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-Sugarpaste Stephanotis and Lilac bouqet for cake Sugar_ &_ Fresh_ Flowers_Bouquet_ Sugarpaste Stephanotis and Lilac bouqet for cake how to make

Sugarpaste Stephanotis and Lilac bouqet for cake how to make

    -Sugarpaste Stephanotis and Lilac bouqet for cake Sugar_ &_ Fresh_ Flowers_Bouquet_

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    Floating Eye Balls Halloween Cake with Skeleton Bones and Bloody Witch Fingers - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is done from cookies cupcakes and cardio dot com today and
    will be showing you how to make a floating ball Halloween cake it's gotten
    crazy inside and it's covered in bloody which fingers and tons of bones super
    gross and perfect for Halloween if you need more Halloween ideas make sure you
    check out our playlists of Halloween treats and desserts let's get started on
    this tutorial to make the cake we're going to be using this black butter
    cream and we're also going to using these eyeball sheep to go malls and
    we're going to need some chocolate ganache and we're also going to need us
    some vanilla cake batter that's been dyed purple orange green and white
    recipes for the cake batter the ganache and the buttercream are all upon the
    channel and I'll put a link to them in the Description box below some of these
    dummy our balls and I'm going to be showing you up next how to make these
    Marshall in prep school bones and these bloody which fingers to make it the
    bones what we're going to need is some melted white chocolate we're going to be
    using these little regular pretzel rods or sticks and I'm going to need some
    mini marshmallows I've got some fun colored ones that you can use regular
    that's all you have to all you have to do is the first thing is to take one of
    your pretzel sticks and dip it into the white chocolate and then take one of the
    mini marshmallows and just kind of it in to the press so like your child the
    pretzel into the martian alike that the other end in and then take another
    pretzel and another marshmallow and press that in like that and then you
    wanna let that harden before you do the next step
    I've got some hardened here so I'm gonna take this and I'm going to put it the
    whole thing into the white chocolate and then just using you can use a fork if
    you don't have one of these handy chocolate tools and was going to let it
    drip off their bit like this
    and he's going to set it aside and let it harden their for this case you're
    gonna need probably around
    but I would recommend doing about
    of them
    just in case you have any that break to make the witches fingers were going to
    be using these long pretzel rods we're also going to need some green melting
    wafers and then I've got some of these whole almonds and you could also use the
    slice ones if you can't find the ones that are totally whole like this and
    we're going to need some red piping gel so all we have to do for this one is the
    first thing we want to do is build the knuckle for the finger so I'm just going
    to take my chocolate that is in a piping bag and I'm gonna make two spots here
    for the novels like that so then I would let that one drive and it got some that
    are already done here and I'm going to switch it out once I got the knuckle
    like that I'm going to take my melted chocolate which is a tall narrow
    container and I'm gonna dip with the entire part into it around like that and
    then let the chocolate gonna come off like this and then set this to the side
    and onto that I'm going to stick one of my moments right on the top for the
    which finger now so that's always going to have to harden and I've got it
    hardened over here already so I'm gonna take a knife and I just wanna give it a
    little bit of Lake Nona texture here to the knuckle
    just scoring the knuckles here like this and then taking a deeper US was gonna
    brush that off we don't want to get the gel any of that into the job they're
    gonna take the gel and I was going to pipe a thin line on one of these here
    and then around the neatness of that part then with the paint brushes kinda
    gonna dip it in a little bit in there and get it into the little school
    like this and then I'm going to move up to the actual mail here and I'm going to
    go all the way around it and then I'm also gonna go up to make the nail is a
    little bit more gory this Halloween and we love the gore here so you're going to
