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    I TURNED INTO A CAKE!! | Roblox - YouTube !!!
    here and welcome back to another video aired today we are back inside
    roadblocks and weight of baking Sun cakes and sound awesome looks extremely
    awesome so let's try and learn how to make a cake shall wait Wow plays this
    place is awesome so we are only good as what's going on here we got a lot of
    stuff we've got on something to drag my ass a button
    sitting down or get back up again we've gotten a while don't point out May geez
    oh my goodness what is this my shoot it and see what happens at the shoe to hear
    it did and shut out sparkles it's it's a sparkle gun of colin is that put that
    away in exactly those little bit dangerous right we need to go and grab
    some batter daddy be able to make a cake now I'm gonna go for the blue one night
    I grabbed it and I got it that we got here we go that's what we put it in
    writing yet we need to put that in there and then it's gone it's gone we've all
    around I don't know what's gonna go have no idea into gonna come out here and
    this is also an apparent need a recipe books you can add loads of things
    yeah look at these you can add lots of things that make different cakes ok
    where is of lost it there is that it's heating up from the light bulb that we
    got it made it seem like a little oblong thing that's all you doin let me grab
    you real quick and easy way to control and then we're going to mix things they
    see LA at all blog I have no idea where I'm going to see you next
    enjoy that AIG's cooling down while their eggs falling down that's so weird
    is it is that what is that it has eggs on it like a cow's eggs on it
    oh no I don't think it is going very well all geez now this is gonna be a
    terrible cake isn't it gonna be absolutely awful cake hey can I see you
    I'm worried about it guys there is that it is not about one -ism blue and a pink
    collar but it's got a multi-colored Michael rainbow why this look at this a
    rainbow cake I think that's mine anyway if not I'm gonna take it any way that we
    goes we need to put this into the shaping station now and see if he gets
    made into a natural cake because now we see if it's like a rainbow
    take that because capital cake made it to the casino it gotta take as well
    is Mike a sight to see it there it is the main like a super rainbow cake have
    no idea how but I did it guys are you proud of me taking station do you know
    normal court shall allergies Adamek a go via come OVA cake we're gonna make in
    normal but now just because it's a cake so
    and CEO we watch it watch anything we can watching yeah it's a lot of rainbow
    wait did we may do we make a sudden Kate then we may I don't even know what we've
    made so let's grab this and then we can get the frosting station we got a whole
    grape peach said new iPods and Baker rainbow rainbows rainbows see what
    happens it's gone it's gone where did it come out what's wrong with you did you
    go in the cake machine I think this guy wade in the cake machine I'm gonna try
    that in a second so this is called the new and what he does is he eats your
    cakes which is pretty awesome I'm gonna see what he thinks about
    mins rainbow
    that it's always like a rainbow cake don't you still make a good time that we
    have made absolutely amazing cake guys let's grab there and then I think you
    can add stuff to it we can add
    had no dumping many noobs cookies many pies spring blueberry chocolate bacon
    bits I think a rainbow cake to go whether to go whether to go to Kate's
    well I lost it down cake hey did you steal it I thought put in their excuse
    me cake boy mine that might give me get back to that right now I think that guy
    legitimately stole my cake did it didn't come out that we didn't put it anywhere
    I think he might have put it back in so I'm just gonna grab this one right here
    and put this in the sprinkles there we go
    no one should be out this tale of the people's case that's not good by that ok
    that's our new adopted cake we did actually make this one goes on this and
    you can add special effects my goodness you can even set it on fire you can
    change the color that's pretty special
    gonna come out because I really want to add a fiery aspect to it this game is
    oh yeah there we go very nice indeed so now what's what's going on why is there
    were running me over with that I'm just how
    on just happened I just got run over by a truck while making a cake I don't like
    this guy but these two of my rainbow cake then he runs me over in a truck and
    not happy not happy
    good-looking Big Mike absolutely massive I never got a chance to activate the to
    paris by night thousands of you have so that's really cool to see right so
    there's lots of thats lots of battle that has a shiny one in that look at
    that and I just wanna do a little bit wait a second step on a dump truck luck
    I just wanna do it exploring of this thing because all we did was make a cake
    and get out of it also has a dog on their own dog is also looking cake guy I
    was gonna go past the flightless cake that Kate months does the ice cream cake
    all of that
    author of cake that's here in this place is awesome that is insane
