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Cake tutorials

-Wedding cake tutorial __ Multi-tiered_Wedding_Cakes Wedding cake tutorial how to make

Wedding cake tutorial how to make

    -Wedding cake tutorial __ Multi-tiered_Wedding_Cakes

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    Rainbow Leopard Cake from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is Dan from cookies cupcakes in cardio doc come
    today I'm going to show you how to make this a rainbow leopard cake
    it's got left on the outside and leopard print on the inside of course
    but before we get started on a tutorial I want to let you know
    that we've got another video up for you this week on WVU creators
    you can click on the link in the description box below to find our lemon
    cream products with fresh
    for it let's get started on this week's while tutorial
    so to make the cake we're going to be using five different colors and the
    black to you can use any five that you want but I'm going to be using purple
    pink orange yellow and blue and black like I said
    you're going to need a bad %uh vanilla buttercream
    and you're going to need a six cups a vanilla cake batter
    both these recipes can be found in the Description box below
    what are going to do first is to separate the cake batter into
    the different polls in order to color them so this
    black one is going to be one cupcake batter
    so it's gonna fill up my measuring cup here and level it off
    and of course you can be approximate with this and he's just a rough
    estimate of what you should have in order to make sure that you have enough
    love the colors that you need for the recipe
    so now I'm going to mix in a little bit up the block and I'm going to stir it up
    and then it will be ready to be put into a piping bag for it to the colors were
    going to be using between a quarter of a cop to a half a cup
    I was going to take my half a cup here in just not quite filling at all the way
    I'm just because you won't have to make sure that you have enough white
    two-goal over top of everything in the ent
    so God made color in here and I'm gonna do this for each one another so into
    this with the blue
    just going to put a little bit a blue into the batter here
    mix that up and it just like the black put it into a piping bag and I'm gonna
    do it to the colors
    whatever's leftover is going to be the white portion for the cake
    so before we get started on that the actual laying out at the leopard spots
    you need to know that you're going to need to do this three times in
    inch round baking pan so I have three of these but if you don't always have to
    repeat it
    the three times let the cake cook and then take it out and start all over
    so here in the pan I have about a half a cup
    love the you just the regular vanilla buttercream and is taking an offset
    and its greased at the bottom and then I'm going to spread this
    out in its gonna be really really thins you're gonna have to work at it for a
    little bit
    in order to get it all the way around into the corners up the pan
    what about the batter spread %uh the bottom of the pan am going to take my
    black batter
    and I just nicked off a little piece above the bottom
    other piping bag and I'm going to make five
    up these circles was going around and they're each going to get a little bit
    smaller and closer to the middle
    now are going to move on to the colored bags and you can do them in any order
    and the bottom love these
    piping bags for just a little bit about a wider neck taken out
    and I'm just trying to go on top of most of the line here if you go of it doesn't
    and I want extra color some going to go around twice for each these colors
    for each of the cake pans that you do on the three how I explain a couple
    seconds ago you're going to need to want to do them in different orders so like
    don't do pink on the outside like I did for this one for all three of them
    your cake a little bit %uh variety so it's gonna work my colors all the way to
    the center
    with all the colors here now we need to put another layer of black on the top
    so was going to go all the way around and then
    just bill in are just cover the top love all the different colors here all the
    way to the middle
    now are going to Phil in all these empty areas with white
    I'm going to put them all in between all the colors
    like this and then I'm going to go over top love the color
    and I'm going to want to make sure that I fit like I just
    cover it up enough that it's not overloaded and you don't get a whole
    bunch of cake batter here
    you just want to have enough that it just covers it just kinda
    barely over the top now this is going to heat in the ear going to bake in a
    preheated oven

