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    Fairy House Jumbo Cupcake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    them hike guy today's video tutorial is
    on the fair ash half oh my god so much that
    cock let's go play
    you can I wanted a little bit pick up because the chocolate cake bullseye

    to detach that bought a crane ot
    all right sir background the front and now we're going to stop by Caleb pretty
    see don't worry about my cannot predict the beginning it's off to what's
    see can say that the chocolate cake comes to reassess
    gotta put on a bit more but a crack
    now to smoke this Act everywhere the angle of the cake which was
    this way this time say outwards to the base
    guess me that a ransom backwards and forwards getting about a crime all the
    way to the bottom
    whole cake so that if the cakes coming through at the base again he s
    more butter on hands or
    stop to look pretty good want
    make its Mary now
    and that just takes a bit of patience a bit I'm their practice
    you know on a stick but you can absolutely do
    this some this pet using engine the knife this
    time and colliding into rounds
    always work
    over my cake i suppose im leaning I ever
    so I always work hi
    or I
    so that's looking pretty good cutscene
    chocolate cake for pretty flat
    now if you want superflat what I'd recommend
    is are running a blight under hot water somber running tap
    and then and hot lighting
    you but a crime that's going to get very first night are quite happy with the
    rustic look because it is a much
    how cities natural make alright so what transforms that place of just
    put my spell knife under their lifted him up
    striking balanced is
    and then I want to the back of plight
    switching their also so our database
    not being safe return thanks man at Cross detail
    outside so just Phoenix of
    up grano just to finish off
    but face for just one foot about crimes
    to seeking to escape added to the center of the jam by
    at a flavor about a crane to that sick campus also
    lemon butter or strawberry jam all peppermint ice
    really anything you want so long I for is a bit
    of let but a crane so I've got
    a pinch I suppose our table for
    the top part to the cake are she had
    I had to do that much
    I'm half roof now
    so the jumbo cupcake leadoff caught
    it actually went over the edge a little bit you can see it's
    it's come up hot so I'm just gonna trim it up a bit you might have to do that
    for some time a cupcake she might not me
    say absolutely if I
    just chillin week
    we are going to get a cake crime here so that's what just up this want
    the so I now we're going to make the roof pic
    shiny this once before hatching day the
    the delivery for the job I but the is a church
    trick take make to it hello I've decorated
    is holding like the so I can kind of get
    to all the agents and fan exit on top of the cake
    so I get
    out of about a crack my desk if the base
    girls meow
    style and get it to the ages
    than ok entity outside
    does get a witness and Micah 0 think that's it easier for me
    yes it is sigh guy fuck white
    picks me up because we're not gonna be popping on the top in this one it's
    going to be dispelled not
    Don swimmers were going to the Final Cut now
    weekend or chrome carton at another car but
    is easy enough just at a quite a the palette knife
    crane gotta cram onto their out
    twisting in my hands not going anywhere to some people do pop
    this into a colossal a pack of
    and decorate them there but I find it's too easy to follow
    because it's talk AP might get a little bit
    cake crime here as well as your missed on
    think new gotta go yes i'd
    or so I smearing I
    and then we just want to make inches

    so worrying about a crime
    back to the sector wiping it off again
    think back to the scent okay so that what I'm looking for is the edges
    to your flat same height and now I want to get
    Julian the roof are to the house
    so we're going to use the palette knife as about

    to get upside down with that in going well to get where we want to go I
    forgot about sat on their want to and then
    you looking for this same time
    that looks pretty good and then
    pull a palette knife away has been a cake chrome SM somewhat from the other
    now we've got to get
    but a crime over the rest of the cake so against
    big palette knife on their and backwards and forwards to detach
    some ot move a little bit because it has set
    see its whopping just a little bit that's fine
    it's a little bit over Lankans despite some little bit lane
    weekend that's fine so Affleck bought it before
    the cake boards prolly went there for 10 tramped

    inch or bigger K
    male I'm stops moving now
    I do want a little bit rustic looking
    I don't want to look like that still what
    I K last but not least the fairy
    so she can be popping out at the top of the correct wire and her so she's
    flying around the Kaikan stick water into the cake
    I'm thinking I'll just have play
    gotta what a crane crossing
    head playing
    my name's Rebecca for angel food Scott net
    that was up video tutorial thank you so much for watching
    place check out angelface on Facebook and like it
    we have like the competition Sunday thank you
    done I've put it comes out now
    black South Facebook well
    oh that's a story about on the fairy much she
    you for growth
    came thing
    hi an extra money to fade has free information pack available
    p okay I'm not saying I'm a mouse
    brought hi *** *** Mini Polymer Clay Fairy Houses Tutorial | Maive Ferrando - YouTube !!!
    hi guys it's my baby and welcome back to my channel
    today's tutorial is and how I made cue me fairy houses
    hope you like it you want to stop by shaping up I love white clay
    to cart flat the bottom against the table as he did
    then trip the top
    small sheet clay and remove the sections with the play tonight
    to make the front steps of the house
    then blend into the house
    mobley won the door to be as a kite poked holes for the Windows stretch
    to make the dough and cut out the shape of Tupac clay and
    text with the key Press then I created the individual
    plants with fine did

