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(, , , , ) wedding cake with filigrees & natural flowers(fern, lily, saint vincent, gypsophil __ Multi-tiered_Wedding_Cakes Wedding cake with fresh flowers (Lily, Gypsophila, Fern, San Vicente, small roses) wedding cake with filigrees how to make

Wedding cake with fresh flowers (Lily, Gypsophila, Fern, San Vicente, small roses) wedding cake with filigrees how to make

    (, , , , ) wedding cake with filigrees & natural flowers(fern, lily, saint vincent, gypsophil __ Multi-tiered_Wedding_Cakes

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    Make NO BAKE Lady-Bug Chocolate Piñata Pops - A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom) *** *** Lady Bug Cake (How To) - YouTube !!!
    the daylights diplomat case but so far
    today with the lady beautifully
    today in a step prepping your borders with some green fondant
    and any kind of the shape of the late
    this is merely a decoration it's not necessary but i think it looks cute a
    the label sitting on the lake
    once you should attache
    putting the lines for the navy much this will be covered so doesn't have to be
    if you don't have to the lines you can just easily grow it out again driver and
    like i did
    endurance acid rain you take
    uh... find something that sister kula said
    about the size he won't be
    and had two of those vineyard to separate those cakes
    in you need to realize william ideal body
    was he couldn't take soon her
    you can fill
    three parts
    and then cover it with the cronkite
    this is just a plain no i think that i've done a good
    with the top layer list paper damages site
    we have been brown body
    and then cover it with the company
    pop in the fridge
    to help them that uh... ballots that had its own funded on
    because a lot easier
    over the last pasted cut in half
    and then stepping up three
    they say they are just taking off
    cut checked out two pots and then use the off cuts for the third
    income that way but a cream ends
    once its ready he can take out the body
    and then attach it to the body to give you a lady who checked
    yep a little bit about going over to help on this together
    because the bodies of the cola
    when you start pushing the but i think it's a it's that simple ones quite well
    any going to rollout you'll fund it
    and cover it make sure you've got a big enough to cover the top-to-bottom inside
    once the fund in his own you wanna just gently pushed against aids advocates say
    there's no white pulling down on that which will be vitez and funding
    buckling up the excess funding rubbing it either
    beginning instantly the finish
    this is a very easy to missing in some way out of the others
    days in the back when i feel pretty in the law and in the middle and spending
    therefore the coloring
    five funded quite difficult to find refunded so i use the impression a lot
    if you have access to read fund industry died
    then by all means do the head in the body sections
    but i have the impression i use that
    no necessity for you
    did a good card over the back making sure it's magic
    you don't leave any rule
    diminishes or anything so if you've got a really nice ridge home then
    you won't have to worry that this
    has painted on the head detail
    skinny good cover making it look charlene glossy
    just like the back end
    and then rather than messing around with printing more funding are just going to
    be talks directly onto the back
    the size of a lot of time that a lot of fidgeting
    you can if you like to campaign and you can use a critique attitude pollutant
    t_v_ like a nice neat so but i wasn't to learn
    what interested me maybe they'll over to the lake
    unity within the nice and angle it
    so it's or a forty five degree angle
    and just push the ages of that ideals
    and it just gives you a nice clean finish an edge
    this brings us to the legs began to blow up six little balls are funded
    if you have the black panther live
    just for the bump into them
    and then these will be the state cisplatin in the best position you think
    that date
    this is up to your design he grumbles at the front
    instead an apple or and it's up to you
    are like the three point
    as you'll see i made the back once the little bit further
    same process for the allies to support someone from him
    and friend introduced into the loan andrew the little boy tripled
    and for the methodist metals like
    who pushed around
    we get in tennis which are used
    to haas of the sql
    addis rolled some fun memoranda and left a little ball on top
    painted them and put them in
    i think it looks really effective squeaks laugh and
    it would look you deal with and curled
    but that's quite a few format
    you know can elicit leases
    their equipment
    they have related affect
    thanks again for watching guys will say next friday *** *** Garden Party Cakepops! Make Bee & Ladybug Garden Cake Pops - A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
    Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Garden Cakepop Tutorial where I'll be showing you
    how to make these adorable little garden cakepops, perfect for so many occasions.
    Tools and equipment that we will be using today:
    I've got a little bit of water. Some white sprinkles.
    Some black melted candy melts. I've got some green sprinkles.
    Some green melted candy melts. Over here, I've got just some actually pre-made
    fondant flowers or flower sprinkles. They're a bit of an optional extra.
    I've got some yellow jelly beans and some red M&Ms. For the jelly beans to make the
    little bees, do make sure that they're your small-ish jelly bean, so not the bigger sized
    ones. The jelly belly sized ones are perfect. One unmelted green candy melt.
    I've got my cakepop ball. Now that's been refrigerated for about
    minutes so it's
    nice and firm. And if you don't have a great recipe for getting your cakepops made and
    ready to dip and decorate, I will leave a link to the Cupcake Addiction recipe in the
    description box below. I've got some toothpicks.
    A lollipop stick. I've got a zip lock bag.
    And i've also got just a pair of scissors I've also got some large white circular sprinkles
    -- we call them sequins So let's get started.
    The first thing that we want to do today is we want to take our lollipop stick and our
    cakepop ball. So dip your lollipop stick into those melted green candy melts and we're just
    going to insert it into the top this time, usually it's into the bottom, but into the
    top of that ball. So you just want to sit that off to the side and let that one set.
    And when you're putting it in, try and get it in as straight as possible.
    Now, I'm going to show you how to make both a bee and a little tiny ladybug. As you can
    see here in my 2 little demonstration ones, they're both really cute and these two little
    garden bugs are great to know for cupcakes and all sort of different ideas. So I'll show
    you how to make both those today just using a little bit of candy.
    You want to take your zip lock bag, pop some of the black candy melts in. And you really
    don't need very many -
    melts is probably enough. I'm just going to push them all the
    way down to the corner of the bag and let any air out before I seal it up. And using
    my scissors, I'm just going to cut off a really fine little tip at the end. Make sure you
    know where your little plastic tip has gone so that you don't end up with it in one of
    your cupcakes. Alright, now for the ladybug, first of all,
    make sure that your M from the M&M is facing down and just dip the top
    into that melted candy melt. I like to just shake it off so that it's sort of nice and
    rounded at the front. And then you can just sit it down and let that start to dry.
    With your little bumblebee...I love him. He's actually my favorite. I think he's just adorable.
    You want to just pipe your little stripes onto him. So what you want to do here is you
    don't want to pipe directly on. Whenever I pipe, I'm always holding the bag about half
    a centimeter above whatever I'm working on and I always start a little bit further across
    and finish a little bit further on the other side to come.
    bee stripes. And don't worry if they're not a hundred percent perfect -- no two bees are
    exactly the same. For your ladybug, don't move it because it's
    not going to be finished setting just yet. Just take your candy melt and pipe one little
    line down the back and a couple of little dots. Beautiful now choose the side of your
    bee that you want to be the front, just give him
    With your bee, I've got my 2 little white sprinkles there. These ones are just called
    sequins. And I'm just going to use a tiny tiny bit of that black chocolate, and I'm
    actually just going to pick it up off the bench because you really don't need very much.
    Dip that in and I'm just going to sit that wing into that still-setting black line. I'm
    just going to support it there until it starts to go a little bit tacky and it will support
    itself without falling off. Then just do the same with your second one.
    Alright, so once your bee's wings have set, then he's ready to go. And you just want to
    finish off your little ladybug so I'm just going to take just a little blob of the melted
    dark -- again, 2 little eyes spots. You can leave him at that but if you'd like to give
    him those defined white eyes like you can see on mine, just dip your toothpick in a
    little bit of that water which will allow it to moisten and you can pick up just one
    of those little white sprinkles and rest it down on that little piece of black candy melt
    that you've just laid down there. Lovely. So there you've got your little bee and your
    little ladybug. We'll pop those off to the side then we can continue on with the rest
    of our decorating. Alright, so now it's time to get into the
    actual cakepop part. So this little unmelted green candy melt is going to form a little
    bit of a foot for these cakepops. So we're going to take our cakepop and our melted candy
    melt. And you just want to dip that cakepop in and give it a little twist. Perfect. Now
    as you lift it out, you want to bring it over and you want to sit it down on top of that
    candy melt and just push it down. That's going to give you that nice little foot.
    Take your candy pop or your cakepop and very quickly, before that green candy starts to
    set, you want to just give it a really nice coating of those green sprinkles. Alright,
    so all of your green sprinkles are on. Now, just sit your cakepop back down and just
    get down at eye level with that and make sure that you're happy that it's really nice and
    straight, that your little lollipop stick is straight because it will be setting but
    it will still be a little bit movable. Perfect. So I'm happy with that.
    If you're going to use little flowers, take your little flowers and one of those toothpicks
    and we're just going to apply them on and you can choose either your ladybug or your
    little bumblebee depending on which one you want to use.
    So for my flowers, just pop on a little tiny blob of green candy melt and use it to glue
    them down. You can have as many or as few as you like. Beautiful. Our little bumblebee.
    On he goes. So look at that. The most difficult part of
    this tutorial is in fact making those little tiny bees and those little tiny ladybugs,
    just because they are so fiddly. This is a really versatile cakepop. I absolutely love
    it because it doesn't need a cakepop stand. These are stand alone. So you can sit them
    on a table or a plate at a party. And I always finish mine off with a little bit of ribbon
    in a corresponding color, so to suit your theme or to suit the pop.
