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" " -Swan Lake cake tutorial Swan Lake cake tutorial how to make

Swan Lake cake tutorial how to make

    " " -Swan Lake cake tutorial

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    Fondant High Heel Shoe Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hello are showing their and my husband Roland on cake supplies for stock com
    or professional cake decorating inspectors an
    Food Network he's OK
    you okay so I have some gumpaste hear that
    pink I'm gonna make up pink high heel today and the first thing I'm just gonna
    roll it out
    I had to make one and a little thinner so it kinda conforms to
    shape the high heel mold here and you're gonna want the smoothest
    section to go down into the mall because you don't want any creases
    in your high heel something out look to make sure got my smoothies pieces
    going down and I'm just gonna press it
    down to the mall and then I'm just going to
    flatten it out here middle kinda
    Bazar pressing down on it all myself trams and weighing see where Howard
    kinda pulls away their at
    use my palette knife to trim it I'll cleaner
    kinda going from hands right now once again if
    fairly well tram by but a little bit a vegetable oil spray
    on here and then I just run over and get a nice and smooth because this part will
    so you want it you don't increase is ur dance in it either
    then I'm gonna put it in the freezer for about
    minutes until it's easy
    take out at the mall taken them all down to the freezer now on I
    from the gumpaste scam pulled away and all the spots here
    his hand and to go my campaign just
    train after shape it is you're getting out of here
    to their I have it removed from the mall have done as I have a piece of waxed
    paper here
    this is an issue perhaps but it's got their soul is going to dry on
    so that I get my heel to dry it the same angle
    I'm watching this upside down leave around here on the wax paper for the
    top of the hill to set on
    clean that up against here and i wanna make sure
    at the height of the heel comes all the way up to hear
    and then as it starts to try I'm gonna
    press it up here and then but it formed out onto the wax paper and that'll make
    heal up here for right into the angle of the ramp as the sole goes down so
    just wanna make sure it's the full length and that its
    at that your heel is straight and I would actually let that he'll try for a
    couple of days
    so now I want to set up my soldiering ramp
    and the deal goes back here I wanna act set this up for
    putting the parts together and it's not in the instructions the written
    instructions for what
    what I like to do is take one of those extra pieces of Styrofoam
    that was in the package and
    towards the front of it I want to
    take a couple of needles are core size pans and I'm gonna attach this to this
    I want it to be at so that it's at Marvin Inc buying because the way that
    he ok I'll post back
    and I want it the weight to be more forward
    so the next thing I want to do as I'm gonna sit right here on here
    and I have a double a strip I'll
    I'll wax paper is just a stripped I folded
    and I'm going to put the heel on here
    and and put this
    my ski for process yes to secure it in place where r
    on it and I'm using questions for this because
    turn out as long combat where they won't go through the other side
    but you could use course I can secure
    know that supporting the heel I'm not a cut out my soul
    now you see what I mean by AV angle that I had that our
    you see the angle of the heel comes right down
    into this and if you didn't try it
    the way that I said it might have om some down song and might not
    stay at the same same height as this self so I have my gum paste
    rolled out and you want it %ah fairly thick for this
    hand I say mmm probably need to finance are so thick
    because you want it to be %uh thick enough that
    when it's dry it's going to support the yeah
    the rest issue so and then I'm going here's the
    soul cutter that came with a shoe cat and just put on
    piece that I rolled out here
    and passed by some for me and get
    a nice clean cat came away the excess
    and I'll bring me and my
    still support that i said after layer
    gonna rush a little bit of water
    on the hero and I'm going to attach
    my soul here and depending on where the on a left or right sure you can
    flip it over just plan on here
    lineup signs of it
    and make sure that that so is not functioning
    are theirs and Patel here
    roughly here
    supports gonna make sure it doesn't text and Pascack
    is it wouldn't have the right angle vans and
    scale back their and then I when just let that dry and again
    a couple a days you wanna let that dry so that it's nice and sturdy and make
    sure it conforms and all the shape here
    soon after the install I just wanna cut out just like I did for
    the sole issue actually
    to the lining up in Seoul is what I'm gonna do here
    got away now this you want to be a little bit smaller
    and be past seoul some and then just move and just a tiny bit on each side
    not going to worry about the toll toe or the heel at this time
    so just wanna tramway a little bit there
    and I'll do the same thing on the other side of this move and just a little bit
    and then I'm just gonna manually trim a little bit of a rough day he all
    don't have to worry about it ok I'm gonna cut away majority are
    tell section anyway as this is the part that doesn't go all the way down
    in this you and you'll see what I mean in a minute
    and then around the the where the ball up to
    but would be you want to make it cut
    across and cut of this scope portion
    once I've got that K how I want across their
    I want to take a little stitching to all yeah and they said the design we or two
    about we have
    and I'm just gonna go just in just a tiny to catch
    and right close to the edge just make a little stitching line
    and this will make it look like where it stitched
    to be and solve issue
    so I fought back in my shoe trying ramps wifi so long he owe on their
    and I'm gonna have just a little bit of water on
    my in Seoul liner
    so that it attach as well want to move again just a little bit on the side in
    the back there so
    next I wanna have the heel strap and I've used a template here the hill strip
    template to cut out a piece of my gum paste
    and I brought in the dried soul and so liner
    that was attached the he of then I wanna take one other little heel strap
    supports there were
    in the kit I run at kearsarge can
    towards the very back up that and then just behind that
    am so liner I'm going to at
    answered the pan there and then just move that support
    down on time make that pose inconspicuous as possible but that keeps
    the hill support in place and i wanna add just a little bit of water with the
    brush here
    on the very base up this hill strap parents going to touch
    he'll section there and
    want to line it up so that it's going to be
    equal on both sides come down the same distance
    you had also wind it up so that it sets just
    above the heel speed don't see where the soloist there
    okay now I've got my open toe strap
    kut teh the template also included in the kit
    and I want to bring in the resin
    toe former that I have and
    said it here I want to say that just up a little bit on this
    and so liner so that when I go to take it out it doesn't get caught
    Karen snacks on a set up there just a little bit
    yeah I can I'm going to dampened
    base lining up here with just a little bit of water so I'm using
    handset over that so position at work
    want it
    just attach it down to be
    so all you shape it how you want it so that it
    credit Rory so here's the issue after and let it
    %ah dry I couple a days and
    all I've done is take a off on an extruder
    and extruded up a smaller stuff that but
    the round openings that come with it add a little water on the edge of the
    tow strap and attached it on there and i cant
    how to decorate these anyway that I want I
    here I've got just a couple strips on a white on a pink
    that I kinda made into a little bow added some of the pics to your disco
    dust on there that makes a real pretty
    little tell decoration or you could use
    %ah just any kind of a
    a whole and I have a used them all here
    Justin white gum paste and then added some %uh they
    in some sparkly dust on there are really here
    pagination as all that limit you on these because you can
    make closed toed shoes %uh you can make slingback so
    leave off the back in at all kinds of different decorations
    I using this great kid have fun trying out all the different
    I kill styles *** *** Fondant High Heel Shoe Demo - YouTube !!!
    the do
    mines duh
    hi my name is Lisa Mansour from New York a
    and today I'm gonna show you in easy way to make a fondant high-heeled shoe
    this is my kid that I produce
    a all materials to make this you are in here
    we have a heel mold made out of silicon
    that you couldn't put a chocolate modeling paste fondant
    or even I some of them we have a drying rack
    and we also have some instructions and all the patterns
    to make issue whether it be open toe
    an open toe shoe a closed toe shoe
    one side strap this different options and I'll show you have to do
    the first thing we do is actually make the heel
    the reason why do this first because I prefer to drive
    dry it at least overnight so it's nice and dry when we start to put together
    our shoe
    so I have a piece a fondant that I
    actually needed a little bit that's always mean you're finding a little bit
    before we put in the mold
    and the smooth side is usually down
    so I want the smooth side facing the heel here
    so when you have a finished product that's nice and smooth so I put the
    smooth side down first
    if it's the first time you're using the malt
    you might wanna a use a little bit a bench double shortening
    to ensure it doesn't stick K
    so I'm just pushing it all the way down
    I'm gonna take a rolling pin to ensure that it went all the way down
    okay then I take a palette knife
    and Ana like a
    degree angle I'm just gonna trim
    all the excess you have a nice flat shoe
    I'm actually gonna take this and put this in the freezer for about

    and then when I unrolled it comes perfect if I go to on wall that right
    now you might distort the heel little bit because it's soft
    so that's why I put in the freezer it's a little trick okay
    ok put this in the freezer
    so right out of the freezer I'm gonna face it upside down
    and I'm gonna on molded and it comes right out
    okay the next step is to make sure
    that matches the I'm drying rack
    the idea is to have it the same height this one is slightly
    shorter so what we're gonna do it actually elongate the heal a little bit
    just so it matches the height
    love the heel okay it has to match other ways you
    might have a step affecting we don't want to have that we want to have it
    even some elongating it a little bit and I'm saying if it
    matches up and it does
    that's perfect match okay now you let this dry overnight or two days if you
    have the time
    you can leave it on a board you could just a little corn starch here so it
    doesn't stick
    and then you're ready for the next step
    now I'm ready to start my shoe I have funded right out of the bucket
    that I have already added a little bit of tiles powder to
    basically what it does it kind of turns it into sort of like a gun peso it dries
    and a actually has more sturdiness so it doesn't flop around
    okay so I added about a tablespoon of tiles
    now I'm gonna take a rolling pin and roll
    out my fondant because I'm gonna cut out the sole
    have about nice length I put my pattern
    take a pizza wheel or an exacto knife
    and I'm just gonna follow the pattern to cut out my soul
    pull away the excess
    and save it from the next step trim anything it's not perfect
    now is the time to do it
    moon at the edges
    now if you want a more rounded toe you could cut it rounds to keep appointee
    that's up to you
    it's just the pattern and you could take it from him
    and modify easily okay now I'm gonna lift it up
    I'm actually working on a circle
    the reason being once I start putting this together it's easy for me to turn
    like this
    without putting pressure on the hill and breaking so I'm gonna place the sole
    on the drying rack I'm gonna dusted with the little bit of cornstarch so it
    releases easy
    now I have a heel that's already dried
    I'm actually using piping gel as go
    I'm gonna stand in up at the back a further
    drying rack and just gently push down
    and make it join
    so this is step one now we're gonna do an inner soul
    I'm gonna cut it out and white so I have my white fondant
    I'm gonna roll out up
    if you notice I am left my heel about
    I would say a quarter of an inch thick it's important to have that thickness so
    it doesn't break
    the sole the inner soul part doesn't have to be that thick
    because it's just the decoration and Munich
    follow the sole again just as a pattern
    and i'd in anti Los to this
    because again is just a decoration and I don't need it to be Stefan
    some just peeling away the excess and now I'm actually gonna cut again but I
    have to be smaller cuz the soul is much smaller
    in the shoe so I'm gonna go around and take off
    a little more generally
    it straight across
    you have any rough edges just move them now and I'm gonna take a little bit of
    piping gel
    to go as well
    so that's step two now it's up to you to decide
    what kinda love shoe you would like we have
    open toe we have closed toe we have a side strap
    I'm gonna do a back heel and
    open toe front this is my fondant with the tile
    again the reason I have but I los
    is because I wanted to hold and not flop over
    some gonna roll it out and cut out both parents
    so I rolled out my fondant
    gonna place my patterns
    on I'm gonna follow the two templates
    okay I have my back feel pattern
    I'm actually gonna put some glue
    on the bottom part of this where it's going to me
    the sole I'm gonna just place it right on top
    depending on your style shoe you could put it on the top edge
    or you could put it on the bottom page or depending on what you wanna do
    make sure even minutes stands up on its own
    kept if it's flopping over
    you really need a more Tilos or its too thin
    this is my open toe
    I'm actually gonna put it
    on the outside edge so I'm gonna put some
    cool here always wanna put the glue where it meets other funds and so it
    okay putting this on
    outside just like them
    now if you're if its flopping a little one area which it's not in this case but
    if it does
    you could stuff a little paper towel I like plastic
    saran wrap to hold it and then you take it out when it's dry
    so there you have it it's that easy now it's up to you to decorate it the style
    that you would like to do
    on there are all kinds of mold on the market that you can use to decorate
    you can even take gold dust and shine things up and bringing out a little bit
    and hear them to the shoe with the same piping Joe
    it's up to you what you want to do I'm you can also text her
    we have a texture rolling pins on that you could do it say a crocodile show
    so after I before actually I cut it
    I embossed my fun then and then cut out and be a crocodile's
    style so thank you for watching
    everything you saw it here is available at New York it back
    thank you
    in *** *** Making a Shoe in Gumpaste - YouTube !!!
