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-buttercream funnyman(clown) -Buttercream,icing figures buttercream funnyman(clown) how to make

buttercream funnyman(clown) how to make

    -buttercream funnyman(clown) -Buttercream,icing figures

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    How To Make A FALL HARVEST CAKE! Carrot cake, caramel, cinnamon buttercream and sautéed fruit! - YouTube !!!
    welcome back to had a cake and everyone it's time to fall for cake its fall
    where I live here in Canada getting really pretty outside so I'm gonna make
    a fall harvest take the first to lead us into hibernation and to celebrate our
    Canadian Thanksgiving which give in October I'm gonna make a luscious carrot
    cake cinnamon buttercream sauteed apples and sautéed prawns and homemade parents
    will get me into the fall Canadian Thanksgiving mood you know that I am
    professional baker I'm gonna get in the zone right now if you want the full
    breakdown of ingredients too old and step-by-step instructions on how to make
    this cake just head to my blog at how to kick it dot com or click the link in the
    description below
    let's make homemade caramel to begin by pouring your sugar into a really good
    stainless steel pot and then pour on your one now we're going to get this on
    the heat really hot we want our sugar and water to come to a complete oil in
    the hot because once it starts to boil it will actually start to turn and
    security and that's what the century but it is going to take a few minutes and in
    the meanwhile we should prepare are winning because sugar boils at such a
    high temperature if you pour in your cream ice cold from the cleavage it will
    really bubble up and there's a chance you could burn yourself we don't want
    that to happen so what you should do is heat your cream in the microwave and
    bring it to a boil
    it's a half a cup of cream and I hate it for about a minute I can hear my sugar
    mixture bubbling and it sure is now if you see some crystallization happening
    at the edges of your pot just have a little bit of cold water and a brush and
    brush down the sides of your pot wedding that crystallized sugar watcher has been
    very careful this is extremely hot ok so I'm starting to see the sugar and a
    little in the middle ear and want to see that start to stir it around your pot
    the reason why stir the answer is so that it normalizes even you want it deep
    in the amber but you don't want to burn it you gonna keep your heat on high the
    whole time and when it gets to a nice color almost like this
    we're gonna removed from my carol is nice and brown perfectly
    quickly remove it from the heat pouring here whipping cream with a glove on your
    hand right now for your boiling hot caramel into your cold butter to listen
    to your brother
    push your caring for yourself just earlier caramel and till it all comes
    together this is one of my favorite things now for this fall harvest cake I
    add to my parents and I didn't add too much because I didn't want it to be in
    the caramel too much I actually added extra butter to this care amounts of
    that it would be thicker so that when I added my make the serum which would make
    it thinner even it out now put your caramel aside it has to be completely
    cool before we use it on our cake later I'm still ran the turkey has time to
    start a apple and plum guess I know you haven't seen a cake yet there is cake
    coming but we have to do this first we're going to begin by peeling apples I
    chose Granny Smith cuz I love the sharpness Apple if is quite certain
    quarter and now you're going to use it to poor and slice your apples you don't
    have one you can use a regular core are just using only goals I need a workout
    regimen other than I think he doesn't know what we're gonna do is sliced in
    make them dinner now we're gonna move on to our plan unfortunately they don't
    make a plumber quarter so we are going to fight them open pit them and cut them
    in which we could do the plan we're just a little bigger so only I could teach
    plummeting eight with all web as well and we can start to take you need some
    unsalted butter you need a saute pan on medium-high heat and you also need a
    couple of baking trays on the side either lined with a non-stick nap or
    parchment paper so that as our apples are cooked we could pick them off and
    put them on the trail and surgical products get some butter and melt your
    butter is melted and nice and hot start to add some apple slices to your pen you
    only want to add one layer at a time
    you don't want them to be piled on top of each other we don't want to get these
    apples really saw you want to cook them so that they soften but we definitely
    don't want to lose the shape of the wedge I think the apples are ready to
    turn over after
    have a look
    yeah you feel a little bit of brown
    our first batch of apples is looking great and will it take them out onto a
    baking tray and you on to the next step
    granny smith apples were gonna move on to our plums same procedure policy
    clearly oh yeah they don't need a close-up of this hat they need to see
    plums soft a gentle with your plans they're more delicate than Apple back
    these plans are done every move them carefully
    one of the time all of our plans and apples have been beautifully soft aid
    we're going to put these aside to cool completely and in the meanwhile you
    guessed it gonna move onto cakes I guess what I baked a cake I baked a super
    moist carrot cake this is one of my favorite I've made a full video tutorial
    on how to make my favorite carrot cake recipe just click the link in the
    description for this fall harvest cake you're gonna need
    inch rim once
    they're cool removed and coming up and I don't like to lose my cakes from their
    pan until they are completely cooled I don't want them to settle and I think
    it's much easier all under this cake is really the dole's in the crust off the
    top of my PE teacher and therefore the carrot cake this committee placed the
    middle ear I also want to remove the bottom now carrot cake is so much that I
    actually don't insult you should know that this is fine now this is my
    favorite Italian meringue buttercream you can make it yourself is a link in
    the description below and today I'm gonna flavored with cinnamon I only use
    fresh ground cinnamon from Grenada in case you don't know I'm have canadian
    which is a small island in the Caribbean and it's known as the island of spice
    because of minutes drive what I'm gonna do is remove some better come into a
    smaller bowl flavor it was cinnamon mix it up and then pour it back into the
    whole batch because I don't want this to clamp in this big batch of but now I'm
    happy with my little bit of extreme cinnamon buttercream time to add this
    back to the rest of the book
    and now makes it all the time for my favorite part
    and remember that is if you want a list of all the tools I've used as well as
    all the recipes I've made to make this fall harvest cake today I have made
    simple for you it's all in my blog at how to keep it calm is a link in the
    description below see so what I'm gonna do is Philip piping bag with a bit of
    the cinnamon buttercream read a little bit right onto your carrot cake to
    spread a nice layer of finding better than take a piping bag and we're gonna
    make cinnamon buttercream fence just pipe around the perimeter fence is gonna
    hold in mainly or caramel and it will sort of stopped or apple wedges from
    poking out the sides with the ice this case you don't have to keep shoving back
    if and when I like to do is to defend basically just pick up apples and think
    about clock and found them with any offence overlap a little bit to fill in
    your little capital it'll just take to Apple's places and overlap them how
    something so beautiful baby girl I saw your kids
    and I thought you were looking so fine girl just over your apples in a circular
    motion and trying not to send any over the care you know when layers never
    enough for headache a cake to repeat this whole thing you could check if
    we're aligned by just using a straight spatula and smoothing out that but let's
    spread another layer of cinnamon buttercream time to pipe another
    buttercream pen and now back to our sauteed apples banning them around this
    secondly the best thing about fanning your apples in your case is it creates a
    lot of new clean crannies for your caramel to fall into place our final
    carrot cake clear right on top and then we're gonna cry this beautiful fall
    harvest kick start by just school to know your fence or buttercream fence
    this cake is may speak round coded it's important to chill it in the fridge for