    want to do usually about ten to twelve of these again do a couple extra clothes
    in a really fun to eat and be you might have some of them break when you go to
    cut them to put around your cake sonar onto the cake portion so again I have my
    vanilla batters here and what I'm going to be using isn't a tenth round pan that
    has been greased with nonstick spray now you're going to need to wait and pans
    but just for the purpose of showing you in the video I only have one out and
    you're going to use half of your batter in one hand and the other half in the
    second pen so all going to do is just kinda snip off the top here my piping
    bag ready to come out and then the fun part is going to make any sort of design
    you want to see your parent here and you wanna probably have both your plans
    beside each other so that the masses kinda like a minimum but it's kind of
    fun right so I'm just going to drizzle all this and an alternate all the
    different colors and make a bunch of different layers and then I'm gonna put
    both of the cake pans in to the oven at
    degrees for
    minutes so I
    have the cakes cut and cooled I've leveled them off and what I'm going to
    do now as I'm going to put on some of my black butter cream in between the two
    layers gonna give it a little bit of an extra hella weenie look to it was going
    to smooth this on middle here and then I've got my other layer also already
    leveled and I'm gonna put it on top and then I'm gonna cover the entire thing in
    all black I see the ones we covered the cake in the buttercream I'm going to
    take my collage and I'm gonna put quite
    substantial amount on the top here and I'm gonna take my just kind of coax it
    to the outside I don't want to go over the edge on this cake I want to keep it
    all in the top right corner working at gently over you want to have enough that
    I was kind of sink into it so they kinda look like they're floating just probably
    about like that and if it happens to run over its not a big deal because we're
    going to have the fingers and the bones on the sides I'm gonna take my eyeballs
    and then just turn up press them in and wiggle them around like that and just go
    over the cake and cover the top with all these are so to finish off the keg I'm
    going to put the fingers on that I've trims just to be like kind of slightly
    over the height of the cake and I'm going to put on my bones as well and you
    can do any kind of pattern here and I'm just gonna do like finger and then three
    bones and so I'm just going to go around and put these together and make the
    border all around the cake and then I'll be back to show you the finished product
    so they go everybody I have finished off the cake and I've got the border done
    around the outside and they also had a second cake prepared and I've cut into
    it so you can see that created the inside looks so cool and if the perfect
    Halloween cake so thanks so much for watching and if you like this video
    please consider sharing it with your friends and I'd really appreciate that
    thanks to you guys all again next time *** *** Lalaloopsy- Halloween tutorial (How-to)-Mixing-it-up! - YouTube !!!
    hey I family first draft and we're making it up in the kitchen today
    when I love adolf what for Halloween
    to go with our which path that we've already done for Halloween
    today I'm going to show you how to make ur from head to tell
    so let's get started way
    to me quality head I'm going to use a two-and-a-half in styrofoam ball
    in a serrated knife to cut the bottom half
    now I'm just going in need the modeling chocolate and wallet ap
    spin and covering the star from Bala just some paper in jail
    so I'll grab my modeling chocolate
    call it up put the Styrofoam ball down in the center
    and start to cover out kind of I love the excess
    but I'll leave some extra so that I can put it
    under the chicken allow Lipsy
    going to stick it into the French so it hardens
    so that when we attacked all the decorations it's ready to go
    to make this current age
    orange found in if you have a three-inch
    worrying use the rain to just cut away the edges
    and then I'm going to use a vein into all to just make
    impressions I used two and a half bounces
    a happy funding to cover this card
    and make the body to make the layer love the skirt
    a use it two and a half inch cutter just to create a desk
    and I'm laying the desk right on top
    orange scare sneak
    upper part in the body I make about a

