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Cake tutorials

-Petunia , Buttercream,Royal icing flowers Petunia how to make

Petunia how to make

    -Petunia , Buttercream,Royal icing flowers

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    Simple Miniature Birthday Cake - Polymer Clay Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey guys so because it's my birthday we can to make a simple looking for
    they keep I didn't want anything on
    taps integration for this cake was actually a real cake that was used for
    someone's wedding anniversary
    I'm using my
    of wind like income like pink in like going
    stop by rolling out the dough call and the white and create the different
    layers for the cake
    back to mention the HF up
    income for the cake with a thin layer
    white clay
    they all tried it in play anything this is just bike clay and liquid clay mixed
    panel the decorations from adding he's whipped cream chill shapes you can t
    have to make them in one of twenty trial
    link will be in the infobox I'll
    how to fly from textfree the informant
    now let's really think he to play for the road leaves
    my chest tattoo shading to the 80s using soft pastel
    of ok
    Laskin meeting left in white pink and green to make some simple painful
    at a small peace and quiet look like the way
    he can secure the season the quitclaim she using some occurred why it is
    painted with black acrylic paint after baking
    in Bay feel with police
    and get them *** *** Miniature Pumpkin Cake - Polymer Clay Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    today this miniature pumpkin cake
    I stopped the decorations well now the snake of Orange Park Lake Tanganyika
    roll them into Boston you starting and it'll cost shape them
    I didn't go into too much detail with these because they were meant to look
    like simple fondant decorations
    a tab on top to finish
    that the pumpkins
    minutes to harden
    onto the cake and orangey brown in color and cut two circles
    cut it in a wide circle expect them
    cut out a triangular piece
    at a cake I picture with a needle talkin swirling emotions
    take the pieces onto ceramic plate but that probably quickly and take

