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" " Extract the dough from the book \"Sweet kitchen\" how to make

Extract the dough from the book \"Sweet kitchen\" how to make

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    Skull Cake- Buttercream- Cake Decorating - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    hi I miss larson justly a lesson here in the studio with us today to teach us how
    to make this cake is basically there's a million things you do a lot of fun we
    had a smoking around here and so she's gonna get us all the basic chance for
    doing is actually easier than you think so let's get started for the school to
    teach us all today
    me we aren't using a few different rules not too many were injured as well so the
    little many schools are using it

    dpi and about half a cake mix to create these really told there's no we
    don't have a three-inch can just gonna want three or four of these to get the
    height that he needs day we are always uses her handy down the block but was
    your first call feature and it's hard to see in camera that is really then he
    tripped by turning you can see it now you can get your restaurant supply store
    decorating supplies or you're really dies and asked him to get a better look
    bigger it feels like a couple we're going to quit pacer with this reason why
    chip we're going to use of copper or a very large figure piping tip of color
    works really great eight er that happens to be a really fine one of that you can
    use any size of secure and easy to use our image or just make it easier to get
    on and off

    sidekick YouTube video for easy for so the same size as your tapes reason to
    save some special this did a keg stand maybe by Carly those shop TV show you
    that our sister station to station or channel besides for her crazy cake lab
    on YouTube as well do you find this design the woodshop TV or Carl Jacobson
    so things for him for that and you can see that he will make it so get started
    around just checking them you can't Ortiz if you want to and if you want to
    the killings in but I was getting so this one and I'm just gonna a little bit
    forward for the event set these cakes
    as much as you can without making it if you were with frozen cake because it's a
    lot easier and art thing actually building and she herself so I wanna give
    you a quick lesson to show you how really that goal is shaved
    any head so your proportions want to be so if you can draw you have about the
    right proportion so if you cut that directly and how that is where your eyes
    though if you cut that and how one more time where that's where the tip of your
    nose goes and if you cut that and how one more time that is where the middle
    of your mouth is gonna be so this will be your eyes and your mouth and that'll
    be the proportion every time you get my head right so if you're looking at side
    you're going to have an age like this and you gonna do exactly the same thing
    about half again like this again is your nose again is your mouth so use the
    proportion and your school just right and starting the scoping process now
    I've marketer the john Lynch either gonna be and so just cutting in and inge
    and the stability
    and she said that we need to use a bigger air so that we can actually take
    I think I often thought process master of school I think and that's a big thing
    she says really worked to make sure you get there which medium equipped eyes are
    more than one there I want to talk about it I think we're using bridges which is
    actually and I think that's pretty
    you could also use PCR product and price not the with topping for this project or
    you can use my
    with high ratios for me it's a nice product but you do need and I know and
    you can see that I put extra thing in the top so he can round it and i also
    actually even though I already upset that he you want to make sure that there
    is a possibility of losing weight is gonna be pretty much all way so I'm just
    desserts and just to get in shape and I want to be part of a strip or
    and I'm just leaving out mostly k just getting on the stand
    remember that after this or that right thing to do all the details I am going
    to do something they don't do and I'm going actually mark out where you want
    to go
    heartless and my so we're going to apply here I'm gonna use a ruler and use a
    spatula nervous and they're just going to go have in the middle of things and
    just a little bit and then you consider that a traitor and a half markets of
    this go there and working out where I want the ice and the nose and mouth so
    when you're doing their eyes doing the guys doing all the ears
    here just trying
    and then we already have where the T-thirty maybe you're probably gonna be
    or or the book back you're probably going to be coming different sizes so
    that you can with what I'm doing is the FAA's
    cutie because you know I'm Katie showing in and and if you find that the shape
    that you made first time was great you can just keep it as you go
    I just a little bit more of a bumper year for the house and then we're going
    you want to do as little as possible can mean a live here
    little bit of the structure of the nose and I'm using never told figure but i
    think is pretty easy to do because you want it to be no more than a half inch
    and you can just get on with i GTG so do the top first and you can see that we
    still have our mark here from
    and don't worry you know he's smooth and Riku bigger or smaller whatever money to
    the bottom to the top
    first because then you get about it either gonna dig in just a little more
    to make the bottom teeth a little
    if you look closely I mean his teeth a little cricket so don't give him a
    little character and we are just about done
    details so you can go crazy on it
    do whatever you want this is usually what I do and if anything that might
    Stewart and black food coloring you can use gel hair color and I'm just gonna
    put in place is just the way it is or if you want to add some more detailed a
    little more color you can use a finger with food coloring you can use your
    baking tin with placards I am going to use an airbrush
    fun I'm gonna add to read
    ok pretty cool huh
    period studio today show us how do you think school had but this is just the
    basics call so you can do this next couple of videos were gonna show you how
    to do other things with it
    wanna see the next step I did the cake and we're just going to use this call me
    and Kate crazy he would you like to hear me crazy k-
    dealers and channel and
    was you know you can always find me they are frosting on Facebook
    www.facebook.com you can find the Larson channel is crazy take up lots of fun
    stuff going on over there thank you for watching guys will see you all again *** *** How to Make a Skull Cake for Halloween | Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    the likes K
    I everyone today we're gonna do something
    little curry are you ready it's gonna be a
    golle and then afterwards okay just getting
    we're gonna make this call very excited so
    people always ask me what the best K to sculpt
    is whatever you got home you got a very Crocker
    make it up you got a pound cake thank you whatever you want Scott's
    maybe not the Angel Food save that for the strawberry season
    alright so what I've got here is a hack cheats
    and what I'm going to do is just stack another one right on top I'm gonna fill
    it a little bit because I'm gonna do at two dimensional Skoll
    I do love to do sculpted cakes like this
    because they're fast quick
    easy to do and they're just as impressive as some other ones with the
    armatures and
    the more difficult once so here we go
    a sandwich my
    you see this guy ok not yet working on
    I'm from Dallas by the way anyone from Dallas now
    I didn't think so alright so what I'm gonna do essentially its car this
    this is going to be can I install here's the chance here
    hi right there out species Frank
    so the first thing I'm gonna do is carve the top of the head
    I have a

