
    Ro: Now we are gonna decorate the last layer! This is the top layer.
    Ro: So we’re gonna take one of these, and remember you’re gonna have one leftover,
    Ro: to do with, what you will. We’re gonna place it on top. Grace: OK. Ro: Boom!
    Ro: And then, the saucy sauce! Grace: Sauce!
    Ro: Now on the top layer, we’re gonna do it like a normal pizza, we’re
    Ro: gonna do cheese, and then pepperoni!
    Grace: Oh, you switch back, I see!
    Grace: Now that we’re done with the cheese, before we put on the pepperonis,
    Grace: we’re gonna fold in our sides, to make it look like a real pizza crust!
    Ro: Mmmhmm! All the way around!
    Ro: Start folding, bewp-bewp-bewp! Grace: You just fold it in like that.
    Ro: Little pepperonis! Grace: Beautiful!
    Ro: Throw them on top.
    Ro: The last step is we’re gonna bake this one last time, we’re gonna pop this
    Ro: in the oven at
    degrees for about 25-30 minutes, and you’re just
    Ro: gonna keep your eye on it, you’ll know it’s ready when the crust turns a
    Ro: golden brown!
    minutes… That’s so long! Ro: I know we’re gonna have to wait.
    Ro: It’s OK, we can play with my dog in the meantime! Grace: Yes! Give me Cookie!
    Grace: Our Pizza Cake is finished! Now what do we do?
    Ro: OK, you’re gonna take your hot mitts, because the pan is still hot.
    Grace: OK. Ro: So you take these little oven mitts, and then you’re gonna
    Ro: pick up the pan. Grace: Pick up the pan. Ro: You got it, and put it on top
    Ro: of this guy. Grace: What? Ro: And then you’re gonna push the cake out through
    Ro: the bottom. Grace: Oh! Ro: You got this, you got this!
    Ro: OK, so just slowly, it’s a little weird. You can use anything you’ve got at home,
    Ro: a jar, I had this little… Container. Grace: This is weird!
    Ro: Look! Grace: And it’s working! Ro: Look! Look how cool! Grace: Did I do it?
    Ro: Da-da!
    Grace: Yes, removable bottom, comes in handy again! Ro: I love it!
    Ro: And then, you’re gonna put it on a plate, any plate that ’s big enough.
    Grace: So I just touch it? Ro: Yeah, you can touch it with the oven mitts,
    Ro: that’s OK, just pick him up, plop him over here.
    Grace: OK. Ro: And then we can cut a slice!
    Grace: Did you hear the sound of that? That sounded like it weighed
    Both: Ta-da!
    Ro: Here is the pizza cake that we made today! Thanks you guys for suggesting it,
    Ro: this was so much fun to make! And, a big thank you to Grace for helping
    Ro: me today, thank you. Grace: Thank you!
    Ro: This was so much fun, so, boom! We got a delicious pizza, and I’ll be putting
    Ro: all of her links down below, so you can go check her out, she’s got an awesome
    Ro: channel! If you guys have any other ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies,
    Ro: please let me know, leave me a comment down below and I will do my best
    Ro: to make it happen! And we will be posting lots of pictures on Facebook, Tumblr,
    Ro: Instagram and Twitter, and if you guys make this, please take a picture and
    Ro: send it to us, I get a big kick out of seeing your baking creations!
    Ro: it just kind of like, makes my day. Ok, bye-bye!
    Grace: Can we eat it now? Ro: Yes! Grace: Yes!
    Ro: And now we’re gonna cut into this. Grace: Yes!
    Grace: I feel like we’re in Mission Impossible right now!
    Ro: Yup! Grace: This is very intense! This is very intense!
    Ro: OK, here we go! Grace: It’s cutting, it’s cutting! It’s food! It is actual food!
    Ro: It’s going through!
    Grace: Huh! Ro: Let go! Let go! Yes! Grace: Let, say goodbye to your friends!
    Ro: Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yeah! Grace: Oh my!
    Ro: Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!
    Ro: Alright, we got a slice over here, are you ready?
    Grace: I’m ready, I’m going for it!
