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3 () -sport shoes cake tutorial sport shoes cake tutorial how to make

sport shoes cake tutorial how to make

    3 () -sport shoes cake tutorial

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    Eiffel tower Valentines cake - YouTube !!!
    I can I make a cute little Valentine's cake now it's quite simple design the
    little Eiffel Tower and so I've already iced Mikey confounded ready to use and
    you everybody on I think it which you can find on the leak on the screen just
    starting with some pink lustre dust so this one is the rainbow does links to
    the things that used in the Description box below the video so I'm just gonna
    use quite a large brush keeping it dry and just go down the list of dust and
    number of excess of the kitchen towel that got down now put it on a separate
    body ok cuz I find it quite difficult to get the times I've been using now trying
    to get more into the bottom of the kid so that it's a deeper color the bottom
    actually come up and get a little bit pale do that all the way around the cake
    now just got a slightly darker pink shade now that I'm going to use more
    around the bottom just to keep the very bottom triangle quite solid that page
    now gonna look like a good place it onto the board now it in my body funded so I
    tend to just put a splash of water and I'm a key sticks but some people like to
    put a dollop of whipped cream are a licensed driver now got length of ribbon
    at the crib in here I'm just measured it fits around the circumference of the
    kids have got some double sided sticky tape and just put a little bit on each
    end of the river and just gonna fold the ribbon to narrow it essential part you
    have to do is beg you not too bothered about this now my
    pain to attach the
    river you can lose my license to get in place now you've never put pin down into
    the kids but my case is actually on it a try
    the varieties on vacay so when I push deep into the bottom
    will actually be going to keep the actual kid just wrap that round of lab
    too thin and pushed through the tail I'm not gonna take the same rebellion was
    driven in that movie The Times just tie now I find it tricky to tie the bus so
    sometimes have to stop with among the piece of ribbon I actually need someone
    to get into the book are just trimmed a little extra dis off the end of the book
    the ticket on again with a pin if it's a pen make sure goes through the bard
    place to nap delightful tower just got some rain showers in my ear out
    reasonably thin and going to cook a very rough triangle /
    told me she wanted
    to come over the top of the kids I don't want to install is my kids I'm gonna
    keep it quite small and now I'm gonna paint on if you prefer you can use
    edible pens and I'm painting tens of times a friend of mine has it dried up n
    condensed into the surface of the modern piston funding so I just got a shower
    great style Eiffel Tower now so we're not going to go into too much detail it
    might be easier to handle
    image via wenn you paint it and before it had a chance to dry I'm going to trim
    down the edge just a little bit just a small amount of why offer and those ages
    just be careful not to smooch what youve painted pale pink just gonna roll this
    out the Eiffel Tower and I'm just going to come out different sized look and you
    just will use an early I just assumed that the pink round edges of her in a
    bit shady gonna catch this
    to make a ride if you like me and you really impatient you gonna stick it on
    and probably smooch to paint a little bit like I have done little bit smudged
    even that was at practice and then I'm just gonna stick the house in place
    again you can use a dollar per quarter or a bit I'll I seem to stick liaison so
    I'm just gonna run the papers through the Eiffel Tower just and you were too
    damaged by my fingerprint I'm just packing and Justin place ribbon around
    my god its simplicity Kate drum and I'm just putting money in place back with a
    pin you can use it double sided sticky tape to get to the bottom of it finished
    you can put whatever you want on top of the kid I'm bride and groom one of mine
    enjoyed the video thank you for watching
    if you liked this video would like to see more please click on the images of
    the other videos suggested also please do subscribe to my channel on using the
    button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen you can also visit my
    website on my Facebook page to see more cakes and ideas *** *** CHOCOLATE EIFFEL TOWER: TUTORIAL | Marcos Soler - YouTube !!! Spanish Spanish
    Hola a todos y bienvenidos a mi canal,
    en el vídeo de hoy aprenderemos a hacer una torre Eiffel de chocolate
    En primer lugar debemos temperar nuestro chocolate para que no se derrita a temperatura ambiente
    Para esto, debemos triturar
    de una tableta de chocolate y meterlo en el microondas durante
    segundos y remover bien,
    Repetiremos este proceso hasta que se derrita por completo
    Añade el tercio restante al chocolate ya derretido y remueve bien hasta que no queden grumos
    Meter en el microondas
    Estas son las plantillas utilizadas para crear la torre Eiffel
    Dejare el link en la información del vídeo para que las podáis conseguir
    Rellena una manga pastelera de chocolate y quitale la punta para empezar a calcar las plantillas
    No os preocupéis si no queda perfecto
    Repite el proceso
    Las medidas de cada base estarán apuntadas en la información del vídeo
    Empieza a construir la torre utilizando objetos para sujetar las piezas
    y utiliza el chocolate derretido como si fuese pegamento para juntar las piezas
    Busca un objeto con una altura igual que la de la base y pega la "parte
    Rellena los huecos con mas chocolate
    Une "parte
    Une las dos estructuras con más chocolate y este es el resultado final
    Espero que hayais disfrutado del vídeo,
    acordaros de darle a "me gusta" y de SUSCRIBIRTE
    Muchas gracias por vuestro tiempo y hasta pronto! *** *** Make a Paris Ruffle Cake - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    think me me