    inch cake knife if you ask a staff
    this is really not be cake knife it's a roast
    carving but we have taken it over and 8 nice
    alright good
    so there's some tricks
    to making a human face which still applies to its goal
    where your eyeballs right
    smack dab in the middle if your face look at that believe it look in the
    where is your nose right smack dab between your eyes
    in your chin fair where's your lips
    right between your nose in your chance seeing how that works out
    here I is one I apart
    funny right that's happened here year starts
    your eyeball the bottom of your year starts
    are finished depends on how old you are
    right for sir alright
    so now I'm gonna contour the face a little bit
    so far pretty easy right kinda skull like
    all it is a half circle appear alright
    and then I'm in a car
    and down see that I'm just cutting a piece out
    the bottom right here and I'm gonna do the same thing on the other side
    if you can eyeballing you can use the first side as a template
    I bet now you'll be able to see the skull three cats you see it now
    don't be scared it's just a cake it's not real
    alright so they're gonna do is we're gonna car
    a brow because this is what the I rather what makes things scary
    so we definitely want to make the brow furrowed
    and scary all cakes don't have to be sweet
    this one is a little bit all right now the eyes
    did you see how I just accented the brow bone
    just fight cutting a little bit just in here a little like
    Italian it's just thinking
    right alright so then I'm gonna contour out the eyeballs
    stick a knife and spin it around easy
    this is the best part in the cake right there
    similar to the party the chicken under ni right there that I while
    are and then the same thing on the other side see that homie
    almost alright
    so then I definitely don't wanna chill in this
    sharp I'm gonna contour the bottom
    now some people like to use templates you can do that to you can car
    have to set up a piece of paper first if you feel a little scared or nervous
    but I promise by the second time you do it you won't need one see the

