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    🔴 Iron Fence Panel Build and Finial Spear Jig - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    hey guys as we gonna show you how long the other an article in Spanish
    and shame agenda on a county will he saw
    them could get so here's a chicken and a tell me well he's on
    tomorrow rails and I'll show each whole car
    but here's what it looks like right here
    in the way it works is
    this particular finial here where you
    has a square edge
    and so what I thought I would do is to
    bill these brackets to can help it stays straight
    and then in with the rest have been here just like that
    was that she will be to play such a fun this
    an shit squares the problem I have found with the
    is that each one is just slightly different
    well you know English trader said they are going to have their own little shade
    too long
    but you try to find the edges that'll help it and look reasonably straight we
    welded on
    and she disliked this
    part of inside and I would
    tack welded on all the corners I can get to
    call it out for a bit and then tack on the fact that
    you want to have all the four corners tact then it should keep this from
    and I was just trying to be on every upsets at
    and then I'm headed to police straight so you can take this out
    anoche hell this is have to do is put together so
    it's a little bit over kinda create a contraction
    but the idea here years
    wanted to bring this part up
    when I had this in here moment to tell
    to get thousands but that his
    fairly flush in there CLS
    pentagon just like that
    and I had to make this little her part here which is basically just
    hi split and I had to put these in here just
    whole ball up there are certain high so
    so the ball is in line where
    metallo the rail
    insiders yeah
    up put two pipes together third
    to this court is because I wanted to be able to run it
    when this is run off the edge it bounces off on that side at the same lack
    and then up here
    I've got these pieces
    so when I put the railing
    it just fits down there just like that
    so I keeps the rail from twisting it's a nice and straight
    kinda back lacing soon look like
    getting to know that is what
    that look like so again what I would do is have a discotheque here
    tech here Capitec down there
    at pull it out no but attack on my back corner
    and what I have all the four corners tax and run at the
    on every office it's at track distribute the heat as best as I can
    the gas on way to go in
    techies on and I'll show you each step of the way gone through
    innovation leaders have this real
    plan to sell it as shit any
    she's an ex caution
    overnight tax all the corner and will not
    radio for sale in here
    not previous text in the world but it slams down one is closest to the search
    that I can do
    without tech that get one in this corner
    and a cat
    down there
    and I'm Davis and then
    equipment in the know for the last act on the back side
    come up with the next time
    a mission
    ran to be a dome
    I corners UCLA's wanna taxed in
    no cannot be the greatest so may also tell you should have
    if your gonna well in a confined space heard Roger something
    I've got a fan blowing in the other room which is
    making the air Brea to the outside
    so you want to be extra careful one you only have two brini the team to come out
    when your welding metal like this
    is extremely important for you to have a well-ventilated area
    because it's
    really that for you to lecture and well
    the same
    does so yeah when done
    when he goes on
    well he's not she
    and and
    and together
    entice platter it's not
    this spy
    by the way has you

    this good
    alright gasoli everything welded up
    and now organizational is put all the pieces
    into the kid and um
    aldactone learn together
    his penalty
    long time yeah

    rails and the
    just between Israel just around three inches and reporters ish
    I know here so on
    Center see here
    yes %uh

    so yen anarchy mckinney
    your house can be further are four engines
    for safety reasons is on the minds a little is mars
    or not
    well video
    here you know
    do make sure that the horizontal rails
    arthritis and are the Israeli accent and any use
    on the ends tough-guy yeah
    Farley & Sathers does
    and it is by and this are right here
    I P and yeah
    down with them and not one damn fun
    K so
    will start on here as you can see got all those
    burn up against this is jocelyn him
    top horizontal rails
    there you go
    there's one bracket
    itself in a separate those sorry filmed all shaky here
    and their and as the other bracket right here
    and that's what's keeping a distance and then this bar here
    what you but that owns into that
    so that tells you your distant and this is
    for each one of these rails up top is
    and the first trail starts
    probably about the same all looks like a little bit
    three quarters in with that the three inches

