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-guitar from rice crispy treats . guitar from rice crispy treats how to make

guitar from rice crispy treats how to make

    -guitar from rice crispy treats .

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    Stiletto Shoe Cake Tutorial Fondant Pillow Cake HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon Cake Decorating - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
    Today we are making a Jimmy Choo shoe cake. There have been lots of requests for a shoe
    cake tutorial and Lisa has been requesting a pillow cake every week since May so I have
    combined the two. I will show you how to make the shoe first
    and then the pillow.
    First thing you need to do is cut out your shoe template, that is available on the website
    howtocookthat.net there's a link in the description below this video.
    Once you have cut it out also cut an sole from some thin cardboard so we can use it
    as a support while the fondant is drying. You will also need to cut a couple of other
    things out of cardboard and staple them together where shown.
    Place a stack of books on a baking tray and using your template for the side profile of
    the shoe match them up to the right height and then open the cover of the top book and
    prop it up to the right angle using tissues or paper towel inside the book.
    Then take the cardboard sole and bend it to match the side profile of the shoe, set it
    up on the books and tape it into place.
    Take some non-stick baking paper and place that over the top so that the fondant doesn't
    stick to the template.
    Now to make your buckle, place some baking paper over your template and roll out a thin
    even snake out of black fondant. Then using a knife to help you bend the corners to match
    outer size of the template, trim it to the right size and join the two ends together
    in the middle of one of the sides. Then use an off cut to make the prong of the buckle.
    Then take a dry paintbrush and dust that fondant with silver luster dust on all the edges and
    then leave the buckle to one side to dry.
    Next to make our label roll out some white fondant really thinly, put your template over
    the top and cut out the rectangle shape. Next take a sharp pencil and trace over the letters
    of the logo pressing reasonably firmly. When you remove the paper you will be able to see
    a light indent that will guide you to where to put the letters. You can either paint them
    on using black gel food colour or you can use an edible marker to write them on.
    To be honest I had never heard of Jimmy Choo before making this cake, I just searched for
    expensive shoe brands and found one that I thought would look pretty on a cake. If you
    want someone who does know a lot about fashion and make up then check out beautiful Carah's
    channel, her channel is called Carah Amelie she has studied apparel design and cosmetology
    and has been a licensed cosmetologist for the last
    She has heaps of great get ready with me videos and skin care, hair and makeup tutorials and
    some creative hair ups. As always I'll put a link in the description below the video
    and I'll add one to her channel at the end of this video as well so, make sure you check
    it out and let her know in the comments that 'how to cook that' sent you over.
    Next roll out some black fondant to be half a centimeter thick and cut around the outer
    sole template line. After you've cut it run the flat edge of your knife around it to smooth
    off any imperfections.
    Roll out some cream fondant and cut the inner sole template size.
    Rub a tiny amount of water onto the black sole and add the cream sole over the top,
    if it stretches a little as you add it like mine did add your template back over the top
    and trim it to shape.
    Take your toe template and trim across the cream toes section and remove that bit.
    Line up your fondant sole with the sole that we made out of cardboard and put it into place
    so that it is going to dry in the right shape. Dab a little bit of water on the top section
    and add your label. Take the tip of a knife and gently make stitching indents across the
    top and base of the label.
    You can see here the sole has little crease marks in the fondant at the bend, if you want
    to avoid that put the black sole onto the support first and then add the cream sole
    once it is in place.
    Now to make the toe. This shoe uses snake skin, you can buy expensive
    snake skin texture mats but here I ma just going o use a plastic texture mat that I use
    for chocolate as well. You get all of these texture mats in the back of one book, whenever
    I mention them in a video people always ask what was the book and where did you get it
    from so I will put a link to that particular one in the description below the video so
    you know which one it is it costs about $8 for the book.
    Roll out your black fondant and then place a texture mat over the top and roll over it
    to make the imprint on the fondant, then remove the template. Then using the toe template
    cut along the top of the toe shape of it but leave the rest of it. Add it to the toe lining
    it up with the cream shoe lining. And then use your finger to smooth it down and around
    the toe and trim it off at the base.
    The top angle of the heel to match the base of the shoe angle so they can join together
    nicely. So to make that take a thin book and prop it open so that it matches to side profile
    of the heel that I have given you. Then add the heel template and double check the angle
    is correct and tape it into place.
    Roll out a thick snake of black fondant and then using the palm of your hand push down
    on one side as you roll to make it skinny one one side. Place it on the template and
    then roll it some more until it matches the shape. Use a knife to cut the angle of the
    top of the heel then mold to the right shape using your fingers.
    Do you know how much these shoes actually costs to buy? the real one I mean not the
    cake. Let me know what you think in the comments below how expensive is too expensive for a
    shoe and do you have a favourite shoe brand that you like to wear?
    Trim the end of the heel using a knife and then make an indent at the base of the heel.
    Next we are going to make the ankle strap roll out some black fondant add a thin layer
    of cream to the underside and then rub the texture mat on the black side of it.
    Using the ankle strap template cut out a long strip and wrap it around your cardboard support
    that is covered in baking paper. Then using the back of a knife make two indents near
    the end of the strap and add your buckle into place. Use a tooth pick to make a hole and
    then add the other piece into the hole. So that it looks like this.
    After a couple of days once those pieces are dry take a some black fondant and using the
    back of a spoon mix into a thick paste with a little water. Use the paste to glue the
    heel to the shoe. If you are in a hurry you can mix some tylose powder into your fondant
    to make these pieces set faster but that also means you need to work faster when making
    your shapes.