    minutes to keep them there may be some solid and liquid clay pricing applies to
    the cake
    swirl around and make it look a little message because I feel is more realistic
    that way at least that's hard look when I B
    target blank into the top
    and fresh green crate and cut off internally for decoration
    I jumped up and not care that I had lying around which is basically snuggle
    up with a brown on the inside the pieces to the middle an outage and you wonder
    what the pencil thing is it surrounded on picket
    make everything completely finished with class and the project is complete thank
    you so much watching this video you may like the day just got me wanting more *** *** Christmas Present Cake Polymer Clay Tutorial | sweetco0kiepie - YouTube !!! *** *** MONKEY CAKE TOPPER using gum paste or polymer clay - YouTube !!!
    guys in this video gonna making little monkey cake topper now I'm eating some
    modeling paste the dry nice and hard but the Rangers won here and I've dyed it
    brown bottom of the bottle filled the teardrop shape is the body of just died
    a lighter shade of brown darker my brick out then go to small circle little bit
    of water on back there to go in place
    push this onto the belly is near the bottom of the body than the top second
    ball this one will be the head I've done it quite latch push in my fingers and
    rolling smart the pale brown the town of hardship which will do for it they are
    but we don't need the point on the answer could not be off touch where they
    actually that would just push it lower press down again I'm going to push this
    onto the face just under those eyes are now creating ISO case just buy used in
    the bottom of a paint brush and paint brush handle to create a nice size of
    the hole for me I'm also gonna push one in that mouth area to create little
    mouth just leave my model until now to push that out either end to take tylenol
    advil at a light brown I'm gonna stick that on the nurse said putting last road
    again I'm just going to use the handle of that paintbrush and poke into holes
    of bottom that now that was stuck on the eyes we use in a black marlin pace now
    but this ready died and I'm really into little balls and we're just gonna place
    one in each eye now I'm going to give my monkeys mileage but you don't have to I
    rolled a little piece in the light brown color and a cut in half a semicircle is
    a bit longer
    is quite thin across the top of my the eyelid just push it in place just using
    the model in tow bush the car's right and I'm using so the petal dusts pink
    toothbrush on the cheeks now Scott dry brush down I'm not doing anything of his
    new video I will put links tie in the Description box below the videos you
    know where to get the things from Doc Brown battled us to shed little bit just
    around the very edge of the eyes to the is abroad to the brown dark brown balls
    and then two smaller ones in the light now going to start light ones I'm gonna
    push these into the center of the dark ones just soft changing the ship it by
    pushing into my model until now this is the Dresden toll gonna put lyrics in the
    description box below the video pinch them into a teardrop share on the card
    is made and when pushed that back onto the side of the head to the sensitive to
    touch my head to somebody I'm gonna use a cocktail stick you can balance it on
    but because I wanted to be nice and sturdy danny is the cocktail stick just
    make sure it's not too long sticks at the top of his head south taking it off
    water in between body and head to keep in place using some light food coloring
    now you can either take a really tiny brush modeling ball until the end and
    just tiny dot yehi to the dark brown gonna roll along snake shape and we
    found at the end of the tail off president to LA of water into that tail
    and a place yet another snake shape lines in the end forefingers have a play
    around with them to be fine what position you wanted to sit in one she
    happy with the position in the water on
    stuck in place just do exactly the same so for the legs again you gonna roll two
    ships pretty much the same as the arms of a point at the end where they gonna
    go to the body so that sit at the man cave in and give them a bit of time to
    dry before used to communique put up some pictures of him with another monkey
    as well as many as you like
    thank you for watching
    if you liked this video would like to see more please click on the images of
    the other videos suggested also please do subscribe to my channel I'm using the
    button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen you can also visit my
    website on my Facebook page to see more cakes and ideas *** *** Polymer Clay Minion Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    everyone else it's aiming to be showing how to make this really cute meaning
    Kate charm out of polymer clay
    so first you gonna sign off with
    a evolves craft clay games then you're going to cover it with some
    yellow playin I just flattened out my yellow clay using a pasta machine
    and if you have any excess yellow clay can just go ahead
    in ripped up of internal into a bar
    once the bar and smooth you can make it in to eat cake sheep
    beans want you to desired cheap we can go ahead and make the icing I'm just
    using a Wilton icing tip to do this
    in that condition might quite player really well into than just pushed it
    through with the and
    wanna Miceli tools
    then I'm just checking out some black clay and cutting that to you
    me little strap that goes around the eye and once again I find out the call using
    my pasta machine
    and if you don't have a possible she could also use an acrylic roller
    and and is coming at the black strip to desired size
    once that is done we're going to add the I such I just went down and peace
    wat clay and push that in between the two black pieces
    in arms going on any dust using some water
    into this is a a piece a silver clay at that I rolled out into a a small little
    Kane cheap
    or just little sneak sheep and I'm wrapping that
    around the eye
    into you can cut away the excess
    then I'm running two more pieces abuse a Berklee to
    here science on the headband peace
    even understand too little intense
    intern and and his little paws solar class along the edges
    the sober quayle
    next year then be adding
    be a little piece a brown clay for the I and and the season with my clay tools
    to put that in please them awesome in Tiki a black ball play
    teams must not on top be a brown peace
    in time to go take the processing meat before and twist
    that the internal maxi on this time
    on just cutting away at the access a scene that we don't need him
    and then taking you plead in just kinda
    pressing I sing in a bit just so it stays more secure
    and next I'm meeting he now sums to you really tiny piece
    black Clayton cheap mac team you put a smile
    then i'm taking a bigger quayle clay and cutting
    some more little pieces into those in for his hair
    and I'm just using six pieces and care
    then i cud up for some little sprinkles these are a darker blue
    a light blue and yellow and I'm just going ahead and placing those
    on just the keep a bit more detailed
    then I'm using something quickly clay and I'm just giving my meaning keep
    some flush just said but it looked really cute
    I'm also taking some white liquid clay you need to bring some on the high
    to as just a little reflection
    then you can put a little guy %uh then I put mine in

