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engine making tutorial how to make

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    How To Draw and Color a Cute Cake Easy - 100 Million Views Celebration - Fun2draw - YouTube !!! *** *** How To Draw A Birthday Cake - YouTube !!!
    the meeting
    hey this is Rob art for kids huh dot com I got like who are some kids and me
    had n joke lose
    chukkas how are you guys doing yeah
    we're gonna try today beginning Java a kinky
    a birthday cake some fun yeah
    yeah I got markers alright
    and this is a cool exercise
    to work on or shorten your goals
    yeah do you wanna for certain circles here with the for certain circles as
    others brown circle hours at a flat circle
    Gramps aka omaha's as
    flat circle I okay so the first that we're going to have our paper horizontal
    like this
    kornblum and then we're gonna drop or shorten circle
    right in the middle above the paper
    to your hats
    a flat circle
    good job
    good job ads they were gonna try out two lines that come
    down of aside good hands
    good and then we're going to occur one that's like this one
    so like that one Mike that one
    and we're gonna drop between these two lines look like a cake
    yeah thank you kinda
    know there has been no decorations that all or not I'm
    let's put it on a plate so now we're gonna go for certain circle
    but its command yeah he can I'm Continental Tire pizza
    I'm sorry im draft for certain circle attorney
    this is gonna be the play and because it's underneath were in dry ice
    but have can you do that Kajaki go on
    perfect good job Osama
    knowles ledger paper so I can go home say it like
    p graphics are hump but
    so the whole thing was when you're drawing a lot of
    or certain circles on you want them to be
    like on this K we want this for certain circles to be the same as the plate
    and then we want the bottle is curved line to be the same as the person so
    they all look like they're
    circles to it the same direction
    k ready for decorations yeah
    self-protection because we're excited yeah he's so
    for decorations are gonna start and I'm just gonna make
    love Hazara
    expectancy sorry
    origins can I do somebody lines Akhtar
    and I'm gonna do but winds along the bottom because we're done markers
    I'm can already feel a potato I
    job hats
    this is Gary super simple but the kids at home can decorate their cake anyway
    we're just gonna show how to decorate it our way and then they can do it
    different meant why I'm gonna do
    as I'm gonna make also some layers
    smother layers on the cakes I'm gonna make more
    curve I'm slick contour lines happy
    like how does your dry and I
    monster cake do I'm just cleaning
    yeah and then draw some copper lines were
    like hats I'll percent of checkers
    I was cut your Boston fruition
    where we met last misty
    borrowing the no
    yeah so I'm just you can do as many cameras you want I'm just gonna do one
    yeah and so what you can to watch me so we're gonna do the same
    for certain circle but this one's gonna be really small
    and I'm gonna drop right about here so I have room for the fire
    so draw for certain circle and I have a small
    you guys come but more good job hats
    I'll up it looks like how your dry mustard
    yeah as the eyes Byzantine
    mesum out %uh yup
    was indeed I carpool
    so okay it's an ex parte revenge on a candle
    the sites we can't know you gonna come down
    and then contour line on the bottom
    and I want a race that line but we got markers
    some candid and then we have a job one little
    my income and out on a camel looks like
    only like I can
    are and they were gonna child fire make a baked a cake
    I yeah so
    now we're going to a fire and this is gonna be is going to look like a
    but like that misfire one
    bad hang coming
    on today
    and there can be no arm
    like like holding PMT
    or some oh and dynamite died are leaving and I and II yeah
    looks like I your IT and yeahh
    ahead yeah and don't do that kicked your friend
    yeah my blowout metal
    no passed through candles are ready thank you
    plant forecast me so you can also do some other things you can ride on top

