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Cake tutorials

" ()"-Violin,Bass cake tutorial Violin,Bass cake tutorial how to make

Violin,Bass cake tutorial how to make

    " ()"-Violin,Bass cake tutorial

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    okay so here's the check
    I am kick perhaps ever gonna make their little bit like that I should you guys
    just today
    the on picture on that container
    have candy pieces so that this one's a little bit different but here's another
    action I guess it just depends on what you can find
    in your store the Starbuck that I have a mic and awe
    up an israeli here
    Easter eggs we're gonna make the set right about like the sprinkle confetti
    n you use arm my CheckCard
    few to use I'll corn syrup in use a paint brush
    much about some pictures cannot many and the ones we have have a good news check
    my arm
    he's paid bash and corn syrup in you
    like do that lines on the eggs and then you can use the pain
    crash for the same thing sugar and then
    I got different poker that's an other different things to decorate your eggs
    less so
    i-aa staff today is we're making our cake pops
    arm how things are going said on my dishwasher turning right now in the
    background society about that I just wanted to say
    reflect the next step that you follow to make possible a sickly
    just cook the cake according to the directions on the backs
    credit for sections which you could leave it in the hands
    to do this but i wanna do we use that hand she
    Kirk the chocolate cake then I'm thinking right now
    me take a whole actions
    once they're cool
    had this problem together like this K
    sections anything
    pieces that followed come along
    re: or I
    okay much yeah cake handle that
    yeah I S three force ok
    regular container crass chess
    whose you
    in next Sat
    back to this interactions
    take a
    cookie sheet
    cover some last year you can never all
    half-inch boss I won back some
    K shit

    these okay so I just got done doing I love the red velvet cake cake balls
    them cell
    County some K comebacks counter
    and so far thinking that someone the same family to stop
    hellish classics this size so I did try to stack
    Baker and probably gonna make awesome for that size when I T the chocolate
    ones maxed
    so I'm using my new camera
    Chancellor it's scary cuz that's probably so clear
    you can see me angry
    fly on my face town
    now that I have in camera gonna need to go to her dermatologist
    just can't I have the chocolate cake both time and I want
    shaved ice flowers the chocolate
    it definitely made a meal at last
    because I made them our little bit bigger think I
    on them
    sellers a little bit closer to the
    assessed action so now that I have all these made
    I'm gonna this che and the freezer for about
    and then we'll start the courting process
    better spire from rectangular
    I and high polka mass
    holes in it with some the sticks I started taking a este happened this
    buy it started getting sparkle stuff from
    fire all over section pack plastic bath
    take that matter and not to spot the whole sector the plastic
    nyhan making me coming here at the Alamo up for an issue the check first with the
    right now
    K and the directions that just take
    on United him for them out time to work with the restaurant where
    on remaining shown in the refrigerator right now room China
    campaigners cuz I don't know much can happen
    %uh bikini corning act like home today
    house p.m. my and you could
    cook it for
    seconds and then make that another
    seconds makes a
    in another
    seconds and by hand are completely after
    sup first thing you're supposed to do
    pS Did your hedonistic
    into the candy coating about the happy dance
    to manage down my
    greater a little bit too far tech
    coated after going com
    this coming needs to go into
    okay %ah find against II name
    question halfway you know I guess bikini coming
    on a stick helps
    it here the stick to the kickoff
    cell hope it can stay on
    Purcell and dryer left there okay year
    to the tax ID our here get this into the candy coating
    camera date d also this he'll get it Corey hola
    one-time home rules gonna mashina
    tilted to the side only put it in the hole
    you want to make sure bikini coloring actually goes
    all the way over the cake power and actually
    hits be stick so it's gonna

    strong he said candy I'm
    do just the ball for young people than you do risks that actual
    other filing of Union for any
    deep purple is mine
    is now now where
    I need to transfer the to a deeper hole
    here I
    try this again striking
    questionable after at this time let's see if that'll help
    good pearl
    okay she just had a hacer that make sure when it's dripping are
    it's going to come down for I'm
    hang it mom upside down I have a feeling this is can he find happens there
    hasher wat the key
    going this one make you cum
    now Hakimi one
    only stay he's
    you're just doing are usually and
    on demand morning to you mister
    faster you get I feel like this is going to take for
    her and I can see two mommies balls where
    small-arms you're going to have a hard time because
    when you pushed the state Chem %ah
    that looks like the hall separate company where
    do knapsack am I
    on are unique and yes
    innocence scenery and her
    with factually now %uh looks like it's kinda
    now I guess
    sad that weren't our first
    do each other got too close together
    frosted master
    not very perfectly browned uniting all
    her backed by mom can really tell if you're shaking are
    yeah he can really tell if your shape is not perfectly round he and up about that
    I am NOT the actual Kenya I'm
    but anyway
    he had a from think they're
    think you get the draft critics times may be a happier
    from pros to donors
    this is just my law try on and that's why I said this is not a tutorial or
    like that shower I'm sharing my experience with you guys cell
    because it does OK Diskeeper
    upside down trailer access to a on
    and I guess it is what it is
    people write a meet her
    that's right so and yeah
    be making Unicorn is also but he had a happy to have the one
    to their some I'm
    show you guys my think these are coded a.m.
    them I go to decorate some other yards rushing look like
    sorry guys I just wanted to show you
    how they turned out I did end up doing the checks like I it showed you guys but
    I ended up not doing the Easter eggs
    and just arm color in the restaurant
    with the paying her coding that coloring corning the restroom at pink purple and
    turquoise sterling calling it a day
    just because the evening kinda got away from RS we arm
    head stay can lab stare for dinner and we ended up color
    Easter eggs with the kids so I just kind eerie and at a time
    and honestly decorating them arm I think way is fine as I thought it would be how
    much just really tedious and i was just like there are so many to do
    I just wanted to kinda be done so one lesson I learned is that I will never do
    this many of them at once again I will probably do just one
    who backs and so it's gonna do it for a quick snack for the kids I would
    probably not even do
    the whole back she can actually make the cake cut it in half
    n free staffer they and to use at a later time so that
    that kinda good tip for you guys there if you want to try this
    probably don't do as many at winds until you get
    better and it doesn't take as much time cell
    that's it for the day hope you guys had a good Easter
    and I'll see it now *** *** How To Make A RUBIK'S CUBE CAKE! Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Ganache and Fondant! - YouTube !!!
    welcome and had a cake it this is happening right the Rubik's ok just a
    weird graphics where I don't want to be in the frame I just want this like this
    I think they're lying to make this move excuse Kate i'd i'd live in Alabama or
    yellow using Wilton lemon yellow and then i've wasted in
    inch square ones
    making started their pens and leveled at each one of those cakes and later it
    into three equal face because I need my Rubik's Cube cake to be a perfect square
    I need each one of my three remaining capes to be a little bit higher so I'm
    had one of the layers from my fourth cake
    each one of my three kids to make the beach higher I do this using my Italian
    meringue buttercream I die yellow using the same Wilton lemon yellow now all
    three of my kids are two inches high and I'm gonna cut them into logs better two
    inches wanted actually made me feel the template in the end all have nine laws
    better to buy two inches it is a little bit com much like solving a Rubik's Cube
    why are you laughing can you to solve a Rubik's Cube fun with mathematics is not
    over yet kids
    because all of my lives are two inches wide by
    up to being six inches wide
    that's right right so I need to cut them all six inches so that when I stack all
    my life together they will end up in a perfect
    this is my show it was you landed yet and sci-fi movie this cake I have
    pre-made black traffic and I wanted to mimic the line you see here in the world
    and I dyed it using the built-in black I think colors and then set it aside to
    come to room temperature since nineteen and spreadable you can make it the
    nature for time to start with one case and sandwich three long together by
    spreading your black chocolate ganache game between the three longshoreman
    damaging them
    here's where you can spread ganache again another layer and then the entire
    cube with more black chocolate ganache
    one particular time to get your sharp edges gotta get your corners Mason sharp
    just Street questions that can make a rounded route this is called a Rubik's
    Cube Gallery with small it's time to cover this beautiful cube in black I use
    four pounds of black all the cake and the top
    my cake is actually a little bit shorter than it is wide which does not make it a
    perfect cue to make up for this in a row like
    find it a little bit thicker
    than the other
    just to make up for that heightens the but in the end I got a perfect line on
    when and if it and then I guess that's where to cut a perfect perpendicular
    line 0 I do pay attention then I Leinbach perfect corner one corner and
    then what I do very sharp other two sides now I have one more jizz big black
    tube the only problem is make it this is why I like posting on instruments
    because all of the pictures are arranged I begin by marking the grid between the
    covers so there's nine sections on every side and the top of the key now it is
    time to roll out every color of find it on the Rubik's Cube witches white yellow
    orange red blue and green now I need to cut each color funding in
    actually don't need nine because the bottom side but I'm just gonna cut it
    when I cut my colored fondant I made sure to cut squares a little bit smaller
    than the squares on the grid so that I would have a black border running all
    the way you may be able to use a square cut if the skies were so perfectly or
    you might need to make yourself a template it's really should I do sci-fi
    with many Temperley imagine I can perfectly like it's not gonna work
    already here
    climate to my Rubik's Cube cakes I just used a little bit of water with the
    if you leave a human below to subscribe but most importantly excused a guys and
    your friends doing with cake punch you not it *** *** HOW TO MAKE STRIPED CUPCAKES - YouTube !!!
    King haven't actually met you
    I'm hymie his mom man can't hear
    maam after share you
    Canadian thinking how lucky he is actuary
    it going to be different Kate tired enright
    on her cake share
    any that I really need you right
    rent hey were not immediately me and ash tray
    %um really greeting card
    and what you doing to me people thirst after
    guessing here mom any
    3&a rallying green around the cake axe you can meet the house
    yeah the HW yeah
    you need a rather be in your critique and any
    K that campion and I am make their
    spatula I am that flag hangs you want me to near hurricane here and have to

    for food coloring
    you Courtney from them at so
    person who you gonna do it screen here and then said he did that according to
    your reaction from UK
    max quite handy that's the first thing we're going to you
    GSK ok an hour for
    July you can actually make these paths red
    NY like she could just leave the way and bring in there
    yeah yeah he only had him yeah
    breaker happy camper weird
    looping and hurtful
    whatever color you want whiny
    hungry from
    but you never know picking
    IMF and then max you're doing okay
    large bowl be cake mix the water
    the latter the enemy and mmm-hmm