    minutes to get this crime code nice and hard before I say it one more time
    my cake is cool you can tell just by touching your buttercream does it come
    off any fingers and now we're ready to just take some more their cinnamon
    buttercream I'm just using a straight spatula cake icing spatula it's ok if
    this cake looks rustic Inn homemade I think that's kind of a part of full and
    so just put some butter cream all around we don't want to see it carrot keep
    apples quickly decide to smooth your top what I like to do is just sort of
    pulling access to the center of the cake and wipe off your bachelorette every
    single time I want this cake to have a bit of texture so what I'm gonna do is
    use my spatula and just create lines within the buttercream to take your
    spatula using the tip of it hold it upright and just go back and forth the
    city of buttercream in small section you're creating almost buttercream leads
    when you're happy with your texture once again just bring all your exes
    buttercream the center at the top of your cake this cake looks great already
    let's get it in our fridge for half an hour and get it nice and cool mist
    ok well im gonna move my cake onto this beautiful autumn bachelor wanna get it
    off this cold keyboard we're gonna lay our plums on top of the cake in the same
    fan pattern that we did with her apples inside the case just fill in this fourth
    and last little bit of cinnamon butter just to give my phone
    time more caramel I want make caramel to be a little more running than this so
    I'm just gonna pop in the microwave for
    seconds I love the way you know the
    other night when I called you and you might even care although he did our
    caramel a little you definitely don't want it to be as you don't want it to
    certain the buttercream around but not at all but it is and now it's time for
    the trip
    but I am
    in that caramel over that fall harvest keg enough thought I need to subscribe
    to had a cake that'll make my life better *** *** How to make Caramel Lava Cake | Карамельный торт лава - YouTube !!!
    I absolutely love caramel and carol of a cake sounds like a dream come true
    especially if you love karma let me be delicious the coast so well with an ice
    cream or just icing sugar or anything else you want to decorate it with and
    closed to new videos every single week so there's so as far as become the don't
    forget to subscribe share and like my stuff really really appreciated now that
    filmmaking we're going to need eg don't get a list of caramel a good to ramekins
    fresh blueberries with icing sugar and flour condensed milk with three hours
    you can also use your mom allowing each ramekin and when you come across that
    around so it's nice and coach depending on each ramekin *** *** Brown Sugar Caramel Pound Cake ~ MAKE IT!! - YouTube !!!
    hi guys today I don't even think that we are making a brown sugar Campbelltown
    cake with camel glaze
    I know I know what the pecan toffee chips lucky
    buttery moist delicious I'm sorry love you
    let's go okay we're gonna start by adding our butter
    into a large bowl let them get all softened butter and this abandoned them
    but labor short one of my favorite ingredient add to my queue
    I love butter flavor short go ahead and combine does really well into it nice
    and small think
    remit like this right he okay fed Bella
    goodnight and whips and just gorgeous okay never and now sugar
    brown sugar why should the Brassica pound cake together brown sugar in it
    and I cannot make this recipe
    without thinking on them until should I wanted something I'm making this cake
    I have to think that song is so crazy in you will to address me
    trust me okay okay I'm mix it up a little body action for you go girl
    okay so that was great at night the mix tanning cream that's perfect left
    actually one
    never had in our eggs room temperature here to him crack demand eggs right on
    in the air we gonna be it after each
    additions ugly and crack you eg beat it real good
    cracked you another egg beater a good cup pop crack down on you guys gonna die
    I did the example given your money go I wanna die like deposit
    have achieved okay public to use up have a g'day okay and some vanilla extract
    lacked lots the next regular really
    really good flavor here go ahead make let me just great now
    the sides of the ball really really well okay look at that perfect whipped
    better that wonderful never done but want our dry ingredients yeah I have
    some all-purpose flour
    and a man and a little bit of baking powder and then and I love both clubs
    that makes around really good and what we gotta make the money
    where are you recording Agra matthau Mopar John about back
    affect at out that everybody out so camps are I got key hits on it like a
    business owner being here are they allow it okay
    and a half my fire mix are a number I had a little bit up heavy cream
    Renault in a bit like a man and a woman have agreement with an elegant flower
    been heavy crane in flour in them but I'm applique alternating get you guys
    and know that but a mobile command
    I love me some buttermilk pancakes too bad I some finishing out there let's put
    a flower here
    with a nice big batter favorite take okay once you make that I really good
    you know kinda move that become really light and fluffy
    Mary and that's what we're nice left the a real whipped
    batter like death only see that her third this is gonna be good
    County I can always tell by the better now it's time for some top each ship a
    actually game it is tipped to add into chips it
    you guys are so smart and pretty and handsome make the team which like
    open like a restaurant or something be a is the great tips up thank you girl for
    its money for tips and you can also add in some pecan
    you like to become and I'm not like to have heart being
    imbalance of things and I'm sayin and i cant the man has been given me the WTF
    okay like up to a something is soft and fluffy I don't like to bite down
    into and buy something hearty whatever okay whatever
    guy and poor that cake into your greased and floured pan
    give it a shake demand in the kitchen guys I look over your shoulder would it
    be like what et
    making a cake Mike I mean a semester they love
    media that okay yep just looked at their on a bike is at
    for about an hour
    and ten minutes
    when it comes at the event go ahead and listen to pamper about
    minutes or so when the pan is kinda warm you can go ahead and
    remove it them pot hole is back on but you might bring yourself and is flipping
    over and give Greece that PN
    really well nothing to fix across a feminine say please don't think please
    update please update please don't think they don't think I do they are time I
    please and then go ahead and looked it up
    and while I %uh look at that just makes me so happy
    at my place Voice girl be a beautiful beautiful day political off completely
    before you make a proper about
    min okay so never meant to scare mail delays
    is so good we're gonna happen we condense milk in two alleles saucepan
    you have my he like a medium low
    to him for left-wing condensed milk independently and in some brown sugar
    I'm terminal shouldn't let some
    okay got it started up and then when it starts to get like kinda
    bubbly ok is not public yet hola don't like that
    when it starts to get but like that you wanna reduce the a little bit if it
    starts like getting really outta control
    go ahead and reduced producer he took a little on the ground it's okay
    for yeah that's perfect actually go ahead and the third around home starter
    let it cook for about five to
    minutes then go ahead and remove it
    from the heat gun and some but and they're gonna and a little bit
    vanilla vanilla extract okay and just %uh this around this also begin to
    thicken up
    really really well once you start to you now start around them air into it
    got taken up beautiful all this of on my gosh was some good as ghetto ice cream
    too tho
    um you try to have some leftover you can you do I think about that
    but then I am poor that hot care male make a comment
    I'm action to stop right here but no
    me at the did go ahead to keep and no more and more mark and bob is so doggone
    yet a pretty i think is going to like a holiday special occasion k is
    so doggone good guide I think honest it was mopey can some top
    yeah like you on top now okay I gas is being crazy
    a never ending in some talk be chips on top as well
    pecans covered just it's less likely to get washes yeah
    watch the middle are why oh mike come
    little it home I think guys look at how
    got yes see the form the main lot until a much more
    delegate picture can just look at that and tail the texter
    and the UK and I i cant is like saw bluff be the flavor is like ok almost
    she didn't
    yeah yet and often allies gonna get I may come up
    you are already in trouble for Iain McCaig in
    via Kelly anyway
    I really take the over at the edge okay
    the texas gal lucky for do either the tape is like
    but hurry and vanilla and caramel is almost too
    heads be a if the the cross is like %uh up to
    okay yeah that's a good here's my boys they wanted to say hi like always a love
    you guys so much
    the free guys you can find its recipe on my blog at the with good dotcom
    um thank you that's so much watching labor home *** *** Caramel Cake made from scratch - I Heart Recipes - YouTube !!!
    highest-grossing in this video we are making
    a comma cake but this time around we are making everything completely from
    okay so I am going to start are parents ambitious oil into this bull
    and now I'm going to pour intern granulated sugar next going to grab my
    hand held mixer and I'm going to mix those two ingredients together
    my neck BB adding in my aches I'm going to add my
    aches in blind at a time so let's just mix everything and has nice
    simply me just like this and now ready for next step
    in this poem we're going to add some sour cream
    and we're also going to pour in some buttermilk
    once everything's in there boulder just going to mix it until it's nice in
    and now we are ready to put everything together
    someone to start handing in my dry ingredients from point
    alternate with my dry ingredients and my way ingredients which was
    or is going to be are sour cream and I'm up makeshift
    so there we are we're just alternating and a while adding everything in the
    and want to use my hand mixer ended is said on a low-speed
    don't forget if you enjoyed this video I would really appreciate it if you gave
    up firms up thank you in advance and we're just going to continue mixing
    everything until everything is an apple and is nice
    in creamy so numb got to start adding in my banana
    extract I did enough mixing I don't wanna over do it some point the bolded
    in with my spatula
    and do not forget if you want the exact measurements for this recipe
    it can be found on my blog I heart recipes dot com
    I usually use baking spray but this time I want to show you how I greased and
    floured my pants
    so I have two 9-inch cake pans and want to just Greece
    all the inside the PM and then I get to flower
    I had a couple tablespoons of flour I'm not going to need albeit I wanna make
    sure I have enough and I just shake my pan around until
    everything is nicely covered with the flower
    so any excess flour that I have from this panel just want to use
    in my neck skin in fact is how I grease and flour my pains
    so not everything is greased and floured we're going to pour
    in our cake batter and once everything is
    in that panel just want to shake it around so I can get rid of the excess
    air bubbles and I want to bake my cakes on

    minutes was the cakes are don't want to remove them from the cake
    pan someone to let them
    cool on a cooling rack and now I'm going to show you how I make my caramel
    in this camp want to pour in some granulated sugar and I'm going to cook
    it over medium heat
    late meltdown and eventually this is what it's going to look like
    now meet you out in a separate packed working and I'm going to add in some
    heavy cream
    a possible to pour in some granulated sugar
    and then want to bring this up to a boil but first I need to add in some operas
    I almost forgot about that so we're just going to mix everything until well
    and now we're going to bring it to a boil I want to take
    a couple tablespoons a this mixture and want to add it into
    are burnt sugar which is now Carmel what makes that a renown
    and what it looks like this is going to at all about Carmel into
    are heavy cream and sugar mixture and in of a half hour
    so now we're going to let this cook for a couple of minutes
    deal bubbling you don't wanna really over mix it was cooking
    and then you're going to remove it from the heat and we're going to start adding
    in the butter
    makes everything until the butter is
    on melted and now we're going to remove this and at this time he would add in
    your vanilla extract
    I almost forgot to brush away we're at it so we're going to need to do a lot of
    mixing on want
    at an all that delicious caramel into my stand mixer you can use a hand mixer but
    you need to do a lot of mixing
    here is where I remembered that I forgot my vanilla
    and I'm going to try my stand mixer on am
    think it's on like four or six somewhere between there and I just let this mix
    minutes yes

    minutes lots of mixing so was that twenty minutes was up
    I to Kappa that caramel mixture and I'm going to frost the cakes
    the other half of the frosting a place in the freezer and I let it sit in there
    minutes old there's the frosting is going to be ugly identifiers
    to say no this is the mixed out the happened to make sure that was placed
    in their freezer and now I am going to frost my cake with that
    and that is pretty much it it is not going to be a pretty cake but you can
    you know
    work with what you have to do do the best you can and people are going to
    what it looks like because it is going to be the bomb everyone's going to love
    but that's it dig on in enjoy the cake
    don't forget to get the recipe for I heart recipes dot com
    subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and don't forget to come visit
    every Sunday and Wednesday for new recipes see you soon
    le doc
    well *** *** Caramel Apple Cake (Salted Dulce de Leche Caramel Apple Spice) from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    this is dead is a good thing party and I'm very real treat for you today we're
    going to take in the base which is a caramel topping the caramel apple cake
    with salted caramel or make any oh it's so on its own and it's all homemade
    let's get started to make the cake we're going to be using a cup and a half of
    applesauce we need two cups of granulated sugar three and a quarter
    cups of all-purpose flour
    we're going to need for a we're also going to be using one cup of butter
    that's a softened now for our driving agents we need two teaspoons of baking
    powder and half a teaspoon of baking soda and we need a hug the tease of salt
    for places we need half a teaspoon of cinnamon quarter teaspoon of all space
    and we need quarter teaspoon of ground ginger and a pinch of nutmeg we also
    need half a cup of milk and 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract a first step is
    to mix are dry ingredients together so if a medium-sized bowl here I'm going to
    put my flower into it like this and then I'm going to add all of my baking powder
    baking soda and salt and my spices as well into here there are some false
    cases and then just using it with just going to mix it together and then set it
    aside in the ball of my a stand mixer with the paddle attachment I'm going to
    beat my butter very briefly and then add in my sugar
    move it around like that and then I'm going to put in my sugar into the ball
    and then beat that till it's nice and light and creamy so I've got my butter
    and sugar cream together nicely I'm gonna put the mixer back on to kind of
    like a low medium and I'm going to slowly add each of the aids
    once the eggs are mixed in we're going to add our applesauce gonna put that in
    the early going to continue to make start until that's all incorporated with
    the applesauce incorporated now I'm going to add in half of the flour so
    this is my mixture that we mixed first and I headed off to the side so it's
    kind of like kinda eyeball boathouse and then I'm going to put it on to his
    medium again and then mix that in going to add in the milk for that in there and
    I'm going to vanilla extract and was gonna mix that briefly was that kind of
    mixed in a little bit you're going to add the remainder of your flower see if
    I can get it all in here like that and then you're going to do the final mix
    and just keep that on medium until everything is incorporated with the cake
    batter finished I have greased an eight-inch now you're going to need
    three of these eight inch cake pans in order to use up all of this better so
    what you're going to do is you're going to divide the batter equally in between
    your three pounds and once you have that all finished you're going to bake them
    in a preheated oven at
    degrees for about
    minutes and then you're
    gonna let them cool we're going to get started on the buttercream next to make
    the salted caramel buttercream are going to be using one teaspoon of vanilla
    we also are going to need probably about two tablespoons of milk and that's going
    to depend on how thick you want your buttercream also for taste is going to
    be the salt component I'm using fleur de sel you could use any like a coarse salt
    and it's going to be about 1 tablespoon or
    and we're going to be using three-quarters of a cup of this Dolce
    selection or you could use like your favorite caramel sauce we need a half a
    cup of butter softened and we need a five cups of icing sugar also known
    as confectioner sugar in the bowl of might stand mixer fitted with the paddle
    attachment I have the butter and is going to briefly beat that
    my doctor delicious caramel sauce into their delicious goodness I get us a
    chance to get that all and they're going to beat that until it's all incorporated
    way to put in my vanilla now and going to turn it on just briefly to mix and
    then I'm going to add about half of my icing sugar and I'm going to mix that
    into and it was going to beat on low have ever had an icing sugar explosion
    you know to put your mixer on low speed to start up so a little bit more here
    and then let's put it on too low and makes that what we've got that initial
    bit mixed in we're going to add in our milk and again if you find it too thin
    or too thick you can always use less milk or more milk we're also going to
    add in our salt going in there and it's nice and big chunks and then we're going
    to add the rest of our icing sugar again and then we're going to mix that up
    completely and then once you've got it all mixed up if you do need to add the
    milk added afterwards or buttercream is prepared and are three layers of cake
    have picked up beautifully and they are cool completely and I've level them up
    so there's no dome on the top so what I'm going to do isn't just going to take
    some of this delicious salted butter cream I can get out here and then later
    a little bit in between each of my layers though this is of course some
    people like lots in the middle
    some people don't like very much at all so that's totally up to you and your
    personal preference so get that in there and got my second layer to come in here
    like this and more about her cream on top there
    and we're going to put the third one on next and then we're going to cover the
    entire cake in the buttercream so that's what I'm going to do know how to put
    this case together we've got the delicious homemade cake that we made
    with our homemade cake and the homemade buttercream we're also going to need
    some chocolate ganache and we're going to need three gourmet caramel apples
    both the ganache and the apples I showed you how to make in previous videos so
    put a link in the description box below
    we're also gonna need some of these Canadian Smarties and a reason they say
    they're Canadian cause their little bit different than american ones and they
    are candy covered chocolates and we're also going to need some more Dolce
    delicious caramel sauce taking our chocolate ganache we're going to pour it
    onto the top here about a couple a little bit like recorders are a little
    bit more input on what you want and it was gonna work it over to the sides and
    then kind of coke sit down over the side they're just like that and then go all
    the way around the cake with ganache on a little hard and very briefly just pop
    in the freezer flight five minutes cuz that's going to help prevent the camel
    in the talker from rubbing to air mixing together if you don't care about that
    then by all means as soon as you put the gloss on then put the caramel on so it's
    going to take some of my caramel sauce here the Dolce delicious and when they
    do the same thing that I did with the ganache and was going to work it with an
    offset spatula down towards the sides and just kind of coax it over the edges
    there so many do that all the way around the cake and the this part of it will be
    ready for the finish off the keg we're going to top it with the Kenya put one
    up there to show you that guy right there in the care of so delicious and
    then to finish off the bottom I'm just gonna do like a little smarty border
    obviously that's totally optional and up to you then go all the way around the
    cake and then I'll be back to show you the finished product they go everybody
    how to make this delightful salted caramel apple cake I added a little bit
    of some Rd chopped up Smarties here to give it a little bit
    chocolatey crushed and I hope you really enjoyed this tutorial today was a really
    fun to me for you thanks for watching if you liked it please think about sharing
    that with your friends and I will see you guys all again next time *** *** How to Make a Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake - YouTube !!!
    hey guys welcome back and then a show you how to make a salted caramel
    chocolate layer cake with ganache frosting from measurements I left in the
    Description box or for a two-layer cake but if you want to make the one shown in
    the video will have to double the recipe
    ok let's start step one is the chocolate ganache
    elect he is 55% chocolate but you can use any bittersweet chocolate you like
    start off with your chocolate tablets in a large mixing bowl in a saucepan over
    medium heat bring heavy cream up to a boil
    after it boils choir heavy cream over your chocolate and let it sit for

