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, Wedding cake with Daisies, Sweet peas & Ferns __ Multi-tiered_Wedding_Cakes Wedding cake with daisies,sweet peas and fern Wedding cake with Daisies, Sweet peas how to make

Wedding cake with daisies,sweet peas and fern Wedding cake with Daisies, Sweet peas how to make

    , Wedding cake with Daisies, Sweet peas & Ferns __ Multi-tiered_Wedding_Cakes

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    Make Your Own Piping Bags - YouTube !!!
    hi I'm pretty Katie
    on dish a quickie how I make my own
    fax using bikini now I used my
    backs all the time I'm not appear I won't lie
    on often use disposable ones how it but there are so many times and I need to
    make multiple colors
    small amounts and it's really not feasible to use disposable cutbacks
    time so this is the right way to make them cheaply
    let's make them since I can use them from work
    I'm going to stop but when you look cool and my baking paper
    over to the upside to form a triangle that
    I'm going to make crease down edge
    and then he might night I'm going to cut
    time Ste
    yeah triangle you can say eat this along this item two short two sides
    also doesn't get along the side towards me and want these corners
    and then to take it and printed top at the western edge to it I'm gonna get
    I'm side and gotta see this underside
    is actually going to be fought against the top site there so if you watch
    and twisting it and placing it
    and what I've done is done for me lately handshake last time didn't
    another that nice and tight and take the other side
    minded twisted all the way back me to join the other chick
    I and heartfelt
    coolness to get up and lovely code
    dotson and then did take these three
    opens towards me then in a little bit
    the most stable Jolene I hey all three
    and I and then folding on both sides to make a nice
    a nice all quick
    easy frenchie ok
    her *** *** How to Make a Star-Tipped Piping Bag : Icing on the Cake - YouTube !!!
    I am parlayed his game designer the bread basket a company in Kemah Rio
    and I gonna show you how to do I started type piping bag
    the uranium bag I'm they're usually plastic get the better ones two years
    so are we gonna do we gonna cut a little bit on the and
    and then we're gonna make like I traded like a triangle
    cuts a cop alone that way you can get that starr
    figure whenever you start typing your I seen at the that
    the but some hiking on it
    and then when you start typing
    use go in a circular motion and they give you
    that stock to look and this is how you do I started
    bag *** *** How to make a Piping Bag - YouTube !!!
    hi guys welcome to my tent at no I am now thankful that you might have been
    watching and supporting me
    so this episode I giving some good either way
    but I need you to leave me a comment or fill your spot
    letting me know what heartbeat dish
    you make at my simple act like I did avocados up
    I got beat often get repair
    avocado a friend I wanna given away to leave your comment
    and the bank
    wondering I mean my mad for my role I
    in normally go to Michaels or something right from packing bag I liked me my and
    my handbag make square turning trash
    and I wanna patent how
    a hacer AP where
    and then you aren't just runners trying
    house gotta go nah
    he didn't want to pay a large issues I
    here and holiday and here corner
    the other

    and then to get your quarter tight just movies two fingers like that nice
    small day the helm
    little I and yes so then I throw my overall I think
    health close it up and Van
    pay mark that'll
    the way
    Kate tax here
    last week Cape Cod I ask you guys what pack farrakhan bar landmark that you
    wanted me to make
    and I'm gonna make Tiger s why they are me to make
    Carmel turnovr and yeah I'm gonna make
    turtle and it never market you did you know that karma turnovr
    actually down as work on but by
    I the wake *** *** 8 PIPING BAG HACKS YOU NEED TO KNOW Ann Reardon life hacks - YouTube !!! English English Portuguese Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to how to cook that I am Ann Reardon
    Today I am going to show you how to cut an ordinary plastic bag and use it to pipe all
    different styles. Without the need for a piping tip.
    Of course the simplest one is if you just cut a tiny bit off one corner. You can use
    that to pipe lines, patterns, words, snowflakes, whatever you want. Make sure you buy quality
    bag for this though, because some brands are strong enough to handle frosting and they
    will just split at the seams.
    If you want a medium round piping tip. First add tape to one corner of the bag to make
    it firmer. Then if you cut a straight across you'll see when you flatten it out the other
    way it isn't straight across you'll get like a shape on your piping. So instead of cutting
    it straight across what you want to do is cut a slight curve instead.
    Place your frosting into the bag and starting in the centre piping a swirl around and up.
    For our next cut tape the bag just like we did before. And then make a small straight
    cut up the centre line and then one in from the side to that line. So you take out a chunk
    of the bag.
    Let me show you that again cut up the center then across, so you take out a chunk.
    Fill the bag with frosting and with the uncut part on top pipe and then pull away. Continue
    to do that the whole way around your cupcake. I developed these different ways of cutting
    bags a while ago now. Probably a couple of years ago now and I've got a few old videos
    that have it in. If you do have a piping bag and tips you can definitely use them instead.
    But not everyone in the world has access to piping bags and tips and not everyone can
    afford them Especially if you're using lots of different colours on the one cake, like
    this rainbow cake so you need lots of bags. There quick and beautiful.
    For our next bag reinforce the corner of the bag with tape like we did before then cut
    off the tiniest sliver from the corner. So you are just cutting off a very tiny bit.
    And you can use that anywhere that you want to pipe ribbons of frosting. Here I'll just
    pile some up on the cupcake to show you what it looks like when you are piping with it.
