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" " Choux pastry out of a book \"Sweet kitchen\" how to make

Choux pastry out of a book \"Sweet kitchen\" how to make

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    Pumpkin Shaped Cake for Thanksgiving from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is Jennifer good casing Carter
    comp today I'm going to show you have made a pumpkin shaped
    K just in time for fall or for SK
    so to make a pumpkin shaped K
    you need to have to Kates from the bank can this is one
    and you're going to me too like I said so I'm using our
    vanilla cake from scratch mix which is whatever videos will
    we've done before and will lead to it in the show notes below
    and you need to make to other at two different times
    just so there's no confusion to same put all up
    one matter into the bottom

    that released ahead of time and we've got
    it ready to go into an out and that's at
    and will take about
    depending on your oven temperature gonna put this in the event and I'll be back
    to show you how to assemble the two but pants to get
    to all the cakes are baking in the oven you're also going to need
    to make yourself two batches a vanilla buttercream
    we also have a video for this upturn will provide a link in the show notes
    so one batch is going to become orange and one batch will be green
    somewhat I'm going to use is a mere color gel case to
    for both of them just going to add a little bit more
    less is more with these job paster pretty concentrated
    and then I'm just going to mix to mock stir them up by hand
    and I'll
    back once we've got these all incorporated okay so we've messed up for
    buttercream us we've gotten to the colors that we what and now are going to
    prep the cakes
    okay so what's up next is fixing the
    cake to the board so what you can use a knife if you want to I was going to use
    I'm a piping bag and I'm just going to make
    small circle to go around here
    and the point if that is to anchor the cake to
    your port you can also just put it on a plate so we're just going to do that
    like that
    and then where you can see
    the lowest points and for this one it would be right here
    that I'm going to level the cake of who's going to use
    a serrated knife
    and cut off the excess parts
    cake because I want a flat surface
    in order for the other part of the cake to sit on top
    so wanna go get the other part and we'll show you how to put them together
    so using our learns buttercream
    we're gonna cover the top where the top bun
    can is going to act so this really use the icing to act as a glue
    you don't need to be am
    superheater careful at this point is fun to get enough on their
    so that the top layer will stick with the top layer
    was gonna try line up the ridges I'm just gonna slide it onto hawk
    should fit together traffic
    so they re how the top
    attached to the bottom so next up is to ice the whole thing
    K using the orange buttercream again
    we're going to fill in the middle and then
    just using your night for whatever you've got in your kitchen for
    icing you're going to cover the whole entire
    okay so I've gotta poking Kate cover in the orange buttercream
    and now using a standard ice cream cones gonna put it upside down
    in the center here can act as the stamp and then it
    I have put the green buttercream
    into a piping bag and it has a will to number ten tips
    on it was going to use it to play up
    on the ice cream cone is to give it a little texture
    so you can finish it off like that you also might want to add some fines to it
    and that also fit another
    another day with the leaf tip which is number three
    from Wilton
    and you could add some leaves
    so there you have it that is how you can make a pumpkin shaped
    cake just in time for fall in thanksgiving
    thanks for watching remember to subscribe to our channel:
    you can find us on Facebook Twitter and on Google+
    see you next time *** *** Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting | Zoella - YouTube !!! *** *** Toffee Pecan Cake in a Pumpkin from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!! *** *** How to Make a Fondant Pumpkin by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    highnesses he's cutting hard %uh
    and today I'm here to show you how to me a fondant
    okay so quiet little keeps toppers and i won
    on K and they're very simple
    some just going to let you know how to do that all
    don't need it today of yes correspondent

    you need your small ball slow
    I'll you are close to you all
    I don't know it is hard free annually
    main and her eyes use the small Italy
    well also who are lawyers use is nicer
    old I'll bottom-up the

    large strasser and
    we are going to use the color
    sold quite simple an art major older so let's get started
    learning first is rollout are
    on lot of money a
    I'm markers onto the sized
    fitness want want
    for is to create the
    some things that are going to be exact same size look worse
    if you look of things that look realistic
    sizes you can go for difference I see
    kinda freehand circles or what not but I want my help plz
    say top so you got up to put them together
    enrolled into law also that I learned
