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    Baby carriage, stroller tutorial for cake decorating. - YouTube !!!
    to make this baby carriage
    gonna years plastic heck
    gonna use the same old it's called
    to I Cup the rice crispies
    and the high in mixed it up
    marshmallow and I pushed
    my mixture into the mold you can spree
    hair inside the mall gonna be easier to take your ETD
    user stick to put inside in the mornin after
    for the race chris Christie marshmallow
    mixed together and just press it in country
    and after it took my
    half a rack and this is what I have so I
    good let it sit for a while too hard and low
    it's gonna be easier to work with and now
    I gonna use my other
    to make a top
    so this is how I want it to be something like this
    so this is gonna be night and
    have for them either Rice Krispies him
    out of chocolate economy food so I melted my chocolate
    me that color that they want it to be
    mix it'll also melted and
    African former chocolate inside them all
    and I just don't know
    squirrel make sure its colors
    all the places my wallet to be
    I'm not gonna do
    alway pick up here because I gonna
    cart hell piece that I don't need
    gonna score

    feel it's gonna cars and it's gone hard and it will and
    after gonna put in the fridge refrigerator to make sure that
    heart gonna be easier to take it out
    now much %uh
    my chocolate is set to
    try to take it out nice the so I can pick it up
    nicely home I'm old this is really here
    so like a try its gonna it I
    my want to be like sitting atop
    all baby carriage base
    gonna make it because it's a race crispness and
    its marshmallow I can make it a little better and I am polemic
    where the bottom said just like this
    and now I could pick up my check
    tried heard it
    so I finally caught my chuckled
    all fake think
    that other days be and now I can a masher
    have its gonna be with a base so
    and one my good feel to go or not at all
    took this is what I hell
    so now I cannot cover
    face hello the support cream
    to make it stick
    and it's also been a car too slow
    force and after
    go spreading buttercream lol
    world funded and color my face
    where all
    fondant little bit thicker and I usually am I gonna
    carver my hair top
    just smiled
    knowledge is gonna come excellence
    Cali below which is called
    folded carriage
    and I couldn't call or one more piece here
    Schuylkill here peace come to hide
    role play in contraction gonna use
    role wrong here
    so using find to make sure it's
    treat using the tool
    and the wrong school
    turn it can use just a regular
    to call to to
    just is just
    to around
    so its stay there to you
    this is what I solely hide
    golden perfection and
    chocolate the face
    here's Micah to create that top here
    why you so quiet because I'm trying to match the invitation
    was given and the canadian-style Whitestrips
    to put in moment touching
    will stripes to attach fund in

    chocolate and using low-fat
    want cursor water doesn't
    really work to doesn't stick to the so it could well turn out like everywhere
    for after clean and i cant
    ash damages just cutting
    since troops fondant
    and just putting think
    need to be
    connect in them all
    one place skirting my night
    just makes Street
    said condom here
    and %uh is my stripped so I have five those
    so I put bolt own
    because this is how it is tation for the wheels
    just make just two circles
    handled middle
    goodnight sent where it said and try
    and after touch them
    here here same saying
    same thing another set doesn't stay because
    try companies baby
    feared its
    just it's gonna be said inside
    now I can I make handle
    the baby carriage I'm using thick wire
    and train to
    kinda thank to measure to its
    good size school attendance here
    trying to do the same thing
    make same school sick
    not a curse like
    heard it here and see hope it could
    trying to make
    looks to make
    just come in search inside
    rice krispies take
    to make size
    more here
    going to certain size sleep
    need to push it champ
    its crispness
    hair my damage here
    tried to call make
    dis have
    its when it's gonna be total trying
    sleep on and like put lol circles
    side baby carriage this
    like it to be too much the invitation to know
    show you the cake when it's gonna be think
    which I'm
    French cake key
    me cake
    me shoes
    week *** *** How to make baby carriage and baby for cake decorating. - YouTube !!!
    hello everyone I can assure
    hymie baby carriage so
    have for ball cut in half
    and it's a ball %ah four-and-a-half inches
    India under so not only can I
    cock societal fall gonna use mine
    and they can occur
    I just cannot
    have to say it's there
    if I need to cut
    forsaken police cut more same sites
    this is make sure that same impulse
    points so this is Walt
    have now
    Penryn out to make sure it there I found in contested to Paul
    just a little fasting nice
    home just anyway if you look like you can also
    on extend its territory user rice krispies
    if you want all your stuff to be
    had a ball
    so with frosted my Paul icing how much find
    hello I every that's what they need and have a different car think I think so
    its kinda thick because
    home I want to come over oldest their
    have some like a small tiny titanium top
    minutes away when a card
    and school did
    here I just to cart it around
    gonna put the skids strict
    can try like make sure it's not
    here and I
    just a white talked so-called
    school work
    right now put my baby carriage would be
    home home because I don't want too many
    intense because it's still fresh an iconic help
    of three pieces so here they can be same
    can but smaller
    speak up when a man and see how it works
    this is what the hell should be strong enough to hold
    content Nikon he choked same
    to look same
    ass like
    him home concerned
    have to fix shape
    want be tallest
    wanna make sure to so
    montana my armed spot recut
    arm to put the blanket for so I Cup peace
    to match carriage
    have to take to solve to play
    cousteau make a baby carriage don't forget to do
    idk top make it white
    just Romanoff
    very fair circle
    tried to cut circle parts too small so it could be bigger than that
    and I can cut later don't need
    of peace measure
    cam still peace
    shape came and the years