    so around here rounded here
    this is just a burden there you guys alright
    so then I'm gonna
    contour the edges because I do want it to look like
    skulls been chopped in half and placed on this poor so at
    degree angle I'm gonna make this cake
    appear around you see that I just coming up
    little pieces
    now there are several ways that sculpting K some people were
    meticulously car
    all the detail into the actual okay and it takes a long time and I'll make every
    every her every line perfectly in the Cape
    back is not my method because
    I am NOT patients an app for that so what I do is I carve the basic shape out
    on the cake
    and then I I said with a heavy coat icing
    and i actually covered with fondant and then scope the fun
    this is my favorite thing to do but I'm a real quick nerd
    CZ now
    the round it's called pretty cool
    if you wanna make the brown more
    accented a little bit more what you can do is you can take a piece if
    the cake that you've already removed
    looked thats Amano brow
    see that's it
    see if you wanna make that little thin out snows
    the bone their
    part but don't don't worry
    I'm getting all rights and how to finish the look at the round what you wanna do
    is you wanna contour the bottom is well
    you want to give the impression again at this skull has been sliced down the
    middle and placed on the board so that's a mango

    degrees I'm just gonna run a knife around the port
    see that
    sometimes they get away but not often
    any question so far you guys all got it right
    now one thing that some
    people have a hard time remembering when they stop the face
    is that you kind of have a bear all for 'em out think it is a barrel
    it's a very cylindrical shape here alright so I'm going around this mouth
    out a little bit
    think in the shape of your t
    that's kinda for your faces
    and then I'm gonna carve in a little bit for the cheekbones
    you see it you might have a hard time seeing it until I
    cut some tea so I this at City
    who are done
    just get cut part of the chain of
    see that I just kinda went out
    I wanna drop that Chan and I want to lift the head up a little bit
    so that i'm gonna kinda went out on that first piece I cut out
    a freak out
    don't freak out ciskei
    just skate you know what happens if it doesn't work
    eat it and guess what same
    think the thing
    but see what a difference that's it now it's looking at you
    so then the next episode
    I sit a lot of people stress out about the icing
    stress since I say and icing is a happy substance
    it should not make anyone stress a lot of people like to ask me
    what kind I do you like best Bronwen whatever kind is in front of me
    I like american Butterfree Canadian border
    free Italian butter German but everything was better
    Swiss friends I
    all that I would go into for something like this I would you something that's
    heavy on the fact delicious heavy on the butter
    so again don't stress it's Jeff I think
    this see that you see me sweating
    crying now freaked out Africa
    oh my god
    use whatever kind i as actually like best
    normally on a cake that's to be like this
    I will I sit almost to the bottom it
    is when you roll with funny you cover it
    what's gonna happen the buttercream is gonna squish down to the edge anyway
    right if you don't if you do I said all the way down to the end you'll get
    icing on the fund right well I like to save as much fun as I can around the
    case so I will
    try not to ice the bottom forces if you make a mistake a
    you you Joe all you do is just
    like say I just happen to cut this off right here well what I do
    first step don't cry
    second step deep breath third step
    possibly a glass of wine if it was a real bad fourth step
    a little butter cream that's all you need okay
    buttercream is the glue
    in the cake world look at that right
    again first rule no tears right if it gets
    really bad you throw its really hard into the trash can and then you'll do a
    victory dance
    his you okay alright
    it happens everyone makes mistakes I make at least
    an hour
    the details gonna come with my favorite to all
    my fingers and addresses in
    if you don't have one is fancy things they also make them and sell them in the
    grocery store
    they're called bamboo skewers some a little short one
    call to fix you really need one of these I just its
    what you doing days alright everybody gotta perfect get about your pocket
    and then you're ready
    alright so the I will come in with the find it
    so now we're going to have to roll out the fun
    so I brought my strong muscle
    with me Danielle right there
    he actually makes all the fun X we used a lot
    a fondant at the bakery we ordered by the time
    I nobody likes to put away that shipment though
    bro that's a lotta buckets but it's a good workout so
    can you do right favourite it
    may your I know what your as
    for alright we're gonna turn it into an angry skull
    first thing we gotta do is needed to fund it
    that stain your favorite thing to do he told me right before
    why did the its you need if I had to work it
    you need to make sure its elastic look what happens when it comes to read the
    book at the ready
    I'll that's no fun
    there's no elasticity you have to need it and if you think you're done
    people eating a little bit more than you think you're done again
    than a little bit more and then finally will be done I'm ready

