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    Mini Christmas bell cupcakes decoration tutorial How To Cake - YouTube !!! English English
    this video, we are going to decorate some
    mini cupcakes to look like Christmas bellls. We are going to start with a mini cupcake
    and just a little bit of buttercream that I am just going to put on the top
    just so that my fondant will stick to the top of my cupcake
    I'm just gonna
    roll out my fondant, I have mixed a yellow colour
    but it's up to you what colours you want, you might want red or green bells to make them christmassy
    and I've just got a cutter that's a little bit bigger
    than my cupcake, so I am going to cut that out giving us a circle. and then turn that over
    we are going to pop our cupcake on the back and just gently push it
    all the way around on the edges just make sure you don't have too much buttercream
    peeping out from round the edges
    what we are going to need is a small little round cutter and
    I've got a modeling tool, you might be able to use a knife or a cocktail stick
    either is fine. And you are just going to put in
    two lines for the top
    and then at the end of each of your lines we're just going to put
    a little round circle with your cutter
    so to make sure those lines are
    nice and clean. Now, using the bottom end of my tool, what I am going to do
    is just push the circles in a little bit so that they are indented
    And im going to roll, with the fondant I have left, just a bit of a sausage shape
    which we will stick around the center of our cupcake, so we're just going to put a bit of water
    where you want it to go
    I'm just going to place it on there and pinch it off where it's a bit too long
    if you want to leave it the colour of your fondant, that's
    absolutely fine , or if you find you want to dust a little bit of colour on
    I've got some rainbow dusts, these are just metallic gold colours
    you can buy a few different ones. And i'm just going to
    put a little bit on my brush and just dust it
    onto my cupcake and it just makes it look a little bit more
    gold. But you don't have to do this
    you could leave it whatever colour you have died your fondant
    You can leave it as it is or if you prefer you can paint
    a bit of black food colouring, so I've just got the sugar flair liquorice one here
    Which I've got all over my hands already :)
    And just paint it into those little circles
    that you put in with your cutter. If you find it easier to cut out little circles of the black fondant
    you could do that
    whichever way you think works best for you
    and then a bit in the indented line we've done
    just make sure that if you are painting it in, that you have a fine paint brush
    and I don't think I have a very steady hand today at all
    okay and we will just finish it off
    with a little bow. So I've just got a little bit of red
    Which I seem to be dyeing red by accident
    because I've got black all over my fingers, so make sure you clean your hands first
    I've just got a small amount of red that I am going to divide into two
    and what I am going to do is create little round ish
    chunky sort of triangle shapes, they don't have to be perfect triangles
    and if you can keep the corners a little bit rounded then that's great
    okay and what we are going to do
    is put an indentation in each one
    using our modelling tool and then we are going to stick it to t he top
    of our cupcakes, if I can get it to stay on
    So I've just used a little bit of water but you can use
    edible glue, so the two triangles on
    and then just put some more water in the center, you just want to roll
    a little round ball
    that you can push in between like that
    and that's it! that's your little christmas bell cupcakes
    they also look good on full sized cupcakes
    Thank you for watching!
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    you can also visit my cake website and my facebook page to see more cakes and ideas *** *** How to make gumpaste lilacs for cake decorating part 2- wiring the flowers - YouTube !!!
    this morning I'm wiring together some loyalists so I thought I would do little
    video showing how to do that I have made different sizes of the flowers a little
    bugs lilacs are tiny the rooms are tiny tiny tiny so if you go and look at a
    role in these are larger than the actual ones are but you know I can't make a
    sixteenth of an inch across so I've got four little bugs I've got three in these
    these qualities are just you know random you can do as many as you want I that
    treaty that I felt a little hole in like they're just starting to open up have
    god there's six of the little small ones you can see my thumbnail how small it is
    limited to
    of the license or a little more open and I think there's about

    of the larger ones so that you can do as many as you want to make the whole
    bunch of things you want it to be so start with the little birds they go on
    the top and these are the ones at the very top that haven't opened yet when it
    opens it's kind of like a cone so you want to do this kind of an account
    shapes but the top ones kind of like that with one sticking up just arrange
    it so that is gonna start to have the top and these around it and take your
    floral tape this is just regular tourist tape when you want to kind of stretch it
    to make it like the glucan activates when you stretch it says you're wrapping
    its churches will be fine right so that's your first up and you're gonna
    take the
    go around the base now for these you wanna make them a little bit a
    little bit lower on the stick then the bugs are you don't have to be even I'm
    just gonna put them like that around
    I don't bother splitting this and half was better things to do with my time
    right now you can if you do it right so that's the first part of it then you're
    gonna take the smallest the smallest of the blossoms is this opens up the small
    ones are at the top and the larger ones are the bottom and you gonna start to do
    it kind of these stick out farther but is as you go down the flowers are gonna
    be larger so they'll stick out naturally on their own somebody's a little bit
    just are wrapping them around him putting this on a little bit of our
    other two and try to fill in the gaps as look at it as you're doing it so there's
    a kind of a bigger when their son and put it on here that space just take a
    look at it and rearranges you go anywhere you need to put more flowers in
    here on to the next group again these go lower on the stem
    sociable share mister film and see how the wire on this one is kind of sticking
    out trying to show that see the wire right there that's ok because I didn't
    do the compass for the neck down and on this one it's just a muffler and that's
    how they really look so you wanted to stick out so that when it's shaped it's
    more like account is getting charged for the bottom so just you know arrange them
    as you need to to get that shape as you're going around and to fill in any
    gaps it's a very free-form there's no pattern to me there's no there's no
