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    RAINBOW CheckerBoard Cake - How to Make a Surprise Inside Rainbow Cube Cake - YouTube !!!
    had the filet to welcome back to my cupcake addiction
    on today's episode I'm show you how to make and amazing
    rainbow checkerboard affect inside you okay
    on the outside it's rather unassuming when you cut a he is and
    absolute calm a beloved kala let's get started
    I'm cheating a little bit today with a double back to the packet make so I've
    just got the ingredients that my pack it says I need to make
    up my cake batter I've got some homemade buttercream frosting are linked to my
    recipe down below
    I thought we pack in cake mix today cuz we gonna be adding a fair amount of
    color and pack a picnic take the color bit better
    you need to take bold and a little bit non-stick spray
    a pic to several palates elite dimensions for those just down below
    in the Description box animal so far a serrated edge knife an offset spatula
    a couple of food and about enough you guys need to make six
    inch round
    I'll I A through I've got these little kinda weird layup and but
    you could use a regular sex in Japan
    the to save me a bit of time i'm open a
    first time you make the whole double batch of my cake make because I've got
    those thick
    little layup and if using one pan am baking six layers I'd recommend making
    these batches
    one at a time so you don't have one thing in particular loan amount of time
    when she added that
    hola wanna go makes you wanna divided I mean it if I wanted to fix
    fault but if you just had one bad popping
    ball to begin with
    and you can this idea how bright how powerful you want your colors debate
    I don't really brought some ending a fair amount of food coloring to each of
    and really making sure that it's mixed through thoroughly
    I've updated my different color batted into the book bags we should make life a
    little bit easier
    really generously spray your little baking tins and then I use the book bag
    to pipe
    in my mixture you can just put it in the book bag make sure that you get a really
    even distribution you really want a fair amount about it the one nation you get
    one inch high laity a flatten them off the back of a spoon and then of
    into the oven they go they're not going to take the full amount of cook time on
    it about

    in its for the short layers to bake repeat that with all your colors and let
    all your layers cool on a wire rack
    until they are completely cool they can even be a little bit warm here
    would like a I like to put money into the freezer for about an hour or so said
    they're actually
    a little bit them to work with I find it stopped them from crumbling when they're
    really freshly made
    so now I'm just taking my serrated edge knife and I'm just cutting
    I long for the three at a time because everyone needs to all be
    knife even layers and it's pretty important that the all about the same
    high practicable effect to work
    wants to cut the tops of the mall flip them over and you can see because that
    non-stick spray
    you could only in a bit of a brown bottom so really thin leeching off
    any brown edges any brown bottle that you can say that so all we've got is
    gorgeous vibrant color

    nicely change wanna take your red orange and yellow and I stack them on
    top of each other
    and then I'm coming. around the edges once again just getting rid of
    any brown and making them on I think even I've tried and you might a couple
    with red orange and yellow together
    and then purple green and blue together for my various layers
    once we got a little I is ready you wanna take your circle cutter tho
    you know the dimensions of mine from the tool equipment Ambler
    but you may need to adjust this a little bit if you're OK to come out flat beer a
    slightly smaller
    I'm gonna cut first a sec latter the middle and then a small effect
    out in the middle of that circle so what you end up with is sir to peak holiday
    and one little round middle do that with olive you different cake layers and the
    new guy to take a little bit about what
    cream frosting and I like about confronting really nice and bright
    and why he has to be making with but I like I do add a little bit white-collar
    rain all I think wanted to it so it's not I think Chris Benoit
    are really thin layer that but a crane around the
    in five educate to those cake once again great if they're a little bit frozen
    here because it makes them
    a lot study to work on new one alternate your college so that
    each if you lie is has one each of the three colors
    sorry in your red outer ring and orange mirroring
    then a yellow center rain and just switch them around
    you wanna make sure that you don't end up with to have the same color in anyone
    to be a lie is here
    the buttercream frosting could help to fill in the gaps in its all significant
    together nicely
    by the time you finish he should have three of those orange red yellow land
    and you should also have three
    love you agree not blow purple layers cleanup event
    get double denies and grab your presentation board you wanna take and
    nice generous man about buttercream frosting and smeared on the board to
    okay complaints I missed out on those blue green line isn't down
    guys and I'm gonna put in a nice relatively even cart but not too thick
    up that white buttercream frosting make sure your frosting this the or frosting
    extend slightly
    out over the edges are you okay lead many gaps to fill in later
    you wanna play a decisive K kinda opposite here so if you got a bluish
    want anyone to go with the reddish one then a bluish month and a reddish fun
    until you get to the top when you're at the top menu wanna take
    some love your body cream frosting in fed side could gonna get really crummy
    and you just want to give it a really nice cronkite some working life actually
    a back-and-forth
    around the outside educate and really driving that frosting right into any
    any crevices you can go up and down you can go if I decide what edit EVA fear
    pop them about crime occurred across the top as well and once you are happy that
    you filled in on your caps
    scraped back of as in much better as you can
    popping up into the freezer for about 15 minutes it's not a phrase the cake it's
    just gonna set that top layer of frosting
    and then you can come back to a lovely clean non creamy butter cream frosting
    and applying now that relatively thick
    card here I put up a bit on because then we use
    our Rula to release me that of Union offset spatula because it's such a toll
    taker rule works a little bit better here
    you can see I'm just using the ruler around the outside edges just just
    back beautifully and extract the ruler and once they get you offset spatula
    and feeling any thoughts eat the frosting levels a little bit large you
    money to do this two or three times but what you end up with is a beautiful
    youth sidewall to: gorgeous rainbow checkerboard cake once happy with the
    edges tell you're upset spatula
    and just make sure it's clean and food to rack that'll be debated frosting from
    the top
    back into the top lie a here you can be really gentle and I'm watching my factor
    in between so it's always
    really knifing claim I'm a little bit of a perfectionist
    even when I got to the stage I had a bit more frosting in made it back again
    but it's completely up to you have to see you wanna be yes and you have to
    think about how you gonna decorate the cake
    I'm doing this month in a plane what because when you actually take
    a through live added your rainbow checkerboard cake that is what you gonna
    the inside
    8 and absolutely gorgeous Konovalov collar and their
    I love a little individual cute it hadn't been cool way to decorate his
    cake makes you check out the my cupcake addiction YouTube channel there are

    the fabulous idea if they're either with us thanks very much for tuning in
    to my cupcake addiction *** ***