    inch by one and a half inch square but the remaining
    pink fondant I'm using up threaded pipe that I found it just a local hardware
    store to add some texture to the skirt
    musing parchment paper so that I can move the dollar around as I work on here
    use a ball tall to just create
    area that going to be arm sockets I use some pink fondant to add a little detail
    on arms
    use the being told to make some details
    I kinda plastic dowel
    inches I'll just keep the holdout together
    use a little bit love their flesh-colored
    to wrap around the bottom in the dowel to make a knack
    I use a little bit in the hot pink to create a rough all
    around that neck and make the legs with
    just a little bit and the orange fun and use my hand to roll it into a cylinder
    cut it to ages I we're all a little while
    a black fondant to give the leg a little foot
    use a little and white to stick it together and I
    covered the leg in good to get there I just rapid in
    in peace up the black find
    and make a little indent up the bill net where the leases are going to go
    leader michel et al tongue cutting out just a tad from
    black found me arrested the bill I just roll out a
    think peace a white fondant n/a
    in peace AwayFind I using a toi

    to cut out the bottom of the bill and then I just use that
    tip over there
    to cut but elevated
    use the remaining flesh color modeling chocolate
    to make arms again start with the cylinder and each arm
    is going to be about two-and-a-half inches thanks taken on to pay
    now usually peach at one and so it fits right into the arms stock
    in to make the fam just cut away a little triangle
    a cut a stripper black found in and wrap that around the arm
    to give the doll its sleeve Candice creative team in the back and the
    hardened by pushing it together
    have some white finding rolled out
    am going to just cut some in strips I use about four little straights
    laid over now arm and cut man
    input a seam in the back the finishing detail to the arm
    i cud two strips use a vein into all
    they just make like a little rough all patch the rough far along the bottom
    Ange can create a scene in the back too attached
    arms and legs I'm going to attach the legs with a little
    and quiet push it right
    into the skirt and I'll use the arms again a little bit and
    anyway he's put arm right up into the arm sup
    take some black fondant make
    out longstreet well it like a snake
    when I use my meaning tool all along the back side and
    is wanna run it around the edge one side flattening
    and I cut in half just so it's easier to handle
    planning and is pressing all on you want to make sure that covered the cement the
    and I'll stick onto the skirt
    and again if it doesn't then I they just rested in a little more with the main
    and some a waiter wider I rolled some lack funding
    and I'm going to add a detailed to the skirt
    I just cut some strips yeah catch
    this is nice because I can attach it just as I go
    it took the head right out love their refrigerator
    am going to use the other and mind at all
    in just inserted into the bottom
    enter big head and catheter
    little body to end the hair I roll out a little bit
    I'll Orange Farm then he's a for in trine
    dead detail I can put my threaded pipe on again
    and notice I left their hair quite thick
    I wanted to have some ridge's just kinda gives me there
    sent seven dollars hair gather their hair in the back
    I just cut it off to get the two taps o'hare
    I use two balls %uh the correspondent
    pics & to hold it together
    and it looks cute like Japanese
    cartooning and now I'm going to just make
    a buncha cones a different sizes for the doll's hair
    I'm just walling year into different shapes are almost like
    teardrops to start and I wanna make

    on one and some are going to be very long
    and some will be shorter altogether you'll need around

    these little guys to attach all my condom going to just use a little bit
    and egg whites
    running along the back and the cone and apply them gradually
    sign in front my little ball and then the longer ones
    I'm going to put right over
    I you some black on named just to make
    to those take little pain in peace for that censorship
    the bill is these are nondescript tough he does
    the Bose attached to the hair themselves cuz the black found
    is so moist
    to make I a use a mall some marvelous maltz
    its at my butt and malt and I'm just going to use a little bit
    a black fun then an easy to pick to create even deeper holes
    and now I'm going to use in

    to cut out
    to you sir calls so I'll just attached I is with the little
    whale use the back amid
    peace treaty it
    to just in bass where their mouth is going to go just think every little
    use my black or a a thing just to trace the smile
    and she has a little more right there
    and I'm going to add some eyelashes
    and push in and polo away
    it take in fact that were cut out with the