    to court side
    harm I know it's not perfect shape Park
    called accessed
    need so I put cast
    trying to pull in shape
    besides stick Mike
    skirt like
    stopped us
    actions X
    on was its some
    just this week
    nurse Shiffrin like
    still not too high
    holders stall on connected
    connected I couldn't do can we use mine
    Carter and I can a person
    call victims
    justice Malik
    Thirsk just
    just circle
    used to spark
    here to even
    couldn't with this is
    hell cop
    like to the carriage
    to hard
    the same thing this
    ceramic peace
    finished someone
    Tom ruffles I decided to put
    on top I think killed room
    and now economic handles hand inches
    peace like a side
    chips us
    wheels I cannot put wheels
    Y&R pic which can I P my cake
    which is kinda cool sometime
    task but I want trash past son I will show you when it's gone
    swarmed onto me
    comfy the music first impression I'm using
    fondant some people whose income paste
    like these train to me
    shape p its
    troops have to make sure it is crease and
    side p basic
    suck ish and
    Cup much
    caps candidates
    after sometime gonna put it in the freezer I like to believe it
    some people say like a minute or two to leave like

    stock school
    stores much take mclean
    compression good quality
    and they're gonna put it
    now high-tech
    to so many comps
    all more the fridge its
    sick I mean so pretty much like
    frozen take stop a complete
    whose first tried
    really easy because
    say almost roles in not only
    Scopus here
    cakes hometown pins
    thank you for watching *** *** Tutorial Cake Design - Carrozzina in pasta di zucchero - Fondant baby Carriage - YouTube !!! Italian (Automatic Captions) Italian (Automatic Captions)
    ciao ragazze delle domande sui tutoria dire golosone
    oggi vi faccio vedere
    come continuare la nostra torta dedicata a un bel di saw argo how battesimo
    quindi oggi andiamo a fare una carrozzina con pasta di zucchero
    vi faccio vedere cosa serve
    un bisturi
    un mattarello
    un bicchierino con dell'acqua e' un pennello
    un qualsiasi strumento che abbiamo appena nata va bene anche lo
    un pennarello alimentare
    e la pasta di zucchero del colore che preferite
    ansa scusate poi un'altra cosa importante culla
    per lo stampino tondo o qualsiasi cosa che avete in casa con bicchiere ho una
    ciotola rovesciata chi possa dare
    una mano per fare
    un arbusto alto di questo tipo
    io ho deciso di fare la carrozzina di oggi
    sempre per rimanere in tema con la l al
    prendo la pasta di zucchero la lavoro bene con le mani
    la stendo sul piano di lavoro
    contatta l'utente non si appiccichi tenuto sempre a mettere lo zucchero a
    sulla base
    cerco di stendere la pasta che modo tale che rimanga
    dello spessore di un paio di millimetri
    millimetri perchè questa
    decorazione camera omettere sul lato della torta quindi non è importante
    non molto alta
    la pasta
    last india modo tale da riuscire
    cornatto il nostro strumento apposito
    stupendo il bisturi e neri italiano
    uno spicchio
    in questo modo
    mi faccio una volta in un angolo di 90 gradi che lo tolgo
    fa da rimodellare la parte
    fiera di ricerca quella coppia tagliato poi sempre quei bischeri vado a per
    fare dei pacchetti ne
    in questo modo
    anticamente sto cercando dalla cina
    grazie perchè -
    non la forma ha la carrozzina
    questa è la croazia stilizzata
    faccio presente che l fatta come se lo stessero
    quindi questa è la parte l'operazione inserita mente si alza e si abbassa
    un altro colore questo caso ho un po di giallo quindi utilizzo questo
    ensi faccio
    delle decorazioni
    potrei fare di qua per esempio
    quindi con dell'acqua vado a magnare le parti
    allora posizionale
    eccone un altro
    intanto vi ricordo che potete iscrivervi al nostro canale su youtube
    e key potete anche andare a vedere tutti gli altri nostri tutorial sempre
    al cinema
    battesimo idee di chavannes
    che sono come fare i pasti e bevande scarpine in pasta di zucchero
    d uccio uccio
    quesito intellettualmente segue le nostre tutorial fare una torta con vita
    ecco fatto
    li ha fatti nostri.
    prendo un altro colore
    per fare
    le ruote
    io in questo caso deciso di farmi un colore
    cash in russia questo blog
    natalia con le mani la schiaccio e a giro
    la schiaccio eljiero in questo modo
    perchè perché io voglio fare delle ruote che sembrino
    di bottoni
    quindi con le mani sto cercando di dargli la forma the cotton
    lasciando quindi la t e leggermente più alti rispetto che l'interno
    volta terminato bottone
    vado a mettere
    sulla base
    traduttore che
    sulla carrozzina e con uno strumento 1 puntata ripeto quando avviene anche uno
    stuzzicadente vado a fare i tre buchini rebuttone
    io ho fatto una partenza e
    la stessa cosa facciamo dall'altra
    che è la pastiglia giocheranno disegni coi fiocchi.
    diafana traduttore
    cerchiamo sempre di dosare la pasta di zucchero modo tale che
    le tue decorazioni siano i più simili possibile
    quindi come prima
    stand up la pasta di zucchero
    metto un po' d'acqua sulla base della carrozzina che
    sotto il bottone
    strumento prima del pane
    poi sempre con un altro po' di pasta di zucchero
    questo caso
    vado a fare il manico
    nella carrozzina
    quindi per un po' di pasta lavoro con le mani faccio
    quest sesso
    arriccio una parte
    qui così
    in questo caso io la pasta di zucchero blu che è abbastanza
    montecatini non c'è bisogno di andare incollarla con l'acqua
    tra voi se vedete che maicon
    norvegia da solo
    il coniglio fa
    io vado a fare altre decorazioni
    per rendere un po' più carina
    un altro po' di più
    spaccio serpentello
    un po' più lungo questo caso
    e che vuoi andare a colpire
    il bordo
    della carrozzina
    quindi prima di misura un po' d'acqua
    dovrebbe metterci
    il serpentello schiacciandolo un pochino così
    quelle eccesso
    non togliamo via
    uno strano visto in pace delle tacchetti nel verso interno
    modà -
    mpa la forma del pizzo
    face book in it
    in questo modo
    se la carrozzina le caveau comunque preparato un altra precedenza ho
    aggiunto la piccola coccinella
    per abbellirla usato
    colori diversi
    spero che il letto il tuo servizio fatto
    oooh da youtube i miei per qualsiasi cosa scrivimi anche se volete victoria
    particolari milano
    molto volentieri
    grazie ea presto *** *** How to make a Gumpaste Baby Carriage for beginners - YouTube !!!