    Center ok hers in his sugar shallot he can pick it out
    Keisha Keisha lynette you know
    not ok man me to show you can pick it out
    be intrigued by
    chicken not in there Kim
    can't get it all out can redeem your master boy owner
    just dump it mom down
    alright then hunted makes it
    Kirby this on medium speed for
    and nasa posted a
    his at good for you pretty K because it's Brian
    lower you some people eat Friday
    I yeah my shaman in coal mining
    you can decide which ones to Alan which comes to ignore
    okay I went to meet later used cocaine
    and with really I wish we would've had
    like something I am
    I am play matter I think the summer months there
    hereditary movement
    here how many thanks
    turned out there the well
    here how
    I'm more man okay your crime evenly divide your hair into the three miles an
    bank card perhaps that might be a little bit tricky
    all your your hair you can well
    way cell not happy you're gonna be one
    com mom
    all you just removed yesterday
    ordered NOK shares
    visit Black Betty here
    now if you can hear is the answer
    recovery something I three colors can I am NOT I
    start at me like for Akshay I'm
    you read it there peekskill

    I'm hair track pecan
    delivering her Catherine Landry for
    me and learning much
    where here rethinking strap
    I didn't want them fired collapse your
    your skin mixed up
    really carefully and injuring
    and hey
    an afternoon nap that actor then
    know you're going to hear tag
    UK do when they return or your matter
    Kirkpatrick K conclusion pair
    over there outside
    home now keep me she went again holiday
    max hank a run to the bank
    I'm and
    mixture feel really where our
    squeeze her
    I mean the remainder the key to the
    Mac that to be patient okay
    free right here time to gather
    you remember me K when you're taking three-day
    humanitarian coming
    and now the next step and as a man on a camera here and I'll yeah
    you can cut your day many like that
    hard peco
    care were here when she cut her hair
    act fast I am
    %uh how much you weigh
    houck kinda getting a little man
    at okay
    keep okay back the next time
    me you really have to squeeze
    burkina cash-poor out SK SK injury didn't matter how do not leave him crazy
    %uh okay I
    tech work under
    cupcakes very quickly I don't here
    rash comment twelve-minute I'm a graphic for
    now her Amy
    their Michelle yeah
    muffin yeah good shape
    fasting junior mass trapping is unique in your first
    good here admire and never turned out that mass
    here on your traffic half your night finale
    K fashion and for
    around as any
    clear me care said
    again take much traffic you need
    now last place in
    around and you know hank
    I P Kelly packy
    here BMI happened at a worse time that we did
    and we're gonna you can now having an autographed
    after casting profit
    sorry I'll carter Nash on my can I
    indicate her mclean Minehead pink
    green me entirely campaign
    McCamey him am lucky to have her
    including mmm
    net time command fathom
    alright for that area for today P hope you enjoy watching a
    make cupcakes and we hope you get to try it with your mom
    are actually here's my question of the day army one mom
    I'm curious could somebody asked me the other day and I couldn't really accurate
    but we wonder how many people adult
    actually lash energy in a I know you're out there
    you can interfere in their that here yet that you kid
    camera has relied on your comment well if you are not comment down below and if
    you feel it venture
    leave your name maybe even how old you are you take $
    for each letter
    an even rarer from if you want here I'm just curious how many I don't care
    actually watching her videos verses
    kid humankind going to eat nothing
    yet again
    and you came out here you can make Naruto McCleary
    again well pigmentation name is a regular way
    cake they just looked track im
    obviously hardly think I N no
    thanks for asking you guys hear eyewitness call him and
    videos she's tied up please other this video if you enjoyed it
    hands character chan ho and thank you
    corruption and I smile to use my sheer
    yeahh and
    by *** *** How to Make a Pink Zebra Cake Tutorial from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is Dan from cookies cupcakes think our new dot com
    today I'm going to be showing you how to make as zebra cake
    the zebra printers on the inside on the cake and outside
    it's super fun let's get started to make the zebra cake we're going to use two
    granulated sugar two and a quarter teaspoon
    a baking powder half a teaspoon love salt

    aches 1 cup love milk three-quarters of a cup
    a vegetable oil and we're going to be using white
    coloring deep pink and a super black america color gels
    and it will also go with two and a half cups of all-purpose flour
    then for decorating are going to be using white buttercream
    black fondant and pink buttercream
    so to start of I have my flower in my stand mixing bowl
    and I'm going to put in the sugar and baking powder and salt
    when I left that makes up for about 30 seconds on low
    next I'm going to add in my oil well it's mixing
    and my eggs one at a time
    when that started to incorporate I'm going to pour in my vanilla next
    and then my milk in a minute turn the mixer on into both of those
    see on a mix this until it is all completely combined
    and I'll be back to show you the next step after that
    so I've divided my batters
    up for coloring and in this boy I have about half
    love the actual mixture and in these two there's the other half so this is a
    and this is a quarter of the mixture cuz you're not going to need as much black
    and pink
    as you will the white some just taking my white color ink
    and I'm going to add it to my batter and I'm going to stir it up
    and then I'll do the exact same thing with the pink and the black
    and once they're all mixed I will be back timely
    to go
    now going to use my big scoop to take a scoop up the white
    in is going right into the center then right on top of that
    I'm going using a medium scoop for my black
    and I'm going to put that right on top
    love the white you can see a post seal start to push each other out
    and then because my pink one is really small I'm gonna do to love those
    on top of each other like the art
    numbers going to repeat it
    so obviously this will be enough Fort who are these agent round pans
    and so you'll need to do this use a pop your batter for this for spam
    and then repeat again with your second pan
    so was going to keep following this
    pattern and then I'm going to pop the cakes
    into the oven at
    degrees Fahrenheit
    and then I'm gonna let them cool and I'll be back to show you the next step
    so the cakes are cooled and I've leveled off the tops
    a number in to take my white buttercream and I'm going to
    fill it into the middle and then I'm going to go around the outside
    when given a nice good coat in order for the fondant to be able to sit
    on topple the buttercream so it's gonna get going on this
    put on the top and
    cover so when I'm finished covering
    I'll be back to show you how to put on the
    fondant zebra stripes so I will CNN so the cake covered in buttercream now I'm
    going to show you the last two steps
    so I'm going to I just pulled out my black fondant
    and I'm just cutting off a little piece which will be the and their
    and then just to cut the stripes you can just cut like
    any sort of random shape here and then you take
    it up and then just line up the bottom
    and then go up and over the cake
    like that and then just keep cutting
    any sort of shape that you want to have for your zebra stripes
    and then what I found was the best thing was to follow
    your pattern so anytime your lines um
    turn you want to make sure the lines around it turns well
    it just gives it a little bit more from natural look to Lizzie bro
    will do one more and then I'm just going to
    show you the final like how to do the border with the pink buttercream
    and then I'll be back to show you the whole cake so I'm just taking my
    pink buttercream with a number
    Wilton tip
    and I'm just squeezing and
    making a little topped and releasing
    so it's going to go around the cake once I got all the stripes
    and just make those little dots on the border
    so when I'm finished I'll be back to show you the completed cake
    so they do everybody how to make a zebra cake
    so sliced up a piece here and you can't see the pink just popping right out in
    the contract with the black and white
    looks so cool so thanks for watching remember to subscribe to the channel:
    and you can find us on all over social media sites what we put in the
    Description box below the video
    so thanks again and see you next time *** *** HOW TO MAKE THE CUTEST MINION CUPCAKES - YouTube !!!
    happily you here mine
    and get here making me happy
    what you're going to need a