    I'm check all the tools from the shoebox
    and make sure you have the following stiletto heel mold
    saw cutter drying rack
    and issue last former
    these are for the tools to chew need to make your shoe
    the written instructions and pattern kid are also included
    it is important to wash all the molds and dry them thoroughly
    before you sing to make the heel
    apply a thin layer a vegetable shortening
    on the inside surface at the mall to prevent your sugar dough from sticking
    condition apiece assured obey needing it with the he love your hand
    until no visible cracks are seen on the edges have the Dell
    for men telling gated teardrop by rolling detail back and forth between
    your hands
    are on the table while making sure that the tapered
    and is thin enough to fit the in the narrow and
    the mold
    close the mold and pushed the dough and to make sure that
    all the spaces the mall is filled with sugar dough
    take a blunt knife or a painter spatula intramol
    X's on the top
    okay shelley Greece the spatula to prevent the dough from sticking
    push the remaining dough and spread with your thumbs to make sure that the
    indentations on top are filled with the gum paste
    shame any remaining gumpaste with a spatula and make sure that the top of
    the heel
    is straight and smooth
    open the heel molding trim all the excess dough that remains between the
    in the body of the mold you see a lightly greased
    push the gum paste del Bac and make sure
    that the full link the heel mold is filled with the dough
    the height of the heel is very important because it is compatible with the height
    of the drying rack
    if you fail to make sure that the dole feels to mold all the way to the end
    your heel may come out shorter than the drying rack
    in your soul will not be shaped properly while it dries
    leave the heel in the mold for at least
    minutes to dry the surface
    the gumpaste he may leave the heel in the mold for up to two hours at most
    but no longer because it would be difficult to pry out
    if the he'll be comes to Steph while in the mold
    it may crack while you try to take it out drying the heel shorter than

    minutes Marysol to a very limp doe
    MA Ben back or forward while it dries upside down
    using a non-stick
    rolling pin roll a thick piece of gum paste
    flat on the non-stick board no thinner than a pinch
    make sure that the link is a bit bigger than your soul
    cutter the heel should be completely dry before proceeding to disturb
    a heel that have been drying for twenty-four to forty-eight
    hours would be the most ideal to use cut the sole shape using the sole cutter in
    the toolset
    use your rolling pin to make sure that you have applied
    uniform pressure throughout the cutter gently shake the cutter to separate the
    intake of all the excess dough run the back of your fingernail on the site to
    smooth out any funds he'd already
    to do precious small amount of cum clue on the flat surface
    your heel and press it firmly on the end
    the soul
    use your non-stick rolling pin twofold
    and decide if this old towards the heel to smooth out the edges
    and to marry the two parts together now is the time to use a drying rack
    the drying rack issues upright with narrow and sits flat
    on the board and not the white side place the assembly on the drying rack to
    dry the soul in shape
    you may place is on a piece of Styrofoam so that the underside the salt rice at
    the same time with the whole assembly
    he also want to make sure that the heel straight
    upright and not leaning one way or another
    this is simply requires a full day to try to prevent the soul from breaking
    while you add all the other part 2 issue especially the details that you will put
    on top
    I sometimes lead to drying rack to support the sole
    even after it rice because it's very easy to forget not to put too much
    pressure on
    I cut the pattern number two
    from the pattern kid included in the shoe tolls under the silver evening she
    this shape will mimic the padding on my soul
    the padding will be placed on top of the soul
    not only will it serve as a decorative piece on my shoe
    it will also add some support to the soul you may use a textured rolling pin
    or textured matte to put some details to it but at this time
    I will use plane I will trace the shape
    and cut it at the same time using might we are cutting tool
    I rolled a piece of gum paste a bit thinner than my soul
    and larger than the pattern that I will use using a stitching we r
    trace along the side the padding this will give your shoes some realistic
    stitching details
    more ice in the underside
    the company's making sure that it's sticky but not
    too wet place it on the dried soul and leave this piece for another two hours
    to try it before
    addie any other details to the show you
    this whole assembly can be made way in advanced
    and a cake bakery setting I will suggest for the decorator to make several
    this assembly in different colors and gumpaste ahead of time
    this way when you get an order for cake that requires shoe decoration
    the process will be much shorter because the drain time is a huge factor in
    making issue
    if the heel into sole assembly is ready and try
    adding other details to the show only take about
    and a day to try them all making the assembly much shorter
    once the padding is dry and ready
    place to shoot last former on top of the soul the shoe last former
    issue stilted leaning on the soul while the front tips
    the soul and the former alliance the former is supposed to be used this way
    so that the ankle strap can be anchored to it
    do not use the former flat on the sole Estes will not form this shoe detail
    for the style of shoe that I am making
    I cut the number ten pattern detail from the pattern kit
    and this will be placed at the back and issue
    or the ankle strap will be attached later on
    I also cut number six number four and pattern details
    interest in on a piece of gum paste I will do the same step for the bell shape
    pattern number ten
    once they traced
    all the details I will brush some gum glue on the base
    the bell-shaped peace to make it sticky I will then attach it
    on the back and issue right above the heel
    making sure that it straight positioned in the middle
    and placed upright I will then use decided my non-stick rolling pin to fall
    the gum paste to smooth the edges
    and marry the two components police issue last former
    into position if its lights down use a piece of all or paper towel to prop it
    add stitching details along the side of the two strips of gum paste that will be
    attached to the front and if the shoe
    Weiss in the contact points at the strips with the cum clue
    place the first strip into position and add pressure on both
    ends at the strip to make sure that it's attached to the soul
    place the second strip right above the first
    only decide to the strips will anchor it to the shoe
    so make sure that it's completely stuck to the side of the soul before trying
    cut two straight strips of gumpaste about an
    inch in with the search is straight strips
    a gumpaste about 8 inches in length and it's not in the pattern kit
    at stitching details on both sides
    noise in the contact points
    wanted the strips and attach right about the second strap is shown
    completely voice in the back side of the other strip would come clue
    and attach it to the mid Aug all the strap extending to the top
    the former cut the excess gum paste with the help of a palette knife
    depending on how high you want to position your ankle strap
    and leave it to dry for a couple of hours
    once the assembly is try left issue former to make sure that the sugar dough
    is not stuck to it
    cut another piece of gum paste to strip about an
    engine with and
    inches in length for the ankle strap
    the link this trip should be a bit longer than what you need
    and match stitching details on both sides more ice in the contact points
    would come Kluwer ever this trip will be positioned to make sure that the company
    still stick
    wrap this trip around issue with the two aunts
    meeting at the back of tissue cut of
    any excess gum paste using a palette knife the seam at the back end of this
    year will be hidden
    with another detail later before the ankle strap completely dry ice
    be sure to remove the shoe last former while the kemp et still gives
    failing to remove it before the company's completely dry smear result to
    breaking the strap
    so it's important not to forget this step cut another piece of gum paste
    about one inch in with and two inches in length add stitching details on both
    and Moisan both and sweet gum clue attach the strip by folding the end
    to hide the seam on the backside issue Hughes a meeting tool to put pressure on
    the contact points to make sure that it's completely attached to the shoe
    to make the and strap and buckle cut a piece of gum paste about two inches in
    length and intention with
    and add stitching details on both sides
    cut one and if this chip at a diagonal
    and make the other rounded in shape shell youth a knitting tool to indent
    holes on this trip
    and attach it on the side of the issue would come clean since two shoe does not
    have a right or left slope
    your buckle assembly should be placed whichever side will be displayed on your
    for the bahcall roll a small pieces sugar dough between the palms of your
    hands so that the shape
    is tapered on both hands and the link should be about two inches
    bend the tapered law into a c-shaped he used the tape I'll be needing
    tall to make an indentation on the central the buckle
    place a short
    tapered log on top of the indentation to mimic bottle stopper
    attach the bulk of assembly in place using come clue
    in you have your finished shoe
    this you can be airbrushed for your choice of color
    you may also add personal life details such as Kate links or embellishments
    made of gumpaste
    fashion from a silicon mold the only limit in decorating
    is your imagination Ste
    I'm *** *** How to make a High Heel Stiletto cake tutorial. Bake and Make with Angela Capeski - YouTube !!!
