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"" -burger tutorial , -Hamburgers, Hot dogs burger tutorial how to make

burger tutorial how to make

    "" -burger tutorial , -Hamburgers, Hot dogs

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    Buttercream Ombre Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey guys weapons phrases that spot
    they'll be teaching you how to make and hungry ok
    to begin adding
    by me I think ship
    ecstatic milk
    little bit at a time if that tape spent
    to make my own really only color life but my
    but a clean one and I'm using America Lynch Alfie color
    him to. well and if it make it
    read up then as I
    progress through the latest I just sad global
    buttercream would ever have left let clinton's
    as they keep going up up to help
    should be within the company
    i'm concerned. to
    because everything else that the company would top
    space Mt
    close you think be nice he's

    and everything else will be coming up company
    I have a Wilton

    she's a huge started your conservative pretty
    and to playful shelled corn
    gonna make it nice mom
    you money even oppression way
    chain people the same rink is this City
    went to get something quite personally that any excess buttercream
    those in the back and then
    wash my back for the next layer I just
    he people good
    treating lunch eternity
    and week
    bro latest %uh
    in between each one now Julie
    with something do you think K member
    thought had the back very least %uh will become your
    starting from the back between
    just been adding more white buttercream
    second today
    in this next episode no back together fun printer
    just steady wallpaper the factually
    and the name any to you cake pop sticks
    but those are and some time
    and pick some homes and
    salad him I'm
    I am top said
    too unstable
    and the trickiest to cut your time and said if it's
    right in might here thanks
    neck is
    shop shop and
    it's kind it
    should humana
    middle continue Knicks
    from zone is that is our ken starr touch
    or have Caliente school for example AT&T
    actually happening
    simple X
    because a stark chapel
    thing for located that
    decision-making upstate it
    and there
    thing me
    should facing distance between each
    justices like that or you mention stuffed up
    be really small
    think it is beautiful any
    his casting
    here much being ok so it is it just looks
    his dick signs fellows cake
    an estimated break here okay
    me girl and it's gotten much
    girls tied conducted
    ships had azinger this video tutorial t let me know if you'd like to see
    something on this channel and I'll do my best to make it happen
    thanks for watching and I'll see you next week in *** *** The Try Guys Try Makeup Tutorials - YouTube !!! English English
    - You guys are (beep) with me, though, right?
    Like, I don't actually need all this stuff,
    this is overkill.
    (upbeat music)
    - Today we're learning from Michelle Phan.
    - I've never put on makeup for myself.
    - I have two sisters who tortured me with makeup.
    - I am doing Michelle Phan's Midnight Luster.
    - I am doing 'How to look like a K-Pop Star'.
    - I'm putting on makeup for a romantic date.
    - I chose the wedding tutorial because, on my wedding day,
    my wife spent like hours doing her hair and makeup.
    - This already looks extremely difficult.
    - Lightweight brunette brown gel?
    - There are so many brushes.
    - [Voiceover] Do women actually own this much makeup?
    'Cause that's crazy.
    - [Voiceover] Is concealer like a one size fits all?
    - She's making her wider Vietnamese eyes
    look pointier like my Korean eyes.
    - Like combing my eyebrows, never done that before.
    - Yeah, yeah, this is too, too bright.
    - Getting ready for a football game.
    That's how I'm gonna make this gender-normative.
    - This is basically exactly what Michelle Phan was doing.
    - Do women spend this long on just the eyes
    or am I just dumb?
    - You know what I'm so upset about,
    is that Eugene is going to be so good at this
    because he had sisters.
    - As long as I'm prettier than Zach, I'll be okay.
    - It's very possible that I've been using
    the wrong one the whole time.
    - You apply the foundation normally.
    That's not a descriptor.
    - Next time a friend asks me to come with her to Sephora
    and I'm like really impatient and getting angry
    about how long it looks, I'm going to just
    shut the (beep) up
    like I get it now, I get it.
    - Ahhh, I touched my eyeball with it!
    - Oh, I just stabbed my eyeball.
    - Poked myself in the eye.
    - I don't know why my solution is to just make it bigger,
    but it is.
    - Oh yeah! Instantly sexier.
    - Beauty is pain, beauty is pain, beauty is pain...
    - Whoa! I broke it.
    - Eye torture complete.
    Nope, I (beep) it up.
    - I've seen videos online where girls
    chop off their eyelashes doing this.
    - (yelling) Wasn't so bad.
    - This isn't right, but it's something.
    - Look at me now, Mom.
    Everything you wanted.
    - Here's your beauty shot.
    - Do I like beautiful? Yes!
    Did my wife look better on her wedding day?
    - I just look like a pretty guy, who could maybe make it
    in a K-pop band, that's okay with lipstick and eye glitter.
    - I knew it was like, something that took an hour,
    I didn't think it was something
    that made you stressed for an hour.
    - I just look like a confused glittery panda.
    - I feel like I could practice this for years,
    and still be terrible at it.
    (magical tinkling)
    - Thanks, Michelle!
    - Your hair's blocking, Eugene.
    Your hair? Your h-- Eugene, your hair?
    Your hair's in the-- Just don't wanna...
    The hair again.
    It's really, it's just that, I don't think you realize
    how small my head is, and how large your hair is? *** *** Katherine & Rachael's Pizza Challenge!!! - YouTube !!! English - CC English - CC Spanish (Latin America)
    Hey guys, it's Katherine.
    And Rachael.
    And this week's theme on SevenSuperGirls is--
    The crazy pizza challenge.
    Last week, we had you guys comment
    what toppings you wanted to see us put on our pizza.
    So we're going to randomly select
    what we put on our pizzas out of these bowls.
    Destiny is calling.
    So let's get started.
    Out of this bowl, we're going to pick our sauce options.
    And then we're going to put cheese on top of that.

    Tomato sauce, plain and safe.
    Darn it!

    It's the hot sauce!
    Oh, what is in my hair?
    There is some delicious sauce in my hair.


    Now, we're going to choose our first topping.

    Ha ha!
    I mean, sorry.

    Ingredient number two.
    There's like three-- OK.
    Chocolate sauce.


    Topping number


    What was that?
    You knocked one out of the bowl.
    Don't be a cheater!


    We're just going to hope that this cooks on my pizza.

    Topping number four.

    Blue frosting.

    Now we get to choose our fifth and final topping.


    Gummy worms.

    Baby food.

    Now what we have here is some very delicious
    looking pizzas here, that we're going to put in the oven.
    Oh, that egg is so gross.


    Well, Rachael, I don't know about you,
    but I'm really excited to try these pizzas.
    Me too.
    They smell so good.
    (IN UNISON) Mmm.
    Just for you guys, we're going to attempt to eat
    this entire piece of pizza.

    I'm dying of heat.



    Rachael couldn't handle her pizza.
    But I'm going to see how much of this I can finish.

    Think I'm just going to get it over with with the sushi all
    in one bite.
    Nope, nope.
    So my pizza tasted like garbage.
    And mine was as hot as the sun.
    Oh my gosh, that was terrible.
    Do you want to order an actually good pizza?
    Yeah, tell them to send a hot delivery guy.

    We would like to order one pepperoni pizza.
    And make sure you send a really hot delivery guy.
    Thank you.
    (IN UNISON) Pizza!

    Hey, baby.

    Thank you guys so much for watching.
    If you want to know more about our super cool SSG shirts,
    check the link in the description box.
    We'll see you guys next week!
    (IN UNISON) Bye!
    *** ***

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