    you know and I think India is if this was a card for some money
    you give whole your paper in half and then drop that cake
    right there on the front or on the inside soldier
    Olympics are I didn't think he had a
    for you're gonna turn 5 someone super five candles on
    key I'm gonna change i-ninety
    and II okay just do warheads
    all here
    me good job open a consulate bomb but
    you're making your candles overlap that once
    awesome looks really cool we endanger
    something I'm gonna drive home or camels
    and it can not perfect circle
    wall that was like a perfect circle each
    do this from its job to work at Mosaic law and may not be done
    okay dang I'm gonna write
    wall how having I
    hunchine goes really fast again goal
    ok in that group
    a little but there's not an extra a.m. age
    a the lol yeah
    blush I day
    and all but then he and then wipe
    leaves this months good job ads
    are I was that fun sorry give a honk
    York under different decorations we kept it really simple so that this would be a
    quick video
    sure is a combined are our friends yeah
    the letter friends happy birthday my
    doing *** *** How to draw Cartoon Birthday Cake Step By Step Easy Tutorial| Cute - YouTube !!!
    hey guys I'm back scientists feel
    and go to sleep a two-out cut called Kate couple but they could
    hi I'm to install by two &a
    Kindle first so deep here are on call
    the and night the person you think into of how it would be neat into you want
    for love with this real a good his

    Kindle apps I so it is to our him
    repeated to a simple first into it 29 gal
    do to a puker ninth to repeat his
    good pics detail in the car wit
    put our to replace she's to hear
    on it in which one in nineteen the barroom
    p the always start depends
    dot easiest part sold is car park

    all week
    event awesome curry
    is Dance Star green the know but a cake
    currencies I'm Queen on
    pleaded okay so that person
    to replace you and good cop pop
    pic K sold it to a
    here there were here p
    ill get

    over K gilder to
    two circles to repeated the ripple
    the cake two circles the
    who correct okay her
    to rescinded who ribbons the pic
    my view K Phoenix Park dude
    Twitter to Italian do
    committee big city tonight ladies

    make a new pic kurd so to the cake will look more
    and real do out with Boo will
    tweet enjoy SoCal too early
    help to replace the head to be pic
    okay so cordial happy Pappy
    his reticulocytes it be alright key
    it will go into this thing so the
    but multi-colored
    okay it's still going to a nine-game
    good to think think a weedy so
    his base in Kew liked p
    so that mean is so day I'm not a queen only
    he's feel feat okay so good to us online
    here key to reputed
    top pop this circuit layer pic
    to do this thing being do it night gil p
    and display it will be his two yr is through
    good e
    cindy's could be knowing who it K good
    declare a good to have some work to be excluded
    to circle up line over it simple

    p hope you guys
    if the personal like that the don't 9002 and is Kate to
    you can to update these next to a police who were op ball he component I
    they're going to do the same thing at the bar bar
    would Anderson and
    ninth as rip a CD their Queen is
    his walk with his current building right now
    I to go into a secular here
    to lose
    pics true teacher K in the last part beat
    ballpark soldier toy

    down and I the both I he looked at the
    to collect the circle I
    K the next part if you guys want to it it'll have to
    I'm good I I these to it this is
    to highbrow here here okay
    daily and this size containers speaking
    is decis opal to
    open dot it pp
    smile your
    in there
    big smile hit it de ahi ku
    I'm good with him balloon with a program Solbi
    here it's so cool you know be