    Use something to support the shoe while it sets and leave it to set for an hour you can
    be work on your actual cake while you wait for this or if you are making it ahead then
    just take a break.
    Roll a snake out of black fondant and add it to the underside of the shoe where the
    heel joins the sole and smooth it around, then trim off the excess.
    Take a toothpick and poke it into the shoe on almost an upright angle. Then sit the cardboard
    support over the top.
    Roll out some black and some then some thin cream fondant. Using a tiny bit of water put
    the cream onto the black, then flip it over and rub the texture mat on top. Cut it out
    using the template.
    Use your knife to indent down the back in two straight lines and then use the very tip
    of the knife to make stitching marks down the middle.
    Add a little water along the base and put into place resting it on the card. Now I should
    have covered the card here in baking paper because my fondant stuck when I tried to take
    it off so make sure you don't forget to add the baking paper.
    Next to make the lower strap roll the black and cream fondant just like we have before
    but this time you don't need the texture mat because this bit is made out of satin. Cut
    out the shape and you can use a roll of card here or bunch of tissues might be easier.
    Rest the strap over the top and join it at each side using a little water.
    Repeat that process for the middle strap adding some tissues for support. Measure using you
    template to make sure they are the right size and then add the fondant strap dampening the
    ends with a little water. Carefully line up the edge and gently push it into place. And
    yes you guessed it leave it out to dry, now this fondant is only thin and it was a really
    hot day here so i was able to take the supports away after a couple of hours but to be safe
    I'd suggest you leave it longer. If you keep one of your strap off cuts you can use that
    to see if it is dry enough you can test it and see if it will hold its shape.
    Carefully remove the back support and then stack up some items to make supports of equal
    height to balance a ruler on. This is to hold the ankle strap in place while it sets.
    Then add some of your black paste and loop it around the back of the shoe, with the buckle
    on one side towards the back.
    You could leave this shoe just like that or customize it and add your own decorations
    like flowers or whatever the birthday girl likes.
    But we are going to continue to decorate it like the Jimmy Choo shoe, so to do that remove
    your other supports and using your template make your centre vertical strap just like
    we made the others. Slightly dampen the top of the strap and then the top of the bottom
    two loops that are on the shoe.
    Attach it underneath the ankle strap and over the other two loops. Now to make our razor
    sequins that decorate the shoe. Staring with the black cut a thin strip, segment it and
    cut one end into a point. Add a little water and gently place them onto the shoe. Make
    another layer that overlaps the first and then repeat that going up the shoe changing
    to blue then greens and then back to the black. Then we want to leave that to dry out, the
    longer you leave it the stronger the shoe will be.
    For the pillow cake itself bake 4 quantities of my red velvet cup cake recipe in a tray
    and then let them cool. Trim off the edges and then make yourself a square template that
    you can use, mine is
    Put a smear of cream cheese frosting onto the base and cut a square of cake and add
    it to the cake board. Add a thin layer of cream cheese frosting, each time you cut a
    square you are left with off cuts that you can join two of those together to make another
    square so you can use those for alternate layers. Use your knife to level them off if
    they are not quite even. Add another layer of cream cheese frosting and continue to stack
    the cakes up in this way.
    My red velvet cake recipe and the frosting recipes are all on the blog howtocookthat.net
    if you go to the shoe cake page which is in the link below this video I will link to all
    the recipes that you need from there.
    Keep going until it is around 8 cm tall. When we carve the top of the cake we want to come
    down just past half way down to about 3cm we don't want it exactly in the middle because
    pillows squash down when you put them down on something.
    Fold your square template in half and then in half again to make a smaller square and
    place that in the centre of your cake. Starting with the corners carve down on an angle down
    through the layers to the 3 cm level that we looked at not right down to the bottom.
    Then repeat that on each of the corners and then on each of the sides, cutting down on
    an angle just down to the
    Next use your knife to shave off thin layers of cake at a time to round off your pillow,
    we don't want hard angles. We don't want it to look like a rock we want it to look like
    a soft pillow. So round it up to the top. Then looking at
    your cake from above curve it in slightly at the sides. Not too much just a little bit.
    Now for the underneath, from just below that
    cake board at each corner and then along the sides.
    Next the key to making it look soft and pillow like is giving it some creases. Grab a pillow
    and have a look at how it sits and where the creases are. Using your knife take some chunks
    out of the sides to give it that look. If you don't do this your pillow will look a
    bit solid.
    Clean up all of your crumbs and then cover the whole cake in frosting and put in the
    fridge to firm up. I am using the cream cheese frosting on the outside here too, it is quite
    a soft frosting so if you are new to cake decorating I suggest you use one of the buttercream
    recipes on the website instead for the outside just to make it a bit easier for yourself.
    Roll out some fondant in the colour that you want your pillow to be and cut a long strip.
    Place it under one side and press it onto the frosting. Using scissors trim it at the
    corners and long the cake at the 3 cm level. Repeat that on each side and then cover the
    top of the cake in fondant, you can use a contrasting colour here or you could rub it
    with a texture mat you can use whatever you want to customise your pillow. Then use a
    ball of fondant to smooth out the fondant and push it into those creases that we made.
    Then run your finger along to find the edge of the bottom fondant and trim it up using
    your scissors.
