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- topsy turvy cake tutorial __ Multi-tiered_Wedding_Cakes topsy turvy cake tutorial how to make

topsy turvy cake tutorial how to make

    - topsy turvy cake tutorial __ Multi-tiered_Wedding_Cakes

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    Solutions for 2-Stage Cementing (English) - YouTube !!!
    fam international introduced the cementing port collar in

    to complement the casing annulus Packer for two-stage cementing
    evolution in the product line has progressed to allow to stage cementing
    and casing sizes up to
    in horizontal well applications and with metal to metal seal versions for
    production casing
    when drilling wells problems may be encountered that require two-stage
    incorporating a casing annulus packer or cap
    in the casing string said directly below the stage cementing port collar
    ensures a long term solution
    Tam has perfected several methods for two-stage cementing
    all of which have benefits and advantages
    depending upon the application and characteristics of the well
    are conventional to trip to stage cementing a production casing
    uses a port collar designed to open or close
    with Greece implication or rotation
    our inner string two-stage cementing or duplex amazing
    uses a port collar designed to open or close with rotation
    and is ideally suited to large diameter casing
    let's look at both methods in more detail
    for conventional to trip to stage cementing
    run casing with the casing annual is packer and port collar
    positioned at the depth required for the second stage cementing
    land the casing
    perform a conventional first a cement job
    pop down and land the wiper plug
    increasing casing pressure shares open the valve system
    in the casing annulus packer and the Packer inflates
    run the TEM combination to on drill pipe
    circulating fluid through and out at the combo tool
    while moving through the port collar to ensure there is no cement contamination
    in the bore
    love the port collar
    pick up and locate the port color set down wait to open the port color
    perform the second stage cement job pick up to close the port collar
    and pressure test to confirm it is closed
    the inside diameter the port collar is left with full bore
    so cement drill out at this depth is not required
    drill out the float collar and shoe and continue drilling the next section of
    the well
    the second method we're going to look at his inner string two-stage cementing
    to begin run casing with stab in float shoe
    install the casing annulus packer and port collar
    with centralize are above and below the cap
    and port collar assembly circulate while running in the hole
    land the casing and run in with the combination to on drill pipe
    with a seal stinger on bottom space out stab into the float shoe and establish
    ensure that the Packers seal cups on the combination to our in black pipe
    below the cap
    perform a conventional for stage cement job through the drill pipe
    as required
    once the wiper plug lands release from the float shoe
    pick up and locate the port collar
    circulate a shifting dart to the combination tool
    and apply pressure
    inflate the casing annual is packer per the inflation procedure
    rotate the drill string one-quarter turn to the left
    to open the port collar established circulation
    condition the annulus and perform the second stage cement job
    OJ to drill string one-quarter turn to the right to close the port collar
    pressure up to confirm the port collar is closed and holding pressure
    pull out of the hole
    drill out
    afloat shoe and continue drilling operations on the next section
    for all your multi-stage cementing requirements gas migration control
    or other inflatable or swell uble packer applications
    contact your local Tam representative or visit our website
    at T a.m. Intl dot com *** *** GT5u Multiblock tutorial series - Oil Drilling Rig & advanced Miner II - YouTube !!!
    as a goner very welcome to the Orioles oil drilling rig and the advanced minor
    2 I'm doing these two together because they are very similar and the kind of
    work together showing the seismic prospector which is a book but it is
    needed in this so first thing you need to do is go to the area that you're
    wanting to check after the your seismic processor with TNT or industrial TNT and
    then shift with you data stick year ago she's as raw prospect data can be read
    on that apparently so now what you do with this is you go back and you run it
    through a scanner and that will scan it and tell you what is the open a scanner
    this'll take just a minute cuz its kinda slow but you also need a printer and a
    fluid extractor an assembler for this process and hopefully you also need a
    sang e worried I'm main one and the second one else this one's ever go
    almost forgot I had them grow black horn
    James stuns scanning and now says it's analyzed data and tells you where the
    data is from anyone's
    games ok so now we have in here we take this year it will use paper and ink and
    print out what is on their on paper now to clear this you just put it in here
    and now it's clear now once you get that then you need a piece of leather and
    some bowling machine with an end
    and these pages which then go in here and that makes you this rich and if it
    will tell you that the data from that area in that dimension shows do ninety
    four leaders had liquid medium and the depressed acted or his tirade checkup
    irate and oil sands so that means we should get medium oil oil rig placed in
    that area and where I have it should be within that area and with the minor we
    should get those now the actual structure is college till machine
    casings three by three base for the oil for both of them you need the same basic
    structure which you see here both of them get away from both of them will
    need a man and sach both of them will need their own controller
    young which controller GE Oil one will need an output hatch
    she advanced minor will need a output
    US and in input hatch for drilling fluid which we need to change and my girls and
    it will take

    drilling fluid herblock did it
    Mills mines another thing that you will need when you build this is you gotta
    make drilling types both of them need them they go right there and see this
    one is still consuming power but it's out of place so I need your makes more I
    have stood for now this cos it has extra this has to go way down deep so it will
    use more quickly than what this one and you can see it's only down to this right
    now so its mining everything that's on this level that is an or ok got that
    level done now it's going down to the next and then placed blocks like this is
    right next to our farm it will not take it has to be generated or in the world
    from World Gym not place sucks and its kansan
    by ninety six block area and
    it also polarizes everything minds and give you
    output would normally get
    in the show for every or block it does double cheese chives
    for the rest of the structure is just solid steel machine case and still
    trains don't forget that is basically it you gotta have a lot of infrastructure
    run them they both require medium-voltage need medium voltage
    minimum for power as far as I know and that's
    if you have any questions on now they work or requirements to make them run
    let me know I will show you real quick the fluid and how it's made and the
    pipes and then be it short day this is the drilling fluid you need stone dust
    and water in a mixture the allotted minimum and that would give you your
    drilling you need a lot of this but I have a lot of stone dust and water is
    not hard to get a hold of and if you start using the distillation tower you
    have signs now the mining pipes are from IC to its regular mining pipes anybody
    has ever used the minor from I see to it sees mining sure here which is just iron
    plates at retail and you get a show
    have a good day hope this helps you *** *** The Largest Oil Rig in The World - YouTube !!!
    on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico engineers are building
    a technological masterpiece cold
    tons of steel will be transformed into the most advanced
    oil rig in the world
    this rate will plunge drills nearly three kilometers down to the sea
    a giant in the extreme world love offshore engineering
    eight-term August

    today is a big day for the builders buddy they are moving the bottom
    after their oil rig from the construction dock in Texas
    out into the ocean Mike