    hello everybody it's me and
    and I wanted to show you a quick
    tutorial on how to make the tough part of the baby carriage
    all so it's it could look like a baby best in itself and get a run through the
    the materials that we're going to use and also I'm gonna throw in some
    tips as a show you the item so
    we're going to use gun case %uh for figures and
    beeper freeze gun pieces at a fun it
    to relay sometimes a beginner's get to see my
    later videos and the get all these questions cell
    I'm gonna try to answer it we're gonna need white in pink
    for this particular design you can use whatever clay want so I already rolled
    out the fine it's gonna be but this fic I'd say about a quarter-inch
    pic and in making the baby carriage you're just getting need

    different parts cell and we're also gonna need
    Tilos if you're working with fun and you're turning it into gumpaste
    you can work with much more fun and or
    store but find it for me
    I prefer just buying come
    walton's find in entering into gumpaste it's not going to eat into
    taste will not be an issue I also discovered that
    I can also use comtex
    in a weird way I'm I was out of my toes and this worked
    so this is more readily available in your local craft stores
    make michael's Johansson AC Moore
    so others will say you don't use it well for me at work till
    could be nigger emergency anything and you can use it
    in New York tell us better in coloring your funny you can
    go out and buy a joke colors like this from neon colors
    go to get this my once from Wilton and they're available in your
    local craft store prosecute any edible
    tales blue are tie will do which it's made by
    using one part
    tell us better with
    parts water sets one
    peace with this and 30s the water makes it
    put it in the fridge overnight and then the next
    little alright so for the first part we're getting need
    the base above the baby carriage and
    for me moms
    a cutter your sneaker
    or will she in whatever society marked
    T Ken
    just alter the shape in your hand see if you're working with
    with gumpaste thats in its
    ideal consistency you're not going to have any problems with sticking and
    stuff so
    let it stand there
    and then we're gonna me on
    right to her part
    the second part we can either side the baby carriage
    I'm if you want patterns
    on the side ginghams what we call an impression at
    surfaced on you can just use your hand
    or he's a rolling pin to know
    and pressure discontinue
    design these impression mask and so many
    too many designs so just use this for
    this things going
    couldn't in church so depending on how big wouldn't want your
    get quick measurement now this is just exactly how I do it
    I don't obviously don't measurement
    if he could if you're more comfortable measuring stuff
    then go ahead and do it to me
    so we're gonna do now is just glue it
    the edges and this once and it's gonna do that happen sometime
    in a combat Florida alright so I already glued
    the bottom ok it carriage
    to the site's and said these are mine two parts the third career going to need
    is where we're gonna tension wires
    surgeon and i'd our big blob of
    gum paste on this site and we're gonna put in the wires
    so if you're turning gun a fun into campaigns
    when do you know that it's ready when you
    played a part think this and
    its easy would find it released richest like so
    so much cell you pull it apart
    and it doesn't busiest
    banja pretty much ready so some people might
    not like this design because though
    you may see the wires in a way
    by we'll see how this will go quite
    can look like a pillow inside your
    baby carriage up
    so I won't recommend this this particular design if you wanna put the
    baby in there
    on you will
    you will know later so that's one two three
    and then you can any
    gauge liars
    she could get your local craft store

    page *** *** Cupcake toppers: Fondant baby dummies cake decorating tutorials - YouTube !!!
    this video just gonna make a little to me and cake
    but some just got not a comprar my ex
    best I have just
    and some funding decision on funding is just be
    when Charles
    cup here just died at like a tech Weiss
    just rollin out take al Haq protect Monaco out and you want something that's
    RAM shape checked the bottom
    and for how tech Africa ap
    just gonna smash edge down a little bit wary
    protect now just wanna small MOQ
    why modeling paste which a bit much
    signs just told
    against it'll do me ship see him say
    case about rights especially right I said
    medicare cover bones crushed an Outback stop without going to change the shape
    up ma someone pinch it
    at the bottom chest strap and money
    to not be too long in Pine to make sense
    musing on that model in total I'm just gonna down atop a bit
    pup indentation town centre symmetry and
    haha should be pettis equity music writer that's fine
    to look at water in the center
    I'm gonna
    stick that complaint Excel and now
    got a number of our I can also could not swim holes with
    just cook small how either side
    and going back to the below
    we're just gonna well small hanbo
    soak in a row assalaam it love it love this one
    to adjust order and send a message that long to pinch them off
    still little bit like such pinch that marked and
    tramp know her but
    I'm just in public that water
    I decide gonna
    bring up stick and decided how
    axo and all you need to do now is like dry seek make them in as many clothes as
    you are
    now even that drives me a little bit kept

    leaving over there to it sets
    the ship they are in a few hours time if you are shali from other night
    and then what you can do is just put that became a cupcake just take those
    and the top so the really simple quick today but they look quite nice
    thank you for watching
    if you want a speedy I would like
    see more please click on the images and the in a video suggested
    also please do subscribe to my channel using the button on the bottom right
    hand corner of the screen
    you can also visit my cake apply to my facebook page to see more cakes
    and ideas *** *** How to Make a Fondant Ribbon & Bow | Cake Decorations - YouTube !!!
    Hi, my name is Amanda Oakleaf. I am owner, head baker, decorator of Amanda Oakleaf Cakes
    in Winthrop, Massachusetts where we do custom cakes of all kinds -- wedding cakes, birthday
    cakes, sculpted cakes. Anything you can think of we can make it into a cake. And today I
    will be talking to you about cake decorating. So we have our airbrushed cake and now we're
    going to add a ribbon around the base and a little bow in the front. So we have our
    color. We're going to give it a little bit of a knead and we want to sprinkle a little
    corn starch. That'll keep it from sticking to the table, and we're going to roll out
    a long strip so start with the shape that we want. We want a long ribbon. So that should
    be long enough to wrap around the cake. We have this fancy tool, it's a scissoring roller
    cutter and it allows you to cut a strip very easily. To make it look like fabric we have
    another roller that has a zigzag edge that will add stitch marks. You could also add
    polka dots. You could also have a texturing mat to give different looks to your ribbon.
    To glue it onto the side we have a mixture of water and meringue powder. We'll start
    with a flat edge, and you can cradle the ribbon so it doesn't stretch with your other arm
    and just apply it with your other arm as you spin it around. When you get to the end you
    can use your exacto tool and cut along right where it meets. There'll be a little seam
    but we can cover that up with the bow. So that's our ribbon, and then to make the bow
    you want to cut out a shape where it's skinnier in the middle and wider where the bow edges
    will be and then a little skinnier towards the middle again. So it's kind of like an
    untied bow tie. That looks how I like it. We want a little bit of glue in the middle
    here because that's where the two ends are going to stick together, and then I also like
    to glue a little bit on the outside of these because that's where they're going to scrunch
    up into a bow. So put that in the middle, and the other one. A little bit of glue, and
    then you want to scrunch it up as if it was tied and you can create a couple folds to
    make it look like it is fabric. Give it a good pinch. So that's the basic bow. I like
    to put it on a foam. That allows it to dry a little faster and keep it from drying too
    flat. Then we want a strip to cover the middle so on your extra, cut a little piece that's
    wide enough and you want it to extend and wrap around the back as well. Flip it over,
    a little glue on the back. Flip it over, with your exacto tool cut off the extras. Then
    you want to just let it dry half an hour to an hour. That will stiffen up and we'll be
    able to place it right on the side of our cake. *** *** How to decorate a cake with fondant rosets or ribbon roses,rosette,ruffle cake tutorial - YouTube !!!