    me am nasa get started on making these gorgeous K
    you're going to need two cakes how in two different colors
    so my top team which is a five-inch I choice
    P or what and my bottom teeth ongoing for the Sendai state peak
    I would love it even listen comment below %uh
    choices that would look right this cake and he created
    past pancake style on key that we tell
    Instagram or Google+ and we can co-creation
    now that this cake that we going to decorate is out top-tier and we want to
    do it
    right after we covet so I come to the thing London
    literally about
    minutes ago so it's still really not insult
    and that is the perfect time to in boss and make impressions on funded
    so I'm using my wouldn't entanglement I love
    but I also put NOK hand that I only four inches
    just abandoned me and not my when I use the impression
    I can position anywhere I want and I can have it come down
    lower than hank to line up ethnically

    using a border impression napped Kane block
    and I'm going to use it instead nasa boorda prescient
    this way and make impressions and get some gorgeous
    scalping coming downside cake City
    what I'm gonna do you lineup stop one thing it's not very top of the cake
    and making sure it's not strike you just can't president
    all the way from the top to the bottom
    I'm simply going to turn it %uh
    do you sign lineup yeah
    all the way down to the bottom you don't like Press
    just continue your way around the cake
    and he can't and space don't worry at
    we can always puts a nice batons going back
    and finish up these top-tier
    on hand and placed some lateral I think into a disposable piping
    I'm leaving a number two parking ticket and I'm just going to play some little
    just into the senses way the scallops me
    anything any poking %uh you just want to dampen down
    with a try crash
    now you can see I'm going to take it completely stacked up
    and now we are ready to decorate out bottom tier what we're going to be doing
    is creating the
    beautiful raffle leahy's onto these K so
    I'm using to cheat and I have out my possible
    me and it's making a little be easy to do this process
    and we're going to take the same funded
    we had I haven't yet and we're going to make some nice long strips
    fondant taking cornstarch I'm just gonna laugh under just need to be
    and placing
    now minute just under
    happening he groaned through maybe number one
    number three and by now I'm taking a
    multi pizza have to basically I'm
    any for a week that are just our little one haha
    each it doesn't matter she much because you will have an iPhone app
    and he's not even have to call one st well he's not going out with Will and
    to may only be one work on one or two at a time
    any more than that and you find they dry out before you get a cheap
    onto the CAC ni take one just carefully
    Rams okay a little bit just it's not dragging
    all takes shouldn't blue and a small paintbrush
    and is working at the back you want to apply only
    should include on
    press the top on and then
    allow this to happen and then all we going to do
    eat basically using your finger going to bring
    back create a lid an impressive damn
    live via pollute to help to attach
    and work your way around cake
    and you STP onto the cake and make sure that they're attaching well
    and I also don't want them to look pat I want to get this variation
    my real frequent +

    me see it's not going to the whole way don't try to stretch
    you just and that the pressing Ian
    running a small section Tackett
    Honda just to get hurl
    Mina think I'll the opposite way
    and that way to supply one the rebels
    and the top layer which is trying to make it a little bit meter
    yes trying to keep them all hines
    all can't sell dispersing really changed me
    the finishing touch only age I've grown at a strip
    now peak his time he didn't have to change I mean to a level
    the rate which means a little bit pick up and make it happen each why
    and we just going to attach that laptop age I think blue
    all the way around the edge
    just looking around name on it pressed down
    then attach not too thin because the entire point if the
    he's just to make sure that you don't see so much movement
    don't press it into the Raffles get their indentation
    the edge
    and and I was gonna press the top aides
    into the cake just attach and
    final touch popped onto a beautiful black cake stands
    and we had a custom-made Eiffel Tower top
    from Ross and now time to show it to the birthday girl
    easy like a
    yes we've been sketching away haven't lied to me
    designed to get what you think hot
    yeah you know it
    and the extra special and it's to pry
    absolutely okay here think
    them netzer I I hope you guys enjoyed it and with the
    in *** *** How to Make a Sugar Tree - Unicorn Cake Tutorial - Sample - YouTube !!!
    okay nom tree did release a bit tricky
    a as you see here there's
    this piece about the
    traditional in other CCM this twenty
    another one here is about

    Terry 7 is all forty centimeters a question is about
    here this much so after all piece of bus to the ash

    Graham starting from here finish it on here
    prompted that peak to that did so
    Bay City I'm gonna use one piece of us yes
    to make a paltry and then of that choppy says
    and then join them to go into great shape