    I hope that you guys love this tutorial and thanks very much for tuning in to My Cucpake
    Addiction. *** *** Dumbo inspired Baby Elephant Cake (How To) - YouTube !!!
    well have away
    in a guys were met cakes by chopper today we have an elephant for you in the
    likeness in DUMBO
    you need to put up the template from the case much up a Facebook page
    as well as make the rice krispie treats links on the annotation above as well as
    the description
    cut out the template using the p.m.
    reverse one side see but I left the area right knee
    cover them with Ganesh pop them in the fridge said this is gonna let them them
    up be so they stay in premium there
    then cut out the first round shape the body which is his hips and knees

    and kinda and now the shaper that be going to build his body up
    in stages then you going to carry out a third
    middle piece which is I just the overall and then to Hobbs
    to build up he's K using it having no I'm
    papers as friendly down to the front in how the bottom
    and use that to build up he's feet going up to
    Nick when you get a bill over the buttercream place all the pieces back on
    give it a crime to it now this isn't quite high enough for what we need
    so we only use rice krispie treats to build up the top of his head
    so we don't need them too much weight on the cake stop
    take from sagging place so once you've got it all covered in buttercream
    you can just hop the right speech to the Shapley made
    and then give data from over the top
    and issues about a crane to smooth it out rounded off as you can see here
    why easy just pack it on and then smoothed out
    and you have no cake with not much way to the top
    I also wanted to build his bottom up a little bit for you Rice Krispies there
    as well
    and then put a skewed and the simple just to keep it a bit

    and stop it from leaning over in the center OVA love the template there's a
    circle the other side's
    firms fate just cut them out and then place them on as well as
    trunk and he's K jockey or chrome to it and then pop it in the fridge to set
    I would suggest making it is smooth in need as you possibly can before you let
    it sit
    too much and then it'll save you less trouble when you put in
    on the responded with a little bit Paul but I
    show you with great a role that at place though the top
    and then working very quickly a smoothie dan over the front
    pay attention to the front and the back at the site you can let these to uphold
    join the convo
    you hide those cut off the excess and then use them stop until
    or you've been is machine on the end around all
    faces with Bay now's a good time to add any detail that goes
    around the Trump around he speaks forest aids
    and clean up the bottom area K now using
    two-part what in one pot right I lightened up
    some focused by name and then just passed semi circles and pick up on the
    3 on both sides be I think this kid at the little extra cuteness
    to that and around the bottom is be news the impression told
    line officer Paul and its it's these little details that really change
    a cake also put some wrinkles in the front means
    joins for his knees would be worries I the youth
    some eight white my thing its the egg whites and
    icing sugar and then I let said I made these when I may be at-at Walker
    you can use fondant just kind in a circle and in pain
    died on and don't forget to add the two little dots
    in the center take just bring it sparked to life
    hop onto cute little eyelashes just helps with the
    cuteness at all painting news math
    in tracer rounds trunk you don't wanna do too much like the talents that the
    takes away from it so only do what's necessary
    there pull you down to the bridge given by the crane cutting it back
    well let them pink on them no had the
    lemon pointed shape in place and on top in the game bench
    gonna give the ease a pink code in the center
    I rushed the Z the little bit I wish or spending more time on them
    so I urge you to do that I was fighting against the heat and the humidity
    when you've placed it on top in the pond in all the pieces over include am it'll
    be the water
    do the same for both sides keeping an eye on which is the left in which is the
    and then they'll stand up right next to okay I would do this just before serving
    and there you go you have your elephant cake if you like this cake wanna share
    with a friend
    or check out some of my other videos in the meantime thanks for watching I
    thought I'll see you next time *** *** FROZEN CAKE POPS! All the Disney FROZEN Characters.. As Cake! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    happened well
    hello and welcome cupcake adhesions
    frozen cake pop tutorial me show you how to make all your favorite phrase in
    character into delicious k-pop
    this is based are incredibly heavily requested so if you guys think they've
    done a good job in a
    I'd love it if we give it a lot given a share let me know your thoughts in the
    comments below
    told equipment that you need today I've got a ziploc bag animals are not just a
    regular sticky tape
    I've got fixed cake pop balls ready to cart
    animal wafer-thin templates on you know even linked to
    but the template and app cake pop all recipe in the Description box polite
    I've got some paint brushes than you think really nice
    soft kinda fluffy paint brushes safer but if dry wet
    lollipop sticks just a piece of chocolate or chocolate melt
    see many Eminem's in brown I've got another dark chocolate
    the melted white chocolate paris's in about a knife and I've got my life to da
    side left side of the bed like a shimmery padded you buy from cake
    decorating shops
    on in light blue paint pebble which I didn't you
    doppler and just to watch him I've also got just a flat tray and a couple bit
    wax paper to rest up pops on today so let's get started
    if everyone to shape your capable City not been refrigerated then not burned up
    just yet
    you take you first football and use my rocket between atomic hands on your head
    limited angle to make the triangle a shame and
    taken just Mackin on the bench a couple times do you really know as Blackwater
    you just wanna shape is that what you got it along a triangle shape that can
    make one about princess
    get and then you want to repeat the phrase the thing that the thank you
    thank him on
    because we've got two princesses today anyone but if it gets to be roughly the
    want you to know is beginning shake hounded late
    to be perfectly honest I was incredibly happy with how things turned out
    but I felt like it like should have been toll of and a shopper on the edges
    fourth cake pop just take it that not full and just kinda squish it don't go
    to you
    in here and I just wanna make mine a little bit more than overly shape than a
    round shape
    feel if Bo you wanna terror one quarterback Paul
    and then you want to roll the larger portions were nice round ball
    and then do the same me a small portion this is gonna be all up in his body into
    pots that we don't want that big and small bowl
    and you find one is good exactly as it is it doesn't even have to be
    particularly ni
    public all up into the fridge for at least
    minutes until David
    really nice and family fare
    coming back from the fridge although k-pop should be set really nice and hot
    you should be able to push them out of shape
    and you want to take your first groundball
    slightly flat bottom right that's perfectly flat bottom on the bay
    did you all the pups to contribute if that dot chocolate pop you call on the
    wax paper and just develop up
    right in
    leading neck a portrait on the flat bottom million dollar if you wanna take
    a lollipop stick and you just stick it straight through the fence and no
    chocolate or anything on the state
    without happening just record the minutes ticking at the bottom
    defended you what chocolate and use the white chocolate to you
    she joined yo la just circling your small is that we're together
    for your other ones that straight all at once the darling more than open shapes
    you want your lipstick to be coming
    about halfway down the shade kitchen basically dipping that lollipop stick
    straight into the white chocolate
    and I'm says it's equally into the pointy into the girl scouts
    I'm twisting that cake pops take because it's helping to
    instead a little bit aid yet and it goes into that cracking the k-pop All
    do that with all three if you're taller tho your parents and your tooth get
    and a little flat case this is gonna be a bit have a nice day but it's a really
    problematic shaped actually did
    so I just took my knife were staying and just keep somewhat chocolate ap
    over-the-top a bit
    making sure you cover it completely and then you take a bit more
    that melted white chocolate we're just gonna skate that's right down to the wax
    to give it a bit of a baser bit before be quite generous with the Skype it
    straight on the next day because you do need a good support for the skatepark
    and if you do not to lift the cake pop up and fit
    on top so it's got a nice foot once again doesn't have to be perfect
    develop sticking to the white chocolate and says it's right into this pent up
    all the although I've bake cake pop
    although the game back up into the fridge any about five minutes besides
    let that stop it completely step
    once a lil pops is that it's time to get the rest of them
    star ever mention one of them is going to be chocolate brand
    before I if I always like to take a lollipop stickers state or something and
    just stare out my chocolate
    rob the part of those pops in it just have to keep really not including user
    really nice neat did
    did UK poppin so that it comes all the way over the chocolate
    steel and your chocolate meeting up with that lollipop stick
    to shake off any excess precedents that wax paper
    and match up a little for me not by the red UK pubs or gonna be getting what's
    you can maybe around to this
    I and you just wanna take them and just give them straight in once again making
    sure you want chocolate comes
    are you fit that not set then steal tapping up a little bit the
    talk too much because you want to form a nice little foot
    as you can see that one up up and down the wax paper the chocolate kind of love
    that a little bit and give them a really nice flat i
    can be quite stable
    do that would you choose get and also hand his pants and find one all of you
    want to take your
    doc chocolate I adopt an email you just want to cut
    initially to lustig sized pieces believe
    mom so you break couple here budget cut a couple until you've got to their faces
    that happy
    take all F DPM into your melted white chocolate
    make sure the ballistic enjoy a little brown & at the ready here
    Popo left onto the piece of wax paper and straightaway working quite quickly
    on his top tackle and the other two women and coming down like buttons on
    little bottom circle take this teacher hours and stick them straight in kind up
    in the air like they're waiving RM
    a little bit more about what joke goes into your the plot by pushing
    all the way to the end let any area and just people a bigger rocked it yeah it
    doesn't have to be
    any back so I and they want is you need to to resolve them about what chocolate
    onto a little bolder this is the most look like freshly fallen snow is just
    come onto the ball a
    given public taps just a drizzle that's not a damn
    and the public back on the wax paper perfect now if you it cracks in your
    anything more likely to happen when you're taller ones take that the book
    bag again
    and just squeeze a little bit if that melted white chocolate into the crack
    making sure you come
    a bad centimeter also passed where the cracks top
    can talk about five to lead the chocolate stop with that
    and if you think that and shit wipe it off its gonna press the chocolate into
    the crack
    it'd be a lot that Craxi k-pop salvageable taking on the path now you
    just use the back to do not be just
    gently slide up and down to make a beaded definite gap between his pants
    but I could see how to crack the cake pop all take the left us now and start
    with your life simpler said if you met the effect is the new brushes you can
    just move on to dock
    colors anyway I just can't brush this downstream right onto that
    that white chocolate normally lost a tough I like to use a little bit alcohol
    because it gets you a little bit more
    passable of
    how to try little bit popped up but I know they they gonna go
    my city kid
    and a lot of people don't like kids having alcohol even though the alcohol
    completely back right
    you can see there and he knows not dry brush is and I'm just
    related taking luster dust and I'm just brushing it on so the funniest thing
    I've back once again to embrace the what
    taking taking supposed to look like snow and ice pop that one off to the side
    really want Dhaka play now I started off with
    I just covering them completely and that doctor be making it should be getting
    all the little crack
    and when it comes to on how you would just make a doc Lee triangle at the
    but leave back up her what because this is actually going to pay for helping
    a papal K i think im pebble by at the ready and when I put them next to her
    she's got by colors indicate that the pink looked a lot better anything to
    match the template a lot better
    so you can see there I thought the front affairs blurred and backup has pink
    which is actually gonna blendon
    really beautifully with a template name to take you to
    all at and your ball at me apologist tiny British humor on the top just to
    give it kinda
    no effect and fame again with all of you don't need to get into much he hated
    getting a little bit of a shock
    finally it's time to start a big thing at template sandra is using a little bit
    sticky tape
    and just to get straight into your template and you want to bring it so
    that your
    cake pops tickets quite tightly positioned in that detects a tempting
    thought the move around
    sorry no I think close I without your cake pop sticks
    many here on his I block and he's kinda
    blade today announced getting across it didn't come
    and I said the same thing and and you can see the heck
    be you simply together
    is it on the once again I would have preferred it if you can't have been a
    little bit taller
    he's still a dapper gentleman regardless with Eltham
    now with L I found because she is so is skinny in the waist
    you want to really really small papers to you that but ya gonna have to train
    out of on either side
    because she's just very very thin it hard to maneuver K-sixty type of small
    with Christoph you want sport sitting on top of the ball
    and then you won t other foot kinda hanging off the edge like he's standing
    on the ground
    putting one foot up on that Rocco that Baldock and fun with all that we're just
    gonna stick your head straight on
    so they've got your completed a little collection of raising character
    admit that I had literally hundreds are requests for something for a reason
    I have managed to create something that all of the phrase in band that they will
    absolutely love
    I will be happy to share with your friends and family and though I thanks
    very much for tuning in to my pic a connection *** *** Popsicle Cakepops! Make Ice-Block Cake Pops - A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
    Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Popsicle Cakepop Tutorial where I'll be showing you
    how to make this gorgeous little cakepop that looks just like a popsicle ice cream.