    on them
    car for this
    much themselves steps
    so this is hosed members as fuck like a normal Sri
    hymie this at least here it's not gonna be visible because gonna be cars
    more Rev so
    of trying to do K what does little too small
    house Cup gonna
    lol my circle to stop this
    hand not me
    controlled this
    and against
    here to mister and just
    and I'm just makin sure
    sticks to the sir
    so first ribbon pick another just them
    stick here finished up
    do the same theme
    don't have to be untrue time I'm trying not to do tight
    makeshift fix good
    school just keep rolling totally
    fools don't have to be super Street
    you can see some of my readers movement wagers
    more to suspend
    handsome him
    who are taking too long its gonna be hard
    swim few its
    speech sticking
    Sonam a circle homes put in a cake
    have a time-honored not too much
    but I just wanna make sure this contest
    gonna pick up livers my hand much good
    just asked take make sure it's to exclude this
    make sure it's looks like
    skirt the way you like
    this was her fetus am I gonna call
    on finish it and I'll come back I'll show you how I to
    you kitty
    so my mom time I mean garment all just come
    yeps choose between song
    I still have Hall still reasons
    scum evidence and come to our between
    more here so just
    values statement
    this make sure it's cool
    and chest
    stick to water
    troops to exclude
    hell camps like BTU break here
    just for me use small pieces this is what it do
    something yes
    just put inside just
    last cake
    taken into same here
    come feel caps teen
    no tunes its home
    teen its come back
    financial sheik Sonam
    in this was made camps between percent am I gonna
    girl more also I used
    tourist driven independent useful
    this time gonna be easier
    trent cake
    have spied
    more water
    so late port
    smaller cake top up to
    just cake
    like up to
    cake spec
    ok really complicated
    it's really time-consuming and make sure
    find few special
    don't call caller used
    just sir
    mom owns don's mickey home just
    gap between to Keeks
    just using rooted in and
    two sons to just tried
    call forest sec cake is text
    it's nothing hard
    lot thank you cheap now its weakest on-site a baby shower cake
    can return and baby
    sleek *** *** Fondant Baby - YouTube !!!
    hello where
    okay by com professional cake decorating instructors
    an working cake are also known for a lifetime
    K we do for celebrity
    he'll go on our website too
    want to show you how to make some cute little babies today made out of fondant
    or you can use a half and half mixture have on
    and gumpaste first thing I'm gonna do is just
    roll a ball about a cop also I I'm in a row at night I don't want any seems
    on a a portion that's gonna
    face into the mall on the part that's going on the mall you don't want
    have increases potential and the baby and then I'm going to
    roll it in a little bit cornstarch can just get a
    nice light coating over the whole ball
    don't want but the cornstarch in the mall cuz it'll fill in some up there
    increases and you won all those to show
    here's one of my little baby maltz
    I'm just gonna press down in there
    press and I think firmly and
    look in the mall before him to see you where the head and so forth is
    and I wanna make sure and get our way down in there
    and I'm going to take a palette knife hand this works better
    and just about anything else cuz it still has a sharpener
    and a little cut through the fondant but not so sharp that it cuts my silicon
    as you don't wanna mall and here got a pretty
    might even clean cut their smooth oversee it hits all the edges
    up to design and the other baby
    figure I'm not have a cylindrical shape for my fondant
    and want a can a role that shape again with no creases on
    once I up in a little bit corn starch okay have pieces some
    backside fronts I'm gonna go down in the mall
    and i will press
    with down into the mall getting and to all a little crevices and
    areas that I know need to come out scowcroft
    hedge for mall
    of my power i think im crossing
    making you to add anything any sections like I might like just a little bit more
    right here
    what you wanna do is and to
    this section but then make sure that didn't seem worthy to
    the attic part I is on there it doesn't show
    cell only appears on them by
    but not on figures kinda pressing him
    left that previous aunt fill-in area
    and then just operate get here engine nice and smooth
    and I'll but the in the freezer for about
    know that these have been in the freezer for about
    minutes they're much easier
    to remove from the mall
    a pocket cute baby how

    yesterday here on been frozen
    you don't get features deformed
    now that my baby sir and molded here I want to know
    I'll at some little details to them so many
    are precious and some help
    last time you seem cosmos for that
    pink plush sent from the BB and cinnamon
    first care and I just wanna highlight be
    why the excess of yes
    take a plane dry brush fresh way access
    and for adding some here to the babies
    I found that way if you're gonna make several like for a baby shower cake
    is babies are fairly small so they'd be cute like on
    each piece for a cupcake especially this
    small little baby thats curled up and
    so if you can make several other missus have a quick way to do that here
    pressure like water
    over here area
    and fairly quickly
    apec with the cinnamon dry brush
    yes cinnamon
    it is dad
    don't want to on
    alarms intense the area
    areas where did not freshwater sticking rationally
    thank you to mention ones in the back
    back with point having make airlines
    happened set up some I can go back and take away
    X answer and and more much
    in Atwater happens guy
    her just for the triangular shape
    peace upon tent handset on want
    if you know you're gonna do eventually space get get a piece that fits just
    by you on it and then maker
    template babies
    banker be something like that again to attach a
    I went dampen the back at that and set it on there then perhaps
    had is a circular shaped peace
    and I which issues about one and a quarter inch round cutter
    and place that over the baby's head
    and kinda flattened one side of it
    fit in the back a little bit better can