    tons of metal will travel 300 kilometers
    into the Gulf mix home
    here it will form the basis for a state-of-the-art floating oil ring
    double tap into 3 newly discovered oil fields
    hoodie does expected to produce enough
    oil every day to fill up a hundred and fifty thousand card
    when it comes on line it will reach deeper into this
    in any other oil on the plywood
    oil has been the engine in the world economy for over a century
    but hardly ever without an impact on the environment
    great American
    oil rush profoundly alters the sleepy town of Saint Mary's in Ohio
    the you're the quick fortune brings enough love would be
    rockefellers within a few months
    they completely transformed the landscape
    oil rigs spread across the plains to extract the black gold from an
    oilfield over
    meters below
    but one day their relentless march comes to a grinding halt
    at the Shaws up Grand Lake
    it is only three meters deep but it becomes
    a big obstacle for the drilling crews
    engineer Ed McCann demonstrates why
    drilling the old days didn't actually involve drills
    we imagine spinning round they used percussive techniques
    bang and a if we have a look at this here you'll see the
    all really did to drill was elected way up with a point on it
    and late fall onto the rock me do it again
    and if we look closely this what we can say is that we making a tiny little
    chip every time yep law once you got this mechanized you could you up to

    meters a day like this which was plenty
    and adequate now once they move this'll
    operation now over water my side looking for stuff that was underneath water
    they found themselves in a whole new ball up
    sorry we've got to get water
    we're gonna give up akashi drilling another try I lift up the pile hammer
    and I drop it and you can see immediately it's not going minutes
    passed through the water
    the other thing that's happening is it doesn't go down straight
    tens todavia of and this is essentially because the water provides more
    resistance to the falling pile hammer there
    and frankly I can carry on doing this the rest have time
    and I wouldn't day very big hole fortunately there is a solution
    and is this so the way this works is is the Chi
    is basically pushed down into the soil C forms a reasonable seal
    any pump the water out and the pile hammer
    is then able to act as if it was in dryer Ellis
    see what happens got much you pay and we can see pretty much straight light its
    back towards the
    fall velocity we had when it was in open-air
    and what's more it a right on the spot up
    this simple jus gets the oilmen past the watery
    barry they build wooden platforms for the drilling equipment
    and drill down into the bed Lee
    steadily they chip away well until they finally break through
    within just a few years hundreds rigs
    bring up on Grand Lake which becomes the birthplace
    love the offshore oil rig welcome
    while the basic the Perdido ring still on its way to the oilfield
    an exploratory drilling the Clyde Boudreau
    is preparing the ground at the site
    perdido will tap into
    different worlds
    and the man on the Clyde Boudreau a pre drilling

    declined Boudreau has a drill with a twist in the tale
    as it plows through the rock under the ring
    there comes a point where it needs to change course
    operators on the surface remotely activate a motor and
    drill which bans it sideways and push it out
    this way the Clyde
    drone builds a way above oil wells that extends to the farthest reaches of the
    oil fields

    kilometers across
    declined Boudreau's drilling crew can drive through
    meters a rock every day
    since the rig started work its drills have been turning

    hours a day seven days a week
    after three days at sea
    the base at Purdue did arrives oil now the crew get ready for the next stage
    the operation
    today they will install the bottom-up 3 called the spa
    pretty know we decided to build a spark because that would give us the stability
    that we need
    and the spars basically a can the problem with the cane shape
    as I wanna floats once a naturally flow in this orientation right and I we
    needed to be in this world
    the crew faced the mammoth tusk
    tonnes still
    they released here tations
    and then pumped cement into the bottom spot
    this flips the whole structure into an upright position
    and now they must attach it to the ocean floor
    thousands and me just below

    instead of driving impossibly long steel
    piles the engineers at Perdido use ropes and chains to hold the ring in place
    they need something to secure the roads on the seabed
    so they attach huge metal cylinder to the end
    once the cylinders cool suction IQ's
    reach the sea floor the engineers use clever physics to drive them into the
    on ok
    well is what's called a spot can
    sucks Mac
    used to secure or eggs like perdido to the ocean full
    loves it about
    times size but on this vacuum pump
    see he creates a suction
    so I do the same
    in the water my place on the ocean bed
    which this represents initially it only goes into that step
    numbers and wait so it's hard to getting into the ocean for it all
    but as I pump out the air in the water
    rules itself down the ocean bed creating a firm Anchorage
    there's now secure obviously
    feet diameter group with those providing extremely from anchorage
    to be almost impossible to pull out
    suction anchors the perfect solution for anchoring
    deepwater platforms like deed
    but activating a suction pump bone-crushing
    depths below re is impossible for human divers
    so the engineers use robotic died
    schooled are these to do the job of
    an operator four kilometers away maneuvers the RO
    the toward suctioning and attached puff
    this removes the water and creates a vacuum
    that sucks the bank is down and locks perdidos foundations
    into the seabed of
    although the Gulf of Mexico was played by hurricanes
    there is a more insidious danger for perdido lurking
    under the surface
    yearly goal survival recall Loop Current
    which is a big circular occur in the Gulf of Mexico
    we get very high currents on your five or six feet per second
    and what that causes is it causes the spar
    in particular but any cylinder to vibrates
    in the current on the scale of Perdido
    this phenomenon course half
    want to seize forming in fast currents could make the rig sway nearly a hundred
    sideways and damage it
    but perdido uses a simple device deal
    them strippers steel spiraling down its side
    called a string
    without it the swaying motion at the ring pull on the drill
    this could rupture the pie and cause a disastrous
    straight also stops the crew from getting cease
    because perdidos a floating the engineers don't need deep sea divers to
    put it
    yeah but today they are facing the mother oval assemblage
    its they are about to lift the
    platform day cool top sites onto its base
    the crane barge doing deck lift is the most powerful love its kind in the world
    it is lifted many top sides girl
    but non as being and at the as the pretty dope
    the engineers a confident that the barges up to the task
    but they can't be entirely showed
    worst-case scenario is that we drop the topside
    it's happened here in the Gulf of Mexico number years ago was a heavy lift
    top size rebuilds after several years construction
    picked it up and and it was dropped to the seafloor
    with a price tag of several billion dollars
    dropping the topsides is not an option so everything is checked
    and checked again
    and then once more for good measure
    then the teams hold their breath as the operation
    crane lifts the top sites of its barge
    now it has to place the day precisely on to the docking points on the platform
    hours the topsides
    is finally place one of the biggest lifts in history
    completed without a hitch
    once the bottom office in the upright position it isn't very stable
    as soon as the deck is at the rig gets very top-heavy
    and could easily flip home
    the solution is thirteen thousand tons of pulverized
    I am or this is pumped into a tank at the bottom of the spine
    which gives perdido an extremely low center of gravity
    so it becomes impossible to flip in
    we put that way to the bottom spar its
    inherently stable it's not gonna football who or get out of alignment
    other floating structures a weights
    instability is a real issue sorry but we all once I the platform you gotta put
    balanced on the other side platform make sure it doesn't tip over.
    we'll have the problems bar
    july the sixth