    Tools and equipment that we will be using today:
    I'm resting my ice cream popsicle cakepop in a polystyrene block.
    I've got a pair of scissors. And a zip lock bag.
    A couple of popsicle sticks. I've got my cakepop balls. Now these are quite
    large so I'm using 2 regular-sized cakepop balls. And I'll be showing you how to make
    this lovely shape. This shape here I've already pre-refrigerated just so that we can get through
    the tutorial nice and quickly today. I've got a little bit of melted dark chocolate.
    Some sprinkles. A little bit of melted white chocolate.
    A knife. And a spoon.
    Obviously, you guys can change this design up. You can make it different colors, different
    designs. I'm just showing you the basic idea. So let's get started.
    Now the first thing that we we're going to do is we're going to make our basic shape.
    So you want to take your 2 cakepop balls. And this is really just to give you an indication
    of how much cakepop mixture we're using. So I'm just squashing them together and we'll
    just roll them into 1 big ball. And it's really quite simple here. It doesn't
    even need to be a particular perfect ball. Just take your hands and just flatten it out,
    I guess, into a bit of a big flat circle. I like to just slap it down on the bench just
    to give it a nice defined edge. And then you just want to take your fingers, leave one
    of the edges exactly as it is because that's so a really nice sort of a shape for the top
    of your popsicle. Don't worry if you've got a few little cracks like this around the place.
    But do try to pick your best edge. So I think this top one here is going to be nicest.
    Now with this, you can see the size that I've flattened mine out to. So with my popsicle
    sticks, you really don't want this to be too small or looks a little bit funny. So you
    want this to sort of come down just over half the size of your popsicle stick.
    So I'm just going to just push that down. We're just flattening it down. You also don't
    want this to be too thin, this sort of a way, because otherwise when you do try put your
    popsicle stick in, you risk cracking the cakepop. So you can see there, I'm really just patting
    it and shaping it. Now when I'm happy I've got roughly the size that I need, I'm just
    going to slap it down on the bench again. Beautiful. I'm just going to round that top
    nicely with my fingers so that I'm really happy with that shape. And then I'm going
    to take my knife and I'm just going to slice across the bottom there.
    Perfect. So I'm looking at that. That's pretty good but if you want to elongate it anymore,
    you can just sort of push it down 'til you're happy that you've got them all the same size.
    Now I would make all of this together so that you make sure that you got all the same size
    popsicle top [or] bits of your ice marks. That can now go into the fridge, and you want
    it in the fridge for about
    minutes until it's completely set. So you want it to be
    really really nice and firm. So like I've said, we've got one here that's
    been pre-refrigerated. So we've got our popsicle sticks and these are really really widely
    available...craft stores. You should be able to get them pretty much everywhere. I'm just
    going to dip that in about an inch or so into that dark chocolate. And then I'm going to
    leave my popsicle on the bench, and I'm going to come right down on eye level and slide
    in the middle. Slide that popsicle stick in. now you can see there I'm actually supporting
    it with my fingers on the top. And that's just to make sure that I don't push the popsicle
    out of shape and it doesn't crack. So here you've got it... I sort of slid this
    stick into about here, so about ¾ of the way up. Now pick it up off the bench. And
    you just want to just wipe your finger around the edges so that you don't misshape your
    popsicle at all. So you should have something that looks like that.
    Now, you want to let that chocolate seal completely set. Once that chocolate seal is completely
    set, then you can dip it in your dark chocolate. So I'm just going to pop mine back into the
    fridge just for a couple of minutes until I'm happy that this little chocolate seal
    is completely set. Alright, so we're back from the fridge and
    that chocolate seal has now completely set. So it's time to dip our popsicle. Now I'm
    just using dark chocolate, but as I mentioned, you can use any color combination you like.
    You just want to take that. And you can see, I'm using quite a deep container. I'm actually
    using a cup because it's a nice deep container so that I can get my popsicle all the way
    down because it is a little bit longer than usual. So I'm just going to dip our popsicle
    in. I'm just going to tilt it from side to side to make sure that I've got my chocolate
    covering all the way over the base of our popsicle, and then I'm going to pull it out.
    Now I try a couple of these and the easiest way is to tap this off is just hold it upside
    down and just tap your wrist. And don't be too tempted to turn it or twist it like we
    usually do because I found that I didn't get a really even distribution of chocolate. And
    because we know that our decoration is going to go on the top here, if you do end up with
    a little bit of streaking or anything like that, it's all on the top and it gets covered
    up. Alright, so I'm pretty happy that we've got
    most of our excess tapped off. Now once you finished tapping, just turn it up, and a couple
    of quick taps on the wrist just to distribute any of that excess up at the top there. And
    you can see there, we've got just a little bubble or a little bit of a ball drip chocolate.
    Don't worry about that. We're going to be putting white chocolate on anyway. And now
    you just want to take it and we're just going to sit it in the polystyrene block or whatever
    it is that you're using to dry your popsicle. We're going to let that completely dry and
    then we'll come back and we'll finish our decoration.
    Alright, we're back. That one's completely dry, so touch dry. And it's time to decorate.
    Now you want to take your zip lock bag and just spoon some of that white chocolate in
    there. and we're just using a zip lock bag today just get those nice little drizzles
    of white chocolate. Just push the chocolate down to the corner of the zip lock bag. Make
    sure that you seal the bags so that you don't end up with chocolate spilling at the top
    and ruining your work. And then we're just going to cut just a bit of a tip off. Now,
    it doesn't really matter how big or small ones. It's going to be quite sort of chunky
    because it's not fine detailing. And the beauty of this is that, I guess, the messier they
    look, the more authentic they look. You kind of want this to look like it's all just dribbling.
    So now I'm just going to... I'm just holding my bag at the top and I'm squeezing it. And
    then I'm going to move, I'm going to squeeze it again. So you can see I'm sort of not squeezing
    now, squeezing as I get to where I want a big dollop to be, not squeezing, and then
    squeezing. So make sure that you fill in all of your little sides. Turn it around, do the
    other side. And just coming around. Make sure that you're also filling the top so that you've
    got quite a bit of that white chocolate on the top.
    And then, you want to hold it completely upright and just tap your wrist. So as you tap your
    wrist, you can see there, and if I turn it around, all of that chocolate is just drizzling
    down really nicely. It gives you a really nice, smooth drizzle. And it makes it kind
    of look a little bit haphazard. Now working quickly so that your white chocolate
    doesn't dry, just take your sprinkles and just sprinkle them on. Because we've let that
    dark chocolate completely set, it's only going to stick to your white chocolate and it will
    just fall off your dark chocolate. These are fabulous for so many occasions.
    They're great for baby showers, they're great for kid's parties, [colorful] events, beach
    parties, summer events. They're just so versatile. They look amazing and they're a little bit
    of a surprise food. So they kind of look like a popsicle but really they're a cakepop.