    And then you can add some sprinkles on top. You can use that same cut to pipe a border
    like a frilled border around the edge of a cake. And make sure your frosting is stiff
    enough to hold it's shape. And I'll link you to the frosting recipe that I am using on
    the howtocookthat.net website. I'll link to that in the description below.
    If you use two colours in your frosting bag then you can get a pretty effect with your
    ribbons there.
    Take a new bag tape the corner and cut two slits coming in from the corner, making sure
    they are the same length as each other. Open up the bag and flatten out that corner and
    cut another slit the same length straight up the middle.
    I'll show you again, cut two slits, open the bag and flatten it out and cut one more slit
    in the centre.
    You can use this cut to pipe a big swirl on your cupcake all the way up to the top or
    to do lots of little stars all over a cupcake to cover the whole thing.
    For this next one fold the corner of you bag over and tape it into place.
    Fill the bag with frosting and then use a toothpick or a skewer to push holes into the
    bag. So you fold over the corner, tape it into
    place and once you've filled it with frosting poke holes into the bag.
    Give it a gentle squeeze and if frosting is coming out of one hole more than the others
    then just even it up by making the others a little bigger. Just put the tooth pick back
    in and wriggle it around a little bit and then they should be about even. You can squeeze
    this all over your cupcake. It makes really good monster hair for cookie monsters or you
    can use it for grass.
    Cut a shallow curve from one side of the corner and you'll get a nice tip for piping rounded
    blobs. Let's use that to put a flower on top of the
    grass one. Just pipe all of your petals in there and then just pop a candy on top. Again
    if you use two tones of frosting in your bag you can use that exact same cut and get a
    pretty effect on your frosting when you pipe it. I've got a pink colour on the underneath
    and then the cream on the top so when it's piping you can see it there on each side.
    If you want a super quick one, put some tape on the edge of the bag fold the corner of
    the bag up, cut a slit in the centre and then fold it flat again. Put the frosting in the
    bag and then just squeeze the bag while you twist the cupcake around using your other
    hand. And then add a few sprinkles to the centre.
    Thanks for watching make sure you click the thumbs up and share the video if it has helped
    you. Click here to go to the website for all of the howtocookthat recipes. Here for the
    howtocookthat channel on youtube to see all my other videos and here for last weeks giant
    mars bar recipe. Have a great week and I'll see you all on Friday. [music: the boat song
    by youtube.com/setsailtv used with permission] *** *** Cake decorating techniques to fill a piping bag or cake decorating bag - YouTube !!!
    before I show you my secret tip telling a cake decorating back with buttercream
    frosting organizer whatever your decorating media
    I want to show you what I've done when I'm about
    backed up by AP I think I did buy it into bowls according to the number
    colors I to make so here outlet mall
    any cover with plastic wrap it will not crack
    already lol
    so I
    okay I'm using my moms
    buttercream I think it's really Crisco cream right cuz
    powder sugar Crisco
    tax a tired cream of tartar and salt
    I expanded to her arrest he said that
    the I think easier to Pike from the back
    and spread across the Cape I've never tried
    anything I also I was making a dessert cake but anyway
    I like this fast I'm used to it I'm only decorated maybe five or six cases in the
    last ten years the cat
    you know and have kids say take up a lot of time but I did
    work in a couple a bakery and
    it's okay to my apartment in Germany and military
    other than a technique that my mom showed
    I'm pretty much tough talk last decorating concern
    other pros and cons to teach yourself to do anything right learn a lot
    but it does take up some money and time all rights lol
    we're done with this now I get to show you my big secret
    it has made cake decorating so clean easy efficient
    whatcha gonna do
    yeah sheet plastic wrap K
    hand you're going to matter
    frosty and the Med good job mixing
    okay just put it on there
    I don't remember decorating cakes without using this technique
    I get more done have less mess
    come much more that
    fiddling with failing a catering bad
    I think alright got right now to get fall
    over and press on it
    then you're gonna roll almost like a bubble gum wrapper
    try and put it under that the other side
    and do that so now I think we're ready to go
    I can work I had a cousin not gonna try actor this is part
    let's do this again with white normally
    iraq the white right outta my mixing all because I want
    hell I know
    lot plastic wrap but you know what I'm decorating K
    that make their so easy okay
    you ever here
    like later on I'll show you have to
    make a tri-color thing
    but this secret so
    again by have right over know what to do when I think because it's going to be
    hard to hold a cake decorating back
    where over
    okay cell here's my lol my way
    I've got I read and Mike Green
    now I can go clean up my kitchen or where
    but I don't have to worry about my saying dry
    out I have all colors I me so what I'm decorating
    K it flows will allow okay
    now here Saket part time I
    secret I have my cake decorating back and now I'm gonna say the second part to
    secret on how fell cake decorating bad

    you happen down a I think that we
    prepare right whatcha gonna do
    and hotline and K
    squeeze now another TC the frosting
    okay cake decorating bad lot
    passing and give you backed up I'll shape I think I'm
    I think processing tomato tomato okay
    holding a row
    your bad biking on let idea is to fight
    squeeeeze okay there you go
    yeah second part today okay the third part
    once you finish
    although i think im here and we have another mountain gallo
    died out this
    we thought process out I want you to see how to clean this decade
    so I do that said
    is now back here and I was really decorating a cake I would have to mount
    yellow I needed a lot that for today's demonstration
    I'm gonna pretend that I used up all my us
    okay a set this aside a rapid like we did
    personnel all first into
    alright now
    done with this that hey look at how to clean it
    take that back out right before
    you decorate K you have black but I think over here
    you leave the bag out gonna start to dry so now you can get
    bit dry I think coming through it
    with bright secret I don't let a bad
    I it's crazy that
    yet and act
    happens to buy
    my way to get a couple a squeeze before you get back UK
    case and there was some air their alright but that's how easy it is
    to fidel a cake decorating bad with I think
    it makes my fifth-degree K
    easy simple cleaning and more enjoyable
    has promised I'm going to show you how to make a try horse who are all
    using my secret cake decorating pic
    side have higher ed how I'm here gonna start
    and income %uh hat tip to tip off
    bad remain
    here sigh now roll this up
    we did first
    helping their unraveling and
    spend shake cell
    purpose away King play care
    watch now before you have to
    picture spatula in with the green where whatever color you chose
    forceful out America green
    will get someone now that
    you can make your red or green strikes
    their by using a round here
    compare you don't have to wait I think that jerry curl
    him/her far further away actor kinda close together
    pay stars I had a great kid stars
    alright there you have it fellow cake decorating back to make a tri color
    swirl *** *** Turning a Plastic Bag into a Pastry Bag | Cupcake Decorating - YouTube !!!
