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Swans how to make

Swans how to make

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    How to make a fondant wave effect on a cake How To Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey guys in this video claimed she had to scrape it for
    wave effect on the side PK kaw a fat beef cake
    somebody's and birthday with a bit of a knock off a
    min speak out on top site and the waves and panache to show you
    an when did you decide how it was at Dixies really quick
    and really day socially how often act and then you can just create
    s on any of your cake study to
    taking some blood found on out it's not mixed berry around him
    I did he has he file on camera has got like side streets and things and
    but because is for water and quickly found
    to just missed out smart I love it I'm just gonna roll out
    scramble at it
    Molly his face
    how I just laughed at any particular ameche
    Coast waves and
    take doesn't really matter checked a few dryness and shape
    just cooked smart on hatch thanks to
    and a
    just on
    for I'm just going with the ball in tow
    just then edges out if about until you don't have to match that is just push it
    you think as and Matt excited for me
    you will Stoke at Fashion are facts at think
    I'm not want it on prime K Bendis it's backed
    K waz now
    he got his first reaction funny relief
    if not disc
    Cup straight-line my here I sit back
    pay see what to do few days and then do stick them onto the cakes at
    do you come from on a permanent different sizes the
    say hmmm
    them build
    dude if
    I'm not gonna do is get one slobodan days
    and happen to try and bring to another applying
    inches ok so I'm just gonna
    cut it now came
    any Sens not juries mean he's now
    trash picked tobacco for track a cow
    I apologize if you can't see very well that have gone astray
    funded I'm literally gonna pull
    some water just on kind of the Baja
    I'll you can you get a program that's
    refine it ok not to worry too much about that

    up like a cut I'm just engine coach
    on the bottom of it and they're not going to jail
    is prize the top bets town
    I can I start to create now the whole way the fact
    her kennel just curl I'm bet
    he found you can't do anything they just use
    brushed palaver kenna
    cast some but stuck to the cake and some bit surprised further away
    now can do them higher purpose of you know you want
    not on its gonna a lap flattened it like no other
    pick them up another one I'm
    case got my next pace rich and poor to pay a
    to again atwater
    on me home side of it now with this one
    so it can hire a I'm just gonna put it little bit of an angle
    like that up the side Mr due to local
    pick another one seekonk say this bomb them to hear
    K accepted them against what he did for the other on
    can Alma ok sam
    TSA started to cry that away the fact
    music like I am doing that to be happy
    you've got enough wave some
    so I'm just gonna on this one i the thing I'm
    in exactly the same I

    a from it
    and Julia exile say my chickens
    minute to defend
    I'm just gonna train care I'll anti-apartheid nothing is a problem and
    coma and background thanks I'll
    and now you can get Paul the way
    just back abounding
    AXA kathleen has to be thing and I'll in the cake
    I keep getting okay so
    that's all there is to it is nice need a
    and you can leave it at that all
    became quite pay on the K so
    yeah I've just got some different rainbow dust
    and got that the silvery one and that the live on I'm just gonna
    using a dry brush
    not but this summer crash teva excess
    might I'm just gonna gently
    brush that onto the hatches away
    so I'm just gonna em for the edges so stick out on
    it's the suffering onto a barge but not always too much products are just
    just how afterwards
    just be gentle with this if you doing I seen it still at can wait
    my writing half at now to on that way
    if you prefer skits and isomer
    chain I don't think you can see she
    well Omnia camera
    and school the film rely on
    just highlight and hit list just enough ike top
    not think that that haterade
    effect touching and decide where coffee mall not if you want to the side
    an up a picture of a %uh see him see it finished
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    and ideas *** *** How to make a gumpaste coconut tree for a cake - ENGLISH - YouTube !!! Italian Italian
    Ciao Dolcezze,
    Benvenuti su Francesca Sugar Art.
    Oggi ho faremo un albero di cocco
    che è stato chiesto un paio di settimane fa ed è perfetto per un dolce estivo.
    Voglio dire, non esiste torta estiva che non abbia un albero di cocco, giusto?!?!?!?
    Prima di tutto stendiamo della pasta modellabile verde
    o se avete gumpaste è ancora meglio lasciando al centro un po' più spesso
    tagliamo le foglie
    foglie (io preferisco usare una lama di Fimo in quanto si può tagliare linee splendidamente curve,
    ma è possibile anche utilizzare un coltellino o un cutter rotondo).
    Il passo successivo è quello di inserire un filo di ferro per fiori
    nella parte che abbiamo lasciato più spessa della foglia
    (questo passaggio deve essere fatto in modo delicato per evitare la rottura della pasta),
    tagliamo le foglie in questo modo
    e creiamo le vene sulle foglie con lo shaper.
    Avremmo bisogno
    che dobbiamo lasciare ad asciugare almeno una notte su qualcosa di curvo come un mattarello.
    Il giorno seguente, quando le foglie sono dure
    possono essere avvolte su un bastone di legno con del nastro per fiori.
    Per creare il tronco dell’albero di cocco
    utilizziamo della pasta modellabile marrone
    che dovrà coprire il bastone di legno e il nastro floreale.
    Alla fine possiamo incidere degli incroci al tronco
    e aggiungere un po’ di cocchi
    per nascondere alcune imperfezioni
    e il primo soggetto per la nostra torta estiva è fatto
    altri ne arriveranno
    Se hai trovato utile questo video,
    non dimenticare di spolliciare
    e di iscriverti al mio canale.
    Vi auguro una dolce giornata, ciao. *** ***