    So there you've got your gorgeous and really really simple popsicle cakepops or cakepops
    in disguise. I hope that you guys have loved watching this
    tutorial. And as always, thanks for tuning in to My Cupcake Addiction. *** *** Birthday Cake Ideas: The Princess Castle Cake Birthday Cake - YouTube !!!
    the ivory gown in for Houdini dot com
    and if you're already excited about best magical castle cake
    then I hereby declare that you too can make this in your kitchen
    we're going to find out how to make this cake for a boy or a girl
    to show us how we turn to our friend be Hansen but the Betty Crocker Kitchens
    Haley Lori now back
    very impressive looking thank you if you don't know what you're doing
    wealthy take it step by step you can do it I believe you step
    okay well you can need for 8-inch square cakes and I'm
    chilled these in the freezer for about
    minutes so that they're not to have
    many crimes when we cut them
    now to make your tears if your castle more level
    I recommend cutting off the domes on your cake son is a Syrian knife
    go ahead and do that that only use about
    one third of a cup and scoop right on top
    then spread evenly
    and at that time
    taken next cake inverted and put right on top and try to center it
    and again another third of a cup
    into one more layer
    recent pushed down a little bit to try to make it more level
    now this one we're gonna cut into quarters
    gonna put a little dollop frosting
    spread a little bit now be the glue
    for starting the next year at the castle and just repeat that much can use one
    more layer on top
    now we're gonna cut this one in quarters again to get about two-inch
    squares we going up even higher
    we're going to a third tier hahahaha miss gonna do two for that now
    we're ready to do a crime ca a crumb coat is basically a thin layer of
    frosting that we spread over the entire cake and I will seal and some other
    that your final code is nice and clean actually have one ready to go
    that we can start during the final coat on a move this year
    thank you that looks fancy already
    yeah for a little grander presentation I put on a pedestal
    that's great an hour to start the final coat paper CD have to be with
    as close as you can to get a flat finish the better I just like to get all the
    icing on first and then I'll try to flatten it out
    so now I have this little by saying and I start to slice it off
    running my spatula in don't start on UK
    you wanna Stephan outside and lysate in for
    now the fun part
    we get started at creating program it looks good enough already by
    okay let's do it I'll play to sanding sugar and this is pink sanding sugar
    I'm gonna do I'm gonna take these ice cream cones
    ice them in the pink frosting and you're gonna roll it in the sanding sugar
    nice glistening glistening effect sanding sugar you can buy at the grocery
    you can put here and you can just put your fingers in
    around after the next time you can meet five
    these so now ready to put them on
    castle track basically I would put your fingers in here and then hold at the top
    balance it me
    put it in a little bit to the icing
    make sure it hears meet
    one for the top you to
    American at some accents and candy
    well I have some sugar cue stars
    anthem gumball handsome little
    wafer cookies so this should cubes
    you can displace them we're gonna put his all-stars apparently user frosting
    as the glue
    dip it in a little bit maybe
    somebody's gumball so now we're gonna create the doors and the windows
    his little wafer cookies news
    to for the door and then I've cut from a little shorter to make for the Windows
    so on a pipe on some accents
    had looks so gorgeous and little girl would love to have this
    party you out the final touch
    candle hell were in the rent
    light em up and sing happy birthday it's so great
    this is very girly girl can you do a voice cast sure you can just frosted
    with chocolate maybe change the color palette
    use in yellow and blue and red candies you can change the wafer cookies to
    chocolate or vanilla
    a great idea amal definite Rag & Gamble just wasn't ready
    soared I love it I like to thank you thank you
    that I my government for Houdini dot com
    show *** *** Easy Christmas Tree Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
    Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Christmas Tree Pull-apart Christmas Cake Tutorial where
    I'll be showing you how to make this really great, really simple, and really really easy
    to serve Christmas tree pull-apart cupcake cake.
    I love pull-apart cupcake cakes. I've done quite a few of them on my channel now. They
    are just absolutely fantastically easy to serve and you don't need any fancy baking
    tools to make them. Tools and equipment that we will be using
    today. I've got
    A sharp knife. I've got a spoon.
    A toothpick. And just a little bit of wax paper or greaseproof
    paper. I've got a cake board. I will leave dimensions
    for my cake board in the description box below. And rather than icing my cake board today,
    I've just covered mine in a little bit of Christmas wrapping paper and just tapered
    it back. I've got a disposable piping bag. I've prefilled
    that with some of our perfectly pipeable buttercream frosting in a lovely green color for our Christmas
    tree and I'm just pairing that with a medium-sized star tip. So there's no exact size, any star
    tip will do but you do want to star tip this. I also got some of our perfectly pipeable
    buttercream frosting in brown and also yellow. I will leave a link in the description box
    below to our buttercream recipe if you don't have a great one yourself.
    I've got a little bit of melted white chocolate. I've got some yellow sanding sugar. So once
    again on my channel, I've got a tutorial which shows you how to make your own sanding sugar,
    incredibly cheap, really quick and really easy. Otherwise, you can use the store-bought
    or packet sanding sugars. I've got a little bit of black writing icing.
    You can also replace this with cookie icing. You can also use melted black candy melts.
    I've got some peanut M&Ms and also some fruit-flavored Tic Tocs. I'm going to be using those today
    to make our little lights to go on our tree. I've also seen this done with almond M&Ms
    and Mike and Ike lollies. So depending on where you are in Australia, the Tic Tocs and
    peanut M&Ms are perfect. If you're in the US, little Mike and Ike lollies and the almond
    M&Ms. I've got
    cupcakes. So I've baked
    my cupcakes in green cupcake liners, 2 of them in brown and
    the various parts of my Christmas tree. I also have off to the side just a zip lock
    bag. Let's get started
    Now the first thing that we want to do is we want to position our cupcakes on the board.
    So the 2 brown ones are going to go at the bottom and then the yellow ones are going
    to go right at the top, and then we're going to position the rest of them in a bit of a
    Christmas tree shape. So with your yellow one, you want it to be...
    You see I've got the point of my Christmas tree and then I've got the yellow one on top
    of that again, just so that it's really defined as our star. So you can see there, that sized
    cake board that I've used, absolutely perfect for this amount of cupcakes but you can also
    double the size. You can do this with minis if you don't need quite as many. It's a really
    versatile cake. So you can see there I've got the yellow one at the front, then I've
    got all of my green ones forming a tree and my
    Once you're happy that they're all positioned nicely and you're happy with their location
    on the board. We're going to stick just a little dollop of buttercream frosting on the
    bottom of each cupcake and use that to almost glue it in place. So just a little spot and
    stick it down. Make sure that you do do this positioning first so that you know exactly
    where they're going to go. There's nothing worse than sticking them all down and then
    realizing you're a little bit off with your positioning.
    When you're sticking them down to, try and get the cupcakes as close together as you
    can, you don't want any big gap in between them. Alright, so I've stacked down all of
    my green cupcakes so all of the cupcakes that make up the actual tree but I'm yet to stick
    down my brown, my yellow ones, so the star and the base of the tree.
    Now before we stick those down, you want to frost them up so I'm going to just take some
    of that yellow frosting and I'm going to do one of our flat top frosting styles. So I've
    got a whole tutorial on my channel dedicated to getting this style of frosting, absolutely
    perfect. But in a nutshell what I'm doing is I'm scooping the frosting all the way up
    on top of that cupcake and I'm scooping it quite high and then I just sort of push the
    frosting out, let it go around the edges of the cupcake a little bit so it's sort of overhanging,
    smoothed off the top and then smoothed off the sides. So we're going to do that with
    our brown one and also with our yellow ones. Once you've completed your flat top frosting
    style, you can apply that little bit of green buttercream on the back and just stick it
    down. Perfect! Alright, now the one thing that we don't want
    with these bottom two so the ones that are going to form I guess the base of our tree,
    we don't want them to look like 2 circles. We kind of want to join them together a little
    bit. So I'm just going to take a little bit more of that frosting and I'm just going to
    just scoop it into that gap. I'm sort of supporting the cupcakes as I do just so that they don't
    spread apart and into this gap here as well. And them I'm just kind of use the knife just
    to kind of move the 2 together so that it's like
    than those 2 individual ones. Wonderful! Now just to give those a little bit of texture,
    I kind of want to rough them up a little bit or make them look a little bit like they're
    the trunk or the stork of a Christmas tree. So I'm just going to use the back of my knife
    and I'm just going to run across them and make some little indents and then I'm going
    to use the front and do the same. This is just going to make little different size and
    widths, I guess, kind of almost like a wood grain in them. Wonderful!
    So now we're going to get in the main tree itself. Now for this one, to make it look
    like a spiky sort of a Christmas tree. As I said, I prefer this sort of a medium-sized
    star tip and what we're going to do is I'm going to start down here at the bottom. I'm
    just going to just squirt a little bit into that gap between the bottom of a tree and
    the start of our little tree trunk there just to fill up that gap because it was a decent-sized
    gap and we don't want any of our frosting to fall through.
    Now from here, I'm just going to do little spiky points. I will also mention here. I'm
    using quite a firm frosting. So with my buttercream frosting, there's a milk ingredient in there.
    With the milk, if you add more milk, you get a softer frosting or a wetter frosting and
    if you add less milk, then you get a firmer frosting. So I've added a little less milk,
    probably about a half of the milk in the recipe and that's just to give me a really nice firm
    frosting so I can be sure it's not going to start falling through the gaps.