    degrees Fahrenheit it's going to bake for
    a bout
    minutes cuz it is quite thin
    remember you have to do this part three times
    Wenger cakes are baked you may need to take off a little bit over the top but
    that's just called leveling and I've done that already
    then I'm going to take some of my in buttercream and I'm going to put it in
    the layers so this is the first layer on my cape or
    and I'm going to put the next layer on top the second layer is here on top ad
    now going to take a little bit more butter cream and spread it in between
    now I'm trying not to use too much butter cream cuz everything that I've
    got left here
    I want to be able to divide into the five colors
    plus the black for the next
    step and I'm just going to take the third layer
    in place it on top and now I'm going to mix the colors
    for the color buttercream so divided by buttercream sup
    and I have them fitted in piping bags and I'm going to take the colored ones
    and I'm just going to put them onto the side advocate
    just cut open the the bottle that piping bag there
    and going to go all the way around the bottom like this and then I'm going to a
    second layer with this
    pink and then I'm going to alternate to the next color
    they wanna go in order that you see on the base their
    purple and blue and then orange and yellow
    and when I get to the top at the side of the cake I'll show you how to do the top
    as I work my way up the side to the cake I got to the horns on the side
    so now I'm going to still a second one at the horns just over here
    going all the way around the top here and then I'm going to work my way into
    the middle and then just repeat my pattern the same on than I did on the
    when I switched to the yellow and then to the pink
    and then to the purple
    and see probably get some room for the blue in the center
    we'll see my cake is covered in icing and now I'm going to smooth it out with
    my icing smoother here
    so was going to line it up vertically with the cake Amanda gently press into
    the side
    I'm going to turn the cake like this and I'm going to repeat and do the exact
    same thing on the top
    so to finish off the cake we're going to take the black butter cream and I've got
    a number ten
    tip on the
    and and I'm just going to make a radical circles
    all the way around the cake and up the sides and everything in order to have it
    looked just like a leopard
    someone to cut into the cake so you can of course see the inside leopard as well
    and I'll be back when I got it all finished so they do everybody I've cut
    it open so you can see the leopard spots on the
    inside as well as all over the outside I hope you enjoyed this tutorial today
    remember to subscribe to the channel so you can get all over news videos right
    in your news feed as soon as they go up thanks for watching
    see you next time *** *** How To Hand-Paint Leopard Print On A Cake-The Krazy Kool Cakes Way! - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is now time with crazy whole case
    today I'm going to be here in a few technique that I use
    to paint leopard print on a cake and it's very very simple to do you get out
    really enjoy it
    you wanna start off with an empty canvas such a have a really large twelve-inch
    here this is actually at take that we're gonna be delivering
    later on today and hauling in any pain leopard print on card
    %uh right here so if you like of course you can't cover the entire two-year
    with your leopard prints the materials that you're going to need for
    this tutorial you're going to need to pain precious
    I like I have very fine wrestled precious
    they give me a really really good detail you're gonna need some
    vodka or lemon extract I like what time because it evaporates right away and it
    doesn't leave a lemony flavor behind
    you any two containers for two different colors
    and then you're going to need to different colors a gel food coloring you
    can pretty much use any chance what kind you like
    I like to use the America color and especially
    the black Americana because the super black is really really black
    I don't like the will to not much because right away it separates into
    its primary colors so I really like the super black
    so definitely wire colors has to be black for the leopard print
    the reason I'm using carefully is to match the colors of my cake but if
    you're going to use a light-colored
    I find basis like the town or a brownish tan you wanna use
    a darker brown for the middle of the leopard print so the first thing I do is
    you don't start with the black you're gonna start with your other color first
    and I like to use outlet accounts
    shell food coloring we don't want to dilute it too much
    class we want the caller to state dark if you had too much fun
    time then it will be too diluted
    and basically it's just I'm
    you just add a little by little we don't want to chill equating
    so I think
    think that might be good so not too much talk that way your Colorstay stark
    man I'm going to use
    my paintbrush to mix a collar with the Viscount
    make sure you don't splatter
    me wanna keep a little paper towel around in case
    you know you need to to adapt your him fresh
    see what makes this until you see that the edge of the coloring is no longer
    and clamps
    so that's a nice pretty dark purple pretty much this color here is the
    caller its enemy
    on the fondant so you do want it to be darker than your fine because you want
    to make sure it stands out
    so this is about the car it's going to be here
    okay so you're gonna start out way if just dabble in
    your brush
    and you wanna kinda sorta make circles but you don't
    Hans you don't want a perfect circles okay the leopard print as always
    and irregular shape so that's my firsts
    leopard print their you wanna do different sized circles
    been YS
    little ones and you don't want them to close together because you are going to
    black on the outside of these and then once in a while if you see running out a
    color than just dip here
    brush back into your little container
    you want very short brushstrokes because you don't wanna do a giant you know
    drive all the way around because in those
    become very obvious and it starts to look not that nice
    so course I'm not gonna do the entire tearing down
    I just had a small portion of it for you also you can
    see the basic look
    and what's really cool about leopard print if you can use
    any colors you want the leopard print looks really really call
    and just about every color you can think of as long as one other two callers
    like I said is black a lot of people always ask me you know how can you
    possibly use vodka tonic a specially
    for kids case don't worry guys the vodka