    Next to make the edging you can do that by hand by rolling two snakes for fondant and
    twisting them together. Or you can use a fondant extruder with a plate that looks like this
    one. I will link you to where I bought this one online in the description below the video
    I have only recently bought one and they are very handy. You just roll out the fondant
    into a thick snake, place it into the tube, screw the end and then turn the handle and
    it pushes the fondant out. Then for this pattern I want you to twist the cord in opposite directions
    on each end so that it looks like cord. Then take some gold luster dust and brush it on
    using a paint brush. Add some water along the edge of your pillow and put some cord
    on using toothpicks to hold it in place while that water fuses it to the side of the cake.
    Then using the fondant extruder again fitted with the small circle tip squeeze out some
    thin spaghetti looking pieces of fondant , dust them with gold, twist the top and place them
    onto the corners of the cake.
    Remove your toothpicks. Then measure roughly where the shoe will sit and make a little
    indent on the cake, this helps the shoe sit securely but also makes the pillow look soft
    because if you put something on a soft pillow it sinks down into it a little bit. Then add
    your shoe on top and your cake is ready to serve.
    Thanks for watching, you can put your requests in the comments below and subscribe for more
    cake tutorials, chocolate decorating lessons and desserts. Don't forget to check out Carahs
    channel and tell her how to cook that sent you. Have a great week and I'll see you next
    [music The Boat Song by youtube.com/setsailtv] *** *** Fondant High Heel Shoe Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hello are showing their and my husband Roland on cake supplies for stock com
    or professional cake decorating inspectors an
    Food Network he's OK
    you okay so I have some gumpaste hear that
    pink I'm gonna make up pink high heel today and the first thing I'm just gonna
    roll it out
    I had to make one and a little thinner so it kinda conforms to
    shape the high heel mold here and you're gonna want the smoothest
    section to go down into the mall because you don't want any creases
    in your high heel something out look to make sure got my smoothies pieces
    going down and I'm just gonna press it
    down to the mall and then I'm just going to
    flatten it out here middle kinda
    Bazar pressing down on it all myself trams and weighing see where Howard
    kinda pulls away their at
    use my palette knife to trim it I'll cleaner
    kinda going from hands right now once again if
    fairly well tram by but a little bit a vegetable oil spray
    on here and then I just run over and get a nice and smooth because this part will
    so you want it you don't increase is ur dance in it either
    then I'm gonna put it in the freezer for about
    minutes until it's easy
    take out at the mall taken them all down to the freezer now on I
    from the gumpaste scam pulled away and all the spots here
    his hand and to go my campaign just
    train after shape it is you're getting out of here
    to their I have it removed from the mall have done as I have a piece of waxed
    paper here
    this is an issue perhaps but it's got their soul is going to dry on
    so that I get my heel to dry it the same angle
    I'm watching this upside down leave around here on the wax paper for the
    top of the hill to set on
    clean that up against here and i wanna make sure
    at the height of the heel comes all the way up to hear
    and then as it starts to try I'm gonna
    press it up here and then but it formed out onto the wax paper and that'll make
    heal up here for right into the angle of the ramp as the sole goes down so
    just wanna make sure it's the full length and that its
    at that your heel is straight and I would actually let that he'll try for a
    couple of days
    so now I want to set up my soldiering ramp
    and the deal goes back here I wanna act set this up for
    putting the parts together and it's not in the instructions the written
    instructions for what
    what I like to do is take one of those extra pieces of Styrofoam
    that was in the package and
    towards the front of it I want to
    take a couple of needles are core size pans and I'm gonna attach this to this
    I want it to be at so that it's at Marvin Inc buying because the way that
    he ok I'll post back
    and I want it the weight to be more forward
    so the next thing I want to do as I'm gonna sit right here on here
    and I have a double a strip I'll
    I'll wax paper is just a stripped I folded
    and I'm going to put the heel on here
    and and put this
    my ski for process yes to secure it in place where r
    on it and I'm using questions for this because
    turn out as long combat where they won't go through the other side
    but you could use course I can secure
    know that supporting the heel I'm not a cut out my soul
    now you see what I mean by AV angle that I had that our
    you see the angle of the heel comes right down
    into this and if you didn't try it
    the way that I said it might have om some down song and might not
    stay at the same same height as this self so I have my gum paste
    rolled out and you want it %ah fairly thick for this
    hand I say mmm probably need to finance are so thick
    because you want it to be %uh thick enough that
    when it's dry it's going to support the yeah
    the rest issue so and then I'm going here's the
    soul cutter that came with a shoe cat and just put on
    piece that I rolled out here
    and passed by some for me and get
    a nice clean cat came away the excess
    and I'll bring me and my
    still support that i said after layer
    gonna rush a little bit of water
    on the hero and I'm going to attach
    my soul here and depending on where the on a left or right sure you can
    flip it over just plan on here
    lineup signs of it
    and make sure that that so is not functioning
    are theirs and Patel here
    roughly here
    supports gonna make sure it doesn't text and Pascack
    is it wouldn't have the right angle vans and
    scale back their and then I when just let that dry and again
    a couple a days you wanna let that dry so that it's nice and sturdy and make
    sure it conforms and all the shape here
    soon after the install I just wanna cut out just like I did for
    the sole issue actually
    to the lining up in Seoul is what I'm gonna do here
    got away now this you want to be a little bit smaller
    and be past seoul some and then just move and just a tiny bit on each side
    not going to worry about the toll toe or the heel at this time
    so just wanna tramway a little bit there
    and I'll do the same thing on the other side of this move and just a little bit