    So I'm just coming up and I'm going to do all of my edges first because I really want
    to make sure that that frosting is coming sort of over the outside edge of those cupcake
    liners so you can't see any cupcake coming out around the outside of the frosting. When
    I get to these little gaps just here, I'm just going to build up that frosting just
    a little bit to give it something to rest on and to close up the gaps of our tree. So
    literally what I'm doing here is just I'm attaching the frosting, giving it a light
    squeeze and pulling the bag up as I stop squeezing which just gives me a really nice little kind
    of pointy star-shaped pipe. Once you've done your outer edge, I'm just going to go and
    fill that in nice neat even rose. If you love this tutorial and you're looking
    for some other fantastic ideas for Christmas, make sure that you head on over to my channel
    My Cupcake Addiction. I have loads of Christmas ideas both from previous years and also a
    whole bunch more great ideas to share with you this year. Perfect! So there you've got
    the basis for your Christmas tree. Now that your Christmas tree is done, we're
    going to make some of our decorations. So I'm going to show you how to make your little
    lines. I'm also going to show you how to make your star. This is where our white chocolate
    comes in. So for your star which we'll do first because that does need time to refrigerate
    and to set. So you want to take your zip lock bag and we're just going to scoop in some
    of that white chocolate. You could also use white candy melts or you can use yellow candy
    melts, push it all the way down to the corner of the bag, squeeze any air out and seal it
    up, and then I'm just going to use my sharp knife just to cut off just a nice little tip
    off the end there. You can also use scissors for that, whatever you've got handy.
    So I've got a relatively thick tip. It doesn't have to be particularly fine for this. Now
    what I want to do here is I'm just going to freehand pipe a star. So if you have trouble
    freehand piping, you can always just print out just a picture of a star on a computer,
    put the wax paper over that, and use that as your template. But I'm just going to go
    freehand and see how I go. Once you've got the basic shape of your star,
    and don't worry if like mine, yours is a little bit messy, you can just go and fill it in,
    and as you're filling it in, you can use that bag just to even out your little star spikes.
    Lovely. Now before that one starts to dry, we're going
    to take some of this sanding sugar. You can also use glitter, sparkles, sprinkles, whatever
    you like and we're just going to generously sprinkle those on top to give us our shimmering
    star effect. I like to put quite a generous amount on. Once that's completely set and
    you can shake off the excess and put that back into your sanding sugar container, but
    I just like to make sure it's got a really nice even coating. And if you've got any little
    lumps or anything like that, you can just use your finger at this point just to smooth
    it down so that your star is really nice and smooth and even. Perfect. So that's how we
    make the star for the top of our tree. Now you can see down here, I've actually premade
    one of those exactly this technique, I've slipped that on to a baking tray, a book,
    just a flat surface, pop it off into the fridge until it's completely set.
    Now to make our little lights, so I've premade a whole lot of these lights. You can see them
    here. This took about an hour to make. This is probably the hardest and most time-consuming
    part of this tutorial is making these gorgeous little lights but they look so effective.
    If you can't be bothered putting that time in, you can also just use a little bit of
    colored fondant or little bit of colored modeling chocolate and just roll little cones. It will
    be a lot quicker. It's just going to taste a little bit different and I love peanut M&Ms
    so this is perfect for me. So to make those, I've taken my free Tic Tocs
    and also a matching colored peanut M&M. With a sharp knife, I've just chopped the fruit
    Tic Tocs in half and you'll probably lose maybe one in about ten of these. It doesn't
    quite chop properly. So I just line it up nicely and then I'm putting in an even amount
    of pressure, and just slicing it down the middle. You want to take just a tiny tiny
    little bit of that melted chocolate. So use your toothpick or a skewer, pop a little tiny
    dot of melted white chocolate on the bottom of your now-half Tic Toc and place it on your
    little peanut M&M, just support it for a second or two. That is basically how we make our
    little lights. So like I said, I've premade a bunch of those
    and I've done them in primary colors. So I've got mine in red, blue, green, yellow and orange.
    They're the colors that I like to see on my Christmas tree.
    Now, we want to draw our little ropes or our little strings that are going to hold our
    lights. So this is where that writing icing comes in and with your writing icing, we're
    just going to make just a couple of lines to hold our light. So you want them quite
    even. I'm going to start at the top here and then I'm just going to squeeze out my writing
    icing like so. And I don't like to make this too thick because I think the lights really
    are going to be the star of this cake. Perfect! So that forms our little strings, and from
    here, it's going to be as simple as positioning our little lights and attaching our star.
    So we'll stick our star on first and that's just going to sit nicely on top of that yellow-frosted
    cupcake. Every Christmas tree needs a star, and then we're going to just start adding
    in those lights. Now with you lights, one side is going to
    have a visible M on it, make sure that that's not the side that you have facing out. And
    you can put as many or as few of these as you like. With your lights, do put them on
    different angles so they do actually look like, I guess, how Christmas lights would
    when they're sort of you know one facing one way, one facing the other way. Perfect! So
    there's your Christmas tree. Now what I want to do with this star, just
    to define that star just a little bit more is I'm just going to take my clean knife and
    I'm just going to just angle it in, scrape away a little bit of that frosting on each
    point of star, and that's just going to help to define my star just a little bit better.
    So there you've got your completed, really simple, really easy and really effective Christmas
    tree pull-apart cupcake cake. I hope you guys have loved this tutorial. As I said, make
    sure that you check out my channel My Cupcake Addiction for lots lots more in the way of
    cupcakes and cakepops and treats for Christmas, and there be lots more coming out between
    now and Christmas. Thanks very much for watching. *** *** MLP Foal Halloween Costumes Cake Family My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Pound Pumpkin Dazzle Playdoh - YouTube !!!
    cookies while a
    come on role
    camera baby let go me

    he pinky hi all her I'm King Cole
    way home now
    ocampo leaky mean giving leaky leaky only
    0 p we are actually on our way you are we're gonna go pick up the ball
    for Halloween costumes harassed
    alright feeding them up
    helps you okay to
    than we thought hey I just met writing coming along okay and I'm not
    well yeah that's the idea i mean they are little baby fall so poor start to
    look adorable anything
    only in a three week if you don't think you wanna come wake up
    well wahoo wahoo wahoo well
    to to real her more perfect timing for our way out now
    so come along with us let's go and get the ball Halloween costume
    the month let's go of you can look for
    he I ha Firth
    camera little banking didn't
    wall hmm
    welcome two boxes Halloween costumes come on and we've got tons of costumes
    in stock
    oh well that's just great and wonderful hi there I brought my family you
    actually have to fall so I need to get a costume for Halloween for them
    so what did you say to dole's not to polls I've got my call to make Billy
    well how nice were for a whole other customs look wonderful
    go and have a look around don't mind by dr.
    route call you well
    gotta keep wearing you ok
    all all for the model
    but Khalil soup
    got the right level collapsible ok
    yeah those are all nice costumes yeah her
    for salute home lower both are really and/or blood at the polls look really
    cute in a
    pumpkin cake would you like to try one the costumes her
    don't get what about you yeah
    camera him keep you
    all he does is being silly come on pound cake why don't you go ahead and try it
    well kill council meeting
    you just can't right try for Mom
    very good right on it is just the focal
    to great pumpkin cake what do you think you want to try on
    until she totally plot does not hold him
    what do you think lap
    pulled go who'll
    well I'm going to take that as a yes solar sir
    we're gonna try this one on Team okay that's fine well
    do you think you're gonna work best him come on little clunky cake
    I want around the cost you now wanna try alright pumpkin cake let me help you
    into it now
    I'm on here we go her
    I'll come on alright here all because Kim
    glittering alright can we go its
    the albright
    with every girl ok are
    meaning while still looking
    laughable whole Wow pound cake I love you as a little panda bear that such a
    cute little cost him there
    on thinking or do you think if your brother good
    pair after
    high mold
    alright I'm thinking it's your turn
    ma'am him to healing do the home
    just right he said come feel at home
    come on the pancake okay
    alright pound cake check out your low sister what do you think of her cost him

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    huh ok here this just isn't working all I'll
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    I just used to it to cry over you
    do I will I wish they would stop till the only thing scarier than he did it
    cost you more kids crying on a cost you
    all Shelley's gothic of those around here but they were too early
    mean you to look at all these hostels first on your choice
    I for both
    going to hope for your call I
    I anyway well there's gotta be something
    me I really like your costs down that's pretty cool
    for me what your customers there already
    pending did you get that cost you 1 year but no I'm a very
    yeah I can't believe that we can get your costume here I was born a fairy
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    you yeah the poll what it does over there
    all those things are just shot inthe health
    sure interesting little creatures well equip
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    I'll tonight yet for Halloween Coquille
    humping girl you like shot
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    well who would have thought Bowl costume store
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    are my guest so adorable you
    do you
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    you although not quite well
    I am for income think you prove put the way
    well its

    looking for p *** *** Make Mini Ice Cream Cake Pops! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
    Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Ice Cream Cakepop Tutorial where I'll be showing
    you how to make these gorgeous little ice cream cakepops.
    I first saw this idea on an awesome blog, Niner Bakes. So I will leave a link to her
    blog in the description box below. But she had a new take on this traditional favorite
    that I absolutely had to share them with you. Tools and equipment that we will be using
    today: I've got some Jaffas. These are just a red
    choc-orange balls that we buy here in Australia but you can substitute these for peanut M&Ms
    or any round candy in any color you like. I've got some sprinkles.
    I've got some pink candy melts because I'm going to do the strawberry chocolate ice cream
    today. I've got some melted dark chocolate or milk
    chocolate. I've got a serrated edge knife.
    I've got a little flat bottom ice cream cone. I've got
    ice cream cakepops. So one of them has been refrigerated and one of them has been not.
    One is going to be for the bottom of the cone and one is going to be the little ice cream
    ball that sits on top. I've got a pair of scissors.