    "Hi, my name is Elizabeth Sutton. I'm one of the head decorators hear at Amanda Oakleaf
    cakes. I really enjoy working here and being a decorator, more specifically cupcake decorator.
    You can come visit us at our store front. It's at
    And you can also visit out website at oakleafcakes.com. And today I'm going to be talking to you about
    cupcake decorating. So, I""m gonna show you how to turn an ordinary freezer bag into a
    piping bag. Um, if you absolutely cannot get a piping bag, this is a good option. So the
    first thing you're gonna wanna do is take your freezer bag and you're gonna wanna cut
    off a very small corner. Start small cause you can always cut more off but you cannot
    put more bag on. So try and see if your piping tip fits. If the tip is out but you cannot
    push the entire thing out of the piping bag itself then you're tip fits perfectly. And
    this one fits pretty well so the next step would be to flip the bag inside out as you
    would do a regular piping bag. It's a little tricky because your piping tip is kind of
    in a weird spot. It's kind of in the corner. So just keep that in mind when you're filling
    it. So I would hold it from the tip. That way you know where to direct your frosting.
    With these I wouldn't fill them so full because they hold a lot less than a normal piping
    bag. So making sure that the opening to the piping bag is at the top. You're gonna wanna
    push your frosting down. It might be a little awkward to hold it but just make sure there's
    no air in there. So you're gonna wanna take your piping bag. That is how you turn a freezer
    bag into a piping bag.
    " *** *** 5 Cupcake Icing Techniques | Cake Decorating - YouTube !!!
    Hi, I'm Katie, and today I'm going to show you some simple icing techniques for cupcakes.
    I have a few types of frosting here. I have just a white butter cream, a yellow butter
    cream, and a purple butter cream. You can use any type you like whether it's chocolate,
    store bought, homemade or whipped cream, but the technique is the same.
    So what I'm starting with is, you can see I'm using a disposable piping bag, and I have
    a tip. In this one I have a large star tip. Here I have no tip at all, and I'll show you
    why, and here I have just a small round. With each tip we're going to get a very different
    So to start out I'm just going to trim the end off my purple frosting. When you look
    at these cupcakes you can see when I put them in the oven the batter only came up about
    three quarters of the way, so we get that really nice dome shape that we're looking
    for, so now when I go to ice them I'm kind of at the perfect level just to finish them
    But so just this one kind of simple way, you can just push your frosting and lift up, and
    you get a really adorable little kiss. I think that's my favorite, actually. Really cute
    thing to do, I'll do one more. You just push, push, push, push, push. You'll notice I'm
    not swirling it around. I'm just lifting up, and I get a really beautiful spike.
    Now for something like a small round tip I have my yellow frosting. You could either
    start in the middle, or I even start from the outside, and I'm just going to kind of
    go in a circular motion and just make a really fun, almost like a bee hive. Really simple,
    again, if you want to start in the middle you could do that as well. Just work your
    way around, and you could even build it a little higher this way. Really cute.
    Okay. So that's a few techniques. Now I'm moving into my star tip. This is a really
    large star tip. You can use one that's a little bit smaller, but to make something called
    a rosette I just start in the middle and swirl around, and then lift off and you have a really
    cute little swirl. I want to do just a regular star. I'll just same way, I'll just push,
    push, push, push, push, lift up. Really cute.Now if you want to get a little more fun, a fun
    thing you can do if you're into kind of spikes and things like that.
    Watch your sleeve when you're decorating, so you can just kind of spike all over, and
    you can see how easy that is. Just make sure your frosting is nice and cold. As you can
    see mine is sort of starting to drip just slightly. If you feel like that's happening
    either pop these in the fridge right away so it'll start to set up, or pop your bag
    in the fridge so the icing will firm up just slightly and you'll be able to work with it
    a little easier.