    and then I'm just gonna manually trim a little bit of a rough day he all
    don't have to worry about it ok I'm gonna cut away majority are
    tell section anyway as this is the part that doesn't go all the way down
    in this you and you'll see what I mean in a minute
    and then around the the where the ball up to
    but would be you want to make it cut
    across and cut of this scope portion
    once I've got that K how I want across their
    I want to take a little stitching to all yeah and they said the design we or two
    about we have
    and I'm just gonna go just in just a tiny to catch
    and right close to the edge just make a little stitching line
    and this will make it look like where it stitched
    to be and solve issue
    so I fought back in my shoe trying ramps wifi so long he owe on their
    and I'm gonna have just a little bit of water on
    my in Seoul liner
    so that it attach as well want to move again just a little bit on the side in
    the back there so
    next I wanna have the heel strap and I've used a template here the hill strip
    template to cut out a piece of my gum paste
    and I brought in the dried soul and so liner
    that was attached the he of then I wanna take one other little heel strap
    supports there were
    in the kit I run at kearsarge can
    towards the very back up that and then just behind that
    am so liner I'm going to at
    answered the pan there and then just move that support
    down on time make that pose inconspicuous as possible but that keeps
    the hill support in place and i wanna add just a little bit of water with the
    brush here
    on the very base up this hill strap parents going to touch
    he'll section there and
    want to line it up so that it's going to be
    equal on both sides come down the same distance
    you had also wind it up so that it sets just
    above the heel speed don't see where the soloist there
    okay now I've got my open toe strap
    kut teh the template also included in the kit
    and I want to bring in the resin
    toe former that I have and
    said it here I want to say that just up a little bit on this
    and so liner so that when I go to take it out it doesn't get caught
    Karen snacks on a set up there just a little bit
    yeah I can I'm going to dampened
    base lining up here with just a little bit of water so I'm using
    handset over that so position at work
    want it
    just attach it down to be
    so all you shape it how you want it so that it
    credit Rory so here's the issue after and let it
    %ah dry I couple a days and
    all I've done is take a off on an extruder
    and extruded up a smaller stuff that but
    the round openings that come with it add a little water on the edge of the
    tow strap and attached it on there and i cant
    how to decorate these anyway that I want I
    here I've got just a couple strips on a white on a pink
    that I kinda made into a little bow added some of the pics to your disco
    dust on there that makes a real pretty
    little tell decoration or you could use
    %ah just any kind of a
    a whole and I have a used them all here
    Justin white gum paste and then added some %uh they
    in some sparkly dust on there are really here
    pagination as all that limit you on these because you can
    make closed toed shoes %uh you can make slingback so
    leave off the back in at all kinds of different decorations
    I using this great kid have fun trying out all the different
    I kill styles *** *** CONVERSE SHOE CAKE TUTORIAL How To Cook That Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English English Spanish (Latin America) Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That I'm Ann Reardon
    The large number of requests for a converse shoe got it to the top of the list.
    So today we will make this shoe, I am making it fairly small, it's enough for about

    people. If you want to enlarge it you can just enlarge the template.
    Firstly print the template and you can get that and all the recipe details on the website
    howtocookthat.net and I'll put a link in the description just below this video.
    times the recipe for the chocolate cake in two trays. And you will have about
    half of a tray left over which you can use for something else. And mix a double quantity
    of the chocolate buttercream recipe and mix that until it is nice and smooth.
    Once your cakes are cooked and cooled then you can level off the tops and we're ready
    to start. Place your sole shaped template onto the cake
    and cut around it, and then cut out two more so you have three altogether.
    On a cake board put a small amount of frosting that just stops the cake from slipping off
    and add your first layer. Spread some buttercream over that so that
    it is even and level then add another on on top. And then do that again with another layer
    of buttercream and another layer of cake. Add the side template to the side of the cake
    so you can see where you are up to. Put the sole back on top and then fold it at the point
    where the side template is joining the cake so that you can cut smaller pieces of cake
    to stack on top of that. Cut around the smaller piece a couple of times
    and stack it on top. Put your template up next to it and cut out
    the shape of the shoe just going along the template there.
    Now when you look at it from the top you can see the edges are sharp corners, we want to
    round that off using your knife. Shave off a little bit at a time so you end up with
    a nice rounded shoe shape. Once you are happy with it cover the whole
    thing in butter cream, you can use a piping bag to almost like colour it in and then smooth
    it out with your spatula to make it nice and smooth. Once you are happy with it place it
    in the fridge.
    Now to make all the details that we need find two things that are the size shown on the
    template I am using piping tips. Cut out the middle circle and then the outer circle to
    make the grommets for the shoe. Then keep going make more and more and more because
    you need
    of these, perhaps make a couple of extra just in case why not.
    Roll out some more white and cut out a circle in the size shown on the template. Take a
    slightly smaller cutter and brush using blue gel food colouring around the top edge of
    it, And then just very gently place it onto your circle and pull it back off and it leaves
    that nice blue circle on there. Roll out some dark blue and use the start
    to cut out a star and then very carefully pick it up and place it in the centre of the
    circle. use your knife to straighten up the edges of the star and make sure it all looks
    good. Take some red gel food colouring and a tiny
    paint brush and paint on the letters. Look at the picture andsee where each letter is
    in reference to the points on the star and that will help with the spacing it out and
    getting it in the right place or roughly in the right place.