    that's huge and then there's already something escaped the KKK disease
    escapes is that what's down there we don't get called by that did not new is
    looking extremely sick in the end of the research facility welcome you doing here
    the growing shrink machine distress bucks let me try and see what happens
    and release oh no no no no no I just waited alive play k well is in the
    dollars down here geez right down to the research facility and not released the
    case this time we got makeup at machine mix and match machine and the growing
    strength machine when you make a cake you can put it inside that cool ok I
    said I was gonna do this before what I'm going to do is heads into the machine
    myself yet hopefully I'm gonna end up like this guy right here let's try we're
    gonna go into the rising station and see what happens I'm gonna sit down he's
    walking down
    spikes lot just by supporting over America a good I carry
    out and made into a gay guys all of this is so and I did not going to lie I O
    oh no god but Allah the pay you as well that's right into the big things nation
    then and see what happens is eggs get destroyed on to operate this bus is
    gonna be made into a cake as well I don't think my head is facing so I'm
    just gonna walk through it happens all what's happened oh oh oh my goodness
    what has happened to me oh no I've got owned rainbow colored and I'm covered in
    eggs well no I don't know I don't know about that I don't know about that be
    capital La Diva capital now we go look at me I'm shining and stuff I got mixed
    together into a really awesome now we need to go into the shaping station and
    change my heading to take let's see what happens
    be capped with these sharp spikes and over again look at how we gonna make me
    into a cake maybe it's ok so yeah
    that we go all I made I didn't think this would work at a goal one normal one
    cake and the rest of me is all that said we goin hots normal or chill that's
    going hot and see what happens this is so weird I really didn't delve into a
    cake it's so funny about
    tonnes we've been burnt alive that that doesn't
    look too tasty does actually that doesn't look too bad it's still so now
    we need to pick up frosting I
    nuclear I would like to meet plays I wouldn't suggest anyone eat me as a cake
    because I'm gonna be nuclei and kind of burns let's see what happens into the
    nuclear machine what's happening you know what guys I think I am looking
    funky fresh shaddock a pic of me
    compete well if you sit down there we go
    that is the cake so now we need to add toppings let's go
    covered in bacon
    look of a little pink mustache is so cool so now can actually add I wanna add
    ya wanna be flames and I also want to be slightly blue so can I pick that does
    that work as an if that works on big blue yeah this is gonna be packed a bag
    bacon nuclear cake that the pillow and is also on fire that see when it turns
    out like nobody you are looking good as well look at this label gonna blue flame
    coming up now there's only one more thing to do and that's to get eaten by
    the new because in this game identified mentioned already but you need to feed
    the new to be able to get points in cash and stuff so let's sit down and enjoy
    their I get a rebate with a life that's a good jump you ready
    shops in
    hero that's gross oh that's really going to happen here as well i mean the noobs
    that's really not good and being digested all that is so gross am I being
    no way am I being turned into what I think that looks like please don't say
    being turned into that because I don't want to be that I don't want to be that
    at all I just another piece of the stomach look as a dirty green KK he's
    actually digesting me piece by piece and this poor lady
    here lol I think the second time out of a few roadblocks videos that I am going
    to be pooped out this is weird that we go we make it our laid out to the way
    that we go into a good and you know I made one cake that's cool and I made
    like a hundred and sixty money which is awesome so let's see I'm pretty sure
    that your shop around hey let's see what we come by if anything by being turned
    into up some super speedy pop that's cool air in cap also ok as they look
    what we've got here we come by a gravity quit or speed is we come by escape old
    guys we good enough for a skateboard or we don't have enough of the scoot ought
    to be an epic you can buy stereos you combine many me you can buy a cap a
    cupcake that you can throw away the second is that a DES imply a DSN a
    gameboy we can supply a Wii U gamepad you know what that means we need to make
    a lot more case but I would like to buy a skateboard please can i buy this
    before wicket and rat trick for your personal chocolate skateboard will you
    buy about
    yes yes I well there we go
    nice nice and see what it's like here we go jog less gay boy dropped it on the
    floor and we go you know what we view this cable people and there we go pro
    skateboarder now yeah oh geez at the second can we go in this can we go in
    this of the skateboard let's see if this lets us go let's try and go in the
    shaping stationary hop