    like wealth the largest oil platform in the North Sea
    spiro by issues explosions I
    the platform is destroyed and tons of oil spill
    from a crew
    others parish
    Piper Alpha is a grim higher for the oil industry
    the biggest danger to a steel structure
    is by because the heat weakens the steel
    South these two drinks cans they gonna be my steel columns
    move them is paying any regular pain the salt thing you find a home
    but the other one has special inch you messin
    and so let's see how it works
    I'm gonna load the columns
    as if they were have an oil rig
    and then I'm gonna set fire to them
    inch messin paint react violently heat
    it pops up and against China this
    is the perfect recipe the fire protection unprotected Steve
    just constant
    I miss column is being protected from the fire
    find the formation of shop long has a minimal inside
    them causes the expansion and the insulating layer he
    com to the steel and weakening so this looks like
    go for a long time it's certainly long enough for people to escape my give you
    a half an hour
    a fire protection Piper Alpha
    kilometers offshore perdido
    is nearly twice as far from the coast the men are over two hours flight time
    from rest to delaying the destructive effects of a fire on the rig
    is crucial
    engineers apply the fire proof coating all the critical
    parts steel structure this guarantees they will survive the
    for longer but
    and to protect workers from explosions
    engineers updated
    steel panels to separate productions
    from the living
    in the event of a blast
    these panels