    starting to roll in
    and then I'm consciously try to keep that
    shape that the current in their here and
    stay on the
    so on that
    next thing I did
    I think it's just normal for and give some lines on it
    as you see that
    I'm just any like little bit of waviness that kinda methods I love because
    very simple annotated at the end
    now this piece
    is about this much so I cut this month here this piece
    I'm gonna usage this one yet
    and that will be the initial so before displaying it to dry
    I give me just a bit of twisted just a bit sort of like it
    like a yet this strangely somebody'd and then
    give that one little shaky like this that QC
    abstract looking branch doesn't have to be the same
    and make sure that this but is black
    that you can stick nicely later
    okay now the
    me that's interesting because
    you can go to the cake decorating
    supply shop and gimme a tool for
    trunk and beat so you have to be now
    beat created to make this very rustic
    dropped looking trunk I'm just holding like this
    that part yet and pushed on here and through the mid
    look what happened excuse me like really
    something like it old mooch broken indeed right
    in the bush and at the same time
    only get to the top like his roots out
    so what I do I just uses a gottlieb like this
    look like this in little bit like this
    maybe four sites separate on the bed
    and you know that but
    pushing on and
    always tested all good has got this kind of get
    here like something like that here
    this one so I just create that
    and plated
    and make sure that the bottom site yes actually the ship that i'm looking for.
    are this month sainted
    all in like this pushes in
    yet that law edge
    drop and this is also mystical
    yet I cutlet mall
    the current shape and make it more flight to Egypt
    because I won't have a really good good
    joining it okay not too tricky part
    I won't have a limit no construction site it reeks I holding like this
    and then going to work by attorney
    like that push it as much as possible but don't get all updates just leave it
    right and this one too I'm gonna go from
    decide this time other site
    like to okay
    now you can use of course
    egg white is much better but I don't have it now such as the water
    doesn't matter because I mean Drive Unlimited
    little water here
    so both sides marchers better dont
    I go to him after
    this when I can always gotten it wrong at this stage
    I'm gonna do something
    I have a little
    relaxing it in Econ just couldn't talk more joining here
    will be much more stronger
    and also
    here little bit of relaxing in much more stronger joint
    and water alright
    you see that is a bit off like a rocket Justin can use a little water
    and then just throw that together I'm not worry about
    other side because I can do this. always later on tomorrow
    shop my trees really
    my bass is really here based really
    and my unicorns
    by the party now is the time to blue tree
    on the cake at this stage I have to make up a positions
    first of all which part of the cake is the front of the cake
    so I just think about James use and select my
    site which must highlight penalized
    area I want to have this find fun because
    I see that this bit more the artistic in the front here
    and second think where do I place my base
    it has to be backwards because
    I will have writing in front and I will have
    did did three here so I like to place
    my and this one ACC
    that different look here I select this park in front
    because it looks better my hospital con
    about this direction I'm gonna turn the hat
    looking to the front like that this will be the next so
    I like to have the tree on the need the little branch
    host be holding it unique on
    this direction show that means the tree has to come
    like that and the branches to cum like that history is nice and dry no
    from yesterday argue that accessed
    I don't need so be
    this space is not really drive from yesterday I can make it a whole he added
    now I like to use definitely watch a bit to do all those things
    measured at base is nice and Schalit
    jointed to the cake otherwise can million down its role
    I'm generously I put chocolate he added
    make sure that you're in the right position that ranch
    I got it bit more chocolate
    they should all those
    buyers are just join nicely K
    invisibility there is it I think and white chocolate it's not gonna be right
    side of the covered it with a relaxing
    and a bit here
    okay I see still some gaps on the train Sunday to put some more
    relaxing here K K it ominous
    is shaky because the chocolate is not set yet so monster truck that said
    it will be quite like so before the
    royal icing getting hardened and the new some water
    to make it nice and smooth I'm using that direction
    to create more roots
    hmm everything I'm
    im *** *** 3D Cowboy Hat Cake Tutorial - Sample - YouTube !!!
    I think about this giveaway yet it on the
    all yet and I use this part
    is the base this over with and
    the ring of that are so
    then this one course going to distort
    yet slightly like that there we're on this year
    it's like like that so at this stage I want to go for the talk here
    so always that here
    up maybe you can see the
    this aligns much in the video but you'll see very soon and I
    go ahead with this one me second line so
    okay then a when I reno how this party K
    this for I'll have some leftovers here let them not summit this month
    into the front slightly in the front yet and slightly
    the back here because that hats never completely wrong
    so it is actually human nature that hit
    is like this like your okay
    so if this the head in the middle
    is all that means the real
    will be also so I make my
    the Homer enough find out this kind of particular
    yes Scott are on a
    or this diameter this this much
    will be on the site so much snarky like that
    and that because i think is a compact disc wrong is not on
    so I'm just measuring like this sixty sixty-five percent
    and then touch here and that me

    that touch it might wonder here and
    just refresh this ice budget
    on yet that year ship
    that one I repeated dear
    I have the complete sir
    on goes to this
    that's that you know that K on the me
    you won't see it I'm gonna make sure that this is
    lifting up the hat in a level that dreams doesn't break
    its course in the pros like this