    evaporates and it operates very very quickly so by the time you get your cake
    to your venue or to our order the cake from you
    there's no trace of vodka left behind so it's not like you're
    giving alcohol to kids
    it evaporates very very quickly I'm much more per for Mark I like I said over a
    lemon extract
    that so i has many uses two for his
    what technique is vodka you haven't seen that video check it out
    and while I am paying on a slot for friend I might you all to
    visit our crazy call case Facebook page
    and are crazy call cake designs Facebook page you can find
    the tabs to both Facebook pages
    on our channel me very top %uh channel
    lots of tutorials and pictures and videos
    for all a media to see and share okay
    if you never painted hand painted on a key you'll find that this is very
    very very relaxing very peaceful
    size and do a couple more little spots
    and then we well be done with this
    part the tutorial k so that's pretty much it for our first caller you want
    circles like I said they don't have to be perfect circles in fact you don't
    want them to be perfect you
    fine irregular shaped circles and that's pretty much it for the first
    part of the tutorial okay guys for the second part of the tutorial or gasser
    and the second color to our leopard print I've already
    Diana all I wanted to do this here Miami
    doing a little less than half love that here in leopard print size you can see
    have already painted my irregular shape circles
    all over this section I wanna paints and as you can see there's
    small circles any training the larger circles
    and you do not want perfect circles like I said before you do want irregular
    shapes cuz that's what really
    makes a leopard print send out so
    to get our second caller now you can endanger
    up much of a car and like I said I like to use America are super black because
    it's super black
    okay so you want pretty dark
    so you want to make sure that's when you do at your bar
    gonna you're not going to choose I would it take you much
    and I'm running out I know Mike
    some that'll do for now Ankeny
    and then you want to add some hard time not too much like I said
    and fred is you can use your
    your second brush which is claiming she don't use the same brushy used
    for the purple you wanna make your black gel food coloring
    I'm to know you don't see more clients
    %uh lacking me
    case that's pretty pretty dang good and it only took me about
    five to six minutes to paint this entire
    are one-third of my two-year pretty be tier
    inch here
    sets I'm already there
    Parker has evaporated and it's almost completely dry
    so this is that this section here that I painted in the first %uh for the
    and the leopard
    French again is the regular you wanna
    have small brush strokes out basically what you need to remember is
    you're gonna be think you know olmos the letter O and the letter C
    so we'll start here with this circle I'm
    you want to join me do about half other the circle and see how do I am very
    short brushstrokes
    you know I'm long brush strokes
    and basically we just wanted you
    irregular pattern you don't want nice straight lines
    k so you can see that's a letter C okay
    than Exxon I wanna join all and
    I'm gonna go all the way around and if you notice there's no straight lines
    there are jagged edges and that's what makes
    the leopard print okay
    now the next line is you want I think I've parentheses
    so let's do this one here and basically I'm just going to paint
    parentheses around there's one friend to seize
    and then the other one we'll have
    the other side you don't wanna close the circle
    K and that's pretty much it
    suggesting cover letter C letter also
    and parentheses for the little tiny circles you might want to just keep
    little tiny San blotch is a black
    around this 1 I'm gonna do a letter also make all the way around you can see how
    call it looks just what little jagged lines
    if it you do a perfect circle it's not gonna look natural
    it won't look normal I'm gonna do a letter seen you can go backwards
    scene doesn't always have to look like a car wreck scene
    really just working where i archaic this on and you
    trying to seize
    and just St and you know down your freshman year
    color when you see your running out and this is really find anything it's super
    take your time you can even get
    really a regular with your circle if you notice I came way out with the black
    right here
    or how you would have noticed if my husband had been
    filming that part on do another one analysts are affected
    let me show you on on now wish I on this summer okay
    so that we all see it doesn't have to be a perfect circle
    you can really come out if you want
    extend the black
    Salam how that works totally regular
    little tiny print disease from this one
    so I'll just keep doing this and my husband's going keep filming we might
    speed up the video right about here
    no com
    next very
    see news and OLS in parentheses
    unscom bank
    you you couldn't see me thank you
    I want to give a white satin can showman the text so far
    splintering home
    alright guy so I finally have all
    although black French around all of mine
    Mine That Bird spots and if you can see me
    some other RC's here's a backwards saying there's a little thing
    parentheses and then some are complete circles
    and again make sure you don't a paints
    perfect clients you want it to look irregular shaped okay
    so if you really like that that in its alright there looks pretty cool
    but if you want you can add just a little bit more
    I to your leopard print by adding
    little tiny black spots here and there
    in between these the spot so
    just your it very can you really really little just two
    make sure that we don't have any empty spaces
    so there's a tiny little black on their okay
    and again it doesn't have to be everywhere just now and then
    you don't want to look too too too cluttered so here I have an empty space
    and I'm just gonna fill that
    with the little black spot
    and again the scan me irregular shaped
    they don't have to be circles they can pretty much be
    any shape you want use a little empty spot here
    here and I just gives it a little bit are
    I don't know cellco or anything
    who don't force it I mean if there's really not that many empty spots you
    don't wanna
    you don't wanna cluttered just every now and again
    you seem to starting next weekend
    pretty complete mmm
    yeah I think I don't want
    alright by soul there it is hopefully you thought it was pretty easy
    that all that too what about
    min at the most
    you wanna leave your cake out you know I am nice cool dry environment like we
    have here in our studio I would say about me