    and soak up the energy the shop without ranch
    by remaining intact this last shields
    living its from fine
    the oil industry has learned its lesson from the piper of its
    last the detail uses state-of-the-art technology
    to make sure its workers don't risk their lives in pursuit
    the black gold perdido
    reaches deeper into the ocean any oil before
    and it uses technology to try and reduce the environmental
    in oil rigs past standing on the shoulders of historic engineering Giants
    this really is the out oil
    until someone bills an even deeper one *** *** My Offshore Oil Drilling Rig Tour - YouTube !!!
    alright today I'm gonna give you a tour
    this is my desk
    this is the view outside my window
    while I'm working on the desk you know doing paperwork whatever there's
    you know watches over Jake women out here do it crack
    all kinds of different stuff go outdoors
    doing here
    out here
    this is Mike women
    this evening
    down here this area right here
    that makes it home
    cock call comes up through here
    is mind women tonight
    daily basis round
    think gallup on top tournament this is onto the harmed
    as the other pond
    way around this way to climb up there
    where the engine for got two engines
    you can see
    there's a radiator home on radiator for the other
    here's my fuel tank here's my air tank
    other side of it
    right here
    back side of the pond
    back over here the other side
    fixing good match her cubicle at it
    right over here and where we hook up for hoes right here
    profit up to their and
    take you around here
    Taylor over the scenery and
    looking I hear out Great White Oak
    says we're going to have much smoke breaks
    that's another smoke break area down there
    is why I look at every time I come out here here's the ocean there's the
    helicopter landing pad
    is one of our lives caps just in case the shit hits the fan
    call right out here I
    trying to master weeks
    I anyway
    when that means to don't know why against cancer when you're on record
    crappy to walk up here on the helicopter pad and
    let's see what it looks like from up here and
    over here to the left
    is our welder shop
    where I
    big thing right there on her legs and is the helicopter and
    why ocean and
    go next
    an appearance
    waiting for
    her wish list thanks very much make it better pic anyway where
    couple cranes the news out here pick up all are having
    yet and anyway could go back down
    not most beautiful react with me it's my home away from home and
    try to keep things neat as possible and
    dubstep the right way climate here
    Island for
    here that that records are kept me up all the time because they
    got speakers run all over the place where they need to talk
    somebody's when the low phones here and
    this is our computer on the hand
    got windows ninety really old
    this is where we put the chemical and the water to make certain you know
    seem it doesn't get mixed here
    just water goes in here in the water goes that he said I should
    giving up video and and it all adds up and
    here's the control panel and all these overwhelmed
    the switches he remained of control and
    something that has to do with pics seemed
    your my when engine control the other is grow that I use
    you fixing also pressure and pressure okay
    still pressures are hurt
    manual chart recorder to record all the pressure and
    work now hand
    quick use
    and more and and more lockstep
    keep up with and
    the right here the be creeping for that long
    another one on the other side exterior I
    call it
    cement silo health this evening at the dry stuff they send it to me and I'm at
    I think they're pretty much covers everything that I can show you
    which damn thing with groomed that it does and
    another look at three more
    now running in the home with some I
    call liqueur and finish completing
    well start bringing it more oil so they can bring on the gas price and
    go background
    as you can see
    pretty big piece of equipment
    real pretty land
    you over here
    I can't see any land
    and now here to fill it up and
    that we start
    and see the store smashed my finger in there the other day
    that like right here
    help ease my skin hanging off their everything yeah
    and this is my little office how much to look at but it's mine
    that's it for the door
    ok do it and
    take some more pictures later back *** *** Oil Drilling | Oil & Gas Animations - YouTube !!!
    geologists and geophysicists have agreed on the existence of a prospect
    a potential field in order to find out if hydrocarbons are indeed trapped in
    the reservoir rock
    we must drill to hit them
    bearing in mind the knowledge acquired about the substratum in the topography
    of the land
    the best position for the installation of the drilling equipment is determined
    generally it is vertically about the point of maximum thickness of the
    Geological less
    suspected of containing hydrocarbons the drillers then make a hole in conditions
    that are sometimes difficult
    a small diameter from
    to 50 centimetres
    this whole will generally go down to a depth between
    exceptionally certain wells exceed six thousand meters
    one of them has even exceeded 11,000 meters
    certain fields can be buried at a depth equivalent to the height
    Eiffel Towers the Derek
    is the visible part of the drilling rig it's a metal tower
    several tens of meters high it used to vertically
    introduce the bill strings down the whole these deal strings are made above
    metallic tube screwed and to end
    they transmit a rotating movement route
    reeling to the
    to the drill bit and help circulate liquid called mud
    because its appearance down to the bottom of the well
    the drilling rig works like an enormous electric hand drill
    which the Derek would be the body the deal strings
    the drive and the drilling tool the drill bit
    the most usual to is an assembly of three combs
    from you
    comes the name try can in very hard steel
    which crushes the rock sometimes when the rock being drilled is very resistant
    a single block to link rusty with diamonds is used
    this wears down the rock by abrasion through the drill pipes
    at the extremity which the drill bit rotates a special mud is injected
    which the mud engineer prepares and controls this mod cools the drill bit
    and consolidates side to the borehole moreover it avoids a gushing a boil
    gas or water from the lair being drilled bike with a breaking the pressure
    finally the month cleans the bottom of the well
    as it makes its way along the pipes he carries the rock fragments
    cuttings to the surface the geologist examines these cuttings to discover the
    characteristics of the rocks being drilled
    and to detect eventual shows have hydrocarbons
    the cuttings fragments a bra crushed by the drill bit are brought back up to the
    surface by the mud
    to obtain information on the characteristics of the rock being
    a core sample is taken
    the drill bit is replaced by a hollow to
    sampler which its tracks a cylindrical sample up several meters a rock
    this course applies data on the nature of the rock
    the inclination of the layers the structure permeability
    ferocity fluid content and the fossils present
    after having drilled a few hundred meters the explorers in drillers
    undertake measurements called Larkins down the hall by lowering
    electronic tools into the well to measure the physical parameters of the
    rock being drilled
    these measures validate or invalidate
    all make
    super-sized hypotheses put forward earlier about the rocks
    and the fluids that they contain the log engineer
    is responsible for the analysis of the results for the various locations
    the sides the well %uh then reinforced by steel tube screwed end to end
    these tubes called casings are cemented into the ground
    they isolate the various layers encountered
    when high
    are found and if the pressure is sufficient to allow them to come to the
    surface naturally
    the drillers to offload check
    the oil is allowed to come to the service during several hours all several
    through a calibrated hole
    quantity recovered is measured as I
    a at the bottom of the well in this way a little more knowledge is gained about
    the probable productivity in the field
    if the field seems promising the exploration team
    ends the first discovery well and goes on to drill a second
    even several others several hundred or thousand meters further away
    in this way the exploration team is able to refine its knowledge about the
    characteristics of the field
    the decision to stop drilling is made only when all these appraisal wells have
    provided sufficient information
    I did give up the exploration or to envisage a future production
    centimetres this whole
    Emery go down to a depth between 2,000 and
    exceptionally certain wells exceed six thousand meters
    one of them has even exceeded 11,000 meters.
    certain fields can be buried at a depth equivalent to the height
    Eiffel Tower *** *** Oil and Gas - 3D Animation - Drilling Rig - YouTube !!!
    we will now
    review the equipment emplacement a permanent drilling equipment
    on a conventional drilling rig with Derek we think system
    I used for ok floating unloading to from
    supply ships the clip take
    is an anything day on every little but connected to grill kill
    by Iran to a transcript drilling equipment
    to and from the Driskill and the pipe tick basis for most
    at the drilling equipment is stored temporarily free to use in drilling
    or prior to being sent own short for inspection
    maintenance and storage the drilling equipment is transported
    to and from the Greek kill you singing country crane
    and type subsystem we lifted directly
    in with using the pedestal crane just the drilling operations
    up intrude from elevated deck call
    DigiLink fuel all week chill this is where the will center is located
    which is the initial starting point for all drilling and though interventions
    it is also what all control stations
    and instrumentation for the operation and control equipment
    and for the many Tory up the well are located
    it drew show is with the operation
    a remote control %uh handling equipment take place
    everything that is to be used and instead
    in the well I mean rhetoric
    iron roughneck is used for the screaming
    an on-screen all credit rating components
    it is one chunks and corrected screaming
    unscrewing and one for application of the diet or
    and breaking the dreamworks dislocated on the drill chill
    and is it big which weathered really like coils
    onto a big drum it took this
    at the Joe works is to always and over the drilling machine
    and the drill string up and down the derek
    this is a vital part of the drilling equipment
    it is used for the transfer wat and rotational torque to the gym strain
    the additional drilling mud to control information pressure
    and health stability the transport
    chill cuttings to the said face and for the connection at new gym pipe sections
    during drilling
    it director died space today to go standby
    area on the Trucial and fingerboard to secure with extensive cheapen it is
    tripping out at the Hale for big change change-up bottom hole assembly
    all for other regions the starlet
    is used to move stance a few days from the stand back area
    to the Wellness Center when shipping in the hood and back to stand by
    area when shipping and up the whole *** *** [FTB] InfiTech 2 - S3E24 - Oil Drilling Rig - YouTube !!!
    with me Jason make right wearing to those because too smart
    what has been happening seems the last episode actually what have we done in
    elastic is a little bit rate we have managed for us to make some into new
    machines it was a laser engraver and performing ready to make a play i says
    so good and processors required and we will need quite a lot of them let's run
    through my I have SAT upstairs the operation finished sign up initially and
    missing you bad it's almost looking so on top of her press here is the logic
    brass silicone breast and engineering so and behind it to the crafting system so
    to make a calculation
    it's simply by using for this is not something I haven't said yes because i
    dont have up here but it's coming on that will come at some point so this is
    currently not agreed in here requires gold planes which is quite simple
    you using making the gold medals at these vending machine because this one
    I'm secure its under recipes I just feel so no I'm
    made second sheen what this purpose
    down here is a engineering press which is the most expensive one because it
    requires a diamond plate and to make a diamond plate if you remember the past
    we need a cutting machine and block of diamond so I have up here I am starting
    to make a new line so in this is a literary the wall and it's going to be
    expanded to maybe probably yeah for sure so here I just set up the quickly get
    the UPS nothing on the ground and wanted to take you to arrange and here I have
    set up to crafting
    diamonds is one diamond which currently is a little bit
    because we don't have too many diamonds these diamonds are all I have soared
    twenty seven diamonds much
    and now I was going to work on the silica but to make these we need which
    actually is not working so I have no well I have an idea I just putting going
    to put it this way
    blood is aware of it i mean current maintainer of it so friendly you can't
    use but you can use empty so good they are it's well for now it's a silly idea
    because well to make a printed silicon I should be

    so dependent currently can be made only by empty so good bored and nothing is
    bad are you know we will talk about in the end because it can be used to make
    the 11th circuit board is the only way to make them and we will make me them to
    make the appt so it's nothing that we will say we don't need it at all so why
    do so we needed and here it is to get it so it's a complex way it really is so
    let's go through it so first we need to take another problem so again played not
    a problem and so is a new addition to the five whole night so it requires
    Clayton of the stuff for us we need to get this is made inside a chemical
    reactor reactor either way
    enough to land and nafta get caught in here and compressed air cell you will
    get from
    leaders who will get
    of or you can use this one hundred

