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    Classic Birthday Cake with a Melting Chocolate Bar Effect by Cupcake Addiction - YouTube !!!
    police and welcome back to my country addition today me show you how to do a
    really cool and really simple melted chocolate bar allusion on kinda classic
    looking that de que
    let's get started to make okay I'm using a double batch of my perfectly piping
    buttercream frosting acting did mine
    peak and play with it with trav you can use any color of labial I
    about the book sponge cake so I've got four one-inch I by seven inch round
    sponge cake
    you met quite a toll cake today a plastic ruler
    an offset spatula and a serrated edge knife I've got some
    compound chocolate said this is chocolate that doesn't contain
    coke about up I've also got them how she thought you could use something like
    link here make sure it's a nice
    in chocolate Pop because you don't want them to be to enlarge
    all they can to be too heavy to stand up on topic a I've got some sprinkle them
    using the little round confetti
    sequined so much whipping cream with a
    percent milk fat a couple the book
    and a pair of scissors I also have a little bit if they can babe and the cake
    board you need some kind if it raises to state your chocolate bar on
    so the best thing you wanted two years when I get no love your cake level and
    about the same high
    see a pic you're sure to store your smallest liar
    and you just want to trim the top off so that it's nice and flat and level
    then you already is that is your guide for all your other line is so that the
    all about the same within about the same thickness
    he can you pick a clever here we can just do it by I using yourself actually
    Mia down a bit but a creamy not coming in a glue your bottom led to the ports
    you Kate doesn't move around
    and then you wanna put another layer for st. making sure the temperature David E
    edges appeal air sponge although the next layer
    fund and a little bit more butter cream frosting and to you play it all for the
    Alliance if K
    you want a so that if a person am I gonna do a crime carts are really
    mere soda into those groups between the cake layers
    and make sure the wetness bachelor back and forth to get that first inning ride
    into any cracks
    creases in crevices on your cake put a little bit on top
    he should have a fair amount of resting he said
    you wanna scrape it back so what you've got is a really
    in cronkite you can see Kate coming through that's totally fine
    once he got that relatively smooth and all scraped back pocket of
    into the phrase a fifteen-minute and we let the cronkite
    that meltdown your compound chocolate Oreo chocolate melts and I put my hair
    she's onto
    I baking it rate like that baking paper and then I'm just using the chocolate to
    kind of get brought up nothing close to the edges
    what you wanna make it like a long chocolate
    stick almost this is gonna go inside the cake it's completely edible but it can
    give stability a chocolate bar
    break up your remaining Hershey's chocolate and then pour maybe a week in
    I'm gonna pop it into the mic with the
    staring in between it should only take about a minute you quantities but what
    is essentially a small batch of chocolate can Nash
    I'm gonna leave in the Description box below this video as you start you'll see
    that chocolate is also and you can see the thickness so you don't want to be
    too thin here
    Iran if consistencies perfect take your cake and a free then it should be nice
    and Bowman solid
    and you put your nice pretty coat on top and the idea is with that crime cart
    shouldn't have no crumbs in the top where the frosting separate really
    generous the man to that story about a cream on
    all even if I'd been all over the top and then using your ruler
    use that to scrape back the edges what you get is a really nice
    smooth side and then created like a men play you just want to use their ruler to
    come across the top
    it is natan of those edges near not good enough here because you going to
    suited edge the bottom using those confetti sprinkles
    any sprinkles you like by just pressing them up against the side of a cake
    get a cake for a little bit of a tidy up and then you wanna pop it back in the
    fridge or the freezer for about 10 minutes just to start to crest on top so
    that it not soft soft but a crane
    make sure you can Nash it at room temperature you don't want this to be
    hot earth gonna melt through the but a crane
    so third have a bit of a fine line in making sure that it's still melted
    and haven't added get completely called but it's not still
    at all hot I've been about three or four tablespoons on top of my cake and then
    just use the offset spatula
    to really did gently smoothie
    really over the top so that it's just up to dribble over the edge is kinda like
    melting chocolate
    give it a couple of good hide tacked on the bench in that often if all those
    chocolate trickled down to find a little bit
    and then you can pull your hair she thought out in the fridge stick it up
    next to the cake seeking get around idea
    helped holyoke acres ended up I had to snap off about an inch or so from the
    bottom of mine
    and then you can you take your chocolate dick
    essentially and shove that chocolate bar right down to the center BK
    you will apply even pressure here because you definitely don't want to
    break your chocolate bar
    this point a little bit if they rested that chocolate can Ashgate
    into a zip lock bag and you can snip off just a very small corner the book bag
    for making like a
    makeshift piping bag and then you def going to come
    op and around the join with the chocolate bomb eat the cake
    so that you've got gin Nash acting like the easy melting is and the National the
    chocolate Obama
    to thicken ashen it up a cake that it
    that is a relatively simple to make but really really cool to look at birthday
    you guys requested something fun simple and generic for a bit they thought I
    hope that I've managed to fill the criteria on the fun
    if you're not already subscribe to my cupcake addiction make sure you do

    videos every weekend as the waveguide thanks
    rematch between learn *** *** How to make a cake with a tie dye or rainbow effect - Mario cake and cupcake pics too!! - YouTube !!!