    Peterson the person to sign this
    this is coop and everything cool yeah good I'm going to a group believed to
    destroy circle
    in the OP don't
    to replace you please sign me
    retracing current
    to committee II
    yes that's basically it thank you guys SO much for watching it and been resized
    thank you guys so much
    and I P back with a new feel so as possible *** *** How to Draw a Cartoon Birthday Celebration Cake Cute and Easy - YouTube !!!
    anyway gunther
    being video I'm gonna show you how to draw my job said K
    so let's get started with this
    cake you're gonna start by drawing the bottom layer the cake
    so by right here we're gonna drop to straight-line
    both I'm the right here Charline
    straight down the other sign
    by that now we can jot the frost think that goes on top and then
    so right here we're gonna drop hers can
    down like that they were just gonna go
    across like that then it started a site to see you make sure you have enough
    room to put your curves
    to right here in the same height right here
    draw thinking
    her like that and now we could figure with him for about two more
    cell that whatever you like that's what's so fun about kayaking
    great he could decorate however you like
    so now that we have the cream on their we can go in and got a job so cute i
    for two big guys for this bottom layer cake
    her to make circles Brian
    cheer like that fantastic you I
    have to small circles for highlight occur
    line at the bottom and shade in the top
    my think
    bottom layer here to
    big traffic you I has big Isaac can't
    mind at the bottom like that thinking with the other side
    to small circles for Highline and the current line at the bottom
    and she didn't tell it was so hard trying to figure out what kind of cake
    to drop I hope you like this one and of course
    these designer however you like just use my
    review it inspiration from home play
    that their to beat traffic you I and to curb planter here on the thigh
    person carrying in the give him a huge smile
    right here just showed our little her pickled
    up like that and Kapil anything
    hugh now at the bottom we're gonna Joson
    creating the at the bottom right here so sorry barry here
    years in ago seen cap bankers
    on their way across so he wanted missus turned aside and
    think that
    just keep going are no way there
    one more and right here within a job that pays
    where the cake with %uh Phyllis straight line that goes
    of their way across make him nervous
    sector that they more and more
    my that
    and now we're gonna go to top layer so in between them
    bottom in a top earlier I i decided to just a lot of circles
    play different color circles just to decorate the key
    the right here start by drawing a circle and right here
    try another one think thing and you really do on both sides is just so you
    invasion where how where you gonna draw the circle
    straight across so
    drying your circles
    Pauline stern line like that
    jumping on their way across

    family the hunt there think it's not perfect but it looks okay right
    and now we can't other top players so another straight line
    that in sign or
    like that one panting
    and with the top layer I decided to
    on just give it some more where
    for the topping so right here in drop her and we're gonna
    curve it like that so loop
    on our way my
    min the thinking here
    on the other side something moved to the other way
    thing it one more time her
    there and for the top part we're gonna connected to a very soft
    her don't make it perfectly straight just this
    bop her because it's the tell like
    that and that here the them top layer some very cute I for some laughing
    so does occur like bad thank God up
    for the lashes maybe one the thing thing the other side
    and down
    bring you now my and
    you little my well have been there
    and let's come back in here and give our bottom layer here some decoration
    maybe some sprinkles here in there
    how ever you like it right back
    and right here for the top we're gonna job I can tell
    so you can add as many can either the one for for this
    but one right here just to show you
    so my neck and down he wanted
    you draw some lines like that for the candle
    straight line right here for the brick and the beautiful
    be playing my know they're wearing
    and some lines out here just to show that it's cool
    rank frightening glowing and
    be pretty cute to add some decorations to the K
    so break here just an ad
    and decorations become out of the cake
    stars my that
    because I'm celebrating

