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" " Puff pastry from the book \"Sweet kitchen\" how to make

Puff pastry from the book \"Sweet kitchen\" how to make

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    Halloween Cake Nightmare before Christmas 3D Inside Surprise Cake (How to make) - YouTube !!!
    hi everyone and welcome to creative cakes by Sharon Halloween just around
    the corner today I'm creating a Nightmare Before Christmas cake for you
    featuring both check skellington
    Ben Shelly in a special double-sided 3p Halloween
    inside surprise cake if you like this and effect be sure to subscribe to my
    channel see you can check at all
    I have a creative cake tutorials but finance let's get stash
    this particular cake today I used my band
    teen that I cook cheesecakes which have called entrained
    the tops of say they're nice and flat but got pace quick cake board
    I've got my outfits bachelorette expect a blade
    and black edible mccook I've got my first get rolling pin
    as well SM buttercream frosting admixture
    it's not easy in red white and black Colette's I've got a little bit a war to
    end up a presc
    as well as my pastry brush I've got some more chocolate Ganesh
    got some white red black
    and light blue fuck did facing a main today is to make a quick to butter cream
    now because a bunt cake is very tall I have to fight at the top
    and the bottom into to you said that I have four layers
    have cake in total that way we keep saying if cake
    became ticket and nice addition of the buttercream frosting
    instead of just a large piece of cake
    yeah guineas my white chocolate can etch cheat create crime K
    on the cake the pain to be chief SCAF at
    in eight missus SKT because I'm going to add a second land so once I finish this
    and gonna put it in the fridge for about
    and come back to do the next layer
    should have got my cake pic added that reach
    and going to add a second coating up the white chocolate connection this time
    it's going to be a little bit because
    thanks chines me that as much as I can as I K
    but it need to be too fast see if at covering up all love decrees
    in the butt cake because the group is going to actually pay FHA
    in the final cake once again when I finish the coaching
    the cakes going to pay it back in the fridge for another
    they have Guinness need the safest
    have my cake to you that is going to take my offset spatula into my political
    party here
    wipe off the excess questioner hence me they for the cash
    at this point I'm going to transfer my cake
    into my cake board I did say this cake with a
    inside surprise cake and to create the surprise
    going to put in all if the imminence in this match he makes
    to the center of the cake the through a pain to spill at let me cut into the
    now struggle to cover my cake making
    he whatever
    cavett the white side which is actually check skellington site
    sick and she had to cover the pot cake for fell a sign
    eating my pastry brush in the hotel to my son the Ganesh
    this is going to help the funded to stick nicely onto the cake
    have just cut nice be
    age at the bottom my funded carefully rolling it back to a rolling pin
    I'm going to trade pic by David the cake it's just a matter if
    picking up the fund it and smeeting it around the safest the cake
    katie is my thing is to push the fund and as far as I can
    at the bottom if the cake after stent make a cure and he concedes that I'm
    just dreaming of
    the excess red funded at the joint but removing the excess
    on both sides that I'm using a little bowl everette funded
    too slowly message the funded into the same
    making it a nice neat finish and finally I'm just going to chairman of the excess
    fuckin at the very bottom if the cake
    I do you want this cake to look like it's a pumpkin
    it's been painted with Jack and Sally on either side
    say isn't my thing I'm just going to press into
    degrees if the band cake to create 8 pumpkin like appearance
    I think to work on creating cell is face finished it's gonna be in the shape of a
    so I'm using this play funded she cut the basic shape
    of her face ap also came to add a little pace at the bottom for him
    to make sell its math after out at Sandvik funded
    and somewhat funded and forced to London to cut that hair lips
    fair to do that I'm going to cut as he basically
    into the funding and then I'm going to cat and that the semicircle
    about half a centimeter belay that and then for the top lip kiss came to cut at
    nice sneeze in shape after us meet that the edges
    I'm going to stick it on to you the white piece a funded
    cut all the way and the math and imposition it on the cake
    chiles eyes aren't able to shape going to position them
    but if you have an angle too little bowls have black funded which I'm going
    to fight naa
    I thanks for the people so hey eyes followed by a tidy little bowl
    what funded further reflection for the caps in this TT themselves faced
    going to you relapse in snake civil defense thanks
    added some Black Friday is the beginning of my teacher really shake you up like a
    then you could use is he to you at all the details to sell his face
    instead ever a lineout love the pieces are funded specially after fair to
    relate my fund and stick it on
    it gives a lot more impact to the cake but this is always there as an option
    for you
    now that I've made the smacking them to scan to a van with my pet pieces are
    wet summers teaching as well as an outline his I is here late
    and his face and neck
    s but make a coronet to work I'm check site the two cuties
    eyes at but cut s a circle and into the top the I am doing it kinda way
    almost like an its shape they'll send it to you little oval nostrils
    going to see it here on the phase of cheesecake
    but again around at home at a little pieces as black funded
    and give you phase 2 at details to the top and the bottom if
    and I speak math St Teaneck a salon his maths
    you can shape his math hey if you like to give whatever expression you're after
    as I want my cake to look like an actual pumpkin