    how much fun it I would say exactly the size
    up to point spoof I Texas grapefruits
    this much
    yeah yeah I was just kidding about the grapefruits
    I nice
    in metric
    throwing down no
    almost and Danielle
    brought his friend with now
    do you guys have one of these high-tech growing yes it's the prettiest thing
    you've ever seen yeah
    her little red wagon I take this with me wherever I go
    exits think I'm lie this is a high-tech version a bit
    this is this plugged in and on steroids
    alright Danielle
    let's do it through it so I work it
    absolutely there you are
    have quirks acceptable to
    know makes this go through the story by

    million activism Korea and any
    open all-out and then use
    rates and many puts it all like that its we thought it could be self feed
    cookies for it does it taste like the inside of an Oreo
    and that's the part I like to eat first are writing out
    to see it doesn't hurt does it hurt to give you a sack
    let him go now
    well first of all of the time iraq I
    article like this yeah work
    night saw
    up little bit up fast start

    March so you have a seventy
    aggravation until you get this one with this is the way insanity
    no doctor bill
    just push through notice
    of that's beautiful but you can make a mean pizza I'm at
    I was seventy not fair
    first right on the left if you are left
    so wow he's gonna do that I'm gonna spritz this cake if you have a
    buttercream the cross
    sometimes you need a spritz it I always have one of these in my purse its
    Boulevard ca
    I'm just kidding I don't really have it in my purse in my civic
    so I'm just gonna squirt that do you have to use my
    but it just makes for more fun cake you can use water
    %ah how do I want it I think you have to question everybody always wants to know
    fix should you have it rolled to wanna have right now is about a quarry
    love our I cannot do more
    yes you can you want me Nick Clegg in my machine I need to put a plug
    York thing machine I would like it out
    oh my god in metric what is that
    you know aka la Menor about a kilometer
    every comp to climb on earth yeah a corner minutes
    less than a quarter vent
    yeah I where
    little thinner now about for
    so how do you pick it up well you could roll it on your page
    are you can just fling got it alright
    so now we're going to cover up oh my gosh I like ass
    who'll alright so you see
    the first thing you do is you roll it out stick it on
    and then you finds your edges with your hands
    now one thing that I C a lot of people do
    is they get out the fondant smoother this is not a flat surface
    finances are for flat surfaces these are for contoured surfaces
    if you get a rip in the middle of the fondant you at a flower
    of course right that's that's the question some guy never
    a piece of decor US only at that point what I do is I throw the cake in the
    I have a cuppa coffee glass wine and I
    let the fun in the buttercream underneath for MoP and then you can take
    it out maybe fifteen minutes later
    score right through the fondant appeal to find it of
    forget grains tactic
    for and doing and just be glad for that extra better practice
    cool alright
    see use my hands don't worry about the access right now
    so dry out it's okay leave it there
    you see her working on that eyebrow free
    summary yeah
    you gotta have a a fondant manicure but your toes can look fabulous
    it doesn't matter I put all my cakes in the fridge
    because I put lots of delicious good guy who in the middle lemming
    heard and pastry cream in yummy yummy
    goody do because it's all about the Pew
    right go we have a big booty cake ratio
    all the case go in the fridge its Texas
    degrees outside in the summer time
    what would happen if I took my buttercream and put it outside
    oh my gosh it would completely melt so I do put
    every cake in the fridge I put it in a corrugated cardboard box
    feel alright when I take it out I don't just take it out immediately
    you to let the take temper to room temperature slowly
    right usually I do this on its way the delivery
    right this cake stays in the box we pick it up really quick just to make sure
    nothing fell off
    it's got both its arms or all of its flowers or whatever
    close a backup and take it to deliver it by the time it gets to deliver
    it's beautiful room temperature yeah
    0 you need this kind of on it doesn't amount to a friend some find it smells
    in the fridge
    it depends on what the ingredients are sugar
    mouth in water pray you need other things in there to help it
    from keep it from not melting thats you know that's one of the major reasons why
    is this funny
    his every cake goes in the fridge you see what I did
    I put my fingers in there right
    I'll give it some lines I get my favorite tool class:
    well home I can I
    somewhere in there's about did you see
    that was as close as I get to panic that's it
    all right now the T this for that
    that's it I have about