    like I'm can dampen
    yet happy
    want human beings and
    get the ribbing affect for the hat I just got a little strip
    dampened debt with little
    bit of water on the backside attached again this would be in a contrast in
    and enter have high just
    winning fact hit
    that *** *** How to apply Fondant to Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!! *** *** Kissen Fondant Torte - Pillow Cake Tutorial - Polster Kissen Fondant Kuchen - Kuchenfee - YouTube !!! German (Automatic Captions) German (Automatic Captions)
    Themen gibt es genug
    in Winnenden
    so war es dann schon ganz lange auf meiner Wunschliste an Sachen die ich
    gerne mal packen möchte und jetzt bin ich endlich dazu bekommen
    ich hab die Kamera dabei laufen lassen und zeigt euch jetzt
    wie ich kenne out of Machthabers ist relativ einfach
    ich war natürlich ganz von vorne an vielen stellen streichen
    ich hab mir als Basis als eigentlichen Kopenhagen einfach nur so eine Art
    verliert ein von der Gruppe noch packen
    der könnte benutzen was ihr möchtet denn Biskuit würde ich nicht unbedingt
    nehme aber «Ansonsten zerlegt eigentlich
    hat die viele Optionen
    was er auch noch machen sollte ist dass sie das am besten
    der Quadratestadt backt ich hatte keine quadratische BAG vom deswegen musste ich
    meinen Bagram benutzen
    der Slider nicht quadratisch sondern rechteckig das heißt der Karte gesehen
    ich hatte schon ein Stück abgeschnitten
    das ist jetzt will einigermaßen
    ordentliches Quadrat habe
    das waren ungefähr ich mein
    mal 20 wenn ich mich nicht täusche
    um wenn ich das Gefühl habe dass es zwischendurch nicht besonders Kartells
    um ihr hat das ist
    der Fall ich hab das Gefühl dass ich hier so eine Art Knie
    Technical abdeckt aber mir fällt wäre es schwer
    Fälscher Lkw in Sachen Schild akkurat
    wer zu schneiden oder generell zu kleben damit sei arbeiten fest
    wenn es etwas konnten Anvil
    dann ist das wirklich so das liegt ja nicht an euch
    zu landen
    Océ abgesehen ich habe da etwas Creme aufgetragen das ist einfach Neumarkt
    meine nicht mehr zurückdrehen
    die habe ich jetzt sage testet um unter von dann zu arbeiten
    ich hab einfach nun relativ
    ein großes Ziel er Schicht aufgetragen Decke wieder drauf
    was jetzt gerade noch Sehtest das ist die vier Kanten die
    das ist die was weit nach unten drückte
    und an das hat schon so ein bisschen vorne geht
    seit einer ganzen das gefällt Ecken runter gedrückt und dann direkt in den
    Minuten durch Türen damit alles viel stabiler wird und wie
    vielleicht absteigen können
    wenn ihr jetzt ihre schneidet wie ich das mache das heißt immer so leichte
    Koffer rausschneiden Kopf dass er ein
    seht ihr Messer nehmt mit schöne
    Szene Vestas England stand
    es ist auf jeden Fall zu Ross
    und immer schön schneiden und nicht
    den Kuchen zerdrücken
    Janek Rieke in relativ sauberen Schnitt
    der nächste Schritt bei mir nachdem sie sie brauchen ausgeschnitten habe weiter
    so Schmied oben die Kanten sozusagen auch noch ein bisschen
    abgerundet aber quasi
    dass das abgleichen und Gas nicht
    dann habe ich mich war scheinbar auf den Kopf gedreht
    um und das macht das ganze noch sage nochmal
    das ist jetzt unser Open also unser und langsam Rottenburg ist jetzt wird jetzt
    für immer unser oben bleiben
    und er macht das ganze jetzt auch noch mal
    er hat dadurch das ist nur dass auf den Kopf gedreht habe hat mich halt unten
    Schlamm Dreck Prozent
    auch diese leichte Form dieses abgeschrägte
    ich muss mich aber nicht ab kämpfen mit dem Messer der und Norbert abzuschneiden
    hat mit den
    Siri mein Leben jetzt da geschieht viel leichter gemacht
    nach dem kurzen treffen was er jetzt wirklich nicht hier war
    fange ich an mit die komplette Theater einzustreichen
    um hier bei meiner ersten Schicht bin ich ein bisschen sparsamer Cook dass ich
    meinen alles abgedeckt habe
    und ist
    das Produkt werde ein gestresst Markt Prinzessin die Kinder gewandert

    Minuten das richtig pushte kündbare alles viel stabiler und feste

    und jetzt gehe ich mit nach
    wirklich groß Ziethen Schicht von einer Creme
    nochmal der drauf
    und die ewig mit auf jeden Fall
    ist die richtigen mir dass es einigermaßen gleichmäßig
    und um
    Meineke bringen
    ganze fahren einfach ordentlich aussieht
    und den Track
    das nicht mehr so ein Stück Plastik Daten
    das kennt ihr glaube ich mittlerweile sagen was meint ihr kann wie Hiob dass
    es wieder dieses Stück Plastik war sie aus einem Frischkäse decken einfach nur
    mir ausgeschnitten habe
    er erleichtert mir einfach total die Arbeit
    um anstatt zum Beispiel zu nach hatte
    Vinke Palette als «umfassend» alles ist zu nehmen kann ich da mithalten
    Meinert mit meiner Hand
    das ganze so Formen das ist relativ schnell gleichmäßig abziehen kann
    weder zählt also ich bin jetzt jeweils
    einmal über jederzeit ein- zweimal drüber gegangen und schon bitter so
    das heißt den Trick kann ich euch wirklich nur ans Herz legen
    das macht euch das Leben viel einfacher wenn ihr Seite beim spannenden Formel
    ich habe einfach nur
    da hat jetzt vier Sekunden Essen
    denn nochmal drüber gegangen ganzes ganz auch wieder in die Kühlung
    und dann wird das komplett durchgeführt das ist alles richtig
    hart und kalt wird
    kommen wir zum einschlagen
    und das kann ich jetzt gemacht nachdem eine Platte komplett ein da durch die
    Pflege ist ich bin jetzt wie immer macht hat sich ziemlich Kapitän das nicht
    anders trainieren
    wenn ich nicht sagen würde Hofer Tittinger von Karma
    ein Gefährt habe ich das ganze in Türkis von Patti versandt so verpassten
    das heißt ganze Mann aus Rheine mit ein bisschen Speisestärke
    und jetzt beim einschlagen das ist ein schneller zieht einfach und das ergibt
    sich schon fast von alleine
    ist als nur darauf achten dass sie dazu erteilt die vier Ecken als einmal Leben
    gerettet und dafür zieht jeden Fall meint eigentlich nur
    über die ACN nachlegen
    ich glaube dass er kämpfen ich ganz gut
    und der Rest fällt schon fast von allein als dass ein schlankes Super
    Super einfach bei dieser Form meiner Meinung nach
    ab der Abfrage gesehen
    dann habe ich mir mein nach seinem Namen hat natürlich alles zu recht getrennt
    und weggeschnitten
    über sich jetzt Gleichmacher
    nachdem ich da das Gröbste Schmerbeck Corner ist das für das ganze noch mal
    ein bisschen ausprobieren ihr könnt sehen beim einstreichen weiß eigentlich