    to in order to get increases that you see your balls
    are just to push really hard between your hands
    lawyer role in Los pressure and then
    the creases disappear all that pressure solo
    once you got into the sheet yuan all times the little bit
    more flattish like a real company s
    opens a nice round butt this on Fla
    solo first I need to do is take
    your small and other day
    and I'm going to start
    top well top and go all around
    right tool on gentle pressure
    the move around only or the way around
    don't autumn
    and keep going
    until we go all the way here
    cable on time around its not
    and then around one more time
    or course mountain and here
    and then but no and
    just press tells ever so slightly and States
    any being that you need to make it look a little bit more realistic
    ain't got that done
    and then using a small and I'll
    mislead Press little their
    rumors swirl the planted our
    so you can see over here we've got the little
    line coming arkin rolled up you
    so yeah memory card
    hot up now in so I hold ok my
    although my green on and and misusing
    my I'll Muslim slice in
    later residence length
    on it slut and
    using your pointer tool
    Houston a wraparound until you get
    a little quayle I'm just wrapping
    in around what's Chan
    great and then going to turn it upside down
    jim nicholson them and no
    so staying at will and then batsman Angello
    less than impressed the law on over them
    down into the pumpkin and there you have it
    very simple about under five minutes away
    to me %uh can for your Halloween your harvest
    hot cakes editor of Chi remember to subscribe for Cal
    and its unions *** *** Superbowl Football Pullapart Cupcake Cake - A Cupcake Addiction How To NFL Tutorial - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
    Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Football Field Pullapart Cupcake Cake where I'll be
    showing you how to make this great football field pullapart cupcake cake -- perfect for
    your Superbowl party or for any football occasion you might be celebrating.
    Tools and equipment that we will be using today:
    I have a pair of scissors. I've got some of our perfectly pipeable buttercream
    frosting. I've color some of that brown using some cocoa. I've colored most of it green,
    just using some green food coloring. I've got a little bit of [still] white and
    I popped that into just a regular zip lock bag. We're just going to use that for some
    of our detail work. Those two frostings... I've got my chocolate
    frosting in one piping bag. I'm using quite a small star nozzle tip for
    that particular color frosting but you don't have to have a star. You can use, really,
    any [sort] you like. It's just going to be for our football.
    I've got the green frosting in a larger piping bag with a larger star tip attached.
    I've got a football printable. Now, I'm going to put a link to this in the description.
    You can use any football you like. So if it's for soccer, if it's for a completely different
    type of football, just find an image on the web and print out a new one.
    I've got a couple of goal posts that I've made. Now I've made these using lollipop sticks.
    So I've used 1, 2, and then a third lollipop stick cut in half. And I've used quite a strong
    glue on the back. I think I used an Araldite to adhere that together. I made that the day
    before so it has had plenty of time to set. Let's get started.
    I've got my
    cupcakes and they're sitting on a red tray. Normally, I would do this on
    an iced cake board but for the purposes of this tutorial, I thought a red tray would
    be nice. It's a contrasting color and it's something that a lot of people have at home.
    We want to start by filling the gaps in between the cupcakes. That's going to help them all
    stick together. So just pipe your frosting into those gaps. Create yourself a nice, even
    field so that we can start piping our grass. Okay, so from here, I'm going to pipe one
    of our low swirls. We've got a whole tutorial on how to pipe a great low swirl on our channel.
    Normally, it's for a smooth swirl but because we've got a star nozzle in today, it's going
    to be a nice textured swirl which is going to give us a bit of a grass effect.
    You can see there as I'm swirling around, I'm starting in the middle of the cupcake,
    going all the way out over the edge, and I'm joining those cupcakes up. So I want to join
    that frosting up to each cupcake. Alright, so that's given us a great basis
    for our football field. If you want to, you can just go on and build
    up this little, I guess, little [divits] in between in the cupcakes so that you've got
    a football field that's all the same height. It doesn't really matter because they're all
    the same color. And if you do have a grass piping tip and several hours and you would
    like to go and hand-pipe the grass for the grass piping tip, it would look amazing but
    it would take quite a while. So that's an optional extra if you want to go above and
    beyond. Now I want to put the football in the middle
    of the field so I'm just going to pop my football down. I'm just going to take a spoon and just
    roughly [run in] the outside of the football. This is just going to give me the basic shape.