    K yeah
    Kate named

    day hearing like profit
    and blue K p
    brown sprinkles okay handicapped party
    so act of yummy the way
    I'm said
    gateway yeah blue cupcake where whether
    me picked up
    yes there
    thing really want that to happen create

    cup vegetable oil company quarter water
    paul dickson and in that case make
    now are your
    yep we already have I don't really need it to

    you don't need any other that
    can initiate time for refereeing yeah
    yesterday early april oneil at night
    I'm sure rations we're gonna make the cupcakes for that to happen again ran
    out of time
    how much bigger
    him power just making them today
    on the rise come home from mean cupcakes right I'm
    I get yeah and you can even are
    yesterday's video you're talking about armenian mean you're like no one wanted
    to see a highly
    can actually is that means he have
    hockey million I'm he was just trying
    might use their yeah not act like
    again the next day one-third cash
    your when she get that net mixture
    thank cover yeah now
    america payday is over other I known Kidd
    MasterCard really like the baitfish
    can make leaders hereinafter
    day I'm she
    K weird
    you gonna make sense for about two minutes current
    times K
    thank you -ism hands
    %um we only have can't when he is going to be cut in half
    bird we can make won t K
    he and we got this idea
    from picturesque we actually found it for a long time ago we're gonna make
    these for cancer birthday last year
    we never did basically now is the perfect time here
    because yeah sure now is like the perfect time to make
    camera to manually being released don't really know
    I came up with the idea can still here
    post however to ensure usually
    way my father later
    K here you there I'll happily acting up this mass
    analog cupcakes I'm and
    will show you how to get a new well fucking sick looking we actually
    gotta get some other things that we could be doing car is getting a hand
    holding arms and hold my hand and a
    can make friend of mine
    attack week that are way Anthony
    yeah played okay funny
    and reaction for me comment you back here you can see there

    cracking and hacking later I guess technically
    attracted to me how are you I I don't know loose
    first to represent their down for all that they wear away
    we actually hardly improved color a company had packed food coloring
    her Irish Derby like great picture
    thank you land where
    busy doing that cupcakes are cooking
    nothing can happen man and from all had
    call for a little bit
    but other thing that he is actually here
    when he is ready good
    you can only happen black shall are never used to like
    outline their I needed that little sign hired
    their battles that they wear and then from there he
    I am happy get back a few
    currently cut now on the computer only half right now
    no crime I'm doesn't matter from many different sizes
    yeah yeah I heard
    yeah three Heather cupcakes down as you can see there right here they're calling
    go ahead and decorate Armenian
    see me too little that's really what I'm about to be
    my niece
    can't happen
    man this K finished
    merriam brown sprinkles for him that might have hair
    him gathered
    become okay
    yeah me
    next year
    am blue just got my hand
    gonna make kinda pic here
    Dominion great
    question now hang out you know carry
    sure thank God we're going to go ahead and get all the time
    time show you like Kelly on Armenian capital
    him he had happy one even more happy one
    permission yeah
    in fact one he is the only path one
    man happy enough %uh
    he doesn't know he's just like huh
    in any yet green-line
    happened some hairs I'm down
    don't actually have one you have a car over
    yeah K
    here the actor in a handout do here from
    yeah okay
    p get rich and I think my him
    question okay meet him act what's your favorite kind of cupcake my
    carrot cake I like mmm
    member and yeah you know
    me let you figure anything my
    they're still awake him
    I the little one
    have question he has pretty yeah
    raak thanks for watching
    let us know if you want to try out make higher
    I'm meeting her K how they turned out to really find
    com cooking activity day give it to a friend you or your parents or your kids
    good money alright
    locs Tryon hi
    do *** *** Wedding Favour Box Tutorial using Stampin' Up! Supplies - YouTube !!!
    hi there it's found from people so keek thanks very much for joining me today
    state had a pretty thank box
    Michael unit made quite nice awaiting table
    something like capitol city change-up you know for whatever occasion
    on can show you how to make it now this one is made its it's the box space
    you can get three free sheet call stock and then you little topper made with
    rain lets
    and you get thoughts and just scraps radio space
    when she has to make it need a piece of paper that is seven three quarters
    buying three and five eighths will cost crushed say
    and sorry
    caused by three and five eighths which is nineteen by nine
    and you do something fast saying got no money
    this time round arco lowering flourishes tough stance
    this one here that I'm using and I want to make sure
    there a lot gaps particularly say
    I want to get as much patent challenges like possibly can
    so this one is definitely not
    capital crashes with image this is about as
    getting as much sharing is possible
    I love mom and I what I did when I created balks
    posted a photo shoot on my face the patients we watched ok
    cumshot a and a few people suggested price

    suggest Monday muscle you know more
    why not why should wedding favor
    of a the type thing to the color
    be rice
    and to do so
    thing you start with alongside top any school reach
    at to you and three-eighths of an inch three and five eighths of an inch
    six inches and seven and a quarter
    and metric

    when you turn it wasn't a two-part schools good about that is
    so when you're looking on the first cool site a few scoring tool
    and look for the
    to inch of life sentences
    that's that econometric one just could hold your finger a new school to help
    three inches and stop
    there and then the same at six and five-eighths inch
    and that's what gets you this nice
    Chris close here when you come Rams
    turned around so those scorelines on the right hand side
    a new school for it one in a coarser
    which is three centimeters that
    old school like to come forty different
    back in a second ignore the polls
    school ties which actually see best ignore those
    consulting upset I'm action
    to come along
    on into the same things that the Capri see it better there's a small skinny
    rectangle in this three other past collides
    get rid of the rectangle companies
    and then the framework so I've got to go on that
    well she needs you can get away with one
    said which is just the latest collection trenching
    views what would be the going from small is the second smallest and the one above
    haha and he was getting nesting for a minute that goes like that
    however the biggest one steps to huge
    to peak you can overlap slightly
    please share your own home gonna be just type it to bake
    and this one it's just
    not quite good enough based on management's I went with because I
    I just said ok will go with the number to you
    second-smallest as not put my things this label come to
    his this one here next
    she just inside so that you get this high in a tiny little border
    that's what I want start didn't want it to be I'm
    member Sharon on crazy yeah I didn't really want it to be about
    be a chunk men in Mumbai cardstock kinda say
    with these to your friend its
    bring my picture which who
    to sixth music country could
    got my my kids
    platform circle I hate
    I can't battle passing hot and
    which was the smallest one Sony largest one
    with my
    mollen and I'm than the smaller one which is in the on the top
    my pace is worse
    winds smaller one comes from the
    and card on human
    cracking is normal up
    Cox always
    tests saluting and you'll see
    that nests just proceed that you just get a little
    him to the border and which is what we want
    and then to store at you can either be great go
    you know fold in half
    like to just
    bringing something like say
    using arena like a steel rule because it sits flush
    to the tabletop straight down the middle
    and the same this one
    congestion the fold them
    sit over the top
    on to sleep sacred just little bit he said
    stopped by people whose yeah I'm
    so that's my little top her done
    to go on top with my box looks hassle is because is stitched
    it's not disclose to is closed with the buyer of
    with magnets for anything like so I would put some decent down this little
    few making lows at these for what he could have one likely
    just shop Inc strange
    later Frank night when we just did this happen
    of course you did something time she's picked and then cut off towards
    when you push aside some because it already
    got comes school lines going the just fold
    really nicely folds in beautifully
    not just gonna sit over the top
    like that's been close so I want
    cheap try and punch my whole train
    being gentle but firm to push
    hold three so that's what all the way through that and treason
    and no I won't lie Mon