    schon relativ ordentlich aber trotzdem gibt's ja noch so die ein oder andere
    Kante diesem bisschen der deutsche Markt wo ich nicht ganz gut eingestrichen habe
    ich bin jetzt einfach mal restlichen Fanghand
    tritt mit den einmal zusammen damit dass alles ordentlich ist
    ex-prinz Meditation das in Art
    jetzt nehme ich meine Kunden von dann bin ich eben abgeschnitten habe
    Hermann pries jetzt die ganze Torte aus
    ihr könnt euch nicht vorstellen dass wenn ich das jetzt mit dem
    Normalfall an Blättern macht die sind ja
    quasi unter konnte Dieter nachher Kanten eingelegten quasi
    und Erwin Diarra Fanta von Antje z ein Polizist das alles so ein bisschen
    gegenseitig aus und habt
    um Celine
    verlaufen kann Umzugswagen
    ich glaub ich verstehen
    von den restlichen die erste Schicht Ball ist etwas zu werden nehme ich will
    einfach nur dumm für Frieden nach Produkten sei
    oder das einfach einmal alles ab und das war
    der nächste Schritt war dass es mit dieses im Hotel ihr seit genommen hat
    aber ihr könnt auch genannten einen Kleinlaster einfach nur benutzen ihr
    seht ihr das ist die Form so ein bisschen verloren hat und eben da wo
    geht das
    vom Himmel
    Umwelt gestalten haben das Heft mit diesem
    Art Mode geht heute ich einfach noch ein bisschen ein Versuch
    die Frau noch mal so ein bisschen raus zu holen
    Chicken von Heizung Wesel unter geht weiter drunter
    damit wieder bekannte sie mehrfach reinbekommen
    das ganze ist dann ist man auch noch weit
    Michael Spreng Chapman hat
    und dann habe ich mich gekümmert
    und die sitzt muss da und hier müssen halt ganz schwer gefallen
    gleichmäßige streiten zu bekommen wenn ihr dann einen Vorschlag ab ist das
    vielleicht machen könnte glaubt sie nicht Essen
    bei zu richtet da gemacht hat bin ich das nicht ganz optimal
    ihr seht ich habe einfach mein Lanier genommen hat das immer leicht angehalten
    und dann mit einem Spitzen
    einigermaßen Spitzen modelliert wurde
    hab mir mal so Markierungen eingezogen da kein gesehen
    wie ungleich das ganze war
    aber nach erkennt man trat sein Amt nicht mehr zur Halbzeit nicht
    okay und da haben wir dann unser raubten Muster
    relativ einfach das heißt wie er markiert euch eigentlich nur sagen
    dann habe ich mir einen Bautrupp und Normen zu etwas kleineres
    und überall wo die Schnittpunkte von dem Parkett bestens ein fest nicht
    Markierungen sind
    mit dieser Typ meint Portu Rheine und um
    machen halt so eine Art
    Vertiefungen Leichtle einreihen
    wann der nächste Schritt
    Eltern wüssten ja und dieses Modell in Tuningen Titels Stern den ich weiß
    nicht wie krank
    das ist eigentlich auch in jedem MMO the Year Platzeck sagte Tanner
    es ist einfach einmalig
    durch den Vornamen Cihad Zwangswandelanleihen sein wissen in die
    um ich will aber Heicks diese Stern

    Markierungen sozusagen Conference ist nicht so schnell
    Platz einfach einmal einstürzen
    ich habe dann ein bisschen übung und runter rechts und links gewackelt sie
    sich auch wirklich alles schön abzeichnet
    wir benutzen das nämlich jetzt gleich zum besten als Vorlage
    und das ganze muss dann noch mehr zu vertiefen und den ganzen Nachmittag
    hinein Dimension zu geben das heißt aber eben ein Stein
    dann habe ich mir dieses klingend Uhr entgegengenommen
    und damit meine ich jetzt
    diese Art Kreuzung dass dies jetzt also vier Seiten davon ziehe ich bin quasi
    noch mal so ein bisschen nach
    damit das
    nicht so ganz verschluckt wird weil ihr könnt ihr sehen
    wenn die Parlamente noch immer setzt dann
    verschluckt sich das Muster leider so ein bisschen und um dann nochmal
    nachzuhelfen Geh ich halt mit diesem Claim Grün einfach nachmachen
    und Armeniens noch mehr Tiefe zu geben habe ich mit solchen ab oder
    er nahm das hieß es
    was war da
    Sapphire mutmaßt einfach Grün Blau schimmert Bruder
    diesen Schritt müsste mich machen könnt ihr euch auch zwangsweise Spahn
    ich fand das hat dem ganzen aber noch mal ein bisschen was gegeben»
    und zwar pro da ist einfach nur
    die Vertiefungen die wird gerade noch mal so richtig schön
    nachgezeichnet haben der Krimi the Pooh der Schiffsmitte bisschen Glanz aus
    dann Tat sich dazu per Motor ein von Party for St Rheine
    und dann ist das Muster um einiges ab fertig
    das ist so die
    wie der größte Arbeitskräftebedarf übersehen
    dabei sprang das Ergebnis zu kommen
    auch Kinder können jetzt rechts erlangt haben sehen
    wie das musste dann doch zustande kommt am Anfang sieht es macht nicht viele aus
    das Endergebnis ist natürlich kratzen zu passen
    machen habe ihn mit der Hand Seiten kein Tor an und errang Tepco weiter
    dafür habe ich mir einfach dieses
    beim Spitzenmodell ihr Pulver Namen und haben
    versucht das einigermaßen gut zu halbieren
    zu markieren Quartier
    das heißt einfach nur
    ihr könnt das gilt zum Beispiel auch ein Zahnstocher nehmen
    und das einfach so eine Art Markierung der einziehen dagegen wirkt nämlich
    zu einem ganz zarten von man steigen auf
    und damit er besser eine Torte kleben bleibt und das ganze etwas leichter
    machen einfach zu sagen Markierungen
    ein als Helfer für höchste Zeit verflüchtigen umworben
    und dann habe ich mir für ein Kleenex 2 damit reichen von Hand gefüttert
    wenn ihr also überlegt denen erreicht an
    um an zu schaffen ist auf jeden Fall eine Super Investition ich bin
    jeden Tag dankbar dafür ist dieses Ding habe
    einfach mitreißen von Hand gefüttert hat jeder gesehen
    dann sondern ganz normale
    kleine Runde Thriller
    vorne drauf Neeson stand aus Märkten Lasten jetzt Krieg ich das ganze mit
    Zucker Kleber an
    so Kurt Weber Video findet Weg ihr wie immer unten in der Infobox das alles
    verlinkt Aktivisten solltet
    unten ist
    Rezepte Test nicht und auch Montreal und jetzt zeigt er es nicht
    ich pendle mir einfach ein Mann mit Mainzer Partie bei dieser markierte
    Linie nach
    dies mit Adelheid Hochtief habe
    von dort geht es denn jetzt einfach um
    Reisen von Armstrong ein
    einen der letzten Schritte die Pietzcker nachmachen ist
    Smith diese Art von Quast
    die einen hätten seien das gediegene stellen dafür habe ich mir diese
    m reicht nicht - wie man Spaghetti Telethon an meint wächst bei der drang
    der weiße Fahnen das immer noch satteren hatte hat sich nichts geändert
    ich meist mit einfachen unten anderen Trailer diese ganz ganz zarten langen
    Strecke aus
    und dann habe ich mit diesem bisschen portioniert und eingeteilt das ist
    ungefähr ein paar Zentimeter habe
    genauso viele