    degrees for about
    in here
    had in pleasing him
    if you guys enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe I hope
    to see you guys
    soon I hope you enjoyed the video I loved new minions movie
    if you do let me know down below and if you make it's time for some time
    Instagram and tag me my easy
    is genuine FTG by guys have a good day *** *** Miniature Polymer Clay Frozen Fever Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    highs today will be making a cake but not just any cake
    cake from frozen fee that hope you like kid
    you going to be cut is in four different sizes you might not have the mall in
    which case don't panic because you can make templates
    to faith to my cake layers will be one
    to three and four centimetres in diameter
    1c have all the templates cut is you come pick in making the team
    good for the inside of the cake
    the using scrap play the color does not matter as we'll be covering it with a
    sheet of clay anyway
    you want to stack to three sheets have played depending on how to tell you
    teased me think cut shape
    the height mighty is eight millimetres they can make it short story
    when you have to use the paper template just place it on the clay
    cut away the excess past using a pen deflate
    you can be more precise they remain if you don't have a band to play
    don't try to ban you regular one use a knife instead
    in you can of course regular late
    use it

    to make the piece of cake you want to stop
    play together did
    next would section
    you want section cake shape from top
    needed and
    so you should be left fall cake the bottom
    with Fort Meade chocolate cradle
    Cup is a good
    good for more detailed tutorial on how to cupcakes sheets
    clay peaceful
    remove section chocolate and cream cake texture the inside
    don't pick it up today strange
    bake for
    minutes before you move on to the next in
    Cup late
    surrounded you sick
    in and
    after rated petals into at a small bramble
    Center each one
    at the last top three spotty with liquid
    I just a little stealth Center flowers
    to make the small five petal flowers the board
    used one piece a rounded
    using to me did
    once you make a pit pushed lane next to it
    snake talk page
    when you get to the bed
    now or Mike
    bring speaking
    then at the flowers in meeting the traits
    at a black or brown micro bubble in the center those flowers as well
    if you want to decorate but images are the top three
    you can use white microbubbles swell always fun day with liquid
    after baking your cake call you campaigned
    remake decoration of
    pain believes quite fast and mean with green ones dry
    then you can go back in with white to create them
    steeple only arrested you white acrylic paint on the team's for snow effect
    to make the figure in the coves top I stacked two pieces of white clay with a
    any between sculpted eurozone I don't have the footage
    that because my head was in the way the whole time but it's not that complicated
    up remains as long as you can tell there's two girls
    dancing skating or even taking off
    is all good once you're happy with the think
    dusted with mica powders make let me know if you like to see a magnified
    tutorial of this figure in
    once called him the X is why I make a hole into for the cake
    to at the year for my information how it real polymer clay please follow the link
    in place and that's it
    I really hope you liked this tutorial thank you so much for watching
    feel eckstein tapped out in *** *** Cute Miniature Cupcake Maker - Polymer Clay Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    today we make him eat your cupcake maker hope you'll enjoy
    first I used my cupcake more to make a base and cover up the line to get the
    right shape and size do you have a video showing how to make the cupcake basis as
    well as a piping bag and the paper wrappers in the picture something
    chillin that in the infobox
    once baked you can put it into some black player which is about aspect the
    cupcake place itself I did at some concert are you so it wouldn't stick and
    makes six of these and place next to each other to form the base paint on the
    after taking a test
    and after baking you can push that into another sheet of clay to get the jump
    ship which is going to follow the top pan
    couple both the top and bottom any color of your choice and bake again and then
    if you can use them when I had a handle to booth hops
    and then the top ion color added a couple few too late to give it a more
    records style after adding the handle and far in the sheet and then a probate
    again he filed a claim which is going to do that
    the bottom I added he and I used the same technique as with the type to just
    lay a fucking begging to shoot that person
