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3 -how to make 3D fondant gumpaste motorcycle how to make 3D fondant gumpaste motorcycle how to make

how to make 3D fondant gumpaste motorcycle how to make

    3 -how to make 3D fondant gumpaste motorcycle

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    How to Make Olaf Figurine - Cake Decorating Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    ok and
    this is my first tutorial I hope you find helpful
    I'm going to show you how to make an all-out figuring
    for start up with an oval-shaped might funded
    and is a small leap in to press the top and bottom this will create a month in
    the middle for his cheated
    and then use aside at the stake to create an temple sizable last
    here and coming out with a smile is going to be
    when you get to the bottom Anglian made it to school
    try to cut the edge of a small as clean as possible
    when you at the black a look very obvious if the edges
    method being usable tool to fight in this area
    good growth in peace upon funny income into the shape
    smile ok
    throughout the video muzy to clear the pieces together
    good here I'm using the roundtable mistake
    flattened smile and also using the when heated to fit the funding
    into the corners smile
    for a little piece away fun and don't make it too thin
    put a piece of plastic wrap over it and then use the circle cutter
    around the edges and gives it a dome-shaped ok
    with a very fine brush Pena blue border around the eyes
    for the pizza and makes a few chapters women extract
    with a tiny locally kill
    ok good
    and if there's booze somewhere by accident you can
    your with ok
    I'll he now well string
    like fun for the head
    you can use a toothpick or Nick back tonight engine we push it again
    here if even pick mister
    good now and two point guards the eye
    this is what I like to do have to make smart people
    ATS mark is a pond cut every in the center
    this way I know the two pieces are equal emboldened is a small Paul
    and pushed down with anything try to apply the scene amount of pressure for
    but they're both the seams and
    good rule a small piece of corresponding
    care she knows you can use them me and make the line talk where you can call
    on wood Mike
    and now I'm just really a thin string brown fun
    for the eyebrows
    now the last detail for him head cut a piece away
    fun into a trapezoid for all honesty
    caring and making here I'm using
    competed macomb Kimmy
    MP's paydirt mondale ok
    through the company's really thin than antimatter and a toothpick in
    prop the compete around make sure its field income along did
    the fourth quarter to the their cases per is going into moms
    in the morning and the second
    keep them forget to rule three strands here for all our sorry because I
    did forget recorded
    canine making the party with way companies can be want to buy
    keep tryin period
    if there's a locking good marks you can get rid with
    a smoother tucker at this point too long here so I'm just going to be committed
    the same way and that I need to people's size and D
    here's ok will appease the point find in income in the center
    this way I know that both pieces are the same size respected
    us but aren't the same size so me pinging
    like fun enabling them randomly they can be
    differentiated signs and then use a night out and
    so I let the pre-strike Renee and now I'm going to said
    so I'm using a ver Q score so
    you wanted to go through the flights the body and at least three quarters
    head and then leave some ppl underneath the plan well
    tap reasoning go into the keeper's the minded
    good am attaching is here with wider
    opponent and moving into with my hands
    you can use world AC instead
    this is the last part you can use fondant a collegial
    at to tell me wat people and
    did or log big minutes finish I hope you like my tutorial and thanks for watching
    and don't forget to subscribe good *** *** Mr. Carl Fredricksen Inspired Doll - Polymer Clay Tutorial (Disney's UP) - YouTube !!!
    frederickson from disease up hope you'll enjoy as always I made sketches the
    character and then made an amateur to match the amateur was made the same way
    as in macaques prankster else if you haven't seen that you'll find the link
    in the infobox
    like flash card and begin scooping the face if you have any questions for the
    tools and materials for use please check out the to basics videos I posted a
    blinking both of those in the infobox and I'll also be adding links to the
    other characters all type of me
    simple sculpting someone with classes at least if you're not used to seeing the
    person without the Carters is to just make a simple pair of glasses from some
    paper or cardstock just to visualize the character a bit better and whens elderly
    people I like adding some texture to skin just to make it look less perfect
    or more rough so far this I'm using a soft toothbrush
    after predicting the faith and I am glad to the back of the head and stuck a
    needle told her it and got the two years and at the
    the same technique as in my curling trials if you haven't seen that please
    check it out and then after pre baking them I added click to the back and added
    two extra details
    her and wrapped in clear and it also and prepay can make the feet
    I purchased my pen still deployed these with a sponge applicator
    then added some additional after sales mix with water I'm just using a couple
    of flesh tones like brown and a grey
    deal with a place and let dry
    at the hit the amateur and you to pencil to make an outline for the hairline then
    at some here all around the head but not on top
    at this point is going to look very much like a mad scientist kinda reminds me of
    that Brown from Back to the Future one is trying to trim the hair and style it
    using somewhat
    here to the top of his head and while the crew was driving I started working
    on the outfit I think that issue shooting adequate pain and made a simple
    pair of glasses from scrap clay
    the shared I just took some basic white fabric and the pieces chess are also
    includes around his wrists to make the cut that are showing under his jacket
    spent two rectangles of some great brown fabric and these together to form groups
    include these onto the draw
    came from the scenes from a couple of troops from slips include the month of
    the dark
    and then for the build I just used that piece of brown leather I didn't show how
    to make the belt buckle because that was the very last thing I Abbott but if you
    check out my Santa Claus Charles I had to make one in there
    for his bowtie I just cut a rectangle and good defense trip around the center
    I'm here to my bros let it dry and trim them and have some highlights I just had
    some white acrylic paint
    to make a super quick walking aid been a couple of pieces of copper wire then
    made for tennis ball from green scrap clay and Pecos blew them in place and
    then make a square from some paper who the left after walking aid to the piece
    of paper and then threw the stick or the handle bar thingy to the square as well
    I then added the final details and so-called alcohol *** ***

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