    look at it from this angle
    know I am to come down here are saying this for a week I should have known
    on Jan last time so got the Saltair
    you're just gonna to stop so I know how weird but that and here
    just like that an attack welcome
    all the way down enough but this little bracket here
    to pull that in
    got Cup
    so there you go man is one complete fence panel
    done all I have to do now just pull this off
    in texan to people you know
    the year year attend
    in don't all
    home in wooden
    hand home don't
    on home
    button honest
    by did how
    didn't too much on did old
    'em I'm in *** *** How to Build a Wrought Iron Fence : Welding & Fence Costs - YouTube !!! English English
    On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Terry, and I'm here to tell you today about building
    a wrought iron fence. Okay, we're going to talk a little bit about cost. Cost can run
    at..We're going to talk about individual materials first, and then we'll get in to the prices
    per say. When you go to picking your picketts out, if you don't want just plain picketts,
    this is a basket with like a four bar, a round bar welded together. That will run you about
    six bucks a piece. This is steel that has been pounded and forbs in a forge. Those run
    about eight bucks a piece and there's various types as you can see that you can order out
    of any king metal catalog. This is one that we did ourselves and after we make them, we
    add up the cost, and it's basically about what it would cost you if you bought if from
    the manufacturer. This one, we did in a forbs ourselves. We twisted it in a vice. Those
    run about four bucks a piece. There's nothing extravagant to it. Then this one here you
    buy the collar and you put it one the flat stock itself. The collar's about a dollar
    twenty-five, and this piece of square stock runs about ninety-five cents a foot. So you've
    got four feet there, so you're talking six buck, six or seven bucks. This is another
    pickett you can buy. It's call a belly pickett, because it has a belly like this. You can
    turn it to where it's facing out, or you can turn it to where you get your design like
    this. Either way, there's many ways to put it. So then when we're talking about material
    for your bottom rail, your middle rail, or your top rail, which we call the hand rail,
    we use this two by one. It runs roughly about a dollar and a quarter to a dollar fifty a
    foot, depending on, you know, shipping and transportation prices and all that. What we
    use for the pickett is a three quarter inch piece of tubing, that is, it's light gauge,
    it's about seventy-five dollars a stick. It runs seventy-five cents a foot. We used one
    inch here on the bottom for the bottom rail and it runs about ninety-five cents a foot.
    So when you get all that figured in, with time and labor, and materials, you're talking,
    this rail here, just the picketts without the vines would run you somewhere around fifty,
    fifty dollars a foot, with the vines because they're forbs and hammered. With the vines
    and everything together would run you approximately about eighty-five to ninety dollars a foot,
    and that's linear feet. *** *** Aluminum and wrought iron fence installation - YouTube !!!
    yea well min pak same type as
    wrought-iron museum now
    phone here by uses
    band postponing you make it home
    you need to use with a few
    bonds examined his wife going to post
    was this is arm the both for the key
    which has are of on one side were ongoing
    with a section of friends on the fund's and are
    another site will we used for the game so I can spew
    be just we going to put them into the concrete
    we use the thundershower would freeze
    out from home before just add a little water there
    and makes it by the mixer we use three quarters the one bag
    in each hole me
    which will %uh the whole was a concrete
    just within the intake
    the to the ground level okay
    and now I need to set a post
    of Mikey

    teaches so I need to add three-quarter well
    would you like to read my review see where

    and a half his an important both
    alright I need to check my level
    if everything is fine alright
    okay okay we've got peace
    unisex I'm going to
    needed once I feel you in the
    of withheld
    making are see how much call
    remarks your
    and fall
    I'm going to use a simple are also
    got it its aluminum so it got what
    got only I
    right now is how this pizza
    here and want me to do speed
    you I
    I a special screws for the model
    alright this is how it looks now so we got all panels installed
    same way here here and here
    well this space here well we're going to put a gate tomorrow
    are we here again
    and now we going to install gave we have
    peace for free wine be

    specially made for he's free and
    here a KO girl
    injures analyze
    okay now we going to installing this he is not
    adjustables is
    one were them by
    I need a little bit more song
    I miss
    alright number was is secure and
    who can screw another one on same distance
    now to put in the game I
    you well
    and same at the bottom sheesh
    I you
    which ok
    ready and we can
    you *** *** Wrought Iron Fence DIY Installation - YouTube !!! *** *** How to Build a Wrought Iron Fence : Gate Patterns When Building a Wrought Iron Fence - YouTube !!! English English
    On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Terry and I'm here to tell you today about building
    a wrought iron fence. What we have here is a particular customer, had a specific need
    in mind. They had a retaining wall. In the state that we're in, the code is thirty-four
    to thirty-eight inches. Here we've made it thirty because we have a six inch retaining
    wall that it's going to mount on. It will be place welded here on the bottom for mounting.
    This piece down here is just to keep our distance equal, so we can build our vines in here.
    This will be cut off, and there'll be clips welded on where this will be bolted into the
    wall, for the pillars on the deck. The picketts here, they're set up on a three blank pattern.
    You have three that are uniform then you have a blank, three uniform, three that are blank.
    You can do it four, five, or whatever. Most codes, the widest you can be, like for instance,
    in our state it's four inches, so I'm sure this was a three and a half, yeah, we went
    with three and a half on this one. The reason why we do that is for infants and children
    can get their heads between there. So most codes are already set in your state, whatever
    governs, whether it's city or county codes, or whatever. So, you can do anything inside
    it as long as you don't exceed the four inches. So here what we did, instead of just making
    a blank, a blank, then we added another pickett to give it some kind of style. A lot of people
    call this wrought iron. This part is more the wrought iron part, but to make it lighter
    and use less material, we use the hollow, square tubing, and you get the same effect.
    On this particular rail, they wanted a foliage pattern. Since the house was out in the country,
    they wanted some leaves to match the background. So what we did was just take a leaf off one
    of the trees, and you take a branch and you can form your metal to almost match that particular
    tree or foliage that they have, whether it be a grapevine, or an apple tree, or Bradford
    pear tree, or whatever it is. In this case, these were Bradford pear leaves, and they
    all started out flat metal. We cut them out individually, and then you just pound them
    out with a hammer. *** *** How to Build a Wrought Iron Fence : Good Welding Techniques for A Wrought Iron Fence - YouTube !!! English English
    On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Terry, and I'm here to tell you today about building
    a wrought iron fence. Okay I laid some samples of some beads down. Obviously this is a nice
    looking bead. That's not a nice so good looking bead, and that's not a not so nice good looking
    bead either. The way I achieved this one was, I started here and I ended here. You can see
    the flow. It's a horseshoe effect, or a stack nickel, is what they like to call it. The
    way I got that was if you lay your tip in at a forty-five degree angle you'll get a
    little higher weld. I could get that effect but I laid mine down as to push the weld so
    that it was flat. When you preheat your metal, it lets the met, when you preheat your metal
    up here, it lets it lay in a lot better. So when you're welding, what it is, I came in
    and then I came back and looped it around, came in, heated it up, and looped it back
    around. It's a very fast motion though. Some people horseshoe back and forth. When you're
    laying horizontal you just want to kind of overlap. You go in, and you come back and
    heat it back around. Now this bead here, obviously I laid too much, I laid too much metal on
    the bottom piece, and it shows. This is a solid bar, this is hollow. This is a hollow
    piece of tubing. So the reason why I wanted to lay it here is because it takes longer
    for this to heat up and stick than it does this. But I also showed you that I laid too
    much, so I wanted to actually come in right about here so that when I laid my metal, when
    it stuck over here, it would be even, as I did here. Here is an example of coming too
    far onto this piece of metal and not getting enough over here on this metal. Neither one
    of those welds are good enough to hold. This one obviously is. *** *** Custom Wrought Iron Railings Fabrication Raleigh NC - YouTube !!!
    I a my name is valuable
    sexy a pic running
    and I let you know my job
    and i'm looking late yet you know lo and behold
    work game
    what we do here following
    the you know just to have something that might be a lightning
    you somewhere
    some homework now they were too
    we make families all his family's