    organized from the center the sensor circuit system emotion helps to reduce
    air bubbles
    at the butter ganache a nice glass
    so close to room temperature as possible once it's set should look like this
    salted caramel sauce in a saucepan over medium heat bring heavy
    cream scoop vanilla pod up to a boil after Boyle's turn up the heat and mix
    on the bus
    and another saucepan mix together sugar and light corn syrup
    then mix in water till it becomes a viscous sir
    place the saucepan over medium-high heat
    occasionally swirl the pan to distribute the color we want to get the color to a
    deep amber
    I'm gonna swirl the pan one more time and can see a change to its final color
    at this point cream you want to act quickly before the caramel burns
    be careful because this team can be very hot
    stir with a whisk until smooth
    place in an ice bath and let it cool at this point you can add the song
    he's between a fourth of a teaspoon full teaspoon depending on our salty taste as
    you go along or you can leave altogether and just leave it a simple can step
    three layer cake
    in a large mixing bowl place flour cocoa powder
    at baking soda
    also baking powder and finally salt to make up all your dry ingredients sift
    dry ingredients together
    now start by creaming room temperature butter and brown sugar
    Patrick granulated sugar and mix until you get a smooth texture
    and corrects when you look at a time
    vanilla extract
    and the buttermilk in three parts each alternating between the two
    butter flour
    inch kick parents along with parchment paper two batters gonna
    be really sick so smooth it out to the edges of the pan
    bake at
    degrees Fahrenheit for
    minutes a wooden skewer to check for
    doneness step for construction
    level of each layer using a serrated knife and cutting in a circular motion
    play strategic board on piece of parchment paper for easy cleanup
    spread the ganache career first layer a creative small town for the camera to
    get a point of that when you get into the cake but if I were to do it again I
    want more of the camo need to buy sandwiches freshly as you normally would
    and spend the caramel over it
    placed her last layer upside down to get the most even surface
    first the top of the sites to ceiling or crimes
    refrigerate for
    minutes before adding the final coat
    I used to small spatula to design pattern to the cake and here's the final
    product comes up if you liked the video thanks for watching *** *** Caramel Custard Cake คัสตาร์ดเค้ก - Hot Thai Kitchen - YouTube !!!
    but the half welcome to hot Thai Kitchen
    today is a special day because I am actually baking
    and if you've been following the show you know that I've never actually baked
    on the show and I really enjoyed baking actually and I've even work in a pastry
    shop before
    but baking is it really a big part up Thai cooking so it's just never come up
    on the show
    but what I'm gonna show you today if the cake recipe that I have never had
    anywhere outside of Thailand that the western style cake but the way
    that is unique to Thailand K so we're making
    caramel custard cake or in Chi calumny ok %uh
    that cake yet the pic to go but I act that
    and out thought that left the light chiffon cake with an orange flavor
    and data frosting it's got a creamy layer
    of creme caramel or lon on top it is
    out a bit world it was my favorite cake advocated
    and so now is shared with you let's get started so first thing first
    I have to prep my pant the oven is preheating at
    degree fahrenheit
    and this cake is gonna be baked in a water bath home in a prep that first
    what I like to do let the water he got in the up in
    while the oven is preheating it just needs to come up to about
    happen inch because we just need to
    to make it go up as high as the layer custard so
    that but I can always admit I'm gonna put this in the event so there are three
    layers to the skate carrabelle the custard
    and they keep if the first let's make caramel I'm just making a dry carrabelle
    like you would when you make if you've ever made a crime carrabelle
    got some sugar and Jeff can I heated up
    until it melted and turns into an eighth
    amber color now the color beer carrabelle up to you
    I like it quite dark if they like that in hands serve almost
    a slightly better flavor but if thats too much for you can do a light golden
    while I carol is cooking my cake pan actually heating up in the
    Ivan so that way when I pour the hot caramel
    into the pan
    and it doesn't cool a caramel down to fasten so I have a lot of time to spread
    the sugar around making it even
    see don't want to be starring this all the time but I do want to store it
    enough to distribute the collar
    so any dark spots you can stir the dark spots a little bit
    and watch it carefully K cuz it burns fast
    are I'm gonna turn that off I'm pretty happy with that color get my cake pan
    with me I'm gonna pour the caramel
    on into my cake pan very quickly
    so we're all that leave your pad is cold
    it ok cool down pretty quickly and make this very difficult to do
    by both don't want bubbles little bubbles are no problem at all you just
    don't want
    Big Mama bubble hanging out alright one layer down
    two more to go the second layer if the caster
    now it's very simple custer got
    York here
    I mean at some sugar you wanna be bad up quickly
    if you pour sugar over yeltsin you don't heated up beat it up
    right away it'll start to coagulate the Euro are
    cook feel now I've got that I'm going in with evaporated milk
    now in thailand we don't really cook with
    regular milk or fresh cream very much most of our milk product that we use our
    chef's table the condensed milk and evaporated milk
    and evaporated milk is great in iced coffee
    alright he just so rich and creamy love it we
    dribble over ice cream and a little vanilla
    the it's so cute
    and just stir that and to all the sugar is dissolved
    and that the simple as it gets though let this if I don't port
    over the caramel yet because if you're not ready to bake right away
    assets if the caramel start dissolving into the cast
    elite this until the
    very end
    alright laflare that cake for this cake
    is that a chiffon cake blighted leavened mostly by whipped
    a quite but it that a little denser than the traditional chiffon because it has
    to be strong enough to hold a layer
    of custard on top so let's get started with the dry ingredients I got some cake
    and baking powder so it's not just egg white that's doing the leavening
    also a little chemical abner and also some thought when I started learning how
    to bake a
    often for got salt and
    I could tell right away first bite like
    of forgot the salt you can't tasted really but
    when you're missing it it's so obvious that the flat
    weakness that's not very satisfying you wanna see if that
    especially when you think a park a car so fine that have a tendency to lump
    like that more so than all-purpose
    next we're gonna make up the wet ingredient so I am making this cake
    orange flavored my own little trick I love the way the
    orange flavor lighten and brighten that the richness of the flying on top
    so gun orange which I'm going to that with
    pacemaker plane and be sure not to get out the white
    stuff because that's a bit better so just enough to get there
    dark orange skin out with this orange you gonna do you think we want
    that cues yes I know this is a lemon juicer but
    I'm gonna make it work right now I'm gonna make all my wet ingredients
    together and got to egg yolks yes you'll have about three
    a quite left over when all is said and done but that's okay
    you can have a direct have sugar get the sugar dissolving a little bit
    now been at the festival oil and this cake is really quite a low-fat
    kate is no butter and there's only three tables windsor oil in total
    not so bad as far as cake go
    that looks good already now the orange juice
    had driven