    hi welcome back to know that the setup they can make
    I meant like a pesky today I'm gonna be showing how to make this lovely high
    heel cake
    FS what we need to do is make the high heel love already pre made it here
    and what I've used to ease a high heel cakey
    which she can buy from any cake shop
    and includes all the all the necessary tools they
    am and just follow the instructions that's given
    and it's quite quite easy's that's a
    you can decorate it with any color you want I've used um
    a little decoration the front day and I've put a pink King said
    day for the SOL as well so just leave that to try I the night
    okay well got here is a
    and up got four layers they and have cut the tops of
    and H h1 Sunday me using watch a click and Nash
    a key use butter cream if you'd like say
    I just got a boy and he a I and we're gonna put
    summer that can mash on the board so we can stick
    out cake onto that both day say just using a knife
    gonna take some to get national spread it over the port
    spend it all the way to the age don't
    use too much here still enough for that
    first light to stake her to spread it through the day
    just like that
    and then we're just gonna take one and Alliance and display sit down
    on to that port and push it down so secured family
    H lianna all the way to the end
    and ice around the sides as well
    I'm using chocolate can ash
    here for the outside and I was gonna take a knife
    am just gonna spread this can Nash
    all the way around side the cake
    as he can say captain Nash told the way around
    suggests using a knife to spread it it doesn't have to be to Nate here because
    we're gonna be working on that later on
    so just give it a generous amount all the way around
    by some guy Nash over-the-top
    just spread that around
    evenly to feel the cap stay
    all the way to the end so it's not since May
    got the cake Kia and what I'm using is a scraper
    so we're just gonna scrape it all the way around if you don't have one of the
    sea can use and not
    this just gives a damn acclaim finish
    so just using a knife to scrape off
    excess day and we're gonna go all the way around with its
    escaping it straight and push it down
    all the way case you can say he went got
    and the edges at the top a so makes it so it's gonna take a scraper
    and just pushed down and bring it back to the center
    and remove that excess cash than and just do that
    all the way around until we get a nice clean
    que se can say hiya I've done in all the way around
    and we're just gonna finish it off to smack show that your scrapers claim
    and just got all the way around all the way around saying get any
    mocks away from section academies in pink fund in today
    use any color such issues some icing sugar
    and a rolling pin and we're gonna roll that
    fund out into nice round circle
    its roll it out
    okay I'm a cut the cake he appears somewhat I just sent
    enough for the funded to stick so which slipped up the fund in
    are just gently places over-the-top
    make sure hands acclaim and then just smooth it out
    and secure the edges so it doesn't react
    school all the way around in a week I say
    got an acrylic smoothie hiya so just push down gently
    all the way around I'm just gonna smoothed out
    any imperfections they and on the top as well
    a calf covered a
    inch forward hiya and I'm gonna use em
    royal icing to stick the key right to the sport
    and I've put a ribbon around the outside as well
    such as place a little better role asking the center they
    not too much and is using a knife
    gonna spread out enough
    said there's enough there to stick that
    cake to the sport to spread it now
    just like to
    K taking a knife I like teasing not am to lift the skycap so it doesn't make
    any mock singer
    so just placed a knife underneath cake thing
    and lifted up using your fingers
    just transferred over into the center
    and place it down
    season I think any i sat down
    cab what some lace here for many fabric shop
    and we can use any decoration but I just just chosen to use the slice here
    so up got some sticky tape and we're gonna place that
    lice all the way around to the back
    on the cake site and
    can the border around say can see it better
    so just line it up much scraps mystic eat right
    slack that
    just pull it enough
    and then just stick it day
    on the back that's gonna go on the backpack
    slept that ok I would have done he's up
    just cut out around black circle for the mat and I've put two skewers in there
    certain hold the heal up sums can use should include
    and put a better show Glee underneath
    hugh not for it to stick
    images can a position that on those two skewers
    so it's not touching cake
    making any dents in the cake
    so there we have it out beautiful high heel
    K course to let archaic you can decorate it any which way you wish
    so I've done I've done this cake he
    without any decorations but I'll show you in the next picture
    I'm a few very different variations Sam
    on how to decorate this cake said thanks for watching the video and if you liked
    this video please feel free to
    give it a thumbs up and to subscribe to my channel
    thanks very much for watching see you next week *** *** Stiletto Shoe Cake Tutorial Fondant Pillow Cake HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon Cake Decorating - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
    Today we are making a Jimmy Choo shoe cake. There have been lots of requests for a shoe
    cake tutorial and Lisa has been requesting a pillow cake every week since May so I have
    combined the two. I will show you how to make the shoe first
    and then the pillow.
    First thing you need to do is cut out your shoe template, that is available on the website
    howtocookthat.net there's a link in the description below this video.
    Once you have cut it out also cut an sole from some thin cardboard so we can use it
    as a support while the fondant is drying. You will also need to cut a couple of other
    things out of cardboard and staple them together where shown.
    Place a stack of books on a baking tray and using your template for the side profile of
    the shoe match them up to the right height and then open the cover of the top book and
    prop it up to the right angle using tissues or paper towel inside the book.
    Then take the cardboard sole and bend it to match the side profile of the shoe, set it
    up on the books and tape it into place.
    Take some non-stick baking paper and place that over the top so that the fondant doesn't
    stick to the template.
    Now to make your buckle, place some baking paper over your template and roll out a thin
    even snake out of black fondant. Then using a knife to help you bend the corners to match
    outer size of the template, trim it to the right size and join the two ends together
    in the middle of one of the sides. Then use an off cut to make the prong of the buckle.
    Then take a dry paintbrush and dust that fondant with silver luster dust on all the edges and
    then leave the buckle to one side to dry.
    Next to make our label roll out some white fondant really thinly, put your template over
    the top and cut out the rectangle shape. Next take a sharp pencil and trace over the letters
    of the logo pressing reasonably firmly. When you remove the paper you will be able to see
    a light indent that will guide you to where to put the letters. You can either paint them
    on using black gel food colour or you can use an edible marker to write them on.
    To be honest I had never heard of Jimmy Choo before making this cake, I just searched for
    expensive shoe brands and found one that I thought would look pretty on a cake. If you
    want someone who does know a lot about fashion and make up then check out beautiful Carah's
    channel, her channel is called Carah Amelie she has studied apparel design and cosmetology
    and has been a licensed cosmetologist for the last
    She has heaps of great get ready with me videos and skin care, hair and makeup tutorials and
    some creative hair ups. As always I'll put a link in the description below the video
    and I'll add one to her channel at the end of this video as well so, make sure you check
    it out and let her know in the comments that 'how to cook that' sent you over.
    Next roll out some black fondant to be half a centimeter thick and cut around the outer
    sole template line. After you've cut it run the flat edge of your knife around it to smooth
    off any imperfections.
    Roll out some cream fondant and cut the inner sole template size.
    Rub a tiny amount of water onto the black sole and add the cream sole over the top,
    if it stretches a little as you add it like mine did add your template back over the top
    and trim it to shape.
    Take your toe template and trim across the cream toes section and remove that bit.
    Line up your fondant sole with the sole that we made out of cardboard and put it into place
    so that it is going to dry in the right shape. Dab a little bit of water on the top section
    and add your label. Take the tip of a knife and gently make stitching indents across the
    top and base of the label.
    You can see here the sole has little crease marks in the fondant at the bend, if you want
    to avoid that put the black sole onto the support first and then add the cream sole
    once it is in place.
    Now to make the toe. This shoe uses snake skin, you can buy expensive
    snake skin texture mats but here I ma just going o use a plastic texture mat that I use
    for chocolate as well. You get all of these texture mats in the back of one book, whenever
    I mention them in a video people always ask what was the book and where did you get it
    from so I will put a link to that particular one in the description below the video so
    you know which one it is it costs about $8 for the book.
    Roll out your black fondant and then place a texture mat over the top and roll over it
    to make the imprint on the fondant, then remove the template. Then using the toe template
    cut along the top of the toe shape of it but leave the rest of it. Add it to the toe lining
    it up with the cream shoe lining. And then use your finger to smooth it down and around
    the toe and trim it off at the base.
    The top angle of the heel to match the base of the shoe angle so they can join together
    nicely. So to make that take a thin book and prop it open so that it matches to side profile
    of the heel that I have given you. Then add the heel template and double check the angle
    is correct and tape it into place.
    Roll out a thick snake of black fondant and then using the palm of your hand push down
    on one side as you roll to make it skinny one one side. Place it on the template and
    then roll it some more until it matches the shape. Use a knife to cut the angle of the
    top of the heel then mold to the right shape using your fingers.
    Do you know how much these shoes actually costs to buy? the real one I mean not the
    cake. Let me know what you think in the comments below how expensive is too expensive for a
    shoe and do you have a favourite shoe brand that you like to wear?
    Trim the end of the heel using a knife and then make an indent at the base of the heel.
    Next we are going to make the ankle strap roll out some black fondant add a thin layer
    of cream to the underside and then rub the texture mat on the black side of it.
    Using the ankle strap template cut out a long strip and wrap it around your cardboard support
    that is covered in baking paper. Then using the back of a knife make two indents near
    the end of the strap and add your buckle into place. Use a tooth pick to make a hole and
    then add the other piece into the hole. So that it looks like this.
    After a couple of days once those pieces are dry take a some black fondant and using the
    back of a spoon mix into a thick paste with a little water. Use the paste to glue the
    heel to the shoe. If you are in a hurry you can mix some tylose powder into your fondant
    to make these pieces set faster but that also means you need to work faster when making
    your shapes.
    Use something to support the shoe while it sets and leave it to set for an hour you can
    be work on your actual cake while you wait for this or if you are making it ahead then
    just take a break.
    Roll a snake out of black fondant and add it to the underside of the shoe where the
    heel joins the sole and smooth it around, then trim off the excess.
    Take a toothpick and poke it into the shoe on almost an upright angle. Then sit the cardboard
    support over the top.
    Roll out some black and some then some thin cream fondant. Using a tiny bit of water put
    the cream onto the black, then flip it over and rub the texture mat on top. Cut it out
    using the template.
    Use your knife to indent down the back in two straight lines and then use the very tip
    of the knife to make stitching marks down the middle.
    Add a little water along the base and put into place resting it on the card. Now I should
    have covered the card here in baking paper because my fondant stuck when I tried to take
    it off so make sure you don't forget to add the baking paper.
    Next to make the lower strap roll the black and cream fondant just like we have before
    but this time you don't need the texture mat because this bit is made out of satin. Cut
    out the shape and you can use a roll of card here or bunch of tissues might be easier.
    Rest the strap over the top and join it at each side using a little water.
    Repeat that process for the middle strap adding some tissues for support. Measure using you
    template to make sure they are the right size and then add the fondant strap dampening the
    ends with a little water. Carefully line up the edge and gently push it into place. And
    yes you guessed it leave it out to dry, now this fondant is only thin and it was a really
    hot day here so i was able to take the supports away after a couple of hours but to be safe
    I'd suggest you leave it longer. If you keep one of your strap off cuts you can use that
    to see if it is dry enough you can test it and see if it will hold its shape.
    Carefully remove the back support and then stack up some items to make supports of equal
    height to balance a ruler on. This is to hold the ankle strap in place while it sets.
    Then add some of your black paste and loop it around the back of the shoe, with the buckle
    on one side towards the back.
    You could leave this shoe just like that or customize it and add your own decorations
    like flowers or whatever the birthday girl likes.
    But we are going to continue to decorate it like the Jimmy Choo shoe, so to do that remove
    your other supports and using your template make your centre vertical strap just like
    we made the others. Slightly dampen the top of the strap and then the top of the bottom
    two loops that are on the shoe.
    Attach it underneath the ankle strap and over the other two loops. Now to make our razor
    sequins that decorate the shoe. Staring with the black cut a thin strip, segment it and
    cut one end into a point. Add a little water and gently place them onto the shoe. Make
    another layer that overlaps the first and then repeat that going up the shoe changing
    to blue then greens and then back to the black. Then we want to leave that to dry out, the
    longer you leave it the stronger the shoe will be.
    For the pillow cake itself bake 4 quantities of my red velvet cup cake recipe in a tray
    and then let them cool. Trim off the edges and then make yourself a square template that
    you can use, mine is
    Put a smear of cream cheese frosting onto the base and cut a square of cake and add
    it to the cake board. Add a thin layer of cream cheese frosting, each time you cut a
    square you are left with off cuts that you can join two of those together to make another
    square so you can use those for alternate layers. Use your knife to level them off if
    they are not quite even. Add another layer of cream cheese frosting and continue to stack
    the cakes up in this way.
    My red velvet cake recipe and the frosting recipes are all on the blog howtocookthat.net
    if you go to the shoe cake page which is in the link below this video I will link to all
    the recipes that you need from there.
    Keep going until it is around 8 cm tall. When we carve the top of the cake we want to come
    down just past half way down to about 3cm we don't want it exactly in the middle because
    pillows squash down when you put them down on something.
    Fold your square template in half and then in half again to make a smaller square and
    place that in the centre of your cake. Starting with the corners carve down on an angle down
    through the layers to the 3 cm level that we looked at not right down to the bottom.
    Then repeat that on each of the corners and then on each of the sides, cutting down on
    an angle just down to the
    Next use your knife to shave off thin layers of cake at a time to round off your pillow,
    we don't want hard angles. We don't want it to look like a rock we want it to look like
    a soft pillow. So round it up to the top. Then looking at
    your cake from above curve it in slightly at the sides. Not too much just a little bit.
