3D Squirrel cake tutorial how to make

3D Squirrel cake tutorial cake tutorials

    3 -3D Squirrel cake tutorial 3 -3D Squirrel cake tutorial

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    How to make a gumpaste coconut tree for a cake - ENGLISH - YouTube !!! Italian Italian
    Ciao Dolcezze,
    Benvenuti su Francesca Sugar Art.
    Oggi ho faremo un albero di cocco
    che è stato chiesto un paio di settimane fa ed è perfetto per un dolce estivo.
    Voglio dire, non esiste torta estiva che non abbia un albero di cocco, giusto?!?!?!?
    Prima di tutto stendiamo della pasta modellabile verde
    o se avete gumpaste è ancora meglio lasciando al centro un po' più spesso
    tagliamo le foglie
    foglie (io preferisco usare una lama di Fimo in quanto si può tagliare linee splendidamente curve,
    ma è possibile anche utilizzare un coltellino o un cutter rotondo).
    Il passo successivo è quello di inserire un filo di ferro per fiori
    nella parte che abbiamo lasciato più spessa della foglia
    (questo passaggio deve essere fatto in modo delicato per evitare la rottura della pasta),
    tagliamo le foglie in questo modo
    e creiamo le vene sulle foglie con lo shaper.
    Avremmo bisogno
    che dobbiamo lasciare ad asciugare almeno una notte su qualcosa di curvo come un mattarello.
    Il giorno seguente, quando le foglie sono dure
    possono essere avvolte su un bastone di legno con del nastro per fiori.
    Per creare il tronco dell’albero di cocco
    utilizziamo della pasta modellabile marrone
    che dovrà coprire il bastone di legno e il nastro floreale.
    Alla fine possiamo incidere degli incroci al tronco
    e aggiungere un po’ di cocchi
    per nascondere alcune imperfezioni
    e il primo soggetto per la nostra torta estiva è fatto
    altri ne arriveranno
    Se hai trovato utile questo video,
    non dimenticare di spolliciare
    e di iscriverti al mio canale.
    Vi auguro una dolce giornata, ciao. *** *** Making a Fondant Lightning McQueen From Disneys Cars How To Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    Wednesday video and make
    Lightning McQueen cock for a cake topper
    and and I'm just makes abnormal
    find way a little bit of flour modeling paste
    and welcome paste so I'm just gonna about half a beach and
    managers next big part I cabinet color up next
    %uh rat can see it completely die happens and
    gonna stop I squashing down
    I'll a fun time narrow it now
    as well came in kinda funny at the back
    best to I'm just gonna cut time now
    back stop back and also
    us we've got so much news the back to the CAF
    to scanner
    keep pressing just Jenna from scantron tiny
    either side just straight now a map
    happened sir rounded edges don't lean back and everything
    man just right to I'm gonna
    press check I'm just here with my finger and now
    to this but he
    and push in Jan here my finger min police
    up which will pay up on it down yep
    and kissy keeping a rounded edge I'm
    from Anna around
    judges I decided here just a little bit now
    vintage indentation in hand same
    do it the indentation Kaspar
    times you game side chinacn
    side cuz me

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    me around Sen his class of turning
    around a bit just cuddle
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    around a little bit easier sir
    just harass me how many months in Bobst Afghan act scanner
    Smith and respect and makes
    reflect basics happen ish foreign
    Monday now it's just I'm Maxwell long
    windscreen to and also smacked intentions for the tires
    sir managers using a modeling tool I'm just gonna Hannah
    kosch sp ok just checking I'm
    act kinda create love it much member attire
    how I Tina
    its country and passions
    and pushing Apple yeah you much do not
    part-time each catch
    screenshot line
    spot the windscreen nowhere
    the windscreen
    K got my straight line
    and I'm gonna up and around
    top inch mine
    top me to the side
    to keep can't
    contrast Canada
    my head and i sorry
    I'm gonna game smell smile fun out
    science acting UK again on
    to scam pressure line
    I'm even though myspace
    either side larry's had liked Annika and personal in