    this one is so you have to do it and you know because
    and frightened stories at now
    section just number everything and
    for this ice
    like that
    okay so up well talking about
    the side view is management this that has like that
    so let's say this is this is that
    on top like this right this month course
    down and this one goes on and insights goes up
    like this but not some of the comments like exact problem site
    I'm gonna make it little bit this way so the front will be smaller
    sore yet and then me on the back
    so that will be like this that's what this not also
    just indicated turning and you will have some push on the site yet
    slightly and dividend in the middle of saddam
    okay I think as a drawing we don't need more than that
    just like this one and
    this part here only we hope
    that little piece holding a couple minutes this month
    really special otherwise will be morton
    alright so next thing is
    I'm going to I need only one this stencil yet
    but not this slim I'm going to use this one
    as long as you
    on I'll social make sure that I know is a process but the
    on yet front
    okay that's from here so
    it is almost matching the other one
    so when I renowned cutting that that piece of
    posse of I will go slightly just maybe just do something premium it'd be a
    but doesn't so listing what we going to do now
    I'm going to think is the
    to get this it really done so we can't use that time
    with dry and then actually I did another one just a few hours ago
    up I will show you that how to do it and i'm not the
    wait another three hours before us drive some news that other piece to
    continue with that in damn
    d d Mike
    my *** *** Minecraft Tutorial: How to build the Eiffel Tower (part 1) - YouTube !!!
    earlier but my name and welcome to the video today I'm going to show you how to
    build but I'm not gonna show you how to build the Eiffel Tower you know I've
    told you see us doing now is a very simplified EV effort our if you're a
    beginner and you know ready for something really big right now and i've
    make this tutorial made it it really good I also recommend if you are
    beginning to go check it out that you click on line now or go to the
    description OB like title simple effort our bills but the other
    how to build in the field in this video I'm gonna show you how to build this
    Eiffel Tower this insanely well done
    out of the world Eiffel Tower yes I know I look kind of huge fee about a hundred
    and twenty blocks high in like
    blocks wide but I promise you when you done it
    can be paid off my check it out while you make it as easy as I possibly can to
    show you guys how to build the tower without further ado let's get right to
    it in the build ok we're going to do and we're in a super powers and stone brick
    you don't need to be a club or somebody like this for it to be used for me so
    don't worry about that for three things we're gonna do with brake line of

    into the ground
    I know it's funny but yeah anyways so from here
    make a straight line that way of 69 block block so



    go go right here
    right here
    diagonal do not connected we want to block you want this to be a square of

    Sao ko dekhne from there and we're gonna go there now this way again sixty nine
    blocks long did here but now this direction so yeah for my view



    and go okay
    we'd event now in a bit we do the same thing we do they're just now going to
    connect them so the way we can do that we only the account here to make a line
    like to do before and this way we keep on breaking blocks don't need over the
    county look over to the left where you meet a lot of fun and generally gas
    does not going to be very hard to figure out why it is so I'm
    doing fine and the ground I defy kind because I don't like water wall because
    they'll burn and if you like me who have real friends they will immediately
    burned-down us into the show them so I am blocks
    stone brick slab I mean my dad stone brick stone brick slabs and stone brick
    stairs going to need another break fencing and there is now a square

    good first so complete now can do this week's time for is the first thing
    you can do now is to build the base of GRU built three of them working to build
    one in each corner and can show you how to do it so hard stone brick stairs and
    can make a line of sixteen of the line me before so

    and another lines to
    away from right here so we're 123456789

    and then they did
    their and their way so


    and we have asked where
    we're going to get our stone bricks we go along the edge of the stairs so on
    the inside of it all around
    ok so I am going a little fast country for that part of the can but as you can
    tell from the intro is gonna get companies later on
    get your stone slab put on top of the work that we do down there we go around
    the real neighborhood of brick and stone brick and go to hi all around the edge
    anyway if you were wondering if you could tell phone giant dildo or the land
    that we have already made this big so it might go complicated later on I'm gonna
    try my hardest to show you guys the way to do it but if you guys want to me a
    little bit easier to an easier
    Eiffel Tower bill it won't look as good as mine I mean not mine but will get the
    job done so anyway through such if you couldn't tell us can be pretty big it's
    gonna be the highest one of the height when it fence around one hundred and
    twenty blocks hi hello hi mera like 105 depending on that can be applied on top
    of can be pretty big closely
    and director sure you either do it out of your iPhone or whatever material you
    can pick whatever you want again you big goal would I think the word you look
    good you have different like me there probably will bring down so that they
    will bring it with you to put this one of the basis of the corner of the Lions
    gonna be four legs to the tower if we're gonna do it make a line down the block
    right there one in from day one day and we're gonna make a line of mine so

    and then next thing to do is put to one up and then one across like
    that and I'm gonna put to write their likes oh ok nixon could you add to that
    no one in their right there and then make a line to ride up there and then go
    up and make the line to write about their and then break one there were a to

    there too and then you break 34 there so will be allowed to look like
    okay let's go ahead and put on blocked in like that and then one block up and
    acting like that again and basically put the line the way across to ride out
    there and then on top period of
    3 like that
    and break this one and this one so it looks like that would you want to look
    like and here is just go one in from right about here we can go all the way
    across to their their allies and the basics up for the rest of the whole
    thing now it's do this whole thing two more times just on top so two more of
    the soviet
    to show you ok that's kind of how to explain so next thing
    they can put their
    to block the right there and then one market here so and one blog great here
    like okay and then next reduction in
    in like so good looking good and go
    ahead and build all the way across to over there on the
    to go out there like a man did break out like that
    break these to be too and this one again we can get that and then again we're
    gonna go ahead and go one up
    and one across like so and then again bill the line all the way across to
    write about their and put three right here and they are needed for break this
    one break these two and this one so it can look like that and then we can go
    ahead and way you don't know when they're you put one right here so there
    you go
    like we did there so I put a line for the way across to hear the only
    difference now we're going to do is right here on the T now go ahead and add
    one more block and add one more block road here and there are so many
    different from the last one
    ok so go get up here to block than their blog right here blog great here and then
    that's about it for right there
    go one up from right here
    like four and go right here
    this and we're going to go ahead and
    to write about here and here and here so it can look like that ok on this for a