    Then add in the other details, an even finer paint brush would help here because it is
    so small. Then leave those to dry out. They are only small so they are not going to take
    Back to our cake first we want to cover the top. Cut a piece of black a little larger
    than you need and then drape it over the top. Use your fingers to smooth the sides so there
    are no lumps, it should be level with the buttercream because we don't want to see a
    bump when we put our side fondant on there. Gently roll the rolling pin on the top to
    smooth it out you don't push down here you're just gently rolling.
    Make yourself a cardboard support and cover it in non-stick baking paper so the fondant
    won't stick to it. Then place that gently on top of the shoe to support the tongue fondant
    when we put it on top. Roll out some black and some cream fondant
    and then cut a piece of cream a little bit larger than the top part of the tongue. Place
    it onto the black and then cut all the way around the template.
    Carefully lift it up and with the cream coloured side down place it onto the cake. You want
    the tongue to sit above the top of the cake there, just resting on the support we made.
    The rest can just go down over the cake, smooth it on and trim around the base. Then on the
    edges where you've got it just push it into the buttercream again just like we did with
    the top bit so it's level with the buttercream so you don't get that bump.
    Now cut out the side of the shoe template and then add a strip of cream fondant to the
    top edge of it. Use a dress makers stitch tool or a spike
    wheel it is called sometimes and roll that along so it looks like a line of stitching.
    Take an extra strip of cream and place it along the rest of the top edge You could line
    the whole thing with cream fondant but I didn't want the fondant to be that thick.
    Add it to the side of the cake, again you want the top to come above the level of the
    actual cake and rest on the cardboard. It should come around and overlap the tongue
    part and come down the side but all the way to the toe it is about and inch back form
    the end of the shoe. Smooth it down to the base and then trim it off using a knife. Then
    repeat that on the other side of the shoe. Place a strip of white fondant straight across
    the toe, smooth it down and trim around the base. Then use your knife to carefully trim
    around where the side pieces are it shouldnt overlap them it needs to come off.
    For the back of the heel cut a strip of black and run the spike wheel along the length twice
    on each side like a double row of stitching. Make sure the top of it is straight and then
    add it to the back of the shoe trimming it off at the bottom.
    Before we go any further I wan to cover the cake board. Roll out some fondant and cut
    one side of your shoe out of it, then add it to the board. You can do this in whatever
    colour you like, I am going with wood but you can go with bright colours or whatever
    you want. Trim off the excess from around the edge of the board and in the same way
    add a piece to the other side. Use a clean ruler to mark indents for the
    floor boards. Then use a knife and mark a long eye shape. Then run your knife along
    the length of the wood going around that eye shape. Continue that pattern making extra
    knots in the wood as you go. On your template it shows you the thickness
    of the white strip that we need, so cut a long strip that is that size. Add a little
    water to the fondant to help it stick and then wrap it around the base of the shoe,
    use your finger to smooth it out. Cut your second strip of white to the size
    shown and then add a really thin strip of black to the middle. You will need a tiny
    bit of water on the white to make it stick, but not too much or it will slide off.
    Add that strip around the base of your shoe, it doesn't go around the toe so start at one
    side of the toe. Now to make the bit that does go around the
    front toe bit. Roll out some more white and using the end of the ruler make diaganol imprints
    all the way up, then turn the ruler
    degrees and make imprints going across to make diamond
    shapes all the way down. Then use the ruler to squash and flatten one edge and get rid
    of that diamond pattern. Take your knife and make diaganol stripes along that strip. Repeat
    that on the other side of the strip this time a little wider.
    On the cake trim off the black a few centimeters back from where the side black comes down
    near the toe there. Add a little water and then add on the front toe strip with the wider
    pattern at the base.
    Now evenly space 8 holes for the shoe laces and then so just roughly measure where you
    think they are going to sit and then once you're sure you're int eh right spot poke
    holes in the shoe. Add then add those little white circles that we made earlier on top
    one at a time all the way up the sides.
    Now for our shoe laces, you can roll these out by hand and cut a thin strip but if you
    have a fondant extruder use that because it is easier to get it even. squeeze together
    one end and push it into the hole. Place it across and push it in on the other side. Trim
    your next bit on a diaganol and add it next to the side piece. Then take it across to
    the next hole. and continue that all the way up the shoe. At the top make a long lace tuck
    it under the top edge, then give it a twist or two and let it drape down the shoe. Pinch
    in the end and roll it between you fingers to make the end bit of the shoe lace do you
    know what that little plastic bit is called? See if you can guess. I'll put the answer
    on the blog post if you are curious. And of course add another lace on the other side.
    I didn't lace right up to the top grommet, you can if you like.
    Using some water attach two more grommets to the side of your shoe and then poke a hole
    through the middle. Now for stitching run the spike wheel along the edge in two rows
    then take a fine paintbrush with white food colouring and paint along those rows so it
    looks like a stitching line. Do that down the side of the shoe too and then use some
    water to add the label to the side of your shoe there and you have your converse shoe
    cake. You could of course use different colour fondant to make the shoe a different colour.