    And a zip lock bag. So let's get started.
    Now the cute factor on this, I think, is that they're mini - anything mini is always gorgeous.
    So you want to take your ice cream cone and you can decide how big or how small you want
    this. You can see with my little one in the middle there, it's a little bit smaller than
    the other two. I'm just going to cut mine about half an inch or so below that line.
    The serrated knife is going to give you a little bit of a saw effect and it's going
    to cut through without breaking your cone. And don't worry too much if it's not perfectly
    even. Now you want to take your unrefrigerated cake
    ball. If you don't have a great recipe for cakepops, I will leave a link to our recipe
    in the description box below. We've basically rolled two balls as shown in the recipe. This
    one has been refrigerated for
    minutes and this one hasn't.
    So the one that hasn't, I'm just going to roll into a little bit of an oval just between
    the palm of my hands and I'm going to shove it into the base of that ice cream cone. You
    want to push that all the way down and then you're just going to trim off any excess.
    So how much you use will depend on the size of the cone that you've decided to trim and
    the size of the cone that you've bought. So I'm just going to trim off that excess so
    we've got a nice flat top. Perfect. Now, you want to take a little bit of that
    melted dark chocolate. You're just going to take your cakepop ball. It should have a bit
    of a naturally flat bottom just where it's been setting in the refrigerator. Dip that
    ever so slightly. You just want a little bit of that melted chocolate at the bottom and
    then sit it on top. That melted chocolate is going to act like a glue. Now, you want
    to let that completely set. Once that's completely set, we can get into dipping and decorating
    our gorgeous little ice cream cone cakepops. So the first color that we want to do is a
    layer of our bright color. So for me it's going to be pink and I'm going to dip that
    all the way down just to the line. And then we're going to shake it off a little bit.
    So I'm just going to dip that down into my melted pink chocolate. And then I'm going
    to bring it up and give it a tiny little shake off there. But you really want to turn it
    straight back upside down and you want to tap your wrist. We're just going to let that
    chocolate drizzle down nicely in our kind of cartoony dribble effect, kind of like the
    ice cream is melting a little bit. Perfect. So now you want to let that layer dry and
    then we'll do our second layer of color. Alright, so that pink layer has set, nice
    and dry to the touch. So now you want to take your second layer which for me is going to
    be dark chocolate. And I'm just going to dip it to about here, so about a third of the
    way or even a quarter of the way down that first dipping. So pop it in, give it a little
    twirl. And once again, don't shake off too much of that excess. Turn it upside down,
    back up the right the way. You can even tap your cake pop on the bench a little bit just
    to encourage those layers to dribble down a bit. So you should now have something that
    looks a little bit like this. We're going to let that second layer of color completely
    dry and then we'll come back and we'll be ready to finish it off.
    Alright, so both of our first 2 color layers are now set and it's time to just put on our
    final color and finish it off. So now you just take your zip lock bag and just pour
    in a little bit of our pink or whatever color you're using. And we push that all the way
    down to the end. Make sure you seal your bag and let out all the air. And then we're just
    going to cut off a bit of a chunky corner. It doesn't have to be too fine for this because
    we really want to have that nice big chunky cartoony kind of blob effect. And then you're
    just going to squeeze it out onto your cakepop. So you can see there I'm just squeezing almost
    like a little bit of a flower pattern. And then you want to just give it a few good hard
    taps and let that beautiful candy melt just dribble all the way down the sides. Turn it
    around. You can make sure that you're sort of distributing it relatively evenly. So I'm
    just tilting the cakepop as I tap it. Now before that dries or sets too much, take
    some of your sprinkles and just sprinkle them on the top and on the sides. Perfect. I've
    managed to make quite a nice little mess there. Now you might just need to get a little bit
    more of that chocolate to affix your little M&M or your Jaffa. So I'm just going to put
    a little blob of chocolate on the back of my Jaffa and sit it straight on top.
    So there you've got your utterly gorgeous little, cartoony style, stand alone, ice cream
    cakepop. I love these because there's no need for cakepop
    containers. They stand by themselves. The look absolutely gorgeous. They go with so
    many different party themes, carnival parties, girls, boys, it really doesn't matter.
    I hope that you guys love them as much as I do and thanks very much Niner Bakes for
    the fantastic idea. Thanks very much for watching My Cupcake Addiction. *** *** How to Add Eyes to a Ladybug Cake | Birthday Cakes - YouTube !!!
    We've added our spots to our ladybug and now we want to give the ladybug some eyes and
    a little smile. So what we're gonna do is we're going to make some eyes for our ladybug
    and for that we can use the same tip that we used to give her her spots and we're gonna
    use some white fondant - some white fondant for her eyes. We'll add a little sugar to
    the table and we'll roll that out. Alright, so we've rolled out our fondant and we're
    gonna make her some eyes. And we use this little oval, it's a little oval cutter and
    we'll cut out 2 eyes and we'll just round that out just a little bit. I wanna just set
    that aside because you wanna just make sure that the eyes go in the right place. And before
    you do that you wanna pull a little black- just a little bit. You're gonna take just
    a very small piece and you're gonna roll it and you're gonna squeeze it so it rounds out
    and you're gonna just stick it right there on to the white fondant and that will give
    her some little pupils. Alright and now we're ready to attach her eyes and you're gonna
    add just little water then we're gonna give her an eye here and we'll give her another
    one right here. We wanna give our ladybug a little smile so we'll use this same tool
    and we'll just impression her a little smile right underneath her eyes. Just deep enough
    to make an impression but not to break the fondant. And then what we're gonna do is make
    2 little pieces for the top of her head. Just gonna use a toothpick and I'm basically gonna
    break it in half. And then we're gonna take some black fondant. What you wanna do is just
    roll it into a log. What you wanna do is cut it in half. A little trick that I do is just
    take the toothpick. I'm gonna wet it, just a little bit of water. I'm just gonna push
    it into the fondant. I'm gonna close it in and then I'm gonna continue to roll it. Put
    it back on the table and roll it with both hands and so you get a nice even roll. You
    can break it off where the toothpick ends. I'm gonna do the other side so I make sure
    that they both match up in size. Alright now they both look about the same size and what
    you wanna do is break it off on one end and you wanna pull off just a little bit of black
    with the toothpick out so that you can stick this to the top of your ladybug's head. You
    can make this as long as you want. I'm just gonna break it off just a little bit and I
    wanna do the same thing with the other side. Just enough so that it can stick into her
    head and then we'll stick these in. so one will go here, and one could go about here.
    And there we go: our little ladybug. So we've given her a red body with some polka dots.
    We've given her some eyes and a cute little smile and
    have our lady bug. *** *** CUTE TEDDY BEAR CAKE - (How To) - YouTube !!!
    well have hey guys what make cakes by chupa
    sorry I've been away for a while but I'm back and we have
    the first may begin a series that again of the lot to make some easy case that
    look great
    and this is what I've come up with for you head over to the case but a Facebook
    print off the bat him play and when you coming at you gonna come along the
    dotted lines in a hot
    and then estimate these lighter by seven to BK
    cut out the entire shape in one piece you going to remove the excess
    then cut out the nosepiece and the fate yet again and cut them out once because
    you have them
    their name used to elevate pieces have the cake but I said this is a beginner's
    see any I do
    very minimal sculpting and very minimal
    copping is going to taper off that
    Farid and he's he is and that's it then you gonna cover that with buttercream
    I've used a chocolate and what I've made this by
    separated summer there buttercream when it was at a lighted stage
    and put that aside ready for that nose and fayed a telling later on
    you can make your bears doc are as light as you like
    it doesn't have to be chocolate can be pink brown blue
    what a message occasion you want to give this a generous Kotov
    but a crane because we're going to go through later and add some texture
    place on the feet at the top and then the nice unfortunately didn't film that
    each place it on and then cover it with the body cream
    as you can see the cake starting to come together really
    quickly and said it's very easy anybody could do this cake
    to give my buttock pain a bit extra use the pastry brush
    you can use a full but just be careful not to go to date and take it back to
    cake itself now I've put some in the lot about a crane in a piping bag
    and then place that on where it needed decide right
    oval on the now is and then till cases for the i've
    and two pots for his fate in the shaping
    pain is that are upside down that's roll out a little triangle love
    black fondant you can easily crush if you like what's making a baby is now is
    then you going to use two little dots for eyes
    and getting a little now these I print to your interpretation if you wanna do
    eyes big ass small %ah talk to you and a clean up the bottom of the cake I'm just
    went through and popped on it very simple
    border that as you can say once it's done it just means up that bottom edge
    and then we're almost done we're just going to place on some white
    highlights any on Sat I think it is and it will be
    extra cuteness to it at for a template
    R&D hot cut that out and as I said just guesstimate without the pieces where
    let that sit and it gets hands up a bit or place in the freezer
    my son to be cake and had two dogs that the sides for his hand out to make it
    look like he's holding on
    and there you go you have your cute little bear cake that to personalize
    you can pipe on a little message all if you wanted to place
    a fight on top and then despite the border into Iran you've got these cute
    personalized cake
    anything guys let me know in the comments below if you wanna check out my
    experience at Fan Fest
    it was so amazing to be on stage with Anna and
    a lease and Niko um just quickly as above
    I'll check out my frozen cakes all the minion and
    on thanks for watching *** *** Make Soda Shop Cake Pop Milkshakes! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
    Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Milkshake Cakepop Tutorial where I'm going to be showing
    you how to make this gorgeous, little, kind old-style milkshake cakepop. I love these
    because you don't have to have any fancy cakepop stands. They do stand on their own. And I
    just think they're a really really cute take on cakepops.
