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    Making A Saxophone Cake - YouTube !!!
    Graham gotta
    lost the fifteen years
    you receive so many of different kinda billion
    with the case in many cases be sometime we don't even mention
    how is how did this to be dumped was near the border
    I'm use your we've studied human home what we gonna do
    so the the in this in this
    the berkes we have two teams like
    the sometime it think like engineers something like carpenters sometimes
    think like a
    a different kinda professions so over
    like that sometimes we have to do dishes some time we have to be
    a not to stall I don't know dissected combine all those orders bits and pieces
    to achieve a cake that not only just it and and and and
    memorize it tastes it was so nice to house look like
    I like to demonstrate today I'm 1 appcake that which is
    its gonna set to a person who is
    really like sex so a
    of course we always do share
    to a kind of information that weekend
    really rely on that realization and awesome proportions it senator
    so what what we do is post good movies is the best or so
    of information time saxophone and we have hundreds of
    pictures and then also we have a choice of which one would be
    possible to turn it into a the cake so
    yes it does searching for sex for affronted
    handsome hundreds of pictures and
    and I've think which one would be suitable
    that I can do simply and look at it
    and then understand the simplicity and in turn is fun
    to a cake or to ensure the peace which comes on don't
    so I'm gonna make exactly this in this ice
    sugar beets and I also have another picture
    which is that a basic saxophone which I'd like to follow there
    the details of this but shape of dis my first a
    is starting from here sorry from you
    I'm like this and then finish what I mean
    here it's called
    trusted trusted us it's basically
    the mixture of a icing sugar judging
    the coach you that I just needed this though
    acne the game to get sweetness
    went with you know I just got this one that
    popular I i can. at the other one beloved
    this one peace mean
    I also cut this piece
    to use as a mall respond
    designer was
    men who is this the incited
    to push it for support
    little cracks in theory but doesn't interest me
    and something to it when news from want to know
    you know it was fun for a while bit more hardened rocket I'm gonna work on this
    that was the most challenging on
    the next step is to produce all those
    in parts
    I'm are still
    going to work I'm just chocolate
    I'm always not true yes just touch you
    next thing what I'm going to do

    all those little wrong buttons
    so what r don't know I'll higher than me
    that mean by the near the buttons and are
    look at now individual legal details in just one by one and added on:
    him I haven't seen
    he's designs picture by i've seen that you
    sometime in poss on saxophone there's some
    and nice you like it ornamental
    lines on so I just wanna you too with a good fun
    you K so I think a little choppy
    man my here suction nice
    carries home
    very small
    we have a bit of for i'm brushing and sprays
    so like working moms on that makes also excellent
    that party's este edible gold
    made alcohol so when I it makes me able to
    spray because I close very make recycling can spray
    this part I'm using on because always
    nice for brushing I for is good for spring pretty what we're doing now
    is here am a classic tragic chroniclers
    shark take two dozen mmm
    Cisco blobs
    a then click something like
    this time I'm going to do I'm going to use their
    the green I think to do
    leaves for that for lunch buckets
    as we all know that every four hours a different shape
    of years so treasured pioneers
    and ship it long mission is in straight lines on
    show to get achieve that texture I use
    and pong leftover sent by fine in my garden
    so it is kinda perfect picture and i cant desde
    hair straight lines and the that I would make the
    correct English truck that's market and then place the cake
    place that should check the peace want to put this cake and then becomes a look
    like a
    wow effect week on the senate sent to prison kick
    be no this is the case that we are used to
    the saxophone drop that these roughly
    must because muskie putting cream on him
    and that I would do it one more time because yet always in class

    Rossi times more beta that is
    sheesh to us the next status
    %uh the case must people this my state
    I will cover the state with this sugar dough
    which we call it
    really on a resort
    routier not next think I do
    we think is gay and people with also they graciously
    prepared before and initial with it happy birthday
    the name don't next thing to do
    the input to nicer opinion anxious customers are requested
    misconduct the event is on on the K
    and no we can't predict racism so
    at this very moment we need to get lit up imagination
    so we have to look at how many components comes on the cake
    we have a centerpiece a is testing on this column
    and they we have no flowers here and maybe a small extension
    your I only have a writing on this Connor so
    week I'm just keep on pulling down the case we have to decide
    min where is coming what and then ending of that follows one by one so I don't
    think this
    on bolivia if I think every piece put India
    really take a softer did said is moved from
    so i think im yeah to say goodnight and have a hotfix
    remember inching flowers actually
    if it's possible my place them first before you include
    to make the arrangements properly now we can bloom
    the new the charger
    now I use a little bit tougher relaxing which is the a white and icing sugar
    sons gonna make some piping for finishing touches
    next thing to do I put a little bit ok a Russian with them
    so I have a hot pink liquid for calling sergeant
    spot for this here comes out if I put back
    pain from so I go and we don't yes and
    this and then go back but now
    I'm going to write the last bead on the cake the message
    happy birthday something something this is like a
    taking off with airplane so because I might be on the cake
    icon allow myself to make mistakes so yet that
    take off and then display so I just have to cut this one
    let the bed here quite attend and try some house
    which right the
    way to go
    ft fortieth birthday donna
    them thank her
    them done
    hi *** ***

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