    Chantelle Paige musical most punch my whole three so now I've started now
    see where I'm going punch
    home through their home three
    here I kinda need to get all this other stuff prepped
    first Melon Mambo bea utiful matching ribbon
    cufflinks I'm and push this
    got my doubleday %uh push my
    doubled end through the front to the box to the back
    slick say packwood's doesn't it just me just makes life a lot easier
    who specific market through
    okay tire not in not just basically said to be
    like this list of the coming three mine
    and then we come than
    or gets tied on that's an lips that's gonna get fed through that region
    as well want my DC on the back again nice strongly
    coming out
    when you close time
    position the front desk there's no clue on that part
    hershey round when
    that's what this book sweetie when it's opened up people ok
    %uh which means I can now finish
    all of by pushing written three
    here to move things and
    bombs up
    tonight clinched
    and because I haven't
    I'm just gonna grab take to hold it just when I type this
    I think thats
    is around the critical thinker you
    inside I think it's worth if you've got tight sets a frame that's
    and to get this gentle border
    if you happen to look at it you could do it with the big one it you just have a
    colorful to me what do you think
    hope you like it by *** *** How to Make A GIFT BOX out of CAKE!! Chocolate, BUTTERCREAM, and pink and orange fondant - YouTube !!!
    welcome back to have a cake get i'm yolanda today I'm making a cake in a box
    which is inspired by Justin Timberlake and Andy samberg's fabulous SNL video
    leap in a box which by the way we know that Justin gave his wife just good deal
    because they're pregnant so Jessica this one's for you on your birthday next best
    thing a cake in a box
    so first off you have to start by making your boat we have our Orange funded you
    wanna needed a little bit and then place your phone then on your nonstick board
    and roll it out with your non stick what I'm aiming for is a long rectangle about
    eight-and-a-half by 5 inches so you want a sort of raised the middle and bring
    the sides towards it and press down and together well making that kind of looks
    like a bowl ready and then you want to do the same at the end and back end you
    want to bring your and to your metal and to help it even further to stop it from
    sagging of collapsing I like to put little pieces of tissue or paper towel
    respond something soft and just tuck them in choose the sleeves of the bow
    and this just helps it dry naturally in not fully flattened collapse now we're
    making the center of her books are both isn't quite complete
    this piece of fun and is going to become the tales for our boat and so I cut a
    two inch strip in a cutback strip in half so I have two and then as a final
    time through just gonna cut diagonally on the end to make the tailhook real
    estate and once again we can use our trusty paper towel to help us
    mold and shape the way we want the ribbon to drive realistically and give
    it to life we're gonna step aside to try and now we get to a yummy part the cake
    baked one cake I leveled at one inch I perfectly and then I cut off both edges
    to give me a six-inch length and then I cut the
    inch length evenly into three
    pieces we shower take some simple steps just to help keep it moist I like to use
    a little special when I fill a square cake just to make sure that I get the
    edges now that we've added are finally we are gonna cry me Kotar cake which is
    icing it really finley in a layer of buttercream just to glue all the cake
    promise to the cake around the sides and on the top will really Perfector square
    when we i SAT for the second time now that we've done our crime code we're
    gonna place in the fridge to chill for
    minutes I'm gonna roll out are
    fondant I'm using this gorgeous red I call it
    raspberry red mixed red and hot pink and I think it's now we're gonna chill these
    firms have fun and get back to icing on cake
    if you're not as confident with your square cake don't worry you can chill it
    again and you can touch up with buttercream and use your handy ruler
    until it straight take your time it's good practice my cake is chilled and my
    fondest chilled something to pull them out of the fridge and get started
    decorating so now I wanna do from our first rectangle of funding is cut out
    all the sides to cover our gift box cake because the fondant sheep a little bit
    bigger than the width of a cake or just gonna cut away the excess of on it that
    you see sticking out on this side if you find that the top is not quite level
    than what I like to do is fill in with just a little bit more butter cream we
    are gonna cut one of these the sticker rectangle to the size of the top of our
    gift box now it's time to cut some strips for my final piece of funding
    that will be the lid on our beautiful taking about here's a helpful trick on
    how to apply these first off we want to use water and a brush fondant
    with water a little bit of water just sort of starts to melt away and it will
    stick to another piece of fun and help you get a nice and straight I actually
    cake absent as you can see I started with the two shorter sides once
    again and this is because I want the scenes to all be on the same side of the
    now we're gonna roll out some orange fun and I like to do it on a nonstick for
    just so I can get it nice and thin and we're gonna make a beautiful decorative
    pattern for our lives just to really give some just chillin give just a
    couple anal let's get real gonna chill these while I wrote another piece of
    funded now we have our children cake and are chilled financed trips out of the
    fridge and we're going to apply them to our lives and we're gonna have a little
    bit of water or so that we can stick them turkic I'm just gonna cut
    quarter-inch strips of the orange fondant back in late on top and cover up
    seen now I'm gonna use a sharp knife to cut diagonally across both strips where
    they need
    just a little bit more embellishment before we placed these on our corners
    actually want to just score them a little because if we wrap the phone and
    around the corner it will wrap but it might crack a little bit I'm gonna place
    this gift boxes gift box
    I'm liking the placement of my bow so time to glue it down and I'm gonna use a
    little bit of piping jelly you can you should you can use royal icing this gift
    boxes looking so pretty but I think I want to take it to the next level with
    these really pretty gold rush days I just thought of another perfect
    embellishment that I have lying around
    have an extra little gift that I made that a dump its just eat food coloring
    marker is it really think that just to move right this week nobody's wife don't
    you dear Jessica I'm leaving you for Yolanda from how to kickit actually
    bothers me that just gets we love notes from trust
    that I broker gift tag but we still have our cake in a box this beautiful
    beautiful gift box chocolate cake on the inside layered with vanilla buttercream
    and then covered in this gorgeous raspberry bond in Orange fund in bright
    pops of color with a beautiful bow on top and some little golden
    embellishments to match our real gift box and I think its smashing you know I
    just a thought it over and even though it's your birthday you're ready just in
    now having his baby and I know you got to open his other box so I'm gonna keep
    this cake in a box and I'm gonna eat it too
    channel *** *** Make Up Cake / Make Up-Torte/ Make Up-Kuchen (how to make a make up cake) - YouTube !!! English English Indonesian Portuguese (Portugal) Russian Swedish Thai
    Today we show you how you can create a make up cake with a little bit time and patience.
    The recipe with the exact measurements and further informations is linkend in the infobox under the video or you can find it directly on http://amerikanisch-kochen.de
    Best you start with the make up decoration
    days before you serve the cake.
    We work here with fondant what you can make yourself or buy it ready
    The links of howto you can find as well in the infobox or in the recipe
    Next we show you how we have modeled the make up.
    There is not much to say, just see what I'm doing. But if you have any questions, write a comment or contact us on facebook.
    You can attach the parts with sugar glue, you can buy it ready to use or make it yourself with our recipe linked in the infobox
    For small accents we use silver food color.
    You need to mix the powder with a few drops of alcohol for example vodka, to get a paste.
    Because the alcohol evaporates quickly, the colorwill dry very fast on the fondant.
    If you want you can add brand names with food color pens on the decoration.
    If the make up is dried, we can start with the cake.
    You can use every cake that you like.
    The main thing is that the cake is stable and has a ganache or buttercream coating.
    To get the video a little shorter we have already have baked the cake.
    We used our lemon cake with lemon ganache, which we used also in our swimming pool cake.
    If you interested you can watch the video of how to make that cake.
    The cake will be covered with pink fondant, and gets a bow, also in darker pink.
    With a ruler you can add some texture to the cake.
    At the end you can put the hole thing together and the cake is finally done :)
    We hope ou have enjoyed the video and wish you have fun by trying it out.
    We have another youtube channel "kochkino" you get there if you klick in the right corner
    At the end of the video we have some video suggestions for you. *** *** How To Make CAKE POPS!! Cake Pops Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hi guys you explored so here it is
    how to make cake pop easily today on the with one click on an issue with you
    some tips and tricks traveling a risk that the I learned my trying to make a
    not gonna show you how to get that perfect picture well at night
    them love p.m. white know that comp file humid here hun im
    are another talkin let's get right on into right here
    let you will need for your cake pops I have picked up a box cake with chocolate
    paid all the stuff from Target my sprinkles my cake pop
    the my proxy much chocolate much ice cream scoop ready to go
    I think I started taking your cake and putting it into
    a large Bowl modern you have to pick up I'll all these cake pops in my house you
    man but thank you senior secured appalled
    and is kinda mashed up to
    fine crumb here
    entail all message home a can I think Romney
    the pig re: might look at that for another in the left frothing
    rightly wanna go a really easy on the Prophet just take a little bit
    n/a time use your hands the can mix it up that way to get nine
    feel let you do not want too much cross into the cake pops are you gonna have
    that Moyes go with apple cake pop it takes like the bite chewed up and spit
    out who I think that makes your fun little bit anytime okay I only use like
    to pull
    alright little bit at a time don't forget you gotten why didn't you let me
    know give me a thumbs up comment and subscribe
    okay let me know that you are near all rights go ahead and make that up your
    you think that picture you see how is still crumbly forget it still might
    that the text that you want okay that's partly I'm not gonna take my many ice
    opened his got them on that how and I find that you think
    scoop a bit many and green make the perfect wife Kate Bolick
    not too big not mom think I'll hear old up your hand in crate a nice little
    hi bomb like cocaine there all about little cake pop Paul
    I'm not gonna melt chocolate in the microwave baker's chocolate if the bus
    I'm very impressed for cheap talk
    Obama that himself in the mic went perfectly
    all right in the end it that up the cake pops big
    into the melted chocolate and then insert the right into the center
    a bill cake ball like had bring everything for about
    and then it's going to help all that the instead
    and now we are ready to decorate I'm using sprinkles because I thought at
    I'm not bank money Brandon go ahead and fill your cup butter chocolate Papa into
    the mic with Intuit night
    in creamy like though and don't forget you guys got my blog be with you could
    dot com for print of the threat to be okay to me and when i right
    yet I'll it all right for their our Cape all
    at the free that we have in mind up a chocolate miss why I like using a cup
    because I can do with
    did not take part in a problem right out note with the marked Burlington you
    boot tho ET not going at all you sprinkle
    make sure you weren't bad because its ugly hardened up really really quick
    like back pain yeah to make sure you work really quickly
    I found his Wii go ahead and dip it in let the excess drip all
    and then quickly put on both bring that was perfect like that
    now you can go ahead and poppy into the freezer again to speed up the arm think
    I'm going to leave them out like that they're the chocolate hardens really
    but I am yeah the NASCAR put it in a treat bag
    it make them really easy to give away and give and make you look a little more
    near year go ahead and give up on a little clear treat bag got that from
    target to Nadal the ribbon
    or are you not them curling ribbon or whatever a little tag be one soon then
    you have anything
    go and then it I hope you guys enjoy the video
    and that it was helpful for you don't forget you can with my blog be with pink
    dot com to print out this recipe
    not get more ideas and things like that thank you guys SO much for watching
    that up *** *** Popcorn Movie Cake Tutorial - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    i think is I'm she ABC Ekpe tonight
    a movie thing completely caramel popcorn
    I love caramel popcorn I think everybody does and so we're going to enjoy this
    delicious cake