    leaders with some titanium does
    views on a problem
    titanium can be a bit of a deal and you get just one per one
    conversion so that's cool but the problem comes with the National so to
    get enough that I'm going to call it to get this guy we need either distillery
    with Craig
    but to get correct oil we need a record with
    you so it's a it is a blade
    media machine it's almost a Muslim book and you can have more energy inputs to
    make it I would need
    I'm not sure if I can so I'm considering this as so it's nothing what I'm going
    to do also is correct that feels so it's Craig but there is a cheaper way cheaper
    a lot cheaper easiest well however the one with Sophia
    quite a lot you need some hydrogen
    assume it's a distillery with some oil in the second we have an oil tank over
    there could we use it I was thinking about just for fun I want to get on to
    something new and then yes there is adding its gold foil to be different
    than you are used to it so you will not be able to find any oil in the world
    it's actually generated no Metro
    how to pump out you need a thing called oil drilling machine it's a hugely
    expensive it's really interesting so it's expensive and we need a few steel
    frame boxes few good tactic circuit few active motor so it's a comp combined I
    don't know its combination with Bellamy and and and we will also need some sort
    of energy input output had input see there we need input bus maintenance
    hedge and some frame
    access so actually this time around guys let me do this pretty crafting because
    I've done it in a while so let's go downstairs in the third grafting or
    require it
    and there is nothing new for you to be a pray that you will not know how to grow
    up and we noticed because it would actually circuit breaker boxes we made a
    forum yeah when you are making you don't remember then it's just and actually the
    newer piece is a story
    machine piecing but it's just deal of
    her ged so we need steel plate and
    the offering box which is yet
    ok guys so before I am working on it I just realized I need a lot of steroids
    and doing this it's just going to take just because we need
    wrote and when
    each other on is going to take part in second it's it's half an hour
    and counting right so fortunately for us there is a better way so let's actually
    work on their first to make it in a better way that's just shy of these
    steel in here we are going to make an extruder so yes this machine aren't
    going to make it in a medium voltage because many watch one can work with
    metal which is really awesome and it will mean stuff will go faster we will
    save a little bit of materials afterwards
    and on the other hand it's going to suck our power drive mount it should be fine
    so extruder I don't remember how is it made so let's see how it's quite easy
    machine to me I'm going to make an extraordinary need company acquires so
    Kaepernick virus good iconic circuit steel pipe and everything you saw me in
    previous episode so let's just cut and ok amongst extruder Danny didn't took
    that long and yeah i just bided their cable it was a
    cable and indeed
    groups this year
    and also you can see that I have removed these little bit so I'm actually I was
    just needing the advance which I will show you in debate with I'm using it for
    let's do I need one and two
    here when
    integrated circuit for a wider now let's put it here
    extruder again looks so let's go quickly
    warren of forming press I'm using it for so I have done here I have advanced
    precision engraver and I have made the are made from
    liquefied moderates the inside of returning fire or you can come back of
    its own and if I would place it here I will get a let's don't chipset then I
    can take the restaurant chipset what did here inside deforming I can take for
    example one piece off I run late and it will present and it will give me a
    chipset which then I can use for example in making these guys just a bad or any
    pipes which is awesome
    what was the main issue main reason was the crafting commercials because you
    should remember we needed not
    it was just a basic example
    David so we could use to get eight gold year which is total of eight gold
    beaches and its slow or you can use this so we can just replace the gears with
    chipset so it's an easy recipe for you and is it so now that I am to extruder I
    need for more plates because I need a good
    I wanted couple of them but for now I will just be it will just be enough for
    me to have them all
    it's actually it's a shame right though
    extradition for making rocks so hard to make it rain forest doing this and be
    sheep and then the sheik brought its like this with wire cutters I deliver
    anywhere in there should have them in my backpack so it's cut a hole in it
    no I said I need
    right I'm going to keep this so I need just sixty
    normally I would use
    steel and then convert the dust I will get back to you
    but still I would get from one and get one and her well basically I will use a
    half an eager to make now I can use a full to make to rot
    we are saying we are making it faster simpler and we don't need to worry about
    the blast furnace dust afterwards so let's put it in and let's see what is
    going on so it is quite hard they go into tonight's just down like that
    problem is of course with energy consumption it was
    EU heartache which
    I wasn't there when you look at the lake just uses for houses
    it's faster but you will always have our purpose
    the spring when it's done
    I can show you this but I'm done here so as you can see I have built this little
    platform in here and what this is doing is basically what this does is it will
    when this time will actually be emptied it will empower to stop anything the
    signal it will turn on this transmitter which would turn on the boilers in there
    so I just thought why the hell not to also I know this is a complex but that's
    all that matters
    and yet it's been on and off because of the team is getting pumped in there but
    well and by the way using the state's else to keep it running clinics stops
    receiving the scene also I am done for this one so when the boy will start
    running and stop running it was not immediately shut this down it would keep
    running for
    seconds and then shut down so more steam maybe I'm waiting to
    end up in some ways right and just this rumbling here we are ready

    pieces to the price of oil
    so you can
    whatever energy want the type of energy and the type of water supply to it will
    just make it go faster it's pretty much all and how it works it works in
    cyclists or I will talk about it when we have actually they loved it so now where
    do you want to build it well at the start you will probably not know or you
    just put it anywhere because we can't make the think I think I think we can't
    make the pink which would tell us what you think is
    ok let's go it's always just fun to experiment and reason why am I doing
    this is just basically be caused one simple thing and that is what is it
    about it is new so it's actually as always
    structure but make sure it's built in one child so let's go get here and how
    to build it so let's first start with drilling Creek controller it goes to the
    bottom then you want to have a over heritage maintenance hatch in bass and
    Outwood hatch also on the bottom so where I'm going to have the energy in
    here in here because we don't need to access it every time
    maintenance over there and the output which will go here now
    arrest on to what time will be steel casing to its free both researcher on
    the bottom
    now called tops you want to go run do very high with your sorry she thinks and
    I need a true oh no I don't
    ok more than I needed and then you want to surround myself with the frame boxes
    and lastly on top of it when do we know this is the oil drilling break from Greg
    Dec totally new machine I'm not sure if it is available because honestly I'm not
    playing the persian corporate this is something to look for now we need to of
    course supplied with some power so for testing purposes I'm going to just snuck
    a battery buffer with you
    batteries and would just make it work that also currently well in the future
    it will require I guess it's due to the next time it's going to require
    remaining pipes that's why it has to get his to head the US where the money
    friendly it works with them so it's good for the right so I have a million ok so
    I want a low wattage battery buffer and I would like to get my hands on sodium
    batteries for you have any sort of batteries
    or battery life when sitting in storage system ok so let's do batteries where
    can I get one
    I don't want to make any more batteries but well let's see maybe it would be
    enough so well let's let's face it and let's go back to drilling around and
    honestly I really like these drilling this structure more than just a normal
    come from a craft or any other more because honestly just look at it it
    looks so lets plays the battery before in here
    rotate it aside and let's build some sort of batteries in it would rain and
    we off-course need to fix the issues so let's dig into my campus back and let's
    get universal speed soft hammer hard hammer screwdriver and I think that's