    hey guys
    I'm just making I'm a birthday cake for me my grandson

    and you know
    right now he's in love with sweetie and Mario
    and I just love the characters
    come sonic but from he asked for the Weegee armario and cake
    and it's so cute and 3 better I'm so I'm gonna do
    isn't gonna make him tie dye cake and
    on some matching cupcakes to go with it never really done a video on how to make
    tie dye cupcakes
    but I thought I would do another video showing how
    I make but I take a peek
    they had posted pictures before my blog for the princess cake unease princess
    but I'm using the primary colors for on this one because
    mario's a lot of primary colors I'm first thing I did
    by making I'm
    inch rounds onto the base is just gonna be a small cake is
    going to be like cupcakes
    an I and
    Greece it with training and dusted it flower normally
    I would also line the bottom with the piece of parchment I ran out and I don't
    have time to go and get more afraid to this
    but this will be fine as long as it cools partner will come out not make a
    an so let's see I awesome right people
    I have done different orange sorry the bread
    the yellow the green knowing
    the balloon some skin job couple traps that he America color
    electric blue an amusing I am
    another cake mix used French in a
    we had a couple
    but we've had a lot of birthdays this month period and I had a birthday party
    already today
    from my son turned
    I action cheating and using
    a box kickbacks just
    the sickest E and lack mess
    burns training camp
    hasn't come up challenged can
    ok went now
    when I get my cake pans start playing these

    and when I do it what I do is cry house go
    by the colors of the rainbow so white Jeep it's so
    in this case because that's red orange yellow green blue
    indigo violet to go by letting me purple so would be
    red yellow as green handling of doing that where
    not valid me just
    way space for my up
    and I'm going to do
    and at the same time today I mean it's not important they come out the same for
    that they
    kinda sorta commencing and
    I'm gonna really just gas plant dismissed
    yes next see sized
    this because if you don't then home
    and it's gonna be tight I it's gonna be
    to and marble so it doesn't have to be necessarily absolutely even
    but to give you a nice I like selected
    cell I'm going to
    dollops in the middle here when
    here month that's
    a little bit in
    I double check and see if I did post com
    that princess cake one on my blog I'm pretty sure it did I think I used
    pink yellow blue-and-white
    family tree so now I'm gonna take
    my yellow and be loved careful but again it doesn't
    really of matter all that much in a min to put that right in the center
    red and its gonna spread out
    know here kids running around there's still someone a party going on
    miss and as a few friends and it's the fiftieth anniversary
    doctor who sued watching that sold
    downstairs papillion committee screaming pound
    can do same thing I'm in a continuous process all the way through
    until I've used all the better and it will
    spread out and helping out a bit I'm not your push
    into it too much but hmmm
    just touching it lightly not all the way through all the layers
    up keep going
    no will group
    that's okay does make it interesting
    if you watch my videos you see very rarely do it for us
    about little mistakes most cases can be fixed
    a lot of mistakes like that one on a tight a key
    don't necessarily matter I'm just have fun with baking used to
    experiment baking in not supposed to be
    you now qualitative that it known mean that closed in a wedding cake
    field tight it's a plan cake
    its gonna get all marble anyways cell
    its fine percent
    transferred from by sprinkle until here
    definitely I will put some pictures at the end of the video
    after cake after me sing happy birthday to me grandson
    and he closer can't obviously and into the cake
    I'll take some pictures it looks like and I'll post them at the end
    video on just checking
    see and if I think a bit if it's possible I will take video
    can just make it the end of this we'll see what's happening tomorrow
    you know kids in
    people crazy how is fun
    pope again both
    to keep fascists
