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    How to stencil on a cake using royal icing stencilling on a cake stenciling cake decorating tutorial - YouTube !!!
    in this video and show you how you decent and for an onsite cake
    amended MyLife Inc and candid with great and just change channels to keep it
    close a lot get home but
    tear the damn top two already to have 10 fell
    meeting in Damascus I'm for this one it bigger than the cake that's fine
    n and to start with that level I K
    now ice-t's cake area and I bodies
    the BART is it hash on the acting up
    acid after where Bhaskar up when I'm gonna put p
    stencil on it now dear videos at halftime the cake and how I just
    how to iced the BART you want to try and decide to say that she can
    so that the stencil thick flack against them
    cap the top and front you already
    act try and line them up so that it matches
    hold it in place it his companions
    now if you got to do with yet
    you my friend actually so we will hold it in place while yet
    and a I'm on my own I'm gonna have to use some pens topped by
    set just gonna get lower tetanus and
    out so you'll see custom stencils not big enough to go all the way around the
    and just gonna push some pens into their %eh
    must entail try and hold him play
    now remember how many PNG quincy
    make sure you take in the right man can back out when she finished released
    until sign up for it here told him play
    okay and when China holding tight around the cake Amsterdam pretty happy
    mock the cake and again when you get to decide
    gonna pick up and then again
    so it got that pinned in place now
    now here funded still a bit soft
    should be able to hush stem cell
    just on to to fund additional bit to keep them play
    with dismay to we have to be careful with
    if it's not Eric chimney cake sometimes you're right I should be but screen
    auger down the site and you end up with a full
    accent that's what had just happened he had collapsed into paintbrush
    set just kidding
    smile I think I'm just make sure
    stencils how down anyone it looks like it's gonna left and risk assessment
    that my life in a at like pushing into a much they can and me
    stencil we just wanted to go into the gaps
    put Marmon any demand like most great
    the addition of stuff of 2 I'm just making sure they get to the top
    when KK I'm gonna do that all the time
    pests that can hold my hand now
    with me while I think that's required become distancing I just bought my life
    in a pack dry a.m.
    I just followed the instructions on past to quantify how much water tap tap a
    ready-made packard right I said
    just have a hot box fight you going to be to stand with
    between the steps of threatening to do take much right path a lot
    and clear spank
    just hit me complain about
    doing just walking into a bow to keep it going
    don't press too hard put all of they don't believe it realistic
    leader now
    Generale possible can I yeah just make sure you can install
    and support finest side teen