    orange really do go well together I'm just gonna pour the wet
    into my dry standard better mixing be
    gentle in the beginning so you don't pick up
    flour all over the place and because where you think a clark's a very low
    protein flowers you don't have to worry too much about
    over developing gluten making it top you can really go crazy for this point you
    wanna with
    and Hill you but no more lumps a flower K mom
    now felt good largely word K is my all-time favorite
    flavor when it comes to cake alright
    and now for the primary leavening agent I'm gonna whip up the meringues
    evasiveness them egg whites
    I'm I'm using this over
    by bowl cuz it's the only thing I've got that'll work so three egg whites in here
    and then got also add a little bit of cream of tartar which is just an
    after it that'll help stabilize the egg white and a help
    improve volume
    now that you're a quite are
    for me you can start drilling in sugar a little bit at a time
    you want eighth if peak so you pull it up and you've got this cute little peek
    that this that doesn't Abreu you know drew all over the place then you're good
    to go
    don't over beaded cuz otherwise you know when they equate
    okay almost and one last thing to do going to incorporate the a quite
    into the baby here if that's the Qwikster
    one more time so one-third up them meringue
    go then is roughly one-third what you doing at this stage is your just
    lightening up
    the base so that it doesn't deflate the rest to the egg whites
    K so now that it's sorta more or less mixed in we can go in with one more
    and so the notice my right hand is doing the exact same motion every time and I'm
    just turning the ball
    that's all I'm doing is one thing I learned from my pastry chef last
    Batcave meringue and you wanna gently fold in the egg whites as foster third
    in her beaded in
    so that you preserve all those air bubbles cuz those are going to be what
    lifts up your cake
    now this time you wanna make sure there are no streaks
    up white left when that is achieved stop
    right there K act for healthy any
    I've got my custard which I'm going to pour
    the rule at this point any little thing you just to make sure are you know
    lump-sum something or other it doesn't you know it captures it
    beautiful and now I'm gonna pour the batter
    directly over there than your if you're thinking don't worry
    because the batter so white it will float on top of the custard
    all about density right so you wanted to gently pour it in
    and because of all that air that you whippin
    the custard will remain on the bottom
    if there are large bubble
    that you can CEO just like to run like a toothpick or something small
    see you don't get big balloons in the middle of your cake
    not to be gay don't wanna over do this cuz you don't deflate the whole cake but
    whatever you can
    and ok so the cake
    minutes from being done now unfortunately very
    no hope real way up testing that done it because the last part that's going to be
    if the custard in the Center so you tried the toothpick test
    when you pull it out the cake all-white your protester clean
    so even if there's a little bit of a liquid in the bottom there's no way for
    you to tell them just gonna go buy time
    and the color of the top of the cake in my experience
    and that complicate would be nice and golden brown
    and you wanna flip it as soon as it come out at the event can you wait too long
    the thing about chiffon cake that they shrink athlete cool he also fine cakes
    do that
    and so you wait too long it will shrink too much
    and then the base to be too small to support the tops you wanna
    get everything ready on the cake comes out you're ready to flip
    yeah week about you okay this is the moment
    that makes me nervous so when I think my fastball he ran a run it
    along the by 8 K don't worry about the rough edges
    not gonna be too much of a problem case I'm turning in a theory that it's a
    against the pan so that the find that it's blue
    and a pull this off the it's a little bit put a plate and cup
    make sure it's entered put your hand on the bottom
    and flip heard it this is very lopsided so I tried to push it
    with my pan to get entered as much as I can
    and moving up through my god and there's gonna be a bit of a
    suction going on so just jiggle jiggle jiggle that ad up
    overthrow exciting at that's beautiful
    just clean up the face a little bit perfect
    so now what you want is so now the caramels gonna soak in the fight then
    you get
    the caramel flavor becoming sort of like that cross
    sovyetsky now this is the hardest part you gonna let this cool
    and chill it this is so much better when it's cold
    so he gonna says you know control yourself for the next few hours
    put in the fridge and we'll come back and cuddle up
    you don't understand how excited I am I have been wanting to make this
    ever since I was a kid is the one you buy never have quite enough
    custard on its have always wanted to make it so that I can make it with the
    right amount a custard
    so it's nice and chilled gonna go ahead and cut it up
    oh my god check
    that out my god it's beautiful the right ratio
    custard take paid
    my god it is greatly
    Blake your yomata had anything quite like it you like
    custard and you like cake this is the perfect marriage
    the top this Bieber creamy
    with that bird Haram ok labor
    and the bottom is to bluff TN software that hinder
    orange labor that just works to brighten everything up
    oh my god well hear you you have the private in your baker
    yet to try that then you're not a bigger you to learn how to make them for you
    can make this recipe it back good
    and this this brings back childhood memories
    but it better be and now I'm in the right money there
    for the recipe at boeing is not have packets and dot com
    if you may benefit me a photo on Facebook Twitter or Instagram
    and I will see you next time for your neck if every
    ok that'll help stabilize the egg white and a help
    improved volume a little bit what I hope
    at I *** *** Easy, delicious CAKE SNACKS! Chocolate and vanilla cake, Yoplait yogurt, caramel, ganache and fruit! - YouTube !!!
    welcome back to have a cake it a lot of guys out there asked me the same
    question constantly and the question is what do you do with all your cake scraps
    normally I share with the man behind the camera but not today I have plans for
    these case wraps today I partnered with yo play to show you a fun easy way that
    you could turn your cake strapped into cakes with something you probably own
    little blackberry down with something you probably already have in your fridge
    it's about time that you'll pleased with you play you like
    the step-by-step instructions tools and ingredients used to make these cakes max
    go to www.ticketmaster.com
    my first cake snack is vanilla cupcake inspired I have a bunch of vanilla cake
    scraps right here you gonna take a cake scrap and you're gonna cut it into cubes
    the main thing is you wanna omit any of this brown crust we don't want to
    include that in our cakes now it's still delicious I'm gonna be making my cake
    snack in this gorgeous little Sunday shaped ball to just cut up enough cake
    to fill whatever board dish that you use these are now take scraps scraps like a
    whole other level but don't worry I'm not going to waste the chance of getting
    a keg after all and I'm gonna take my bailout Yoplait Greek one hundred and
    open it up and I'm actually gonna add a little more but now it it just place
    your yogurt into a mixing bowl here have Madagascar vanilla bean which I love you
    just split the beam lengthwise with a sharp knife and then you use your knife
    to scrape out all these teams just scrape the seeds onto the side of your
    ball use your spatula to sort of spread them and mix them in the yogurt is how
    you'll does it on how to keep your with her Yoplait yogurt there yet though and
    you can just see how the yogurt is now beautifully speckled with fresh vanilla
    it's time to assemble this cake snack in addition to my cake scraps and my yogurt
    I've got some ginger snaps which I picked up my supermarket and my favorite
    homemade caramel which I always have on hand but I had a case of dot com and
    makeup at yourself you'll be addicted the first step would be to throw in a
    few weeks grab chunks down until Sunday class and then topped that with a dollop
    of you now I'm mad ginger snaps I like a lot of elements in light desserts or my
    cakes now take some of this homemade caramel and just trivial
    onto everything that's already in and then repeat until your glasses full more
    expect and some are you will gingersnap
    care KK you know that whenever I drizzle caramel have become very way why are you
    get every last bit of your yogurt for your final dollar love that word would
    go at some more cutesy Bootsy ginger snaps for my final but a caramel
    actually went up pipe it on just pour some of this delicious caramel into your
    paper cone this will just help you directed just cutting the tip off of my
    paper bag I'm just gonna zigzag this caramel all along the top of this case I
    can't wait to you this you know you're the younger too much air second kids
    math is black forest cake inspired I'm gonna start by making some dark
    chocolate ganache which is the easiest thing ever I'm just chopping dark
    chocolate kisses 72% dark chocolate shop it is finally as you can I'm gonna
    reserve a few of my nice chopped chocolate shards for the top of this
    baby and because it's a little I'm just going to boil the screamer to get to an
    almost foil in the microwave I'm gonna hit this for about
    seconds for this
    nice hot within cream right over your dark chocolate we're just gonna cover it
    and let it relax about five to ten minutes
    think my chocolate and cream is ready to be stirred up just gently take a wooden
    spoon stir in the center and you should see it just sort of come together once
    this is all mixed together I'm just gonna send it to site and in the
    meantime I'm gonna get to my cakes wraps under their extra cake batter so I just
    pour it into a little panic
    in Japan and maybe these little kids so I'm going
    to use this chocolate cake for my Black Forest inspired cake the first I'm going
    to level the hump of this chocolate cake and then I'm gonna cut the cake into
    four layers now I have my nice then leaders of cake which I'm gonna
    perfected little by using this round cutter and I'm just gonna cut perfect
    round cake for my formerly errands ok got my cake layers gonna build this cake
    snack like a little kid and for this I'm using my Yoplait Greek
    in black
    cherry give you a good juror
    already has a big chunks of black cherry in it so that's gonna go perfect for
    this Black Forest inspired I'm gonna lay down one little mini layer of cake and
    then I'm going to use my black cherry yogurt like jelly or butter cream
    now we're going to take our velvety dark chocolate ganache we're just gonna pour
    nice bit of it right on top right in the center of your Topkick room now take a
    little offset palette knife and don't press too hard just hope you're gonna
    wash spread and trip down the side
    and now once you're happy with your gonna take your extra chocolate shards
    that we kept while making are gonna just piled on top of your case I also have
    some chocolate shavings cos I don't think this is probably enough final
    touch the cherry on top of course this could be the tiniest little cake I've
    ever made for each time we still have one more case next to make my final cake
    snack I'm using lots of fresh berries and I want a plate this case back to
    look like the kind of dessert you would get at a fancy hotel in the
    Mediterranean the beginning with strawberries and I'm gonna just cut off
    the leading men just cut your strawberries in half quarters and
    chopped note to self I wanna make a giant strawberry cake with my water
    morning if you haven't seen my watermelon cake definitely check it out
    on my channel get all your strawberry chunks gonna take a little bit of sugar
    or strawberries by adding sugar to strawberries it helps them to release
    their juices and this will become a nice complement to our count cake and yogurt
    and now we're gonna cut it is just leftover pound cake from one of my
    grilled cheese debacles I'm gonna cut the crap and I'm gonna cut too nice
    rectangular cake very sophisticated
    as I mentioned for this cake snack I'm bleeding it and I'm using my Yoplait
    mixed berry yogurt inappropriate for these berries berry
    mix berry yogurt gather there's chunks and overlooked I just saw blueberry and
    here I'm just going to that that is so we just after practice doing this
    cooking school and I obviously paid attention
    fancy like you know I'm sure it's not called this manner but you don't i'm ok
    next step is to labor pound cake onto the mayor here one take my chops
    strawberry mixture gonna leave that right here between the two pieces of
    pound cake they want all this lovely strawberry juice in this to be absorbed
    by the penalty now take a whole strawberry and cut it in half with the
    green on 0 nature good mother nature she knows what she's doing
    gonna put the strawberry down I was good but I feel like there's a lot of red
    going on so I'm gonna do blackberries my final kick snack is done this is what I
    had to do a cooking school when we were finished the front so that the teacher
    come around Judge Chet
    are you ready for you
    five times and believe in the mysterious I don't even miss my time
    for breakfast or dessert
    tell your friends
    sherrit subscribe to have it take a picture of how you use scrapped and
    Instagram I wanna know *** *** Coffee Caramel Cake with Chocolate Ganache - YouTube !!!
    hi everyone it tatianna from Tatiana everyday food
    and today I'm gonna make it for you guys a really great cake commit coffee
    flavored cake layers
    with salted caramel frosting we're going to use a chocolate can opt to finish off
    the cake
    and we're going to add my coffee maker and cookies on the top just how little
    bit more garnish
    now I'm not be making the coffee maker and in this video
    I will post the link to the video in the video description below
    and you can also find the recipe in video on my website so let's get started
    on the cake
    to start up the recipe we're gonna cream together one and one-third cup butter
    that I
    softened to room temperature complacent a mixer
    and I'm gonna add two and a quarter cup white granulated sugar
    I'm gonna with us on high speed until it's really light and fluffy
    next I'm gonna add three large angst and I'm gonna add a teaspoon and a half a
    vanilla extract
    and there were just gonna keep whisking and into everything is well combined
    and now from a liquid ingredients over a cup and a half a buttermilk and have
    three tablespoons
    instant coffee they placed into a food processor tho really nice
    fine powder gonna added into my buttermilk
    I'm gonna with this all together for my dry ingredients I'm gonna be adding
    three cups of all-purpose flour I have three and three quarter teaspoon
    baking powder have to dash of salt I'm gonna and the baking powder
    and the salt into my flower stay could spoon and combine it together
    and now I'm gonna and main gradients alternating I'm gonna at half my
    buttermilk first
    and I'm gonna add a third on my flower and then
    again the bottom-up until everything is well combined so I
    inch cake pans with parchment paper and I spread a little bit I'm
    non-stick spray inside
    and freedom in Iran to
    degrees now I'm going to bite my cake batter evenly
    between the two pants
    and a partisan event and bacon for about
    or until when a cake tester inserted into the center comes out clean
    I have my cake layers
    all done now on XM onto a cooling rack just so they can call completely and
    wants to call we're gonna slice them in half
    meanwhile can start working on a crossing so far are salted caramel
    I'm going to be using one pound of butter and I have half a pound of salted
    butter and happen unsalted
    have softened to room temperature gonna how to enter a mixer
    we're gonna with get high-speed onto the butters really really light and fluffy
    it can be really
    pay on white in color next we're gonna add
    ounces up doll to the lecture
    and this is a thick caramel may have sweetened condensed milk
    we're gonna how to intermix a bowl and whisk it all together
    this looks delicious
    once a cake layers are called to take a long serrated knife
    and level of the top to a really nice level cake
    I'm just using a bread knife here just like run along the edges
    all the way around and then you could just
    eat this delicious top here and now for putting our cake together so I've
    prepared some strong coffee
    be placed into dispenser bottle replace my first layer
    I'm a cake batter and what we're gonna do it's ok each cake layer
    a little bit a coffee and I love the spencer models for this because it makes
    the process
    super easy school all the way around can make the cake layers
    super moist its gonna a little bit more that coffee flavored
    and we're gonna had them where over salted caramel frosting
    it's a little bit on top
    to get cake spatula and spreading evenly all the way to the edges
    get top it with my next cake where
    and we're gonna repeat the process for remaining cake layers
    and now for my top layer if precept it before it place it face down
    Nick O'Hern and top it off then
    government that part cape
    take him a cake spatula really trying to smooth out the top and the science
    when we put on the chocolate ganache want everything to be really really
    smooth now we're gonna place our cake
    into the refrigerator for about 30 minutes just a concert on the outside
    and now for chocolate I'm gonna bring to a simmer
    and you want to watch it carefully just so that it doesn't burn it doesn't boil
    and then we're gonna come back and we're gonna batter chocolate to my hot cream
    I'm gonna at nine
    out as a semi-sweet chocolate we're gonna with this all together
    until it cools down and it starts to thicken up
    no places the pot bag and you can use any kind of plastic bag a reasonable
    pastry bag
    space and Cup how we're gonna for about half a bar chocolate
    into here what it's called a little bit in a car
    a small little snippet the back of the bottom in an hour can be ready to
    decorate a cake so we're gonna go around the edges
    make like a little school calm down around the engines
    and we can just use the remaining two fell in the center
    number placed into the refrigerator I'm gonna let the cake set up completely
    before finish off the top few more garnishes
    and now for my finishing touches a reserved a lot of
    bit of my salted caramel frosting for the top and
    we're gonna pipe will stars a term on the top
    we're gonna finish in all of my place in a little maker and cookie
    into the center each one
    my cake is all done now and I love how it turned out you look super fancy in
    super elegant
    but yeah it's so easy to make and almost too pretty to cut but we did have to
    give it a try
    try to get a little bit of everything here might work can't wait to try this
    this cake is to die for good
    it's a combination of like coffee caramel chocolate lover everything
    combined into one that's all for Carmel
    flavor really comes through and you have those cake layer so with coffee
    any have chocolate on top so this cake is so delicious you guys are gonna
    absolutely love it definitely put this recipe on your to do list because you
    know I love this cake
    you can find the full recipe for the cake and for the coffee maker
    on my new website and don't forget to follow me on Facebook
    Instagram and Pinterest
    up *** *** Basic Caramel Cake - YouTube !!!
    development of kitchen one agree that voices to gets me that's terrible
    Hargis lot held a number commerce was in the past
    and this was a goats options just as yummy just as delicious
    sojourn address but mobile Java caramel cake
    because we're gonna stop us of making a delicious cake mixture
    so into a mixing bowl go to poison two sticks
    grams or bottle but softened Bowl
    for about two and a half tops all should know then we go to top it all
    cup all vegetable oil
    there with the Hindustan excellent basis for
    minutes until he was walking
    floppy the case was your cell which is no water no floppy
    some extra six eggs plus to
    extra egg yolks so the extra medium we go to
    stop or terminal go to pour in one at a time
    so what is mister just looks so we're going to the second one
    the third one and was gonna continue on a two-week used up all the niggers
    with another the middle with your home go to Adenhart
    teaspoonful salt this is just topping hits all those lovely planes
    about two tablespoons of vanilla extracts yellow string rinse
    I have treetops all so freezing Fewell
    so we're going to do is going to add the quarter that in
    it was filled with that mister
    and for a second gradient I have a top all sour cream
    something at about a quarter that as well now that mister
    case also it's just miss through we don't over mix this
    don't add another quote well flow
    form or another coralville sour cream
    and just continue on until you stop all the flour and sour cream
    and as soon as it's just missed through we're gonna stop us straight away just
    be careful not to over mix it otherwise girl
    have a more Denso less fluffy cake because all known to use
    3 round cake pans was going to evenly distribute sure
    between all three because once done we don't apply sizzle to a predawn
    degree Celsius all
    degrees Farenheit
    for up to
    minutes mostly up to 30 minutes what about Sat
    just testin tapping all talk the spring back they're ready
    just kill a bug bite them know all the cakes in the oven
    we don't to make a lovely
    caramel sauce because just perfect with his cake
    so into a pot on the stove on medium heat on going to add a hundred seven
    or one ha sticks ok but I'll for about 2 cups all
    should know ever say that's low sugar all also that's what carol is
    coat sure then one large came off evaporated milk
    noted is over medium heat let's go to also talk about
    potentially want to stir up until the butter is completely melted
    and then we're just going to let it simmer wife propel again

