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" " Biscuit dough from the book \"Sweet kitchen\" how to make

Biscuit dough from the book \"Sweet kitchen\" how to make

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    Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally Makeup Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    traditional original jack and critics say this is also due to concerns feel
    free to contact me anymore now my face using light blue white and a little bit
    of teal body paint no originally I was going make a kind of a wavy center but
    eventually make it a center center so ignore my life apply primer and then
    they'll finish every white shadow followed by a blue shadow on my lid on
    my crease brush and white by drawing the line underneath my eyes while using a
    white pencil liner to line my waterline underneath them lending out the same
    blue shadow that I did on my lip liner and then lying to top my eye using a
    pencil wired line my title I know that have eyebrows I like to give myself a
    little slowly contra my cheek as balls where the separation is going to be
    using the same blue eyeshadow used
    unveiling of my lips using a dark red body paint which really use lipstick I
    like body pain subjects ideas made you look foundation brush in white body
    painted filling that half your face on them once again using the night just to
    sketch out where my eyeball is going to be going and filling them in black body
    using a pencil liner go ahead and lie in your eyes I am creating some shooting
    around the ice hockey using great I show the top and the bottom be sure to leave
    a little bit of white between the black and the great show this is gonna create
    the illusion of a little bit of the lip worth spending in action shooting above
    that left to give the bravo to you with more depth and definition I'm going in a
    black eye shadow and angle brush amazing great I should have separate the center
    as well do some contour traditional contour not even tradition not like
    Instagram contouring contouring is used to diminish anything that you want to
    disappear too because jacks faces more rounded mine is more sharp controversy
    around the sharpness of my face to give the appearance or illusion that it is
    more round to create them all in black body paint a very small artist brush
    to make them look more three-dimensional taking great I shadow and shading right
    underneath that line as well as highlighting above that using white body
    was gonna give the illusion that there actually is a top and a bottom that jazz
    is it always my favorite thing to do I am using a small artist brush in white
    body paint and I think to myself self Jack had his own color stitches this is
    probably one of those things that no one would have noticed unless I pointed it
    going up from the bottom to give Jackson black stitches in meeting together with
    grace touches on the white digital music just going through each corner to meet
    in the middle
    gonna make them look more round and morally they're actually going into your
    schedule blacks ages I'm going on each side and coming in was white and black
    body paint and dotting next to each stitch were actually going into my skin
    that . out just a smidgen
    even more of that 3d if I discovered doing this for stitches in
    I think
    I have been using this technique versace's since then going back to
    salaries I ever be getting her stitches as well I'm going with the angle brush
    that same blue shadow that we used our I'll it and just sketching out the lines
    of where they're going to be going shooting underneath the line by Sally's
    mom you do the same technique about exactly stages supplying all stages with
    white body paint and then shading with gray adding the black dots and pulling
    it through
    in a meeting that they blew that I use for Sally space to go down on my neck
    and my collarbone but the first batch of using dijon body weight and build on her
    arm I'm using dark green olive body be a little shading on the Dijon thought of
    using orange body paint and just filling in or around the orange around the
    shoulder while shooting the Greens leave using even darker green body paint to
    shade an ad stitches on sally's neck I'm using the same blue eyeshadow that I use
    on the island and appreciating around the edges of the neck as well as doing
    that line with the stitches are going to go to the stitches on her neck using
    white body painting the stitches on her shirt in black paint on Jackson using my
    body face also bring up my body paint down on your chest like you know the
    opening in his suits so scary black body double billing in half of the bed space
    which is adorable bow tie collar I would you call it for the path to sit on his
    chest and also extending out his little curvy bat like wings on my shoulder and
    this ladies and gentlemen is the point where you realize this will take you
    forever so I decided to go a lot more abstract with the align themselves
    trying to pin stripe body paint would take you literally hours filling in all
    the white striped collar going horizontally and then filling in all the
    White Stripes going vertically then going back in and filling all the
    horizontal stripes black and all the vertical stripes black in between
    agreed to shading on me too bad as well as on the shoulder and then just drag me
    out a black body paint walls still watch it underneath the bed and Jackson neck
    using a light grey eyeshadow of course go ahead bill envisages the same way
    that we've done the face and I also didn't pay them down to the black on the
    the bathroom design build in the black on my shoulders are also went ahead and
    a white highlight around the battle in any gaps you have left open using black
    body bags *** *** Halloween Cake Nightmare before Christmas 3D Inside Surprise Cake (How to make) - YouTube !!!