    and show you how we made it now this is how the skate it to make a little
    where we going to play birthday boy's neck so got a cap in black fondant
    accent I lies to its hand I'm gonna roll and huh
    out squish need
    go to thing on me because it does need to stay
    slightly upright coming along
    just making it a little bit smaller one direction
    million simply take an exacto crops not
    god damn bit less than a centimetre
    only about a quarter in each and then we just gonna allow this to try
    once s try I'm going to cut it and let it is practiced a boy's name
    %uh gonna little cookie cutters the fun because the names fairly short
    he have a longer than you might decide that you wanna hi with my life
    instead my going for be in at this time
    and then just caitlin is getting a little regal
    and just and he's the end up a paintbrush
    just gently pop much all analysis
    now I'm not to line them up
    first before I could and should one just like get spicy
    vigilant want to have that
    and just take a little bit should google and just lifting up the letters
    very carefully and he spots
    tests and glue and then put them back to him
    ruling out a long p I'm going to use that
    to make a little arrow shape said top the clipboard
    I case and how we have along upon
    that headed up into smaller sections
    we're going to need six in total and basically they don't like bill
    high-rise something online the Moxie
    I can get nice three Indiana an international
    you as well as a little crop not and we're just trying not the ages
    make in touch with some sugar girl
    now asking allow this to dry
    so while I'm clapboard is resting gonna get Donna
    take I'm bank a giant cupcake Cup giant cupcake pan
    and I'm still mired in a little bit and then stacking up until cronkite
    first so the first thing I'm gonna do is just
    take off very very top just to make it a little bit more level
    and then I'm gonna go ahead and put a feeling liar
    now while I'm still cutting
    this particular one I just wanna change shape this time just a touch
    so messed up by taking off the chart and I'm just gonna shade
    damn we did this Texas
    Justin is not quite as much gap between the base and the tall
    an outline take a turntable
    I just want to use these not an easy and Kate plant
    I'm gonna tactic sack and to feel tax
    little bit I
    India never gonna take best shot
    taking second half and then hank
    on top
    talented same again
    for a second one brush up any with crimes
    wanna of the cake and I just gonna set
    on top taking them on a crane can we just get it to you
    nice little crown clutch on the whole cake
    and that will help to see you in the incident dry happens
    thanks I like to try and keep it very very top on
    no uncrowned for as long as possible just to get myself a little spot to hold
    now that I have preached time to get a good coat
    so it's gonna didn't bite and work top
    because we don't want that to be done and limited now popcorn on
    months ago lawman
    which is going to come back and great hit with
    scrapie yeah remembering to keep it a slight
    angle so just one to keep it so that the bottom is a little bit skinny and
    Hall because we use
    beautiful but a crane looking ahead now and cover
    respondents right away now rolling at San
    what on dat am already freemen she might take a little bit earlier
    before it had bought a crane on and needed to be
    about four inches high and and its widest point
    top it around $
    around so wanna make it a little bit wideout
    hola and four inches because only a slight Hakimi
    to make it easier to cover any you have watched out loud pop latham
    right do the same wrapping technique and modeling chocolate
    you know that I just want to give it a little bit helps to do that
    hit from told wuyda too skinny like
    fell into a creek measure and we've got
    no problems there gonna do just come alongside
    create a slight huh
    and they're not coming back in measuring so many now top section T
    she's I'm for about twenty wanted to be on the safe side
    and then I'm gonna measure
    now for Anaheim because I'd rather have too much than too little
    campaign you a slightly smaller rolling pin one of the lucky ones that I E is
    after doing sugar flowers and the small and I'm just gonna roll it up all night
    you know put this up here we can't let go with that products get messy as I do
    the body cream and we just been pressed up against the side of the cake
    trying to make the abortion
    Linea okay now coming
    i'ma so we can see we've got a good article at just gonna
    Rob impressive onto the cake came down and take crops not
    am just gonna treatment back to where they joining
    I can see where the dent yes
    just slowly and gradually cut through that just pressed us together
    now just gonna
    how this did hanging around but I'm just going to you
    given to the press get a feel
    away the top of the cupcake he is and then we just going to trim around
    he worried just how a little bit less you can always keep coming back
    now this is where you can take an assortment
    our last meeting had whatever you want to use to smooth it now
    you know we all know that I love that only what Laxmi this
    company's wholly two-line an just to go around and press
    and make sure that the pond attaching well to the buttercream
    not ruling out some bread
    to make astronauts and I've using a
    laminating sheets which you keep watching Valentino I love these things
    and I like them because something like this you have to make quite a few days
    and me cake decorating sometimes the longest things
    our little things like these waihee comic in a big batch
    drying out and no crack if we get them on Gate II anchee
    from office supply flights and in that way
    he can use that dominated obviously late as like a little pocket
    and it's the handiest being knife and to protect you funded
    so that he can do the section and then chop block
    so now I'm using a Monte proven cut-up if he don't have one
    eighty can use a pizza cutter and just measure across
    out although management are in the materials list down below us to check
    that out
    and I'm just gonna roll and makes them more stripes
    and we need chemo cut the bottom of
    and I just wanna make them about Porsche side
    now taking some sugar glue
    you can be. blew all clear alcohol to do the state
    we won't come along and just put some glue
    onto the cake itself now we know
    we want pre-strike where st. yes could be one hot
    at and then we just gonna come along touching
    abortion slowly going up
    and giving it a little trim on top
    we just might come on always paint ashley blue again
    and then attaching
    and now that would put us drops on get ready to put the right thing on the top
    to do I'm right boorda I'm gonna be easing
    clay extruder I absolutely love these doing right thing
    him on the craft stores there around twenty or thirty dollars
    and this one I actually more than that for because its
    really good makings brand and I love it
    and basically what you need to do is just wall a little sausage
    Avant poppin break up your excess
    and I'm just using the largest circle that they had
    and he just wished
    now to comply
    little bit should lead to the top
    lonely gently arrested
    coming around when you reach the end just wanna give it a little sneak
    where is it with your
    now I lasted nice fund's debt
    is just sad cut to a degree
    and then apply whole out delicious caramel popcorn
    now it's time to stop sprinkling
    tiny advice and we just gonna work our way
    %uh and around
    we can play set clapboard on now that is completely dry
    and eat we have out who the heck if you have a cake idea that you would like to
    see us create
    leave a comment below you can also follow us on Facebook tweeter
    and Instagram and you can't leave this message is on what you would like to see
    in our next lesson *** *** Blue Bird Sculpted Cake - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    alright so to get started on Arbor cake %uh the first thing you do is do the
    feeling like
    now got a four inch cake plate just the cardboard
    its oversight at once so just use whatever's in your area
    but four inches is the size you want and we've got our
    eight-inch cakes already cut so the first thing that I need to do
    is attached this cake plate to my cake sounds going to take a bit at the
    chocolate can Arsch
    do that now
    I prefer to use chocolate ganar she can use about a crime
    that's fine I'm the differences are
    chocolate ganache set up quite hard in fridge
    so it's not going to move around on you gonna get that much better finished cake
    it's gonna be a lot smoother on the sides and everything but
    if you want to use parking you can do that as well I miss the same process
    and then you wanna center that to stifle a
    give it a press cat
    sup just gonna feel it
    now when you're feeling just wanna start one section
    kid is thick as you want and then just keep moving around the cake
    I'm gonna put this in the fridge before I carve cakes
    I'm for 3d effects I like getting really cold in the fridge
    and that way the coming up the cake is in a fall of turning up to lose your
    to easily so after you done this step putting your back into your fridge
    leave it there for at least a half an hour and that really get hard
    but I can offset up as well and then we'll start the yacht
    carting sage
    at SRK
    president Sonia triggered half an hour since nice and hard as can be perfect
    for carving
    I'm when you do in school to cakes a lot of times it's beneficial
    can't really get proportions right and have trouble sculpting to make sure that
    it's going AlterNet if you're just a bit afraid the whole processed
    messing it is get yourself some templates I miss you make some up I've
    made this one up for this cake
    I'm and now the best way to use template is
    I put the three laminator so that they're protected and I can put them on
    the side of the cake using some can arch
    I'm so that the best way to make those isn't a laminator if you don't have a
    you can also just print it out on paper I'm said laminating that he can get
    some packaging tape is quite thick I'm
    like basically the stairs from of
    and just go over your design
    completely cover that complete on this site flip it over
    cover the other side and then you can cut it out and that's still going to be
    protected so that's a an easy way to do it if you don't have a laminator
    but that for here time so I got another one you can need to do for this cake
    so one free size from china cup this out to their ego
    got that all cut-outs not got too little templates
    and its gonna make the carving a whole lot easier and so
    the next step much but that's just get your cake now this is an ancient ache
    and I want it to be at the very widest five-inches'
    I'm don't wanna go any wanted national
    to rounded so you can I wanna take a
    a ruler I'm scotsman here just center it
    on your cake and measure out five inches from the center
    I'm chillin Happy Tree two and three quarters each way
    men's a little mark
    so now we can just cut that straight down
    their accounts now ask me a lot easier to attach
    our templates onto the side action notice
    the I'm the head goes a bit higher so we're going to use in smart cuts
    to scope the head as well so we'll get started by attaching that to the side of
    the cake
    see just to attach you just wanna take some
    some you can arch modest
    poor thing coat sign
    im just gonna say no that
    to the tail all end up lining up at the back
    edge and the headline appointee with the French settlers good ideas come from the
    other side
    just have an eyeball look thats that's kinda lineup
    marriage us now we have a template
    two-car park a car for terror
    the next episode is to be carving someone to come down the package here
    and I just wanna follow it to him
    so one arrest
    the the knife edge on the side and his habit line up with the back edge
    and issues that as a guide to slice that right away damn
    wanna try to do this step
    and get as big a piece of the back as you can because that's what we're gonna
    be using
    for the head
    I now little trick
    now when you doing the tops of stuff like this you can just take a knife
    and go down to where the knife is just gonna be
    below that that edge I'm and
    where you can cut half of and think owing to the other side
    cut the other half of to Bettys in China car all the way across the cake
    the retail that's a good start on the side so it's quite on
    supporters of over there Hampton from there
    we want to again make that center line so that we know where the center
    cake is in this community easier two-car only now at the center of our cake is
    so now I want to do his car the shape
    at the top of the cake so to do that I'm can actually go to a smaller
    it's just a normal steak knife they're really good with carving
    because they don't have to cut off a lot and you can just come along and you
    basically one around
    the top and get more per checked some is gonna come back just cut
    its offsides
    them just gonna slowly work back to the shapely going for in this is sort of
    I'm your own I has to come into X there isn't really a way to do a template for
    I'm and anything you can do is just car
    strong little bit allying have shaped you want
    the check to be and that way
    have engaged to go to so you just want the tale comes in
    and then it goes out water to the head to having drawn that now I know
    had a car where to go to sums use that as cage
    now that I've gotten roughly shape up the top on asserted
    to bring that back underneath and get it back to airport on its okay to come back
    angle down he just wanna cut back into the reach that poured
    I a planet where it is so they regard got