    I need to create a stoke subject to polls are funded
    and one white just going to roll what end at the front desk to create the type
    that the Stoke
    then going to flatten at the bottom be this is going to take up at the top
    the pumpkin placing the back to back on the cake
    just going to clear them together with a little beforehand the very last thing I
    need to do to finish off a cake
    stats in here for family which is going to run all the way up his side of the
    that he's a %ah check skellington its LA-based on the web cake
    ID def call speak a surprise inside cake
    it just watch as a cat a slice of cake kill all the candy full-fat beautifully
    say cuz I really do hope you enjoyed my check Skellington and Sally
    special double-sided
    inside surprise cake if he did make sure to give it a thumbs up
    then hit the like button it also share it with your friends
    I love to get your permit to feedback and suggestions
    certificate to drop me a line in the comment section below
    if you haven't already don't say
    be sure to subscribe to my channel C you can see Kate's like this
    a speedy Mar my creative cake tutorials happy Halloween guys
    and thanks for watching I'm
    room *** *** Pumpkin Shaped Cake for Thanksgiving from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is Jennifer good casing Carter
    comp today I'm going to show you have made a pumpkin shaped
    K just in time for fall or for SK
    so to make a pumpkin shaped K
    you need to have to Kates from the bank can this is one
    and you're going to me too like I said so I'm using our
    vanilla cake from scratch mix which is whatever videos will
    we've done before and will lead to it in the show notes below
    and you need to make to other at two different times
    just so there's no confusion to same put all up
    one matter into the bottom

    that released ahead of time and we've got
    it ready to go into an out and that's at
    and will take about
    depending on your oven temperature gonna put this in the event and I'll be back
    to show you how to assemble the two but pants to get
    to all the cakes are baking in the oven you're also going to need
    to make yourself two batches a vanilla buttercream
    we also have a video for this upturn will provide a link in the show notes
    so one batch is going to become orange and one batch will be green
    somewhat I'm going to use is a mere color gel case to
    for both of them just going to add a little bit more
    less is more with these job paster pretty concentrated
    and then I'm just going to mix to mock stir them up by hand
    and I'll
    back once we've got these all incorporated okay so we've messed up for
    buttercream us we've gotten to the colors that we what and now are going to
    prep the cakes
    okay so what's up next is fixing the
    cake to the board so what you can use a knife if you want to I was going to use
    I'm a piping bag and I'm just going to make
    small circle to go around here
    and the point if that is to anchor the cake to
    your port you can also just put it on a plate so we're just going to do that
    like that
    and then where you can see
    the lowest points and for this one it would be right here
    that I'm going to level the cake of who's going to use
    a serrated knife
    and cut off the excess parts
    cake because I want a flat surface
    in order for the other part of the cake to sit on top
    so wanna go get the other part and we'll show you how to put them together
    so using our learns buttercream
    we're gonna cover the top where the top bun
    can is going to act so this really use the icing to act as a glue
    you don't need to be am
    superheater careful at this point is fun to get enough on their
    so that the top layer will stick with the top layer
    was gonna try line up the ridges I'm just gonna slide it onto hawk
    should fit together traffic
    so they re how the top
    attached to the bottom so next up is to ice the whole thing
    K using the orange buttercream again
    we're going to fill in the middle and then
    just using your night for whatever you've got in your kitchen for
    icing you're going to cover the whole entire
    okay so I've gotta poking Kate cover in the orange buttercream
    and now using a standard ice cream cones gonna put it upside down
    in the center here can act as the stamp and then it
    I have put the green buttercream
    into a piping bag and it has a will to number ten tips
    on it was going to use it to play up
    on the ice cream cone is to give it a little texture
    so you can finish it off like that you also might want to add some fines to it
    and that also fit another
    another day with the leaf tip which is number three
    from Wilton
    and you could add some leaves
    so there you have it that is how you can make a pumpkin shaped
    cake just in time for fall in thanksgiving
    thanks for watching remember to subscribe to our channel:
    you can find us on Facebook Twitter and on Google+
    see you next time *** *** Cinderella Carriage Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    the mall the hey can I
    vicinity and welcome back to with me away I recently saw the movie Cinderella
    and I was so inspired by the golden carriage that I decided to make my
    on this at the San I'll be showing the same techniques on
    assembling cutting fasting covering and decorating
    Cinderella's carriage all my tools recipes songs will be listed in the
    in you like this video and want to see more don't forget to hit the like button
    comment and subscribe to my channel cell without further ado
    let's see what we can with Ben for the cake I'm in a super easy pumpkin cake
    with cream cheese frosting
    company with white chocolate Conor you will need some space cake mix
    a sugar pumpkin puree
    and then you need some pants ancient
    and dome sheeple I'm sure you'll be
    so much having mmm
    and last season peachy and hashing you really can't pay with this
    pumpkin cake recipe combine outing
    into one ball mix it up divided that
    to aids hand and I think in Spokane
    making it convenient to give me fishy to me.