    Now so that I've got that shape, it's nice and easy to follow. I'm actually just going
    to scrape that frosting out. Now with that chocolate frosting -- which
    I mentioned I'm using in a piping bag with the smaller star nozzle -- I am just going
    to just do just little stars. I'm just squeezing the bag and just pressing out very small little
    star shapes in that indent that I've just made by scooping out that green frosting.
    Alright, so there you've got your basic football shape. Now I'm just going to -- a bit of an
    option extra -- I'm just going to build mine up a little bit to give a bit of a
    effect. You can see where we took out that extra green frosting or else somebody will
    be eating a larger frosting. So I'm just doing a second layer. I'm not doing that around
    the outside side. I'm doing it inside, I guess,
    edges. And then I'll go inside, another
    line of frosting, do a third layer. Alright, so I'm just going to take just the
    back of a regular knife. I'm going to smooth that off. So it defeats the purpose with the
    star nozzle but it's just a really good way to build it up to get a nice even shape. So
    just smooth it off. I use the back of the knife to smooth it rather than the rounded
    front. You want to use the nice flat back. And smooth that football off.
    Now taking that piping bag with that white frosting, we're just going to edge our football.
    Alright, with our football looking lovely, I'm just going to pipe on the halfway line.
    Now when I pipe this line [on], I'm not actually touching the bag to the cake. I'm touching
    it to attach the frosting and then I'm lifting it and just basically letting that frosting
    fall. So I'll do it again and I'm doing it in the
    gap of the cupcake. So we're going to do either end zone. So lifting that bag and placing
    it down -- just is a really great way to get a really nice straight line. And again. You
    can go as to much detail as you like. You can pipe in the rest of your line markings.
    You can pipe in little numbers along the way. But for this tutorial, we're just going to
    keep it simple. Now it's time to add in our goal posts. Now
    with these ones, just bear in mind that if you stick them straight in the center, you're
    going to be sticking them in a gap between cupcakes. So you just want to stick them ever
    so slightly to one side so that you're actually sticking the goal posts into cupcake and not
    into thin air with a bit of frosting in it. You can take this cake a little bit further
    by getting some little figurines and sticking them on or also by coloring the different
    end zones to match the teams that you're going for or the rivaling teams in this year's Superbowl.
    I think you'll agree that's a really great, easy and effective Superbowl cake. That's
    going to be really easy to serve. If you love our tutorials, make sure you Subscribe
    to our Channel, My Cupcake Addiction. Thanks very much for watching. *** *** Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes (Starbucks cupcakes) from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is Dan from cookies cupcakes think are your dot com
    today we're going to be taking the super popular Pumpkin Spice Latte Geraint
    I'm going to be turning into a cupcake this is a delicious ball recipe
    and it's right around the corner to make the cupcakes were going to be using
    now on this little plate I have one
    teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda
    and half a teaspoon of salt and over here for the spices
    I have half a teaspoon a cinnamon and then two different like piles
    and they're just under in eighth other teaspoon each have clothes and not
    not make and then and here I have 1/2 tablespoons of espresso powder
    and you can find that with the coffee in the T in your grocery store
    I have eight ounces a pumpkin puree
    I have a half a cup of white sugar half a cup of brown sugar
    one in
    cup I love the
    all-purpose flour and the for the icing
    I'm going to be using arm caramel sauce
    and then we're just going to be making a whipping cream one and only using two
    cups whipping cream
    and a quarter cup up icing sugar we're going to be using the stand mixer fitted
    with the paddle attachment
    I'm going to put in my pumpkin puree now the eight ounces a pumpkin puree is
    about half a can
    and so if he wants to double up this recipe it's a really easy

    I'm also gonna put my sugars here
    I'm just gonna give that a little mix next we're going to add our
    oil with the mixer on low
    and eat to be a one at a time
    so we're going to combine these dry ingredients here in my ball flower
    some putting in my espresso powder and then my baking powder baking soda and
    and my spices and then just using a whisk
    was going to West get up now that my dry ingredients are mixed together I'm going
    to pour the
    into my wet batter and then I'm just going to make Salo
    until it is combined not a batter is all mixed together I'm taking my muffin
    and I'm going to just scoop into my lines cupcake pan here