    Put all your request below, this cake was requested by
    sonjaminy13 muffin girl
    havick O G abbey miles
    starlightz - that was a nice comment zoie grover
    unicorns are awesome coby goldberg
    thit afa Tong jit akasem cardmaking by alex
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    riyana ali marvin luo
    kirsten Mole denise williams
    thao tran emma o'halloran
    snow whitney mai sayson
    daejae daejae real athil s
    weilin luke wilson
    simone mess am claire allsop
    3n3r207 karen serratos
    abby short chun choi
    ann D X B yensi johnson
    aileen limenko eepers-jeeper

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    Have an amazing week and I'll see you on Friday *** *** HAND BAG CAKE How To Cook That Ann Reardon Louis Vuitton - YouTube !!! English English German Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
    Today we are making this LOUEY VUITTON alma bb alligator skin handbag cake. The real bag
    costs around
    thousand dollars. If you want to know how to spot a fake louis vuitton this
    one has cake inside so it's definitely a fake.
    Double the chocolate cake recipe and bake it in two trays lined with baking paper. And
    if your trays are not as deep as mine then you can bake it in three if you need to.
    Then print out the template for the bag cake, you can watch the cake recipe video and purchase
    the template from the howtocookthat.net website. And I'll put a link in the description just
    below the video to that site. Once our cake is baking in the oven we need to make the
    hardware for our handbag, for the square rings roll out a long skinny snake of black and
    then place some non-stick baking paper over your template and shape the fondant into the
    size shown, trimming it at each end and then joining it together in the middle.
    We need 4 of these but I'd suggest you make
    roll out another snake and bend it into the shape of the top of the padlock. And then
    cut the ends longer than they need to be in a pointy shape on the end there.
    For the body part of the padlock roll a fat snake and then press down using the palm of
    your hand to get it the width that you can see on the template there. Use a blade to
    cut off the top and the base leaving you with the padlock shape.
    Stand it up on one end and then using something round make an indent on the base. Then take
    a drinking straw and squash it and bend it so it looks roughly like this sort of shape
    and push that into to base to make the part where the key goes into.
    Flip it over and mark the width of the shackle using a toothpick. And then use that toothpick
    to push it in and then move it around in a circle making it big enough for the fondant
    to fit in. Dip the tooth pick in a little water and dampen
    each hole then place the shackle very gently on top making sure it's straight.
    To make the logo on the front you'll need to lay the padlock flat. I'm just using some
    fondant and some non-stick baking paper to support that shackle. Then bend a small piece
    of card to the right shape using your template as a guide and then press it in to the front
    of the fondant to make that L and then the V. Then take an even smaller piece and use
    it to put the tops on your letters just indenting them there.
    Then to make the pull for the zip place the template over the black fondant and cut it
    out. And then use your blade to mark and cut out the holes as well and you'll need two
    of those. For the studs roll out some fondant and using
    something round cut out circles of black, you only need
    so you can choose the best ones. Dip a dry paintbrush into gold luster dust
    and then dust all of your hardware to make it golden. And it works out the best golden
    colour if you start wight he black fondant if you start with white or something else
    it just doesn't come up looking the same. Remember to turn them over and do both sides
    for all of them except the studs you don't need to do that for those.
    Once you're done you can just sweep up any excess dust and reuse that later.
    To make your handle of your cake roll out a thick snake of lively pink or whatever colour
    you're making your bag in and place it over the template. Then from where it starts to
    get fatter use your rolling pin and roll it out. Trim off the ends and make it narrow
    enough for that fondant to easily fit through the square rings that we have. Place the ring
    over then bring the fondant carefully around an through the middle and then trim it off
    at the top to make it neat and flatten it onto your handle.
    Take some spaghetti and push it into the handle under the rings, this will give it the support
    it needs when we add it to the cake. When you do this I also add some baking paper just
    above the spaghetti under the ring there just to lift it up on a forward angle, I didn't
    do that and so it was hard when I was adding the handle to the cake because it was on the
    wrong angle which makes them just hard to get on without breaking off.
    At the join push down on each side and across the ring. Then take a toothpick and add a
    stitching lines around on those indents. To make the alligator skin pattern you can either
    draw it on using a smooth object or I made my own shapes out of aluminum flashing which
    made it much faster and then you can just push them on.
    Now we are ready to move on to the actual cake part. To make a simple syrup add equal
    parts by volume of sugar and water to a sauce pan. Then if you like you can add flavouring,
    I am using some instant coffee. Heat that until the sugar dissolves and then stir in
    some vanilla and let it cool.
    Level the top of one of your cakes and then trim off the very end. Place your base template
    piece over the top and cut out three pieces in that size And then use that remaining little
    strip for the top section of the cake.
    Take the other cake and cut two of the middle template size and another one of the base
    size. Place some frosting on your cake board and
    then your first base sized layer of cake. Brush it with the coffee simple syrup,. Now
    what the simple syrup does is it just keeps the cake really moist it doesn't make it soggy
    it just gives it that real moist mouth feel and it can also add flavor if you've added
    flavoring to it.
    Add a layer of frosting and then the next base and continue that until you've stacked
    four of them. Check on your template that your cake is up to the middle line that is
    markers there. And then you'll want to swap to the middle
    cake shapes. Put a middle cake piece on top, brush with simple syrup and top with frosting
    and another layer of cake. Check with your template you should now be near the top. Add
    be able to add your final top layer of cake and making sure that it is all straight.
    Put the side template on the end and use your knife to trim off the excess cake from each
    side and make it round like the cake. Then from the front of the cake place the
    front template at the top and round off both corners to match the template.