    NS until this is completely completely dry it should be
    to the point where
    when you talk shit is just a little bit sticky but when you left your finger you
    shouldn't have any color at all on your finger so once you're able to do that
    you know it's totally dry and then you can stick it back in
    their refrigerator and there is ice
    my leopard print technique I hope you guys like day and I will actually be
    making a video I love this cake here
    and in just a couple of hours so hope you enjoyed it if you have any questions
    just don't leave me a comment and thanks to all our friends and subscribers I
    look for cheap comments any sure to
    China from Facebook alright guys take care
    aback *** *** Cake decorating - how to make fondant leopard print look - YouTube !!!
    hi today wanna show you how to create a leopard look
    hope you enjoyed the video to create the leopard look
    you will need three different colors %uh edible powder the black
    the brown and some so we need to do first have a beige color
    or a at camel colored to begin with
    and then you're ready to paint on it so you're going to take your black
    edible powder and you're going to dilute it in a little bit
    a a vodka by the way
    apotheke evaporate so there will be no
    alcohol on your actual cake take it clean brash
    I don't want to use a big
    tape there has to be a very Ben and then
    you're going to make feet
    and there's no
    right way or wrong way I'm there's no need to
    to chided be perfect here that's not what you want
    you want small sees big C and you don't want them to be
    all I this same pattern
    you want some facing the right
    the laughed down I so
    and you're going to do this our way around
    your cake everywhere to you see your camel color
    take your
    at a ball brown powder put it in your butt ca
    and Phil an all that inside
    I've years sees and you don't want to do this
    perfect does not a right way wrong way users
    a felon lifestyle n you do this
    other way around pure gold and just
    and tap and the metal where you put
    the browned just put a little
    dot everywhere and if you see it that you wanna darker you can actually come
    with your color Angeles around of
    year ok black
    great here and teachers
    basically try to make it darker cuz the darker it is a nice it's going to be
    and then that so the third my way
    up doing a leopard hope you enjoyed the video *** *** Safari INSIDE Cupcakes! How to Make Leopard & Tiger Print Surprise Inside Cakes and Cupcakes! - YouTube !!!
    happened well
    on hi guys Italy for my complete collection
    on today that's why I'm going to show you how to make them cry on it fuming
    Safari doll cupcake we're getting elected and we're going to the Tigers
    when you talk to open porches
    free printable cupcake rapid another topic love to show you how to make but
    the best thing about these cupcake
    is when you bite into them there animal print all the way through
    let's get started to recreate these gorgeous cupcake CNC
    cupcake tray and I just lined by mister black cupcake liners
    I will look it up perfectly possible buttercream frosting in plain vanilla
    only believes this press be in the Description box below about in a
    disposable piping that
    with open round piping tip I've got some unsweetened cocoa a can of these brown
    food coloring
    some changing out in are in Jan also in want
    I've got my printable safari themed cupcake wrappers level even lead to
    those in description box below
    I was it a paintbrush some the book bags a couple of small spent a large Spain
    idea doesn't fit all in black and also orange
    paris's it is the packet cake mix tonight any vanilla white cake mix
    lot a spare ball and some sticky tape so first up you wanna make up your cake mix
    like that than anything a patty cake mix but whatever
    recipe or comfortable using so long as the vanilla or a white cake mix
    its gonna do the trick once a cake mixes all mixed I'm you take choose good side
    table Spain's
    all that makes put into one ball and then four good sized table spend at the
    same picture and put it into the
    %uh the ball its those ball you wanna I look like I'm really just doing it
    I thank like you can use brown becoming but I had to go in the cabinet
    is now having that extra food coloring makes it through to make you take that
    lot grappling Hudson black coloring to that on the cake batter
    I'm unique that's really a really nice black you to give the book back now
    experience someone you know why I'm also to decide without black
    and also apparatus are about haha the one that you've got sitting
    and all the brown and all the black into those zip lock bags
    you leopard print on this tablet is topped with vanilla cake mix under this
    new book what a generous tip
    at make sure you get a little bit the plastic its nato certainly going to be
    you can see I'm just swelling around a really nice in lie on the bottom of the
    now you wanna sniff a slightly smaller tip of your black once again getting a
    pizza place to get in the way
    and just a great locker room bring around the outside
    it doesn't really matter how fickle thing you do this but just to remind you
    what this black to go all the way through
    your safari cupcakes wanted in the aspirin you wanted a smaller rating
    on the inside of those cupcakes
    she look like a target looking thing now sniffed the table fuel light brown
    what you gonna do here is your sense going to do the exact same patent on
    hope a fat black rain so not decide it literally sitting on top a bit so you've
    got a liar black
    and then a liar bram repeat that all six your cupcakes
    and then you want to block again and once again on top
    you want to painted black lines ebook black brown and black
    this recipient technique works quite well with a slightly them a cake mixes
    something like a pound cake or
    even a sponge I prefer pack it makes for this because I just fun to david ensor
    now I'm taking my vanilla cake mix again and I'm swelling I'm stunning in that
    center well
    in between the two delay the black and brown and then I'm doing the nasa well
    so they don't disturb the pattern that we've created
    you want to repeat that process again I'm gonna even slightly thicker
    saying it to another black lab and then another Bradley Adam
    directly on top of that black lab and then you to finish it off with
    a final black lacquer it's not you how many of these spots you won your
    cupcakes but you do want to bear in mind
    you don't want to feel them had two thirds of the way so this one is a
    little bit full understand this key benefit at me like a pig
    so I was wondering did I foot I could bring cupcakes you there has to be a
    chocolate batter into that remaining vanilla panna
    and then just I orange food coloring you'd have to add the chocolate
    just got to make a living doc aren't spirit another theme liar
    %uh you arent into the bottom you seen the most in to make sure that it's
    closing the entire bottom
    the cupcake cases and then you wanna take a deep look bad with the remaining
    and yep I've been just like a big tits tackle side
    a little bit smaller than the orange print then you want to take another
    you gonna put a smaller size for injuring within the confines of that
    rain and as a kid the book bag again you type in a black rain that's it
    inside the are injuring secret building up a little
    there is a circle's another aren't enough on dove black and they're ready
    to go off into a moderate oven
    might have about
    minutes or so to cook while there are cooking wanna take
    you think I'll apace
    and put them in a little content if the our engines and black I'm using pace not
    like we're here because its benefit during lunch chocolate
    now I'm just gonna do large spots hmmm I want candy melts my white chocolate bar
    and understanding to reading them on the outer edge
    in some black all different shapes and sizes be a spot
    and when you're reading them on the outer edge you want to make sure that
    you know she joining the dots
    up because the leopard spots don't really join other little gaps
    so different thicknesses in different weights now take them with you
    black and we just did paint some sort of a tiger stripes on space
    orange can denounce these us super super simple
    we let our distress I like to cuddle up
    in the middle and then if you still
    want sexually appointing them nicely and just
    a little bit haphazard if he did a lot of course he got your printable template
    that help me out patten's