    will personally might and something that we have to plan
    would it be
    the late
    the money years ago as the that we
    the existing one let me to what what
    you know with my something but you know what we are what we planned was
    is not identical
    I know is going to be on the table but
    campaign the you know filling up out that way
    for the whole thing everything is going people
    money at money might want to have
    this we have people thing
    here this label
    and the schoolwork them
    we have a newer post that the for like two
    you know some nice weeks here both sides
    I so I think think that
    helping me with the idea what the
    up for the measurement here
    wanna make you might have to be very very actor
    that we do here running
    the notion of
    I think it might they will and %uh through the resigned at least know
    label and was that when he's more lever
    the actual going to be land people
    through all the lines the thing
    up then was not win the war
    that we thank you
    is going to be through the final exam I kinda sketch
    everything begin with
    and then I'll try to pull everything
    you have to have on the table
    basically just like you know
    although a little dreaming molding problems everything that he's dead
    has to be on the table before you know it you know
    to make everything fit
    I like
    and then working on the book definitely make about me and
    you know seven of them and make sure they will be No
    have that you know
    but a how unless you know how about we play
    that with home happened
    with me you know and other gonna be here
    them performance home
    I i think is in fact you like it
    something on all not and level
    running square far solid
    everything in really good solid Miley and our team on
    the the with that win me and the on this particular one time we use the
    look there was one gonna be up
    and then use it is simply because i won the people being very
    you know many here you know the one place I go on the would be
    with much have keeping what i've landed at least this home way to do it
    my her police that I
    you myself by hand
    you know very heavy all a
    I want you to school
    out stuff ski idea that I
    March death sleep how we doing
    they I think that earlier this month its
    its alright sold passengers
    of usable I love it

    damn for the other half and that he had only
    how it went cool and it happened please the other way
    what I thought the know that happens when spell
    my delivery slow
    place now with Green who within the other way
    its where everything is working in lined up
    that's slight I think this is it
    and for the not put it down and we have three more
    my a this a always this way
    like specifically the beautiful very
    you know that if the sales answer
    I know my customers sweet like it