    get inside yes yes make it getting that get in there yes I don't know and I'm
    stuck I'm definitely stuccoed thought
    broke the machine
    my skateboard skateboards no we don't in the machine
    together the money look the money is being changed indicates as well
    Luigi in Mario pleased me into a cake again all man I haven't gone through all
    the previous processes so I don't know if this is gonna look at all this money
    looking you know it's old son into cakes are you guys gonna be pretty much
    airport today's roblox video of you guys in the comment section of the los
    problemas destined two games I play in the next video then please news in the
    comment section below that would be awesome but anyway I hope you enjoyed
    playing roblox with meet you day everyday please thumbs up for this game
    just get we had an awesome every time I play it up
    appreciated if this happens to be the best in me then please consider
    subscribing to join and Damon D and they put a dating gameplay videos apart now
    thank you again so much you guys in the next one *** *** CAKE SURPRISE Challenge Cake Surprise Paw Patrol + Blaze + Scooby Doo Surprise Video - YouTube !!!
    handset that what we have today we got a Scooby Doo this is his k chases cake
    flavors K and who'd make UK so each one is Kate have a special surprise your
    assistant US even know what they are
    CIO ya go right now we're gonna wake up ok ok ready I'm like I don't you think
    that you can share a deep inside the Scooby Doo k so I think you're gonna
    have a surprise you know what I think the inside of it now
    know right
    yeah well you are ok what do you think so yeah even just a fruit loops I like
    ya so it's chocolate chocolate and so are you gonna eat more fruit loops
    all right here in our second cake and what do you think inside of a change of
    cake do you think there's more fruit loop yeah yeah you gotta tell me what
    by the year

    like here probably be ok
    prize that is going to hold people are yummy yummy broccoli cake right what
    brought that the best says your broccoli cake is very good for now we're on the
    plane and the drive-thru
    we think what do you think are broadly he had the broccoli k ready for the
    blame ya right you know how many wrinkles and
    ok so maybe it's white chocolate white chocolate here we go
    ok so what do you think
    what do you need a plane that was what do you think you would rather have the
    broccoli cake or the cake what do you think
    yeah let us know what she thinks ok ok so far we had the flu that was a good
    game and then we had broccoli with your favorite regular cake and now he's got
    the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
    go go just told me i think is gonna of course you know I don't you know what
    what you might like E Cheese but he thinks she's probably right
    well you may tell you there's a reason for me to not put in each year making me
    and my feet so here we go we've got a lot to learn that it so maybe we should
    put the Cape house you are what you eat yet and they're not so what do you think
    you like the gummy bear I did you get that could be so the effect it could try
    and tell us which one
    ok now we try to show them we tried our shockley we tried our yummy yummy yummy
    to my tummy yeah that was a good are you trying to say it was it was more like
    here we had the regular cake that was made by almost ok yeah I think that's
    why the best for you
    the broccoli hate the best then the broccoli
    the choco London to blame
    yeah yeah yeah and then the broccoli and all she like like the broccoli broccoli
    people's homes you think we should make more surprise cake
    yeah we have made cakes I think for being the first but yeah that's right
    that's right you and your baby at EQ you'll say what you want for your
    birthday you'll say I want to be a ke ke no
    she had cake as you can probably tell us what you think that you would like that
    and a lot of Hell in the normal hey everyone thanks for watching our video
    now make sure that you tried another cool video watch it
    the team was surprised that marcia to watch *** *** Making Cake Pops with The Babycakes Cake Pop Maker by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    I really this is Jen OK think I dot com
    I have rendered me up babycakes cake pop maker
    and what I'm going to do today is review how to use it and what you can make when
    you're using it
    I'm everything I have it is because I was downtown /url
    department store which we also call Canadian Tire
    yes it sells tires and cake pop machines can you imagine has a great place
    and it was about forty percent of its white
    and that cupcake maker that I have reviewed in a previous video
    and so I want to show you something that's a neat little
    kinda like a tool on it you can use if you're doing simple way
    so let me get started time through this
    and let you know what so much so fine coming with your cake pop machine
    are two different sizes %uh cake pop sticks
    up for
    the manual and a drying rack
    in the manual you'll find smaller recipes
    for last batter I'm which comes in handy since making the cake pops
    they tend to be on the small side but I have gone ahead and whipped out my