    To finish these off take candies, take anything you like. Just sort of give them a little
    "zhouzh" of love here, and they're ready to go, some fun little decorations. Any candy
    you like is really fun. A few more sprinkles there, and that's it. Some really easy and
    beautiful cupcake designs. *** *** How to Frost Cupcakes With a Homemade Pastry Bag : Cupcake Treats - YouTube !!!
    hello my name is Audrey hermit on our property gourmet cupcake
    in San Diego California today I'm going to be showing you how to craft a cupcake
    with a homemade yesterday I had to use just conventional
    the black bag you can use court or gallon size
    or you can use any bad that you have at home you just want to make sure that
    it's clean and sanitary on the inside
    and it will be going on edible change open
    bad you pull the fight over so it's easy to get the profit
    at a bad of creating
    a whole frosting to come out feel your bad
    with whatever crossing you'd like sixty added
    and squeeze frosting down towards the whole
    you can't with it one time if you'd like to put pressure on to the frosty
    today I'm gonna do a criss cross motion creating mind in the cupcake
    and that's how you can profit a cupcake with a homemade pastry bag
    ok *** *** How to Fold a Parchment Pastry Bag - YouTube !!!
    one of the best tools for
    writing on a birthday cake or any cake
    is a parchment case you back and I'm gonna show you have folded
    you want to start with her triangle
    and one thing text messages

    perfect edge lot as this is my new Thai capital your cells
    and then the entire premise is that we're gonna
    natcher these three I place to get there
    and selected using it to start with Linea
    these points and I have folded Ian to the top and
    match these cheap price so that's my first
    them wanting it using its heat this last night for the
    over the top the best rain Batman
    to match the other cheek lights can name may not
    began give me any not end up with it
    absolutely hey point anything doesn't the first
    she this seem to get there until you get that nice
    take points lets so gonna start with this
    why we get free here out to the top match this to you points together
    then the a wonderful over-the-top
    are still time and match those two sites
    so that you have all three TIA machine maxine
    is looking nice and tight
    once you have a really nice take care you're gonna hold
    Davis these
    keen sided c'mon and
    can inside the back in fact tightens up this scene
    which means that it won't com loose once you're feeling at and then we'll get
    some are
    writing I C you can't use on just nutty chocolate
    already I think I'm UK as long as it's nice isn't it
    and will fill this up you my that no more than about
    Hathaway otherwise it was just my can stay at the top
    surface with your I halfway
    and changes she that step down into the on
    deflate class and then to close the bad
    your again in full away from this team so that your bottom line
    Holden its latest full the
    this way and low last in your PC
    as enthralling and Trey this season
    and if you press
    you should get I just the tiniest bit coming out or nothing at all if you
    don't really perfect job
    and then I'm just gonna take my shears and I'm cut
    tiny tiny bit of the end here because if you wanna
    really fine I you want the tiny
    holy always make battle and
    you can start your right *** *** How to Fill a Pastry Bag with Frosting | Cake Decorating - YouTube !!!
    Now what I have here is a disposable piping bag. You can also use the kind, they sell
    fabric ones, you can fill them kind of wash them out and use them again. I love this just
    because I know once I get it dirty I can get rid of it. All I do is fold down my sides,
    make a little well in the center. This is going to keep my edge really clean so when
    I'm squeezing it it's not all going to be kind of popping out onto my clothes. That's
    the goal. I have a piping tip which is optional, you can always just snip the edge. This is
    a nice little star tip.
    So I trim the end off with my scissor and throw this away so it won't get in your frosting
    by accident. It happened many times. Now I just push my tip in and you can see it just
    comes off of the edge of the piping bag. Now a good tip is take your finger and just push
    the plastic into the tip. What that does is just makes it a little bit of a stopper. So
    once I fill my frosting it won't all ooze out the bottom. If you're at home by yourself
    and it's too much to juggle you can just take a drinking glass and set the bag inside of
    a drinking glass to fill it. But otherwise just take a rubber spatula and fill your bag
    with frosting. Push it down, pop that stopper out and you're ready to work.
    There are a few different types of tips. I have my little star. I have a little round.
    I have this kind of fun rectangular shape. I have a big round, and a very giant star
    tip. So I'm going to show you the different things that you can do with each one and I'm
    just going to use a little bit of frosting in each bag. *** *** How to Use a Decorating Bag & Tip | Rosanna Pansino Video Tutorial - YouTube !!! English English
    Hey guys it's Ro, I wanted to make a video because I got so many questions
    about how to assemble these decorating bags that I use on my show Nerdy Nummies
    and to give you guys some more information about them.
    For those of you who watch my show know that I love Wilton decorating bags
    I've been using these for many years for many projects
    and when I first started baking I would decorate with just a regular plastic zip sandwich bag
    which technically they do work, you put frosting in and you can just snip the tip
    and then go to decorate but as time went on I decided
    to switch from this sandwich bag to a real decorating bag for a few reasons.
    One I wanted more control with my decorating which the tips provide and two the durability
    of this bag is very strong it can withstand a lot of pressure.
    Sometimes with my sandwich bag it would pop holes
    when I was squeezing it and trying to decorate
    When I visited the Wilton test kitchen I actually got to
    play with the machine that test the pressure on these bags
    and it was so fun. I know I have said it before but it felt like I was
    in high school science class and I was like dang those can
    withstand some pressure and they do, I have never had any issues with these.
    So now lets get started, let me show you how to assemble these bags
    because the first time I saw these I was a little bit intimidated
    I was like oh all that gadgetry is pretty fancy and I don't know how to do that
    but it's really easy.
    A coupler is this little plastic jobber over here and your just gonna unscrew it, it comes in two parts
    alright and then this is the part that we are going to place all the way at the bottom
    of the decorating bag.