    so these are going to be at
    and it's going to be for about 20 minutes
    to make our eyes thing we're going to be using to use just whipping cream
    company my whipping cream in here and you want to get your whipping cream to
    be nice and stiff before you add being your sugar
    so I'm going to whip it and hit is that consistency
    by whipping cream is nice and stiff now so I'm going to put in my
    icing sugar now if you don't want to be that sweet you don't need to use
    the full quarter Vick up you can use a couple tablespoons that's up to you
    so many mixed added and then I'll be ready for putting on top of the cupcake
    what's your cupcakes are completely cool you can put your whipping cream on top
    so just got aids just a standard started here
    was gonna squeeze in the center to Bill height and then I'm going to go around
    the outside
    and and in the center now if you're doing a true
    Kyle lot a topping you know that you get a little bit o caramel on top
    so it's just a little bit careful on their and you have a
    pumpkin spice latte cup cake so many do a couple more
    and back to show you the finished skeptics so they go everybody how to
    make pumpkin spice latte cupcakes
    if you're not a coffee lover you can leave out the espresso powder
    and they're just as good they're just a pumpkin spice cupcake instead
    so if you like the video remember to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the
    channel to stay up to date on all our newest videos
    thanks again for watching and I'll see you all again next time *** *** Funfetti Cupcakes | Zoella - YouTube !!!
    buddy I'm gonna be showing you how to make case they're essentially banana
    cupcake with cream and lots of color and prints and I think you'll meet the
    actual cake to a free-range launch 225 grams of cost to ship held on
    of room temperature and
    grams of raising flour which he can give you all
    the amazing bring cool even a because right click on it so he went on the hunt
    for the most brightly colored sprinkles I could find which hole in the monthly
    cake look great but you also need my corner soda vanilla extract
    she says there was an extract sent me this is why I grant you also want some
    whole milk which is chill
    Graham I think and you're also gonna
    and need
    milk and a little bit of equipment that might come in very youthful age a
    political this is this is just one
    we also have many factors which are actually my family thing because they
    can really get in around kind of these areas where he trying to get a cape or a
    cookie dough Cape this is the site for the amount that you need to put in the
    cupcake cases I found so I use my country because it got sent to me you're
    only going to
    piping backup just these ones way easier than cleaning them
    out and you kind of the atom papi no this isn't an
    are also extremely
    helpful when making cake in a kitchen
    glenda whatever you wanna call it where he just uses the same way absolutely
    fine it just means you know you're welcome a bit more muscle do it the hard
    way I'm gonna take it easy when you're throwing the ball is the way straight
    you all your luvin two hundred and seventy degrees he just pulled into the
    mixing bowl with the flower
    which into the ball for that because he get actually becomes a lot more
    ok you want to add culture beauty queen of bicarbonate soda
    vanilla extract
    whole milk cap hit the floor
    down and you just want to medium
    which I put
    I just feel like they are perfect for and actually match my dress which was
    what I was going for it I'm completely because I
    now time to put money into your cupcake cases you think your trusty
    Greenscape Dorothy
    now it's time to put your cake gate of the other for around
    minute you
    basically just want them to look a little bit brown on the top and be back
    seat to the touch
    and now I think you want to get killed one hundred and fifty grams and pop it
    into a
    really makes for good for you at any life insurance and the actual butter
    quite a lot left yet
    and they also take me on Twitter and Instagram and then I can see your
    beautiful creation it's only right that I try one and see the inside cuz I know
    you all get to see what it looks like *** *** Pumpkin cake-How to Decorate Cupcakes Pumpkin Head - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    said they're gonna create from Pumpkinhead many create a knife in a
    pumpkin patch here
    but this is so much fun for Halloween you can create a whole pumpkin patch
    but all kinda different faces okay so we're gonna great
    create some nice big pumpkin leaves as our baby
    may give a little pad their this is also a ruffle motion
    nice big fat pad
    so and create another leave here another
    big hum can leave cadmium little more color on this one
    we're going to use our rule of three and again we're using Amaro step
    for this petal miss what happens to be a

    so to make a little pumpkin head we're going to use our handy dandy strop