    favorite batch
    love chocolate cake which you can find on our channel if you'd like to try
    and what I'm going to do now is preheat the machine
    so inside we've got the domes with the cake pops will bake into
    but what you wanna do is plug it in and when the two lights come on
    that's when it's going to be ready to put the battery in
    so when that happens I'll be back to show you that process
    so before you get too far into the previous process and
    the maker gets too hot he just wants to make sure you rub the inside its
    ok the dolans with some nonstick cooking spray
    this will just help with gonna ball's coming out of it easier
    the first couple times should work fine with the teflon but
    needs a little help the rest of the time
    through so once is preheated phone you up can
    put in your batter now in the cake pop maker
    what you're going to do is Phil up wanna
    the Ducks completely to the top
    and level so it's about one and a quarter
    up my spoons here which I'm is a tablespoon outsource just

    tablespoon so what I've been here experimenting with before was what
    happens if I didn't put enough
    what happens if I put too much I'm if you don't put enough
    they don't become perfect groundballs if you put too much
    it spills out the side but you still end up with a
    pretty decent product summers gonna Phillies
    and close the lid further baking time
    which we're going to bake for about five minutes so the cake pops up finished
    cooking am just going to use the four
    tool to discredit poked him in the side and work them free
    the Chicago relatively easy with the
    non-stick spray but she still probably have to be quite gentle
    so was gonna pull all these out
    and lets them cool
    on the school or I'll be back to show you
    what you're going to need in order to decorate your cake pops
    while looking pops are cooling I'm going to gather the ingredients that I need
    for the next step of the process
    so I'm going to need my cake pop sticks some sprinkles for decorating you can
    use whatever you would like to
    and some melting wafers these happen to be white chocolate melting wafers
    you can use can denounce you can use chocolate chips you can use baking
    that's totally up to you what the cake pop is going to do is be
    dipped in melted chocolate so what I have to do first
    well they're dry weather cooling is melt the chocolate
    melting the chocolate is going to happen one-minute intervals
    for at fifty percent power in the microwave when they're cool
    and the chocolate is melted I'll be back to show you the next step
    so what you think pops are cooled and your chocolate is
    liquid what you're going to do is take your cake pops
    stick you're going to dip it into the chocolate
    put straight outs just they've got the encoded nicely
    and then this is going to act as the cement
    into the cake pop she gonna stick it in there
    and just about a quarter of the way into the pop and then just leave it there
    so many do all these and then that popped them
    into the freezer and they're going to freeze
    for about I'd say five to
    and then we will do the final decorating process
    but the psyche possibly in the freezer for about five to ten minutes
    and what you wanna make sure is that the anchor here the stick
    is solidly stock to the k-pop so what I'm going to do now is in time out to
    I'm going to just straight and put my cake pop
    I was gonna make sure that the chocolate is meeting up with that
    anchor slowly bringing out
    and now I'm going to make sure the excess chocolate comes off the cake pop
    some is going to let it rotate here and rip
    until I have not chocolate of that it doesn't make the big mass when I put it
    into the stand
    so I think it's dropped most of the excess chocolate of
    know what I'm going to do now is dipping into my sprinkles
    you can put it into any topping that you would like to
    and I'm just going to put it in at an angle and a slowly work around
    getting the sides and the top coated
    man I'm going to turn it around to dry completely
    and the cake pop stand
    so I finish off the rest to these and then I'll be back to finish off the menu
    so we finish decorating over cake pops
    and I really like the way that's the cake pop maker
    enables you to have a perfectly round ball without having to roll all those
    individual ball so you're making cake pops
    we do have another video that can show you how to make cake pops without having
    to use
    the cake pop machine but it's a nice handy thing to use to have in your
    especially if you have young bakers in your house I'm just be careful that when
    lifting lit up that he believes it with a bit
    specially if you're around little kids so you know what server younger viewers
    like to try fun things out like this
    so I hope you enjoyed this video on babycakes cake pops
    let me know if you've ever tried the machine curious to know if you've had
    the same result of
    if you liked the video please share it with all your friends
    and you can find us on Twitter Facebook
    and Google+ see you next time *** *** Minecraft Xbox - Cat To The Future [100] - YouTube !!!