    at Shady with gramm pastel
    to make a simple torn-up I started followed up
    flattened poked a hole through me tell
    then added to the door for did what you could play for extra strength I'll
    place the door on the house and bake for

    if you want great small balconies and windows he can still poke hold its
    mobile still
    but then I'm a little down and legally in circles to define what would be the
    to make the river the house check the claim to call in and with a big

    or something like paintbrush create a hollow
    the house did to make the Riv straight
    ok I'll the end then added to the house party with liquid
    this house is not the 1i actually made but when I make the roof material items
    filming so this one is purely for demonstration purposes
    after baking and cooling you can stop painting a house with acrylic


    to make a paste shape the clade dime Houston to them pay
    you can also do these people paid house and make everything together
    bonded I came up with the baby after I paid
    houses I had to pick the base said

    once the base has called you can the house

    let it dry before moving on to the next step wat
    this case entailed adding

    0 and last but not least I did write most around the perimeter of the house
    things like the house and you did
    I really hope you enjoy this tutorial thank you so much for watching
    you are makes me by touted
    on *** *** 3D Toadstool Cake Tutorial - Sample - YouTube !!!
    judge dodge
    next thing I don't do is
    might wind righteous so
    for doing this I'm going to use very light
    RCR made like going yes and
    it is for the condition mockery so it's just nice
    saw and wall I'm gonna
    make strong first to that call you'll be just right
    need and then so operate my
    close friendship on drawing and issue of course
    over buying pieces is actually intertwine
    and then just tingling each other alright so I'm gonna be
    individual pieces in this state
    I'm not using one brunch ending up the project
    everyone start starting from the base because this will be very
    torture so this will be done up
    let's say this one is practice
    some minimal up this fun
    is like that in
    so are trying to find out what I did despite
    it this from over
    this this
    so from doctors from the top
    this one that is done
    this not this time stansel
    if I i the current economic number so want to
    tree for
    a year

    tree for
    so it'd
    so I don't know will be drivers
    just from the site that's why I
    not very poor disperse the arch first to be
    fairer table is
    as you see this later so I just kept by the people about fair
    shortened yet take like clinton's the
    and also gives a
    your coat to a pasta dish to get created right
    are warning this yet to be quick you don't be quick
    in this process you better do that produce or one by one rolling with it
    this is dead boosted this
    very much rated almost procure
    the graduation yep ROC at greatest risk
    just look for sure
    starting also take
    going to K and
    I want to make another one because
    it's gonna be drug charges used history to finish first
    not like bitch it doesn't matter
    described for because writing the book standing on this price on his head
    with pres up
    process in the best condition doesn't to retire
    because it's just become room temperature US
    missed Wall will be drivers very quickly just about to make
    attorneys creating by the fire
    trial another trio for show a problem at all
    too short one just
    that's it alright why right just three so
    response to will be mars are african
    next do pro and the birch
    im *** *** Guide To...Building A Fairy House - Disney Junior Official - YouTube !!!
    home lighting and medical story from Disney teen
    link any chance you like this store at my feet at length about
    Amy happily Dec by name time
    lanky to feed carey ft
    Amy and make it peaks economy to believe can't
    going to make an appt and pretty mad favorites
    but thank god im EU thank you
    banging my have and keep teaching in fact making a very
    I think they have bring
    gallery changed stance came back small little house in the back
    sec I'm going to make my hassle actual surprise
    like to me and flowers
    angst angst real padded basket
    down each hired
    I to supply chain Jack faculty everything
    health to get the main part of the house
    you have to pack I'm not a small treat to make sure we collect he took some
    team does
    do to get back you need to have your tweets
    a fine bowling back pain angling
    paint bored with that brand pain
    just like cereal from the canning thing take it tweet
    and push them in Teaneck find any cycle passing
    punctual gameplay door farms
    trial walk process will some
    three thank you all other which could be
    hi to
    sheen's and going to put in the flap party tool
    least shoes and pedals aleal
    cheney sound Sam month
    came from frowning
    to battle.net down any
    time I make you feel it a shot say yeah
    want to make shoes keep SK
    every school should be me chance man X time to reconnect
    he fame for
    can finally come at me like after me
    I'm doing tonight into the massacre Hannah
    free special spot for you hands bring
    to pass taken a it's just for them
    time I
    see of
    local file hosts I remember per month
    are you balloon hmm
    by me very fun
    Watson each man *** ***

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