    printable templates have been free tonight to print my
    on a
    GSM cod stocks a slightly thicker than paper
    you just want to wrap them around the act like a cupcake and take a little bit
    of tape
    I would come on take underneath the cupcake to give an extra stability
    with your cupcake bait wrapped in a topic made you know you take your piping
    I'm just doing a Sydney heifetz well as you can see I thought in the center of
    the cupcake
    I bring it around lifting after about three layers before tapering off to not
    point on the top
    and just sticking a needle toppers straight on top today you've got your
    super simple Safari cupcakes song on the inside the bar in the outside
    make sure to get much outta my cupcake addiction for more surprise
    inside take effect and a whole lot more fabulous decorating tutorials
    as always thanks very much for joining in tonight teaching ok
    do *** *** LION KING CAKE - Safari Animal Print Layers Baked INSIDE this Surprise Cake - YouTube !!!
    hi welcome to my cupcake addiction
    my all time favorite movie is the cato was the line King think today we gonna
    be making a lion king inspired the party cake
    but not just the battery on the outside it Safari all the way through
    you don't need a rule uh a serrated knife an offset spatula and a small
    serrated knife
    a funder rolla hey scalpel earning factor not
    paris's a bit from corn flour in a shake-up
    I've got the nonstick cooking spray and think the vanilla cupcake recipe from
    the cupcake it's messy but we're telling to down below
    I've been a double batch a fast rate vanilla cake recipe
    a bit extra balls and some food colors in a few colors I've got black
    red yellow are in anything bright what
    I've got some black fondant and a few sped ziplock bags
    Anson Carter and to Spain's you cannot Ian Brown bickering in place if the Chi
    I've got I'm not perfectly possible buttercream frosting and hourly billing
    to that risk being a description box below but I've college mein
    orange-red yellow and what I'm leaving on my recent
    baking finds the Wilton easy lay-in teens that so
    because basically said a
    inch round by that one inch high
    cake tin if they're having to wait you making rainbow cake the layer cakes for
    each individual and debate
    you've got five short in the new kid bake them all together I leave a link we
    can find out more about that teens that in the Description box below
    have teamed up with a couple of my fellow baking channels to bring you guys
    a little thought into recipe
    you can make using it in fact and also got some other teams that to give away
    well I detailed am blown hey can add to the competition to win one of those
    teams that
    each if the channel in this collaboration has it that to give away
    I'm predicting my cape on a black cake board today you
    any color you like I've also got my principal safari animal template
    juggling two in the Description box down below
    I've got my trusty old craft mat anything that's needed to make sure that
    its cracked up my benches even cutting out my animals
    the first guys are making today going to be too the change to all leopard print
    they wanna take
    a couple tables painted your vanilla cake mix just depending on how durable
    reusable bags up
    press it down and feel it up pop it off to the side then I took three
    tablespoons about vanilla make them put it in two separate bowls
    one others balls and adding butter cocoa to all brown fur collar and you just
    that thirty just a collar at like a lot chocolate brown for the invite a ballot
    that spot
    and the other one you want to add some black food coloring tech you need a
    little bit of food coloring if you do want to be a knife in black
    skate that brown and that black both into separate zip lock bags and feel
    them a
    prepare your pants with a generous amount on your cooking spray and then
    you just wanna take you see the link up quite a generous
    sign tip of the yellow cake mix in the vanilla cake mix and the finest quality
    of both the black
    and the brown on pot a really thick strive are thick stack a love that
    vanilla cake mix in each of those pants and I anything in the mail are yellow
    cake mix you know to what
    for a very very in atlanta okay in the bottom of the pan and then
    level it out with the Spain and then taking a black bag you wanna pop dot
    innocent I love wanna get teens
    and I like it haha get around it so a circle around interest
    drive love black around that you want to repeat this
    in both have your cake tins this is Bert start to get a bit tricky
    you want to take you round cake mix now and you going to pot
    the brown directly on top of that blacks on top with a DAW
    anatomic each of the line not decided the reason I love Mitt particular cake
    recipe is because I know I did it
    thick enough to hold I am for this particular design want all your target
    the pot take a yellow cake and you going to pop it in this space is in between
    eight to your target circles
    you've really gotta pop it in here because if we just tried to spread it
    would collapse a love the design
    we've made so babe be careful and just try to keep as much about patent
    sitting where it is as you can you want to bring the cake make all the way up to
    the asset
    edges of your cake tin because you need them to rise and you need all the
    Alliance be about the same size but they are quite the info you wanted much cake
    if you can get your the barricade
    wasn't pot all that yellow cake on I just went around and idk I would like
    hi of a circle or a hostile I little random intervals is just at a little bit
    more that cheetah pattern into the cake
    could you don't wanna have not enough but the top of this is gonna ride to get
    called off the don't be too fussy
    I just did the black with the brown on top and it didn't worry about the last
    black to cover that brown wanted on you can eat a steak in the oven to start
    cooking or you can fit into the side and you can cook
    all your cake layers together but there are you take about
    minutes read
    that burn our leaders do one there are not going to be the central air my
    Safari K
    so on them that brought want food coloring
    now that my makes it nice and why as it never should be I'm skipping into the
    black bag and then you want to cut another generous sized
    corner of the should be quite effective graze your next family that cooking
    and for this one you going to pot the same set a fat sausage
    up that white cake make around the outer edge
    you want to give that a double layer could you do want to build up those
    edges a little bit and then you can take that why anyone to pop a really big boy
    love that cake mix in the middle
    taking a black now you wanna in said another blog and i actually finish up
    the bag right inside the white
    and floated let the black feel at a little bit
    and then I'm gonna pop the Y inside the black sea of its kinda like Bowl
    jeanette make their
    because this particular design it better suited to Athena or more liquid cake mix
    you want to take your pants given a couple good taps on the bench
    then you want to keep going with it is I'm so once again another blow both the
    and then another blow but the black it's a catch-
    because you do need that
    sick fam cake to make that cheetah print work but really for the brain a tiger a
    in a more liquid cake is better you don't necessarily wanna have to go and
    make two or three separate batches here
    this is how we work with you think a cake mix to get that effort I can design
    hills beyond just squatting in and just tapping down until that black line
    all the way to the outer edge and you wanna make sure again
    your cake mix comes right up to the room your cake tin
    make sure you've got at least a full zip lock bag full you're black
    cake make and then check there has to be a brown and you know what
    into that vanilla cake makes with a generous man barged food coloring
    mix it all the way through and you have sort of like not bright orange like a
    brownie orange
    skate that into you last the book bag and then cut off another quite fat
    generous tip
    don't think razor tries again but I think exactly the same that never print
    those chief at circles around the outside
    and then a big :love: orange in the center followed by black and orange and
    and a few taps you to try delay are ready to go into the oven and you're
    neither all cope when they spring back when touched in the middle
    why the baking calling you can roll your fondant dark chocolate Tootie here you
    want not something
    and then using a scalpel or you're back to not be just want to separate the
    amount unique because it will dry out
    carefully traced around whatever shape you're doing I'm using the run authors
    and I
    pre cut out the rest of their shape and also mention that when I printed them I
    printed them on a relatively thick cardstock
    to therapy steady of me holding prices on cutting
    I thought cut out the bay shaper my animal and then I went in with that
    little scalpels and just
    really find out the details so that I wasn't pulling the fondant and so
    they've got a really nice shape
    and then using my thing and I just need up around the edges so there are no
    condom rough edges
    store though in between a fold-over piece of plastic wrap so that they don't
    try and you can make a couple hours in advance
    and fit them off to the side and tea ready to use them with a love you live
    now baked
    and completely cool it's time to cut off the map
    when you call these I should mention you want to flip them I ever said that
    they're resting on the top of the cake on the cooling rack
    which is actually help to compact the Cape down and make it flatter on top
    see you not coming way too much your design you think you are live bread not
    trim of as little as you can get away with to make those tops
    as not a level as possible and cutting way as much that crispy golden age as
    you can
    turn them over upside down and you want to cut any golden crispy edges of the
    you want to display case because you don't really want to see any of that
    Connie yellowed crispy baked edge
    you only want to see that beautiful print and the frosting gonna put in
    using my small serrated edge knife I'm just going around the ass edge
    cutting off any crunchy edges and you should be left with
    a relatively clean patterned liar
    repeated all five yolanda and then it will be ready to start acting in
    own light rain delay is laid out so you wanna take a nice little
    near a buttercream just pop it down on the board and fattening to glue your
    cake to
    I'm starting with one on the title I is on the bottom
    so with players they can be quite probably in a little black
    hollering and on the palestinians they do a really fine crunk I am really press
    that into the K
    to capture all the Crown's what yes gray pearl before adding to
    another couple millimeters about a crane you don't want too much frosting in
    between your lawn
    but this helps keep your main where frosty nothing plane
    now I'm gonna take one of my leopard print let them put that on talk
    adding yet another chrome cart before adding my actual air frosting
    after that let it come to their breath and then we're going to add the other
    and the tiger on top to chronic even out the positioning of all about different