    done now in the pulpit around and go to the other sign
    so I pretty much got the shape on too slow to find chain letter day now we
    gotta fix that had bit
    which needs to set much higher some gonna take I'm
    I extra butter cake me is why the site
    Sony DSM cannot shake basically put that on there
    and its gonna need to go back in the fridge now because a guy like that layer
    never come back to finish of the carving up the bird
    I saw got my cake at a friends and I think
    minutes this time because the cake the so called from our previous time the
    I'm set set up nice and good so I can carve the head shape now
    I'm and I guess your thing is the reason why we used
    you know trying to cut these of in one piece is I don't like to use I'm not a
    big fan of tissues in this sort of stuff
    to iraq crush up and make the shape at it because
    somebody has to eat at so we always use big chunks cake
    to fill and our area so I always think about that when your card in case to try
    to cut off
    the biggest sections not necessary am so they can fill in later with its not
    going to have to use these little crimes for that
    that's rough part of its a now just gonna basically try to get that rounded
    shape up ahead
    so just when I sort of cover cut off excess bits
    try not to
    much of
    just wanna go around
    skill to line up with the shaping party started
    to roughly got the shape of the head scan to fine tune everything else now
    now we're just gonna go over the entire cake
    trying to smooth it all out make it look as perfect as we can with a cake that
    forget international now to sort of getting that
    that angle from head into the body where the wings are gonna come
    be attached to see kinda income in and out
    that angle going my sleep in fact
    really we're just trying to smooth all these harder edges of
    grounding the body of the cake case and now they've got that pretty much even
    I just want to really emphasize the head again some just like %uh down under it
    crayons for online around to open neckline
    an all-around and I can come back
    bring in a bit around again
    just gonna give a bit more definition to the head itself
    undercutting all the way to the boy makin sure you can see it all the way
    and we also want to cut just inside the board a little bit
    yank a notch to it I'm with good at it
    a bit avram on that board so we can get nauseous can meet up to four but not
    hangover etc us
    if they cannot hangs over your board in comes out then when you to place it on
    your cake plate or something
    he get that kind of smearing onto your plate I'm
    in its not gonna be good especially he's tough on the board am so
    always try to get to cut just inside the airport by
    you know a little bit so that you can %ah Chicago to the board
    enough overhang aboard all
    naked that's the
    pretty much the overall bird shaped on I'm
    to put that back in the fridge let it set up for a good half an hour
    that way when I put the gun arch I'm its gonna set up quite quickly in quite hard
    and that's going to get ready to cover
    okay so now my my little bro
    and it is a bird now has have been setting up in the fridge
    for a good half an hour to get nice and cold I'm
    pork in ocean stage so I guess the trick to this is we really
    it's hard to get nauseous now a cake that has me strip down sides
    you've got weird shapes to go around so I'm gonna show you how to use
    I'm your little spatula to do this but you're also gonna need to use your hands
    I know that you might think out my hands that's not passionate but as long as
    they're clean
    they are hygienic and you can use your hands it's very sexy don't worry about
    that just make sure you wash in quite well
    and then you can do this step so gonna start with just basically taking the
    kanashimi want this
    very very pliable very easy to
    I'm spread so that it's not going to grab onto the CAC's just make sure the
    he did it in my quite a little bit just to get that
    that time spread ability a bit and just be careful not to overheat they only
    want to use it about
    seconds at a time stir and I get to the right consistency
    now we're just gonna I'm basically just spread it over the entire cake
    he'd don't need a a huge they come out of it
    you just wanna cover evenly I'm
    basically don't wanna lose shape either that you spent all that time carving
    into the cake
    such small make sure under here thing all the way down to that board
    are not going are too much so that when you use a spatula
    going to make sure that you can see that born-again I S are pretty much got to
    cover here
    gonna go back over at
    a start on the sparse us already set up I'm just going to use my spatula
    to flatten and as much as I can and get rid of those lines
    as much as I can
    contact some pretty happy with that
    it's pretty much perfect his chest
    I just gotta go fine tune in a bit get rid of all these little ridge lines can
    use my hands for that much as it's going to warm up the chocolate help it to melt
    together a bit better
    it's much easier to smear there's really a tool that you can work
    on the sorta shapes I've just finish working on the head
    area that's still gonna be quite saw someone to go back to the tail section
    which have left
    along for a little bit I'm while I was working on those other parts and I'm
    gonna start there
    and like I said the the chocolate will warm up in your fingers
    when you touch it saying really get rid of any
    lines that you've got you don't wanna
    Presti argue just using the warmth to your hand
    miss me this edition gears to just get rid of
    any lines and make it a bit more perfect alright so that's
    our bird full again Austin ready to be covered in a its modeling chocolate
    I'm just not this setup you can linger for about six to eight hours to really
    let the kind of setup
    I'm where you can leave it overnight up to you I'm once it's falling in our shit
    is airtight see you not going to dry out you take it all
    so ought to set up and we'll get to the covering
    okay sorry little birdies been sitting
    out the cannot is all set up ready be covered
    I'm when you're letting you takes it out if you are in a warmer area
    he find that time when you go to cover its a bit soft and that warm
    you can I wanna put it in the fridge for just about
    minutes to let the
    chocolate can offset up again
    good thing about that is the cake is gonna get too cold which is where all
    problems come with
    with taking a cake straight out of the fridge covering it and there's not going
    to be that cock condensation problem
    anyway your phone or your chocolate I'm so
    just put in there for
    minutes and then bring it out national thing that's
    happening much
    easier to cover so I'm just going to put
    some James here on my cake I'm before I put it
    the have following chocolate on top there so
    I guess the the trick here is you bring chocolate on chocolate so it's kinda
    wanna stick anyway
    seed don't need a lot of this so just put sparingly
    onto the cake yes what a champ the rub it in
    you also may she hit all the cake
    as well
    me scanner purse that down
    kill twist measured and stick that's going to be a lot stiffer to roll out
    competent is to the same as you do the phone and
    slice fluid movements try not to take it
    in causing dance can also give it a bitter twist
    never gonna cover the cake
    K the way they were going to cover this cake is rushing to put it over the bird
    rapid and here am I gonna pinch is the pinch method to push it
    and the front and back and when to cut the excess of good thing about mall in
    chocolate as you can do that you can still get realign
    but our bird actually does have a stitch line that goes right to the middle so
    we're going to use that cut mark
    for stitch line so gently roll this overruling pymts to Steph
    so we're just going to lift it my hands
    it over the bird just
    its you the town wanna start with the
    back make sure you get all the air at a vendor here
    do the science
    there got now I'm gonna want to cut it to take some scissors
    and just right in the middle have the tail
    just gonna cut this almost up to the top
    that's no I mean a folded over itself
    really work that under shear
    into the bird to spring
    all the way up
    America up session seems modeling chocolate
    it's much more forgiving then fun and I can believe it
    that's it it's not going to take care or reproduce any others
    things you can have trouble with fondant its
    spinning get rid of some the excess snow
    in quite that much
    and to take my exacto knife or
    craft knife whenever you like column scan it at this straight down
    all the way through
    can relive past going on in the good thing about chocolate as you can get rid
    of these lines quite easily
    time or
    and here
    do the same thing I'm skinny come straight down
    making sure that I'm coming all the way through both players
    coming out get that out of the way
    snooker this
    access it easier to work with so I can pull this back
    and again make sure that this is cut all the way through
    I can get at that pace support back
    poll that out
    net interest linus up
    skin to fit down into their
    now I can work the bottom edge damn
    so when you coming around here
    in the trick is to not cut too close to the cake
    few he cut we think you needed to be you can end up cutting too much of
    you gonna see the bottom I'm kenosha the cakes just cut
    say couple Mills or a quarter-inch
    away from where you think the educa- kids many cows come a little bit more of
    as you go
    case another ready to make our line I just wanted to share a little tip
    with the something you can do with modeling chocolate if you have a chef
    I'm it's really good for getting relief flights so if you have a product that
    you don't want to have a central line at this one
    you can use this to you virtually make it disappear so
    we need to do is just make sure that your well away from the chocolate
    when you doing this just he's up a little bit you actually start she at to
    see a little shine
    on top in the chocolate and in a city that is stop
    and then you can drop out that line so just really quickly how to do it just
    on-the-spot not to do the whole cake sent me too
    but just to get rid of one little spot must know he turned away from here
    start to see a showing kind of
    and then I can Rob
    that wine away
    that's more in the center so it's just a great tip for modeling chocolate to get
    rather than a little lines
    it's great to know that you can do that with this product so
    now we can get ahead and do online some getting used to my knees all cutting and
    embossing tools
    is just the the straight when I'm not using any of the other pattern once
    I'm basically this is just going to help us make our stage lights on this gonna
    run it
    up the line that we've got already just to define it the better make it look a
    little bit nicer
    being careful not pushed too hard
    otherwise you will on insolvent and we also want to make sure that you're
    tennis and align your cake when doing this
    year ago
    last on I'm just gonna finish it off with this little tool again
    to make that I'll call it an I don't really have to do this because it is
    gonna be covered by a little birds nest
    but I just like to always make me look saying
    I'm actually gonna follow that up
    although I decide how Star Park do the same thing here
    an ex parte
    is to make a little stitching pattern so there are stitching tools
    I'm you can actually use one of these but it actually ends up looking like a
    I'm so I like to do by hand this look a little bit more perfect
    it is time consuming so it's up to you but arms can't do this and you can
    follow along if you want to or
    you can do it your own way basically what I do
    the dollar on either side
    just making a last-ditch campaign
    okay so that's all done than all the dots
    I'm now we're going to be adding it onto our cake board
    such can't get this out of the way I'm kinda bored here
    and I got my royal icing now we like to cover our boards
    so they're not the sole over cash on top it's up to you
    I always think it looks a little bit nicer this why so
    I'm but with this cake action I miss you much about sets charge choice
    just can't get my royal
    the underworld to be rather thick you don't want to be very I'm
    runny at all you don't want to fall of the special at all
    this well drive much faster scan at a bitter that
    to the center can johnnie much
    Hocutt I something else going to run some lines through it
    and again this is just to help set up and much faster
    the drying time other oral I'm
    come down by a lot just by adding is aware groups and their
    and then and then make a cover I'm
    the modeling chocolate you can actually just pick it up with your hands
    and it's not going to dent at all so it's much easier to move these around
    writes mister take my blue give it a little bit of an aide
    I'm not going to use corn flour when I roll this out because I
    I want to be attached to the cake easier
    so I'm just gonna use the method with
    to pieces I have parchment paper
    so I just don't want to put it down
    flatness with your hand fairly well
    save me from having to keep growing at
    and restrictions other layer over the top
    take a a little a rolling pin
    you can just push it out
    client email you can I want to lift it up
    that of
    share Austin is espy
    pizza cutter
    got uncut here break into song
    care and it easier on a star
    he's a template and just cut around
    last post by for families cut now
    because it the color and in an and rolling it out is a bit soft
    so I want to really set up before I put on the bird
    and this way it's gonna keep it shapes I'm gonna put this in the fridge
    seconds at the most
    and to let it really set up and I can bring it back at an attached to the bird
    has the suffrage it's nice and set up I can now
    pick it up in Midrash not a floppy and sticky like it was before
    so I'm just gonna wanna dole the edge if this of a bit it's a bit sharper
    economic has it been cut
    something to take two pieces of parchment against one are here
    and I'm just gonna run my finger along the edge and and press it down a little
    bit just a smooth that out a bit so I get that much softer line cuz
    she's just looking a little bit to Chartres
    again just use your finger gently just bribe around the edge
    justice of the net if you did this without the parchment your fingers gonna
    leave a mark Senate causes chocolate so
    hurricane two pieces apart smashed
    so now I'm when I wanna do
    has just put the same dots because I want to look like stitching as well
    all the way around the edge up that lange sums can do that now
    he just come to the top edge a bit
    and just keep putting little dots
    K those are all done now can attach into the bird now
    if you had done a step and it's quite warm here at knees have softened a bit
    I'm calling the shape put it back in the fridge before you go to attach my bird
    the last thing you want to do
    get this far and it happened get messed up on their
    being attached so now it takes a minute said prima y
    bring back out and then attach but these his ones are fine
    still a to be picked up and not lose their shape psych
    put these on so I'm just gonna take some sugar clue
    can I burn over here
    and the trick to this is you don't prolong
    you just want to and you want to stick
    and set up pretty quickly he put too much on it it'll slide right off so
    be careful when you do this to flip it over
    gonna run some glue
    now I don't wanna go right to the edge because then it will
    see pat sizing you see it seem like I'm in
    quarter-inch but dole upon
    and just really smear it around cut
    pick this up carefully
    bring it over to bird
    and his kid that where I want to sit
    I'm gonna want to
    attach it all around
    the front edge and then
    on the back its gonna bring in a way a bit
    not attach it so it's just sitting of
    the bird a bit so it's got a bit of RAM
    behind it so it really looks
    and this is the great thing about using modeling chocolate you do things like
    this that you cannot deal with fondant
    kak there we go
    and now I can make the nose to go on the front alright so that's about size I
    want some this can take it
    and leave it on the table so it's gonna leave a nice flat the at the back a bit
    this can take my hands together and Tess role it
    back and forth
    K jericho promise but the shape I'm after
    now is to make the the same lines as he did before too and the stitching to the
    I'm just gonna run this up side
    now i cant writers Austin marks in with my toothpick again
    okay nose is done just gonna places service here
    and now we're going to do the hop the eyes however
    tough got some some flack modeling chocolate
    just now is worth this last because it does tend to color your
    your hands a bit sketches take up our spare
    cash in a little bit
    year ago
    side always tistaert move it again make sure it's still moving
    so I've got to circle cutters
    so just whatever you think is right I'm just using this one
    i'm for the outside of the I and I'm any use this one just to make a dent
    the inside so it's gonna look like a button times gonna cut to you
    circles give it as pivot West's
    really cuts through ago
    to times can take the other one
    little bit smaller and I'm just gonna make some
    dance on the inside to make it look like a patent some skyline up with center
    I'm I'm actually using there's a bit of a fatter and
    on the top %uh this and the cutting and says how many is the fatter one
    to make the dance
    skit that centered give a gentle
    Press now I'm gonna take
    toothpick or make four holes in the center just like a button hands
    tight summit take my nose
    and the but nice and I'm gonna put these in the fridge
    because they're their soft at the moment now wanted to really set up so the easy
    to handle
    and they're gonna go on the cake without deforming scheck's are put these in
    good minute and I'll bring up from cake a case everything set up at the fridge
    now I can attach it to the little bird
    to the first marriage is the ice I'm scan of
    find out exactly where I want them dance can put a little
    dot with my toothpick
    its there's my center marks for the ice can use it little bit of glue
    could only black on this was gonna
    put it onto the cake itself don't know
    any bigger than the button take my first one
    this is eyes done and now
    to get back ready just gonna have to you want it
    he put it on here its gonna sit a little bit away from the cakes we don't want
    that's we're gonna give it a bit of a cut
    to flatten a bit
    its just can't cut a little bit out above the center
    not way into wanna sit flush with our
    around it have per now ready to attach it so
    first thing I do is find out where you want to know is to sit
    so help their
    its I wanna so my center Marc
    write about their times can take this too is picking actually pre make the
    now my pre make a whole
    here as well
    to anyone this long
    it's already cut this toothpick down
    to the size I want miscast ticket
    into the bake
    and then take some glue
    running around the edges that not all the way to the ferry
    outside edge I go just on inside hedge
    more time here top now on line up the
    stitching so it's like a mouth so it's going sideways
    I'm home
    now than as a bit soft
    can come back to it laughter set up a bit
    and angry touched up a little bit smooth adding lines may fill it made a net so
    just leave it alone for a few minutes and then he can come back to it if you
    put a dent in it
    case in Ann Arbor
    is pretty much done it's there it's got the eyes the wings
    and now is on there like I said before if you've put a few marks on the nose
    by putting on you can now people left in a bit rub that out
    it set up a bit he can get ready have any of that but other than that the bird
    is done and it looks fantastic in the great thing is it's all made a chocolate
    says can be beautiful to eat as well
    I'm in these wings I mean you couldn't do this with fondant having the wings
    stick out like that so it's really great pace than people gonna wonder how do you
    actually did it
    now all we need to do his finish it off I'm I put a bird's nest
    all the way around it I'm almost any is modeling chocolate for this
    I mean that lack make it look a bit more like a nasty
    capital individual tweaks coming out a bit and it's going to look great as well
    so I've got some
    brown modeling chocolate here I'm
    the twins are pretty easy to make I'm you just roll it into a sausage
    you don't want to be there in thicknesses
    on this and also there in like so top
    worry about it too much I'm just a little bit long
    skinny cut that down and what I can do to get a grainy message to waste
    at woodgrain I'm I've got a
    a woodgrain template here and this will add
    a lot of nice sort of wood grain to it very easily
    the other method is to use a toothpick and this is very tedious way
    so you can do all the ones underneath just plain
    if you don't have this wood grain template and then use the ones that are
    left on top at the wood grain to by using a toothpick and that's just
    you run your toothpick through it
    make a beautiful wavy lines for a little bit
    news keep going around
    but that's one way of doing it
    and now the the easy way
    just Roy sausage take you