    tell you this is stampe aunt welcome to a minecraft let's play video
    a video inside of stock and peas
    lovely weld and today in this video
    I am going to be joined by mister helpfully
    hello there buddy I'm also going to be joined by
    Amy Lee who is somewhere around a he she is
    and I'm also be joined by ballistics without having to conceive Fett
    try to run and give me a ride thank you very much a million gonna
    trying to hold on to this for the rest the video to them as well I got one for
    each had thank you very much
    and today's a very special video because today is my
    a hundred episode in my lovely well data got a very special video planned for you
    I'm I've been working on some secret projects down there my secret base and
    do without you being done to my secret base hopefully have not been playing
    with anything hopefully you not being
    polling and you've the Leveson love my machines in gadgets I got down there I
    do I'm gonna stop the video as I always do and how I have almost done for a
    hundred episodes in a row W Henry
    congratulations cool a stain with me for almost all of my
    it's nice to see you making your appearance in the video yes I'm gonna
    stop is always
    by adding someone smile love God and I'm adding a a very special friend
    I am adding pinball he was someone who you might have seen in a couple of my
    videos he's been a a
    a Minecraft helper for a little bit and he's a good night
    and don't know I just feel that as about time I added him to my love God in
    and he's also a planning to sing a few parody songs to me in the future as well
    as I kinda
    I want to say thank you to him for that so welcome to my love God in pinball
    I'm also going to pick a dog and today
    I'm gonna take with me fun to be seen as is my
    I might as well take away the dog s been with me for the majority of those
    and is no corresponding be down here and you can tell it's gonna be because these
    guys famous red corner on that
    and ask if you put tips about to be so let's make sure that he stays well fed
    for out this video
    speaking of we hope it a june summers well sweet on say under
    company heads up I can give you a bunch of push ups as well
    I wish there was like a fish option may be here for photo Inc Saks
    they go you have a bone as well hope he doesn't hit you on the head to I guess
    one gonna be doing is kind of a little bit of a surprise it will to really do
    we just have it on your face it's got a little bit of a surprise are being
    planning for a little while and them basically Wong
    and I've been doing with this stuff in my fun land in all the stuff you've been
    seen in my videos
    I when I go to bed upping sneaking down here into my secret base
    and working on a few special projects as you may have noticed that lead didn't
    give me any cake this morning
    and that's because I am planning to wait make the world's
    tastiest take and so yes we're gonna be doing I'm going to be trying to create
    the welds tasty is cake in the weld
    other first I need to try to remember the combination to get into my secret
    a.m. right I think it's spoof porn
    of our youth know who i am.