    K all stacked in your Tigers on top you want to give it a crime cope with
    that orange frosting so you can see I'm using my offset spatula I'm really
    working at frosting back and forth so it's going into all the crazies and
    catching all the crown
    as well as on top so this is a really seen
    liar popped up into the fray the for about
    and let that Cronkite set wanted that you want to start the barge in with your
    yellow frosting for go to the bottom about
    vanna skyline I'm just putting it on the bottom
    age love my factual %ah before applying a generous amount a bit to the base if
    the cake
    me that yellow of as best as you can and then you wanna add
    a bit if the orange in the middle making sure that it's slightly
    overlapping the yellow light at the bottom taking your rate you wanna smooth
    that onto the top of your cake
    and then just with tiny bit on the end of the facts as they don't get too much
    just play along the top each also love the cake you want to have the lease to
    all love the colors once you've got that bread you want is your offset spatula
    I'm wiping it in between a chip my scrapes but basically just applying a
    bit of pressure and I'm still moving those two colored frosting
    together want to use me the orange in the red to get the LCD thought to blend
    into each other
    wanted any aren't in the right together remove the spatula down the cake and
    start doing the yellow in the orange together
    see if they would get a nerd almost like a little water color affect your really
    painted effect I love that African skyline I'm gonna take
    a ruling out if my cake decorating realize that whatever when you make sure
    it's clean and dry
    but I'm just gonna scrape a very frail I liau of the outside of that cake
    to get it is smooth and it needs as I can be careful that you don't expect too
    and actually hit the cake and an eighth to even of the top amusing the offset
    spatula and you'll see that I'm just
    lightly dragging the edges have my cake
    back into the center just really even not give you a bit of a shop in edge
    he can finish okay off by taking your pre-cut out fondant
    animals and just sticking them straight up at a crane
    don't take too long because buttercream frosting dust at the cross after
    back ten to fifteen minute so once you've moved out get your
    animal the new trees on there as quick as you can it your bedtime Paul
    the app for decoration for this cake is so incredibly simple you could just do
    on a straight six inch chocolate cake or vanilla cake
    for a really cute really fast and really easy
    Lion King famed the fiery K I think I've enjoyed my take online kingpins K
    this was such a lot of fun to make and when we cut into it check out those
    layers inside this story much going on
    they are absolutely amazing this cake is a show stopper
    mention a check out there other channels I will link to the playlist amble like
    as always thanks very much for joining into my prediction *** *** How to Make a Tiger Cake from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is generally cookies cupcakes think I do you dot com today
    when we show you how to make a Tigard pic now this tiger cake not only looks
    like a tiger on the outside it also have a surprise inside on the inside with a
    tiger cake pattern I can't wait to show you how to make this is really easy
    let's get started to make the cake we're going to be using three different colors
    of my vanilla cake batter I've died some of it with a black I've also died some
    orange and then I left a small amount of the vanilla cake batter justice plain
    color put a link to it in the Description box and if you want to use
    your favorite recipe for vanilla cake go right ahead now I also have colored some
    vanilla buttercream now you need a large portion of orange vanilla buttercream in
    order to cover your cake you're also going to need some that is just left
    plain or put white coloring in it also gonna need black and yellow and I'll put
    a link to the Description box in the Description box for the vanilla
    buttercream as well and you're also going to need some of the regular size
    marshmallows up first we're going to make the cake now I have an
    cake pan here and you're going to need two of these so what you see me do in
    the one cake pan you need to repeat for a second cake pans are you have a double
    layered cake I also have my colored bad my color batters out here and just a
    regular stupid you could pick any of these scoops up at like Dollar Stores
    our kitchen scoops and I'm just gonna starts to layer my colors starting with
    black you don't have to be on top of the black and putting the orange and you'll
    notice that I'm putting it directly on top and it's just gonna spread with the
    wait no I don't want the way yet gonna put a couple of different like a black
    and then an orange and then another orange and then a white house there's
    not a ton of white in the tiger and I want to imitate it as close as I can so
    as I continue to do this again you're going to be doing this twice and I'm
    going to put it into the oven at 350 degrees and its gonna bake for about