    Ro: Take a little, I’m trying to eat it like a piece of cake, so we got our little
    Ro: forks here! Grace: This is going nuts.
    Ro: It’s just super cheesy so it sticks together!
    Grace: OK… Ro: Are you ready? Grace: Nope, almost!
    Ro: Here, I’ll hold him, I’ll hold him! Grace: We're almost there OK! Ready!
    Grace: Cheers! Ro: Here we go, cheers!
    Ro: Mmmm! Grace: It tastes like dough, and cheese and sauce and pepperoni!
    Ro: Yum, yum, yum! Grace: It’s delicious!
    Ro: That’s a win in my book! I like this one!
    Ro: Grace, you have this one. Grace: Ok. Ro: And I’ll have this one.
    Grace: Oh I see…
    Ro: OK break. Grace: Gah, who knew something so simple could be so delicious!
    Ro: Cheese! *** *** How to Make a Cinderella Cake from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hey everybody this is Dan from cookies cupcakes Inc idea dot com
    say we're going to be making a cake from one of my favorite fairy tale movies
    Cinderella we're going to be putting a pillow on the bottom
    and the Cinderella's glass slipper is sitting on the top
    and it's made out of chocolate so let's get started on our tutorial
    well we're going to be using is two layers
    inch square cake some are stacked in their buttercream in between
    we're going to be cutting this
    now I'm going to be using there's a royal purple buttercream
    and I just use a Merkel urge el pais in royal purple to get this color
    then I also have some white buttercream and a white
    melting chocolate these little white I'm kinda brown sprinkles or chocolate here
    you could use
    we've got little pearlized draw Jays
    clear piping gel clear sanding sugar
    a little bit of gumpaste sum up her role
    arm just the dusting powder and a summer
    sparkle gel certainly cake you're ready to be cars
    now what I did for this one was I left the dome that happens when the cake
    cooks instead of turning it off like I normally would the planet I left it
    because I we want that look to come
    with the pillow so the stage a little bit a buttercream work
    so I've got here my toothpicks marked in four
    spots now there in the center each other the sides
    in between the two lengths and then urban inch
    in as well cuz this is going to be where the pillow comes in
    so using a serrated knife I'm just going to cut down
    and then cut like a little not show here that's going to be my guide
    and then a lineup from my toothpick to the edge of the
    the Kate here and has cut straight down and I'm going to do this
    the whole way around the cake soul I'm a thing up here
    and then cut down here like this and I'll do that
    to each toothpick so in general shape to the Cape car
    now what I'm going to do now is in is going to shave off the edges of the top
    and then
    underneath as well just to give it a little bit more around a gentle slope to
    these edges
    so just taking my serrated knife and I'm just gonna work at it slowly
    so you want to make sure that you do small cuts so that you don't have big
    chunks that remove
    depending on what kind of cake you're using you may find it difficult to cut
    so just make sure that your cake is Mason called
    or even frozen I find works best when you are carving it
    so I'm just working at slowly like this and then moving down to the bottom
    was going to try to like cut into the sides here
    and just take a bit chunk outta here just to give it
    a look that is if it's often the fort like that
    and then just carve away the sides on the bottom there too
    let's give it a gentle slope to any repeat that all the way around the sites
    about the pillow car now so now I'm gonna take my purple buttercream
    and I'm going to cover the entire cake with the buttercream
    get some on top links a little bit easier and then using my cake spatula
    I'm just going to spread it all over the entire cake
    so I pillow is covered with the buttercream now now here in here I have
    piece is a patchwork Inc will set
    if you can't find one of these you don't have to use when you can just use
    like a knife or you could even use a roller in order to etch
    in these patterns but what you do with up with the
    patchwork quilt peace you just press it into the far into the buttercream here
    you can also use it for fun meant and then just pull it up
    and you'll have I can a little on embossed peace there
    and then you just go around and then just put them all together
    so I'm going to do this all over the cake
    and then in the pieces here where the little P
    where the little diamonds meet I'm just going to put one
    love the on Pearl draw Jays
    it's just gonna give it a little bit more up in effect to mark
    each part above the pillow so we're going to move on now to the side of the
    the pillow here and I bought a will to number
    started been
    and I'm just going to be doing a row order to imitate what you might see on
    the side other natural pillow
    so we just gonna go like this
    and then bring it up and back up to a little bit oval