    das wenn ich das an meiner Tat erhalte
    das was bis unten
    auf dem tief sitzt bei ihnen liegt
    Hertha könnte sehen in welche Richtung das geht und wie ich genau das meine das
    ist Super Super einfach
    macht aber auf jeden Fall was sie erreicht
    Wentz das sieht immer so Postern ist das total einfach weiter das Team kläglich
    oder kommt
    das heißt die Kleid einfach noch ein bisschen was zusammen
    schneidet das abwandern könnte das müsse anhalten
    und dann ein bisschen Zucker Thema ankleben
    uns gefallen
    gut ich hab das dann bei allen Vieren Acton gemacht
    das geht hier auch
    jetzt habe ich mir diese es
    Silikone Form den genommen
    UNISCENE Schleifen zu machen
    weil ich bin damals halt noch ein bisschen was gefehlt
    vielleicht hat mir das den Namen
    kann aber auch zum Beispiel eine große gern einfach North Claim ich glaube dass
    er auch ganz hübsch Ausländerrecht iMac mit den Perlen die georgischen auf
    um ich hab mir verbracht hat gegriffen
    das ist eigentlich etwas für Jahr
    für micht nicht Knete
    aber für was anderes zu basteln das heißt es ist auch hier wieder so ein
    bisschen zweckentfremdet
    wenn ich aber zum Beispiel bei Amazon
    umschleichen Silikon von Nantes Form ein gps-chip dann sollt diese was in die
    Richtung auf jeden Fall bekommen
    das gibt's zuhauf
    von verschiedenen Firmen in verschiedenen Preisklassen
    ganz ganz einfach
    ich habe mit die Form einfach nur ein bisschen mit Speisestärke ausgepowert
    hat Ghana
    entsprechende Menge von Nantes in meiner Form reingelegt
    das ganze wieder rausgeschmissen
    und dann setzt man sich versieht sich Kai von Appen
    das machte dann natürlich auch an allen drei anderen Ecke noch
    Nein kam es gestern zudem zudem letzten
    Fini Ching Talstr
    und das war dass ich mir hatten bis zehn goldene
    goldener Farbe goldenes Bruder kümmern habe
    weil man mir um diese ab Helmut Faden und breiten
    und es bleibt ein Mob habe weil ich einfach nochmal ein bisschen aufgreifen
    damit ist sicher alle Freiheit
    zusammenzieht was vorab Ansicht was Farbe angeht
    so habe ich mir halt
    das ist zum Beispiel Take that oder von Pierre baumeln aber das gibt's auch von
    ganz vielen verschiedenen Anbietern
    das finde ich jetzt einfach nur zu relativ robust die Kahl
    auf meiner
    Hofmann Schleifen auf die kleinsten
    und auf diese
    diese lange
    Seiten hat
    dazu sagen
    finde ich das auf
    natürlich auch eine rundherum
    und dann war ich mit der Torte auch schon fertig
    bald auch wieder relativ einfach
    mich hat das Ergebnis total gut gefallen
    das kann ich jetzt von einer Lehrstelle an Sachen die ich gerne mal backen
    möchte auf jeden Fall abhaken
    Berichte dass ein Leck gibt es nochmal
    ich Hoff war auch zugleich das Gefecht genauso wie es mir und meiner Mama
    gefallen hat die Wörter dalassen Häuschen
    wenn ihr was anderes von mir sehen möchtet bis Georg League die am besten
    genau fest Rechte oder Linke Video wer mich etwas wissen lassen möchte oder
    Fragen hat einfach unten in die Kommentare Kommentare schreiben ich
    versuchte Rentner darauf zurückzukommen wer noch kein Abonnent von mir vor dass
    hoffentlich kann ich ganz schnell nach einfach auf das auch von ihm klicken
    und ansonsten hoffe ich dass wir uns im nächsten Donnerstag Silvia Wiedersehen
    macht's gut die lieben *** *** Sharp Edges On Fondant Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!! *** *** Fondant Ruffle Cake Ombre Style Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey guys looking to raise these days that spot in the subset I'll be teaching
    you how to make this ruffled cake has some background and here they have
    colored with them black america langella food color and I'm using a circle cut
    out cut out my sooo cool that's about four centimeters to one and a half
    inches in diameter up to make the ruffles you can fall to see all four
    corners region photos they have two continents as two different clusters of
    before they can create that taking a phone patentable to land just thinning
    out and thrilling out filling out the edges
    bolt what's hot on the fund in half on the phone plan I'm just getting a little
    bit of pressure as I go around the funding side and add a little bit of
    steam onto your fondant covered cake to make a nice and techie then fold up
    you'll also calls and puts them into the fondant cake just like
    find giving them all a different kind of style of ruffle looks really pretty
    instead of just having like all of them being four corners or even being a tu
    cuenta ruffle his mixed it and kind of presents the K&N shaped it to be a
    little bit more open and close maybe cover up a lil bit more of the cake
    could just go along with it see what looks good but I think the diversity
    really makes the part I mean all these different shapes that are stuck directly
    above and I called my fund in a little bit ly Thai just a little bit of white
    funded to a black teacher I made a made sure to color in little bit lighter each
    time to create that nice effect it transitions release movie because each
    day is different color he's showing you just how he did that at a little bit of
    white fondant whatever we have left making it a different light and shade
    and then continue up the cake very easy just time consuming but totally worth it
    Jeremy Guthrie connoisseur of raffle and as you keep growing you realize all the
    different ways that you can make the ruffles and here I show you how I meant
    that three cuenta con ojos I folded it and then a pee shooting on one side and
    that creates like it that's a three-cornered I think that would be my
    favorite kind of awful thing looks really appreciate that once I reach the
    very top of the cake I just put on some rare white truffles to color it at all
    and you can stop here or you can go up another layer ruffles that you cover the
    very edge of the cake I can win up and above the age of the cake I think that
    looked really nice and you can see him
    the clothes that I was going to stop here then I realized surely you can see
    the back of the ruffles on the other side so I thought I do one more layer
    and hide those and it looks really nice when I do that extra layer of countries
    closer love really neatly on the very top of the cake plus the end just
    filling in those spaces

    hours just to decorate the outside that's because I was truly be ages and
    also so changing the colors that they went if you went to doctor lee ages just