    I have them in my purse I have them in my office I have in my car I've always
    got spares around I've got so many
    did you see what I did I just use my finger there starting to look like a
    right now here's my gum
    tools I'm gonna use them all at once see that creepy
    same thing on the other side alright
    and now I'm gonna add the creepy
    lines with my dresden this golf
    you know there's mines in a school again
    it's those eyebrows that are gonna make it look me and Halloween like
    p are you scared don't be scared
    don't be scared
    so the team I'm gonna make after I am gonna Adam on
    seeing just a few lines makes it really creepy
    alright and then a anti ok
    I'm gonna turn around the ends another thing that I use the dress in for
    its attacked the fondant in around the school to K
    and I'll use a little if thats make the teeth with
    for two yeah
    see the dentist she asks for real see notes I to
    is nothing more than a kind of a short squeeze
    carrot is that right that's really how their describe right that's what you
    learn in school
    a short squished carrot
    alright I may have a little bit ira make
    care rollerball open your hands like a book sweat
    truth that's quite a big to
    start smaller ball smaller care
    sweat it this he does have a party
    this this guy now you start at the bottom
    unless you want to give them an overbite like a pot or an underbite
    right to start with the bottom
    are you at making tea thing you know make make some tea
    yeah and that she could do it really well
    totally seeing
    you see those how what do you think about those yeah
    so the best thing about Scholes is that they don't have
    all their teeth so how many teeth does this go
    half how much patience you have
    they're kinda related so we'll give them a few bottom one
    then a couple a big
    top points San ICSE
    sick and I like that is kinda creepy
    when I from one
    some what I do with all the cakes I
    love to airbrushed that is my favorite thing
    besides making tea how to find it I think we're getting some pointed teeth
    you know vampires are popular
    you see the halperin
    an hour in a reverse a really great
    what's your
    her whichever one is working
    normally whichever one is clean at the moment
    typically when I airbrushed I airbrushed
    from light to dark but I'm gonna do dark to light this time I want this to look
    really creepy
    and look i party given him a couple a freckle did you see that
    when I open it so what happens if I haven't seen what do you do
    throw it away and start over just kidding
    the answers always want to remember that all sports bottle I keep in my purse
    you can take a clean towel not the gross when you've been wiping your table with
    and sprints in a little bit and then you can just touch it
    for ho
    you see that got alright so remember the
    what did you learn from round one vodka alright that is on the web now just
    alright no
    well they always trying to get away but they never can so what I'm gonna do
    when you air pressure K you gotta remember that the color comes out in the
    direction of the gun
    right hurts like this I'm gonna be a refreshing you
    when I hear first the cake I need a pointed down towards the K
    alright now you can see have just
    even just a little just a little bit makes it
    are ready here we fear we fear
    I think therefore minutes away I
    black-white pack white alright so I'm gonna paint the inside the No
    now I'm gonna shoot directly across I know I just told you not to do that but
    then I'm gonna hit
    all the shadow you see that what that is.
    now normally I will airbrushed the bottom of the board
    towards the cake bottom dark why
    because gallstone borders
    right I've never seen this column is so poor
    I'll we've got a big order probe or
    now no borders right so I usually just disguise it
    by making a little dark adds to the creepiness you see that awesome
    the further back you go with their parents the fire the mess to see that
    its gonna hit and more speckle pattern
    if you want to have those freckles you know like some old schools have like
    dirt and freckles on S