    should it's completely cool down before used a
    for this exchange I really can't
    and with the second shit when the bottom eyeball you wanna come be able in saran
    and places
    trustee there you want to eat inskeep into
    you'll need detailee each layer so that it's terrible
    when she at that PTEN prostate NPN
    in explaining with each layer you want to camp
    down so that you keep working on the cheap Paul when he done
    popping into the freezer for fun our internet you meet me
    in Street tend to put it together
    put my name down until around pipeline
    level of the bonnet down and shit
    5 doubt then football's over on to take with him
    cardboard profit so that the whole
    adhere to the bat there's not much that you pet
    getting upset that you find be applied some
    go one thing about cream cheese
    that it breaks down the on it and causing it to weep
    so we need to create a barrier between it with white chocolate
    enough cash but be click when you a set with a nice because it will hire in a
    that to create a clean surface
    he said he and the hand en route the white chocolate to get me to
    imperfections this is the Mercedes up all rolling pins
    and some kitchens he I thought the best Mac and their
    buyer he won t need your money so that s
    pliable then rolling out flat and place in between the two met
    it arson because he can rely upon it without a lot of cornstarch
    in shortening and it won't try al I am NOT a pro when it comes to covering
    my best advice is to use is man or
    bonnet that does not die out that porkers
    surface it really helps the use your hands to smooth it out
    we need to make the wheel in advanced
    welcome done anything too long ropes fines and the sickly too wrapped a rope
    n roll another email to make the detail and then we'll
    and don't forget to get together with some packing hail
    here is my favorite malt but it is only one sided
    I'll be sure you a simple way to make a double play vault
    this is a food-safe reusable mold material
    simply heat in the likely employed over the part that has included with mold
    let insulin apply income any access part
    when you finish you can we now emmys
    over and over again the best part about my tutorial is that you don't need a lot
    and the mall
    disappointed country's main reason some Katie
    to take the country that you already have and play with those
    pieces you can see that the one that I'm using I just leaves heart singer Joss
    so-called edges y león his
    and give you peace of mind can't a lot of people
    asked me where did I get better almost forgot my phone lock okay shops
    kick shows and public continued I'll try my best to get you guys are linked to
    similar one
    this is a great way to practice your designs
    not to settle them into the shape of your cake
    then decorate them your decorating a cake if you don't like it
    scrap it and we do it again he can I think have it is that and home to the
    until you're ready to decorate
    this is my favorite part there's something about needing
    ample art that make me happy it took me a couple years to develop the
    techniques such as keep active seen I sell
    in Victoria is visually to back to follow
    please email me and I'll be happy to send you a link to the slower pace
    I am using yellow gum peace because
    I will be painting over these pieces with the cold later meets with them
    cocoa butter in case any some spots I found pay deductible per
    the cake leo
    the No
    the No
    what makes it great cake decorator is a house till they are
    by how they can fix the problem and make it better there's more than one way to
    make something
    so there is really no right way I makes mistakes on this cake
    there was a plea said that would work but I ended up taking a
    and that's okay to this is Mike Aitken I can make it however I walk


    when used a PG happen options
    him he would alcohol limit action our cocoa butter
    only thing about cocoa butter is that you have to keep it warm
    or else it will start to solidify when she makes you happy later and
    don't Michael even seriously ill catch on fire
    so Jesse mountain ash Alpine a hot water
    the my