    Then cover the whole thing in frosting, I am using my chocolate buttercream recipe for
    this one. And that recipe is on the website as well. Once it is covered place it in the
    fridge for about half and hour for the frosting to firm up. You can leave it for longer if
    you've got other things to do. Then roll out your lively pink fondant and
    lay it over the top of the cake. Smooth it on the front and back and at the sides squeeze
    it together just using your thumbs and your fingers. Then use scissors to trim off the
    large amount of excess and then continue to smooth it, if you have a fondant smoother
    they are really helpful here, you don't have to have one but you can just use your hands.
    Pinch that join tightly and trim off closely using scissors then run your finger or a smoother
    over the top. Trim the excess from around the base.
    Take some aluminium flashing and make some more shapes of various sizes and use them
    to make indents in the cake. Start at the middle and try to make it roughly symmetrical
    making the shapes smaller as you get towards the edges. Just have a look at a picture of
    an actual bag to get an idea of what it is supposed to look like.
    Once the whole cake is covered take a ruler and a blade and we want to cut out a strip
    for the zip goes. Just cut two lines and then peel that fondant out the whole way around,
    and then make sure that you smooth the icing that is underneath that gap so it is not going
    to sink in on different levels. To make the zipper roll a long snake of pink
    and then flatten it with a rolling pin Now I am using a slightly darker pink here than
    I used for the cake so it give a little bit of contrast just like ti has on the bag.
    Take a brand new hair comb and press it into the fondant, the firm plastic ones worked
    best for this and I broken the comb in half so I only had the wide part of those little
    rungs not the really narrow thin end. Brush some luster dust onto the baking paper.
    And then flip your fondant over and gently rub it on the gold. You don't want to press
    hard or you'll squash the pattern you just want to rub it on the gold to get it on there.
    Flip it back over and cut it to the width of the gap of fondant that you took out of
    your cake. And then drape it over the cake letting it
    fit into the gap. Then using you knife and in the centre of
    the zip just drag it up trying to stay in the middle there and around the top to give
    the zip pattern. Take your base fondant template and cut the
    zip off at the level that the base comes up to. Then cut off an extra bit so you are leaving
    a square shape. Make a square out of balck fondant and dust it gold and pop it into place
    Now for the base fondant strip cut it out to the width of the template.
    Use a wet paintbrush to dampen the fondant at the base of the cake. Then roll up your
    strip so it's easy to move and then unwrap it like your wrapping a bandage around the
    bottom of your cake. When you get back to the start there just trim it so that it lines
    up with the zip is. And then use your homemade cutters to make the alligator skin pattern
    around the base.
    Next take a tracing wheel, now you use these in sewing. And they are really useful in cake
    decorating as well. What we are going to do is use it to make a row of evenly spaced stitching
    dots along the top and the bottom of the strip and wither side of the zip. You can use a
    toothpick to do this as well it will just take longer.
    Take your handle and gently push the spaghetti into the cake, now this is where my rectangle
    rings are set on the wrong angle they are going straight down and they need to be coming
    outwards so that they fit not he cake. Now if you try and move them once they are set
    like I did then they are going to break which is why I suggested you set them differently
    earlier on. Now I'll have to do a little bit of repair work here just using some wet black
    fondant to rejoin it on and then I'll just put some gold luster dust on that to cover
    it over.
    Now for the front detail cut out the shape using the template then squash down the top
    end of it to make it thinner and re trim it to shape. Make an indent where the bend should
    be and fold it up and around. Then place that curved part over the bottom of the rectangle
    ring. and add your alligator pattern to it.
    Take the bag outside and spray it with cake shine, I'll link to the one I'm using below
    because everyone seems to find that hard to find. The reason I am doing this outside is
    last time I did it in my kitchen even though I put paper fowl down it seemed to get everywhere
    and was really hard to clean off the surfaces.
    To make the key holder cut out the template from fondant and add the pattern and stitching
    to it just like you did with the other details. Then make a long strip and split it at the
    top. Thread it through the loop and then put the end through the split end and let it hang
    down. Take your key holder and make a slit at the
    top and poke that strip into it. Then spray that too to make that shiny.
    Add your gold studs to just under the handles there and use your wheel to make stitching
    details again. Then position the zip pulls and the padlock
    how you want them on the top of the cake is ready to eat it.
    This cake was requested by Divine Ngunda, mi angelie
    potts, sara moberg, katie king, nattfra, abbey hewitt, the olly show, Anton O Run ar son,
    anna joy leonardo and lots more... Put all your request below
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    [music: The boat song by youtube.com/setsailtv used with permission] *** *** Christian Louboutin Heel made from fondant - YouTube !!!
    hi guys if the sheik from sheet cake
    and I just want to share with you my fast bond and she

    Christian routine she and
    very pretty see the ankle strap
    the sleekness a he'll be instead
    and that blows a very very happy with it
    hope you can see it me hope you like it
    I'm in love with it actually really like it
    I'm so happy with the missile so
    yes I just want to share this with you hope you like
    and subscribe to my page more stuff too far away *** *** How to make a Converse shoe sneaker cake tutorial. Bake and Make with Angela Capeski - YouTube !!!