    bridges I like it space
    she had all these fortunes chapter
    some files up to
    with was on the cover
    slow while
    is what he got
    on this whole thing they would have to be more school sir
    or was there facing the sea Ross I
    make this with little live bigger moral poor decisions is
    scale where on the back range
    of valuations slowly
    of school
    house with Google+ warm
    like this Swingle being a and that were those
    invasion nice
    slow you
    from from
    can make the file smaller my you can
    I what happened you know with school
    my please
    and no I'm this time
    I have making that we know
    and I when the without me
    rain I only that
    the up double event
    had main
    this and I'm going back you know
    lying you know
    remain intact
    by on
    like the the Minutemen
    by on
    school and you need when school
    it was I
    alright taking shape
    the score
    almost adjustment
    so I have you hear this much going
    for you know we have you know or someone you know the other schools and
    shake them and put them together and a fool
    that way this know the word is that you know now we have of
    where likens man
    thank you
    I love it i think is coming
    miss him
    clothing today
    we have left the swelling and
    the time
    up mechanism me
    ninety up
    Sewing Machine Co
    with live
    reading is before crashing
    selectable for
    for me this particular one with me
    back home
    spam make another one like that
    shoes the
    the zip
    getting ready to leave them
    my website
    my company night
    my life
    thanks very much *** *** 🔴 Iron Fence Jig - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    okay yes it does is juneau not only my father's
    iron fence and is basically just
    enable wireless at GPC well neither side with the table
    that is European lane and I got the
    answers here to help make sure that she is actually straight sellout paul Vance
    panel all from a kid CAS panel that
    straight and integrate thing about this concept is that
    every single panel was always been at home now perfectly straight all have the
    takes a lot of guesswork at a yes
    facing a different iran also are always going to be
    exactly say many wontons liked her hand as a lot of times
    but from the sparse not to mention this year and a
    rails her a reply Park
    I social strata about
    min strap
    and just basically come down the same way
    well no I'm really here
    most okay guess so here you can actually see
    at least half their welded on
    they're all gonna be the same been saying this too far
    in his down the entire rail defense
    me back housing and a C-one and Hannah concept here and they all on MSNBC
    that whole gonna wanna with at all
    and it's going to be squarely table so when I put it together %uh nature these
    corner were square so when a
    put together and panel it's always gonna be straight and so
    basically just this one a inch-thick strap it occurred
    and I used it on my I
    advance all and I have a bracket
    mantle's right behind me and I have a bracket right here that I can adjust
    and so I just when it cuts
    and but a the a strap to that
    and I when they're always going to be the exact same like the tunnel hacked
    to think about and secondly you know
    there there'll be no variation between going to so here's another system it
    used to get steal if you don't have a bandsaw
    by wanna be's were here
    and this is and a smaller version up and solve that is from Milwaukee
    and there's other other one other manufactures like the wall
    has one on the key to and so
    this stand right hears from
    a swag of road you know
    I'll close to link for these things are
    underneath the links below and they work really well
    so this will actually turn cut the metal and then you can just
    users table top and this candle light on here so we really nice
    missed shots like this and countrymen lurching into
    you can literally sinead so when I first started
    putting this together put on
    the first tab and a major a bill
    a bill this part here and
    that part there to make perimeter at the g
    and then once I did that I came back and how well did this on
    in Ballwin on down there and then to make sure that they were square
    I went ahead and put I just paid one of these rails in there
    and I just put this up to that not to die cuz
    what you start well known this thing in your your fence panel rails are going to
    shift a little bit the
    on that they could tell there so little to the slack in there
    to hear that and so
    somebody's actually happened teeny tiny got a ground down
    and you don't you'll find out which ones are given problem when she starts travel
    back all
    after you make it but I just basically that process unfolded
    up all the way down until a hand
    AP to the distance between there
    and that point down there is
    eight feet because it's going to be an
    the way this is put together you'll see
    I have bolted together right now
    but there's apart right here where I can
    put it up appall
    for it all together actually the sad over here
    as the way they gave us when I bolted I don't need this year
    think that of actually put on the end here like I've got down there
    this began on its way round table because when you start to take the fence
    panel of
    you know that you don't want this thing to be eliminated and so everywhere I've
    power rail her ass reinforcement Park
    right here see there's a there's a whole on the back Sat
    I could just pull together
    so the reason I didn't welded together cuz that
    I didn't want this to be permanent on my table so I can actually take this apart
    in and store company not willing table so that's
    but that cassettes conspiracy expect that their
    guess as prime
    gauge maybe
    so I'll go ahead and I'm
    completely put together the fence jake and then come back and show your
    outlooks and I'll explain
    what these are poor when I do that our gas so here's the g
    and at this park down here's where the bottom rails were sticking out
    and over here is where the top offense
    would hit so actually you know
    got got the frame-up Jake
    to make your pants belt pulley charade per square
    but then hours have a problem with making sure that the top of the
    and where in line
    so I added this part here not countenance
    looks a little break but there's some thoughts on this process in london metal
    that are used on this except for the
    and a learner was just sector scraps it only cost me anything to help us
    so I am this part here's actually adjustable
    gonna get going on here and you can see the holes
    and down below there's these screwed
    so I can actually slot this up and down depending on how high up I want my fans
    I am beers on the top
    so let me get one and all just gonna show you how how this thing works
    KS anatomy actually happens
    GA really together and we'll walk you through how
    but the up as rails
    injures kid to get or use but a little
    are yard so
    you're going to hear real long
    leaders a just she was shot
    has one another's pain all in place before %uh
    put it up
    gonna do not want in Reno concert is on african beauty which is
    hi the grass grow in an downtrend was up to a
    hi blow your cities and counties laughter
    or missus rain here the entire city solomon et Mon
    with behind well
    begun to the city well I am so
    he just Dutta been almost completely out
    in this has
    slots any
    gonna love is a
    choose part here that
    in an hour later all gonna be online tonight at
    we look into those lines perfectly straight
    to discuss their yeah
    a hassle ask your
    did after you know here this realm
    solid UGA just at your home
    %uh up in israel's switcher most your it's going well and his knees in Seoul
    keno where strain well here
    that have little panel yeah the little tangential see
    and this is the help make sure that these rails straight
    they're always going to be in the same place don't
    top you know that monitors at