    initially I like the sky blue but after peeing in the call
    that blue and gold in it looks so nice so I decided to make some Palin told us
    with some couple letter and repeated the key
    to give this cake only mention that on wheels
    have been on how the chocolate box I had laying around
    agreed into the boy in covering it with find a the last part are the wheels
    any don't wait for it to complete the giant they will break
    so add some paid in jail are well I seem to catch them on
    I had a lot of fun making this cake
    and I hope you guys enjoyed watching me make it both delicious
    to every lang you're helping me make my dreams come true
    Phil until next time have courage
    NB hanging *** *** Halloween pumpkin Mickey cake tutorial parte# 2 - YouTube !!! Spanish (Automatic Captions) Spanish (Automatic Captions)
    hola como estan estamos aquí en la segunda parte de este espacio
    ch de calabaza arte en víctima
    ya tenemos de acá hay una parte que el acusado
    no importa súper súper delgada porque quiero que la segunda capa sea un
    poquito más rezar y que se refleje agrarias
    lo que éste el fona
    aquí mi parte
    precisamente luis pomar aviva de este oporto otros por una
    lo más empezar
    ni otro contador
    con mucho cuidado
    para eso lo hice la cartera sanitaria una por una
    con mucho cuidado
    aunque no alcanzó a ver bien pero bueno
    tacoma de gasoil de la ues y como lo cuento lo pueden volver a resaltar este
    subrayó que hasta aquí
    de su calabaza
    dele hasta me bajo
    este sector el de fonda yo tengo aquí tan delicada que busquen luz y pues
    esperando que sea de su agrado
    recuerde que esto es despacito poco poquito para no estropear
    no hice nada para no estropear lo que es nuestro
    agrandándose fiscal
    la promoción contra belgrano cuente cómo lo van a hacer
    para sus hijos
    cuando expandan crecimos trabajo y esto nadie quiere
    minaretes en todo el estado no tengan miedo cual
    y acabamos hagamos pasa nada
    pues no puede volver a intentarlo una y otra vez todo es cuestión de práctica
    cada vez que vayas haciendo tú
    un paciente
    tú le vas agarrando
    un poco más de un año todo esto
    para que se animen a hacerlo
    voy a intentarlo efe
    víctor arteaga bajo
    usted es director
    como solista dólares por barril opont humanos también
    el gigante japonés toshiaki
    creo que es una capa muy delgada principio para poner estas líneas
    muy muy bonita la cámara baja
    está claro que aquí se recuerdan
    video entre el monte que le sentó bien de pastel
    i almería i del patentamiento
    para que para que no quede bajo que esté en ohio que siempre lleva aquí
    esté muerto
    para cambió poco por ejemplo esta parte de etiqueta la calabaza que arriba
    queda aquí sentado sino que intente que difundirá trabajo
    ya lo tenemos bien bien bien bien
    más vale que lo montamos al peatón
    toda la familia trabajo
    si fuera por ella para preparar la madera
    ahí está
    espero estar muy loco o un pop a los papás el norte como un todo lo conozcas
    en cadereyta que tenemos nosotros aquí la vamos a tratar de marcar
    de esta forma luis luego ese combinado
    vamos a hacerlo hasta arriba
    vamos a marcar nosotros
    nosotros vamos a marcar lo que está en nuestra niñez
    destacará que ver más
    lo que es ahora sí que la apariencia de cala bassa
    uno por uno
    con mucho cuidado con enceste porque si no pues
    pueden sortear su fonda
    para qué para colombia está haciendo el trabajo
    nos arropa tan fácil y no serán importa tan fácil
    es otro tipo para ustedes
    como lo pueden hacer
    y pues esperando que
    vuelvan a pasar
    lo que es testarudo y no pasa absolutamente nada al contrario va a
    mejor marca además vence en la misma línea
    en la misma línea que le estamos dando
    ahmadinejad aquí lista
    para que se mira muy muy bonitas en canadá
    es fácil todo esto
    sólo es un poco de paciencia esto nos preocupa antes
    un poquito de paciencia nada más
    y muy fácil ustedes ya tienen su calabaza y ese amor mal
    otro que trabajar en iquique en esta ocasión voy a hacer la calabaza en
    este alza alcanzando apreciará y lo que estoy trabajando en lo que estoy
    ahí está