    behind the stands for describe it to cart
    and pull it away around Shadyside
    put now and again meant the Pens
    patient covered in my life
    them okay up
    is the it's come out quite well on the bottom of st.
    exterminate on top so just taking a paintbrush
    and a wide the extra
    the top going between Patna him last summer
    happen take now atop patent
    a bit slightly campaign bash
    need to find a shipyard
    my twenties palette knife next two minutes of
    Shoppach Shockey karna
    I mean cake easier its distance like my raggedy car
    my difficulty not fit
    often think I'm if you are still around
    K steps to different shape for example and
    and have a few be able to match up as you go around
    just make sure that this one has dried
    for you I can expect the russians much this one sup
    a picture finished cake have injected yet thank you for watching
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    and ideas *** *** HOW TO USE STENCILS ON CAKES! - YouTube !!!
    hi guys in this tutorial I'm going to just show you the basic way of using a
    stencil on a cake so you are gonna need a stencil now I purchased my smile
    stencils from Bancroft shot because I wonder just got a much bigger range and
    data processing the cake decorating shops that the person I'm using say that
    the mosque which was purchased from a cake decorating shop so once you've got
    your pencils pencil then we are going to make some vegetable shortening
    Australia that's what I use and if not we're just leaving actual shortening so
    what you got your vegetable shortening and a melting in the markets it's nice
    and soft and then you gonna run alter the side the decay go wherever you are
    using the stencil because this is basically gonna be are glued to the
    stands alone as you can see I'm just gently running the vegetable shortening
    on the side just to get it nice and moist but it must install and occurred
    on the cake so as you can see it's not know I'm using that as a group so the
    vegetable shortening basically my going to take a stance on interest in some
    stray and then you wanna really pressed firmly and get rid of any air bubbles
    and get an honest
    taught since like into London the tighter your they clear your parents
    going to be just make sure you can just been nice time just running your hands
    back and forth just get a nice trip against that bonded once you've done
    that you can you use any joke about you want this is the numerical oh boy that
    I'm using but you can use Wilton you can use any color to do just that you wanted
    to go to get a paintbrush you just gonna basically paint against insult so you
    just tried to enter the students are just everywhere everywhere distance or
    you just painting through and that's going to lead the imprint of the stencil
    you don't have to do the whole stands if you don't want you can do parts of if
    you're wondering leads I sent you the center medallion like what you just read
    this particular flower could stop there
    what you want to change colors he could do this publication and deepen Kim drain
    or any other color you want
    you can really have a lot of fun with stencils because it's personal training
    for seven years and obviously find this densities the easiest and quickest way
    to make a cake looks very very beautiful with not so much if they if you do get
    used to students it's such a beautiful like to finish up a cake eating utensils
    on wedding cake but they so easy as you can see all I'm doing is using that
    paint brushes just going through all been talked into going through it today
    and we really quick just to show you guys so I'm not really focusing on the
    top but if this was a nice neat tops is once again I straight finished so the
    best advice I can give you is make sure that your fondant nice and fresh
    vegetable shortening having someone to cover two cakes reddaway can understand
    so dont leave it for a few hours because as you lay funded it turns out that your
    point of terms happening you trample the vegetable shortening in the stencil
    wants dick in tight ass then you can have to use a lot of people use pin down
    the sizes tinsel just a contained place but I find that normally happens while
    funding has firmed up a bit when the font is freshly cut the vegetable
    shortening it really goes on very nicely suggests that carry the best advice in
    any advice I can give you because of this very very easily so as you can see
    me a pretty much covered most simple and variations of glory but if you wanted to
    be one telling you gonna go through a lot of would you want a lot you gonna
    call it a lot you can mix it with a little bit of water
    the color or race here at all but from indices in the jelsoft just about two
    minutes just slightly from IBM and now I'm just gently releasing the side of
    distance and that would leave me the imprint on the cake so as you can see
    now that imprints going on the cake so looks very pretty nice
    tonight a correction if you want to really just up a cake that really
    quickly and they continued long into the side if you want so I can attach the
    stencil use the vegetable shortening attached to things will continue on to
    decide that but i think is not a distance if you want you to since before
    you do the cake are highly recommend that you roll out a piece of fondant and
    practice on the thunder on the table before you go on your cake so the
    conceptus rather thin piece of funding and now I'm doing it on the communists
    in so and I'm just doing it on that and do a few times before you attempt on the
    cake is just so if you do is try on the cake and things go wrong you'll do good
    to find it very slight you're practicing before you doing and you know what
    you've done wrong and it's really easy way to learn so the consumer reports of
    these pieces of didn't saw you gonna say the mistake that I've made and it can
    happen a lot so it's good to always practice before you do it on the actual
    cake so you know go through it all and your old number slightly when I peel it
    off you're going this is gonna be a lot of players who can seek some really I am
    NOT eating so much color now when I pull through with obviously Instagram
    properly and that happens to you need some water and a condom but to get rid
    of that I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial to very quick and easy way to
    used in schools
    hope you guys can be like share and subscribe to get rid of notifications on
    when my videos released like it gives me a full application that you like what
    I'm doing some not basically putting up these videos and everything join them so
    they've got a lot to ship to seize on my next video and as you can see I'm just
    finishing off during a Chanel very same thing going through it in again and I'm
    gonna peel it off
    remember practice before you don't want the cake
    and thank you very much for watching and I see the game on the next few years
    later died *** *** Decorating Tips: Using Stencil Techniques for Cakes - YouTube !!!
    by antena from that gopac stempel can be used with the brady a fabrication
    to make intricate designs I liked his royal icing but you can use better team
    painting gel airbrushed and Martin today i'ma show you two different ways
    his temples with any wedding cake design its easy to create amazing wedding cakes
    you think the math
    by the floor of them folk let's get started
    this is that the mask them to lobby using today to show you how to decorate
    the very top tier
    are elegance wedding cake first do you want to make your royal icing
    and what I like to do is mix it to
    have outpaced consistency you just have to mix it with water
    shall that's my sanity you don't want to thin
    because it'll run down your stance on Utoeya too thick
    there is a recipe on the back big but it may be too that he may have to add a
    little water
    Hari you want to be Herve smooth pasty
    consistency never in our
    yesterday this just gives you a little extra control
    when applying for some folk I rent a car cake
    up and apply our stempel
    and to do that you can either just hold it up against your Kate
    or what I like to do and cheating used a little bit
    I'll buttercream I think just little dot
    and it'll hold your stencil tier cake
    long enough for you to get the application on their now you just want
    snip the tip top
    your bank and just can apply
    some on your stance on here take a scraper

    pastor stamp
    make sure you cover every little Baldinger
    and just peeled back missed something
    next to show you how to use the floor of them fly on the Hollywood glamour thing
    first we're gonna make it makes a are picking shell for it to start out with
    the black piping gel
    and put them in our big and we're gonna need to add
    some coal black without me eighty per black
    never gonna pyres them
    again use just some dot the buttercream
    on the stump saw just help but to stay
    on our cake and just push it against the cake
    re-take are big black and are
    and this is going to be quite liquidy so be kinda careful
    and you just wanna and from piping gel
    understandable and take your scraper
    starting one side and Mahmoud
    and cue after them
    even if you missed a spot just take your baking fill it in a little
    both companies today are available in an assortment pack
    allowing you to create many different designs that all pardon me
    the samples can be used for more than just wedding cake be creative
    the possibilities are endless for more wedding cake design
    visit our website at deco PAC dot com *** *** How to Stencil a Cake - YouTube !!! *** ***

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