    polka net shape maybe a little bit backwards London ass
    and is going to go around like this around the whole entire cake
    so I've done the border around the edges the pillow now I have a Wilton
    and I'm just going to start at the base here I'm gonna squeeze and pull it up
    and it's going to create the look for the tassels just attach to the side
    and then repeat for as many tassels as you want here
    on each love the different parts the different corners on the cake
    gonna take my round and he is now in place at the top
    where the arm the tassels are and then using just some tweezers that I use just
    for cake decorating
    and when a place some more these drugs Jays around the white
    all here and the runaway on you to make it the
    glass slipper that we're gonna put on the top are going to make it out of
    now this is a chocolate or still a calm all that I'll put a link to where you
    can get this off about Amazon
    in the Description box below each of these have thus you are going to
    use one cup %uh melted chocolate you just take your melted chocolate
    poured into the malls like this make sure that it comes out level
    and then you can spread it around and if there's extra on top
    it doesn't matter because it will just come off when you pop out the shoe
    so you can just make it kinda like this and fill out the other one as well
    and then when you're going to said its
    to hardened you can speed up that process
    by putting it into the fridge if he wanted to go little bit quicker
    I'm or you can just sit and wait for it hearted
    so I'm going to do that and I've got a couple prepared
    to show you what to do next what's the topic has solidified it will pop
    right out of the mold and I have here the two halves on a complete issue here
    but in order to get to a completed state you just take your knife
    and you can run around all these little extra spots you can also does but
    of to sometimes it does break off nicely so I'm not gonna turn this one up
    neatly right now so on a show
    what to do next so you take your shirt off and some more beer melted chocolate
    and discover in covered up like this and any gaps that you have you can fill them
    in with chocolate after the fact anything that's you
    need any like little holes or anything you can fill that in
    then once you've got the shoe to gather like that make sure it's lined up
    and then just let it solidify so we've got the chocolate ShoeMall already here
    now I'm going to put on my piping gel which I just put in the secondary
    and I'm just going to cover the entire shoe no work
    like on one side and then I'll switch to the other side afterwards
    and I what this is going to be the adhesive for the
    I'm sanding sugar to stick to now because we can actually make this
    the glass slipper look like glass the point is getting it as shiny
    and its good early glittery as you can
    so I'm putting on all this stuff here
    she's been helped the sanding sugar stick
    and then with the sanding sugar I'm just going to
    shake it on onto the emotional fall onto the plate
    the excess stuff and a move on to the other side
    so covered the issue in the standings sugar now I just wants to
    I'm kinda like sparkle the top here where the show where the full would be
    and just taking my luster dust and I put my brush into the luster dust
    and I just brush it on this area just add a little bit of shine
    these are a little steps that you definitely don't have to do if you don't
    have the product
    but it just adds a little bit more other kinda touch of fanciness to it
    next we're going to be using the sparkle gel now recognize that it is kinda hard
    see either like the luster dust that we put on in this this sparkle gel
    and just because the chocolate is white on the issue but just if you can see up
    close when you make it yourself
    will definitely be able to see the little bit the shine so I'm just lying
    be- issue here
    and just to give it a little bit more dimension to look at make it look a
    little bit more realistic
    so got my gum paste here and it's nice and soft and I have
    a Wilton silicone mold and I'm just going to use the butterfly this large
    butterfly here
    her and is pressing the gumpaste into it just like this
    and then once I got it in there I just feel it out
    and you'll see over here that I have the done a couple already
    just to make sure that there are ready to go and I'm just letting them form
    with the curve um
    for the butterfly wings says President
    and then fill-up and this is going to go on to the shoe the frontal issue
    but I'm gonna put the shoe on to the cake the butterfly onto
    the issue and I'll show you the completed cake up next
    so I put the issue on top
    love the cake here and I have a butterfly just above on the Tel
    so I hope you enjoyed this tutorial thanks for watching everybody
    remember to subscribe to the channel and I'll see you all again next time *** ***

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