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    and push it down now that apna now
    stern you
    when she got gap em was gonna create an intentional homicide
    his math I'm what we're doing is we're giving santee
    that fill in the gap swatting at
    sky and in tissue rise bootcut stop
    online arms crossed prime up
    and on mushroom
    the top man screen Scott
    time it does now compare time mid-air
    online I'm back kept him into their
    me and she's from last I'm
    at the top cacas bring it down Matt
    up gap between snack in between
    us back ap and you to repeat the same
    site to take it back
    that we had leftover just come out like
    not to think start a bit and
    gonna do is make it seem like that which
    study cap sup
    I'm to think
    in and
    cinema happen back and I'm
    ship catherine's might be just a tiny bit back
    times camp
    Anna thanks
    when it is ready stripped cop
    ballistic on ok underneath
    este so that creates a to but Mexico
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    filed and
    huh to that school what's
    just have to do this threatening
    track me checkups
    I cashed
    watch back out you can use Clichy
    fatties double play water stars

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    I'm can schachter
    fast and the next thing
    Dale is working in some whales for the whales
    just rolled far also back from a nap track to run the mile
    I and have been
    to we're just gonna mcintyre's by hand
    sir going to stop at the bar
    ice crushing it just a little bit like ap committee gonna roll it around
    app to create attache I'm not keep the tires cry
    fact okay and just check size I stay
    its roughly in Holly painted area
    okay am NOT and not been a bit in fact if
    is just make on impulse is to obey
    Sahara cap email please turn it back to side
    after them again by but I'll Scosche can't do that
    to anything this to time
    should check fit I N
    holes at main town even in çanakkale
    the first
    that's fine him aside
    yes and Hyundai
    issues create extra indentation nine months minutes round
    lobby smaller then you try to
    finds mention %uh misma some
    I'll criticize turned upside down just gonna
    harsh slightly in the middle ap
    water I'm maximum heat mystic
    and I'm place way dont asset sticky an
    and I team
    to see it Akron's II
    so to than this one
    is cannot a actor
    and Prashant
    I can actually see it looks like it

    and I'll back in a row
    percent increase from I'm screen past
    action our this looks a bit after that
    his some tights
    filled with cum flower me tights not
    walkmans I
    Tina just need a strong man
    and went straight seles over here
    thing throughout my day
    kismet indentation spam
    feel through the icing sacked I'm just gonna her
    atwater chest I miss
    here way from and Spain chica
    not much
    maligned mess-up
    back-to-back so
    and he pressed
    me he should say
    me the line imagined me cap
    mean bond s top and she got shot
    she haven't Redknapp within that time he made
    just the Kaffir $

