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__ Multi-tiered_Wedding_Cakes Wedding cake decorated with flowers and ruches how to make

Wedding cake decorated with flowers and ruches how to make

    __ Multi-tiered_Wedding_Cakes

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    How to make a fake cake step-by-step - YouTube !!! English English
    Fake cake step by step
    Use paraná paper to make the base or use a styrofoam base
    Cover all the cake layers with EVA foam
    Cover the top of each layer
    Cut out the pink EVA strips and glue them on the second layer
    Glue the satin ribbon and make ties on the first and third layers
    Satin ribbon lengths:
    Cut out small flowers, glue a bead on them, then glue the flowers on the cake
    Easy to make and convenient to store ... *** *** How to Make a Fake Cake or Dummy Cake / Covering a Styrofoam Dummy Cake - YouTube !!!
    from Topeka grants this i'm andrea and today I'm going to show you how to make
    a fake cake which is a cake made out of star fun you can use it with you real
    quick to you that extra dimensional height and you can really make me take
    then out on a deserted him elected they think it to subscribe for more great
    tutorial as well
    KK them using a starter and cake dummy that's a good mixture of cut to you are
    with them
    PDC clue just to get a little bit of extra heights
    film blue fund entice me and my friend it every so often tilted stick in
    air bubbles and just before placing her might take to me I'm just taking too
    much at four writes on my wall so many holes on the cake dummy was in London
    dungeons dampening the London with little or no internet can be much longer
    and placing it on to write me using my hand me that include but most likely
    present empathize
    Texas at the bottom
    and using my case dismissed at the top of the science
    thing is a little bit of
    dumped into a bowl and then leaving it up to
    just entered senators on and have not let it consume up in like a bullet right
    up somewhat London I see you want to make a good reason to the water
    at the store for that but okay let's just say that even if the middle of the
    cake board up later
    and there's like eight billion done I'm gonna let that didn't sit well with you
    a little bit but drug in a text them with a live in a row I think you can use
    your real dad another whole dimension to you
    thanks again for what you guys don't forget to subscribe for more free
    tutorial and you can get the screen just a family fateful night *** ***

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