    and a nice little marshmallow you can see
    use net that of
    hold up by its basis is the same thing we used to remove a rose
    and tracking down in
    we don't want to push him all the way down and yet so any use that space for
    so to create my little pumpkin
    I am using just a bag filled with a peachy pink
    I like this color better than bright orange um
    it just looks cuter for children things a monocot to tip but my bag of
    a larger hole
    little bigger than writing and we are gonna start at the base umpire pumpkin
    squeeeeze make it
    fatter fatter fatter in the center and then released for pressure up to the top
    you wanna get a nice fat bass
    and came here at the top now you don't have to be particularly even
    pumpkin rains or not especially even
    we discontinue on around
    until we've covered our home marshmallow
    a striped bag is night give you another layer of dimension
    as you can see return to get some nice line down the center
    know you can see our little pumpkin is covered so I want to create an big
    googly eyes
    so just cut that bad had to pop in a bag with some white
    going to create nice big
    own homes you can see I'm squeezing
    even pressure moving around fill in the middle of see a nice big nose eyes are
    so the after one of the most important things on our little pumpkin
    and I make this one a little girl someone is startin
    center and give them a nice big
    round pupil her
    okay hanna-barbera
    I want to create I'm eyelash
    so as we did before we're gonna squeeze and release to get that point
    squeeze poll and release gives us the point
    to bed are adorable alive and if we wanna go one step further we can even
    create a little highlight
    so we're gonna make the nice little traditional wrecked in a triangle
    I know my shapes no rules
    and and loom jack o lantern mom
    now we need to create her loose stem gonna squeeze let it build
    and just in juneau a little bit better nice striped
    bank and there's first them
    so now I want to create mine but since we decided this is no longer a we're
    going to make it look like her
    here so it's currently
    skinny is our dropped method
    give her some nice curls biaz want to create some others
    curls here for my name and they can come down the side of the cupcake if you wish
    so now we wanna when prices are
    me read carefully honor squeeze like me
    and per share down in
    there's RQ
    little pumpkin head cupcake

    me shock *** *** Make Halloween Cupcake Jars with YoyoMax12 & MyCupcakeAddiction - Frankenstein, Pumpkin & Mummy! - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
    Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Halloween Jar Cupcake Tutorial where I'll be teaming
    up with one of my all-time-favorite channels on YouTube, YoyoMax
    3 awesome Halloween cupcake jars. Now Tammy and I have teamed up, I'm going
    to be making for you the orange Jack-O Lantern and also the green Frankenstein and Tammy
    is going to be making the Mummy and also giving you [as] the recipe for her awesome pumpkin
    spice cupcakes. I've teamed up with Tammy today and you'll
    see more from her at the end of this video. I'll also leave links to her in the description
    box below. But if you haven't checked out her channel YoyoMax
    you go over and have a look. She has so many amazing things that I know you guys will enjoy.
    Now I first saw this idea on a blog called Life Made Simple. I will details of that blog
    in the description box below, and I just knew that I had to share this idea with you guys.
    It's so simple and so cute. Tools and equipment that we will be using
    today: I've got
    I've got a couple of [googley] eyes, just from the craft store.
    I've got some black sprinkles and some green sprinkles.
    I've got some of our perfectly pipeable buttercream frosting.
    Now I've just taken our regular vanilla frosting and I've separated it. I've added some green
    food coloring to ½ and just mix it through. And to the other one, because I wanted it
    to be a black frosting and black is a really hard color to achieve, you can see here I've
    actually added a little bit of cocoa. So it looks... There's no exact measurement. I think
    I added about a quarter of a cup of cocoa here to this amount of frosting which is about
    a cup of frosting. I also added about a teaspoon or two of water just because it's got a little
    bit dry with the cocoa. And then I added quite a bit of black food color. So you add the
    cocoa in just to start darkening that frosting so you're not relying a
    And whenever you dye something black, it's going to come out looking quite gray to begin
    with. If you let that sit preferably overnight, that color will actually darken with time.
    So when I first made this, it was not quite as black as it is now. Tomorrow morning when
    I wake up, I know it's going to be even blacker again. That's just a great tip for getting
    black buttercream frosting because it's a really hard color to achieve.