    and the
    and so the fact that area
    ok sorry about that guy the hague at all and this this last part of you and then
    finally gonna go to one in like before anger and go one that go techno so it
    can look like that ok
    here could there be a perfect and then go right up here
    well you might block break just that one goal of this like that
    break one there and to their so very go okay perfect line right here and can go
    a little bit putting their ok when you do now that ideal for down here and when
    we meet right here we put to a few months without purpose of going to go
    now so from right here within a go-to out work
    hour break
    gonna go ahead and do that again right here to approach this one and then right
    all right here we go again I think okay yeah and then right here we're gonna go
    three hour break this one for now and then gonna go out there and like so and
    break and finally right here
    gonna go ahead and have this year ago 11 and

    ok I know though complicated
    sorry but smiling for clothing to the hikers I do mean do ok let me go ahead
    they go guys basically one like that and we're going to do the same thing I might
    do it again to think about the little confusing story and more time but only
    one side of a leg
    what do you do out here basically the same thing you did hear you do right
    there so I'm gonna go ahead and do that now so basically life before a new one
    line of nine different that we're gonna start from here we have a block down ok
    so fun to be able to click here to learn new game going to do with your friends
    and spread my time and I would mean alot to me if you would like to get keep up
    the good life time by and peace *** *** Using Spikes, Chains and Buckles with Marvelous Molds (how-to) - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody game wanna show you my new collection a
    Fashion Mall that I created with marvelous small
    I have a whole array of fashion accessories that you can use
    for anything from handbags to you these bad you show your shoes you can make
    bahcall chain yeppers and even brought kid in today's video I wanna show you
    how to use
    three of them all that had fabulous technology that you've never seen before
    they're going to make your life so ET
    I the first row software makes enough in the kitchen today
    so the first thing I wanna show you
    in this I mauled eat is great for making
    all be by eight like net on the back on the hill
    you can use it as a dog collar even some type
    a watch band really anything weighing one
    add a little extra flair to you small your feed their to cavity
    there's the lower part where all the bikes army
    and then upper part to make the band and he couldn't be easier
    healthy the fact that its silicone you can use fun game
    campaign any kind of sugar dow you can use
    toward sugar hot chocolate in the itself lacked the ball back
    you can use it any way you want to you 8 silicon mold the first thing you want to
    do with conditioning
    you me think I'll let me use some vegetable shortening but that actually
    not what you wanna do you get back actually homes the sugared out
    into the mold cavity what you want to do is just used a little bit cornstarch
    so I guess he's a light dusting on and and then attorney over and bang it out
    all the excess will come out but now
    the mold is ready to be in use next here I have some company
    so I'm just going to roll rope a gumpaste
    and I think you're out to use each beat companies I wanna make
    a piece I Keith above the gum pain so
    this is the quickest way to go through and just cut little P thin
    and then I'm going to roll them and then I'm going to insert
    each little PE each you
    the cavities for the spice the most important thing when I put it
    into the mall is that I push it down
    all the way down so that despite in
    able to form and meet me like so he could you imagine
    for me each spike on its own
    this way you put the dough into the cavity
    and it does it for you and they're perfect each wine
    with created perfectly so again I push it down
    just like bad pay just want to make sure you push
    all the way down am going to fill
    each I love the cavities each cavities filled with
    the gun paint and I'm ready to do the next step I'm going to take a little bit
    gun glue you can even use water or just a little bit and white
    something that the key and a small brass
    I'm going to just play at huh bet you just wanna dad
    this Center on this chair Paul so to fill the next part what I like to do
    just use the same row
    and I make sure one end is nice
    and flak and I just start feeling the mall
    just like that and I
    tracked in and wanted the beautiful things about all the marvelous small
    are that they have been blade this
    and that obviously will cut your finger on
    it stop because its silicone by a just tell you exactly where the topping is
    and it make it
    think even for anything that you're doing
    and then when I reach the and again I can't push down
    an apple a need is going to tell me
    exactly where the mold at now that
    mold is completely fell I'm ready
    be molded
    what I want to do is just first hold the edge in
    up to fill a call when you can the 19 shark
    and I have just to make sure nothing picking
    and then what I want to do. is used the force of gravity I could just
    popping up like Mitt but I wanna clipping over
    and then I'm gradually going to uphold back to the mall
    a fee hike into hold back to silicon
    you could never do that and a hard plastic mall
    now the spikes are out at the mall you can use them
    in so many different ways you can curve man around the edge of something like
    here I have the spike curved around the front
    she knew other thing you can do. you can use the to on the
    heads if you want to create another pattern you can even have
    I like to you thinking just along the edges I remember you can make this spike
    any color you want and to make them look metallic
    I like to paint them after some going to show you how to do this
    on my black gosh you I painted them sold for
    so I thought it would be fun with the brown to paint them called
    so as usual while with the luster dust I just use a little bit of lemon extract
    and I just wanna start at the top and i three you the ninth
    fine brushed you want pain to be a little bit on the
    thinkers I just to make sure that it doesn't Ron
    onto the band older spite
    the spike Maul if any s next that I'm going to show you how to make
    a large chain mall like you've never seen before
    here had from the line three chain on
    I have a large mall medium all
    and a small mall here on the hill you can see an example and that where you
    can actually see
    the red through the large chain just like be four best
    bike moderate any other the marvelous malls well just let me use a little bit
    cornstarch ducked inside and knocked out