    Now that the coupler is securely in there step
    excess at the tip of the bag.
    any tip that you like I have a bunch laid out here. Lets do oh my favorite
    the grass tip, just place it right on top and secure with the second part
    of the coupler. Just twist it down, twist, twist, twist till it's nice and tight.
    take a cup and just stick your bag in there and fold down the sides, you are going to scoop
    in your frosting and then the last and final step, step
    So you are going to pull it up, I like to tie the top of the bag with these
    little elastic ties but you could whatever you like, you could also use hair ties, sometimes I have used those.
    You want to leave some room at the top of the bag
    if you tie it off to close to the end it turns into a frosting volcano
    I have done this and frosting will come out the back and it gets really messy, it's a science pressure thing.
    So just make sure you give yourself a little bit of room and you will have no problems.
    There you have it all assembled, it's time to decorate.
    I have a little cupcake down here and I will show you
    you just put a little pressure, make a little grass
    Let me show you how to switch the tip really quick because it's really easy
    just unscrew, take off the old tip and put on the new tip
    and then secure.
    Easy way to switch up your designs, there are so many different kinds of tips
    this one is a
    so that when you are watching my baking show and I reference 'this is a number
    you can find the exact same tip that I use to make that design, it makes it really easy and organized
    The grass tip is one of my favorites, I used it to make the Starcraft mineral cupcakes, I used it to make The League of Legends cake
    and I used a bigger grass tip to make the Grumpy Cat cake, she is pretty cute.
    I can't even tell you how many types of tips there are, like this one is a tip
    so any design and detail you would like they probably got it
    and they are really inexpensive so building your collection of tips is really easy.
    I started with hand full now I have like a cupboard full.
    All the tips make different designs this one is a tip
    lets see what this does
    very pretty
    Lets do another one. I could play with these for hours.
    I love these things, ohh this ones cool this is tip
    It's got these teeth, ridges on the top but smooth on the bottom.
    Alright lets see what this one does, ah cool I have had this designs on many birthday cakes.
    Boom, let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite tip
    mine is
    the dishwasher or I have this little bristle brush that I like to use and I just
    run it under water and twist, twist, twist, twist and it cleans all the way
    to the end, easy peasy.
    Alright that's it for decorating bags and tips I hope that you found this video helpful and I will *** *** CAKE TREND ~ Decorate an Ombré Rosette Cake - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    welcome to take stop today I am gonna show you how to make a gorgeous rose
    that cake
    gonna be a zing some beautiful shades of pink working from a lighter pink
    and going in an armbar effect down into a mead think at the end
    now twenty creating this cake easy simple cake
    entities very fast to make but it's important that you get HR is it looking
    so initially we going to start working on eliminating shape
    and i wanna show you exactly how I make the perfect rosette
    and then we're going to get onto the cake now this cake that I'm using
    is an age round its just almost four inches high
    gonna be creating three layers of color on it
    so I've gone ahead and I've cut it fielded and I'm done
    Bailey pic cronkite this time and the reason is
    that just in case in any at the gaps between the rise it's
    you might see a little bit of cake we want to make sure it's a peak
    and not at any of the crumbs that you can only say
    so I've done the feeling and the crime car
    in my lightest shade of pink that way when you slice it open
    you see all the beautiful pink inside as well as on the outside
    that's optional and I'm gonna break down
    you exactly how much butter cream I've used in all three if the colors
    so you can follow along all we can always just go ahead and use the same
    on the anti cake so I let's get started with some piping
    and will get those rays that happening so what I'm gonna do
    is just get a piping bag ready I'm just using a disposable piping bag you could
    and a fabric 1 or one additive bad parchment paper it's up to you
    and I'm using a
    Summer Slaughter insight working in Antioch Calif first
    when I thought the piping bags I don't like to fill them up too much
    because otherwise you'll find it difficult to hold
    so about half way is good
    but just make sure every time you do arise it that you absolutely have enough
    Austin to finish that runs at of
    you don't get halfway through any such squeezing and having trouble
    because it will mean that you won't get that right is it looking gorgeous
    so just all that back up
    now I like to hold
    by piping bag by flattening it out a little bit
    wrapping around my index finger and backup through find a way that works for
    and what we gonna do is week I create
    basically like a little eighty so like a lower case a
    is what I'm going for but a start in the middle pull up
    and then a wrap-around you can go clockwise or anticlockwise it depends on
    Pangea pot with and it's just a personal preference as well
    okay so gonna start
    by squeezing I'm not pressing into the surface too much
    pulling up a little bit straight away I'm dragging
    up and around then when I get three crosses the way I let my pressure go but
    I keep moving in that direction
    and that helps it to break off really well so what you wanna do is make sure
    that that centipede
    isn't squashed and you want to make sure your app all the way around it and give
    enough for an effete pull it to close like on
    I'll show you here he too close in or if you pull it around the state
    too tight you'll find that it doesn't look as full and it doesn't give as good
    a shape
    so you can see the difference right there
    pulling up tracking
    up and then wrapping all the way around three cuz the way
    stop pressure that keep that rotation going so now we're ready to start
    working on the cake itself
    to supplying enough precious that it will stay on to the cake
    pull up going all the way around
    let you pressure ago and keep traveling up now all we're gonna do
    his work away around the entire cake at this height
    in the Scala so give enough room between
    so that you can do a full rotation you don't wanna squashed so can attach
    poll up around
    let you pressure ago and pull it up
    okay so as become around the cake we just have to gauge how much room is left