    then you just put your finger in stream and pull back a little bit
    that's what happened to me
    yeah that's why I have so many
    my mother did that
    that's very technical but you know what you can use
    anything ger any other alright
    so then
    the hardest part for me about scary cakes is leaving the glitter of
    has the glitter my favorite part anything and then I many is why it's
    and then we are done now with the white is gonna blended a little bit
    now the white is the only food coloring thats translucent
    that's why you have to shake it up you see it all stuck to the bottom like that
    I was
    also tech book and so until its
    release from the bottom always clean your gun when you go from dark to light
    how deeply you gotta third in a bucket of water
    you could find a fancy a reverse cleaner
    or even pro-tobacco water now this is gonna
    when the collar a little bit add to the creepiness
    p I think the fun
    thing to do would be to add to what those little tiny battery operated
    right in the middle because that would be of
    all rights fantastic
    where I
    is it free the scale care
    FK not really evil
    price well yes to
    Hey *** *** Skull cake (How To) + Gathering Videos - YouTube !!!
    have today guys wanna make cakes by chopper
    today we have a skull for you this is a very easy cake for beginner
    to a unit is head over the case let up a Facebook page print out the template
    anionic that to shape to the skulls placing them
    on the cake in cutting out by two though is ready to stack
    and if you guys and you hear absolutely thank you for coming across as
    chase down the social media links above and is also some in the description
    okay so using a template gonna cut off the bottom drawer of the printed face
    and paper that damn then you get kinda a little deep in with the Izod and the
    this is just to give it up basic little indent
    at the bottom when you're kinda place very sticky
    and then taper off the edges keeping the faith
    around then fill it with your favorite flavor
    you can use any kind a cake for this the link in the description for the recipe
    for this one
    and also my plane but a crane chocolate recipes coming very soon
    get through cover UK can give it a crime K
    all aware and in your pocket into the fridge five minutes
    making sure you've got all the cake winters and dry and become
    growth budget aimed at the French pop all around the eyes
    the math and that Joe and a to those dan this is just gonna give you there's
    raised its that make it smooth very skull like
    once you're happy with that you pop it in the fridge five more minutes
    and that your safety net when your own fun and play some football
    if you misplaced you can remove it easily without much miss
    role you father now I don't of hazardous said Smith it down
    using a paintbrush she can use gently pushing Indian dance ke geet
    and the fun in cut away all the excess
    and then it going with a sculpting tool putting
    a few details a and Nick
    make the or is there and he's changed by and
    live rounds a little bit more defined phasing them black held us the winter
    and gave it a light coat
    on the side so it would have been a shallow and then I G some gold metal
    dust which gave this
    rustic barn look when mixed with the black using the panel does
    on the funny you want keep it in a little bit and then give it a shake
    blow it off because it does go on really
    he confessed you don't want to do that because once on their it's pretty much
    on using some black DLC die I painted in
    the black holes in it on eyes know is between st
    and in a way around this column go if you tune into the cracks
    and the ego you have your skull take I was lucky enough to attend the
    gathering in Melbourne this week and that was the replacement for explode
    check out these three spotlighted videos that I appearing
    the their incredible I met so many amazing people account with dual again
    also check out the mic with us ki it in the plane's or
    slow thank you guys so much for watching I'll catch it next time *** *** Walking Dead 3D Zombie Skull Cake - How To With The Icing Artist - YouTube !!! Statistics