    Now for the underneath, from just below that
    cake board at each corner and then along the sides.
    Next the key to making it look soft and pillow like is giving it some creases. Grab a pillow
    and have a look at how it sits and where the creases are. Using your knife take some chunks
    out of the sides to give it that look. If you don't do this your pillow will look a
    bit solid.
    Clean up all of your crumbs and then cover the whole cake in frosting and put in the
    fridge to firm up. I am using the cream cheese frosting on the outside here too, it is quite
    a soft frosting so if you are new to cake decorating I suggest you use one of the buttercream
    recipes on the website instead for the outside just to make it a bit easier for yourself.
    Roll out some fondant in the colour that you want your pillow to be and cut a long strip.
    Place it under one side and press it onto the frosting. Using scissors trim it at the
    corners and long the cake at the 3 cm level. Repeat that on each side and then cover the
    top of the cake in fondant, you can use a contrasting colour here or you could rub it
    with a texture mat you can use whatever you want to customise your pillow. Then use a
    ball of fondant to smooth out the fondant and push it into those creases that we made.
    Then run your finger along to find the edge of the bottom fondant and trim it up using
    your scissors.
    Next to make the edging you can do that by hand by rolling two snakes for fondant and
    twisting them together. Or you can use a fondant extruder with a plate that looks like this
    one. I will link you to where I bought this one online in the description below the video
    I have only recently bought one and they are very handy. You just roll out the fondant
    into a thick snake, place it into the tube, screw the end and then turn the handle and
    it pushes the fondant out. Then for this pattern I want you to twist the cord in opposite directions
    on each end so that it looks like cord. Then take some gold luster dust and brush it on
    using a paint brush. Add some water along the edge of your pillow and put some cord
    on using toothpicks to hold it in place while that water fuses it to the side of the cake.
    Then using the fondant extruder again fitted with the small circle tip squeeze out some
    thin spaghetti looking pieces of fondant , dust them with gold, twist the top and place them
    onto the corners of the cake.
    Remove your toothpicks. Then measure roughly where the shoe will sit and make a little
    indent on the cake, this helps the shoe sit securely but also makes the pillow look soft
    because if you put something on a soft pillow it sinks down into it a little bit. Then add
    your shoe on top and your cake is ready to serve.
    Thanks for watching, you can put your requests in the comments below and subscribe for more
    cake tutorials, chocolate decorating lessons and desserts. Don't forget to check out Carahs
    channel and tell her how to cook that sent you. Have a great week and I'll see you next
    [music The Boat Song by youtube.com/setsailtv] *** *** gumpaste high heel shoe tutorial - YouTube !!!
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    no case finds K *** *** How to Make High Heel Sugar Shoes - YouTube !!!
    hi I'm chef Alain Teixeira with global sugar are
    and today I'd like to teach you how to make some really cute
    sugar shoes are made out of gumpaste her Mexican pace
    we're gonna make the regular gym shoe which is about four
    maybe five inches long and we're also gonna make some little miniature ones
    that are perfect for cupcakes
    the shoes are great to use on a
    our wedding shower cake or a birthday cake they're great for cupcakes as well
    so let's get started before it began showing you how to make the shoes
    I'd like to go over the different parts and %uh the different cutters are
    I have one shoe made up here this is the larger gem shoe
    and that is made with the sole cutter you have two pieces to make the heel
    you have the front of the shoe
    and then you have a choice of two different straps for the back at the
    now for this same shoe cutter kit
    they make an auxiliary kit called the
    shoe toppers kit and this is
    a a close to 0 for the front this is a back
    and a strap that goes all the way around and then there are two different straps
    a double strap and a triple strap so that is
    a second kit that is available and these are auxiliary pieces that can be used
    with the basic
    jam shoe kit are now they only work with the
    the regular size not the miniature the cupcakes I have over here
    are made with the miniature kit and the miniature kit consists I'll
    the sole of the shoe on
    the front over the
    piece one strap
    and then it has deep out little cutters to make the heel as well
    and both kids come with little star from pieces are a little forms
    to hold the show in place while it's drying so to begin with we're going to
    work on the larger shoe
    its Louise year to see and for a beginner it's also a little
    ease your shoe to make so I'm gonna start by making
    the heel take these cutters of the heel comes
    in two parts and there are little our buttons
    that go together and you just snapped the piece together what I like to do is
    I like to put a little bit of shortening or Crisco
    or something on ahead a time it helps the gum paste to come out
    I just use a brush and a very very light coating
    now today I'm going to be using Mexican peso I've said
    gumpaste several times you can use gumpaste
    gumpaste takes longer to dry also when you're getting into the straps
    and the front of the shoe the gumpaste stretches
    and it's a little harder to use so my product of choice for making shoes like
    is definitely Mexican paste we have recipes
    on our website we also sell a Mexican paste mix
    to be again I'm gonna start with the peace
    love teal colored paste I and
    I'm just gonna need this up this is the Mexican paste I'm gonna put the two
    all the he'll former together in just snapped those together
    take your piece of pace
    and roll into a cone shape you want to be able to push it down
    into the former its gonna wanna come out the bottom
    so you want to push hard and then take a knife
    and cut off any extra that you don't need you do want this flat on the top
    just make sure it's nice to fly out on the top
    and then just slice of the little piece on the bottom
    pain and I'm going to open this up
    and just gently take this out
    now you'll notice is seem down the back
    I would prefer that you leave the scene there
    for about an hour to and then you can take a very flexible
    a blade or spatula and you can just very gently
    remove that book that seem if you try to do it now
    you will be able to get it off in a nice clean I'll with a nice clean look it'll
    look jagged
    and the less you have to touch this he'll once it's on molded the better
    you want it you wanna just to dry in this position now the heel ideally
    should be dried
    at least several hours or overnight until it's completely dried
    here's one that we made yesterday this is the
    it's dried overnight so that's how you make the heel
    for the large shoe our next step is to make the sole of the shoe
    now you can make a plane soul like I have on the white shoes on this cake
    or you can do one with one at the Lux edible images like I have here
    on this one so this is what I want to show you today
    because this is really easy you just cut the pace and attach it
    this is a little bit more complicated but still very easy to do
    so I'm gonna start with the wanna the edible images
    and the one we've chosen for today
    is this may steal designs
    up and I just need to cut a piece that's going to fit
    the sole of the shoe attached
    I she pain
    and now you want a piece rolled out Mexican paste
    now this paste is much thicker than you would use for a flower
    on my pasta machine on the Atlas pasta machine I brought this down to about a
    number two
    it's fairly thick if you don't make the sole of the shoe thick enough
    when you go to attach the pieces you have nothing to adhere it to
    and it just keeps falling or breaking off so the soul has to be fairly thick
    I'm gonna put put that down and I'm gonna brush this with water
    just a very light coating a water
    this and then you just peel off the edible image
    and lay that right on the paper
    early the paper right on the art on the mexican paste
    this role that a little bit okay
    we're going to use one of the jam pads
    these are designed they have the holes in the exact place
    to match up with the holes in the back at their cutters in
    take a little bit of cornstarch in gently of just dust the
    the sole and place it on that
    and then put your
    here peace apace
    with the edible image right on top of that and then start in the center using
    a rolling pin
    and go to the ends you can see how this just cut it right out
    there you go
    pop that outta there and
    I usually start from the back just use a little pal

    and then the soul is all made
    you won't see this stitch lines as much
    when you're using a pattern or an edible image
    you'll really see the stitching lines on a plain white piece or
    colored piece of pace but when you use the edible images
    the stitching lines don't show up as much now while that's trying
    I'm going to cut the front and the strap as well
    and I'm going to use a piece have to. paste for that
    this is a little bit thinner then the soul was
    put a little bit of corn starch in your board
    make sure that moves freely sauce
    group okay for the front
    you'll find two cutters are two pieces excuse me
    one is the cutter and one is an embosser
    so the first thing you want to do is cut one piece Ste
    and again use use a little
    palette knife
    I and once that's out then you use your own boss Sir
    just lay it over the top line it up
    and press it down and that'll put the
    their reading the little the love design on the inside
    so you've cut the piece can you in Boston now you have one of these little
    former's that comes with the kit
    just lay that over it and we want this
    to firm up but not hardened so
    depending on the humidity in your room this could take anywhere from
    to an hour
    I you want to be able to still have some flexibility so that you can attach it to
    the shoe
    but you also want to hold the curve by itself so mentally that right there
    and I'm gonna cut a strap I want the pace just a little bit
    dinner for the strap but a little corn starch
    on my strap cutter
    and that came right out so the strap is already
    now the strap also needs to dry that's the part that's right here
    if you later over the former this way
    it's too wide for the shoe so when I like to do
    as long as it's got a little corn starch on it which it does
    its I actually layer right over the other one and just
    just bend it over and you can just leave those two parts just like that
    for an hour or a half hours depending on how long it takes to sort of dry out
    now we're going to attach the sole of the shoe
    to the heel that I made yesterday so here's the heel that I made yesterday
    you can use two things to glue it together
    you can use a gun blue like a ty los gun glue
    or you can use a water brush I find with Mexican pace the water brush works fine
    arm but if you want if you wanna shoe that is really going to be well glued
    together and you don't want to worry about it ever coming apart while it's on
    your cake or you're transporting at then do use the gun glue
    just be aware that when you use gun glue if it
    if it leaks out the sides at all it'll be shiny and it will really show
    so many put a little bit have water on the top
    and then just
    line it up with the heel press it gently
    and this is the second former that comes with your shoe
    and all you do is lay that
    on the former sure the sh t he owes
    up straight up and down
    and that's all you have to do now that should dry at least a couple hours as
    so that the heel and the soul are well attach
    then we'll put those pieces on
    on the outsole so while these are drying
    I'm gonna be right back and I'm gonna show you how to make the miniature he'll
    and will cut out the parts for the Minish use you as well I'll be right
    okay we're back in a minute show you how to make the small heel for the miniature
    our shoe now this he'll
    set does not have the four little pins
    where you can push them together and attach it so
    this is a little more difficult to make because you have to hold it together
    while you're pushing the
    the paste into it I've already used a little paint brush
    and a little bit of shortening and I lightly very lightly grease the insider
    summit take a little piece a white pace it doesn't take much
    and again make it into up
    a cone but this time I'm gonna make that bottom part much thinner and almost into
    a point
    and this is where you get mad at yourself trying to do it which
    okay so I'm gonna push that paste
    into their have to dry my hands
    and cut it off
    what I like to do is use a cell pad or some sort of the phone pad
    that I can that way I can push the two sides together
    while I'm pushing down have removed as much
    access paste as I could so that its flush with the top
    being able to push against the pad or a flat surface
    will make it a little easier for you some pushing the sites together and I'm
    pushing down
    and I see that it's nice and flat
    so now I can pull this APAR it's really not that difficult
    after you do a couple of them you get the hang of it so
    that's ready to go again this should drive for a few hours before you attach
    the heel
    so I'm gonna set that over here and I have another one
    that I've already made that has dried
    which can put my pace two-way I've already cut out
    the soul love this shoe
    using the little soul cutter and I've also
    taken the the the television you and I've
    cut that and the strap instead of playing these over a former like we did
    for the larger shoe
    I just curve them and i said im on it on a phone had to drive for a little while
    I'm going to use my I'll
    my water brush put a little bit of water on the heel
    and attach the heel