    one form
    we got that so I cancel my secret base
    it is the best-looking the well did so good even the person as opposed to the
    only game go get em
    if and here we go this is what I've been working on this is the keiki bakke tasty
    cake making cooking machine
    and this is the machine which I'm going to use to try and make the welds tasty
    escape and a gold mine really gotta go do billionaire as well
    rights go to the skeleton before we get cooking this cow priorities in order you
    stay back
    he tried all I think that as I am does a skeleton from the future if you see have
    also got a time machine which
    now isn't it like at all as interesting as Maya cake baking machine over here
    but yes
    I did build a time machine as well but is a bill the prototype right now so
    we're not going to be doing that in this video at the Y am gonna be doing
    was baking trying to make the world's tastiest cake and this is
    as: special recipe is available one of because I've only got one coke with
    beans and that's one of the special ingredient so
    I've only got one chance at this so hopefully I will work okay and so
    at these are the ingredients to make the world's tastiest cake
    you need five pieces of wheat you just throw them all here in the ingredients
    you need free aches a Watson to not smashed one smashed
    you need one bucket of milk and then just a little bit of sugar to make its
    shown a quite sweet something not quite low sugar are you also need to add your
    cocoa beans with chocolate chips
    and the secret special stump ingredient one
    TNT block just to give it the app the explosive center and so
    once they've all gone in them you gonna pull that lever down and then lifted
    back up in that basically
    compresses all the ingredients you then meter ads a little bit of magic and then
    when i press this button here I have some magic and only was quite a lot of
    magic because I wanna very magical cakes yes good idea
    a little bit more magic in here as well they week goes up a little bit of magic
    and now if I press this button I should get the welds tasty es que canta
    is look at it tastier is
    let's just put it down here here we go the world's tastiest cake
    a.m. because I can only make one of them I kinda don't want you to know no need
    everyone stayed back because
    this is kind of like a big scientific breakthrough
    by this is gonna revolutionize the well would obey couldn't stand on a squid
    don't get in global hotel are you reading the tastiest cake
    you know what I like I think having having one slice
    isn't too bad a thing I think having one slice would be okay
    on Osgood that is that is a tasty cake even covered in time
    exacted still a very tasty cake I could have one more slice I mean I didn't have
    my breakfast
    authors a special issue really nice is it a little bit more offices such a
    tasty cake and
    old I just a you know old the motive to stay in the whole cake I just ate the
    world stacy is cake
    I don't have any more ingredients or anything a longer don't need another
    what we're gonna do you plan to be I'm but I machine
    I could go back in time I could go back in time and I could keep eating the cake
    over and over again for as long as i won now waking up as many cases I wanna not
    to worry about it
    show a two-run lead this program here got my am my apple computer here so
    nights need to go backwards in time surpass them backwards
    and I need to go back just
    and then yeah if I pull this letter then yeah I should be able
    to go back in time so we just hear pop into my Time Machine you can see there
    how love made a.m. yet if this is what my time machine looks like
    and then yeah I'm sick to go screed do do do/ to
    doing it on a set me off just pull the lever the furthest to your right
    nope understandable to want to take a look at it censored
    was going in people wherever I what is this place
    houses so to let me put it or stomach on CD thing we rely
    I'm stuck in a in a little cave was posted on a time machine is busted
    trouble me fruit I'm up space well i doing in here what what could rival I
    I need to go how old head right if I if I tried
    did he might my weight down to reckon a pretty digging down the bad idea
    there's one thing I've learned in mind profits never dig straight down
    they also said never take straight up now I think in situations like this they
    can be
    few exceptions to the rule I guess rob us pay to me I do
    analysis evening gala appear then where am I was all apps water
    a month relate cause something my Time Machine has gone completely wrong
    it supposed to take the fruit I but is just teleport me too
    to somewhere else I need to find my way home
    find bonneville you make sure
    he's OK in
    also this is all gone completely wrong only wanted to make the world's tastiest
    KK now
    I've ended up web where the I am ways this place is no please don't drown
    peace don't drown in my way up
    hello to you well how I wish this
    weird-looking place is anyone here yet hello
    squid lei pay me angry
    Burnaby s stuff
    I anyone else for booking a hotel near the talks