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    *** *** Cake Decorating: Sugar Skull - YouTube !!! English Chinese (Simplified) English Hindi Spanish Swedish
    Knead rose, red, and black coloring into gum paste
    Keep hands lubricated with no-stick spray
    Sculpt roses by layering disk shapes together
    Roll and flatten fondant
    Crumble a cake and mush in frosting and butterscotch
    Form a ball with the dough-like mixture
    Sculpt into the shape of a skull
    Frost it
    Cover with fondant and cut off the excess
    Decorate with edible markers and icing color
    The roses might stick better if you glue them first: use edible glue
    Et voilà! *** *** How To Make A WALKING DEAD BRAIN... cake! Red velvet cake, fondant and raspberry jam! - YouTube !!!
    welcome back to had a cake it I'm feeling a little under the weather today
    so bear with me
    the Walking Dead premiere is a few days away and how long is round the corner so
    I thought I've got a cake
    ultimate I certainly feel really hungry I wanna call Kevin McCallum Kevin base
    of this human bring kiki is red velvet cake batter than a portent she would
    eight inch round full
    get that don't she but this whole day has been off for me because I forgot to
    turn my other than
    I love you so all of the red velvet batter in the pan and
    it looked so once my cake is cooled I just carved away all that extra matter
    that looks really creepy and then i turn my cake out of the pool and began to
    carve so just hit hard with the sides to get it a little bit thinner and then I
    carved away just a little curved underneath the brain
    and I carved out this little crease between the brain hemispheres I'm really
    looking to just create a base shape for my brain because most of the shape and
    the detail is going to come from the funding that I lay on afterwards
    wasn't happy with the basic shape of my brain case I sprayed with simple syrups
    and give it an ice cream coat with my Italian meringue buttercream and then I
    put my brain cake in the fridge to chill guys ready to touch of my lips to you I
    feel really dry now the microcode is chill and I Swiss cake one more time I
    don't have to be as particular as I usually am what I need is for the
    buttercream to help my fund it
    time to prepare flesh colored actually pre died from fondant with burden the
    golden yellow and a little bit of black shelf color I better on my flesh colored
    fun into tubes so I can recreate this rainy I don't we wanted to try out some
    new role a few tubes at a time
    about four to six inches in length and just picking up all the phone off
    rolling it and to choose and then applying them to the brain and starting
    again and doing this completely free and I don't think two brains look exactly
    alike so I'm just going to go for it
    always weird research something like this was you feel like you're not doing
    it right as you lean it's such a small piece but the more I added the more
    confident my God to keep going
    lower quadrant and I covered that and to bring upside down it's really cool
    because I love my head of brain doesn't really have any flood services at all so
    I didn't want like he glad I added 12 along the bottom all the way around and
    then even at the front of the brain at the bottom and that's how I began I
    really wanted to keep the definition between the two and then not because
    it's not perfectly symmetrical I wanted to keep this definition clear so I put a
    ruler in between so that when I added the funded the other side it wouldn't
    touch and stick to the fondant I had already
    of my flesh colored I knew I wouldn't see the whole service is my brain is
    gonna be so I wanna just recreate he sort of soft rounded shapes you see here
    so I rolled two bowls of fun and Latin America bit to fit under my brain and
    then I used to love from my medical kit rather than a sculpting tool and I just
    made these lines just like you know the cerebellum lines when I'm happy with my
    cerebellum and it's looking go ahead and place that my cake stand first and then
    add a little more fun for support before putting my bring cake on top of time to
    get my brain cake in place I carefully lifted up and make sure that the back of
    my brain is even with the cerebellum underneath they just don't care of the
    few more details I'm gonna use one of my trusted medical tool to further indent
    the little sort of herbs and all the little corners and
    toral you interpret really you know the brain to release you know I really
    should have learned my brain terminology before doing this video but to be honest
    googling human brain just open so I really want this brain tumor voice and
    fresh items I am seedless raspberry jim is just Russia on all over my breen
    getting into every little corner every little nook and cranny every curve and
    especially developing a ton of gym in the middle between the two years or
    something like that
    this cake look like a bring its actually kinda scaring me but *** ***

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