    and he'll take the second one you know
    and of and use tax well
    each in Rails this known in one minute long long bond
    gas and water this at bottom years ago on the panel and I i own a similar setup
    that would
    in just because the heat allowing end up working
    and did
    in in can didn't
    on in did
    dang when
    in in hey guys thanks for watching my video on a well-engineered
    stay tuned because soon you're gonna see me naked has panel
    on this very same thing right here and solemn
    from various test shake my head and heart health comes out
    also I'm gonna change it happen a here to make sure that you get the spheres on
    care industry because we're not non-expert I have it on
    happen came out a little prince on energy and it worked out very well not
    not right now
    cell %uh as always thank you cases crowd comes up
    leave a comment and say
    damn *** *** How to Build a Wrought Iron Fence : Power Tools for A Wrought Iron Fence - YouTube !!! English English
    On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Terry, and I'm here to tell you today about building
    a wrought iron fence. This particular machine is one of the tools that we use that creates
    our arches. We don't really do tight bends, that's gradual arches or degrees in our material
    to give it that, to give it a sweep up or down, whether it be hand rail or gates. Depending
    on the size, on the width of your tubing or your flat iron, you adjust it here. It feeds
    through the top of this roller and this is where you get your degree of bend, how far
    you run the middle roller up or down. Of course it has guides here on the side so it doesn't
    get all wobbly, but that's one that we use a lot, any time you see a degree of a roll,
    that's the easiest way to do it with power. We use a mig welder in the fabrication of
    the gates, hand rail, or the fencing, simply because it's fast, it's economical, and it
    lays a pretty clean feed. We mainly use it for the outdoor stuff. For the indoor projects
    we usually use a tape welder because you get a little more intricate, cleaner weld, because
    of course the details are going to be seen a little more up close. So anyway this is
    one of the welders that we use in the fabrication of wrought iron gates and fences. *** *** How to Build a Wrought Iron Fence : Designing A Wrought Iron Fence - YouTube !!! English English
    On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Terry, and I'm here to tell you today about building
    a wrought iron fence. Once your customer is established, you want to kind of find out
    what they want to do as far as decor around their home or business, what they're looking
    for so you can kind of get a design in mind. If they really don't know where they want
    to go, there's a lot of catalogs. This is a king catalog, which has basically almost
    every wrought iron design made. You don't have to stick to designs that they have in
    the book, you can, once you order, like say this design here, you can cut it in half if
    you'd like, and install it in a gate. You don't have to stick to that design. We had
    a lady one time, the design she picked in the book after we got it installed looked
    like an alien to her, so we had to cut it up and redesign it a little bit. You can get
    scrolls and things like this. We do a lot of this with our blacksmithing too, if there's
    something that can't be ordered, or has to be back ordered. So that's usually when you
    go to that. You can keep your design simple, as we have here. This was an indoor hand rail,
    or you can make it complex. Every little thing in here you can order out of this catalog
    or you can build on your own out of whatever materials you have. It just basically depends
    on what the customer wants and what their budget is around. If money's no object you
    can get as intricate as you want. But, you know, if you're wanting to keep it simple,
    of course, that costs less. Simple, it's going to cost you anywhere from sixty-five dollars
    a foot to complex, we've made hand railing gates as much as three hundred eighty-five
    dollars a foot. So it's basically up to the customer, their budget, and their needs. *** *** How to Build a Wrought Iron Fence : Uphill & Downhill Welding on a Wrought Iron Fence - YouTube !!! English English
    On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Terry, and I'm here to tell you today about building
    a wrought iron fence. Here I'm going to show you two types of welding, downhill, and uphill.
    Uphill is usually done for strength. Downhill is not as strong, but it's faster, and if
    you're working on thinner material, then you don't burn in quite as long, and you can lay
    a bead much quicker. Going uphill you have to move it a lot faster. Right now I'm going
    to show you downhill though. Making in a circular motion while you're going down. No need to
    preheat because the bead wants to go ahead of you anyway. Okay, I kept my nozzle pointed
    up because I'm trying to push that up to keep it from going down. If I was to go down, it
    would obviously lay in a lot less material. You wouldn't have near as much material laying
    in there. So your nozzle wants to go up at a forty-five degree. I'm ambidextrous so I
    can weld with either hand, upside down. Some people, this just feels really weird. They
    think they have to get in here and go like this. Well obviously things are in my way
    so you have to be adaptable to where you can weld in any position. That's a downhill weld.
    Now I'm going to go with uphill weld. On an uphill weld you also want to do the horseshoe
    effect, or you can do the zero effect. Now, the weld's not going to look like this. It's
    going to be high in the center because you're going to be passing over the same place twice
    and it just, it lays in more material. But you have to move faster. If you point your
    nozzle upward, like I did the first time, see how fast I'm moving the nozzle, I'm having
    to really stay going. It's not too bad of a weld. Let me touch on cleaning real quick.
    Keeping your nozzle clean, and free of what we call dill berries or dingle berries, won't
    ground out your nozzle, won't ground out your cone to your wire tip. See, much better looking