    L's sterner every few minutes just to prevent from burden on the
    and basically we're just going to take it off the heat once it starts the time
    the lovely caramel hello so it's a pretty easy take
    source to make launches people on it every now and then will be just fine
    know to look at that little lovely
    caramel color and it smells delicious
    so once it reaches this stage spin cycle heats and we don't work order for

    before we put on our cake okay so it's been
    the camels called are considerably was gonna stop by place nothing while
    or caramel just on top I'll first live
    there was going to place a secular
    arm talk
    and just do the same all over again
    and then you guessed it health on all I L yum yum
    so it's going to place reminding term or just on top
    and also don't a little run down the sorts just adjustable be more
    I'm going to add on some sprinkles know there we have a very delicious caramel
    know it comes to cake design I'll be the first to mid-on nowhere near
    professional design level
    known it was too easy delicious recipe or guarantee when you bought it
    June know that is simply delish
    and don't forget this is made a real caramel
    not the fake stuff so she goes on because there is a low sugar
    so thank you for choosing Soto's kitchen there's always a little disturbing
    greetings down below as well as links to my Facebook Twitter Instagram home Hindi
    his show
    and please do misapplied begins with your thumbs up leave a comment subscribe
    will see you next time from the delusions
    recipe *** *** Caramel Layer Cake Recipe - Video Culinary - YouTube !!!
    welcome to video culinary I am Daniela today grammar M&I are going to make a
    caramel layer cake
    make the caramel frosting place 200 grams of sugar and fifty milliliters the
    border in a thick bottomed pan with high sides now the sugar over high heat and
    cook until the caramel turns to
    amber color film to remove from the heat
    gradually and very carefully at three hundred milliliters of cream of at least

    pour into the shallow dish and refrigerate for four to five hours make
    the border sponsors separate maniacs
    place one hundred and fifty grams of soft butter
    grams sugar a pinch of
    salt and a teaspoon of an election there are a few drops of vanilla extract in
    the bowl of a stand mixer until smooth and light and color
    while whipping gradually add
    York's mixing until incorporated
    after each addition and scraping down the sides of the ball as needed
    place nine egg whites in a separate bowl whip until frothy gradually add
    of sugar while continuing until stiff and whites into the butter mixture in
    three batches
    left one hundred and fifty grams of flour into the egg mixture until
    pour the batter onto a sixty by forty centimeters sheet pan lined with
    parchment paper and brushed with water if you don't have a large man you could
    use to
    sheet pans

    degree Celsius for
    minutes until light golden brown remove from the
    oven or slightly invert and peel off the parchment paper or completely into six
    equal parts
    remove the caramel mixture from the fridge and place in a bowl of a stand
    mixer and
    and leaders of cream at least
    until stiff
    spread evenly over the cake clear yet another layer on top and to continue
    layering with the remaining frosting and a clears
    covered the sites and talk about the case with the remaining caramel frosting
    place in the fridge we're going to cover the cake with a shiny terrible police
    but there are many different ways to decorate this cake decorating cakes
    section on our website video culinary Dr come to find cake decorating techniques
    and ideas so five grams of gelatin sheets in cold water if you're using
    granulated Jotun so good in fifty milliliters of called combined
    of starch and
    milliliters of water in a small bowl mix and set aside
    least one hundred and fifty grams of sugar and
    teaspoons of lemon
    juice in a saucepan heat over medium heat until the caramels and turns