    and just so you're not confused just use a smaller scoop so that's why I put
    double ones there and you can use any size that you want and so yes we put
    them in at
    degrees for
    to 45 minutes so my cakes have baked and
    cooled completely and I've level them up so you can see the cool design inside
    now you'll notice that I place the bottom layer off center on the board and
    that's to allow for the marshmallows that are going to go around it as the
    tail to have enough room cause of course you don't want them falling off the
    board so what am i jus first now is put a layer of buttercream in between the
    two cake layers so I'm just going to do that with the orange color here and then
    I'm going to pop the second one on top from spread that in there and of course
    like if you prefer to put like fruit filling or something in this I would
    highly recommend not for this type of cake because you do want my the shock of
    the surprise inside but you could use a different color of buttercream if you
    prefer in the inside and so I've got the orange on there and now let's cover the
    entire thing in our Manila orange buttercream once we have the armed
    butter cream all over the cake we're going to now start adding a little bit
    of dimension to the color so I've got the yellow butter cream and I'm just
    going to do two strikes here down the center and this part of an easy because
    you don't have to have it like be super meter or anything and I also gonna
    continue it down the front and on the side like her down though the front and
    the back here to take some of those like that and then I'm going to take the
    white and put a single stripe down the center that's that's going to switch
    bachelors here and then do the same thing and blend in the white and I'm
    just going to give it that kind of feed and look here in the center just like
    this I'm gonna do it down the front and the back here just to continue that look
    through the cake now we're going to tiger stripe it up so I've got my black
    butter cream and I just took a really small nick out of the end of
    it because I wanna have control over the thickness of all of my street all of my
    stripes so I'm gonna turn it sideways and then I'm just going to start the
    ones in the center for us to go from there are simply no way I'm kind of
    pulling thicker so I'm getting a little bit more I think at the end of that poll
    going to take a paintbrush and I'm just going to gently brush the edges here I'm
    gonna do it in this direction first kind of pulling away into the side of the
    cake like this and then I'm gonna flip and then pull to the side and you'll
    notice I haven't gotten very far the front cuz I really want the front to
    remain much narrower than the back side and then obviously this would go all the
    way down the side as well so now I will go over to the other side they also
    found it easiest to kind of mir
    what I did on one side and then the other so that's just a little bit little
    tip their hand was going to do the exact same thing and if you end up with a cool
    little blob like that just use your paper rush and just pull it straighter
    like the tiger stripes aren't supposed to be a metro or like perfect by any
    means so you can just play with this and once you're buttercream has crusted then
    you have reached your maximum amount that you can actually move in
    buttercream around but until that point you're told to go to like makes any
    mistakes up and kind of you could even go over top of the yellow in the white
    again if you really needed to cover the whole cake in all these stripes and I'll
    be back to show you how to make the tale of the stripes done we're going to work
    on the tail which is going to go on the side of the case here I put my remaining
    orange buttercream into a piping bag so I can have a little bit more control so
    much better kind of start by the front and I'm just going to put all the
    marshmellows onto this just to give a little bit of an anchor here and so then
    it's going to take about probably hear
    or maybe just depends on how
    tight you get it pressed against the cake so once you have them all kind of
    lined up in all the way around I'm going from the front to the back I went to
    cover all of them in orange
    except for this very first one and one white and then covered in black after so
    I'll just put these ones out here and then what I'm gonna do and I'm going to
    cover all the rest of these lines just gonna go over with the piping bag first
    to make it a little bit easier and then just use your spatula to cover them to
    cover the marshals in the orange buttercream something to do that and
    then I'll show you what's next
    so if the main part of the tail covered in the orange buttercream was a couple
    of things were going to do next one is that we're going to cover that front
    lawn all in blacks was gonna do the same things giving you the run through use my
    spatula to cover that part in all black and then I also want to do and what I
    did on the top here so I'm going to take my yellow butter cream and then that's
    going to do a thin stripe here is like this you can patch that up not squeezing
    anymore as kind of dragged you know it you don't need too much on there and
    then I'm assuming over top of it with a little bit of weight like this and then
    I'm going to take just a year and I'm going to just kind of a bit like this to
    flatten it out and then I'm going to add my tiger stripes on the tail just like I
    did on the top so once I bought this tale finished I'm going to cut into the
    cake and show you the completely finished cake so there you go everybody
    how to make this surprise inside Tiger cake slice slice into the one that I
    have just an extra one of so that you guys could see the actual cake pattern
    on the inside so I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you like crazy animal
    cakes make sure you check out my pink zebra cake and my reasonable effort
    keiko put a late to both of those in the Description box below if you like this
    video please give it a thumbs up and share with your friends
    thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys all again next time *** *** How to Paint a Leopard Print Cake | MCC - YouTube !!!
    hey guys its narration from malicious the aches
    and to him on it don't ask me why I keep saying I think you've seen like that I'm
    alive just
    should sound and day I am showing you guys how I make my
    yeah politically why I talking like that can help me
    are going to be using brown and yellow
    and black I'll show you guys my campus
    don't get scared this is my campus cuz I really didn't care be held on to edge
    but basically see an old school and its plea
    it's not a mess well here is the black this is Joe day
    her Jonathan Collins over here is some
    is a actually combination yellow water died
    food I and general through to over here
    is brown Tuesday jail Buddha
    and I actually put brown line here and brown right here by itself so that you
    can mix between the enemy
    lol here and over here is going to be home
    more the gold luster dust and to highlight this plastic EP's Mason
    mushers and using
    actually and orange extract if you don't have an
    extract just used like a backer and using
    marries in paint Nashville homes for keeps you can on stories
    pressure from me first I'm a season-worst
    whilst there to lick comes
    peace said not only using names those went on filling orders for the day
    and so I'm taking colors and nah
    duhan and ever skipped don't you're going to
    this constitutional
    this is yellow and black you can definitely test
    said just like me me
    the skull South
    send I make the 1990s she did like me she didn't directly ask for this class
    doesn't seem to now all around taking it down to the base
    someone just that making us fat and then take a little bit %um
    on me too my paintbrush and basically just make Ubuntu
    unprofor experts we are trying to make for after all so I would recommend doing
    like a
    dad Thank You Think not just like the roof elector
    schools you come to do a few transplants between
    make them that makes it different
    ever going to take our black and I'm using like I said
    on I think that's america's black Joe dad
    I'm just going to death own
    you can make a s the computer July or as you think you have what looks good for
    this is going to be my enclosed
    and you want to make a nice
    jagged edge jacket mine
    I don't go in with a holiday so now you can begin to bring him
    yellow I like to just on the edge highlighted
    like that
    now than
    our second could sir
    shimmery highlighter we're going to use some a lot less to test
    taking a look at the luster dust makes home now I
    brash and I am just going to make a little dad
    kinda wanna outside
    have any questions don't hesitate to leave a comment below
    you know should I subscribe and like the fan page on Facebook at home situations
    that's okay
    you can go to the website enriches the tickets that
    an unnecessary nourishes the tour could soon in
    collagenous leftward skin key
    I guess *** *** How To Make Gumpaste The Krazy Kool Cakes Way - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is how I making
    a quick tutorial on how I make gumpaste had a lot of people ask me
    whether I make a mess of hot weather i buy it all remaining
    and I have purchased pray make gumpaste
    to be honest with you haven't really been totally happy with any particular
    I started making my own outpaced about your call
    and I really like the texture I really like how it holds up
    so maybe can try and and I may be like it you
    okay what what I is chill make fondant
    sci-fi the wheelchair share a white rolled fondant
    you guys can't find this at Hobby Lobby or at my holes
    and this is five pounds okay it's the big box of a little box
    the reason I like shit by this status because at Hobby Lobby Day almost half
    forty percent coupon then you can plant
    online and so the price usually at Hobby Lobby is $