    I've got a permanent marker. I've got
    just put a star piping tip in the end of both of those. It doesn't matter what size but
    a star piping tip is best for these. I've got my
    in them. So to bake my cupcakes in my jars, I've just
    taken some of that awesome pumpkin spice cupcake recipe. I've divided it into bowls and I've
    just simply added a little bit of food coloring in orange and in green. I've spooned that
    into the jars. Try to be careful to keep the sides of the jars relatively clean so that
    you're not making a mess or anything that's going to burn during the cooking process.
    And I've filled them about halfway. Now when they've come out of the oven, they're
    absolutely perfect. But for me, my domes had come up just a little bit out of the jar.
    That's fine but I've just pushed them down a little bit so that I've got about a centimeter
    or so gap there which is going to be exactly what we want, seeing just a little bit of
    that buttercream frosting coming through the jar. You can use any jars you like for this.
    Do make sure that they're going to be okay to put in the oven. But generally, any jam
    jars, mason jars, so long as they're not those really fine, delicate candy jars, most jars
    would go on to the oven. Alright, so it's time to get into our decorating
    and these jars are incredibly simple. So we want to take our first jar, I'm going
    to do orange first for my Jack-O Lantern and you're going to take your permanent marker.
    Now this will wash off. So you could put this through the dishwasher. It might take a couple
    of times but you can reuse these jars. With the permanent marker, I'm just going
    to give our little Jack-O Lanterns some eyes, so I'm just going to come down and just paint
    in some nice little triangles there. Lovely. And then we're going to give him his little
    nose and his mouth. So for his mouth, you want to sort of give
    him that gap-toothed smile. And I like to just give either end so that I know which
    direction I'm heading in, and I always draw the outline first and then come back and fill
    it in. Perfect. So there's your little Jack-O Lantern face. You can already see how alive
    he's becoming. Now we're going to do the same but we're going
    to use our second jar for our Frankenstein face. So I'm just going to do some little
    triangles at different lengths. But it's up to you. You can go all the way around the
    back if you like. Otherwise you can just do the front half. Alright, so that's probably
    okay for the purposes of our video today. Now, you want to give him a little nose. So
    I'm just going to...a little bit of a nose-y type shape, and then we're just going to give
    him his stitched mouth. It's up to you if you want to make him look gruesome or if you
    want him to be smiling. Perfect. And then you want to take your googley eyes.
    You can actually buy these already with little stick on bits on the back, mine didn't have
    that, so I put a little bit of double-sided tape there. And I'm just going to stick down
    our 2 little Frankenstein-y googley eyes. Perfect. So there you've got your
    jars ready for frosting. So for frosting we're just going to take one
    of those large spoons and just spoon a little bit of each color frosting into a disposable
    piping bag. Now, you just want to push that frosting all the way down to the end of your
    bags so that it's just popping out the top and the same with that black. Make sure there's
    no air bubbles in there. Beautiful. Now, the black is going to go on to our Frankenstein
    and the green is going to go on to our pumpkin. So I'm just going to start in the center and
    I'm just going to do one of our ice cream sundae-style swirls. But I'm not going to
    come up too high with it. So just starting in the center, coming around, make sure that
    you cover up all that green and just out the top like so. We're going to finish that one
    off with a few little black sprinkles. Over to our Jack-O Lantern and exactly the
    same, so just starting your frosting swirl in the middle, out, make sure that you come
    all the way to the edges and taper off into a nice point.
    If you want a little bit more help with that sort of sundae style of swirl, I do have a
    whole tutorial dedicated just to how to make that swirl, how to get it really nice and
    perfect. We're going to finish that one off with a few sprinkles.
    So there you've got
    awesome little Halloween cupcake jars. You've got
    your Frankenstein and your Jack-O Lantern. Now they're not going to be complete until
    you have your little Mummy jar. So make sure that you head on over to YoyoMax
    out her tutorial for this awesome Mummy jar, as well as her recipe for this delicious pumpkin
    spice cupcake. Make sure you subscribe to her channel. I know you're going to love the
    video that she brings out. I hope that you guys love these jars as much
    as Tammy and I both did, and as always, thanks for tuning in to My Cupcake Addiction. *** ***

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