    right or wrong way there is a wrong way if you do it looks terrible but you know
    what you can always go back and unwrapped asphalt and do it over so
    nobody's going to suffer if you have to go back and do it again not a huge deal
    plus if you have if you end up one side that's less fall that's actually ok
    because when you put this on the cake it's going to be up against it so you
    can always kind of move things around so if you have one side it's got a big hole
    in it just make that the back of the flower right and see all those put on
    and that's as big as it is it's not so you need a lot of flowers for each one
    of you choose to do the longer ones during the seminar going to be different
    sizes so just kind of choose the smaller ones first as you're putting these on
    you get toward the bottom make the larger ones be the ones that are at the
    very base cuz I'll make it stand out to you
    gonna need to judge that as you're making it and spread the space out here
    so if I wanted this to be longer I would just move this down a little bit and put
    it so far and again that's you know something that you have to judge as
    you're doing it doesn't take a tremendously long time to put these
    together but it takes a lot of flowers have to take up a whole bunch if you do
    a lot of small feel like this is a good you can just do you know three or four
    offense taken as a filler flower nice if you have a whole bunch that are coming
    off the cake kind of in a three-dimensional situation right now
    getting toward the end of this case understand it and starting a peace march
    to this super interesting the wide open space here but if you move around that
    fills and so that's okay okay so then I'm really pulling on this as I'm
    wrapping it now when I get down to the bottom I take the wires and then like
    that number one to keep them from sliding out but this is also so that
    this end here won't be super pokey
    stabbed himself as you never know what people are gonna do when you leave and
    they start taking the kids aren't alright so there you have a little fun
    July looks like it's a real ones probably have like
    on Wednesday
    and they're teeny teeny teeny tiny so if you want to be but technically correct
    you need to go get a lot of good look at it but this is a reasonable facsimile to
    use for cake decorating
    and that's all there is to it so go get you some lights as my mother and I would
    have said and they're very pretty on the cake
    cute so many questions and I will answer them since I can *** *** Gumpaste Rose Part II - YouTube !!!
    hi my name is Aiden a recluse and I'm gonna be teach you how to make the rules
    and for these fools and is gonna use sick of
    now I'm gonna be working with Michael
    based and I already did my center as you remember
    and thank you see
    EU's one clear if any below my circle
    and you gonna ladies try overnight
    and so do them all at once so you don't have to
    deal with that so you can have been really try
    is easier when you're working with that's right center cuz you compress
    payrolls into it Sonam man take make gumpaste
    and is gonna role
    berry team very very
    game use of companies and you want is to be
    most transparent you are you seen am
    KitchenAid an
    pass a roller he will be to a size
    and number and number six that somehow
    the new one this piece of combat and
    you gonna keep rolling
    is almost transparent you can see almost your boy specially
    you have something in it Wheaton soul after you do this
    you have it's also thank you that's why you're using bombay's
    you gonna take a circle cutter and
    I like to do it like this as I can play my age is
    you see buddy view
    you can guess go ahead included like this
    and that works too now you gonna cut
    am 5 up this circles and you wanna put them
    inside a plastic
    area so they don't dry Canyon
    you can save the rest have you come pays
    and you don't need Anna
    the foam and Epicor from you can take
    one circle
    and you on our takin
    tool the ball tool and you gonna soft n
    one side the top part
    and remember the ball have made is
    on the gumpaste have a bit
    is a book basically what you doing here is
    the new year a rich the UH
    and you gonna do have up circle and
    you gonna come here you gonna
    lipid and then you gonna role
    the ball n Paul it on the other side
    so basically you have like a little bit o
    up an indentation you see how it already looks like a fatal
    so the top first you flip it
    and then you competence centre pulling it down
    you gonna do to look those just like that
    Eve your gumpaste
    feel sticky take some on Starz
    and just cannot make sure it doesn't stick so you can actually
    Lee really well we cure all tool we do the same thing we gonna go around the
    %eh we're not trying to make a deal Beecroft going here we just trying to
    soft in the H
    we're gonna sleep it and then we're gonna
    take the center and go with the ball a few roles and then
    pull it down to the middle
    okay so basically
    your trying to make dis shape he doesn't have to be exact is just kinda like that
    that add the party's
    gonna be at the base of your center
    still are you gonna do now
    is you gonna put some cool and Don
    you want it you know Moyes would you don't want
    extremely wet I just cover the whole thing bodies not
    an am gonna take one of my pedals
    and I'm gonna find that point by then I'd kiss me
    and if there's gonna be at my base the part that I copped
    you see it you see the cop how it is
    as gonna be in fact am gonna put it
    in mind
    Center and
    is I'm gonna roll ones night
    an am gonna try to make that top
    like a very small Center
    I kept p.m. points center
    and then am gonna cool on top of that
    area I'm gonna take my on their payroll
    and am gonna put it inside
    to the other side and
    the same thing with the center train to close it
    now if you see it look how it looks is
    one pedal to one side one pedal to the other one
    and then you p.m. in the centre very close
    %um take your cool
    and you gonna act a little bit of cool
    to the pale to one side
    and you gonna close
    that night
    and be EC with Google be
    because um you don't wanna have a man's apply try to put the blood the bay's
    and I at as needed
    okay and then
    i jus push my am
    bottom and at Blue as needed
    since is as Sir call
    anne's the first battles just press said until
    it lays flat
    I hope you can see that
    you were going to leave these as your first
    one you can actually many
    good you can actually
    put wanna
    this as your baby's and you can actually League Europe payrolls
    kids a leetle bit open just like that
    I'm not show you how I do that now I hope you enjoy the
    tutorial and just keep my chain
    and there's more tutorials car means so
    I hope you'll Mike them and learn something from them
    thanks for watching attack a *** ***

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