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-gumpaste (polymer clay) bacon tutorial , , , , -bacon, chops, poultry, gumpaste (polymer clay) bacon tutorial how to make

gumpaste (polymer clay) bacon tutorial how to make

    -gumpaste (polymer clay) bacon tutorial , , , , -bacon, chops, poultry,

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    How to make Gummy Worms Jello Worms - YouTube !!!
    hi everyone this fellow felony
    hear from one to grow want to share with you guys our
    latest experiment well
    actually families from its something more fun things that we're making
    eat and they are what are we making night
    silhouette Joe
    yeah yes so
    things that you need are case yes

    out of packages %uh the rest original
    I process
    which came out a little too expensive by to
    I'm site I
    to keep out young leader were thinking of putting the worms
    in some chocolate cake so we're gonna and will give it to dad
    and how when he picks up its upcoming in Turkey
    worms are Hannah lie
    like looking that okay anyway annual me
    package up yeah unflavored gelatin this to you
    small packets and thus far of you solve it
    this will help with making the workers more surface moment
    he consistency and know me speak or
    quarter cup I love had free if you cannot have the his
    non-dairy creamer so this will meet there were
    get worms that colony cloudy ish color
    pickups up water that you'll be boiling
    and funny can the
    gelatin with hot water
    and the
    you will see guys some distrust

    up the seven possible strong in the coming two hundred
    dollar anyone outs
    that way me that you'll get the
    which look from the or the worst you'll be
    putting them and is one leader site carton
    up milk word you have it is kinda 35.1 leader Saif
    because they fit right in the air perfectly just like that
    ok one more thing your you'll be forty drops of green food coloring into your
    I'm jello mixture some yep so what's in them now
    and vision fit snugly
    in this card here and will be praying for the extra in there
    and that will help form the warmth and
    after with them find extraneous think
    fridge until worse firming up
    fo so what you're doing is you're gonna be balling it make up some water
    and you'll be combining the Joannie the athlete
    resulted in the fall you'll be part of the world water into the bowl
    and you're mixing together along with three quarter cup up there
    will be cream or heavy cream or whatever
    murder Monday fiction week tell the
    that jello mixture here
    is lukewarm though at the have a queen
    when it's hot so we're at combined
    together and
    misplace stuff that mean for comes with it
    use the land will and that's what kinda for help
    green more
    summit use them seven times
    here should fill up the straws all the way
    hopefully we have enough to Fulham
    slander with longer were and let this
    in here for these
    said maybe half an hour to an hour
    maybe longer we'll see you serve them
    right you all right with this and that which
    worms me
    okay so it's been about two hours
    and we ended up ripping off the
    not carton so we have the Samsung mass right now
    we're going to run it under warm water and the
    tell warm smile should flip out easily strong so
    make sure you write your own Easter under warm running water
    and after you do that you can't that gently squeeze
    the general worms and strong sleep
    you know one thing and
    we forget to do is when you're putting your strongest in the
    milk are you wanna plan upside down so that way this cavity
    weirdo very being part is look at phil with that on
    chill the mixture that we have more but one look so I wasn't really a look like
    def reforms actually these are pretty close so what we're doing here is that
    this week I love me
    so much with a turkey and
    so we just gotta pry crush them chocolate are you a cookie on top
    as you can see in the kids are just happy enough with
    worms yep %um
    so worried
    after you don't have enough guys lights hunt
    me what do you do with a pie
    in the worms well eat them okay

    I just went
    from came ball
    Casey by
    hell *** *** How to Make Jello Worms - YouTube !!! English English
    So I've been seeing these jello worms more and more since Halloween is approaching. I've
    never made them before and I really wanted to try it out because they look like a fun
    gross halloween treat.
    I noticed there are a lot of variations to this recipe out there.
    In this video, I'll show you my process and how I went about making jello worms.
    You can find the original recipe I was inspired by in the description below, but I did end
    up making some changes to it along the way. I will also include some tips that would have
    been helpful to know when making these the first time around.
    Here is a list of ingredients and supplies. You can also find this in the description
    First prepare the straws. If they come in a bag, cut the top off and save the bottom.
    Or you can use a regular small plastic baggie.
    This brings me to my first tip. Make sure your bag doesn't have a hole in it! I later
    found my bag had a hole in it, the mixture leaked all over and I had to patch the hole.
    Next step is to extend the bendable part on all of the straws.
    Now add a rubber band to the end opposite of the bendy parts. This will be the top.
    I used a cup to hold them all together.
    Put the bended ends in the bag. And add a rubber band around the bottom.
    Then put the top rubber band over the top of the bag.
    My second tip is to add an extra rubber band near the top of the straws. I didn't do this
    and I think it would help to keep the straws closer together when you pour the mixture
    Then add the straws to a slim container with a flat bottom. I'm using this large cup.
    Set that aside, and now make the jello mixture.
    In a large bowl, combine the 6 oz of flavored jello. I'm using orange but you can use any
    flavor you want.
    Then add
    oz of unflavored gelatin. You can find this in the same section you find
    the jello in the grocery store.
    These come in
    oz packets, so I'm using three of them. This helps to make the worms
    thicker and a little less fragile.
    Then add 3 cups of boiling water, and stir until all the gelatin has dissolved.
    Then stir in
    cup of whipping cream. This will add some opaque parts to the worms.
    If you want to make your worms brown or another color, you can add food color.
    I kept it simple and just went with the orange from the jello.
    Next, pour the mixture into the straws. I'm doing this over the sink because there will
    most likely be spills.
    Then put the straws in the fridge for
    When you take it out of the fridge, it will look something like this.
    Now comes the messy part, which brings me to my next tip. Have some paper towels on
    hand. I was not expecting this project to be so messy, but I'll be honest, it is. So
    be prepared.
    Work the straws out of the container. I used a butter knife to loosen it. Remove all the
    rubber bands and bag. I have extra Saran wrap on mine because I had to patch a hole in the
    You can cut off the plastic if you need to. Then you'll have this lovely messy brick of
    Now take a straw, and squeeze out the worm. This part can be messy too, I ended up flinging
    jello bits around my kitchen and I have no idea where they landed...
    If you have trouble holding onto the straw, try a pair of pliers or paper towel for a
    better grip.
    Then continue getting out the rest of the worms.
    straws is a lot for one person,
    so it's good to have helpers for this part.
    If you see the worms looking kind of melted, put the straw back in the fridge for at least