    in poor condition them all to you
    chain mauled I want to just while skinny row
    and I want to place it over mauled and push down
    so the first thing I wanna do you is just gradually
    push the sugared out into the malls
    thing you can feed as I pushed down I at push the dough
    into the cavity a making the link
    be could start to see how Blaine just whole the way
    look how great that s it does the work for you
    and my other mauled I'm going to start by
    holing edges just to loosen the links
    again I'm going to use gravity just by stretching and
    and I'm going to push it from the top you can see how it starts to pull back
    so it's really pouring your your going in two directions
    as you pull this way you're also polling unit
    back this way to allow it to fall down but make sure you're not
    hauling you don't wanna home Adele so that it gets
    misshapen in really and looked all
    owner we lead the world and i havent seen
    a chain mall that comes out so perfectly
    and so beautifully like this one
    I mean you just don't find it here the large chain
    right out at the mall then you can see how beautiful it is you don't have to do
    anything till eight you don't have to go back in and cut out any halls or fix
    any the edges and you can see I need some ahead of time
    up the men all chain and the
    smallest chain and you can see amazing detail it almost looks like a row
    beneath have hardened
    I did them up little earlier but you can still paint ban and use them
    on any kind of passion k make or
    animal que koresh anything that you need
    a chain I can't tell you how many times
    I had to make these by hand so these malls are just the main thing and
    you can now go n painted any kind in metallic color
    or even black JL just thinkin a different kinda blah
    alright then there are the change you have your spike you have your chain
    and I'm going to show you one more I'm going to show you how do you
    Obama home all and you won't believe your eye
    the last fall I am showing you today aren't a bahcall mall
    we have a small but calm all that was used to make
    this red little small but call and we have a large back home on
    that was news to me the large buckle on the cop show
    so what I wanted to do. is just like be four you condition the mall with a
    little bit of cornstarch
    knock it out and then here again I have a little bit
    up gum pain am going to places right into the mall
    and time tracking it down you can see
    as I push it down into the cavity because
    I wanna get all that detail on the bahcall
    and the little I'm
    like the holes that you would put the buckle Inc you so now you can see I
    over film I'm all get fear
    you can use up bond smooth air to press it down
    for their until you see the blade come

    you see the little green believed an act really just
    that outline all the mall he didn't have a fun it's not there
    you can use really any kind of laughter best you can also use a rolling pin
    which is nice because the death hold it out up the mall
    me and he can run your finger around the and the other thing you can do is just
    use a plane paring knife or of that
    in kind and take out all the remains all
    the extra sugar down ended like all the mall
    if you loosen it a little bit be four you pull it back
    healthy how easily Bay the old pop out
    but it's always better to use some gravity kinda push it down
    and maybe you can see how be you to call the mall comes out
    and if you wanna and even more detail
    what you could kill if you'd a small
    sticking to all and running around something he wants teaching and
    sometimes you don't want stitching so we left
    of the mall and then what you can do. if and another kind I'll
    collar see you can and some call
    metallic paint I just want haha.
    and you don't have to pee did it all I mean it looks great just on its own
    by anyone add a little bit of that contrast inc.-in
    alright so I have them all paint and i cant even do the edges if I want to
    later on and remember however you want but
    buckle to adhere you can make that happen
    so if you want to but call to kind of black back
    from my handbag or a belt or you wanted to have some motion
    just like that if you wanted a inner bahcall you can
    under film old meaning just put a little less sugar now
    in the mall and you'll have a in your butt call near really
    is no limitations to what you can do with the small
    I hope you enjoyed learning how do you think new mall
    today don't forget to go to a marvelous small Facom
    and you'll find the entire collection there
    %um any question been post and down below and I'm happy to answer them
    not also find a fifty percent of link for my Krasic of
    where show you how to make these often shoes
    don't forget to subscribe see don't miss out on any video
    I'm only sister out somewhere make the map indicating today *** *** Minecraft Eiffel Tower + Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hello workers are you too popular enjoying your summer so far
    om online law
    this week has been on my pretty slowly but Tom I can always find a way to
    this have fun in Minecraft so are I'll be bringing you guys in New
    our series up tutorials an for this one
    I'll be going beams landmark K on
    today in this video we're going to be making the Eiffel Tower I just finished
    a model ones so we're going to be
    copping of Valentina and on
    Gasol first dawn
    expect to build some stature the brady I would never
    I can never get that much detail everything saw
    the reason the people text back just hope he goes out with
    was gonna look like in fertile
    okay on when is looking at it from this
    looks okay but a single
    looks really weird like com if you make any changes like just take a
    some down look about a lot better om
    but yeah I for got to
    measure this old on new
    thirteen books
    okay guys so let's get started I'm building
    this our Kylie om I find uphold
    color clear from our way it looks pretty good so
    on you guys can just go there
    what everyone next on or growl
    here like other damage make mister
    or something bedrock problema I'll be using
    clay again and you're awesome
    need uniquely our windows and
    stone slabs turn on a render distance
    likey kaso
    first to Astor