    should be fine
    Universe beta should be able to fix more issues than just one so
    this this this this and actually range as well
    and secretly guys would think you for a shout out on the forums
    well thank you for the message I would say next time please put it down and a
    comment below
    well that's what is it far we have we can use the soaring I run so let's just
    get the soaring Cairo soldering iron and soaring hour whereas which are better
    way made with putting a soaring our wire inside and they could do to get a
    soaring our way
    a combination of money and you get quite lots of either
    run bank
    your tree grown added
    I'm not going to be so I tried to swim in lava
    nope I'm not going to get re-elected
    ok and I don't it will consume the virus and everything is fine
    meant working so let's get to back into my back and let's get just as September
    and now if you got heated it will start working also so it is raining power and
    it's producing over there we go it's burning oil so in this place it is going
    to produce light oil though there are couple and tree couple of different
    types of oil and going to quickly try to find the information about it so let me
    if u minutes ok so you will not find it
    the oil yeah what's happening every
    this one whole feel every
    by chance
    which beach
    and it has a 50% chance it is empty and then we'll
    light oil normal or so yeah so we struck a light
    now energy measures how it will it will power

    readers purposes and that
    cycle length is given by the type of energy you are using so we are using it
    eight seconds with highway sorry medium-voltage it would be four seconds
    per cycle and so on
    or so now if you look at it we get 458 ok so let's let me grab a few more
    batteries ages to grab the lithium ones from the because really I wanted to show
    you how this exactly words
    get the batteries in
    can't enable
    sorts wait a little bit just few seconds and

    well i'm i'm not able to count properly seconds but if you go to eight
    seconds peres I got the unbound is just given by the time the ya Taiba
    among given week we can't help on its own because we can't make the machine
    which would tell us if we can make it
    week really can't make it because it requires
    machine is a world in which I just don't want to do with just ahead and also it
    needs a
    the process oil already so now that we have this much we are roughly
    so five minutes to make it let's see what hours do we need for making a body
    or early enough time to get enough time we need a song which is distillery
    like oil and we will get from the distillery will get
    silvery hair

    actually I can make it in here but I really just don't want to leave it in
    here simply because when it starts raining it can explode because I can
    make it so I guess I will end up in here cause really I will need a distillery
    near actually I hope we let me just quickly check the toughest test of junk
    and stuff because we were using the distillery for the pumping the oil at
    the first time so we might actually headed history we have to this story and
    we have the integrated circuit so what time what conflagration we actually meet
    after sushi or so light oil traded 120 is actually the best normal light oil
    can I but there is there is a lot of different ways how to get
    to the point you want against two white
    so is the only way with light oil ok so let's go and what's down light oil with
    two cable should be enough to make it happen
    and let me again actually what am i doing so to teen cable for one I don't
    insult so let's go
    will not happen fast because we require up to
    meters is quite a lot so
    let's get rid of this energy less disassembly a little bit so
    take this time I'm going to place it into place these let's get only two
    matters because I wanted to team two times people and then I will use basic
    history here we should be receiving it then we go into growth so could go and
    get into after I asked them then we want to get the super weird well
    ok so we need
    time we have it's going to take awhile to be made in the
    next time ago so we are making us which then we will use in the chemical reactor
    there will be a building next time sitting in a year just for overseeing
    honestly guys well as the blunders a really like it's just it is just let me
    take a hundred
    there's something going on now I'm horrible and there we go just to have
    something for the thumbnail
    we are pretty much done in a year so they are watching as I said in the next
    up is over there will be a building in here and i guess im also or maybe Duff
    of I'm going to also use maybe not

    over there but maybe just portion of this oil to make it to make more enough
    time we are honored to know around of space in here so you know what an awful
    bubbling let's get some delighted me know and I'll see you next time I think
    you are watching I hope you enjoyed them forget to leave like subscribe and
    favorite entry video with your friends and I was here all next time take care
    and *** *** North American Drilling Corporation: Video tour of drilling rig.... - YouTube !!!
    lurkers president corporation
    like today here really well number one day
    military text day is Saturday
    classic state fuck
    down about as you know the regulated out here
    next trucks actually quit now
    got said along
    here love larger but
    close to the heart yes down there about
    as you know we're going down to
    on this the Auburn several others are look
    at January
    Melbourne Cup bottom but I just wanted to get out here
    video showing looks like terapia
    their location making next
    see their ok enjoy
    thank you
    they are
    you I hope you enjoy the video
    blue line drilling rig number three on the booth
    well number one a while here's some
    this is a what they call him a collar specific one here
    very heavy goes on bottom and
    what makes up the what they call the drill string all these pieces a pipe
    have a collar and a drop in on bottom
    is makes up the drill string which is all the pipe connected
    and all that goes down to draw while so you got the drill bit on bottom
    couple stabilizers heavy collars and then the drill pipe
    federal Papas laid out over here on these racks
    and then and then and laid up there on the road ramp and they hoisted up
    put it in the rattle the next piece
    show that a sec go on up here
    over here over here we have the mud pots this is the doghouse
    crow's nest
    know there's a much larger trailer to provide little pusher trailer
    my trailer
    on gonna here
    fill tank
    water storage under here mistake on mom these out drugs to control the
    blowout preventer the Rams jerseys
    Rams there in the blowout preventer that an event ever bought or something lol
    the Rams will close on by operator in these hot dogs is what fresh
    under pressure sealed off the well
    traveling block
    big black clothes is got mud going down at Sarah
    my travels to the big black hose goes through the centre other
    Kelly that square pipe
    square piece a pipe got the Kelly it's connected
    the calibration to the drill string the drill pipe
    it's all know how so much goes to the center all that down to the bottom the
    watch dollar cuttings backup my programs very important it helps to
    bring up all the cuttings
    coat the inside the well to stabilize the inside the well
    call the pit
    and here's the blowout preventer
    this big piece here
    apply for a visa by brand right here this goin'
    sale of sale of the well here
    this call the blowout preventer very corn peas
    there some casing case a casing