    and the little blue former's
    come with the kid and you put that
    together to get that so the camera can see it
    and let that dry
    and when that's glued together at least give it a half hour or hour
    or an hour
    and then we can attach these other parts to it I think our larger she was ready
    to go now so we'll assemble the larger shoe
    so I have my
    soul and my heel connected many movies to his side
    and here are other parts
    it doesn't matter which part you put on first
    all do the strap first
    now where the heel
    connects to the soul is where the straps will go
    so just put a little water on the
    inside not on the and but on the inside
    where the straps go and one goes on one side
    and one on the other
    and just hold them in place for a few seconds
    and that's it
    they're glued and now we'll put the front on the %uh the

    again put your water on the
    inside or your gun glue
    whichever you prefer to use and
    you're gonna come in about I'll turn this this way
    you're gonna come in about a half an inch to three-quarters of an inch
    and attach that and it really is easier to hold it in your hand and do it
    just lightly press it to the set to the side of the sole issue
    and then place it back on the former
    and now I've attached the front
    not you'll see a little bit of
    corn starch that's left on the paste when we let this dry little bit
    I'm going to brush these parts that I just added with a little bit have
    teal or turquoise luster dust and I'm gonna show you a little trick so that
    you don't get the sole of the shoe
    dusty you don't get it dirty arm but we're gonna let this dry just a little
    we're going to put the little miniature shoot together so I'm just gonna set
    this aside
    and bring the loose you back
    and here's the strap
    the same way I'm going to put a little bit water on the inside
    and amended tax that right where the
    shoe and the he'll come together and here's the toll
    I you can see they're holding their shape
    hopes I'm got wrong here
    use a little to love something to to push that
    into the soul on the side I
    look that backup there
    so now the little one is done now
    make sure you let these dry before you try to finish them
    you can call them you can paint them you can put glitter on them
    you can add flowers air or bows to the front of the shoe
    you can embellish them hundreds of ways but do let them dry
    before you do that otherwise we'll start falling apart and then when you tried
    putting back together
    the piece to start breaking on you and it really becomes a disaster
    once you've got these two parts on and they're staying right in place where you
    want them
    allow the shooter completely dry before you do anything issue touches
    so I'm gonna let these dry little bit and
    I'm gonna come right back and we'll show you how to do some finishing touches on
    the shoes
    okay I'm back to show you how to finish the shoes induce just some little
    finishing touches on them
    wanna show you a trick on how to to color the
    the excess three-party the shoes that the toll in the strap
    without getting any dust or any pain or anything
    on the sole of the shoe I'm using my
    soul Carter I'm putting it in the pad and I'm gonna lay a piece a paper towel
    over it
    and I'm just gonna go back and forth with my
    moths I thought I was there
    trying to the spot men to go back and forth with the
    rolling pin and that's gonna leave an impression in
    my towel you may not be able to see it but there's a clear impression of their
    above the sole of the shoe gonna use my
    scissors and I'm gonna cut just on the inside of that
    this doesn't have to be perfect okay but you do want a little bit smaller than
    the sole of the shoe
    sort of crude peace
    but it works so we'll pull this back over here
    and then just gently put that
    in the sole of the shoe and that's gonna help protect
    the sole this you will like cholera I have some dust that I've chosen
    I'm using a teal luster dust
    on put that on a paper towel and
    you could test it with a dry to us but today I'm very use
    a web application p.m. so many put a little bit about alcohol you can use a
    vodka or gin
    are or ever clear arm or you can use lemon extract
    not lemon juice but lemon extract in that a little bit
    and then you're just going to paint the sole of the shoe
    or the that the toe of the shoe
    if you doing all white I a nice touch is just a pearlized with a little bit a
    super pearl dust
    and again you can put it on dry or you can wait
    the reason that I that I dilute it with alcohol
    is I think that you get a nicer coat it's a nicer finish
    and also I don't have to deal with any powder
    I'll flying around and getting all over the rest to the shoe
    that's all done
    and this is
    the the Alan Tate row
    bowls this is the small bowl number two and I take it a little piece a black
    and I molded a little black ball and to get that bow to
    to shine a little bit I'm going to use a brush with a little bit of
    shortening on it
    and I'm just going to attach that with a little bit of water
    and allow that to try and then lastly this
    pullout your paper and then you have a completed
    shoe and I can take the mall that he heard the former outta here now
    so that you can see the completed shoe so
    that's an easy way you can do flowers you can do bows you can do all concerts
    have been Bella smits on the shoe
    for the small shoe you can do the same thing
    on you could add about all you could add a flower you could add
    whatever you want this time I'm going to use a little bit %uh var
    this is our hybrid luster dust this is the Allen Tate role I know
    %uh luster dust how many is a little bit about alcohol
    and just a little bit of the luster dusts
    now this luster dust can also be the hybrid luster dust
    can also be dissolved with water I still prefer to use the are called just
    because it dries faster
    and this is sort of a
    a bubble gum pink
    okay so I finished painting the small shoe
    you can use any color i've luster dust that you'd like with that there are
    alcohol or lemon extract or for using the hybrid us you can use water
    on the one thing I didn't do on this large issue is the heel
    normally you would color the heel as well to match the rest to the shoe
    so that's how you make the shoes the really are not hard
    they take a little time because you have to let the different pieces dry
    just enough to attach them but they're not a difficult project and as you can
    see the wow factor that the shoes have
    on cupcakes or cake on is really great and
    people just love them and there's so many fun things that you can do with the
    hope you've enjoyed this tutorial are you can buy all the supplies at Global
    Sugar Art dot com
    and just to go over today we use the Jama
    high heel shoe we use the gen miniature shoe
    don't forget that you can get the jam
    arm accessories for the large shoes this is a separate kit
    with different backs and toes and Straps I used Mexican paste
    Mexican pace is far easier to use to make this
    to make the shoes then gum paste is gum pace is stretchy it takes a lot longer
    to dry
    it's much more difficult so really do try the Mexican pace
    that is also available on our website and so is the recipe if you'd like to
    make it from scratch
    we've used a couple moles for the Bose on the issue that I made ahead a time
    that's also one at the Allen Tate role a little arm
    of lower moles have a great day I hope you've enjoyed the video and happy
    decorating *** *** Wicked Fondant Red High Heel Tutorial! Part 1 of 3 - YouTube !!!
    and now here's miss you
    that we're going to be doing the tutorial on I haven't quit
    and all the decorations that I want to
    for Halloween this is the batch you
    we have that as ur tell friend
    of and for fun
    we have a pat on the back and it will be my pleasure to show you how this was put
    together and made
    I hope you enjoy I am buddy from Barry's Bay
    black and said had a lot of requests for my
    at Purple Passion fund and he'll I said that I would go ahead and show you how
    to do a platform
    here village that's not her fault it's red
    its founder fix red found and
    if I'm going to use like the purple I made myself the color
    not fat for me is red or black and run it by her teammates since it
    take so much color to get that that intensity
    it easier for me to do it this way she guessed it was a nice round file
    with no creases they say even and then
    all you wanna do is add pressure to the bottom part
    and your file and roll a nice
    house I'll bring my fingers say like this
    just to get by he'll to look for and i won
    I realize is going to not stay
    as I am rolling but it gives my
    visual safe overland knowing where and trying to get
    and I want my yield to be fairly
    so I'm gonna go longer
    same actually mucus agree with just my fingers
    and sometimes with the founder effect it will get a lil bit shiny
    and you don't always have time to let it rest at Christ Church sticking by
    and his friend you like this field a solution here is just a person the OC
    bit unique is silence we carry that in our store
    you're gonna lie I table spin for the heel
    just to hear the fund
    a little bit more structured you could do a
    with fondant and gumpaste but
    I think they're
    have enough time to do anything you and finer a pic is so wonderful
    and having unlimited time even with the tireless
    an I'd rather do that they will tell you that I family stuff and terrific
    because it does have such limited time that sometimes I make my Paul
    and let sit for maybe an hour before going actually do this
    the heel just to give it a little bit more structure and love it for stability
    still while but I have a check
    that I can see it I'm to take this to 13 centimeters which
    is about five inches it's easy for me to measure in San newscasts
    little bit more are exact chemical market

    yes little bit more than $
    billion going to take me
    populist top all been there hit that minutes site
    she's every he okay has that's
    where happy completely RAM although I haven't seen
    Inc this it is she played
    it's made by kemper we will be carrying that
    in about a week or two its actually use for polymer clay that works perfectly
    for fun find that in polymer clay assessed E
    somewhere and the way that they work
    and where the tools work for them next family do
    and this is personal some people don't care I like to get that nice
    he'll affect its going to attach safe and if they can just put my
    if smoother and angle and
    bring it and then go back and
    in cash saved it beautiful Rams he'll
    hurt that you get the top there and the Purple Passion
    I realize a little bit leaf they didn't have that and
    added in later which we may in that game this
    usually that's what they have to check if the
    rights every measure disinfected
    and a
    am little bit over if you're too high sometimes
    your heel will stand to Street Apt and
    what book matched yugos
    then she wants him he go even fair then it
    remember we're going to get this here in here yeah I mean come much sooner than
    its Kieran
    is hard to do I have problems with it myself sometimes
    said what I like to do because we are working with under a thick
    and it still is a little bit wobbly as you can see
    I would put this in the freezer for about six minutes came out
    and secure it and then ship it
    welcome back we have taken their clit the freezer and I went ahead and secured
    it as you can see it's going through
    the bottom part at the heel and upward and
    the best way I can tell you to do that is unit twists and push
    and pull out twist and push temple at
    at this one's and actually think I can go to your house and I'm
    MP happy with that you might an
    and up disfiguring it's a little bit
    when you twist and call from the freezer
    but you can fix that may show you how yes there's a shady is
    I just went ahead and scary
    my toe tap with that she played
    and I didn't you can go ahead at 80 tapped
    a black toe-tapping and right hand toe-tapping and
    I think it's just gonna look even a little bit more natural if I paint over
    this rather than
    trying to get one to fit exactly perfectly
    so that's at way degraded
    when you go to skew as your heel
    you just to use normal funded there's that you would for cake
    you want the Straits a
    facing towards the narrow and if your heel
    and you're going to lean one saying that as you
    use the other your came in the mail SAE net
    and using my rates a just say
    even and then do the same thing and this
    and that should take care any prints that you have
    and give you back that shaped you you can I say go down
    his heels and like you said just completely wrapped
    so what we have left is to put Arab in a wooden pieces on issue
    back here and then we need to let this
    actually rest for
    hours to give it is structured to hold
    the the ship I didn't wanna show you real quick before we move on
    that this is another test the heel
    and it was made with the cake structure mold
    and units case tractor dot com
    the only reason that I didn't start off with using this mold
    it is faster enforces go save you time
    not everybody has it when I first AME she's I did not
    have the mall so I had to come up with inventive ways to make it
    look like a hero but this is available on the market
    I would suggest whether or not you want to spend the investment
    and to pay a hand heals you think you might do
    game this strike be has your gonna lay here so I'm here
    your heels can attach to the back its gonna give it a little bit more
    that I would definitely invest in getting
    flashing a hectare from stuffs
    alright so we have left is a said and it would be I either one of these
    is there's a little strip in the back of the heel
    it's a generally TN to their for Cali that we're going to use
    and just is gonna be attached to
    this area right here and order to do that
    you only need keys have
    fund that is either and of way
    an antique way page you get
    at a little bit a branching out a little bit more that
    work boots and shoes that women like