    bye bye where care
    on top
    me four by four kaso
    if this is going to be the outside the tower and not finding
    towards it yuan there to be just
    one block layer sonar encounter networks

    can on pull

    and for
    bernardin clean I live I
    for my for in the middle those P
    Italy from when you're looking on the inside it'll just pretty much look like
    between ages

    blocks in between K so I'll get back to you once I'm done
    the other two posts at the end K see
    alright guys I'm back getting
    dark so hopefully is
    still to be able to see knows that whenever
    recording om my brightness somehow for some reason turns down
    slammers now on each in the you're going to place
    another former for block on
    an once again does make sure
    that there's that one block layer rushing
    build miss former so technically I it's going to be
    to buy bring or for to K
    that's what it looks like did on the other one and
    to sawyer
    Abdul back once again month this brown Dubai
    or back for back to lockneys to pillars
    K okay YouTube I am
    back for making us to to pillars
    and napping really want
    on but analytics and I rebuild
    and I miss order p that process modeling another
    or by for block on top want against him too high
    and once again you wanted to have another
    one locklear religious leaders
    another for or and another
    for for over
    earlier half
    once again I'll be back on something is updating those two pillars
    in a bit K
    YouTube I am back from updating these two pillars
    on and now they're going to stop building
    those will for about four hours and we're going to update this nigga

    sohn block
    looking over there in there

    and also you want to have that one blocking
    over no thing again
    Kings bill so you guys want a
    the real block in between base here everything

    lakh thing there and now once you're done putting each of these on
    each the six by six pieces on there should be a simple cross
    three blocks wide K I'll be back until now playing these two
    and talking to alright Gasoline Alley
    the reblog cross in the middle
    soldiers to cover that up we're going to
    build a nourish our on demand
    this but he's gonna feel today
    to block high wall thing increase that
    connecting features for
    say a say once again who blog I connecting
    all for things
    okay so that billion
    and then build another layer billion okay
    I'll be back
    Donna alright guys I'm back
    bring a big to block where on
    now front again kinda for
    other little where
    placed on waivers using around
    outside their
    exceptionally down
    will accept your leave day

    I'll I'll be there London a gainers
    so we're going to be putting on our first Observatory
    on this bill superstores filtering glass
    all around us rounds block
    K an for a second layer like the second
    last block here billet around the outsider
    dental I'm not going to the sirens going to happen bill
    on yeah
    now as caveat do it on the other corners
    and then you're going to end with just a big box
    class K so I'll be back really soon once in a
    as I am back and terrible say fifty
    percent away from being finished on next one is put on
    the layer Kylie all
    lawn sold out roofing
    ceiling for this one over Tory
    so his go-ahead filling the entire ceiling
    remember that you wanna
    to also the over the glass tubes cell
    I'll be back once I'm done filling in this entire ceiling with the place last
    well hear back from doing in their room an hour going to be introducing
    the second half for this build
    and one there now guys
    check actually you want to block your
    okay arm
    ok to write and direct corporation for this build
    but that's okay be
    just play it cool
    home knowledge on new is every corner
    once again without one block Jim around
    sign ever ability
    three life block
    ish be a they crossed middle
    nationalistic grow cross
    no Anne
    on intrude on building Mills

    drowned side
    and Wenger Donna you want to build these ones
    and after for so in total here's
    buy blocks wanna then so you watch it
    you honestly like that Kane so
    do that on all re these other
    on updated stilts and I'll get back to you
    on Sedona and
    I am filling and old blocks nets were going to be
    putting in block on
    the glass ceiling and this is where
    second observatories go you wanted to
    one block it around sign and you want to be
    connecting all or still play the other one so now
    once I'm done I'll get back to you guys
    so you're in a bit okay and I'm actually going in that one block now
    we're going to repeat that process the glass and story on
    by billion billion the entire box able air
    on the first book
    and we're going to be putting
    higher unblock no
    player last
    soul once I'm done this

    on I'll be getting back to you guys
    here okay guys I'm back
    going on and this is where you need your stone up
    on your going to be dealing the entire ru arm
    fashion a there's going to be putting a two-block
    guess possible lot perhaps loves
    around it just
    just around again and then you're going to be filling in
    the place where he crashed and with your clips last
    now K
    so be back want them done
    okay guys this is what you want it to look like once you've done that
    see the house loved on the outside and your stone flash K
    play in the middle arm now what you're going to want to do
    is a take your clay
    and build
    for who buy to block like everything else you want them
    one block edge
    I'll Kylie in the middle you offline
    in a one looks like that and we're going to the actual buildings
    five blocks easily
    will be fine
    so you're for every single one these including the mill
    by what I so I'll see you wanna okay I soldiered on
    putting holes
    bill and up so that from
    arrive you you cannot see anything
    just a
    by my
    okay and you want to build
    kinda likin axe
    K and going to want to build it up

    law think

    on yeah build it up
    and all actually just check to make sure right now
    that it is nineteen so only black ontologies in