    hi welcome back to
    percent if they can make
    I'm in shock pesky to me. showing how to make these three-day
    compass make a cake K first we need to do is cut out a template
    meaning to make the Top Pot and why didn't the bottom pot
    if you don't have a compass share or snake I he can have a look on the
    internet and download a template and just cut it out came with Upton here's
    our faked
    and nine by
    inch rectangular cake and I just cut the top off intended around
    upside down
    and what we gonna do he's we're gonna cut out

    so which scrap a knife and we'll just cut around
    the template
    just like that
    okay what you need to know it into stacked on top of each other
    and then mock from a lying around six centimeters from the back
    know what you can do is you gonna stop from the top part of that but a liar
    again and work our way down to the bottom
    that is cutting it down
    I'm gonna scope that shaped our sky right down
    to bottom I am I'm just gonna start shaping up to size to get that shape up
    the she
    okay now of cut that template out
    I from a carport board and moving into now a news
    many some chocolate can ash only can use but a crane
    I'm just gonna ice that both day so we can stick each layer on the border
    source top from the bottom land must spread some cash
    to feel those layers than stick that second layer on
    when and do the same a field that layer as well
    mammal put the top spot on name
    can now be nice
    around the Kankakee just spread tech and mash or she's in but a crane
    to spread it out and then using a scraper would just a pin that out there
    have fresh came with some hot what up
    and up road at some white fund in and we're just gonna cut that down
    and its gonna go over that Top Pot day just by sitting atop
    mistake applied in cut all the way around
    can now I'm using a reaping here to measure
    at Top Pot day and so I rode out some
    blue fund in and we're gonna
    use that babe in there's a client as to how much we need to cut so we're just
    gonna cut than
    Ana Calif and then cut that part up there in a cave as well
    soldiers take up pace
    and Burgess measure on the cake too safe we need to cut it down
    its place and making
    gauge obviously how much to cut from me so just cut the sides down
    and which is placed on the top day
    and just push that
    down so I can stick take some paper town
    I'm just gonna put it on a tough day for that to try
    in place came now we're going to do the front pots are all at some white fondant
    and we just cut it down a straight
    pot thing on them which is placed at
    on the front pop adjoining to that players section
    miss gonna push it down to the bottom
    went to save enough funding now
    take a smoother and dismayed that out there
    miss cut off the excess a way to pay to cut up
    no take a plane and we're just gonna cut down
    section name so it's straight miss carefully peel that off
    a van that up there were just cut around around that from pop
    when do the same to the other side as well
    care all at some blue fund in
    this can a pizza cutter and cut the sides of
    moments cut it down the middle now this is gonna pay for the Scientific Inc
    k what you wanna do is just measure
    approximately me how much needs to go on so we just cut that
    and as you can see on the care misplace it K
    on-site means to live up to that front white power
    so which is smooth it out
    just holding that top popped a I'm just take apply to more kind of that excess
    there to give it a nice shape finish
    CZ fingers to smoosh assists me that out there saying
    in the nineteen sis seizing a smoothie here so I
    it's much easier that way care just gonna play dan just gonna cut it down
    in a strike in a straight line I'm just me that out the thing is
    and grab a pair season we're gonna cut that top part of thing
    take some tissue paper
    I'm just leave that to try them do it
    the same with the other side
    strap it around to the back
    stake scissors and cut that down and takes more tissue paper so we can
    support that back section
    time take played it can and will cut that down
    into a straight line and lining up at the front
    K now what I'm doing he is I'm using a straw or so it
    using a tool or a
    or a skewer just my clearly dents all the way up for the stitching section
    J that
    and make this bill all the way up to the top
    K up covered at
    inch board here with black fun and I've put some ribbon
    around it as well sigh
    but I'm gonna do is use some royal icing to stick that cake
    onto the boat so we'll just take a knife
    I'm just place underneath the cake
    and lifted up her position the cake on the board thingy
    care of some white fondant
    and using a ribbon tulle or pic to cut down we're gonna cut out two strips
    missus gonna be for the bottom section up to shoot
    so I would issue some shoes girl what a I'm just place at around
    the bottom section on both sides
    or just up from the back campaign work away all the way around
    to the backpack thing
    now with other white section we're gonna cut that down
    thinner than the other paints I'm gonna stick that on top of the other
    hot says starting from the back again
    homework go around to the front
    and then all the way around to the back
    K now cut a piece for the front
    and just using a knife were gonna make little ink inks on an angle
    and again on
    on the other ankle
    so in a place he said the front section so I just work your way around
    to the undersigned roll out to pace is a black fondant
    and just cut them down into a scene straight from the Kinect clue that on
    front day and work our way around
    to the back our way around
    get the signed chopped up there
    relied on peace have black fondant
    in a string and which is closer than a top pop day
    like go all the way around as well
    roll out some great funding I'm just gonna roll them into small balls and
    place him in there
    and there's the whole thing which is using a bolt all
    misconduct push down to make Lillington pain do that all the way up to the top

    role at two pieces supply fund in and cut them down into strips
    and these are gonna be the lice on top soak up and down and then just push
    was quasar gaming and then would displace
    mom one from one side me you know work your way
    from the bottom all the way up to the top it is play some sugar in that
    and some in the centre de miss the cut it down
    min squeeze in a science
    the place that downing
    case for that top pop sir to squeeze it again
    misplace it there and this laces can occur
    from atop its gonna come down onto the port
    is chopped off their
    and the disc waseda yeah and this roller
    sexys that and pop the sheer lace
    I've cut out a circle here with us to
    I'm just gonna stick that on the side of the cake thing
    Top Pot just like that
    so there we have it how beautiful 3d compass
    make a share you can see how easy it was to make say
    if you like this video please feel free to subscribe to my channel
    and I look forward to showing in other media surely say
    thanks for watching *** ***

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