    and you can apply at ten yes 2x as you can see my
    gumpaste still is very playable
    which is wonderful for eating
    in covering a cake in other in the fashion press the issue that we're gonna
    we do the the town if he'll SS again we need structure
    so what i mean it do is at some time left:
    and Telos in there
    and this you don't need a tablescape I need
    I would start with and seeking
    Stefan attacking a tailored a white a there's been a tailor scissors
    market cm CMC's
    I am I particularly like this frame because it's white
    I try to brand that I love for anything
    and it did change the color have the find out because it had cared for
    and a grayish
    in a case you call
    to you do want to to stick with
    a very white tennis for this you can keep your colors this change
    as possible and I can feel that my
    find that is changing Basnet changing and now
    it's still fairly
    when they're gun and some were
    just and
    just you're looking for it
    I'm also
    that you get with a campaigns fund
    next year and you can use like I said
    gumpaste you can do your own
    don't have to use the Taylors
    highlights hairless because come times gumpaste
    well dry up too fast annual K
    cracks in this way no I won't
    into it speak alright this is a
    as check for McCain came up with
    and then in the evening met on the way to shoot
    you so we're gonna do
    roll this missus
    way to pick up a piece answer all the same
    at my head mentioned before
    red is one scholars like black
    you can I wash your hands in between especially when we go
    and we do the two tone colors for the

    piece in the heel piece so if if the Senate passed a machine
    bring it down to a number one normally and the Xavier
    you see relevant for this piece we just needed I'm just making
    an impression and for the
    front part of my hero this year's love
    eat the either heels can be done different seventy going with a mini
    pizza wheel
    papers through the pizza will
    more than I would inexact avoid although you will be needing
    is actively later they get West rescue
    and I seem to have better contrast
    pizza play I am just heading
    this in the case
    all I did was turn that moved him
    to get this impression it's gonna be a little bit longer than I wanted you to
    access Aaron acting out that piece ago
    year tote at peace but we can cut that with some friends scissors
    we get there
    miss cassini say it may be just love it too
    good sheep
    and bringing me here
    and it is very very tough part you aren't
    you are not history going to need
    so the democrat don't worry very in the end
    thinning don't worry bout you racing to the scene because it's a pretty huge
    thing to attach
    to thank you issue said my piece ready
    and I'm i'ma try and and annable blew it
    SEM tellers patter some water and will be a shaker
    you know
    give that recipe and line any that's it
    every night think it's Mason pic you want to manage
    I want to make sure that this is lined up to really taps can be
    no here even
    and that's all there is to this
    you want this to rest for trying for hours to give
    stability to
    will see units less than I wanted to just a few miss explain how it is peace
    it is a little bit different than the other one in it takes some measuring
    so what you wanna do is measured and here
    which is exactly one millimeter and
    up to the attack which is and
    to and a Half Moon yourself click
    I know that I do not want to come down to worry intended nato Tampa which
    consistently and that being link to this play
    believe that then the extra
    just in case any so
    I know they need to be a little bit less in the morning
    slow-moving red showing man has been showed me this neat little trick we
    can handball to it centered
    say you sent me here lessons and newsday
    am gonna mark wearing senator Dan
    with my plane me lately
    mark and this side this mentally
    know what you're gonna wanna do at this point is
    take your plea and remembering that you're going to be
    wider its attack keep it
    and straightening as you can
    you can see it
    just moving the same thing on the other side
    thing and still from
    into thick billion
    do it again you can always take more
    very few take to little
    interview take to Mitch's he's me you independent a stir
    you just gonna keep coming in encoding is Jane Coles
    to get it Street Band
    and that's all you need take a little bit
    and your sure Lynn and
    granite dam I'm two-year feel the same way
    you did the mall *** *** Sweet 16 High Heel Cake - YouTube !!!
    very thin
    and we need to prepare feel like perhaps over here
    think going to be wearing and offered me nixon
    breath with appliques the crystal
    p I'll back course a
    awesome expect growth
    the first thing mary you feel when you press a
    *** *** Part II Shoebox and Fancy High Heel Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    okay now your solar dry up
    homer all renomination finally here

    probably line yeah weren't all
    really the biggest thing
    you like by fine
    are not
    on know you can actually cover the the
    Monday smile one thing morning
    I hellish not you there
    of corner so we're actually
    I here time I'm
    Apple now and measured back lay
    side shorter and
    tips so that it will make
    her Hillary hi
    freezers region so I by
    opera so that
    on here be humor
    every me
    mall you
    okay sale are pop that be
    hi way are me
    measure actual of about games
    that matter
    of for you
    just care for your scissors
    anything i'd want
    right now for you
    worry about it
    together very crying
    dollars measures and hole
    on I'll him
    you say
    when either holler
    the best way to do it I
    Mar where
    me art many
    almost boring
    way around
    okay right
    very it million get it
    here her wiring
    her problem
    all many home
    but girl
    black down
    now scary *** *** CONVERSE SHOE CAKE TUTORIAL How To Cook That Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English English Spanish (Latin America) Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That I'm Ann Reardon
    The large number of requests for a converse shoe got it to the top of the list.
    So today we will make this shoe, I am making it fairly small, it's enough for about

    people. If you want to enlarge it you can just enlarge the template.
    Firstly print the template and you can get that and all the recipe details on the website
    howtocookthat.net and I'll put a link in the description just below this video.
    times the recipe for the chocolate cake in two trays. And you will have about
    half of a tray left over which you can use for something else. And mix a double quantity
    of the chocolate buttercream recipe and mix that until it is nice and smooth.
    Once your cakes are cooked and cooled then you can level off the tops and we're ready
    to start. Place your sole shaped template onto the cake
    and cut around it, and then cut out two more so you have three altogether.
    On a cake board put a small amount of frosting that just stops the cake from slipping off
    and add your first layer. Spread some buttercream over that so that
    it is even and level then add another on on top. And then do that again with another layer
    of buttercream and another layer of cake. Add the side template to the side of the cake
    so you can see where you are up to. Put the sole back on top and then fold it at the point
    where the side template is joining the cake so that you can cut smaller pieces of cake
    to stack on top of that. Cut around the smaller piece a couple of times
    and stack it on top. Put your template up next to it and cut out
    the shape of the shoe just going along the template there.
    Now when you look at it from the top you can see the edges are sharp corners, we want to
    round that off using your knife. Shave off a little bit at a time so you end up with
    a nice rounded shoe shape. Once you are happy with it cover the whole
    thing in butter cream, you can use a piping bag to almost like colour it in and then smooth
    it out with your spatula to make it nice and smooth. Once you are happy with it place it
    in the fridge.
    Now to make all the details that we need find two things that are the size shown on the
    template I am using piping tips. Cut out the middle circle and then the outer circle to
    make the grommets for the shoe. Then keep going make more and more and more because
    you need
    of these, perhaps make a couple of extra just in case why not.
    Roll out some more white and cut out a circle in the size shown on the template. Take a
    slightly smaller cutter and brush using blue gel food colouring around the top edge of
    it, And then just very gently place it onto your circle and pull it back off and it leaves
    that nice blue circle on there. Roll out some dark blue and use the start
    to cut out a star and then very carefully pick it up and place it in the centre of the
    circle. use your knife to straighten up the edges of the star and make sure it all looks
    good. Take some red gel food colouring and a tiny
    paint brush and paint on the letters. Look at the picture andsee where each letter is
    in reference to the points on the star and that will help with the spacing it out and
    getting it in the right place or roughly in the right place.
    Then add in the other details, an even finer paint brush would help here because it is
    so small. Then leave those to dry out. They are only small so they are not going to take
    Back to our cake first we want to cover the top. Cut a piece of black a little larger
    than you need and then drape it over the top. Use your fingers to smooth the sides so there
    are no lumps, it should be level with the buttercream because we don't want to see a
    bump when we put our side fondant on there. Gently roll the rolling pin on the top to
    smooth it out you don't push down here you're just gently rolling.
    Make yourself a cardboard support and cover it in non-stick baking paper so the fondant
    won't stick to it. Then place that gently on top of the shoe to support the tongue fondant
    when we put it on top. Roll out some black and some cream fondant
    and then cut a piece of cream a little bit larger than the top part of the tongue. Place
    it onto the black and then cut all the way around the template.
    Carefully lift it up and with the cream coloured side down place it onto the cake. You want
    the tongue to sit above the top of the cake there, just resting on the support we made.
    The rest can just go down over the cake, smooth it on and trim around the base. Then on the
    edges where you've got it just push it into the buttercream again just like we did with
    the top bit so it's level with the buttercream so you don't get that bump.
    Now cut out the side of the shoe template and then add a strip of cream fondant to the
    top edge of it. Use a dress makers stitch tool or a spike
    wheel it is called sometimes and roll that along so it looks like a line of stitching.
    Take an extra strip of cream and place it along the rest of the top edge You could line
    the whole thing with cream fondant but I didn't want the fondant to be that thick.
    Add it to the side of the cake, again you want the top to come above the level of the
    actual cake and rest on the cardboard. It should come around and overlap the tongue
    part and come down the side but all the way to the toe it is about and inch back form
    the end of the shoe. Smooth it down to the base and then trim it off using a knife. Then
    repeat that on the other side of the shoe. Place a strip of white fondant straight across
    the toe, smooth it down and trim around the base. Then use your knife to carefully trim
    around where the side pieces are it shouldnt overlap them it needs to come off.
    For the back of the heel cut a strip of black and run the spike wheel along the length twice
    on each side like a double row of stitching. Make sure the top of it is straight and then
    add it to the back of the shoe trimming it off at the bottom.
    Before we go any further I wan to cover the cake board. Roll out some fondant and cut
    one side of your shoe out of it, then add it to the board. You can do this in whatever
    colour you like, I am going with wood but you can go with bright colours or whatever
    you want. Trim off the excess from around the edge of the board and in the same way
    add a piece to the other side. Use a clean ruler to mark indents for the
    floor boards. Then use a knife and mark a long eye shape. Then run your knife along
    the length of the wood going around that eye shape. Continue that pattern making extra
    knots in the wood as you go. On your template it shows you the thickness
    of the white strip that we need, so cut a long strip that is that size. Add a little
    water to the fondant to help it stick and then wrap it around the base of the shoe,
    use your finger to smooth it out. Cut your second strip of white to the size
    shown and then add a really thin strip of black to the middle. You will need a tiny
    bit of water on the white to make it stick, but not too much or it will slide off.
    Add that strip around the base of your shoe, it doesn't go around the toe so start at one
    side of the toe. Now to make the bit that does go around the
    front toe bit. Roll out some more white and using the end of the ruler make diaganol imprints
    all the way up, then turn the ruler
    degrees and make imprints going across to make diamond
    shapes all the way down. Then use the ruler to squash and flatten one edge and get rid
    of that diamond pattern. Take your knife and make diaganol stripes along that strip. Repeat
    that on the other side of the strip this time a little wider.
    On the cake trim off the black a few centimeters back from where the side black comes down
    near the toe there. Add a little water and then add on the front toe strip with the wider
    pattern at the base.
    Now evenly space 8 holes for the shoe laces and then so just roughly measure where you
    think they are going to sit and then once you're sure you're int eh right spot poke
    holes in the shoe. Add then add those little white circles that we made earlier on top
    one at a time all the way up the sides.