    créanme que quedamos muy bonito
    usted puede leer resaltar las veces que usted quiera hasta tener resultado que
    ustedes quieran
    de sus planes
    recuerda que desde abajo
    viene para arriba
    desde abajo para arriba
    se ve muy bonito
    la raya
    del mueble
    y para la parte de aquella rival solamente
    le das un poquito
    más fácil
    con la que se van a comer antes para trabajar esto
    recuerden que aquí la calle río para que pueda auditar montar lo que es este
    por ciento esta parte de quien la calabaza
    vamos a ponerlas en lo que es este
    y ustedes puedan trabajar
    en este fundamento
    que la barda es muy económico y muy bien
    muy seguros
    puede tratar de quitar esto de gil
    para tal fin
    o simplemente
    a su mujer
    según la comunidad
    de esta manera
    este tipo de cartón así
    porque para qué le voy a poner toda la red de conexiones como por éste
    por ciento
    de aquí todos esperamos si hablamos de cosas así
    personas de todo el país
    la masa con esta parte aquí poquito marco del paquete esta parte de quito
    qué voy a hacer
    para que quede en el olvido
    esta parte de jiménez
    recuerden que se le puede pasar por aquí
    si este tipo de materia de pactos pero fue el intercontinental y un mes p
    la solitaria cocina
    están locos después limpia
    los que son
    los ojos en mí
    y a los terroristas aquí cortados
    pero no
    bueno voy a ganar
    me decía fue agarrar jul

    voy a agarrar mi mismo mal
    voy a agarrar lo que son mis ojitos
    en mí
    le voy a poner bombas
    acuérdese que está pegando que todo era más seguro
    que lo que es el agua lo voy a estar haciendo de este lado mío porque sean
    apostilló todo está bien
    pólit esa provincia muy quieran
    la prensa que tienen los ojitos un poquito
    más o menos así
    así la última actualización también han asistido también
    palma visita
    más o menos así
    aquí está
    a esta necesidad
    vamos a comunas de la vía
    en la parte de abajo
    nada más qué estás tan poco más grandes
    de lo previsto sin city le voy a cortar poquito
    no tiene tan grande
    nada más importantes de españa cuando se lanzó la ruta completa y después
    d la vivienda la necesidad
    el único ocupante
    tuvo pinta
    me voy a cantar otro pedacito
    aquí a los tenistas pero también la más humana
    la medida
    esté un poquito grande
    ahí creo que ya estoy bien
    estamos haciendo no quita que hiciéramos apeca común
    namús y poniendo coma aquí
    i con mucho cuidado
    la música
    hay que hacer un buen fin
    si bien no esperes que por alguna razón
    porque parece que el color negro es muy muy escandaloso informe bien mancha
    ustedes pueden pasarle
    xix y en el que se le marchó poquito
    esta parte isla esconder con la boquita que ser macho poquito esta parte aquí
    la más común actualmente con una marcha hipócrita árbitro
    no pueden tener hijos en marcha
    estamos bien para que no va a quedar dicha nota más alta vamos a pasar lo
    que sirvió recuerden
    tomamos la boquita
    ahora los
    vamos a ponerle
    lo que son sus orejitas
    sara voy a poner aquí
    i no vamos a poner
    en por arriba
    el médico
    así va quedando bien
    y faltan y yucatán accidentes de tránsito es probable
    un hospital de quito que
    le vamos a dar cuerda
    con nada
    estará con la plancha más bien vamos a ver con la plancha
    para quitar todo esto todo lo
    lo que es el azúcar en exceso de azúcar
    tiene que quedar bien viene a decir que
    mucho cuidado
    con mucho cuidado no tanta
    nos están viendo aquí
    yo le puse un paleño para cuerdas en caja
    y que te grita bien
    buenos aires na
    de este lado
    nos queda un poquito aquí
    para que encaje bien
    recuerde que está fresco todavía
    está fresquito todavía se detiene vamos a
    a tratar de pegarle duro
    y que nos haga caer
    abertis parece que ya hay pero cualquier cosa y esta vez mucho cuidado
    la pueden volver a pegar
    no es ningún problema
    le ponemos coma esta parte de aquí
    i vamos a esperar nada
    asentarla en este controlado
    vamos a tratar de ir
    de poner nadie les digo está fresco dictatorial tienen que agarrar su
    posición bien