    now make sure where they want and crafts enclave from the back without cutting
    away the black plain and for the hinge itself I just used some thin metal and I
    used my receivable cake pan that I used to import a few videos but you can use
    any metal you want although I wouldn't recommend using the medal from the hold
    up from a ti because it might be a bit too thin also if you check out one of my
    miniature makeup tutorials on my French other plans to show how to make other
    types of injuries as well to hold them together I just use a small piece of my
    head pin by before putting them together I painted the inside of the black party
    mix with black pearl expect him if you don't have the pigment you can just
    leave her only I had a while you can just use black light paint because on
    Qantas really that nice even though
    and putting them together and healty ends with a strong boost to the
    happiness wouldn't come out
    finish off with a few details using acrylic paint until the place
    lastly I'm it's really simple muffins or cupcakes and instead of using liquid
    clay for the liner which are usually do I just pushed to shape boundary in
    appointing talk and then for the second tooth brush and then he told
    after taking shape in soccer star mix with water
    temple I know I just used quite a crowd
    if you have a video showing has got the first things all the boxes well thank
    you so much watching the trial *** *** Tutorial: Christmas Tree made with Polymer Clay (cartoon style, pretty easy, no ornaments) - YouTube !!!
    hi everyone today I'm gonna be making a miniature Christmas tree
    I think the first step you should do is to make the trunk
    I A I use this caller claimed but you should use brown
    tom is this caller because I use
    this kind of clay which is that code but you know I'm
    he can make it Nico you want but Brown re best dry matter because I don't think
    you're going to see it corner
    the trees on except for maybe that much
    I'm also I'm using
    oh and bake this bake it so it's you know it doesn't
    fender ever and then I'm using another piece it's not baked
    and of I'm just going to use that to hold the
    all this up and that's for later I'm
    I'm not gonna be you right now but thats
    Ferguson set that aside okay after you
    baked and a trunk then you get some green clay
    get enough so the com
    if you if you kind new
    make it into a basic tree shape like that
    it would be a little bit too
    short for the stick okay now
    I'm gonna make this tree and about 6 sections
    so this is the mister plastic palette knife you use in
    an exacto knife or razor blade okay this
    see if I can get this on camera we cut it in half
    by lank not
    I am out sorry there's chicken noises
    from the back from very from now
    each of these have some unique a and thirds doesn't matter if you squish it
    just reduced to gonna roll into a ball
    anyways okay and this one
    who so so that survey
    okay now that you've got six pieces
    mom just roll each one into a ball
    okay I just want to mention worker claim using a
    I'm using this big shop play Green which is very
    freight and I added a bunch for the colors and
    into it to make it a lil bit darker I'm
    metallic Ludin panel closes
    and darker green and added also some yellow
    and well over black and white okay so
    and user leader scobee three
    and this is Kobe bakeshop
    okay so I'm
    have rolled out these things in the balls and
    now there take the largest one and
    keiner make it into a disk
    shape by squeezing
    it carica you know like a flying saucer something gonna
    and then I'm push one side and
    so now it's like a hat kinda
    or very and then keep squeezing
    these parts and tools then the edge
    and keep pushing
    of the middle of we want to be caned
    like a cone-shaped are well-liked Apple musher
    so do
    you can do all the pieces except for the top
    like that say the same thing just
    mistaking it and is for shit like that
    and makes a good point and just keep doing it and just turn it all around
    pics so
    so it's like that and then take one scientist push it up in
    near re
    say I'll do it to all six except for
    a nap is one laptop
    okay once you got
    the pieces like this and this one
    we're just gonna set aside until then the new concert
    making yeah little branch ipsum I'm gonna do that by
    using this now this this is a
    about knife but I have sharpened on one side so it's like her
    sharp on the side and you plan on this side
    so I'm gonna use the search in: you can just use the
    a razor or something and was going to
    cut random
    it okay don't don't do it evenly
    do it some long in some sure
    and some close together in some far their part
    share some with my Canon camera for
    I will show you sick okay make sure