    Now for our shoe laces, you can roll these out by hand and cut a thin strip but if you
    have a fondant extruder use that because it is easier to get it even. squeeze together
    one end and push it into the hole. Place it across and push it in on the other side. Trim
    your next bit on a diaganol and add it next to the side piece. Then take it across to
    the next hole. and continue that all the way up the shoe. At the top make a long lace tuck
    it under the top edge, then give it a twist or two and let it drape down the shoe. Pinch
    in the end and roll it between you fingers to make the end bit of the shoe lace do you
    know what that little plastic bit is called? See if you can guess. I'll put the answer
    on the blog post if you are curious. And of course add another lace on the other side.
    I didn't lace right up to the top grommet, you can if you like.
    Using some water attach two more grommets to the side of your shoe and then poke a hole
    through the middle. Now for stitching run the spike wheel along the edge in two rows
    then take a fine paintbrush with white food colouring and paint along those rows so it
    looks like a stitching line. Do that down the side of the shoe too and then use some
    water to add the label to the side of your shoe there and you have your converse shoe
    cake. You could of course use different colour fondant to make the shoe a different colour.
    Put all your request below, this cake was requested by
    sonjaminy13 muffin girl
    havick O G abbey miles
    starlightz - that was a nice comment zoie grover
    unicorns are awesome coby goldberg
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    ann D X B yensi johnson
    aileen limenko eepers-jeeper

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    video, here for the channel and here for the website.
    Have an amazing week and I'll see you on Friday *** *** How to Make a Cinderella Cake from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hey everybody this is Dan from cookies cupcakes Inc idea dot com
    say we're going to be making a cake from one of my favorite fairy tale movies
    Cinderella we're going to be putting a pillow on the bottom
    and the Cinderella's glass slipper is sitting on the top
    and it's made out of chocolate so let's get started on our tutorial
    well we're going to be using is two layers
    inch square cake some are stacked in their buttercream in between
    we're going to be cutting this
    now I'm going to be using there's a royal purple buttercream
    and I just use a Merkel urge el pais in royal purple to get this color
    then I also have some white buttercream and a white
    melting chocolate these little white I'm kinda brown sprinkles or chocolate here
    you could use
    we've got little pearlized draw Jays
    clear piping gel clear sanding sugar
    a little bit of gumpaste sum up her role
    arm just the dusting powder and a summer
    sparkle gel certainly cake you're ready to be cars
    now what I did for this one was I left the dome that happens when the cake
    cooks instead of turning it off like I normally would the planet I left it
    because I we want that look to come
    with the pillow so the stage a little bit a buttercream work
    so I've got here my toothpicks marked in four
    spots now there in the center each other the sides
    in between the two lengths and then urban inch
    in as well cuz this is going to be where the pillow comes in
    so using a serrated knife I'm just going to cut down
    and then cut like a little not show here that's going to be my guide
    and then a lineup from my toothpick to the edge of the
    the Kate here and has cut straight down and I'm going to do this
    the whole way around the cake soul I'm a thing up here
    and then cut down here like this and I'll do that
    to each toothpick so in general shape to the Cape car
    now what I'm going to do now is in is going to shave off the edges of the top
    and then
    underneath as well just to give it a little bit more around a gentle slope to
    these edges
    so just taking my serrated knife and I'm just gonna work at it slowly
    so you want to make sure that you do small cuts so that you don't have big
    chunks that remove
    depending on what kind of cake you're using you may find it difficult to cut
    so just make sure that your cake is Mason called
    or even frozen I find works best when you are carving it
    so I'm just working at slowly like this and then moving down to the bottom
    was going to try to like cut into the sides here
    and just take a bit chunk outta here just to give it
    a look that is if it's often the fort like that
    and then just carve away the sides on the bottom there too
    let's give it a gentle slope to any repeat that all the way around the sites
    about the pillow car now so now I'm gonna take my purple buttercream
    and I'm going to cover the entire cake with the buttercream
    get some on top links a little bit easier and then using my cake spatula
    I'm just going to spread it all over the entire cake
    so I pillow is covered with the buttercream now now here in here I have
    piece is a patchwork Inc will set
    if you can't find one of these you don't have to use when you can just use
    like a knife or you could even use a roller in order to etch
    in these patterns but what you do with up with the
    patchwork quilt peace you just press it into the far into the buttercream here
    you can also use it for fun meant and then just pull it up
    and you'll have I can a little on embossed peace there
    and then you just go around and then just put them all together
    so I'm going to do this all over the cake
    and then in the pieces here where the little P
    where the little diamonds meet I'm just going to put one
    love the on Pearl draw Jays
    it's just gonna give it a little bit more up in effect to mark
    each part above the pillow so we're going to move on now to the side of the
    the pillow here and I bought a will to number
    started been
    and I'm just going to be doing a row order to imitate what you might see on
    the side other natural pillow
    so we just gonna go like this
    and then bring it up and back up to a little bit oval
    polka net shape maybe a little bit backwards London ass
    and is going to go around like this around the whole entire cake
    so I've done the border around the edges the pillow now I have a Wilton
    and I'm just going to start at the base here I'm gonna squeeze and pull it up
    and it's going to create the look for the tassels just attach to the side
    and then repeat for as many tassels as you want here
    on each love the different parts the different corners on the cake
    gonna take my round and he is now in place at the top
    where the arm the tassels are and then using just some tweezers that I use just
    for cake decorating
    and when a place some more these drugs Jays around the white
    all here and the runaway on you to make it the
    glass slipper that we're gonna put on the top are going to make it out of
    now this is a chocolate or still a calm all that I'll put a link to where you
    can get this off about Amazon
    in the Description box below each of these have thus you are going to
    use one cup %uh melted chocolate you just take your melted chocolate
    poured into the malls like this make sure that it comes out level
    and then you can spread it around and if there's extra on top
    it doesn't matter because it will just come off when you pop out the shoe
    so you can just make it kinda like this and fill out the other one as well
    and then when you're going to said its
    to hardened you can speed up that process
    by putting it into the fridge if he wanted to go little bit quicker
    I'm or you can just sit and wait for it hearted
    so I'm going to do that and I've got a couple prepared
    to show you what to do next what's the topic has solidified it will pop
    right out of the mold and I have here the two halves on a complete issue here
    but in order to get to a completed state you just take your knife
    and you can run around all these little extra spots you can also does but
    of to sometimes it does break off nicely so I'm not gonna turn this one up
    neatly right now so on a show
    what to do next so you take your shirt off and some more beer melted chocolate
    and discover in covered up like this and any gaps that you have you can fill them
    in with chocolate after the fact anything that's you
    need any like little holes or anything you can fill that in
    then once you've got the shoe to gather like that make sure it's lined up
    and then just let it solidify so we've got the chocolate ShoeMall already here
    now I'm going to put on my piping gel which I just put in the secondary
    and I'm just going to cover the entire shoe no work
    like on one side and then I'll switch to the other side afterwards
    and I what this is going to be the adhesive for the
    I'm sanding sugar to stick to now because we can actually make this
    the glass slipper look like glass the point is getting it as shiny
    and its good early glittery as you can
    so I'm putting on all this stuff here
    she's been helped the sanding sugar stick
    and then with the sanding sugar I'm just going to
    shake it on onto the emotional fall onto the plate
    the excess stuff and a move on to the other side
    so covered the issue in the standings sugar now I just wants to
    I'm kinda like sparkle the top here where the show where the full would be
    and just taking my luster dust and I put my brush into the luster dust
    and I just brush it on this area just add a little bit of shine
    these are a little steps that you definitely don't have to do if you don't
    have the product
    but it just adds a little bit more other kinda touch of fanciness to it
    next we're going to be using the sparkle gel now recognize that it is kinda hard
    see either like the luster dust that we put on in this this sparkle gel
    and just because the chocolate is white on the issue but just if you can see up
    close when you make it yourself
    will definitely be able to see the little bit the shine so I'm just lying
    be- issue here
    and just to give it a little bit more dimension to look at make it look a
    little bit more realistic
    so got my gum paste here and it's nice and soft and I have
    a Wilton silicone mold and I'm just going to use the butterfly this large
    butterfly here
    her and is pressing the gumpaste into it just like this
    and then once I got it in there I just feel it out
    and you'll see over here that I have the done a couple already
    just to make sure that there are ready to go and I'm just letting them form
    with the curve um
    for the butterfly wings says President
    and then fill-up and this is going to go on to the shoe the frontal issue
    but I'm gonna put the shoe on to the cake the butterfly onto
    the issue and I'll show you the completed cake up next
    so I put the issue on top
    love the cake here and I have a butterfly just above on the Tel
    so I hope you enjoyed this tutorial thanks for watching everybody
    remember to subscribe to the channel and I'll see you all again next time *** *** Stiletto Cupcakes! Decorate High Heel Shoe Cupcakes - A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
    Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Stiletto Cupcake Tutorial where I'll be showing you
    how to make this very cool stiletto cupcake. There's quite a lot to this tutorial so let's
    get started. Tools and equipment that I will be using today:
    I have some of our perfectly pipeable buttercream frosting which I've pre-colored in a fuchsia-y
    type color. If you are having trouble getting your frosting to that consistency, we do have
    a tutorial on how to make the buttercream frosting, as well as a recipe, so feel free
    to check that one out. I have some melted white chocolate. You can
    also use melted white candy wafers. I have some lavender sanding sugar. I've placed
    my lavender sanding sugar in quite a wide flat base bowl.
    I've got a disposable piping bag which I've pre-filled with some of that fuchsia buttercream
    and I'm using that in conjunction with a Loyal number
    piping nozzle. You don't have to
    have the Loyal number 20, but just something with a nice, round, open tip will be perfect.
    I have
    serrated edge knife or steak knife. I have
    knives. I prepared household scissors.
    I've pre-made some fuchsia fondant. And I've also pre-made one of our little bows.
    We have a tutorial in this small fondant bow with ribbon tails, and I've just left the
    ribbon tails off this one. I've got a couple of ice cream wafers. These
    are natural ice cream wafers available at your local supermarket.
    I've got some cream wafer straws. You can see those. They do come in quite a few different
    designs, patterns, colors and flavors so bear in mind what you look you want for your stiletto
    heel when you're choosing your wafers. I've got a plain vanilla cupcake. I've baked
    that in a lovely fuchsia patty pan, the same color that I've used for my fondant.
    And I've got a spare snap lock or sandwich bag.
    Let's get started. Firstly we're going to prepare the front of
    our stiletto so I'm going to take my piping bag. I'm going to squeeze that frosting all
    the way to the end until it's just popping out the end of the nozzle, and I'm just going
    to swirl it all the way to the edges in a nice dome swirl.
    Now I'm going to take the back of one of my butter knives and I'm just going to spread
    that out to the edges. Try not to get it over the edges of the patty pan too much. If you
    get it a little bit, it's okay, and make that into a nice dome.
    I'm going to take that and roll it in my lovely sanding sugar. So you can see there, the sanding
    sugar really does change the color of that icing and takes it from being that fuchsia
    color to more of a purple. Feel free to give it a couple of rolls and then just take the
    palm of your hand and pat it down making that nice smooth dome.
    Next we'll be making the sole of our shoe. This is where our ice cream wafers come in,
    as well as our candy melts or our white chocolate. Now I've taken these ice cream wafers, and
    just with a standard pair of scissors, I've cut them into this shape. Now make sure that
    you got a couple of this spare because you will have a couple of mishaps along the way,
    especially if you're going to do a whole dozen pairs of shoes. You see, I've really just
    trim the edges off to give us that lovely sole shape.
    I'm going to take the white chocolate or the white candy melts and my other butter knife.