    weld. Now what would happen if I was pointing down and trying to follow it up? It would
    ground out way too much, it would look like a bit old bugger on there. See how it's mounted
    up in the middle? It's virtually flat. That's what the mig weld would do. Stick welding
    is a little more, is a little more complicated, of course because you have to work your rod
    back and forth. With a mig welder that's all you need for building a basic project. *** *** How to Paint a Wrought Iron Fence with Sean Buino - YouTube !!!
    all right john when you said you're taking me out to the bars today
    I had some totally different in mind these are the buyer's today's project
    is restoring a ride I in fact overtime
    the roster yet flaky they look dingy they just don't pop anymore
    okay but you can't just pain it like you do a wall in your house there's a few
    steps but you have to take
    in order to do it correctly 3 gave me some pretty
    unattractive gloves water from the other supplies we need to get started on it
    I've brought a few different tools to prop the fans
    are brought about
    different options at home
    you may only have to use one or two about but i wanna show you a few
    different options to use today
    looks like we're doing a lot of prepping before we get to the painting
    for the prep work will use a mic sponges a rigid bristle brush
    Lynn free paper towels in steel wall we've got safety gear in a large tarp on
    hand to
    all those tools are great but I brought a power tool with us today as well that
    more like my feet it's a power drill with a wire brush attach all their your
    let's start out with the drill
    in order to process fans for pain we want to get any this loose rust
    of in this wire brush is going to be perfect for that we're not doing a
    complete stripping up the spans
    this is just propping it to get ready for primer
    charge starts us off any no time the rust is flying off the fence
    after seeing the prone action it's time for me to get to work
    now on to another prep tool
    let's try out using a rigid wire brush now most these brushes
    will have a rigid scraper on the back and this is going to be great to use and
    a detailed the fans
    just like this I East this project exactly
    easy on the ears but at least all that's great team works
    lose faith is coming off so go ahead and flip over to use the brussel side
    to get these verticals
    try to steal Walters take a tantrum it right there
    and this is going to help get all the small detail parts that the brush can
    my arm
    it's getting a workout I'm happy when Sean says we only have one more sending
    to all the prep this pens for pain
    okay right I brought the sanding sponges we can hit his vertical posts one more
    time before we get going on the prime
    by once the fences Priya flaking paint
    the breed we what he read our would lead free paper towel so we have a smooth
    metal surface
    if you only have one tool available to proper paint the steel walls in the go a
    lot further
    but it was fun you can add row behind a good time now in our offense is looking
    its timing get out our painting supplies just started the project
    will need red metal primer wrought iron painted
    a paint tray and roller and a paintbrush we wipe down
    all appeared to bring ready to put our red metal primer on
    now why is that red metal primer the properties a primer that formulated firm
    at all
    give it their red tall I'm going to let you use a brush
    from a small detailed areas I'm going to use this roller
    for the rest of the bands painting a metal fence isn't quite as easy as
    painting a wall
    just so many nooks and crannies the cover Shahn suggest taking your time
    and apply thin coats to avoid rips free a lot this dryer for about an hour
    before we touch it okay at that point we may have to touch up the primer
    and if we do that we're gonna touch top let it dry again
    and they go have put the finished product okay but i wanna take you to a
    section of the fans
    that's been propped it's been primed and we've got one ice coated black paint on
    and i wanna show you how to finish it off so you tellin everybody you've
    already done the work for me
    why we love you okay Ryan this is a small section the fans
    we're gonna put the final code on right now now you said wrought iron pink you
    wouldn't want to use
    regular pain outside on this house painters for houses
    interior painters for interiors this type of paint is formulated
    firm at all that's going to be outside alright Arthur pain
    we get the final coat on this section at the fence let it dry
    in touch a penny mysterious we only tackled a small portion today
    so if you're painting your entire fence this project could take you all weekend
    the good news is most fences only need this be I P treatment every three to
    five years
    any what only set you back about 75 bucks and supplies
    arch on thanks a lot I tell you what I'm done with these kinda bars
    maybe I can get this guy to go buy me a beverage etc Mike at a bar
    let's do it *** *** Welding a wrought iron gate by Mr. Energy - YouTube !!!
    iron gate today I've got the basic frame
    it is
    said by
    inches high I'm you can see
    the top piece here is my undercut I
    well that this already I am
    and this is the the top rail here
    the bottom is just a
    cut um so this will be
    well that flush their com
    I'm just a finishing the frame right now
    and then the next day I'm going to do is
    cut some pickett's and lay those pickets inside here
    from the material amusing here is 16 gauge
    inch-and-a-half by inch and a half square tubing
    and the pickets I'm going to use are going to be
    square tubing arm so we'll come back
    i right we're moving forward began this is the top rail
    at the gate you can see I've got a pic it's late in their
    I've well they're dumb all the way around
    on all four sides
    I just need a wire brush in I did some grading here
    you can see there's a little bit pitting you can fill that in
    San granites and its mood and
    yet still hot on
    so the we're moving forward