    and decide
    if there's enough room for one or two so on this I think I can squeeze into
    if we just get a little bit closer today and final one around
    now if you have any might have touched the board and you want to touch it up
    you can come along with a toothpick just quickly
    clean that up on your board I case and now we're gonna go ahead and get ready
    to do and meet kala
    along the center of the cake okay so now we're onto absecon color we also need to
    stack up
    where the rosettes op so we're going to be going in between
    existing layout gonna come up a little ways on the cake
    make sure you put enough for him two steals with below thought
    so gonna squeeze poll happen around
    and then drag it up moving along to the next face
    put up
    and along
    now if only got two left to go skate making sure that your
    attaching it and giving each or is it
    enough room okay so now that we finished to a ballet is
    we're gonna go ahead and do our final color which is that lightest color
    so we need a lot more if this saying is we have to do all the way around and the
    entire top of the cake
    now every time you change color it's a good idea to change back so that's nice
    and clean
    and so that you don't have any cross-contamination shades
    you want this to be a really really structured in its own right something
    affiliates of
    and get going on the last two phase
    this is a really popular cake
    it's great for birthdays on making this month my mom
    you can even make them for small wedding get togethers anniversaries things like
    looks great in lots of different shades by
    this is a personal request pink saree that's what we're going with today
    alright so again we won a staggering
    in between our existing ones if this other way
    we can apply a pressure pull up and wrap-around
    now you can see how on just a little bit all over the top
    and that way when we do our first rowing he out weakened but it up
    any not gonna risk saying in crumbs or any age if the cake
    so that's why it's nice to have the cake beach just under
    four inches high and that way we can elevated a little bit celts
    coming back through and wrap-around
    once you start getting the hang up doing the rise it
    you can speed them up a little bit but just remember it is a super fast k to do
    so it's worth taking the extra time just slowly do
    HR is it to get that perfect
    and now on to the top of the cake so the Hobbit is done which is working on the
    signs now I get to work
    top-down things get a lot easy a and so now what we gonna do
    is due at outside lay a fist site
    starting same as we did before give a little bit
    space squeeze and wrap-around
    and then I like to work in the same direction so I've been constantly
    working from left to right some gonna do the same on HIA
    leaving enough RAM
    so now when I do they
    I like to space them out and starting the first one
    in between but then don't worry about it after that because you find that you
    would defy less on the top
    the way he did on the science so as long as you keep them nice and close together
    like you have on the side it'll still look perfect
    so continue to add
    okay now I'm moving on to ask second row began moving in the same direction
    is keeping them nice and close together
    and now we've gotta finish trays that cake it look absolutely gorgeous
    like I said you can do it in any shape that the pinks really do you look
    and then when you cut it open ill have beautiful feeling liars
    a gorgeous *** *** How to Make Parchment Paper Cones for Cake Writing & Decorating by Wicked Goodies - YouTube !!!
    hi this is chris is so he could ease and this is my freshman Peter coming
    tutorial use parchment paper cones to detail work on cakes
    I fill them with chocolate or buttercream I like the parchment paper
    because they give me more control and rotation with my wrist
    so that I can get up close to the cake to do detail where
    to make a personal paper con first
    cut full sheets with parchment paper in half then cut the diatom
    range the paper so that the long way is facing away
    to put the cone will end up being right about here
    for the left side of the triangle down with your left hand
    and with your right hand pull the right hand side of the triangle
    round into a cone-shaped with your left hand
    total left corner of the paper around to meet the right
    to and should be overlapping gripped the and between your thumb and forefinger
    and rub them together to take me to the cult for the excess paper
    inside the con and tuck it away convict the part of the county where the two
    pieces overlap
    for one-sided in and one side out
    paper comes communicate in advance and stored nested together
    here's the melted chocolate I like to use a small cookie scoop to deposit the
    chocolate into
    paper con fallback each corner
    n roll the end down like a cube toothpaste before decorating a cake
    cut above the common with scissors then test the chocolate
    on a scrap a parchment paper for more information on writing on cakes
    check out the chocolate cake ring tutorial on my blog *** *** CAKE TREND ~ Buttercream Ruffle Decorating - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    %uh in this tutorial I'm gonna show you how to make computer for butter cream
    ruffle cake
    these have been so popular over the last year and I work right in a whole range
    callous I've got some really nice soft pink hiya and when you making
    the most important thing is to make sure that you make enough
    if you're covering it so I've got a nice shade of pink EF
    happiest one-and-a-half key allies or just over three pounds with a crane
    and that's to do the feeling inside the cake
    this is an IH round cake and the cronkite which will notice i've might
    a little bit thicker than normal taken save the pink collar behind a horse
    and and to do all of the outside to make shaken up
    and we'll get started saw it we can take
    a disposable piping back with got al couple %uh
    which is used so that we can clean out eight we can change at tape
    and it also stops it from breaking and bursting through the parking back
    is easily I've got a
    at which is used to create petals roses
    and in this case the raffle also got some scissors to cut
    a packing bag and I'm using a spat if you don't have one of these
    you can use Amarula anything I sensed right
    we just want it show you some tips and tricks to die if had to make the ruffle
    really eighty and really simple and one of them is
    working out how big to make a truffle and to make sure that there are perfect
    so I use this to moscow all about cake
    that's the first thing we going today so we've gotten
    a nice solid Koch on our cake so that we can see any of the crumbs