    but with the coupon comes out well you like about fortune box
    so it's a lot cheaper than buying gumpaste already made and you get all of
    the time pace
    for very little price okay all right let's talk about
    China Los the service this is a catch-all said I and it's basically the
    same thing but
    for some reason sometimes it comes in two different labels missus
    rx international hi titles Potter
    this is the same thing we can but it's not too different labels
    you can find this at any takes up I place my case a pipe a sells it for

    this last up very long time home
    and each one is about 2 ounces well it is exactly chances
    and if you cannot find titles powder which is what these are
    you can also buy up contract against
    or gum arabic which serves the same purpose
    okay okay I'm so
    the recipe today it is basically an shoes hair on your chest so
    the only difference is that this is the way this is the comment that I use
    okay so what I do is when you open here
    your box ok okay it costs
    it should be which the
    packages so each holidays
    of China have passed K Anish
    what I do and basically take
    large on and I headed up

    even plates
    for mention are fine chain
    a want half cheese old
    your child's
    K all services on all parties
    so here's my pic of ongoing like us.
    take my shade any bouquet call attention
    for and breaks you need some although Greece
    and I always have tons of fun case
    on hand haha spotting favorite so all I can do is
    you take one other for break stay already cut you can take half a teaspoon
    up your child's powder or whatever what are you seeing
    some traffic and or your gum arabic
    okay and for every
    break it's half a teaspoon of titles
    came saw like to soften it up a little bit before I start
    and basically you are just
    meeting the fondant into the title stop
    you wanna do this class of leaked to the press staff should quickly
    main your child exploding
    scope flying everywhere say you need any
    that and really well you don't need for ever
    just you know enough so that you know that
    but I also spend well blended cheer
    pace so I pretty much do this
    Chahal I don't see any white powder residue left at all
    on my on a work surface
    that's pretty well one day I don't have any more white hot on my surface
    and so what I do is I just make
    a giant chill or learn how to this thing here
    and the reason I'm doing it just because I'm gonna cut it up into equal portions
    so that I can
    cover it our wrap it in saran wrap with plastic wrap
    so that I can story because I
    small pieces at a time you know what I have a
    air because it does try pretty quick K
    solve this
    about of okay
    also like you I have kept this
    into for call of hearts all
    firsts i cud metal bond
    hope this happen at all and then i cud
    this happened
    so there I got for parts
    and iraqis and plastic wrap
    so quite a bit of gumpaste
    added just at half a brick that comes in the five-county Fox
    well to find it don't forget thanks to find out your
    percent coupon
    it is a lot cheaper you can get a 23 dollar box a fondant for like

    so I hope this helps let me know if you guys have any questions
    I can pretty much you do this recipe
    with any type of fondant and a if you make your own marshmallow homemade
    and all you basically do is
    for every two and a half pounds %uh your homemade fondant
    you will use should take to teaspoons
    up titles powder alright K so let me know what you think
    hope this helps somebody and if you have any questions let me know k talk to your
    body very soon take care
    aback *** *** How to Make a Pink Zebra Cake Tutorial from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is Dan from cookies cupcakes think our new dot com
    today I'm going to be showing you how to make as zebra cake
    the zebra printers on the inside on the cake and outside
    it's super fun let's get started to make the zebra cake we're going to use two
    granulated sugar two and a quarter teaspoon
    a baking powder half a teaspoon love salt

    aches 1 cup love milk three-quarters of a cup
    a vegetable oil and we're going to be using white
    coloring deep pink and a super black america color gels
    and it will also go with two and a half cups of all-purpose flour
    then for decorating are going to be using white buttercream
    black fondant and pink buttercream
    so to start of I have my flower in my stand mixing bowl
    and I'm going to put in the sugar and baking powder and salt
    when I left that makes up for about 30 seconds on low
    next I'm going to add in my oil well it's mixing
    and my eggs one at a time
    when that started to incorporate I'm going to pour in my vanilla next
    and then my milk in a minute turn the mixer on into both of those
    see on a mix this until it is all completely combined
    and I'll be back to show you the next step after that
    so I've divided my batters
    up for coloring and in this boy I have about half
    love the actual mixture and in these two there's the other half so this is a
    and this is a quarter of the mixture cuz you're not going to need as much black
    and pink
    as you will the white some just taking my white color ink
    and I'm going to add it to my batter and I'm going to stir it up
    and then I'll do the exact same thing with the pink and the black
    and once they're all mixed I will be back timely
    to go
    now going to use my big scoop to take a scoop up the white
    in is going right into the center then right on top of that
    I'm going using a medium scoop for my black
    and I'm going to put that right on top
    love the white you can see a post seal start to push each other out
    and then because my pink one is really small I'm gonna do to love those
    on top of each other like the art
    numbers going to repeat it
    so obviously this will be enough Fort who are these agent round pans
    and so you'll need to do this use a pop your batter for this for spam
    and then repeat again with your second pan
    so was going to keep following this
    pattern and then I'm going to pop the cakes
    into the oven at
    degrees Fahrenheit
    and then I'm gonna let them cool and I'll be back to show you the next step
    so the cakes are cooled and I've leveled off the tops
    a number in to take my white buttercream and I'm going to
    fill it into the middle and then I'm going to go around the outside
    when given a nice good coat in order for the fondant to be able to sit
    on topple the buttercream so it's gonna get going on this
    put on the top and
    cover so when I'm finished covering
    I'll be back to show you how to put on the
    fondant zebra stripes so I will CNN so the cake covered in buttercream now I'm
    going to show you the last two steps
    so I'm going to I just pulled out my black fondant
    and I'm just cutting off a little piece which will be the and their
    and then just to cut the stripes you can just cut like
    any sort of random shape here and then you take
    it up and then just line up the bottom
    and then go up and over the cake
    like that and then just keep cutting
    any sort of shape that you want to have for your zebra stripes
    and then what I found was the best thing was to follow
    your pattern so anytime your lines um
    turn you want to make sure the lines around it turns well
    it just gives it a little bit more from natural look to Lizzie bro
    will do one more and then I'm just going to
    show you the final like how to do the border with the pink buttercream
    and then I'll be back to show you the whole cake so I'm just taking my
    pink buttercream with a number
    Wilton tip
    and I'm just squeezing and
    making a little topped and releasing
    so it's going to go around the cake once I got all the stripes
    and just make those little dots on the border
    so when I'm finished I'll be back to show you the completed cake
    so they do everybody how to make a zebra cake
    so sliced up a piece here and you can't see the pink just popping right out in
    the contract with the black and white
    looks so cool so thanks for watching remember to subscribe to the channel:
    and you can find us on all over social media sites what we put in the
    Description box below the video
    so thanks again and see you next time *** ***

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