    ran you to team an intact an actual model
    hatch L
    fragments fender smithtown shot
    match announcement tonight
    cop cook couple of rectangles it headlights to
    just gonna cut copper strips just read this man's
    ever so slightly narrower one hand
    yeah just happens
    seems side have to pay Sun
    I'll I'm its gonna
    pace happy Heights
    apologized public upside down nice
    doing he smash on that
    hand picking up
    just got home against from now
    style think I think for me squeeze on hasta
    ischemic its meh many happy with them just
    watch back and
    out is back windscreens gonna do in black
    so peak second same as we did front
    with these low going to us
    and just a repeat that again
    so gonna denounced eyes on sale that's right
    I let's again the same way we did the windscreen
    drama s the indentation Allah T has warmed slightly higher
    this will keep my right now p.m. you have to go to about half way
    and he went out bring it down
    this one mean
    mom last stretch across this
    I lol nah just check and
    thanks to
    kinda take this fight
    officials Dr on stick and red bit
    over-the-top sent a camera to get
    around just need another
    back asked and
    scandal actress this thing
    mapped how pick this up
    and I'm the top stop by community
    feelin ingestion
    makeup mine
    Shin and home now
    today centers serenade
    at black and just a couple in high school tech and little bit
    play tonight Pittman fair simply ready Ralph
    already tagged need to be a tiny bit
    lamb her life hacker
    tips control app
    I'm just gonna at apt to say
    calls scanner
    what's icicles me South China Seas
    masterful to get
    challenge them contest camp
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    engines discussion anti-semitic I just
    time beginning mom thing tied
    to tonight just come now to a black
    cuts percent said
    tents chairs from the dots into mousehunt
    it isn't hands
    she can see see the signs in its crash out
    margins century chastised
    mister Sen
    so I'm going out just taking up blue food coloring
    I'm just gonna paint times just to look back
    to miss tack mean age
    mom and mmm
    ninety town same here
    p with the hi
    on a bit the details now cause I'm
    to very much disliked much stress on it time
    Sat just got a sugar flour
    makers I'm here at just under the tank of water
    just because we're not doing a lot of the painting can damage
    now cop hi geez not gonna do
    is just very carefully from
    small line of Sam me
    %um current
    game if you act as you can and
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    I'm and gonna stick squashed
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    just use in atlanta push
    engine Anna so that kinda goes to the bench
    plant now
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    tie it after two days after stop with it
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    I'm water Astana I'm just gonna haha
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    and using Intel I'm just gonna
    slight intentions each
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    tackle atwater
    in the center tire ac
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    guys so I'm just gonna
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    tackles thank him
    mom that change is gonna push them
    and kahane me
    that water Cana
    you got medical printer be campaign of
    on different doesn't think he's got out kinda
    manageable intact and hey
    meant I'm gonna make my
    like just left now
    attention Tina anyway on now I'm just need him to try
    East cakes
    and injected yeah and he spoke
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    and ideas *** *** How to make Peppa Pig in fondant cake topper How To Tutorial Zoes Fancy Cakes - YouTube !!!
    in this video Michelle
    McPake and gonna stop retirement fund
    now you should a huge fire in modeling paste for the day
    because the snow redefine intricate details just use normal
    funded at Marshall test seem to stop within a ball
    I'm not gonna do and just relaxed right bank sis love it
    stuff come shaped a little bit flatter on the bottom doesn't want me to trial
    anybody basic body shape to next week texarkana
    combat I'm just gonna take I'm romantic than
    Mikes she just had a very thin
    mountain Mikes how pretty this one shutdown can be them standing up
    if you have plenty of time to let them dry and likes set
    steady Selkirk a couple months
    relaxed not condemn
    it's just partner just turned to me
    Pontiac don't ima
    she's only got quite sharp likes
    give us a chance please check fell into outcasts
    she doesn't have radar maps so I think I'm cut down
    I'm American other one
    just checked herself %uh month mines
    scientific manner
    now taking each am we're just gonna
    given a hand to impress episode like that just might turn it back to
    I'm just gonna and to coax
    upper hand up just a little bit laptop
    I'm stick
    but a just use your help
    Waterman home and position it
    when you want today
    and for the tail think anything
    can just aromatase Scott Kelly like
    expect a round page not just but
    for delay meant to go shit
    and liked her
    it got here and I'm not said now
    clean energy had ahead is on us the same size as hell but a
    you might not think tank molitor City balances
    okay to have a a factor struggle to keep calm
    party temps can happen ok site I
    think about the writer take a look at our
    dignifying s stop
    at a bar on a flyball
    and one gonna 2 a.m. she's nothing they just pushing
    obstruct paid this kind of shape usually Kathleen crushing the rest
    share as you staten to do that
    you know flattened I love them and conceive starting
    to create peppers fish
    now attend today which is Chris mountain
    in the party
    with them
    attempt money
    ahead on changed put it at an angle Mike
    now should Allen you might find
    is happy to stop all before stick our
    gonna get her mouth now S features not one side
    faced so we just gonna keep all time on site I can try
    free hand %uh he's Muslim talk just put San smile for you
    I'm just gonna put perhaps my like
    and his name and nab paintbrush I'm just get back to
    gas trials likes to
    site after so when you create a
    picked text Obama squash
    down flap undated
    time water and just ap
    his cheek access
    am NOT capsized I had attached again
    atwater time to the party position had
    now her pics to the heads sideways on
    whichever way you're gonna have to face them might tip it on nurses up a little
    has got quite large national mickey on Islam smaller than mine
    I'm going on to Terry s
    now an acronym for
    the other various I managed to make sure to stick a little bit better isn't just
    I'll potholes
    ahead not enough water to enter
    just how yes stay calm sana
    Tech two balls skin around it
    and Iraq ap
    pop them
    use reason
    and Justin tonight and

    taking a small nap
    might knocked around patent terrorized
    to just make sure they have the same size
    just crush them think so
    no continues just them
    to Packers fan now and a
    homicide the bus from Samsonite
    smart charming him gonna them
    and I think misconduct sticking
    thanks to
    and damaged some peoples in the center
    nice to make
    and time mission
    taking Soma
    black time stocked mini-bar
    just-released ISO strike
    tear drop shaped by Tanner around in the other same
    in on the action subside in Huntsman
    up its mind
    and when you've got a hot out today was just as time artist and a buffet
    taking a narrow
    at just and push down come to the pac-

    pappas me papers thanks
    thanks to an outfit
    breastfed she's nice easy one Tampa Talat
    and I don't think you can see that I'm not thank you for watching
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