    my subscribers I'm so grateful to you guys for
    subscribing for all the love I've been getting
    and I thought it's about time I try K
    and there were a lot of requests for this case I hope you guys like it
    like that however you like it and one more
    like that there my
    cake and thank you for office a comment sharing up my videos and
    the game and I'm so grateful loving our
    my car and I hope you continue to come back to it
    and thank you and *** *** How to Draw A Olaf From Frozen - Fun2draw - YouTube !!!
    day but you're right maybe the crater a manager of
    welcome to tutorial Thursday I'm super excited for the new broken Bieber short
    I think it'll be fun job all appealing a cake that's yeah exactly for him
    before I start I want to share that I've gotta love as a human on my second
    channel may art
    believe that the it and in the video description I hope you like it
    it first all-star where a lot of big kid
    so let's start with me longish
    curb one like that amateur of
    wider them
    so this is going to be the cheek that's Bowl
    but River Rail wars
    should be cheap on this is like beer its
    finish them
    the top of my head is kinda brown an alleged downpours
    for them
    now drives people care
    short line going up them
    there around her going to him
    fine the last solo se que
    Shelby teardrop shape side take a look whoa look at here
    what at least two rigid right beside
    Locarno strong big curve like them
    where the soil smaller curbside so the stickers to make his cheek slip-up
    don't it's a good way to make him look like he has a lot if he gets them
    yes I just through the mouth wide and then keep them
    Minister of a weekly line around
    is now them
    all that cake tins them
    with little kids
    someone say hello
    get big picture I am
    hiker of no
    her yeah
    right home
    for this idea them
    that's one big for the dry my job
    people in a little bit later the ownership
    for him
    so heavily shape extra one worker inside
    ever worried expression
    withdrawn the eyebrows
    pointy not towards the top love the head
    so have the first libro d'Oro
    this in this stupid angling down towards
    bottom for this item
    from the same thing but base in the a.m
    want to have that withdrawing his people
    you both like big me but him
    am highly image
    she %um
    me what part of both
    David did you like the most please share in the comments
    him great
    so want to help the face then withdraw them
    breast him
    a little line this will be the first part of his body
    it looks like around rectangle
    way there there
    buttress that this body like to keep it
    this the for him
    but it is going to be a bit bigger them
    like this video maybe half brother Peter
    him in his arms site manager online
    are going out towards the smell
    him in the hand is like you
    the other reaching upwards Belgium
    back or if so we have a look done and Telstra Next
    p.m. with this cake will help
    four layers poster with player
    hero looks
    so I have something like them
    homemade second later by drawing a horizontal line
    me and Kim
    more lines for this
    no job
    where the Cape
    with the longer Poor's line
    bigger them
    now this time I just roll all bottom
    drawn another been line
    going around the bottom take for am
    may serve them
    by him
    area was not for him
    big keeping whole break in the case them
    game so what we have this
    big humongous hole in the cake let's face the rest the Cape
    with although both nights pretty decorations and
    so I'm gonna go ahead
    on top a peach earlier help through a series of the small
    herbs am start
    making the cake with word
    one around them

    him for the first layer poster with some other flowers now
    so here's a small circle and around the circle
    all draw
    small been pedals other way around same
    and I'll repeat that came with time
    there are some little leaves by the flowers
    his second player
    have a flower on side in them
    we same
    more power this
    in on this could go ahead and do the same thing
    bring a certain way
    for this poor player it's a little bit different
    param adding one player the herbs
    brown part don't know the name
    sideways letter S so here's why
    thicker am
    it was almost done during this Nathan
    just something simple more
    crowds here there
    OB menu to put Fulham standing on the table
    red realist not forget it's a personal little
    so how to cute little cloud shape above his head
    the little them
    and if you don't try this again check a
    I think you frozen drawings like by Sandra bells on on a
    all up and my second channel now Smith with my free frozen get dream

    I'm glad lots babe years have told me you've purchased my beautiful but the
    drug dogs and cats aP's
    but then dropped the tabs headed for new jobs the matter he just started drying
    already have some experience this professionally made fun to dry out
    can help you practice and improve your driving skills wherever
    whenever they also make fun holiday and birthday gifts
    the links to download them are the video description for more information check
    out my furniture
    app demo video playlist the link is coming up now subscribe so you know when
    a new videos posted
    he can draw along with me thanks for watching now see you next time
    on *** *** How to Make Valentine's Day Cake Pops! - YouTube !!!
    hey guys at SkyCity world and today are making these really yummy valentines day
    cake pops
    these are so delicious and they're really cute as well
    blonde and pink for let's get started %uh
    here I had a predate yellowcake this is just a box next cake
    and then go ahead and cut into quarters then I'm going to come ons cake and
    %uh that is Rev the cake back and forth and then breaking up with your fingers
    and until you get Nathan of small pieces
    themes and now I'm adding in another cake order