    and that poking through it we're gonna come along rest
    this right he so it's nice and level give a little bit opening
    dent into the cake itself and then come along at that the same size as what we
    a rough for today make another mock
    and we're gonna follow that all the way around the cake just mocking out
    a good centimeter or half an inch or so I'll
    you want them to be all fairly consistent in size
    and that way we know I'll what how the to Michael about ruffles
    and we know that it's gonna come out perfectly so
    we're going to take a popping back a couple of which we unscrew
    a place the first part into the bag before I cut it
    as far off as it will go so we know that we want to cut it
    somewhere in this spacing right when it stops
    so going to push this back down away from me
    keep the cut and then
    push it and you can say that it's not raised up from here
    but it isn't all the way down to where the threading is if we do that
    then you'll end up having it where it might this place
    a parking ticket over the top the second part a back up ala
    and screwed an awesome tightly
    we don't like going anyway i cant so we're going to fold II
    out hiking bag create a seeker in your hands
    to act as a final now the Katie thing is dying put too much butter cream
    in Tia popping back and
    makes it harder to hold onto
    it also makes it harder to squeeze the parking
    I'm true and that means that your hands will get much more tired than what I
    if you've got a little bit so in a push that all the way down
    Canada squeeze to make sure it's starting
    now you can eat a holder popping bad by wrapping it around your index finger
    which is to lay it flat curve it around and through
    or few more comfortable get a pinch twist
    a couple times and you're ready to go I take a with East is to make sure that
    you have the popping back
    > it facing the correct way so all wrapped that up
    we're going to make sure all that if we had a hand
    apt hiya we've got big bottom go down which means that the big section of the
    capital tip is facing downwards and a small pot is facing
    outputs so if you holding your hand nice and straight like this
    that's the position
    it would be an now what we're going to do a is actually bring it down towards
    cake we're going to rest the bottom bit
    which is the bigger pot against pacifists
    and right up against the cake gonna sat on one site
    apply some pressure and slowly lift
    up as you go you want to just let it fall
    you wanna be up a little bit hi how then
    the parking that's coming out
    nice lay movement and the key is to make sure that you go all the way to the top
    and OVA he don't wanna have a way it stops short
    because the the thing with that is that you end up with available online
    if say all the way around where the side to come up
    and the top is gone live up but I haven't quite made it now it's really
    important to clean a tip
    all the time with this if you get fuzzies he finished product is not gonna
    look as college
    so I find aside I'm that works for you
    I'm gonna work in this direction so minute go
    away from my previous one and work towards it
    slowly working your way up
    it takes a fair bit of pressure to get all the way to the top
    but you don't want to rush it are to get more than six Akgul ok
    rather than a soft folding raffles claim that again
    just a piping bag
    every time because you want to get the maximum amount of pressure
    because it takes a long time to make it from the bottom all the way to the top
    he don't want to be for its feeling half empty
    from the beginning men to come along again
    stunning away from our raffle and working towards it
    and always keeping it it pressed against the
    back at the cake
    it now if something happens and you end up with a line that isn't quite straight
    what you want to do is slowly bring it back over the next couple
    a ruffles you don't want to do a Silvia changed to go all the way up to being in
    you noticed things where it goes from really peaked a really small or vice
    but you won't notice a gradual change to correct itself
    so if something happens and it doesn't cover right he can
    trying pilaf wanna face raffles they can be a little bit tricky
    so the keys not to stress out and just to slyly work towards getting back
    either maybe one or two lines rather than straight away
    so we can keep going
    so it takes really starting to come together now
    we've only got a few more hours to go if so let's finish size of
    always working from the outside
    towards the rough was that you've already done it's really important to
    get the last
    P rise especially that last trial done right
    gets a little bit hard up
    when you're on the last few to not touch the inches
    love the ones you've done can set to feeling getting closer and closer
    there we go I cut now
    for a final one we want to make sure that a parking ticket
    exceptionally claim basically a bit like a game
    operation where you can touch a decide or
    it tends to create streaks site
    we're going to be leaning forward a little bit more before we were touching
    up against the cake now you can say
    we can't do that anymore gonna be pulling out just a little bit
    and just going smaller than the spiciness
    he trying to avoid
    by sides at this stage there we go I so that by
    you always can have a back all a cake but you don't have to necessarily have
    to back look any different to the rest
    side trying to say nice and far away from
    the last three and transfer is that last layer in
    and then you're ready to do at the top so when we do at all
    we're going to be doing out an action that we call
    running dog and it's basically trying to travel
    around fairly quickly we keep talking to you so again
    make sure that your piping tip has the biggest action
    at the bottom like a teacher up and the skinniest section at the top
    and we're just going to lay now so it's down over the cake
    when I pull it in just a bit I can reach
    and we're gonna go almost to the edge don't stop that he and you want to hide
    all the fis little endings that you've had so
    we're gonna be working in a circular motion up
    down up and down just like waves in the ocean
    going round and round turn it you can stop
    and stop that's fine that you want to get
    the motion of a writing really quickly basically
    pull it down k traveling China Cape it
    at a slight angle so it's not going strikeout out now also wanna talk about
    we need to refill your back
    you need to do this a few times around the sides and probably a couple times at
    lace on top
    say squeeze all the fear excess out of there including excess a.m. we going to
    on co-op part being back and creative