    who will use this this we play some no idea where I am something to eat
    seen as bonnie is not here to my mind please move his dog date
    video looks kinda familiar though like I'm no I do worry amber
    I i feel like i kinda recognize it wait a minute
    I know where I am I know where this is Comments tab these lovely well old book
    different like nothing's hey this is what my house normally is
    that's when my bedroom is normally they like over the lake this is
    like this he's with my storm supposed to be this is like crofting remain here
    this is supposed to be my lovely go to my love got in but
    there's just nothing here have this is my lovely well notebook
    emptied I wonder what happens I haven't gone five minutes back in time
    before we go on like five years back in time
    this is my lovely world before I built anything on it
    this is where the entrance to my house should be and that's the real big going
    over the water
    overhead that this is due please I did look do these islands almost exactly the
    same as it used to be
    this is what my lovely world was like before I've ruined it behooves stuff all
    over it
    offices so we don't just gone back in time in my world but how we're going to
    get back
    like obviously my time machines got destroyed or
    hasn't gone back in time in how we're going to get back to
    to everyone but I know who I got to start again
    in my 100th episode we're going to stop in the beginning look at this time
    please go on
    everything's completely gone site just go exploring for a bit and so I go in
    have a wonder round unsold see what there is to see %uh this is bringing
    back so many memories from my first video
    this is where I spent my first night I tunneled into that mountain then that's
    I spent my first ever night in Minecraft a hundred episodes ago
    but not this is what my feet is supposed to be you see this massive amounts in
    I leveled all of this and this is where my feet so was it is punk instead I
    remember that we looking cliff over here
    this is so with this is what might mall trappings
    over in this area were farms up there this is well my animals all this were my
    animals are kept
    this is where my piggy week so this is when I will these are in this is where
    among whom use our caps I don't love this little pond over here
    do you remember this to remember my first a video me finding this poem to be
    like wow look how amazing this is
    having no idea this is what like the weld is like anyway
    and over here this is where I built my first house
    I do a little wooden hut hey which I spent only one might end
    over in this area this is it right here this is why I built my first house you
    see this
    kinda flat looking area hemp literally like
    ninety nine episodes ago I was working here play minecraft
    with no idea what it was I was doing and just playing and having fun and now a
    hundred episodes
    I've gone back to go back to where I started in who are these people
    coolest I was stuffing her i think is
    I think it's a dinosaur I have been going back five years
    a freak on but like five million years third I miss lewis freeh from
    for that he just chasing off to me home %uh the friendly
    are you a friendly dinosaur and would you like some pool time I think they're
    scared me
    the probably never seen a stumpy cap the full before we don't know what to do I'm
    well this this this around me if if they're a pack up in the surrounding me
    to go in for the kill I don't trust these people
    I'm gonna run away I do have my soulmate are they off to meet you
    chasing me when it's really need to get out of it have nowhere to go
    got know how so got nope safety I've got no secret base to go to run and hide in
    they still coming up get this till today we sure do wish like I'm
    how we're going to get back to my own time I can build another time machine I
    don't have
    and you have the right materials I don't have anything I'm not going to start all
    over again I lost them I think a post about a
    dope to me will be doing good leave me alone Khemu
    living dinosaurs to get back nothing to go what I think one had to run into the
    water that
    look you've got my overpowered sold a need to get out of it
    where can I hide went well with the state where would I go in an emergency
    emergency emergency a clue of course it won't be there but going to run over to
    where I'm urgency equally was
    this is this is so we love is all anyone following me go to leave me alone
    get back a little bit know why know what you mean going to solve
    why attacking me i spose they don't know what to do because they've never seen a
    stumpy have a
    up going back this fall back in time in my woes this is what stand bys hope
    funds should be in
    by flora should be over there somehow this is where the minecart track goes
    over there is everyone's houses that's what they should be Mike fun glad to be
    in the distance over there
    right about now I should be /c my how to scale to and look over here
    this is my lighthouse Island of course there's no bridge or minecart track
    anymore but