    minutes and then continue.
    After all that, you will have a bit of a mess, and a whole lot of jello worms.
    Keep them in the fridge until they are ready to serve.
    I ended up making another batch of cherry to mix in.
    I hope you found this video helpful. These are actually pretty tasty, and they make fun
    gross looking treats for Halloween. Though they can be messy to make, it's a good activity
    for kids too.
    If you have tried making these, feel free to share your experience, tips or suggestions
    in the comments below.
    And don't forget to check out my Halloween playlist on my channel.
    For more tutorials, be sure to subscribe and check out my channel. To learn how to make
    slime, check out the video to the left. For a creepy pumpkin tutorial, see the video to
    the right. You can find the direct links and more listed in the about section below. *** *** DIY Jello Worms, Corinne VS Pin #3 - YouTube !!! English English Spanish (Latin America) Add subtitles/CC
    What up Internet? Corinne here, and you're watching Corinne vs. Pin.
    Charlotte Brookes commented on my last video saying that we should make gummy worms
    based on this pin. Pin-O-Meter, what do you think?
    Cowabunga. But what if I were to tell you that I discovered two other pins
    using totally different techniques and ingredients but using the same final product picture
    as the first one?
    Bullshit. I shall do all three pins and then we will see who is the one true pin.
    The first pin says to pack straws into a cup and secure them with a rubber band.
    Pour in jelly carefully. PS, JELL-O is a brand name of a thing that many other countries
    outside of the United States refer to as jelly—a little knowledge there.
    Next the pin says once jelly has set, rinse with some warm water to release the worms from their straws.
    I'm going to go ahead and tell you right now that that [beep] is not going to work.
    The best method I found for removing them is with a rolling pin using lots of pressure.
    Excess water is going to destroy these little guys. They pretty much fall apart at the touch.
    I also found that putting some parchment paper down before rolling them out and also wiping the straws down
    with a clean towel really helped the process, but even then they still didn't stay together very long.
    Pin number two calls for less water to be mixed with the JELL-O, which theoretically would help
    but this method of placing straws in the JELL-O is just [beep] ridiculous.
    I mean, come on. The straws float in the JELLO.
    You'll float too!
    You have to spend a bunch of time squeezing the air out of them whilst filling them with liquid,
    also dyeing your hands up at the same time because you forgot to wear gloves.
    Long story short—this method also doesn't work.
    Upon further research of pin three, I found what I believe to be the original post that this here final shot is from
    on Instructables. The original recipe calls for heavy whipping cream—where was that before? I don't know—
    two packs of JELL-O for a total of
    cup less of water than what the JELL-O recipe
    usually calls for, and in the comments section people were confused about how much unflavored gelatin
    they should add. There were others who said that they used all four envelopes within this package
    and it worked for them, so that's what I'm going to do. This post also explains the mystery
    behind the two colors in the worms. After the liquid cools, you're supposed to add
    cup of heavy cream.
    Duh, mine curdled right away, and it was really gross and it smelled kind of like warm dairy.
    But whatever. I stirred it up and into the milk carton straw holder thingy it went.
    I let them set in the fridge for about
    I got some pretty awesome-looking worms.
    - I got worms. - The author of the original post not only recommends
    eating these little worms but putting them in a bowl in the fridge to scare housemates.
    The amount of gelatin that is in these things is pretty scary. They don't really taste like anything.
    But Rob and I seriously watch so many scary movies that a little bowl of worms ain't going to do [beep].
    And since I had this extra box of JELL-O, I decided to go for a classic.
    Have you seen my sunglasses?
    Can you go check in the room?
    I'm going to go check in the car.
    Have you seen my keys?
    All right, I can't find my keys or my sunglasses.
    Oh come the [beep] on. Really?
    [laughs] *** ***