    amber color remove from the heat
    gradually and carefully at seventy milliliters of water and
    of heavy cream stirring constantly
    and a pinch of salt and bring to boil stirring frequently
    turn off the heat makes the starch and water and add into the hot caramel
    drain and at the joke in sheets stir to combine the caramel glaze and cool to
    have about
    degrees Celsius
    plays into the center of the cake and use a long metal spatula to spread the
    glaze over the entire team but we should run down the sides and cover the cake
    entirely place on a serving plate and refrigerate for a few hours before
    thank you so much for using recipes good luck and see you next time *** *** Maple Pecan Cake with Salted Caramel Frosting - YouTube !!!
    hi everyone it's Tatiana from top down over the food and welcome back to my
    kitchen I recently got back from my trip to Washington State Oregon to those that
    my family and friends and had such a wonderful time the fall colors are just
    so breathtaking their hair so refreshing in a little jealous cause here in
    California we get a little bit late
    those really enjoyed my time there and it inspired me to share some more fall
    recipes with you guys but today we're making a maple pecan cake with salted
    caramel frosting and we're gonna ask them caramelized sugar garnished to the
    now this is a brand new garnished to my channel I'm gonna walk you through all
    the steps on how to make it let's get started and I'll show you how to make
    this phenomenal cake in a large bowl I'm gonna come by and half a cup of softened
    butter with three-course cup of white granulated sugar and our flavors I'm
    gonna added teaspoon of vanilla extract and
    going to use a mixer cream the butter and sugar together
    and once I have those ingredients cream together I'm gonna add and
    and mix those in with the mixers while I'm gonna add and one-fourth cup pure
    maple syrup along with one-fourth cup of milk and now for my dry ingredients I
    have one and a half cups all-purpose flour to that i'm gonna add two
    teaspoons of baking powder and half a teaspoon of salt just use a spoon and
    toss those together I'm going to sit in my flower using a fine mesh strainer
    give it a good makes after each addition
    so when you're adding your fire into your cake batter you want to be careful
    not to over mix it otherwise your gonna end up with the thick and dense cake so
    makes it just until combined
    the very end we're gonna added one cup of chopped pecans and I'm just gonna
    fold these in my hand and now it's time to Baker cakes so for you to meet up in
    degrees Fahrenheit nevermind 28 inch cake pans with some parchment paper
    and I'm just kind of divide the cake batter evenly between the two bands I'm
    gonna pop it in the oven and bake them until the top is completely set and you
    could always check by inserting a toothpick into the center and when it
    comes out clean they're ready to come out of the oven so I wanted to give you
    a quick tutorial for the sugar are gonna add on top of this case so for this
    little project I wrapped two classes with some parchment paper and then into
    a small saucepan I'm gonna add in half a cup of white granulated sugar along with
    three tablespoons of water I'm going to take this sugar over to the stovetop and
    cook over medium low heat until it criminalizes interest amber color I just
    took my sugar syrup off the stove top and at this point it's really really hot
    so you want to be careful with it I'm actually just kind of start around for
    about a minute so it's a little bit and then I'll be much easier to work with
    you when I'm gonna do just most get back and forth over the prepared parchment
    like this and some of them will do it all down and that's perfectly okay
    really fast about a minute and then the parchment paper and break into pieces to
    garnish your cake
    and therefore my simple salted caramel frosting so today I'm going to be using
    ounce can of cultural eg which is cooked sweetened condensed milk and I
    love that this caramel is really really thick if you can't find all to let you
    can use a regular come up you'll just have to add more powdered sugar to reach
    the right consistency just gonna place this intimate mixture of all I'm gonna
    add in half a cup or one stick of softened butter and a quarter of a
    teaspoon of salt and I'm going to mix this with a mixer until light and fluffy
    next I'm gonna add in a few tablespoons of heavy cream and adding in my
    confectioner sugar so I'm gonna add about
    about half a cup at a time and give it a good mix after each addition
    and now it's time to assemble the cake so today I put my cake layers in half so
    I have a total of four but you can keep it at two if you want to do so I'm gonna
    add a generous amount of frosting between each cake layer parlor right on
    uses flat spatula just spread evenly to the edges if you want to add even more
    maple syrup labor you can soak the cake layers with a little but observers well
    I'm gonna follow with my second K clear and I'm going to repeat the exact same
    thing for my remaining three layers I'm gonna add my last k clear across the top
    and the size of my cake
    after decorating my case I put it into the refrigerator for about
    minutes to
    allow their frosty to set up a little bit and now I'm ready to add my
    garnishes so I'm gonna talk my cake with the sugar garnishes that we made earlier
    and I'm just can't arrange these completely randomly across the top of
    the cake to get a nice and unique look right on top wherever you see fit
    and that therefore maple pecan cake so I recommend keeping it stored in the
    refrigerator for a couple hours so that frosting on the cake and put together
    and now it's time to give it a try and I want to say that the sugar garnered
    edible you could put it to the side and then break into little pieces and eat it
    let's take a nice piece of cake I love all the flavors and this ticket so much
    of that rich tasty maple flavor it comes through from the maple extract and maple
    syrup that we added and it's perfectly complemented with the salted caramel
    frosting which goes so well with this recipe and I love the little bits of the
    crunchy pecan nuts in here the house so much flavor to the skate
    good thing I love love all the flavors here I hope you guys enjoy this video
    recipe if you have a harvester Thanksgiving get together coming up this
    cake is gonna be the perfect finish to any meal thank you guys for watching and
    I'll see you next time *** *** Making caramel for the Ultimate Breakup Cake - YouTube !!!
    well I hope that your recipe collection doesn't get hacked especially your land
    against how to kick it collection because you don't want to miss out on
    this decadent dessert I have the perfect cake for you it's my ultimate free
    cupcake its budget chocolate brownies Bunnell Italian meringue buttercream
    chocolate chip cookie dough and if that's not enough for you I drenched it
    in fresh homemade caramel which I'm gonna show you how to make right here I
    thought a pot and a stovetop I have one cup plus
    pot and I'm adding two tablespoons of water
    get on a very hot stove top and place the lid on top and now just play the
    waiting game for a little while you'll see your sugar start to boil and come
    together and if you look like right here you can actually see a slight and pursue
    this is a good thing it's basically harmonizing which makes caramel I'm just
    brushing them the size of a bit of water about penny crystallization that might
    happen I wish television with scratch and sniff because you'd be able to smell
    what's happening and we're going to use our census for this recipe our eyes and
    our nose and just once it starts to smell yummy it's it's getting ready I've
    got a quarter of a cup of cold unsalted butter sitting in a heatproof bowl with
    a sieve on top and once we add our cream which should be hot by the way you can
    boil it in the microwave for a minute we're gonna pour the whole mixture over
    the better the butter will stop the cocaine as well as in rich caramel
    we're ready take a whole pot off the heat
    be very careful this will bubble and add your hot cream can stand back
    let your camel sit for a few minutes watch that butter melts its glorious and
    after it's all melted give it a nice gentle stirring it will just come
    together and as it cools you can continue stirring if you see it slipped
    don't worry it's all good *** *** Making Caramel Cake - YouTube !!!
    well hi there from friends welcome to cap
    care food on
    and I'm Ralph and you know what we're doing today
    no bullets
    looking back but hurry and brown sugar is low yes those into
    is going to start with I we're making a cake remake a caramel cake
    if we also has come in with a great deal Kb bakes a cake
    alright of for making a Carvel cake your route
    it's all good for something to make some kinda Carmel
    became a caramel sauce it's gonna be part of a batter
    like the base of the battle right his red got in here
    I've got I'm a half a stick of butter which is a quarter cup
    okay provider I know you like use unsalted
    IQ on and then what I've got here is a statue crops and brown sugar
    and remember we measure brown sugar we always packet
    right see how it holds the shape with a measuring cup you working on the beach
    music and exactly just like makin sand castles we get to
    casa brown sugar and then I got Chu tablespoons
    I'll water K took camel
    but in a little salt I'm sorry comments border work order
    artiste miss all and then I am some illusions butter in car
    brown sugar yeah really coming that's that's cabinets are more is OK
    now I'm gonna take this is some are
    thermometer I'm and what we wanted used to cut want to get this to what they
    call a soft ball stage which is just under

    greetings women's softball softball means
    arm that our the
    the sugar will spin a softball
    arm when it comes out okay so the voters like softball in hardball those are kind
    of these are
    kinda candy making tall so these are the consistencies right
    arm and it just tells you that the
    the sugar has been cooked not yahoo.com on its run sugar and I am a
    crunch you is all ap your humps
    I got a long flight got one mom you know
    to mash it down that happens sometimes they see that you can put up
    slice a bread in your brown sugar
    and I'm that helps keep it
    arm dry occurs when blood sugar gets too moist what will happen as
    you get long pause P yeah I know the truth about putting its lesson
    burpee subrident make cookies to keep them fresh
    so much work similarly withdraws up the moisture
    bomb alright I'm just keeping an eye on this is the temperature
    and it does up may keep stirring I'm using silicon special for this which I
    to you what bird no no
    solo I'll come back to stirring but
    regarding my other ingredients ready for the K
    which will require
    and we've talked about this when you're
    specially when you baking your really doing any kind cooking Bun
    you should in Lesson specified where your ingredients should be cold
    like when you're making pie crust you might want your fat muir shortening your
    body or whatever you using to be calm
    usually when you're making cakes you want things at room temperature
    then Kluger aches which normally we keep in the fridge
    so you can either set about a half an hour ahead of time
    for if you're like me and always forgetting
    to take the eggs out until the last minute something that you can do
    is you can put them and just regular
    just tap water just when you open the faucet the cold
    and um the hot water no not hot water purchase order
    can it tap it tap water for about five minutes
    you know what they'll come up perfect temperature your Xmas wrongdoing
    okay route but she we're getting there
    I'm gonna keep stirring I
    you probably cannot get a shot up the thermometer
    on the mercury going up yeah but we are at about
    degrees right now you see it's bubbling
    yeah now once we get it to two hundred and

    degrees which is soft ball stage
    we're gonna take it off the heat didn't and then we're gonna
    and our other two ingredients which are
    Cup of condensed milk evaporated milk
    and I'm not put in two teaspoons have been oh ok okay
    alright cell you know we've no
    mercury going to see the actual pricing people who make
    arm can be regularly they can just tell when it's ready by sight
    they don't even use a thermometer I don't do it that often so
    one thing I T lo help Peter had fun to talk to mama to have
    yeah it comes in handy for a lot of things to like if you frying something
    you want to get
    it to our you know a certain temperature the higher oil
    yeah it's nice it just these are buried in an expensive they just click right
    we are there okay so much a
    to hear of we're gonna take it of here
    alright and now we're going to add are cop
    %uh evaporate as male condemn smell
    K and let me get
    is that a fair parade other condensed down their search keywords for has the
    same thing
    don't think so really well there's sweetened condensed milk
    it's a really good which has sugar and that
    right with this is just like the fat milk evaporated yeah if you see all the
    time okay well because what
    well arm when they operated milk is basically Ralph is
    the moisture has been removed from the milk soco
    incidents are US citizens could it's a condensed version of the mail
    all right now mister this him to get it price in incorporating
    now at this point ours we really need to do is let the school
    okay and it will thicken up but this is our caramel sauce
    units museum Pakistan it does smell yummy alright
    so this part's done arm
    I'm going to go ahead and get our other ingredients and will start getting
    our stuff ready to make are special
    harm okay here on capitol hill so we left RI
    caramel sauce that we made cool down okay
    okay and it makes a little bit more than two cups but
    this is how much we need for our recipe
    so now we're going to do is we're going to work
    cake take the mixing bowl here
    here's what I've got Ralph I myself together
    this is
    and a quarter cup so
    all-purpose flour which are sifted once already
    okay it might look at their and
    we've got baking sold out