    surface casing
    the doghouse
    lockers and

    getting ready to go in the hole Philip this tell if this peace after a
    up in their lives put it down to travel here that's the next case it'll be used
    right here
    as a Kelly pushing
    Kelly pushing fits inside the turntable what's going on around right now
    see the turntables fans
    jellyfish pushing in the Kelly which is this
    square piece a pipe here all returns all that is turning the drill pipe for the
    drill string
    and all and a bit on bottom thats whats
    going on well
    this is a just call us live right here
    make a connection I'll drop the slips got this little hole to hole the pipe in
    place while they are at small pipe
    this is a Tom right here and oh there's another Tong
    noite the tongs like giant branches that grab onto the pipe
    no travel bomb pop down a gravel poppies
    and they'll unscrew where r screw the pipe together
    is no stars as giant branches this is called the draw works this big blue
    this equipment that is a John faces a giant which
    net cable goes up all the way up to the top
    the crown background and you know
    that's the traveling block so solid giant winch and pulley system
    supporting the entire way the drill string as you can imagine a more chill
    string we have the heavier the drill string is
    more weight on a bit and so that's what
    this gauge overhears is showing the weights how much weight we have on the
    sport it's important to know that
    person there's more slips out there is a slurs
    here is a girl this
    this is the surface bit
    sellers girl that was connected to the on the bottom
    stabilizers the heady collars in the girl hi
    PDC bit
    silver right here is hardly a survey tool
    there's another section that they this rule about here makes about
    they run this survey tool in the whole every other
    connection make sure we're check the deviation makes your girl straight
    and this is the girl break right here this is where the the brakeman works all
    these controls
    the driller the
    control the lansing raise or lower the five alcohol
    basically those chains are used changer is also too tightly a
    the pipe together the
    making the connection here a minute
    we make a connection told making a connection is lonely
    and more pipe breaking apart nat moore
    coming in here to the
    doghouse lot
    summer hermits
    years there right down this the drillers log
    right down
    making connections all work was gone
    goes on the grid daily drilling report sure this
    grab this this tells us if we are
    about six hours
    goes down the hall partners
    over here my part
    this this so much often that's another much money it to my heart
    but is mixed up over there looks like those bag over back to my
    tax hike rates actually lives salary fixed up
    mix with water pop
    comes out comes out over it I'm done over here goes into the shale shaker
    see much coming back
    use the shell-shocked Denise its throughout the pin-up
    but where when we get down deeper we might up all this will be filled with
    into the mud tanks
    all these text me feel that much
    go through a filtration process try and get ready the
    have your say and its sales and all that goes back down here
    reuse the water mainly
    and some %uh back down here be reused they have more stuff
    now the big circle
    cutting stop cutting stockpile away
    Tom branch
    there's a a slippers
    values than a minute away as a wedge go down the hall and you'll see a
    sec all the hype place
    last days been a
    out here
    thank you
    we set up here said
    when this operation which will be later
    a help to sort out all the larger particles
    all the cuttings stuff call
    fall out here on this ramp
    the satellite hits
    every line in everything so there's no contamination at the nothing
    hazardous about the mutt anyway it's actually
    to make sure in tonight
    lime and stuff like that
    but takes
    will be filled up love water not be turning
    filtering out some small car
    go this way
    filtered out
    an hour to Shelby but not
    Charlotte also be filled
    wow %ah

    but is all is a mixture of different stuff like jealous detail here
    emergency stuff like that was the turkey
    there thanks designed to you to make a much thicker fender
    thicker or thinner and to control the viscosity in the mud weight to see this
    is a
    that had to kill stuff is mixed jail and that's not a bank in the
    it's a mix up in here
    lick them
    mixing station
    it's just a white kinda powder
    but we gotta control the viscosity and the lightweight
    either let them lot also

    months very important what it also does is helps to hold back the pressures
    a lot of enormous pressure
    downhole the deeper you go more pressure have actually right now we know how much
    but we started people have more pressures we need to have a mud wait to
    hold back
    be a pressure lubricate the whole dollar
    flush out the cuttings call the drill bit
    it does a lot thanks very very important
    lose much pressure yeah much program you're in trouble
    always claim any time but their injuries
    this pipe is about
    feet long
    this week 3 face a fight makes a pipe stand
    when they pull out all the fallout 3 piece time and I'll stand up
    right here on the
    on a farm Lauren the top part was in those racks per day just job
    be up there
    racking it up in all this see all the girls huckabee stack up right here
    when they have the trip bout to get a new bid on really have to do that
    maybe maybe once for twice
    twice during this girl skull chip in for the pit nitsa
    the whole trip
    my work it all out go all the way back in with the
    make a connection here in just a minute
    wanna show you something time do do this without on operating here
    a co-worker on the first Monday
    there is the
    see I X