    threat of have a key that a couple dont
    now I am from Intel frothing
    I ended up adding in about a third of a cup to getting the right consistency
    to go ahead and makes it around %uh
    do want to be just my enough so that you can pack into a ball in your hands
    him using a knife can skip to step on the cake balls
    and I'm just gonna go home and pack a little bit and then run into a ball
    you want these can be about one inch in diameter
    and then just places on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper
    to make a hardship kapok go ahead and take a kick ball and flatten it out a
    little bit
    and then pinch the and into a v-shape pennies when your fingers
    to make a low end and the top home
    and nation to kill a heart shape and
    and here's our finished cake boss place this and the French about twenty minute
    nah for decorating unit in sprinkles along with uncanny aunt
    I'm using the built-in brand here places into a Mac or a safe glad
    good and I miss going team other than a low-power setting
    makes you stir them every
    seconds to send
    when it comes out into the something like that nice and smooth
    good not take some lollipop stick
    insert them into the candy month to happen and
    and then place this and you're choking bop
    %uh good %uh
    him during the paint
    %uh and the Red the polite refrigerator cake pops at this time
    but I found that if you get them when they're too cold Kenny mother gonna
    and you don't want that and to make nearly
    then even coating I found as well to eat and product
    and it's really nice it's kinda like paramount crystal and it's really gonna
    then I candy coating you can also choose used in vegetable oil
    or shortening that hearing going to use the EZ pins
    go ahead and add the India candy coating luck still warm
    and just turn around and now this is going to make your candy coating nice
    and smooth and
    bent now ready to depart cake pops
    came during the break any coding and I just about the accent
    and then for this 1 I'm adding a little hard to pinpoint
    nickens he had or what the fuck
    or you can choose to cover your entire cake up with sprinkles
    this is when I hear it looks think it looks so fun and festive for Valentine's
    %uh years at the finished product looks like
    home %uh
    and Here I am doing for my red cake pops you may have to remind your candy
    coating a little bit
    that is making design a low-power and I'm adding on its bank of investment Inc
    I have is really nice cake pop stand that a government target
    you cannot see this tire from block to place a que pasan did right
    and handling the heart cake pop you might have to rock it around in the
    candy coating little bit to get it all coded
    but just be gentle when you doing med
    and you can see there really adorable as well
    and here I was going to drizzle up with some melted candy coating
    makes you add in some canola oil in this out though as you can see I got some
    declined it looks almost like a zebra print but I think it's like you did
    and if you add an extra touch go ahead and added I think treat bag
    I got mine at Michaels does go ahead and tired of it the bell
    I think that this makes it a really cute gift for a friend
    and that's it these K Cups are really easy to me and who never had key party
    they just think you're really moist cake do I hope you guys enjoy this video
    don't forget to share your creations add me on my Facebook page kathy has next
    happy Valentine Day aunt
    in *** *** Step-by-Step Cake Pop Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    halcion if she had any cake pops
    s important he waited to greet them and present
    at isn't everything because found 270 quite but changing around the Kmart
    and sprinkles a definite appropriate for any occasion or holiday
    let's get started dome
    their stuff is a big challenge other only alternative scratch
    box the Darby injections for me
    can't Russian Olympic a call down for a while before moving on to the next hour
    one it doesn't work and bring to a boil the numbers
    like to pick it up
    current duh
    the rooms
    %uh advancing to the next picking up the cash
    and i cant one large table fertility test keep from getting clearer
    continue mixing prosecutor speaking of the devil horns on Shalom
    %uh cracks in the next general meeting
    to get the people she you can use an excuse to make sure they're all the same
    will have the desired possible from here to
    to the Harlem
    watergate both freezing mountain top make sure to have only pop sticks and
    about I used to be scared
    take a hike upset and get them into the chocolate and coconut out halfway into
    the cake
    our this all service good patrols take a look
    they're holding the state people into the chocolate
    sugarcoat it called do tapping our yes it's a child
    prevent the cake pop okay do
    %uh you could make the cake
    but if you wanna get great bigger tumbled
    looking singles Christian koreatown what every lawyer
    the dud bomb
    if you want to look at the possible when he presented as an attempt on a
    about a are cute and Scheibel said the
    samples taken from me on Duke
    after covering the controversial a quick basket bill
    you den Dekker Inc because enjoyed this tutorial and don't forget to suscribe
    %uh *** *** Princess Pull Apart Cake! - YouTube !!!
    today we're going to me said wholeheartedly
    are them going to be making my own
    frosting today just a bit stiff enough to hold its shape and what you're going
    to need
    is rose-colored food coloring powdered sugar
    milk vignola and better you're going to need
    four-and-a-half cups of powdered sugar now putting your half cup butter and mix
    nada 2 teaspoons of vanilla and 3 tablespoons of milk
    skidding perhaps show
    peak burrows current owners who stick in there
    idk to
    traffic you're going to need to double the frosting recipe
    this you can get in any cake decorating section I got it warmer
    you can get it at a craft store you can get it basically any store that might
    cake decorating supplies also you can just use a regular frosting
    back it has the right for us into so you're also going to need