    What I'm going to do is just dip that in and I'm just going to spread it up. Now you should
    have quite a rough side to that wafer, quite a, I guess, quite a coarse side. You want
    to make sure that the coarse side is the back. Now you see here, I'm just smoothing it up
    the sides, smoothing it at across. I am leaving a little bit of that top corner so that I
    can still hold it. It can be a little bit messy. Try and get it as smooth as you can
    though with the back of that knife. If you need to add a little bit more, you can add
    a little bit more. And don't worry about the back of the wafer. It's going to be a bit
    messy but it's the back of the shoe anyway so no one should really be looking. So you
    should have something that looks a little bit like that.
    I'm going to pop that to the side on a piece grease-proof paper. I should mention, this
    will take about
    minutes to dry so I would suggest pre-making this and that way you can
    get straight into the decorating. So here's one that I've pre-made. As you can
    see, that's lovely and touched dry and ready to go. Now, I'm going to prepare my cupcake.
    We're taking my serrated edge knife and cutting about a centimeter from the patty pan. I'm
    cutting all the way into the cupcake, just to the width of the knife. Now just going
    to prepare the space for us to put in the wafer. Now I just want to make sure that's
    going to go in all the way. Beautiful, alright! So I'm happy that's going to go into the cupcake
    nicely. I'm going to take it back out. We're going to now do the edging of the sole.
    This is where our second snap lock bag comes in. So I'm going to take the snap lock bag
    and I'll just [spoon full], not too much of the buttercream frosting. Pop that into the
    snap lock bag. And I'm going to use this effectively as a disposable piping bag.
    So what I' going to do is you want to snip off the corner. But you want to snip off quite
    a large corner so it's about a centimeter this corner. And it's going to give you this
    lovely flat edge. So we're actually going to be piping out, I suppose you call it like
    a strip of icing rather than a small dainty little piped line. It's going to be quite
    a fat strip. Alright, so we want to take this now and I'm
    going to... see how fat that strip is that's coming out of the bag? Down the side, hold
    it in the center, down the side and across the back. Now this is why we wanted our sanding
    sugar in this lovely white flat bowl because we're now going to just roll that. Now don't
    roll it too hard because you don't want to knock the sanding sugar, so you don't want
    to knock the icing with the sanding sugar. It can be a little bit fiddly. Alright, so
    you can see there, I still got some spaces in close to the sole with no sanding sugar
    so I'm just going to sprinkle that on. It's probably the messiest part of the shoe and
    probably the fiddliest as well. If you do find you get sanding sugar everywhere, I would
    suggest keeping a paintbrush or something on hand, and just use the paintbrush just
    to flick... a dry paintbrush just to flick away any of that excess sanding sugar. Alright,
    so you should now have something that resembles that. Now you can see here, this side here
    is little bit wider than that side so I'm just going to take my knife and just push
    it back a little bit so that I'm happy that they're nice and even. Beautiful.
    So I'm going to take the sole of my stiletto and I'm going to push it into that pre-cut
    little slot. Now while you're still holding this -- it's a bit of a circus juggling act
    -- take one of your wafers. Make sure you put the nice smooth flat side to the ground
    and you put the jagged side where you've actually snapped it up to the shoe, to the sole of
    the shoe. And then I'm just going to sit that on the ground, and just let that sole sit
    nicely on it. Now try not to touch that for a couple of minutes because you just want
    that white chocolate to form a nice little glue to seal it and to just glue itself to
    the back of the sole. Alright, while you're waiting for the stiletto
    heel to dry, we'll start rolling some of our little fuchsia pearls or beads that are going
    to go along the back. So just make sure they're all roughly the same size and do bear in mind
    that these shoes are a pair so make sure that you try and get them both as similar as you
    can in size of your icing swirl, size of the bows, and size of the little pearls at the
    back there. Alright, so we've got 4 of those. This might be a touch big. You can see I'm
    just rolling that into just a little ball shape.
    And we've also got our beautiful fondant bow. Now I'm going to use this white chocolate
    as a little bit of a glue so I'm just going to dip in there, put a little bit of glue
    on the back of my fondant bow, and just nestle that fondant bow on top. You can push it into
    the icing a little bit if you like. We're going to do the same thing with our
    4 pearls. Be careful not to apply too much pressure on these pearls because you don't
    want to squash them out of shape. You want them to still be nice and round. And that
    white chocolate can get a little bit messy so try not to have it drip around the pearls
    too much. I'm just going to rest one, two...oops. Once you get this far through the shoe, you
    don't want to wreck it at the very end...and four.
    Now as you can see, I've got a few little bits and pieces on that white sole. I don't
    want this so I'm just going to take the paintbrush and I'm just going to wipe them off to give
    us that lovely seamless white sole. When you are moving these shoes, do make sure
    that you carry them by both halves. They are a little bit fragile but they're so worth
    it. So there you have a beautiful pair of absolutely
    gorgeous stiletto cupcakes. Another one that we've prepared earlier, a
    great design. You can see here how we've carried the design from the patty pan through to the
    actual front of the shoe. So bear that in mind, you could choose patty pans, perhaps
    with a zebra stripe or a leopard print or something like that. But it does look really
    effective when you actually carry the patty pan design all the way through the shoe.
    We hope you've loved this tutorial as much as we've loved making it. Make sure you subscribe
    to our channel, My Cupcake Addiction, if you'd like to see more from us. Thanks so much for
    watching. *** *** Part I: Creating a Shoebox and High Heel Cake - YouTube !!!
    hi anytime initiated a headache
    a in teheran to back where to start with
    making it the soldier's tale on the way I like
    actually take in every issue there just coupons
    sick leading it and anything hideaway
    all I miss you dollars left
    soul and I at mine former
    or that's all I wouldn't do it actually created happy
    it's right on the issue and implanted happiest
    and please read this you might try for
    I mean that you need a couple strengthening back
    you want to speed up the process you can't your company's
    an hour help it have a little bit that idea
    at when you read this you did you want from me
    morning if possible you are sturdy
    you work toward breaking here me
    resolve issue and I'm
    so here parents are going out percent
    statement you walking around here a robust right just like this
    like that you beautiful
    okay now our saw it try and
    minute level mister now I news
    company hurt me
    be you you want
    here all be her point no
    now dashing
    that yeah I here him
    how many out
    one very back tonight the in
    you be play is like lot smaller
    around the house
    away now
    and K
    cut-out be turkey ever the
    her soul comment stool
    and let me Steve's around the edge a bit
    Lee itself and I'm shows
    way my silly you you really
    only one here and make her
    make their own initially I think must use
    rush color I I have my
    right so here our leader rate on
    cool but water
    times I
    again for another couple of days
    okay now you stolen ride be
    points me
    now you can actually make y'all I mean soul
    be the way I do it
    mild more
    drive for a while you on day
    mom primer rap
    this actually yard
    sorry be where
    out here all by
    I has here
    measure all to be
    doing an issue using tire
    yes I'm missile he
    by I'll
    you were drive it and generally
    on you thank you
    don't call
    especially here money delivery
    our way
    freaking heated
    me now my y'all
    see factory all yell
    soul me
    on uniquely love it you have your
    for me that I frequently
    I even
    heater I have
    all *** *** Mini Fondant High Heel Shoe - How To With The Icing Artist - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    at Murray and i cant
    and adapt and I think today anguish
    have any is little often shoes perfecting on top kayak
    or and like locate and
    she had it for events I'll she'll using one-time thing and one of them
    of she have a cure own on so that we can get
    shake this year should said to make the moms you just gonna take some funds and
    into a muscle block sheep and then smashed down with your hands
    now this is going to create the curve that year she was gonna set on curve
    into this shape
    like but some pink fondant and then cut the SOL
    have your share I will be putting bad the templates that I'm using
    in this video in my description below that you can cut in use for your
    own cake think at the front at the issue
    as well as the back at the issue now for the liner just roll out some white
    and then cut that out as well make sure all if your edges
    a release may use and then test that was something class today past
    you can use a toothpick to do this
    im just gonna create some stage lines I miss you and then put that into place
    is a little bit of water
    in to stick on the back if your ship and just squish Downey
    and I feel really help at this kinda into place in smashed am
    at the edges though it lacks almost seem less you can spare liner on
    and then put your front strap on the same as you did your back
    wrote your he elrich gonna write some pink fondant into a worm shape but the
    flap patch
    cut it to a rap length for now we can go to a final Inc
    after and just ask that was something clustered
    just and append little bow on the front of my shoes Angus
    cut-out little rectangle shape cut in on the meadow
    and then just wrapped up with another piece
    a Fontan test with Leicester desperado ronit and then at
    is ready to go on the front air show for the red strap issue
    cut out the song and have some tech fontaine and then rather find it a
    little bit center for the details
    well a rectangle use there back at the shoot the template
    as a guideline how long we're gonna need tests
    and then cut it to you centerpieces
    and then that's gonna be for the straps make sure that your mold is very well
    dusted certainly nothing sticks to it
    pinsky is a white liner again
    input that into place the little bit of water
    and I ready to put the back this year on
    use a little piece a paper towel to help
    prop the straps up and these are just gonna need to dry and then you remove
    the peace papers how they'll stand up fine on their own
    i love u shoes will need to try it for a couple days before you put the heels on
    for my black pointed shoes used to so i cud
    just point the address the issue a little bit more kinda a black triangle
    proud of the one edge
    and then when one hedge and then cut into the aether light up
    annie is the same
    backing as I did for my first show and then you ready to put the telethon
    I'm gonna put a little bit evergreen flower
    on the front of the issue I'm skis small flower cutter
    his little water in past and to place
    now for the picture this one's a little bit more difficult you can use
    the liner template and you're gonna cut rounded
    in this kind of shape and then cut out the middle
    and the soul is gonna be at the black template and then just point to tell a
    little bit
    water around I love the edges and then
    place the pink that pink part of it on top
    and smash in the edges kept the and and then put that together
    and I can append little bow on the back a bit for an extra detail
    once it's dry and annie is an ad about black marker and his pet lucky polka
    when you ready but the heels on
    just cut them to link put a little bit of water can I find if you
    moved the hill around a little bit and that'll actually help its tech
    batter and that's all done
    ready to go on your cake you know you can make
    any kind you might speak of steps you
    I have how a lot I'm creating your
    own favorite she is and I hope you really interesting tax time
    back *** *** How to Make a Fashionista Cake in Minutes | Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    another big trend this season our fashion K the perfect cake
    or Hollywood glamour party
    fashionista party sweet
    and always great for wedding shower this
    superbly River never going to be easy today
    is a little bit shy near the mall so it's gonna glamoc the case a lot more
    when you cut it it's not flat but all over the place is a nice great
    I be able to just rest that right around the cape or any other surface at first
    on this it is not prepared
    your key yes
    not that he gotta have you and I don't wanna spend hours making an issue out a
    so I'm gonna go ahead and use one may come from Cal job but the beautiful
    products almost life-size
    not much five mice but know but it's pretty much life-size
    and this is just a time saver it just cut and dry
    get it out put on the cake and his death and with that
    I'm telling you separate bag because it matches perfectly
    somebody calls you must first take the next day well
    you can offer them beautiful K it has a wonderful
    person on top and that's an order you don't miss out on
    because you have something on hand you're able to just go ahead and sell to
    the customer I love the smaller version on the issue
    it's perfect as a cake topper if justices so lovely
    on a4a case tossed I think like the fashion his
    it actually get for just about every occasion except for maybe
    means so it's good for just about every case
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