    and then just
    mister that around
    then we're gonna set piece things together
    by but I think I am only
    the butterscotch she is so good Newton West
    its K
    its very good very good Megan
    somewhere here alright not work when I'm gonna put on that masur
    and we're going to yesterday s
    I've got a half a cup shortening
    I'm gonna have a couple male regular mocha regular
    just regular whole milk I hope that condense I now
    I'm using shortening here you could use butter if you want it to
    arm there's a lot of water and
    in a caramel sauce sugar gravy yeah that sugar gravy
    there's a lot of water in there and is gonna be buyer in the frosting
    I'm using shortening your because
    I like the texture really gives the cake okay
    again you could use I am butter
    instead of yes if you wanna chill half a cup notices to implicate mixed up in the
    dump the flower
    are dry ingredients
    and then we're gonna put an alarm bells
    yeah I have to come from guy
    so let's just bring all back together hi
    cream it all together
    using one of our going to just fine and you just try and services and although
    God Hamilton Beach gushy and make sure
    design great sale a gun but something out
    says the humidor stay I know
    of the whole batter here
    %uh Peter gonna shut up yeah good
    go we're just gonna gonna get all this but
    together Galatta time he/she
    you making cakes you alternate it dry ingredients
    the great ingredients together but in this case
    got a pretty dry and first and
    gonna but ours
    some of my web like that melt that he had greedy and into the house
    you know and when you have a little olive drab government altogether
    yes gotcha okay
    so I'm going to get this all good mix and a crane back together
    and we'll be back Gordon
    other wet ingredients will be our caramel sauce an hour maybe skirmishes
    of something here
    all that snow show good
    the public for the moment together you could I wanted to get their shortening
    creamed in a little better gone but if you wanted to you could
    got you need to put them all in all the websites so yeah
    but I i want to get a short hey idealize on
    the lower makes you and thank you one better so
    going to take the shop
    he smelled of yeah I'm all which is sorta rock
    body advisory for sure juries
    humility gummy bears
    so this is Amelia
    you know there's still a lot of of companies that make pictures at this
    time being in force prize for most popular
    dormire Hamilton Beach westinghouse
    I by name you really
    I help her because she three-fourths
    your and South to do other things and that actually
    really makes the case makes things much better than you could ever you buy
    yes see okay lookup about ours
    just need to see how creamy and smooth it is yeah
    from now
    now that he has
    okay and so remember my trick about I have the sanction this water here
    right to go into room temp
    yeah okay Sol what I'm gonna do is a minute track record and it s
    measuring trucks here I got three
    large aches you put the whole thing yeah
    all should hang truck for the shelf yes believe the shower out this time
    although months lipset on occasion that you know what
    that's how you know it's homemade that's right okay
    also will scrape down a little bit here
    in mention at all stuff isn't a group of the
    Peters yes of the side the ball
    okay gonna put our faith
    are ABC and here with Hannah one at a time with
    of of with
    lot of guide
    year get that stuff with everything else that makes the battery
    can more minus
    which is probably because see you need for office
    BK yes
    so we're gonna beat this another minute in the meantime the oven is preheated


    I'm gonna finish reading this man with guitar cake pans
    here and get this beautiful karma think in the office
    it's getting real close even smaller a
    have been preparing the cake pans and I just saw a he likes that spray but you
    could also use some
    you can also decrease this send flower yourself if you want to bite me that has
    both a
    yes yes you can see the flower so it's just a step saber
    can't I'm not much of a big deal to get such a thing that's pretty calm
    alright I got two 9-inch round cake pans here
    okay but it's gonna be separate cake sir know it's a layer cake
    alrighty cell bottom where top player
    so we're gonna kinda divide the batter hearing
    evenly as we can
    and then again the oven is preheated to
    you don't have to worry about it not looking so
    perfect because it'll smooth out when speaking yeah
    and then we're gonna frost this
    with a mom but across
    okay so what r what I do and I have a player pianos
    I just kidding given little now
    and a little shimmy on your own shares that gives the air bubbles out my
    and that its hey you gonna flattens out the so those little clips and wraps yeah
    and cranking so there we go now we're just gonna put these babies in the
    offer about

    an inmate no
    okay spin
    cake is done hmm
    as you can imagine it out I test it with a toothpick it came out clean
    another one thing you can do is just had it happen top
    we often see if it springs back Kappa Tau Kappa Kappa Kappa
    as you can imagine this made the kitchen smells very
    Norman yummy for a cold wintry
    afternoon so well is you who is
    we're going to I'm leaving in the pan here
    it's a lookout for another minute yeah here's another way you can tell
    if the cake stun she how much pulling away from the
    the sides of the pan yes that's another telltale sign
    so I'm gonna do though he is
    arm medical I just give him a minute more in the pan
    and then are flipping out of the pan and let the cake school complete
    okay once the cakes have cooled off we will start
    on our butterscotch frosting as echo in between the two layers to yes im going
    between the two layers over the tops and sides
    and I forgot that I had some pecans
    and the freezer no shows charging him these
    out was always good with so for me they are leave you
    trusting term has the Yahoo the key players had cooled
    of someone to make the frosting okay I just melted
    a half a stick of butter in a row that's a quarter cup
    put in there we go
    company in a copper brown sugar bowl more than a sandcastle
    this and I might put in a quarter
    over to the school
    absolves and now I'm gonna do
    is we're gonna cook de Santo
    just the sugar melts here K
    so again you know kinda back to remember the caramel sauce we made in right this
    very pretty much the same it is it's a little bit it's gonna be alone
    sicker them than that was because we're using this form
    of frosting but we just want that sugar Chur
    to melt into a liquid form here
    K and came now that he is here yesterday constantly
    and just for little assurance from doing it non-stick hand came
    and then the he is about media Merlot we have got to medium
    I sugar can burn quickly
    to know the reason it keeps churning right once
    their sugars noted here that puts getting close
    to being melted then when I'm gonna do
    is we're gonna I've got to
    a corner kupperman ok here many shooter
    the mix here K
    said enough to pick it up framework makes it
    was anything yet to answer to give it to the frosting while
    at there are some powdered sugar to it Yahoo
    alarm the
    cornstarch elmer's glue or anything like that not not in this one
    no okay Crisco sometimes I'm
    ahead came to you so shortening that makes the frosting very
    soft and fluffy yeah
    in this case it's really just gonna be a bother in the mother
    and sugar here be the
    male the and then the
    the brown sugar in the powdered sugar okay so it goes
    armelle here don't agree with him yeah
    and now we're gonna stir for sure yeah
    what I wanna do something to bring this up to a little bit this summer
    the and we're gonna let it simmer for all about two or three minutes
    okay that point to consider to rate it well
    and then there you see how it got
    the markets are incorporated herein let's get it set a consistency in the
    smoothness and the colour the day after
    so yeah I think that's something I'm yeah
    summer-like yeah I wanna show you
    of he said hey except like some other and
    right and course I looked up and over right onto the cooling rack
    so what I've done now is I thought the cakes back you can see the lines from
    the the rather than
    made and defecate so here's this one
    okay now where I do is around the edges you it's kind of a little crusty
    keeping an eye on her crossing
    of you can you can leave it out if you want
    I like to take it off some people use a knife I take appear
    mention shares it comes off very easily and I just tearing up the Cape yeah
    I just liked it was to make you must move yeah and in that way that cake is
    soft I don't want the OMG
    archie heart when charges you know depending on the kind of frosting you
    use and how long it's on
    I'll it will soften up somebody's harder spots for
    just to get that crash opera okay okay so there
    so that's not got that turned out so you're doing to the other one
    yes okay okay ever gonna come back here
    the and I'm gonna let this of
    that wonderful Carmel smell we let this simmer another couple minutes
    once it's done the
    are transferred to this all of
    I've got two cups of powdered sugar here engines sister
    I'm innocent the powdered sugar into
    the caramel max okay and then we're going out
    makes it in the mixer and ask you to create
    are from the heart monitor
    I'm gonna transfer to this poll
    here kickball top K
    when you can get to the familiar let
    I two cups of powdered sugar
    set that here okay
    and this is just to insure that there's no yeah sometimes father should just get
    be here congee Lee when you sit in it
    you just got a little of your yeah well
    that makes helps make them taste
    she's dreamy to cross-checked ghost
    contract saw the
    now let's put our boxer into the
    service here
    yeah glad
    so you can see the dry sugar right with the rat car mall
    new its gonna and a come together
    in more of a stiffer warm
    the bath to death
    agreement together you're looking it up this is called gaming
    well this is just kinda mining
    here but this is gonna make the frosting teeth
    for are caramel cake she's very basic you know that's with some
    to keep thinking it's got a great color dates of issue just so
    from sugar butter brown sugar
    Boehner the mother earth just saw here the SOL
    house with the sweetness have a bomb with
    have sex and chewy and coercion or salted caramel now it's like
    all the Wraith by there's been so much salt into the bowl
    Seth buddy you should check the some these hacks a seesaw
    although you get those pecans it'll be another sweet nothing else optimist
    they do top so what we're going to do now is we're gonna frost
    this is a cake play became K
    I'm using a cake play material
    fashion um well cuz he has a cover that goes on it
    but there is a difference between a cake plate and regular play
    numerous a cake plate is completely flat a regular plate that you need of ok
    comes up
    right this sort of crime caper shape
    yes right so comes out like this could be convex if you look at it that way but
    it it's not perfectly flat a cake plate
    slap that we will you cut the cake
    the knife goes all the way through to the bottom
    to see what happens here when you cut it
    it doesn't you have to drag the night he threw the cake because
    you get the ensure sack race I'll that's why
    no cake plate two different exactly now
    gonna put that there now one trip to some people use
    is I'll take a little bit frosting here there
    right here really except for this looks like fun that
    to hold the cake in place
    alright so those who were around and then you'll never know because you're
    eating a religious be tasting like frosting again
    now another trick that I used because I'll be the first year
    i'ma massey roster
    is I take a little racks paper and I
    but this sheet and my slider
    right on medicaid eleven-year trusting you are asking if he doesn't get
    all over the place kevin's little helpful hints
    make a mass if you and
    you are probably likely more careful than I am