    hi everyone and welcome to creative cakes by Sharon Halloween just around
    the corner today I'm creating a Nightmare Before Christmas cake for you
    featuring both check skellington
    Ben Shelly in a special double-sided 3p Halloween
    inside surprise cake if you like this and effect be sure to subscribe to my
    channel see you can check at all
    I have a creative cake tutorials but finance let's get stash
    this particular cake today I used my band
    teen that I cook cheesecakes which have called entrained
    the tops of say they're nice and flat but got pace quick cake board
    I've got my outfits bachelorette expect a blade
    and black edible mccook I've got my first get rolling pin
    as well SM buttercream frosting admixture
    it's not easy in red white and black Colette's I've got a little bit a war to
    end up a presc
    as well as my pastry brush I've got some more chocolate Ganesh
    got some white red black
    and light blue fuck did facing a main today is to make a quick to butter cream
    now because a bunt cake is very tall I have to fight at the top
    and the bottom into to you said that I have four layers
    have cake in total that way we keep saying if cake
    became ticket and nice addition of the buttercream frosting
    instead of just a large piece of cake
    yeah guineas my white chocolate can etch cheat create crime K
    on the cake the pain to be chief SCAF at
    in eight missus SKT because I'm going to add a second land so once I finish this
    and gonna put it in the fridge for about
    and come back to do the next layer
    should have got my cake pic added that reach
    and going to add a second coating up the white chocolate connection this time
    it's going to be a little bit because
    thanks chines me that as much as I can as I K
    but it need to be too fast see if at covering up all love decrees
    in the butt cake because the group is going to actually pay FHA
    in the final cake once again when I finish the coaching
    the cakes going to pay it back in the fridge for another
    they have Guinness need the safest
    have my cake to you that is going to take my offset spatula into my political
    party here
    wipe off the excess questioner hence me they for the cash
    at this point I'm going to transfer my cake
    into my cake board I did say this cake with a
    inside surprise cake and to create the surprise
    going to put in all if the imminence in this match he makes
    to the center of the cake the through a pain to spill at let me cut into the
    now struggle to cover my cake making
    he whatever
    cavett the white side which is actually check skellington site
    sick and she had to cover the pot cake for fell a sign
    eating my pastry brush in the hotel to my son the Ganesh
    this is going to help the funded to stick nicely onto the cake
    have just cut nice be
    age at the bottom my funded carefully rolling it back to a rolling pin
    I'm going to trade pic by David the cake it's just a matter if
    picking up the fund it and smeeting it around the safest the cake
    katie is my thing is to push the fund and as far as I can
    at the bottom if the cake after stent make a cure and he concedes that I'm
    just dreaming of
    the excess red funded at the joint but removing the excess
    on both sides that I'm using a little bowl everette funded
    too slowly message the funded into the same
    making it a nice neat finish and finally I'm just going to chairman of the excess
    fuckin at the very bottom if the cake
    I do you want this cake to look like it's a pumpkin
    it's been painted with Jack and Sally on either side
    say isn't my thing I'm just going to press into
    degrees if the band cake to create 8 pumpkin like appearance
    I think to work on creating cell is face finished it's gonna be in the shape of a
    so I'm using this play funded she cut the basic shape
    of her face ap also came to add a little pace at the bottom for him
    to make sell its math after out at Sandvik funded
    and somewhat funded and forced to London to cut that hair lips
    fair to do that I'm going to cut as he basically
    into the funding and then I'm going to cat and that the semicircle
    about half a centimeter belay that and then for the top lip kiss came to cut at
    nice sneeze in shape after us meet that the edges