    template and just gently roll over it
    and its gonna make that would grain right into therefore he sets up much
    quicker way to mean it
    I'm scan to put these are here now when I'm lane them
    down I want them to just be all different shapes
    and I'm gonna just lay them on top of each other they're gonna set this way
    and then I can attach it to the board some you know
    make a big pile up these leaving here for about half hour
    to an hour let them really set up and then when I pick them up to natalie is a
    shape and I gonna
    it's gonna look more natural that way because the sticks conserve set up
    not just flop over so if I put these now they're gonna sort of
    want to fall down a flop over so I'll just make a bunch of those
    in a big pile
    again faring
    blanks and varying thicknesses
    so I let the set for a little bit and then
    just setting up now to where the Nikon wanna move around so if I
    a pick this up you can see that wants to keep its shape it's not floppy
    I'm but they're never gonna be complain they set to not worry about that he just
    wanted to see her hold its shape
    psych and then come over here and per on the bird
    so the first thing on a dude I was gonna cover this
    ugly so over edge of my board I don't like that some just gonna put some
    and has double sided tape on it around there
    alright tots done time just gonna take
    I'm some pieces and put them on the board
    tough happy with where that is now it's going to take a little bit of glue
    I'm not gonna glue all of these only need to glue the bottom
    section and they're gonna serve lock into each other or not want to move
    around so
    just need to put a tiny bit underwear sitting
    Press that down every little bit more
    there and that's all it means you don't need to put a whole lot
    on these so all I wanna do
    it's just start out going around
    as you can see its growth the Montauk ok as he can still never you can still
    shape it the way you want it to look
    you can get some some real height from it which
    fun it just wouldn't do it on would fall over whereas the chocolates gonna set up
    quite nicely
    can create more than natural look
    know that that the Bonhams all attached include
    and I really have to glue anymore I can just keep locking
    interlocking I mean to each other go under one on top of another
    marriages on on more in there
    that side looks good
    Hey Joe
    so that's our our little blue bird and it's love little nest
    and everything's Madame Arlene chocolate which is great because it tastes great
    and you can store this in the fridge and not have to worry about a canyon rim
    like normal fondant cakes
    I'm and there's some lovely things you can do with it you can pull the wings
    out and still
    has been out for a while I can still maneuver these so it doesn't quite look
    and they're still gonna hold their shape so it's a great cake
    to have and Europe try to be able to do this with modeling chocolate
    cover really intricate shapes with it and still get rid of all the launch is
    great so
    hope you enjoy the class and I'm have fun with your little bird *** *** How To Make Mini Fondant Cakes - YouTube !!!
    hey guys received
    with me became I've got my butt
    and the clinic me school
    Mike ship
    and beat until fluffy being an ad in my vanilla bean paste something in the
    would have been sleeping you'd like scored
    at in yours
    sour cream
    and you know
    but actually enjoying
    just until incorporated
    and my hugh a and its competitors
    has a very tall edges that's what you want paper but I N
    and you can spray decides if you like as well anything
    a special session predicate even
    to go to help you that's me even if they cut off
    degrees Celsius for about half an hour
    missing do check it because it is P in and could cook a bit seniors
    well comic LA's
    using paste should
    on in well Ron
    it's become really think
    I'm gonna say adding in Mike ala miscues gold by American