    I'm gonna put the hinges on and a minute do that next
    and then we will finish sanding it
    credits and it wire brushes and prep it
    for paint okay here we have the hinge post
    I pre drilled some holes here
    there's three holes you can see it that hinges welded on
    so this day this is the top at the gate
    it will Sweeney in
    to the lapd Orem

    we just gotta finish wire brush in it and
    get prepped and ready for paint and will be installing this gate hopefully
    tomorrow will be back there it is
    here is the finished gate for this is up runner
    balcony from put the last show discrete directly to the wood post
    from sometimes if I can do that
    I will make
    like this have got the hinges attached to a metal post in well-lit
    I'll do the same thing on
    this side where I have a post where the latches well the two and then we both
    that to it but this
    gives us more room and brace
    easy opening and it does the job
    keeping the dog of my Dec all right there you have it *** *** Driveway Gates Installation Video - YouTube !!!
    welcome to the amazing gate
    video installations series installing the amazing driveway gate
    is easy but even so please use common sense and think safety first
    at all times during the installation the first step
    is that in the post in concrete
    you will need a post hole diggers and taking bar
    as well as a shop of you will also want to have a trenching shovel
    and sledgehammer candy other tools including level
    line-level tape measure and of course I'll be ok
    lay out the holes across your driveway have proper distance apart
    be sure to take into consideration be
    angolans the gate in the closed position usually this angle will be perpendicular
    to the Tri
    but sometimes your thought is needed in this case we are installing a
    and so we will take the polls
    feet apart
    from center to send depending on the soil
    dig a hole
    inches in diameter for Rocky conditions
    inches in diameter for sandy bore loosed sawyer
    it is a good idea to Bel out the bottom
    and take a few dog legs so the post
    does not hit
    is the standard esd use a Sledgehammer two-pound
    two steaks into the grand just past the holes
    and in line with the angle you determined earlier
    and then tie on a string line 90s and tight
    do you think a line-level
    level and adjust the strain so that it is the same height
    that you want the bottom at the gate to be when it is hard
    you will want the gate two-inches' to four inches off the ground
    and that adjustment will be made when studying the post
    to print do open up the first
    about three sacks a concrete a whole
    and begin mixing it is easier to have to people mixing at one time
    at the water and little at a time
    you want it stiff enough to hold the post in place
    but still be enough to settle into the whole
    and around the tux dropped the first
    his post into one of the holes there is a label on the posts
    denoting the bottom at the gate with that mine
    exactly even with your level streamline
    one person will shuffle concrete and the other will hold a level
    on the post checking each side of the post several times
    to be sure that it is plugged
    then put the second hinge Coast in the other poll
    and as one person holds that level
    the other checks with a tape measure to be sure
    the posts are exactly
    feet apart
    inside to inside step this post for proper height to the spring level as
    double check all measurements and then fill the hole with concrete do after the
    second post is planned
    recheck the just
    between the bottom up the post there is a tolerance and
    inch with this
    then measure between the top of the posts
    the distance between the top and the bottom of the coach should be exactly
    the same
    even if not quite

    adjust the height at the second post
    to match the height of the first hatched the line level would have gotten it very
    but it is a good idea to double check with the latest from Apple
    take some time with this tap where the case might not have an exactly even
    in this do day to
    caning your driveway gate the hard part is that ok
    and the next step paying indicates really dnt
    the hinges bolted to the posts and the gates spoke to the hinges
    you make final adjustments and that's all there is to it
    hinges and finials come pre-packaged
    the post have not inserts for fastening the hinged
    bolt-on all four hinges and tight
    am but not too tight where the not inserts might turn inside
    scheme be sure to find a grease fitting for each
    hinge and read it in place pensions should be greased once a year
    to keep the bearings Liberty back of the outside hinge nods
    am and then run the top and bottom he told
    through the holes in the game put the hinge not back on
    and finger titled
    then attach the other can't leave the same way dubbed
    well they don't come together properly so
    level the gate and make the proper adjustments
    when you are finished there should be a