    Tools and equipment that we will be using today:
    I've got a knife. A zip lock bag.
    I've got a pair of scissors. I've got a straw, and I'm using that as my
    little milkshake straw today. I actually use these in place of cakepop sticks from time
    to time. And I picked paper straws but they're quite a high quality paper straws. They do
    hold the weight of a cakepop and they're perfect for this -- They also just give your guests
    something to pick up your little milkshake with so that they can eat it.
    I've got my pre-rolled cakepop ball, ready to dip and decorate. Now if you don't have
    a great recipe for getting your cakepop balls to this stage, ready to dip, I have a great
    one on my channel My Cupcake Addiction and I will leave a link to that in the description
    box below. Now I've also got my one that I've pre-shaped
    that has been pre-refrigerated. So I'll be showing you how to achieve this shape and
    they will be refrigerating it for about 15 minutes. This one has already been done to
    save us a little bit of time. I've got a piece of wax paper or greaseproof
    paper. I've got
    need one per milkshake. I've got a couple of red M&Ms, once again,
    one per milkshake. I've got some little white sprinkles or nonpareils.
    Some melted pink candy melts. And I've got some melted just white chocolate
    or white candy melts. So let's get started.
    Now the first thing that we want to do is we're going to shape our ball. So to shape
    your cakepop ball, you've got your nice, round ball, and you're just going to rock it in
    the palm of your hand kind of make almost like an elongated strawberry shape. Now you
    do want to taper it down because you want it to be relatively skinny at the bottom.
    And I'm just going to use my finger just to give it a slightly flat bottom. So you want
    it fairly skinny at the bottom, but you don't want it to be super skinny because it still
    has to be able to support its own weight. Now I took the back of my knife and this is
    more just as a bit of a guide for me for when I'm dipping. I use just the back of my knife
    to just make a bit of a guide line around and that's just going to define the bottom
    of my milkshake and the top. So you should have something that looks sort of like that.
    And you'll pop that into the fridge for about
    minutes until it's really nice and firm.
    As I mentioned, I've got mine here, and that's been pre-done, and that's ready to go. So
    it's really firm. If I squeeze it, it's not going to squeeze out of shape. What we're
    going to do is we're going to take the cakepop ball and our straw.
    Now, normally I would dip the cakepop stick or the lollipop stick into the chocolate and
    then put it into the cakepop. But for this one, I'm going to hold the cakepop with the
    bottom half, and I'm just going to dip the top half down to that line. Perfect!
    Now I'm going to take the straw, dip it in, and then you want to stick it. You can give
    it a little shake off if you like but it's not going to matter. Do not worry at all if
    that top's not neat because it's all going to be covered in sprinkles any way. So I'm
    just going to slide in my straw. And I like to twist these straws as I slide them in.
    it just helps them to go in a little easier on a nice angle there. So you can see there
    that's going to make our straw. Leave that straw long for now because it gives you something
    that you can dip with. And it's a good little kind of a grip stick or something that you
    can pick your cakepop up with. Now from here -- and you don't need to wait
    for that to dry -- you want to just dip in the bottom half. When you're double dipping
    like this, when you're half-half dipping, you do need to make sure that the
    meet up. If you've got any of that cakepop showing through your chocolate, it's actually
    going to leak a little bit. But if you can completely encase it, you wont have any problems.
    Alright, so just dipping that in. Now don't worry once again that if it's not a beautiful
    even coat. Do make sure that you've met the
    off. And then you want to take your un-melted candy melt and just rest the fresh dipped
    pop on top of one melt. This is going to give us our flat bottom. You want to hold that
    until it's completely set. That's going to take a couple of minutes.
    Alright, I'm pretty happy that that's fairly well set. So what we're going to do now is
    we're going to re-dip that bottom half back into those pink candy melts, the whole lot
    including that extra candy melt that you have on the base there. Give it a little bit of
    a shake off and then you want to bring it over to your wax paper, and you want to sit
    it down, kind of push it down a little bit. That's going to make that really nice, defined
    foot. And you just want to hold that now until that sets.
    OK, so now that that's completely set, you can pull it off the wax paper. You can see
    that you've got that really lovely little foot. Now it's still not quite looking like
    our milkshake because that top is not the right size in proportion to the bottom. What
    you can do now is you can take your stick and you can snip it off - you can just want
    it to look like kind of a bit of a mini straw-size. And I like to do this now because otherwise
    you're going to wait for the next stage to dry before you can do it. So once you've done
    that, just re-shape that round edge on the straw again. And you should have something
    looking a little bit like this. Beautiful. So now, you want to take your white chocolate
    and this is where we're going to make the foamy frothy top of our milkshake. Just dip
    in just a little bit of that white chocolate. You don't need too much of it. Let any air
    out just so that you don't make an air bubble explosion anywhere and we're just going to
    cut off quite a fine tip, no exact size here and don't be too fussy with it. What you're
    going to do is you're just going to pick it up by the little straw and I'm just going
    to kind of just swirl around. So you're making kind of just a bit of a textured-raised milkshake-y
    top. Do make sure that you come down over the sides of that pink. So you want to cover
    up the join where the pink joins to white. You want to make sure that it's really nice
    and, I guess, frothy over the top. Now if you want, you can give it just a tiny
    little taps on the bench, not too hard. And that will just help some of those little dribbles
    there, dribble down the sides of the glass. And then we're going to take those white sprinkles
    or your nonpareils and just sprinkle them on top like little bubbles. It's messy! It
    looks like it's been snowing in my kitchen. Now to finish that off completely, you want
    to take one of your M&Ms and I like to stick them sort of on their side just to make it
    look like nice, big, round cherries. Just slide that into the white chocolate. Make
    sure that it's nice and centered. So there you've got your really cool, kind
    of 50's-style milkshake bar, soda shop cakepop. I hope that you guys have loved watching this
    tutorial. I really enjoyed making it and I think it's really cute. Thanks for watching
    My Cupcake Addiction. *** *** Nemo Cake | Finding Nemo (How To) - CakesByChoppA - YouTube !!!
    today got some extent spent about three women have for you
    again alice all the time what size these that you know years it's actually a
    baking team today's it's the same size as a paypal sheet of paper
    and that helps with the templates
    exceeded to cut you taken huff
    and then drawer at any teardrop shape
    and use the code is two grew up the paralysis a misguided
    can ignore those little side is that a problem because i end up having them off
    go around the base of the cake and just kind of food will be so it's
    and then top-down besides his face
    and the front of he's forehead responsibly
    and once you get into that basic
    bubble that teardrop shape
    or piche perjury about colin
    filled with buttercream ending the conflict
    consider decide
    leads role that you are in funding
    place at the top running down the sides and making sure adhesives sides is not
    and in trouble the excess
    using annexes pulled up with a little bit of corn starch cornflower
    you can see that the fondant to get a better result
    squeezing my thing is i think that the indians were you know i think uh...
    and then i used a tool to even up linkages all there and the poor
    and then and all the excess connections beans
    and he's right
    when you do the issue and make sure you fondant is rolled unevenly citizens
    seen side and exide
    this'll be for to stand out and it'll make it a lot easier
    i had to trim it later on in at that
    you'll see later in the tank what i mean
    network and give you the rock correct size of these feelings because it all
    depends on helping you make the body of your case
    uh... so just
    use your ought to judge have beaten the in relation to usual right
    there to help the test is how seamlessly cardinal watch over the back
    lacking flat pots and then insert detail
    and it's moved back down
    don't worry that hand-me-downs because again cover it
    and his v_c_r_ trimmed the top of the feeling to make the base speak up
    and top here
    and he discovered funded and pushing in and help slow seamless in there
    whole attaching a poll ins
    using someone from internet he's on sheds no i did the movie being such a
    remark on him
    i would suggest cutting out some paper shapes and using them as a template
    seeking mission and i think it's important
    and once they're on let them sit folk live ten minutes so you know that they
    are attached very strong
    as i always say
    pay close attention to the highest because
    the hearts and when i take if you get them
    croats somewhat funding for these stripes on his body
    yet you say you're used to want to cover the doing used and
    these lines a little bit forgiving in making the big picture of it sooner
    to hide any imperfections in the states you have
    because i know i did
    i gotta say he's going to want to just attach them on
    once again just judge the lines quiero ir decides to take
    he's a little bit and trim off for at least eight
    and that judges stuff going on as you can say
    now it standing on his eyes again i used some joe freed up to paint on where and
    why he's honest to god and then may have been in orange fondant
    and used a little bit of the jobs highlight
    and then a little bit of
    black and orange to give it a doctor porcelain
    um... is very very large accents in these are the good monetary truthful on
    and then view
    black is just the normal joe freed up
    now to make you guys really pop within the ruble funding
    as a light reflection itself
    and then you can step pains now
    to really make
    this cake come alive leonie used
    um... someday allusion food coloring to painting shadows and highlights and
    stuff like that or in his body
    nancy i viewed continues in the
    these are brown stands for you
    the amenities no use tenements is up to you
    don't forget to pain in the black or desire and his feelings
    getting to trace over
    the outline of the
    little bit of
    trouble with this because i can bumpy don't know why i was trying to line but
    not actually drawn it's
    if i may be skating again i would probably use of
    be give brush with the softer purcell
    let me know if you try
    okay so once you go to only take you on the line the france and the back
    of each
    and don't forget as you can see he gets help i forgot to put me in the
    orange monson style
    and i noticed that i didn't do the backs of these feelings either
    in a case like this people depending on the cold war way around it
    the notice and almost from one angle
    so you want to make sure you caught every little detail quilting nicely
    stick with it be patient
    spend a little bit more time than i did on them playing in the race at the
    camera and actually go
    salaam i hope you guys like me you know
    paying so much for watching
    by the media every friday
    subscribe if you know really and tropical and let me know what a cute
    like to see and promise of the loan but i'll try
    then skies *** *** How to make Cakepops! NEW IMPROVED Cake Pop Recipe! Firm, stable and perfect for 3D Cakepops! - YouTube !!!