    one cupcakes and this is the order
    that you're gonna settlement solution we ate on top
    for to rosa I am and one room
    time just taking each cupcake now with my frosting decorator
    starting on the outside and going in a circular motion
    and then just pulling up once I get to them in so that's how you're gonna
    every cupcake in
    who in up
    you know together in one a dollop some frosting in between it is to give it to
    fuller look and wherever it needs it just fill in the gaps
    now govern not known better I have p
    sugar sprinkles this is an optional thing get a little bit other
    glittery look i like it

    I got these by the cake decorating section just for the candles are in the
    baking section at Walmart
    they are right by the six lets they're just a tiny bit smaller
    they're just candy so we're just gonna line the whole bottom his address
    with these little feeds given a little bit more flair
    put a few more of these beats onto just the middle
    to give it title in a little bit more be ready to act simply not roll
    this is in the craft section I have the hardest time finding it but
    do you guys but babbitt cross-section
    at Walmart so these are just the width of these three cupcakes
    and I and wash them off and read them so they'll just be able to do
    right time he in the middle of this
    cupcakes I'm just remember to make an exact race sex
    this is a little keychain I got in their jewelry section at Walmart
    and and Justin you stick it on there in whoever wants it afterwards
    I'm sure my 1-year-old will just use it on her keys
    every day when she gets her card right places who if you want you can put a
    little bit of a dollar per
    trusting underneath it just to get something to stick to you
    just putting it right on this corner here
    and then added a little heart necklace and last but not least
    a princess crown princess wand from the dollar section at Target
    I'm washed all these by the way and I'm just taking it
    chrome right into the frosting know why
    just like it turned out so on me
    thing is ok hugh and one little girl one
    what it like that I love it so much
    the public style much time don't match
    also comment below if you like this video or you wanna see more
    check my facebook page and follow me on twitter things turn the description
    one since graduation and also share this video is somebody who you know have a
    birthday coming up that might enjoy n and stay tuned for all the funny thing
    it already end UK %uh
    I you him
    thank you e
    are you
    happy birthday to you yeah you
    James employees being mean if you weren't
    from for huh bomber
    for yeah I *** *** How to Draw Shopkins Cake Pop and Hot Chocolate step by step Christmas Special - YouTube !!!
    so let's get started with this drying the first start by giant the k-pop so I
    hear music draws circle but my circle is not gonna be a complete circle because
    I'm using a sharp and they can't erase but if you're at home you're using a
    pencil just JA perfect circle right here I'm just gonna start right here
    jogger bicker and then right here
    imagine it coming down and give myself some room so right here with a
    continuing draw their part of the circle and yes stop right there so right here
    in with a draw the bow for the top draws circles
    and manage all coming out
    and something other side come around back to the circle inside here for some
    details inside
    a smaller and then come out the
    weekend right here and bring it back in to come out here and now just finishing
    up this circle right
    messed up on this circle then i fix it
    they're not too bad
    until then right here job that case this dick hurts a k-pop simply go down at an
    angle that comes out from this sensor
    if you like but I'm not going to
    comes straight up
    same thing and anchor around
    until now come to the center of the circle that
    just a point where they're both Center joggers and this is for the feet so you
    know you know that right there and other curve on the other side thank you finish
    your circle
    to come here
    and connected straight month
    so you're using a pencil like I said just draw
    a big circle makes it a lot easier to break it up because they can you base so
    right here and you start to draw the hair on the new job comes around her
    like the Wii and Wii Fit here are clear to finish off the hair
    then every job at hand tools for her to come out drunker comes every round
    to their hands up here to see me come around and her eyes so her she's kinda
    nice treat so you know the other circles gonna go at this angle
    another one right then we can go in and give her prosecutor so wondering what
    other shop in a good job for you guys we're sorry
    can carry we were talking and
    figurehead leader i dont hot cocoa
    for Christmas or winter time right it wouldn't be complete without hot cocoa