    inch gap between the gate leads apply some liquid nails
    or silicone caulk to the inside and the ball finial
    not too much and put one
    on each text that's it your gates are hung with the right distance apart
    everything is plum level and square
    good *** *** How a Custom Wrought Iron Railing Is Fabricated - YouTube !!!
    on the last couple shows
    we've been keeping up to speed on what's happening out here in the side porch
    dot their screens in place but before we put in our barbecue grill over here we
    want to get our metal railings installed
    and to do that we're gonna do using custom wrought-iron railings
    but as a few steps involved were getting started as a small welding shop that
    specializes in
    custom jobs like this
    art hamilton is the owner
    he's the type of guy who can size of the job pretty quickly
    well i'd i'd try to draw dot is his best kind it's kind of crude against the
    outside of the debt but uh... it basically if if we did have one in stock
    on the top the middle and the bottom
    and then one stock in between the kind of picked up for and you know that uh...
    that's a real beautiful rolled on a number of those
    problem with that is that it takes a lot of time and money to do it
    okay what what the issue words is that there's so many things little pieces
    they have to be cut
    and than everything has to line up
    jean-luc make it look right than all of these are welded everything has to be
    ground would you an example builds up like that you i do is not exactly like
    that that's closer obviously
    you've got square tubing here
    what happens is
    uh... when you have a solid pieces the square tubing even though you should be
    there's a well but that's been made all the way around
    and that bears a lot of those welts you're critical of the real ever forests
    right than everyone has to be a ground that ray lanier designed to be thirty
    five of the four thousand dollars ok for about thirty fear really so what what
    would be an option that well what i would suggest dean in your case is
    something that's gonna look very close
    but makes it easier for us more reasonable many fracture tickets to go
    ahead and use a channel you get the same looked inside
    and enables us to eliminate cutting the small pieces
    the other thing that's good about it as we can make dislike depicted in through
    for the underside
    well timmy underneath europe too bright because you can see it why i think
    something like this in philadelphia from hall one oh we did a few cases on our
    show you what we had my ok picked up a good idea
    so this is one in stock right here that's the one in stock and you'll be
    the center post in that said well we were talking about the return to avoid
    who have a few minutes rollers i'm lou waters many
    yeah otherwise he'd be doing welds each one of those little guys group
    there'd be six year old
    if you get back to square holes punched in it
    little will do it here's will take uh...
    to suggest a piece of uh... have tension
    masala hired chose our spindle that's the picnic that we call picnic and
    that's why it's through like that
    manifest images like this
    will weld here were well here we have a weld underneath here we can see
    why i think voice on like that perfect yeah daschle know what's involved
    inputting killers
    will start off with the tablets you brought in which a very helpful
    ordinarily what ezekiel who's cut all the parts for all the pieces to start
    then we go ahead and get our channel
    him to determine the spacing for the beckons a sphere of foreign sphere
    cannot pass through any part of the rail that all the parts are marked with soap
    stone then he will take the channel punch it on the orignal ironworkers
    late everything else full-size cell
    taxing together so that everything square
    which is got it laid out we're going to bring the district putting everything
    and all along we're trying to solve
    problems of our spacing in this particular case you've got a
    upholds without the profile
    for them and what it has a
    projection out
    and uh... then all the welling is done in them less finished all the willing to
    put the clips on the uh... how you want to catch
    input to pass on the bottom
    squabbled flange
    left also more than all the places us at one time
    and the first place if
    ready for the install *** *** How to weld a wrought iron gate with some tricks of the trade - YouTube !!!
    I've got some mention reporters where to
    here gonna use for the
    side rails on the gay I'm gonna cut both
    and we will well these on and square up this gate
    alright I'm back
    I just want to say certain really quick certain it's interesting with these
    a wrought-iron panels new could see where the pic it comes through this
    rail the the top without rail
    is actually cut on three sides
    and then there's a little piece of material right where my thumb is
    that folded down and tack welded
    or that the spot weld by a a factory machine
    so to spot weld to the cider that picket
    and the reason for that
    he could see the picket all the way up and down tennis fans panel
    is fairly straight up and down
    but if you watch my hand handle holder with my foot
    I'm gonna pull it to one side
    now you can see brigade
    is angled so what this is called
    is a non-biased panel
    where if you're doing a large amount offense
    on the side of a hill and the post
    for between the post has varying degrees
    of slow on the hillside
    you can adjust these panels out in the field
    very easily and make the
    pickets go up and down so let me show you the gate here
    I've got the two side
    posts on the gate pensioner quarter square to
    and I've got a lock box here the
    a plans for the lockbox is on the inside
    so for this game the only way for it to
    hinge would be in
    to the right so the older the property wanted this gate to hinge
    in I'm usually the gates like this
    will hinge on the hour from so because this thing is easily adjustable
    I had the squared up and I've got a square
    its a little of
    she so I'm gonna show you a trick
    for making pryor's
    where you don't know the strict pretty basic
    Hugo diagonal
    from post to post to write to the border there
    we have about

    excuse me

    in a T and then let's go ahead and measure the other way
    we are

    some anything shop I need to
    tweet the gate just a little
    meaning the side is longer
    the really all you gotta do for this is a little bit
    to adjust the gay and make its where you want to make sure it's where
    before you welled up all the rails
    home right now
    it's just attacked so I can adjust it
    I'll be back care I wanted to show your
    got some like if they're skin a poor little bit on the rag
    but if your welding and raining here anything with sparks
    keep it away from this stuff its
    I really highly flammable so what you want to do
    is clean your material you could say this
    both fence panel turn into a gay
    get some dirt on it so I gotta really go through and clean it all
    from just wanted to show you some other stuff here
    and a nice little trick for
    so I'm not going to clean the whole thing right now because I want to show
    my painting trick there some pain
    alright this just
    satin black paint
    shake it real good
    know when you're paying
    small rails or
    pickets the best way to do this
    would be to go awry on the
    edge at a
    degree angle
    that way you're covering two sides in the material
    at the same time so if you go in here
    each corner they're actually spraying both sides
    and if you hit each corner you're getting two coats on
    each take it or
    trailer poster whatever your painting
    and other sure to click you always want to keep your
    keep your hand movement
    same at the park's then you can get up on earth alleges
    pain all the ages first
    if there is a large flat area she is just filled out is
    now on this a Reg

    degrees and I'm on the paint can probably
    sparrow four to six inches away
    so we're gonna go ahead and do all that up
    and get this case painted
    and I will probably show you the finished product
    I'm going to install this gate
    tomorrow thanks for watching mister energy
    how to build and install a
    wrought-iron gate *** ***

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