    list bachelor EU mess
    cannot just
    fine should just
    noonan for pristine
    should reaches rent
    keep climbing think you can always remove the excess
    its a lot easy to work with too much than it is to work with too little
    in the concert scraping off gently
    make sure it's nice and clean otherwise
    if you were to take a No minutes try you have a scanner will be
    and transparent no layer between
    which doesn't look very nice today men to the same phone
    based molds base metals into a baking tray and that's it for about

    hours into the class and random computer cake bakes for half an hour
    and leave it on the counter cool down
    completely but an enemy
    set on medium-low speed into South school speech that paled

    me I little bit
    the this stage in at about

    maybe for now we'll see how it goes gonna
    min and then deleted on medium to high speed
    for about
    minutes with me the that I think
    the mountains truck into the fire it like that
    and expand
    that in mind a vanilla extract skid

    he is me
    that No
    thanks to take my unless we cut here we
    for each Mike
    just the Rams make sure you've got to the very
    make some so-called cake smile
    way a little Jens not
    the maybe in the world
    face him
    attachment sleep
    nation cent
    and through the whole purses
    back because if you try to use your special
    and trying yes will
    is capable find
    slated ease minimal touch
    basic country and free between
    first Boyd
    City down thanks a lot easy first I have my
    a humongous not yes IBM but
    we but I'm gonna use and facing at least its mention
    that an answer run it for a
    magnet right up to the edge that skateboard
    message to help us guy now
    scraper as the scapegoat the excess
    special very Jimmy
    th in make sure they have all the space kind
    when using your bench scraper have a nice and medals at the ninety degree
    mmm scraping
    was in fact that down month
    sweep of the excess cages to keep your bench scraper
    from my special hot water
    no help just even surface that the cake
    Intel not there me ninth
    getting anything
    okay the circle shaped K squeeze
    posting on under hot water again and I'm going slow here in mickey
    just means good
    just a mess if it's a small corn flour analysts at rolling out my funded
    you the thing about it because it's so small
    doesn't take long to relief fund and it doesn't have to be
    and been eBay going to be a little bit because that way
    it hides all these lumps and imperfections quarter of an inch bigger
    bigger than that
    he's funny yes
    messing up
    you can see it
    fund actually coming away and thank keep reading
    that was expected happen to sleep
    shirts area that's
    really clicked it yes so when you pull
    doesn't chain
    me actually
    cooling Pacific thing
    race King tactic
    %um since these just came out now
    this still a bit tacky which is the best time to be putting
    lead us to expect from them custom called
    huge which fresh and
    just mine
    crash to sleep P
    things just
    then to attach help lower I'm gonna go
    bit past the inch
    little to the side as well like minute then the Middle Miocene
    right K
    be sitting like that say pushed

    just think that
    an effect on
    watching Pinterest and thing *** *** How to apply Fondant to Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    show you how to cover your cake in fondant to get those beautiful nice
    sharp corners and I'm going to use my element which is on my website are some
    company dot com slash recipes committing to a kind of tone down blue screen I'm
    gonna take a little but I've read a little bit of blue you can make your
    case of your cake any color you want when you first I always recommend that
    you keep this up until it's very very warm that's going to improve elasticity
    because it's been sitting it's very stiff and crumbly right now this is not
    usable you gotta put it back in the microwave for
    seconds until
    it's nice and warm you wanted to be to feel very warm like you just made it and
    then we're going to need it until stretchy before we even attempt to cover
    it okay so this was in there for 30 seconds very warm start meeting this and
    it at first he seems very small talk March and it's very crumbly to do
    something that's called the tacky method of media on your hands
    this is gonna actually help moisturize the phone as well one hand here
    poll like Kathy this helps reactivate the stretch and it also helps reduce air
    bubbles and it's a lot easier to need and sort of doing this
    like this is a lot of work on your back to this is more a workout for your arms
    counts as your workout for the day as well see how beautiful structure that is
    now you want to do that every time so I wanted that it could appear dry and oily
    and cracked and crumbly is actually just not conditioned this beautiful perfect
    churchy funded ready to go a little powdered sugar down the board here the
    frequently move around as you get stuck to the surface of your table for sure
    down if you need it will be from green color take my gosh cake that their make
    sure you don't have any chocolate on your hands
    that will get onto the surface of your phone and you get onto your room all the
    way around that the top first we're going to fluff the dress everywhere
    where there's a truffle just gonna pull it out
    press against the cake
    you'll be able to do it one hand like this go a lot faster just going slow for
    the purpose of showing you the technique oh I forgot to mention if your fondant
    is not sticking to your ganache then you can spray it with a little bit of water
    before you add your funded doesn't have any problems so I don't usually worry
    about any of that a lot of people do go around with my sneakers that any good
    fiction get that phone up against the cake I have this special goal that I
    like to use for my six inch rounds otherwise I use a cake pan but this is
    what i do to finish off my kicks finding you can keep use that for later
    chilled you can handle it pretty easily looked it up put a ball down or a small
    object that has a flat surface in a wide base of the small works out perfectly
    good is pretty stable and it's just more than a six-inch you know ok so it works
    out perfectly for this again make sure you don't have any chocolate on your
    one senator on top once they're inside gonna go around what
    you have any bubbles between the surface of your taking your funded they will
    turn into tumors take care of them now where they will come back to haunt you
    does this happen when people say how do you avoid bubbles
    well it's just inevitable you just gotta take care of him not cry about it
    move on with your life
    chocolate somewhere away from the surface of the
    extender after you
    have probably have a little bit but if you have butter cream touching it that's
    fine you can remix buttercream in to find it but you can't remix chocolate
    to place it on the cake for it I like to use the boards from Cape support
    solution dot com recoded there's no reason why not
    now we have our cake on our board and now you were free to decorate your back
    as you please that's how you cover can thank you guys SO much for watching *** ***

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