    over there
    sharper image well
    time hard to see
    well as shopping yesterday
    size got ahead of now must be working on water feelers
    all right in between
    as well
    Allah make a connection
    really pushes about to drop airdrops to slip in
    those all
    lots of ways to get her out here
    Bolex peace out around Ho put it all
    thereby works together
    ok slips out one back yeah
    this calibration back in the turntable
    said back to drilling larry is this wind shear
    pull up next piece
    Scott column fingerboard up there guys
    just like a symphony
    job like yeah
    call the fingerboard up there is what track iraq up
    factor on now
    keep doing that making connections and get on down
    we respond
    we got there several zones and check your samples and all that but
    the electric logs is what we do at the very end once we get down to bottom
    will do it clubbers a comes out does a electric lock cores and thats
    that's gonna tell us really what we've got logs
    help I can to indicate
    thanks force but all in all comes together we look at all pieces on the
    information together and determine whether or not to complete the well
    we're still shell right now but everything's going good so far
    I hope you enjoy the short little video
    you want to you can come on out here check it out for yourself I'll be out
    here going for a couple weeks
    anything if they are have any questions just feel free to
    installer will be sent out their reports and updates
    thanks again for just playing with us
    fingers crossed we'll see how this goes about two weeks *** *** Water Well Percussion Drill Rig Tutorial - Fleming College - YouTube !!!
    alright drilling fans welcome back to study buddy studios
    we've got my details coming up so I thought I'd toss together this little
    shoulder help us all out
    I however did not work alone I couldn't have done it without the team
    soul thanks to all those involved and enjoy the show
    spotting clutch
    bowl real and casing real clutch engine control clutch
    pinion shifter for ball real and casing real
    say and real control bowl real break
    casing real break killswitch spotting beam
    he'll shaft crankshaft jack shaft
    bowl real shaft Sandri oshaf
    sliding pinion and San real friction Poli
    casing line Shiv he'll Shiv
    sand line Shiv spotting being Shiv
    crown Shiv shock absorber
    bowl real
    sand rail San real break
    Pittman casing real
    casing real break sparring gear so when we engage this budding clutch
    it kicks into gear right there and moves the sparring gear
    which moves the Pitman and in return the Pitman
    is moving this budding bean which makes the drill string go up and down
    now you're drilling when we push in the pinion shifter and crank it to the left
    it is now in the ball real position
    when we engage the clutch we raised the drill string
    when we push in opinion shifter and crank it to the right is now in the
    casing real position
    now when we engage the ball real in case in real clutch
    casing real starts to move
    here we see the ball real break
    this is the sand
    and has three positions drive neutral
    and break
    here we see RK Singh real break
    like to thank you guys for
    help I'd like to thank as I can drop for common over and help me fix all the
    mistakes I had
    the first time so if anybody feels like come on over and help me work on
    when these little study guides its kinda cool you don't hang out have a couple
    beers it's kinda like playing video games
    so yeah I could use some help on the next one
    ha ha party *** *** Construction Simulator 2015| Episode 6| The Drill - YouTube !!!
    a rental let's get the right in through
    the tutorial view of the drilling rig and hello Alex today I'm going to show
    you how to use the rotary drilling rig this machine is used to drill holes
    in which from beijing peers can be placed aboard in this tutorial I will
    show you how to transport objects with the integrated framework
    Andrew perfect walls with the drill hello world /p it can wait where to
    start first brought the machine into the area marked with pollens in front of the
    Globalive's control should be familiar to you as they are the same size for the
    truck figures
    yeah I know how to operate them let's go beyond for you get going you should
    extend the undercarriage sewing machine will be more stable
    hey let's extend beyond the courage them
    more hello
    com rings
    alright so drive the road route drilling rig into the market area
    I can be the other thing
    from turn
    very good there are two broke up some from the beauties will be used in
    combination with the brew on earth who grew into the earth and sure the whole
    does not collapse on itself
    it people hold when needed additional grill parts can be attached
    okay you know blah blah blah
    exactly the people too cold companies shoe make it easier to drill into europe
    the other pipe will later be attached to the first one in
    what to expect expended the rotary drilling rig has its own cream function
    the Green River situated at the top of the frame leads
    which Alba guide rails to which the girl is a patch
    changed to function more than lower the cream or
    make up the drill pipe with the cup miss you and transported who
    transport it to the market area all right let's do this
    looked on
    so which one miss the one the parts being
    the second one or is it the notes first my bed
    race backwards moods them with him
    monthly as he will that means moment them
    into from
    mmm on pump home
    here's a little bit hard to see your target there but this should be good
    so up slowly
    little mean so you can see you the
    the key you while
    monstrosity that we have to move here I love it I'm
    I A can only imagine all the fields to drug testing in real up guys
    and well the as I said earlier missus
    this this the main reason why I do these things with mom
    who were
    norm more
    mmm yeah
    mmm right there UK
    rate this is going very well now we need to move on to the actual drilling
    procedure I will briefly explain the parts of the grower
    Braun to see the grueling auger the thing is
    spelled the UGG mark anyway %uh
    which is placed inside the broke my band once they were
    on the whole the brew pubs first connected to the so-called casing
    private the casing drivers the large cylinder which cuts the holder to its
    over the drooling over
    the casing driver pushing the hole drill into the Euro the drilling order can be
    deployed and retract separately from the casing grover
    first got the drilling auger up to the case in private then carefully knowing
    the case drive onto the bro but until you can connect them together when
    casing driver temporal public connect the globe ruling on earth rotates lonely
    and slowly lower casing drive until the brewpub starts to begin to appear
    I'll be honest with you guys I'm confused well
    so good going keep in mind when grown on earth below for a few have to disconnect
    the growing power
    all the dialogue onlooker was shaking motion usually
    supplies through beautifully reverse the rotation direction of Prolog
    okay great
    race haley Barbour burns guy the drilling auger up to the go camping
    look at this from the outside pills man ok no
    Res clearly bomb
    more only bone arm
    own neons
    with him right
    okay so the Kelly bar is the more than quote
    home is the drill
    and then
    little hear from you
    you race the phillipines Ryan
    but that's as much as a memories
    am will move with over which
    we could prepare
    okay so so far so good know we connect the girl by
    locating the grill okay with him
    no to lower the early bomb okay soul
    homespun ruling
    you know was not willing
    you victim
    okay you've reached the maximum during their for this trooper
    disconnect the drop by pick the second one once again with with the current
    function please add much every
    disconnected ruling per race the Kelly bomber use the Rayleigh
    or the the the thingamajig your
    order comic book thing whether it was called prickly a political
    we get a good read above the earth the first there you go
    read on perfect
    gonna switch this mmm and
    we have to get ourselves some
    ruling party
    connect Mac
    connect from overcoming
    wall wall wall wall more nearly wall
    me known
    almost thinking
    have to know what this thing
    honest with you
    K metzner cool bit
    in means the same
    are them
    there she good
    some know once again lower number case
    there with me pipes know you're going to love the Kelly Barnes who we are
    and mall Rober you can't go no
    Bieber mmm soul
    noticed them start drilling again
    seems you
    done what's next from service
    look really good concrete is no be important the whole to grill PO
    I'm a pro drill a know you can prevent a rotary brodry will transport
    collapse the frame leads rhetorically on the character of your book in Burma
    transported with a heavy
    blah blah blah
    alright soul what we have to do now
    is room clean room with them yup
    fiercer with disconnect
    you retract the or with disconnect the
    thing the thing right
    gonna get this thing to put shakes go
    and we realize the re to hit the road
    in the wrong the wrong way awesome alright soul
    we got almost done good good
    fall the whole works in
    case you so that automatically dismantle to
    me falta phone
    like soul
    me K

    its bring your own opinion
    where the monstrosity to me rompl my goodness
    everything is done does everything is done
    it's done
    just do you mean you
    panel my back %uh your backbones
    all them
    can you tell me know that I wells alright
    now that's what
    and done
    arrived well but concludes our look and all the
    oh no it's not true we have more DLC to look at death and the
    but the other one this really quick home
    let's doom with VLC for the poet prepare for let the freemen small
    or room
    yes there is no tutorial for the flat brim
    well then I have to show you guys the thing in person
    that would be as well no
    for brain
    right here
    so this was the First UMC and that was where I didn't
    will be a kind of football and you guys because they did not show
    %um all the
    the old see that came ok
    with it came in New concrete pouring
    want called humans
    but it's basically a pickpocket and
    you want I will show you guys
    since we already sixty minutes in the game I will show you guys in the next
    mark whole week use all the stuff by act
    me get back in queue working
    that stuff and if no his game
    and want to be powerful wanna be a personal to them
    get to come pick between because this one of those games where I have no
    problem with people wanna play with a
    as long as they play its in a
    me serious manner
    the girls i play my simulators to use new
    go so until next time I see thank you so much for watching guys
    Homosassa next time we are getting back
    in queue actual work
    on the construction site so until then
    again thank you so much what you guys have a great day
    movements the movie
    I'm *** ***

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