    have a really believe that if you would just one color then you're probably not
    offer good our way but I think when you through the ages just looks a lot more
    delicate and elegant so if you have the time I step we wouldn't skip that step
    and if you like you can just go to my channel applet a new video every Tuesday
    and Saturday thanks very much a guy and I'll catch you next time *** *** Fondant Christmas Gift Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey guys doing these days that's acceptable to teach you how to me is to
    hear christmas box of use a six-inch mud cake for their son used to take the
    outside so I can guide my knife through the cake my son evenly do the same for
    the middle you can see a time cutting here I'm rotating my turntable and
    selling the knife at the same time in a potentially my six inch thick board on
    to an end table with about a great place to make buttering up a copy of the
    answer then gonna move around the second day of cake is licensed ended and prison
    on a lot easier to Philly cake with a piping bag instead that should have
    especially music acre and little too much you can choose whichever way you
    find anything
    into the freezer before we do that we have to get rid of all that but that's
    just took a few special and let that rest for at least
    minutes in the
    freezer and taking some sugar syrup and I got my fake nine-inch polystyrene
    done here beside the top and especially the edges taken some white London and
    I'm wrong about a quarter inch in thickness and using a little pin to pop
    all those labels and pushing the area of UK make sure to quickly secure the top
    and especially the edges because the least I rain continues really sharp at
    the edges and you can cut the funding application funding you grab the science
    of the faulty pulling out words they're nice and straight again and then you up
    against the cake you just keep making that motion everything he opposed to
    just open it up and down against the cake live in Chile show the whole thing
    covered with no creases left then using a phone just to kind of president at the
    edges around the cakes meeting at all
    up then when you satisfied taking a spatula and running along the outside of
    your cake as quickly as we can just remove the excess
    like it's been sitting in the freezer for about
    minutes then taking some
    butter cream and it generously on the top and then adding a generous amount of
    the size of my kick that nicely colored I'll take a bench and I'll take my
    turntable keeping my bench scraper steady and scraping off all the excess
    you funny sometimes you get these places are a bit empty out in a little bit more
    than just straight
    and take a spatula and go inside ways of removing that little butter cream to
    talk and then we'll put that into the freezer Sep
    feeding my hand held steam ahead music career Seema and seeming the outside of
    my fondant cake the fate that will make the outside for tonight and we can
    attach our Gold had a really easily and using a huge plush fresh visits really
    do think so at this time we have a bigger brush
    around the whole Cape brushing off all the excess metal gonna take away those
    marks as well now been catching over Texas with non-stick baking paper that I
    can just take the exit onto my iPod when I L sixteen cake with red Honda began
    securing this lines and the top but especially the following the exact same
    steps as a white cake taking those polled spreading them and in prison on
    and on
    sure it's nice and sexy and you must be in class now making the lead and added a
    little bit of that show
    the top of my cake
    upside down onto green funded almost 40 screen that's ok to look like a taking a
    ribbon cutting and cutting up the strip of a roll it up all night and even then
    adding looping around the whole of my pics with butter and a role that on this
    is really really comes in handy features attach my bench scraper just pushing up
    against Katie Findlay had a little spot here quite catch so just what the size
    of that gas and nuclear six inch cake I've taken some funding and I'm
    spreading some Crisco vegetable shortening over the top that way I can
    attach my gold
    down and a little bit so it sticks onto my cake and some should serve on the
    edges of your cake as well and keeping the cake out slow down this has been in
    the freezer for
    minutes ago when he said that he hands it's not going to
    shape your cake at all because it wasn't afraid that we do have to work really
    quickly with us now but at the same thing with some extra fun and full of
    gold as well in the exact same way we did it the green ribbon is roll it up
    and then roll it on to your show it all attached with your internet back up side
    right to remove any coldest just used a fake account to avoid an interim I am
    happy with it in the position I just wanna go and then roll some berries and
    cut out some ribbons to differ
    it's nice and straight and then there's precedent for the top left a nice long
    side drape it over the lead and then generously left enough control over the
    other side you're cut off the excess knows and will start decorating with our
    girls mary had a little bit onto your cake which is just the shooter didn't
    have any holly leaves which is regularly used kind of pain them with my kinda
    want your cake nikoloc you can add a couple more Berisha said that sugar
    syrups actually stick but I found the green eyes when you kind of those leaves
    for thinking of
    both had a long ribbon for those into the middle cut in half in Fulton sent up
    and followed both sides in as well as the ribbon-cutting picture cover the top
    with a little bit more about Rippon middle up at the back seat is focused
    inward triangles and Placer County ok I'm going over the whole cake now my
    Steam I want takeoff be accessible agreement also helps me to close more
    vibrant and it also helps to hold us down to your cake box cake for Christmas
    I think this case we look really nice even if the
    incorporate it at the bottom line UK they look really cool change I do have a
    couple more Christmas related videos coming out but are not everybody
    celebrates Christmas else to be doing some reading the videos
    guys enjoy this tutorial and I will catch next time if you like and
    subscribe to my channel outside immediately chief day and they *** ***

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