    someone go pretty far and I'm a minute make some
    my longer
    now get kinda like that now I kinda messed up the hat shaped so
    spring to back down
    okay and now I'm you take some these things and I'm gonna pull them longer
    narrowness you sound just randomly pick some
    and make it a little bit more corny
    and then stick it
    on in your trunk
    newspaper right there
    for rent and in edison new x1 staring at this man kam
    right am just cut
    shorter lines longer irons story about
    messing up the shape don't do it
    neatly you continue if you want
    you don't care carry
    so once again it messed up my shape so
    make it pointy an attack new text me
    is problem longer smoothie now if it gets a little
    from be shaped
    New Caney
    pretty good I guess moons
    it can you can't
    I came in traffic camera and Indiana and just the same way here's the tree with
    five pieces on and here's the full
    and part new num going to make it pointy
    on one end like like that noon and
    make it kind who hold the other and to the point you squeeze out a little bit
    few lines in it
    uncanny you know a remake
    the inside her
    think it's messed up
    make sure it stays point and time
    came home if you want you can grab a few to use leave sections stretching out
    if you want the lines soon look better just
    Dhoom again
    numbers keep pics and tell you like it and when you feel like
    it's a really good top for your tree
    just the contrary I'm to
    make sure you I'm
    keep it pointed as you put it down
    tricky bit centered she is not it's not really
    nothing Center them all kinda miss her
    said is pretty down all the way share push it feel
    you gotta can remember where the top was the stick okay now
    if you do want the least two caliber
    just call them out knew that on the whole tree
    this news going down
    learn thing very
    and that's your basic tree well then without the creations
    hmm you can you can add ornaments
    and stuff like that and and mines still member
    I didn't do bit a good basis is just a Assyrian excess
    you could I am attach this
    before you put the leaves on and cook it
    so this harder but I'm just I don't even know if we're gonna
    cook fish in a but that's your
    victory hold on and I hope you like it
    ferry will send
    me okay
    so they reduce
    can do it a little bit neater than me if you want are just doing you're a fast
    cuz I'm I don't think there's a attorney good
    Christmas tree tutorials on YouTube soon miss
    making one and hope you liked it
    see you later height *** *** Miniature Polymer Clay Christmas Gingerbread House Scene TUTORIAL - YouTube !!!
    hello and welcome to another Christmas tutorial today will be making a
    Christmas gingerbread house saying happy enjoy the video you going to need to
    from plain baked talking please seen anything you want from Spring coast to
    cookies fruit slices chopped up sprinkles Vegas sprinkles and different
    shape toppings Chocolate Drops cracks and my favorite christmas is lit
    I made great template from paper to cut even shapes of clay you going to need to
    the front come back to the site and one for the roof the measurement as well as
    all the materials used in this video will be listed below in the description
    section I remember you can make the house in any size you want at all the
    shapes you need texture them with a toothbrush and shake them with prompt
    hostels or matte eyeshadow
    I didn't mind I just put the house together from the roof and bake for

    minutes I'm using a wooden base but you can use a playback banks made from
    polymer clay to roughly sketched where I want the house the path to stream to be
    and then painted with acrylic paint as a guideline that case a tiny bit too would
    shut for the class to make the trees I started from olive green light which had
    turned into a code and then bake for 10 minutes then i three or four strips
    around the trees and shake n bake again
    could claim before adding them and they can again
    make a chimney I started from Lake strip Contador tested on the roof to make sure
    it fits properly
    I used to create a lattice pattern on the road out of thin layer of liquid
    clay to make sure the unbaked take place together
    life is pretty big snakes in different colors but you can use anything you want
    white chocolate I used a pastel yellow sheet play invented the lines and then
    cut out the shape of the door I want it
    then I added it to the house funding with liquid clay
    red on white plate gather to make simple yet Crescent City marshmallows to
    decorate your house
    to make a quick comment came into play with red and white
    then reduced size by rolling it works
    you can even use the cane bait or take

    tutorial *** ***

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