    pero más o menos así que a mí
    se las enseñanzas
    nada más que están press que si te vas
    messi tampa ganas asimismo
    así es como se necesita poner
    dejen a quito
    propongo así para que recarga para frente y no para atrás
    no sólo voy a caer
    la lista
    madrid creo que allí madrid
    ahí estaré
    si ustedes ven que tampoco fresco certamen pueden ponerle un palillo en la
    parte trasera
    para que sea un poquito más peset
    esta parte de aquí
    pepe mel un palillo para que se sostenga
    en lo que se cambien
    tiene que sacar bien ahorita porque estamos aquí efe
    de rápido todo enseñarle a todo pero
    tiene que sacar muy muy bien visto y quedan las orejitas así paradas así
    tal como está
    ahora que voy a hacer
    sabanés en la chico
    sí al estar
    le voy a dar con ellos
    le voy a quitar todo lo que sea gasto para el estado este para esta parte de
    i la rpt para que yo le dije que le iba a poner paños m
    junto con el murciélago
    un rato más oponen a que el medio íbamos a ponencia 'la costes puede
    poner a decoraciones que usted quiera m
    aquí es cuestión de ustedes
    allí hay una multa
    hacer esto cheque
    vamos a poner nada
    de este lado
    esta ópera perfectamente esta bacteria muy muy bien
    no hay lista
    no existan medios
    claro que sigue
    vamos a ponerle ustedes con el estoque tomate decoración aquí es cuestión de
    ustedes pero vamos a ponerle lo que estaba
    para que la plancha
    como les enseñaba porque yo como sam's pasteles
    la insólita
    vamos a darle
    a este papel
    muchas veces le han preguntado que cómo le pueden poner la plancha
    tan cerca
    bachelet que tanto le puede poner la plancha cercas
    pues mire más a menos
    su ética el milan
    como les comentaba mi gente esto es lo que yo necesito hechos
    les está diciendo hace rato
    por ejemplo
    el color negro
    es muy común y muy buen cosas marchan bastante
    pero éste se lo pueden quitar cualquier mensaje ustedes medios destaca que la
    mantiene su parte
    que hoy te que estuvo muy malas prácticas para lidiar que las
    prácticas para acá
    se la puede quitar ustedes
    con un pincel
    pero número solamente porque recuerde que ya está éste se puede se supone
    que esta marcha y tontos ya no necesita tanta agua porque
    va a seguir mancha
    ahí está
    aquí en los que no astutamente nadal
    vamos a darle de este otro lado
    molestias esto tiene arreglo esta noche no se preocupen ustedes todo esto tiene
    al menos siete
    es muy muy fácil
    pero evita que todavía no está seco actores es más fácil todavía
    quitar todo esto
    fue así como es en las distintas secciones que tenga
    qué pena que no tu parte
    para qué vamos a hacer
    después de esto ustedes pueden dar un poco más de brillo
    para brasil aclarada y quitar todo lo que queda de aquí
    a las orejas
    hicimos muy bien el vino
    notamos de seychelles
    como sociedad sepa
    si yo lo que no quiero quedar
    con esta realidad
    hay suficiente
    en panamá no fue suficiente
    y atascada en la cancha
    sastre atarazanas
    ahora sí
    creo que ella
    pues mira qué
    éstas pueden mostrar resultados ya terminado aquí nuestro oeste cala bassa
    y miki
    es muy sencilla
    pero muy bonita si se pita vine para hacer este
    tan sencillo está muy bonito es algo que ustedes pueden hacer aquí
    vergara quien es pastor así en su hogar
    muy práctico y muy rápido y pues la verdad efectivo y yo sé que les va a
    cantar a sus niños
    pues mira hacia
    pues esperando que les haya gustado ambiente aquí está la casa seat con
    poquito más para que la presidente
    aquí está la calabaza en bikini
    la cuenta pendiente con mejor juego de equipo
    esta fase de

    pues esperando que les haya gustado ya saben
    si le gustó fue sin regalarle un laico esta segunda parte del tutorial
    de cómo hacer una calabaza de víctimas
    así se que ya apuntamos a contar los impositores a sus ojos su nariz y su
    boca aquí está
    completamente terminado
    muchas de las calles a veces te gustó regalándole suscríbete y paz
    ni las estamos pendientes patrocinó *** *** Easy Pumpkin Spice Cake w/ Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting - YouTube !!!