    says I was searching up a little teapot pumped up and I thought oh my gosh she's
    so cute
    to like this will complicate I do for you for this Christmas and winter so
    this period as he flashes
    the shop inside the slashes so do the same thing
    that they're here
    sorry we were talking so basically you guys because it's planted everything
    else has to slam some screws also have to slant
    at the scene so don't think it's right here
    Iran's right here to talk a little now so it's basically occurred to once again
    everything is at this angle control again you down
    and town then paired with your job all the little sprinkles on top of the kids
    races with using a pencil just calling to some of them can I go read this line
    right here
    sprinkles at the top you can do as many as you want
    or as little as you want
    Johnson ran them
    really hope you like her
    that's enough so that's why i'm ok so now we can go and jar of hot cocoa here
    driving over here this is hot chocolate
    regular job seekers and bring it all the way across
    this is basically right now it's ok so the right here
    tried during the charity center and we must stop and I mean I draw
    becomes so I think this part of the hot choco shot can cope growers whipped
    cream its kind of overflowing Sandro another one that comes down lowered and
    bring it back at the same time
    connected to this is overflowing part of the top of the cup
    right here we'll continue this straight line out the door
    top of her so the top here
    nicely so surprised with the purple running this is just a declaration on
    the color I guess so I am like her down something others say it once again if
    you're using a pencil just charger couple on their way around and they just
    are trying they wanted to show you step-by-step different levels so right
    ear and whisper him just got curves
    sure this thing height and to make it a lot easier because the bodies across the
    middle one first so I the center right here in New Yorker
    and I can fit about three minutes
    drugs site first change
    about the scene has to be about this thing
    to dislike the shop
    so now we can come to your room some point you can
    so now you can use your partner just follow
    skirt so quite right here just across give yourself up about the same height
    this just makes it easy to do this is to ensure you technique to every point
    following the same curve
    those printing
    to have to hear this and more details
    circles top of every point
    and another circle in the center
    she looks easy but very complicated right now we can continue our crew for a
    cup of cocoa to continue the Skirball down either side
    you were gonna drop it feat so complained about the center right there
    and we're gonna drop her so come over a little bit drunker comes that
    so I know that you can continue this perfect pair so that's just something I
    would say about
    and skirt so once again
    and about right here for the Phoenix and streamline
    for this type of hot cocoa and hands were here one of them out
    and other hand just comes out
    now we can draw the top of the hot cocoa and so right here
    awesome arsenals first about in the center and draw a straight line so very
    soft marshmallow right here kodaline same thing go and convicted
    cream that's on top so come over here really draw three players
    and we pick back down for some details
    connect this my dear
    there may be another year
    and let him go draw let's not forget one minor dip so right now I'm gonna draw
    the strong one has a strong hot cocoa
    i cant job I can't I can't remember who it was burned my tongue white this is a
    strong executor a series just gonna follow with has so far him withdraw some
    detailed also make the strong work
    value and so right here you've got the handle so just kind of struggling under
    the hand here just follow that inside
    outside so big handle for hot cocoa until finally bring this up to life
    through the job two circles right there
    yeah ok
    and two small circles inside for prosecute I and her by another bother
    because I'm going down I'm just getting them I just like these I seek and
    destroy the shock and died she did not stop at the same thing either side to
    small circles
    shaking so these guys are from the food fairs season
    their common cup picture try to read off I know to have these two so we don't
    have these two so I don't know what they look like a creep
    when have let me know guys like it here
    draw the line
    their computer and so now at that guys so my shoes
    shock and dismay comes out
    a piercing thing come over here and so for the mouth this guy's got a pretty
    big now open smiles and Josh Kerr why do you connect and I like that for the time
    my little cup of hot cocoa cake pop shop guys like this addition to my Christmas
    joy *** ***

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