    for the seeker with a hand so that catches a final
    time putting too much and I can it is hot add to pot
    with more but a chronic now
    what you wanna do is actually squeeze it and tee hee that pop
    and that's the a trapped between the OPP it was in the piping bag
    and you beat that you've just put in when did he do this
    make sure that you rememba which way up in which ways down
    you don't wanna stop going on the cake in the wrong direction
    site lineup way you were traveling
    you can get faster and faster at this
    but the most important thing is to make sure that it's done well so tired rush
    and what we do is we've got a full lie and now we're going to put bringing
    I don't like it we can say same so I don't stop and finish
    in the same spot up the cake every time I like to mix it up a little bit
    so that you never know I O where the beginning and weighty India's
    same side with my shin
    turning UK from time to time
    as you get better at the studio

    your places Susan turntable
    around so that you have less beginnings in lesson
    think I'll just keep working in
    give it a spin
    you can see how as you get close I'll the tens become a little bit more savvy
    so just a couple have strikes
    and in
    really stats look like a little bit like a flower petals
    on top as well as raffles to really quite pretty
    if you watch hands
    and the key is the last couple
    which kept straight up down and up down like that
    and that you've got a nice finish top center and that's it that's the ruffle
    so and as long as you mark it all out correctly
    use a spatula ask right power or rule out to mock in school your cake
    so that you feel comfortable with how large a traffic was going to pay
    and that's really casing for making it work and make it look pretty
    and and then just basically get you 1i

    pop all the way around and take a breather occasionally
    this is a lot of piping especially for a beginner to date so you might want to
    the outside and do the top
    and the top is just basically keeping it nice and loose
    and soft and you've got a beautiful petal cake on top
    and the ruffles on the do
    %uh *** *** Zip Lock Bag Pastry Bag- How to fill easily- Frosting-cupcakes - YouTube !!!
    case though hopefully just watched my video on how to make buttercream
    and now I'm gonna show you the easy way to
    and cheap way to decorate
    and cupcake for anything after that
    so what you need is just a regular ziplock baggie and some scissors
    cut and something to decorate so
    you know panetta optimistic the point above the
    the book back down inside the top and then you just cannot open up their baggy
    around the house like now
    then you're gonna take your crafting and you're going
    getting night if they don't need a pace you back
    with any camp I just wanna straight edge tornado it's a little miniature
    case you back just the top and then depending on how big you want
    and the day this
    circumference I guess love the frosting going around your cupcake
    and that how much you coffee and so
    but I near that you cut the tipoff
    and the more fine line you're gonna get and the thicker
    the further down you cut the picker mind you're gonna get
    so because I we're pretending to decorated cupcake today because I don't
    have any cupcake they have a cookie
    I'm going to make it pretty thick and cut down panel out
    you can t there's the whole now we're pretending mister that
    cupcake and because with Valentine's Day yesterday
    now make it maybe beautiful cookie
    for now what you gonna do we'll pretend
    drowned you're gonna start on the outcry
    create and you just gonna go around
    hits the middle and then you just pull up
    stamp it out p.m. topper cupcake it
    super eighty you can also use that to the Royal frosting
    I you just cut teeny tiny tape after and
    I mean what you do is just traced around the outside
    at the cookie and then you let that dry a little bit
    can you feel it and with the
    real-life thing and then you would use this back to pack
    to spread the area like being around real-life thing is
    armed I think it's made with corn and
    corn syrup earned powdered sugar and
    it hardened it dry and its glossy on the top
    the cookie and I have a tutorial about that and later
    I'll be sure to check back *** *** 6 Basic Piping Techniques | Cake Decorating - YouTube !!!
    And there are a few different basic techniques for piping. You can either start with a very
    French thing we do in my culinary school would be rosettes. So a very simple things is just
    to kind of push down and twist around and you have a beautiful little rosette. And you
    could do those kind of all around your cake as a cute little border. Just a few every
    now and again. Put some sprinkles. If you have your little round this is great. And
    by the way you can see that I'm not overfilling my bags. The longer you hold the bag with
    your hand that heat from you will start to melt to frosting, so just as little as you
    can get by with. And keep refilling as you go will keep your frosting nice and stiff.
    But all I want to do with this is if I was creating a border I would push and pull towards
    me you can see that that makes sort of a tear drop kind of a shape. And then go back in
    and push and pull towards me and same thing over and over again. And try to keep the pressure
    nice and even. It's like little beads. Making a little necklace and that's perfect as a
    border. You can go all around your cake. We'll actually get more into that in another video.
    But with this lovely thing, you could do... Let's see how this comes out. I mean with
    all of these you could kind of play around and do anything you like. But if you want
    to do like little swoops, very fun. Kind of all-around just big swoopy motions. And then
    my favorite is the star tip what these are called are shells. I never get to put frosting
    on the table. This is like every fantasy come true. Again you could kind of push and pull
    towards you make little shells. Or this is great for little rosettes or a hundred other
    things really.
    Always just have fun with it. If you wanted to do a little lace I could go back to my
    circle tip this is great also for little dots kind of all over. Or if I wanted to do a big
    squiggly, it's going to look crazy but once it's all over your cake, imagine how kind
    of cool that could look like all around the edge like very avante garde. We can get very
    whatever we want to do. But remember whatever you're doing whatever you're piping it's just
    frosting in a bag. So as long as your pushing in a nice even motion and getting a nice clean
    design in the way that you want it you'll always be a success. *** ***

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