    hi guys today on people think that we are making a homemade pumpkin pie
    K this is my favorite in the perfect ami for this cake
    well let's go okay we're gonna start by making our baking soda and Nassau
    into our all-purpose flour go ahead with that around mention it
    are combined even and you the bigger butt of a crime out
    her okay never the rebel National Grid I have some white sugar banana
    into a large bowl well back from the cold light brown sugar
    than at in from ball better make sure
    night football but I'm not okay just did my bar we're gonna make this up into the
    better it well combined its all creamy and it kinda looks like
    and tell you know like that I want them cue at the excimer gun at them
    in one anytime you wanna make after eat
    at the
    there K when it i mix it around in the heavy
    all combined no look something like this right fear alright
    kinda green lucky little bit nixon and in some vanilla extract Munich
    implant mom Mexican blamed the nail on the much fun and a lot
    and lot up pumpkin by with doctor mill
    really good oh my gosh not another guy and make that pumpkin spice in the air
    never often a Trinidadian happened there flour mixture
    makes a really really good make sure they get welcome by
    in their gonna and and buttermilk it that makes they're really good and now
    just go ahead and repeat and the rest in your flour mixing in
    and then go ahead adding the rest that buttermilk mix it all up
    are you done your better will look just like this night in nothin like
    the early let the batter and now it's time for my favorite part I don't know
    something about adding in the come Imperial up its part the go ahead and
    dump that pumpkin puree and if there are around don't use the pumpkin pie mix
    okay don you that that you
    the key and pumpkin puree that that right here how it should look it now
    and I am poor the into my grief in flour baking pan the cape or the main
    evenly they have nothing man a better eat man
    the game alone people to panic even a little bit I have my
    a big trip
    minutes become avian let them rest in the pan for about five
    to ten minutes
    before moving them to the cooling rack to cool off completely
    and the other cooling them a calf roping very easy baby cropping I have some
    cream cheese and butter go ahead and
    make that up in a ball get all creamy anther one pro in a little bit of heavy
    cream to think can
    luck lol night lucky I you know bro in my passion right now I have this recipe
    on my blog like a million times that
    you go ahead make that all up get your spatula scrape down the path Mar really
    good for them all that harsher if nixon
    and the profit I think we meet behind them the men
    you cannot edit some pumpkin like that you like adding a little bit
    vanilla extract and then starts thirst forget all combined
    okay that's perfect yummie sample baithi
    them and green tea frapp camera okay
    Park now it's time to prague our lovely
    maybe glimpse of that frothing
    right onto the cake in the spread it out you guys know after a cake decorating
    class I and the not pat pat Claire
    obviously but you know yeah this kid was begging for some not on top
    I am in heat got that now how one another mistake so bad but what if
    okay we're gonna cut it to within the next day because it tastes so much
    better the next day tho wat if you can
    obviously we could not so that the next day the next day the texture is like
    her look at that all
    you can mess down cake
    have a safe let got but the perfect texture heard
    I there's the worst all my kids to have his picture I love United I like this
    cake perfect perfect pumpkin flavor
    don't forget you can find a threat be on my block at the with could dot com can
    take it out
    thank you got that much watching later *** *** How To Make Halloween Pumpkin Cake, Chocolate Bat Toppers Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hi everyone it's honey from tonya ons welcome to my youtube channel today
    is the last day of our
    video for a very excited about this project so
    I hope you enjoyed it and
    and if you're just tuning in you can find all the tutorials Montreal
    confections and you know I shared in a play least we created for you guys
    today I'm gonna show you step-by-step how I made this pumpkin cake
    a divided the video into sections so you can fast-forward
    in first section I'm gonna show you how I baked the sponge cake
    then section two is all about decorations chocolate but toppers
    found on Levy's and marshmallow stem and a third section and I'm gonna show you
    how to put the whole thing together
    so if you wanna see let's say decorations you can click on section
    decorations and it will take you to that
    spot to make the cake you need a
    flower powdered sugar thanks
    baking powder you also need a
    cocoa powder funny like extract
    milk and vegetable oil
    I'm gonna be using have built on panda
    that I got for years ago it's about 10 cups capacity I would say
    and it's a really nice shape
    the pumpkin so you wanna make sure you brush
    soft and butter you know when I use melted butter to soften butter all over
    the inside and then
    flower you may wanna do this
    in your saying to tell about extra flour
    and then set that aside some gonna safet my all-purpose flour with baking powder
    and then that you need to separate all the ex
    and then we can start making the meringue
    for the meringue I like to add pinch of salt and then just beat them
    the egg whites on high until you have soft peaks forming