    please and for cheap into and extra detail
    use a toothpick to add some stitching
    the finishing details I wanna put some black
    dots at the end
    a mind I'll skirt trade issues and number one piece street at
    in just paper evenly spaced ops last but not least will add some lady said
    pages you some white whale anything and number one can't
    and trying to get the lease is really close together
    like they're in the thing up a bit in the same room at the top
    for the bell to long leases into teardrop shape
    I hope you enjoyed making love lucy with me today I'd love to see what you come
    up where
    and there's something else you wanna learn please just posted Palau
    me if you're looking for the ingredients or equipment you
    I've written it all out for you down but allow
    I'm in the first row and this is making an app see you next week *** *** 3D Edible Fondant Witch Figurine - How To With The Icing Artist - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    happy Halloween everybody my name is marianne welcomed by thing I doubt that
    this weekend teaching guys how to do a
    soccer ball cake pan I'm gonna build my character on this campus between her
    legs will kind of go to the same slope I'm not start off with two ounces of
    skin tone funds and and I'm just gonna start to create the shape to create
    scant unfunded you can make a combination of yellow and pink the color
    or you could use copper I'm just gonna make sure has a nice flat base to sit on
    that's kind of shape you're looking for and it's been a stick and that's going
    to keep everything City up nice and straight is innovating to am just gonna
    have some details in forever and then of course because I'm making woman we're
    gonna have to have them done there I found this was the easiest way to do it
    because we're going to cover it up using a shirt and then for her too late we're
    gonna need a half ounce each one out and I'm just kind of rolling out a lot of
    catching up to one and make a first and then flattening out together and that's
    both to make it fit nice and flat and kind of tucked underneath her bombs that
    we are going to use water as my glue and glue all of my pieces together and do
    her legs crossed from Japan across one over the other one just kinda like that
    and then again some water to stay glued down you need some icing sugar so that
    way she doesn't stick there and now I'm gonna cut off those legs they just me
    and I'm going to recreate it you think black funded by the exact same LinkedIn
    shape and then either little heel on there and this is going to be for my
    boot now to kind of make sure my beautiful fall off and just gonna stick
    a toothpick into it and then glued together using some water
    make sure it's nice and stop and have enough evidence strip of fun and kind of
    going around it and that's going to cover up the scene and I have an extra
    details here boo I'm going to use purple for her shirt gonna cut out a strip like
    this i think im just a slight little triangle out of the founder and that's
    going to be for the front of her top
    and then access these characters can be made weeks ahead of time you at least
    want them to drive
    weeks but with a Dr Mason solid yellow and white find a
    nice and then then using our secure amusing but sharp edged and curling back
    and forth on it and that's going to create this raffle the fact and their
    family used for the tool that's gonna go underneath her dress just kind of popped
    it up a bit
    May one long piece going around and then I've had a bunch of small pieces that
    I'm just kind of piece together to build up that to love it
    a one and a half inch circle and if orange circle that some black phantom
    I'm gonna kind of the large circle and then you think this same technique I'm
    just gonna ruffle the outside of this slightly and then using my one and a
    half circle I'm gonna cut out the middle and wrapped around my dress
    and then again the theme I'm just gonna years a strip of purple farms and then I
    wanna make a lot about to fall to let all rectangles in half inch the one and
    I've made two sides like this and I'm enjoying them with another small please
    check back right on her arm here and I need to white wine bottles of fondant
    and is going to rule that out into slightly down the one and just like we
    did the leg and the other I'm gonna push down lightly and then make a couple
    little cuts for her hand
    and then just took that on your shoulder and make it very disturbing that surely
    you guys like to see any of my other Halloween video you can click here to
    see my Halloween small strips for the straps on her shirt and her head we're
    going to need one out stole a fountain light oval shape and I'm gonna start to
    create different shapes of her face just on a piece of foam so doesn't come into
    the back of it and I just kept pushing up and the bottom of it and then in and
    this is going to create her no and then using a member
    piping to create a
    little smile gonna make a little holes that I'll stick right onto most your
    little planet for her eyes and just gonna push them in now I'm just handing
    it out a little bit and make the wait a little bit bigger and I'm gonna give her
    green I am marker here but you could also use food coloring or find an
    outline her eyes using black and then Adam I'll Asha
    and then the center of I to be black as well
    and then I gave her two little white dots to share her
    you thing which is also a double I'm just gonna use a very slight amount and
    just give them a little bit of rosy cheeks you know what the top of her how
    to so she's no longer be bother going to give her some here to give us some banks
    I'm just gonna start piecing this together I've read that these new little
    friend lives around flaunting her hair and just going to piece them together on
    top of each other kinda like this way about like here but not surely flow and
    of course the centerpieces that you do the more realistic it's gonna look you
    could be thicker pieces if you don't want to spend much time doing her hair I
    decided to do most of her hair hanging over her one shoulder I'm just kind of
    putting them around and then around over her shoulder and you want to fill in all
    around the size actual bottom pieces to the bank and then cover up the back and
    a coming around down like that there were no hairs done she should look like
    that and if you're not doing a witch for Halloween and you just want to do
    regular figure you can stop here or you can do you think might fix members of
    funds and I'm going to create this little cone shape and then curled the
    one and
    many years 3 inches her a black circle using a toothpick and its gonna add that
    into my little get that ready that on top of her head and just kind of let it
    lay down that really like fabric or just I lay there and then pick the top on and
    the giant and I have some actions you tell them again just gonna use a little
    stripper finds in and add another bow now to go the extra mile you guys can
    make this beautiful pumpkin cake and said her right on top of it like to see
    how to make this pumpkin cake you can click here I start planning his victory
    weeks ago I'm so excited about making it trying all the drawings and everything
    I'm really happy with the way you guys really liked it too and if you'd like to
    see any other please leave a comment below and let me know and if you really
    like this video don't forget to share on social media the meeting call given by
    some because that really helps in the aisle if you're not too bad because I've
    heard lots of
    videos on my channel and you're not quite a bit
    thank you guys SO much for watching and you know it *** ***

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