    UK way nice and mines
    and then one sec acres frosted
    will just pull our mayor's here all right let me say how this
    I figured this out a little better to look into the attack
    on with Jenny my much and so what I'm gonna do
    years undertake a little after camp often have done him could use a little
    you could for you water heaters you
    you know I just have to be careful how much she had great I mean I'm putting
    baby ft school good
    I just want now then a little so the next immersion program
    the other thing is you lost his tooth Dec your tear the K
    although you know what I mean p.m. guns lights back on Yahoo girls
    yeah yeah ass
    okay I wanna make sense then this out a little bit and then when we come back
    we'll start frost I came up with others yeah
    okay the I think we've got fairly
    I in good I
    spreading consistency here yeah
    it's mostly but live alone and when it's warm
    are makes it easier to spread to so so it will be close to the ass
    let's put our did you ever buy into a car
    paint I have actually the theater and dance for you
    I'll so this is going to be our middleware so when I thought I'd do
    routers switches
    for her but our
    frosting here
    so it's okay to drive to left-center can go on
    %um get done this guy would recover all those sense of
    with I'll aside for artistic I just to make sure that there's an hour
    so this church serves two purposes what it'll stick to two layers together in
    and then we think we put some pecans in here
    well-known you're done that before well home
    I like the idea but if it's some
    to keep them from holding together
    maybe well I'm gonna press the other K
    ok so it'll stick yeah haha the
    you be nice to have some knots in the center yeah
    miss I get some member on the site in Northwood
    salt punched a congrats Russia
    in there right you but just like this
    clipper coffee cake the now I'm gonna put the
    the small side down yes misery simpler
    well because that way we can't have a rounded top
    all I consider this news sent a letter to like this if you want to if you want
    straight K but thats flatter sent out I safety
    the bottoms over the release of a top
    yeah house at of
    seconding jelly donut are notable so such a big dessert
    often cookie so I wanna
    keys what's there for time
    I want to put some on top again our top frosted first
    and our frosting starting
    to stiffen up a little bit as it gets cold
    how was I see looks grim
    comparing nice creamy buttery mistook
    so ish someone was making this in their
    they found that third crossing was starting to you know
    picking up more than one to convey instead of offering an up-to-date
    this heated up but couldn't quite maybe are you could heat up
    but I think I would first maybe put it back
    in the picture which is why I'm up into your arms to
    motion will help keep its needs yes alright I'm just the
    using up the the last up for
    are you showing here frosting catching up enable
    almost literally drive is a massive roster and I was in my heart track
    know you wanna but you know contain the things that makes %uh
    this is why they say you know this is a homemade
    K and when it's so
    piece of speaking to the part circus up like they start to smooth out naturally
    so so don't beat yourself up to bed at midnight
    the I I'm basically just really want to cover the cake n
    barriers down there thank you so
    make sure that we have frosting over
    go there would be a great birthday cake the with that you know the top or not
    some worried about
    its obvious I'm gonna put are not some top in a row
    price so named cancer Hampshire
    and I just want to get these last make sure the sides look for yeah
    and so can see how it unfolds you can see how helpful
    PR wax paper comes in can totally
    okay son Alastair cans
    yeah you know if I don't know if I have not but you could even
    put the knots on my side I think you show me a trip to do that when can she
    yeah and your trip for them well it is
    it's not its kinda which is a little messy
    are you throwing wrong I spin it and throw it
    it have me to spend a bunch of here will
    we can haha and how yeah I think on top is nice in
    and you can only getting half before
    yeah to well here dropping
    the I think I'm I think it looks good just if he doesn't I'll
    but I live close to see when the with from
    question comes up for you to go you know that the Khan said
    and butterscotch Carmel are you
    nice you know really have a nice combination
    his creative maybelline sensation yeah I really
    it does carry army of maple alright so
    are we reading me are salt for taste that officials carefully remove the
    care waco yeah carefully photographed
    carefully pull it back look at that and the plate is fairly
    fairly claim near the extreme
    and Paris presley's in a bad Mary S
    that is are wonderful
    caramel cake with pecans
    totally from scratch but
    why not of
    you know what we do box cakes all the time tradition
    here and they're great that may have to Costco today
    accident but often every once in a while it is fun to try and make a okay
    trap this is ash and already yeah it really has since won a prize long ago
    it dead and so I hope that job you know one
    I hope that you make a cake from scratch every now and then special on a cold
    winter months
    tension is you there's really a Pixar of pleasure in making the cake
    this way and you know what we should have a great time doing it
    and Lex to some
    Jackie police in the background and eat some cake and then we're going to have
    our cake
    later on you never cake and eat it too and he did too
    there we go folks okay
    perfecto thanks so much for being a part of this one we had a great time making
    this came hope you had a great time being with us and we'll see you next
    here I'm cavalcade of food by *** *** Snickers Candy Bar Cake from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    everybody this is Tim from cookies cupcakes SynCardia dot com today will be
    taking everybody's of favorite candy bar knickers and turning it into an amazing
    decadent hate it's got gooey caramel chunk of actual Snickers bar in the cake
    on top
    peanut caramel it's so delicious let's get started we're going to be using an
    eight inch round chocolate cake and i also have an eight inch round vanilla
    cake both of these recipes are in the Description box where you their favorite
    so they've made already now we're going to be using caramel sauce as well you
    could use your own homemade version or you can use store-bought for our other
    toppings here I've got some delicious honey roasted peanuts and their whole
    here and then I've also chopped some up for a little bit of a different texture
    on top we also are going to need some regular vanilla buttercream and for
    extra drizzle we're going to be using Minaj's so I have a white ganache and I
    have a regular milk chocolate ganache they're both delicious and the recipes
    for the collages and the buttercream will be in the Description box now of
    course to make a Snickers cake you need Snickers candy bars so I'm going to be
    using a combination of like the big ones and little ones but you can get away
    with using one or the other
    you can totally make whatever size you can find work for you to start out we're
    going to start with our vanilla cake so I level it off with a sharp serrated
    knife to remove the top there that's the leveling part and then I also went ahead
    and made another cut to make it into two thin layers so it's gonna put that
    second layer aside for a moment with my buttercream in a piping bag I'm just
    going to make what kind of called like a down because we want to stop the caramel
    that i'm gonna put in the center from flowing out the sides of the cake and
    I'm just going to take some of my caramel filling here and the sport and
    it's totally up to you is like how much you input into how little that's totally
    up to taste here and I'm just going to use my spatula here to spread that
    and on top of my caramel layer I'm going to place one of my fav chocolate layer
    so did the same thing and I slights to the chocolate cake layer in half to give
    to thinner ones now I'm going to put on the top a little bit of the buttercream
    cuz I want some of the Snickers bars which are coming on next to kind of have
    something to stick to a little bit you don't have to put the butter cream on
    like the Snickers will stick to your cake but it is killing it gives it a
    little bit more glue do that and then we're just going to kind of line them up
    as best as you can to fit them on here and you can put spaces you can put him
    really tight clothes together now in this kind of a gap I might want to use
    couple of my smaller ones I could even just trim one of these longer ones but
    you don't want to have the gaps are the ends of the Snickers bars hanging off
    the end it just kinda gives its gonna give it a bump when you try to go around
    the outside with the icing so once I thought that all filled in all do more
    but I'll show you this part 2 and I just wants to kind of add some icing in
    between here which is gonna lose those guys together so I'm gonna fill up cut
    some Snickers to put in those gaps and then I'll show you the next staffing
    step I'm a Snickers fit in here in our own filled with some butter cream now
    I'm going to take my second the middle layer and I'm going to repeat what I did
    on the bottom layer which is putting the dam around the outside here now if
    you're worried about the kerry mullis keeping you can do two layers around if
    you want to but really if kary mullis like us keeps out the side are we gonna
    have to much of settlement over upsetting over that settlements not work
    but to go something new today and so I'm just putting some more caramel in there
    and spreading that around my final layer is our second chocolate cake layer just
    putting that on top of that delicious caramel and then very generally cause at
    this point it's pretty fragile you don't want to move it too much and you want to
    put the final touches of butter cream all over the whole thing and when it put
    on top I'm gonna put it on the sides and if you want if you're like a little bit
    worried about it kind of knocking itself over which it is possible you might want
    to put it put it into the freezer very briefly twenty minutes half an hour or
    so it settles that caramel and it makes the layer stick together and you can
    also see on the top here and getting picking up the crumbs and this is called
    this initial layers called the crumb coat so if you're getting crumbs out of
    your cake layer here like this then just popped this into the freezer once you've
    got it all covered and then you can cover it a second time and your crimes
    will all disappear in that second coating I'm going to do that and when
    I've got my cake all covered beautifully white I will be back to show you how
    we're going to decorate it got my cake covered in my buttercream so now I'm
    going to take all the fun stuff and get it onto the case so I've got to my
    caramel here and I'm just going to squeeze it down over the sides I'm gonna
    decorate this little part frontier that you guys can see home and then I'm going
    to go of course over the back and finish that off as well so you can get some
    more going down if you want to it's totally up to you what you want this
    finishing steps to look like so after my caramel I'm gonna get some chocolate
    running their own this guy wants to run the coming down the sides they're like
    this and you can come farther into the center to if you want to wake up into
    this area please sort of got that dripping down the sides and of the white
    chocolate ganache we can have that going down as well and get us up to you you
    can do I just like how this gives a variety of colors to the side here it's
    kind of like rather a blend pilot of the dark caramel and you know the whites or
    just kinda gives a little mention here have bought some of the full size or the
    little mini ones and
    have also cut some of these chopped winds up I really like how the top ones
    show off like the inside of the stickers that are and then I'm gonna add some of
    these crushed peanuts around the side so that's going to be my p.m. around the
    whole side here really great where the ganache and the caramel is meeting kind
    of witness tackle these big things we've got some more here so you know you
    better look those up there you can you put some like double high if you so
    and then I'm also going to throw on the top some of these full peanuts like this
    so I'm going to finish off this decadent cake and I'll be back to show you the
    finished product and I will make sure I cut in
    they go everybody I have
    taken the is Snickers bar and I have gone over the top and I have created
    this Snickers candy bar cake I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial it's covered
    in the peanuts I was telling you about and I even put like a little peanut
    border around the death down at the bottom I saw those a nice little touch
    if niggas isn't your favorite chocolate bar candy bar let me know in the
    comments and maybe I'll make your favorite candy bar into a cake next time
    see you guys soon *** *** How to Make Warm Caramel Apple Cake with Betty Crocker - YouTube !!!
    I I'm leave Hansen here and the Betty Crocker Kitchens
    where great new cakes are created every day here's a new twist
    and pineapple upside down cake this gorgeous cake is made
    apples caramel and pecans served warm it's a perfect autumn treat
    now as we said this is an upside down cake which means that you make the top
    of the cake
    in the bottom of the pan a show you what I mean are starting out the caramel
    it's really easy all you have to do is not together
    butter brown sugar and whipping cream you know it's done
    when the butter is fully incorporated to report into our nine by
    nice shake the pan just a little bit to make it go into all the edges
    and the next episode in a sprinkle with pecans
    its random but try to get them evenly distributed
    now for the apples
    I recommend a tart firm Apple like granny smith er Brabourne
    just sprinkle them on top do I get them evenly distributed
    so the next up is the batter I've made some yellow cake mix
    and I've made according to the box just added a little bit up apple pie spice
    when a port over the top if you don't have apple pie spice you can always
    substitutes in a min
    and again you want the batter evenly distributed
    okay now it's ready to go into the oven for about forty to forty-five minutes at

    the cake that the event we're not that cool for about
    well it's calling prepare the topping just mixed together some whipped topping
    in frosting
    folding it will keep it nice and airy
    twofold scoop under and then fold
    over okay now the case where you take out a pan
    can take a knife and went around the entire edge
    that can help released from the pan keep the night as close to the classes you
    can see don't cut into the cake
    taker serving platter in Britain on top
    make sure haven't they gonna platter hold it never gonna flip it
    in one fluid motion ready
    go okay we let this sit for about one minute
    all the contract into the cake an hour to remove the baking dish
    if you want can take a night wedged under and tilted up
    and that'll help you get your hand under their and I look great
    and these are best served warm so let's go ahead and cut it right away
    I'm using a serrated knife and I helped cut through the pecans
    but it also doesn't musher cake down like a flat night my okay let's go ahead
    and serve
    I'm using a nice white specials I can get under the entire piece a cake
    now for some final touches we're going to add a dollop of our top bank no
    dizzle some caramel on top
    Alex delicious
    now all I need is a cozy fireplace and some hot apple cider
    you can find many more recipes for great cakes just about anything you can think
    about Betty Crocker dot com
    I'm leave Hansen here and the Betty Crocker Kitchens *** ***

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