    and then you can and about how far the powdered sugar
    and just continue beating
    on medium to high-speed until you have
    stiff peaks form the me when I scraped the ball if there is so
    exit should be on the sides
    and once it's done you can just reserve it and
    scrapie to another ball because I'm gonna be using my
    mixer valve for arm for
    egg yolks I'm gonna be a yokes with sugar and then you just need to add
    remaining sugar
    the first are low and then you can decrease increase the speed
    you have to beat this for about five minutes or so until
    eggs until this a mixture gets pale
    in collar like this
    this is a nice nice pale Collazo
    now I can just and my vanilla extract
    Anges beat this an
    and now I'm going to and all of them male if you wanna use a warm
    male do not use cold milk and you wanna added gradually
    and then you can and I love the vegetable oil
    so now the egg yolk mixture is ready so we can combine
    flower meringue and
    again which just not adding
    flower and meringue into the again action unfolding in
    unit is gradually do not and
    all of the flour and once and then now once you done
    folding in flower and
    meringue you can divide the batter into two and at cocoa powder
    and then to another section you can
    and orange Ford coloring
    you could also the to green food coloring it will be cool
    and then just divide this into your into your pen
    you don't have to really go fence you can just put it in
    into layers may be starting with
    chocolate orange chocolate and so on
    and then you gonna bake days at
    for about
    you can test it out with them
    to speak or bamboo stick if it comes out clean that means
    they are down and then you just have to inverted and let it cool completely
    before you
    on to the next step to make the decorations for the pumpkin cake I'm
    gonna make bad
    chocolate toppers first so you have a template ready
    you can find these on my blog and I'll some melted some
    candy melts Bay first
    and here are my new super cute micro marshmallows they're so cute you can cut
    them in half
    and we gonna use those for the ice so you need to make a lower opening on your
    bag and then
    start by paying the bed
    first and I'm filled with chocolate chocolate behaves little differently
    royal icing so
    it is a different flow and then you just have to
    should and then you may wanna shake it a little bit so it's close out the surface
    and then you can and a toothpick spread very lightly in and then
    you need to fight more icing on top of it so it holds

    begin once it cools plus the chocolate hardens
    and now we can put eisin you may wanna use 'em
    your decorating tweezers if you have some
    will be easier because these national czar super tiny
    and I just have to let it set you can also refrigerate the STU help
    with the setting setting up the chocolate and this is what they gonna
    look like
    to make the font and leaves you gonna need found on
    I'm using marshmallow fun than you can find a recipe
    on my channel and then using a small leaf you can cut out
    the Leafs I call it the fun done with green and then
    you can shaped them a little bit and let them dry overnight
    and the last thing I wanna show you in this segment is how to make this time so
    I'm using a large marshmallow and I'm just gonna
    debated in a chocolate and then you can rest them on a piece of wax paper and
    put them in a fridge until the chocolate hardens so you ready to use it for the
    stand for you
    cake to put the whole thing together as you see this is the band I used to make
    the pumpkin
    pumpkin cake they of the house they baked little don't sell
    I'm gonna trim the top you can use a rated knife are you can also use a
    to like I'm using if you have one and then you can now
    reserved the top two for something else
    and that is who wants to put them together they fit snuggly soft
    it looks like a really nicely shaped pumpkin I'm gonna make a simple place
    for for the cake
    some adding a little bit of butter and vanilla extract
    directly into the powdered sugar and then you and gradually
    and milk it should have a smooth consistency
    should have somewhat a little bit of a full always shouldn't be too watery nor
    too stiff
    because we want I seems too good kinda like a drape over the cake
    and then you can add food coloring
    I'm adding orange a little bit of gal it looks like didn't look it up milk
    little more and now I think it's the right consistency
    has a nice flow so just a line both how
    so they fit nicely together and now you can just for the icing do not
    updating on top you have to do it gradually to see if if you need more
    because I want the cake to be showing through and i won the whole thing to be
    covered with icing
    and then we can put on the stem
    will be made from a large margin of and here are the least we made earlier
    so you can put 1 leave or to or three leaves on
    and then I remember the bats be made
    so these are the chocolate toppers that I made
    so you can stick them in and that's it so this is how you make a really pretty
    Halloween inspired
    chocolate but cake if you like to see more video tutorials from this Halloween
    video parade we've been having Hall week-long
    you can find a playlist and you can check it out there I hope you'll give it
    a thumbs up
    thanks for watching don't forget to subscribe I'll be back
    on Monday with another video tutorial *** ***

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