    I'm going to stick it on to you the white piece a funded
    cut all the way and the math and imposition it on the cake
    chiles eyes aren't able to shape going to position them
    but if you have an angle too little bowls have black funded which I'm going
    to fight naa
    I thanks for the people so hey eyes followed by a tidy little bowl
    what funded further reflection for the caps in this TT themselves faced
    going to you relapse in snake civil defense thanks
    added some Black Friday is the beginning of my teacher really shake you up like a
    then you could use is he to you at all the details to sell his face
    instead ever a lineout love the pieces are funded specially after fair to
    relate my fund and stick it on
    it gives a lot more impact to the cake but this is always there as an option
    for you
    now that I've made the smacking them to scan to a van with my pet pieces are
    wet summers teaching as well as an outline his I is here late
    and his face and neck
    s but make a coronet to work I'm check site the two cuties
    eyes at but cut s a circle and into the top the I am doing it kinda way
    almost like an its shape they'll send it to you little oval nostrils
    going to see it here on the phase of cheesecake
    but again around at home at a little pieces as black funded
    and give you phase 2 at details to the top and the bottom if
    and I speak math St Teaneck a salon his maths
    you can shape his math hey if you like to give whatever expression you're after
    as I want my cake to look like an actual pumpkin
    I need to create a stoke subject to polls are funded
    and one white just going to roll what end at the front desk to create the type
    that the Stoke
    then going to flatten at the bottom be this is going to take up at the top
    the pumpkin placing the back to back on the cake
    just going to clear them together with a little beforehand the very last thing I
    need to do to finish off a cake
    stats in here for family which is going to run all the way up his side of the
    that he's a %ah check skellington its LA-based on the web cake
    ID def call speak a surprise inside cake
    it just watch as a cat a slice of cake kill all the candy full-fat beautifully
    say cuz I really do hope you enjoyed my check Skellington and Sally
    special double-sided
    inside surprise cake if he did make sure to give it a thumbs up
    then hit the like button it also share it with your friends
    I love to get your permit to feedback and suggestions
    certificate to drop me a line in the comment section below
    if you haven't already don't say
    be sure to subscribe to my channel C you can see Kate's like this
    a speedy Mar my creative cake tutorials happy Halloween guys
    and thanks for watching I'm
    room *** *** Jack (The Nightmare Before Christmas) Makeup Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    is only sevareid in which a sec
    the payment me down to make and
    going to take next a pencil im
    in plane
    in me dick
    expects I'll
    I'll in
    do dat me
    and screen she said everything me each and fisting pack
    since just good
    intiki major hear from me in blackest black
    green you out I stack named Jimmy Fallon
    me think in


    to send john Maynard community
    lactation entities email
    impeach ethnics in
    going back to acting pencil minute
    Antony tracking and Jimmy making
    and mean to you in way patient
    tap it
    consistent ATT acts ok
    me I just claim backed team
    bash step lactation me and Minister chimney
    ninety and just at some chic
    ok for international again
    an easy seemed germane
    and sheik national antique mesh
    have been using she eighteen no additional packed as well in
    I'll him since I think it to me
    I didn't realize sack macomb
    but Arlington basically
    just jockeying in Maine and cheek to cheek seen jumping
    newsy and jury in this ranges
    and a are some impact seem
    bash no additional panicked and state
    sheen for the neck
    any scene see my pencil
    me your in Sydney
    a chance is impacting to black
    thanks to maine ek meze back
    p also blacking out by and pick me
    peace shot and make Chan to make me
    peace bound and that's it
    thanks my team in
    of *** ***

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