    hello and welcome to kpop recipe let me show you how to make this gorgeous
    really study and really stable chocolate flavored cake pop get started now the
    base ingredients for a cake pops recipe today we've got some dark chocolate
    we've got some within cranes that's good about a
    percent milk fat it is quite
    a heavy cream in at the top of cream you'd normally whip to use with the
    dessert that's the basic strike a proper ingredients along with al-qaida no I'm
    gonna leave all of your measurements in quantities in the Description box below
    I'm just using cupcake today because they always break through so I always
    got plenty around you can also use a whole cake or even a store-bought cake
    for this because I'm gonna turn them into some gorgeous little cake pops as
    we go through this tutorial I also got some sprinkles I've got some jeff is
    which are a lien chocolate but you can also use red M&Ms or red peanut M&Ms for
    a similar somali pop sticks the melted dark chocolate for dipping I've got a
    microwave-safe bowl and just a couple of spoons so let's get started now the
    first thing we going to do to make a cake pop mix is going to take that
    chocolate dipped into the bowl and we're just going to pull of the cream over the
    top of that cream in that regard off into the microwave for a minute I'm
    going to migrate that for one minute and then stir and then another minute and
    then stir until the cream and chocolate is completely dissolved and that
    chocolate has completely melted through the crane but do make sure you just do
    it for one minute intervals on just a medium-high speed in the microwave
    that's what it looks like after a first minute so just take his food and just
    gently stirred around so you can see that chocolate melting
    and starting to really blend in through that cream give it a good stir until you
    are happy that your total you can and then it goes back into the microwave for
    another minute after a second minute in the microwave
    this is what you've got now I'm pretty happy that that's cool going to melt
    through nicely so don't be tempted to our microwave it make sure that you do
    give it a really good staring between you don't want to burn that chocolate
    Minister that I'm pretty confident that all those lumps and bumps are going to
    come out this cake recipe is one of my absolute favorite we have made cake pops
    in the past with buttercream and they work and they're fantastic recipe but
    I've been making them with Nash lately just because it's a lot sicker and it's
    it's a lot fairness are rather than getting that really sweet frosting
    tastes of your regular butter cream cake pops what you end up with a really rich
    5g kpop always more like a truffle and it just seems to hold its shape a lot
    better it's really good for the different shaped cake pops so you're
    sort of different characters and things like that that we make on a channel my
    cupcake addiction if you wanna see some great cake decorating tutorials but it's
    also recipe make sure you head on over to a channel insist you charles finished
    and have a look we've got nora many great ideas for decorating your cake
    pops alright so I'm happy that my kind of good nationalist you there is not and
    smooth so I'm gonna put that off to the side until we're ready to use it now
    here comes the mint tea pots and make sure that you've got clean dry hand if
    you're using a full take just chop it up into smaller portion it's just gonna
    help to get a little bit easier to crumble up so I dislike take the two
    cakes and just crumble them together you can crumble them in your head
    easier to sort of use one cake to crumble another it's a little bit
    quicker you can also just pop all of this together in a food processor and
    blend it up until it's fully combined but not everyone's got a food processor
    I like to do it both ways here if you want to make sure that cake is really
    nice and finally crumbled in your bowl before you go adding any of that can I
    show I'm happy that I've got a really nice find crime there with my cake so
    now it's gonna be a simple as taking your chocolate and cream mixture and
    just pouring it over
    know about two-thirds of it in and this is because the amount of cake you're
    going to have is going to vary slightly depending on how driver had cake is so
    light about to turn around and just have a look at that consistency so what you
    looking for is you want to combine it all but what you want is a consistency
    where you gonna be able to roll into balls and it's going to be able to kind
    of hold its shape you can really add too much when it comes to get but just to be
    on the safe side just that little bit the EU consistencies coming up and you
    can see that cake is just sucking in all of that cream and chocolate mixture
    alright so to test your makes just grab a little bit of a chunk there and just
    press it between your fingers history of compact a little bit and then roll it in
    the palm of your hand if it sticks quite easily you can see them on sticking but
    it is just crumbling a bit if it sticks and pulled the ball shape quite easily
    give it a couple of rolls then it's ready to guard but on months is cracking
    little bit it's not quite there yet so I am good at in the rest of my gonna get
    national great because when it refrigerated and when it is actually
    really quiet firms not like a chocolate truffle chocolate but it helps to keep
    the firmness of York a football which improves stability when you're dipping
    and decorating and reduces the risk of cracking and falling off the stick which
    is probably the main problem is people seem to have with cake pops I know right
    now you've got this is really dark mix and you can see how those cake crumbs
    halved in size so you really absorbed all of that gorgeous cash if you have
    any trouble rolling your polls put the whole mix in the fridge for about
    fifteen minute then bring it back out and stop rolling sometimes it can just
    be a little bit to warm our little bit too moist and you just need to give it a
    little time in the fridge to firm up you're starting to roll your different
    shapes different balls and you're not having any luck to get in the fridge
    fifty-minute bring it out and I almost guarantee
    you'll have withdrawn whatever I'm going to put in the fridge with a little bit
    of parchment paper or baking paper cuz they do stick when they're sitting and
    now I'm just going to take just a bit of a spoonful so I've got a tablespoon of
    about I guess a decent tbsp on a cake pop sizes are going to bury you can see
    there when I roll that really nice holds its shape beautifully roles are really
    nice ball now don't worry if not a perfect bowl shape at this stage it can
    get a little bit of a flat bottom is it said anyway and then we can reform bad
    shape so you wanna rock wall of the pic couples and I'm gonna put them off into
    the fridge for about
    minutes just so they can firm up well I guess that it
    can be messy work but if you're making these kids they can absolutely love it
    because he doesn't like to get a little bit messy with the kids while cooking so
    I'm gonna take those people put them in the refrigerator up to
    minutes and
    then I'm gonna bring the matter to shake him perfectly and dip them in decorate
    their comeback from the fridge and you ok couples and now feeling firm to the
    touch of a not completely sold you don't want them to be refrigerated for hours

    minutes at the most is enough but what I push they don't easily push
    out of shape they want and not as good a little bit of a flat bottom on the
    bottom of your cake pops so you want to just take them in your hand and just
    reshape them as you roll them into really nice bowls I'm just rocking them
    around a rolling them around in the palm of my hand and making them into quite a
    nice bowl now they don't have to be perfect and they don't have to be
    exactly sized but if I do have one to four you won't capable it don't make
    them too big so too often people very great be cake pops but once you enter
    decorations in about
    percent extra thought you kind of think that that's
    about the size that I think you should baby then UNLV decoration and end up
    being gigantic if they're too big to be too heavy and they'll fall of the stick
    so you want something a bit smaller than ago about ping pong ball sized
    the general idea of those bowls and has given that lovely
    round smooth shape I won't worry too much better in the rest of them and now
    it's time to get dipping and decorating
    pop sticks and you gonna take your ball I most like to use the bottom been
    sitting on the train it's not just a tiny tiny bit flatter so just give it
    that stick and just put about a centimeter of that chocolate on a stick
    man take the stick and push it into the bottom of the cake couple just over half
    way so you can say that they've got this not a choclate CEO so underneath it that
    I can attract I'm gonna put it back into the fridge for a further
    that's just going to let that chocolate feels that the children feel is very
    important and it's kind of what holds everything together so you want to make
    sure that your job is looking lovely and firm for you go decorating alright so
    we're back from the fridge or the Fraser River you've decided to set your cake
    balls and you know this because this little sealed will be completely phone
    to touch when you touch it shouldn't trip there should be absolutely no
    stickiness to your chocolates and will be completely firm completely set you
    want to take your chocolate now I just given that another mark wave just to
    make sure that it is really not in fluid and you going to take you capable and
    we're just going to keep it straight into the center and I liked just rotator
    know whenever you duplicate purple you want to make sure that your chocolate
    dipping into goes over that chocolate seal that you've just said in the phrase
    up and that's just to make sure that it's all completely encased now you want
    to top it off and you also want to turn it so you want to tap your rate not the
    actual stick itself you don't attack to hide ya and I think having a rotating
    the pope like this just gonna give you a nice even distribution of chocolate and
    its gonna make sure the chocolate drips off in a nice even wet so you can let
    that you can decorate with maybe some different colored chocolate or some
    candy mountain climbing to show you just a really quick and easy decoration
    technique through really fast
    EV kids birthdays baby showers could include anything you can think of this
    is a great kapok decorating techniques so I'm happy
    pretty well starting to set but it's not set yet so depending on what you want to
    do you might have to work
    relatively quickly here is a polystyrene block to say it might take populist
    arrested in what city you can also use flower farm or something like that and
    that actual cake book stands on the market so now I'm gonna take much
    sprinkles and understand a sprinkle them on just the top half of my cake pop
    around cherry jeff is already M&Ms and just sit on top I'm gonna finish that
    off with a lovely ribbon and you can see there what you end up with absolutely
    delightful a gorgeous simple simple little cake pop I hope you guys enjoyed
    watching this tutorial as much as I've enjoyed making it for you today and I
    hope this cake toppers will become your new favorite thanks very much for
    watching *** ***

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