    latina he has I'm back
    and make actually
    blockbusters take our three blocks from the top
    and what's going on just chillin bird's eye view
    deseo the right people anyways Isles writer Terry
    to one thing with you guys building
    reblogged their
    much under dash bill and pre-war
    Phil Thompson
    just one layer house K in a look like
    action mister as I should take the block of here
    Larkin lot
    see you one now to me yes
    just now which on do it Gorani film in like that make
    L and now
    john du is bill the doorway kinda thing
    like that each to these little in dental
    soul on the back on okay you
    I'm back and now we're hearing and just a real
    and this last Observatory
    do not make their bring grounded
    you want to build to block
    square around the outside Sydney really nothing
    under that class
    and then also wondered on first players
    the second layer you can actually stand
    and I want yes do is fill in that entire
    with Haslam's
    including the ceiling but actually watching as place to up
    on each
    square block like that
    now pretty
    three but
    and now builder the clocks to
    for their wanted three

    here tryna sizzler and one black bloc
    the are okay guys cell
    cybil Eiffel Towers in the picture
    this is in my Eiffel Tower tutorial
    I hope you enjoyed it arm my next story will probably be on the Big Ben or
    I V as a any other suggestions please message me
    com as you see in my channel profile picture
    the Lincoln Memorial I will be making up his I love love love to you
    famous landmarks as in politics I on my
    other for scrap early next month I it's so many
    so many US government kinda landmarks and stuff so arm
    yeah I'll be as enjoy this tutorial I know it's not the best
    Eiffel Tower years of another worse and all summer so there's not many
    no real up there rival towers any

    so yeah arm anyways
    a kinda comment if you like like if you like
    subscribe me the gas up you'll see crime
    anyways thanks for tuning in break
    comment rate subscribe thanks for watching by *** *** Pop Up Eiffel Tower Card Tutorial - Origamic Architecture - YouTube !!!
    hello and welcome to another popup workshop brought to you by pope apology
    in this tutorial of the show you
    how to make this um... buried simple but elegant
    uh... hyphal tower design
    hands in order to to begin you need to download
    just the three p_b_s_ fro my websites w_w_w_ goats
    papa placido credit u_k_
    um... which
    should has a direct link just beneath the screen right here
    so once you have um... concedes the color coded pbf
    and um...
    and cut out all the lines indicated
    you should end up with something like this
    just make sure uh... when it comes to the full of lines as indicated on the
    uh... templates
    uh... does line should be cut as well but just along
    the sections that are indicated so these little
    should remain as taps
    to keep the structure intact
    when i'll just bear in mind with this fold
    is will blow it is very very simple
    and in in the way that uh...
    uh... template is constructed
    and it will be quite a simple want to cut as well
    um... the folding
    will take a little bit longer but then you might expect because of these very
    which constitutes the two tiers opus hala
    son uh...
    just just um... make sure that every
    every stage is done
    uh... together said we fold
    at every separate errr to design
    as much as possible to do some done in conjunction with each other
    so what will do
    to begin with
    justice that based on
    and uh... baseline crease which is the spine of the cod
    just slightly
    you can do
    a little bit of pressing forward on the base of the structure as well from
    but literally just in this victory of whole so very shallow
    decrease so far
    and then you just need up to the second skin
    and while supporting this
    uh... mounting told
    bomb from behind with a couple of fingers
    you will be quiet
    or you did just that truly minutes intimates that process
    you want to just push out the next level
    lost in the same time
    putting some pressure on the
    that will be convenient for them
    and again
    just do this very gently hands
    mood a bit of patients
    slowed just avoid any
    abrupt movement
    and then you go up to the third level
    the top of our talent
    and that just needs to be pushed out
    right to the top and again there is this tiny
    new platform here which needs to be
    pushed out from the back
    and you can do this section you can help us along by just pinching that's
    missed our sections and just pushing it up
    along with uh...
    beneath it
    uh... this is that areas where that you might encounter some
    resistance in the paper so just make sure you're very careful
    and this very delicate at this
    process of both holding
    uh... especially these mounting holds
    at the front protruding here
    chest press up
    supporting it with a finger from from behind to stress upwards
    and again
    to shift from
    from city to
    so that your honor
    mora mora
    and you can go to the baseline as well just to
    just a fold over slightly
    again it all helps
    the structure along
    as you are getting close
    in ninety degree level
    stinkin as you can see here
    press forward with your phone
    well if you have finger just beneath it
    from the back
    try and keep this level
    meets and chris
    and uh... at this stage you can just go to the top
    pass that little bit further up
    from now
    we should be ready
    mcafferty collapse
    notice is not to put it collapsed yet
    i would just suggest that maybe you could
    just pressing forward as your collapsing at
    wanted to make plans for the senate closed
    and just need down
    from the back
    making sure that you don't break
    any of those little tabs
    and just need snips needed down and so
    university flat
    and then all that remains
    is the to open
    the structure
    and you should end up with a chris
    on all these levels
    and really just takes a slightly
    slightly longer than than you'd expect
    with the other tutorials that i've shown you
    but it's worth it in the end because
    if these levels crease
    they will become
    quite weak and it will affect the way that your quiet functions
    appealing to readers on
    and making this card
    and uh...
    d checkout the rest of my
    uh... oregon they caught the picture collection workshop wise
    on the website studied a bit of the goats
    popup alleged democratic u_k_
    and other to see you soon for my next trip for real
    thanks again for ching *** ***

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