    after two layers all comes amscan
    help it spread out a bit not
    vigorously shake nurses giving a little she
    their can keep going
    text color in the middle isn't
    cake thank goodness use are
    elector colors for america are used actually know that's a lie i'd
    the red is super red from their color
    and at the yellow green and blue
    ok colors I don't think there is an electric read I think just super red is
    their deepest red
    whenever you do these cakes I always think a thankfully one QA
    it is who
    and if I get to bomb the end
    on bold color maybe I didn't measure exempts am
    for making cupcakes I'll reserve it for those and continue on with the cupcakes
    if no I I'll usually making
    but I have left into work the the last caller
    because what happens is when it peaks
    com the dust as B cup like this it doesn't just
    be covering a range he I guess
    pushes it and it kinda marbles it so
    and it comes up with a quit
    marbled effect it looks really cool I willing
    and p.m. information also the video for the title
    case which is the same process just less at a time
    up little bit more time to me to
    there are always a hit people love them and when we did that princess once they
    secret didn't mister click tied
    so so pretty United to
    I know there's oppose for is the zebra cake another experiment economy
    zebra cake only I alternated
    black and wat doe
    batter doe am yeah better
    in look like black and white brings mcanally zebra print
    both before get
    are mostly almost finished the red getting close to the end of the yellow
    aka I actually measured it off as a lot more the green any other colors but
    that's okay because it will happen with green leaves the last caller
    cause on but violation of the top
    anyways who knows its content I am take off the top
    make it flat level to
    or I was a real mess
    I think I'm just rushing a bit too much here shows
    but basement
    the last
    split up
    speech was
    so that's fine
    me green left
    now after the blue check
    take up that bench texted order to burn
    so there are those ready gonna happen
    okay so there's the Tyler area
    cakes and had admit
    this passion not look as pretty as the
    princess winds but we'll see
    into and you can see all the colors mixed together
    found that it it's really quite nice so
    found when we head into the cake and they said
    I will definitely take pictures or video
    you can see it but her
    there they are you to cool off critique my opinions he
    and I'm that's it I have
    the cupcakes in the at
    I'm washington's furnad case I just put into the cake and I just want to show
    you quickly how it looks
    mom now that its peak preferred icing on it
    you know of another picture the end up when Mexico in the cakes you can see
    would look like
    but that's how it looks after I am kind of the level
    but the cake this is the second yes
    side by side she could see that document different but they're both
    really cold front side million look like shouts to getting the health
    fish out my video making their promises show
    inside cake have done his
    clubs colors yes challenged
    clear that I take a
    longer right go ahead Craig China try to eat it out and I think video first
    and there's what's left of the cake was like to
    cupcakes hey guys I just wanna show you the inside
    up but I take I how hot pictures up
    up the young but the cable guy was decorated sorry
    you know we got to sing happy birthday to step in and stop to take
    com pictures this camera I
    do have some pictures from other people that were there and for my cell phone so
    I will definitely at some pictures that the and how the K club
    you can see comes barely hanging on there are my show ever
    could be cut into snout kinda of but tourist three bombs in
    there is hope pictures but that's what i'd a came out like
    and I said I'll show you so there it is so a little different
    last year we did that I'd a cupcake for now I'm
    yeah pretty cool certainly sounds very excited and we're enjoying the birthday
    party someone get back to it
    and I hope you enjoy the video and please give me a big thumbs up
    if you want down useful like the video
    and we will see you seem to think you're watching by
    up *** ***

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