    this is where and build the bridge like so many episodes ago
    but how long ago did I build my lighthouse I'm sure most if you want
    even watch my videos back there nothing about
    only twenty people web nothing but I'm so the tonsils a left me alone
    I think of scared them off in the gonna a stay away for now but you looked
    which is why I built my lighthouse but that's where my how it should be
    is just an empty landscape and what was over here
    nothing this just nothing anyway this is kind of sad scenic
    all gold all about work just lost I need to get back in time I need to get back
    to the future
    I need to get capped to the future huh
    day one thing that hasn't changed over my
    this is where my igloo should be when this is why spawned in
    right here in this very spot a hundred episodes ago
    this is when I had my first look at stamp is lovely well with over a year
    and how much has it changed to have i changed in
    everything's changed since then but a hundred episodes and I'm back to where
    where it all began I like if I want to go back home
    welcome I do how can I get back home all
    I know ice I could freeze myself
    if I freeze myself in like a cuba ice
    then I could maybe even stay asleep until I get back to the future
    is this my only thing is the only I derive got right I need to find a lot of
    don't eat down here if I freeze myself in here this water is cold enough
    I might be okay let me just break my weight down for some %uh this ice
    if I go down in Haiti Recon reckons will be enough to freeze myself
    especially I slept the whole way down I get rid of this water
    I might actually be able to do this than I could stay asleep
    frozen in the ice and then emerge in the future
    i think is the only chance of gossip I just block of the top hopefully
    if I stay in here I will eventually end up back in the future
    this is the plan anyway right wish me luck Brian gonna do I'm gonna try and
    freeze myself
    is getting
    luv you

    earth from
    home was gone was cool
    was good was gonna look where I was going on
    to move towards all melted all boned up drowning on dry it was going on
    look I everything's back good this my house
    but this one rocket ship in those by Lifehouse over there fight on it
    my back at the right time on all the ice is melted here
    most got hotter I guess global warming is true that this pro-choice is noted
    I think this is what I think I'm back in my own time now
    you know he's my emergency a clue and he's my site over here
    welcome to stump is lovely world the sign that everyone sees as the interim
    I go back home now and go back to my house
    hopefully I've come back at just the right time so my cake still there are no
    actually quite
    each day at that would be absolutely perfect
    others this is all served a company that actually work to manage to
    wake and just the exact right time just boys they could be
    another me is that gonna be another version of mister stem peek at somewhere
    around here
    and the whole it doesn't matter I'm just happy to be funny back I wanna
    amazing trip up had to the post in there we go a nice creeper that's a
    welcome me back home in it who fear stop who's got their best
    pass hit the target was hit the target doing here
    what's going on I know what's happening this is what happened before you know
    the of a time when I got trapped and hit the target want to try and kill me
    and there was another hit the another stumpy save me on the office stumpy
    right this is my charts this is my chance to go after this is my chance to
    go and get
    hit the target right get back into target I'm gonna get you can get away
    with this
    I'm gonna go of true I'm going to go off from on the other stuff because
    do you remember that my episode called the first cake
    I sort of a stumpy cap and he saved me from hit the target
    from us to be made right here that's okay you know get away with this pool
    I'm gonna get ready view and you could never come back inside of stab
    these lovely well was he running so
    I was running to his house he's run back inside his house in ABC's hit the
    targets house
    ok go on I'm gonna get you could put away from ever
    we still was bowing are you scared though he scared running away from me
    come back at the talk go to we tried to get me go way to talk it
    another epic battle many expected I'm gonna get it
    I'm gonna get a right to target I have you surrounded
    drop your weapon drop it on the floor now step free blocks back
    get back don't try anything funny and job I'll come on
    drop your boat drop its
    good boy and the arrows struck the arrows from on the bed
    come on due to his eyesight and well as well see Honeywell see got your pockets
    wells will other fiendish weapons of destruction he got drop it o.o
    always got a spade oh and relax and a pick ax
    what else have you got while but deadly weapons that he got you started
    okay now dogs boycotts started to talk it too hot studs are going to humiliate
    does boy dogs I was gonna hit by the IRA's I
    right I know what to do I know how to humiliate you did not ten
    ok drop this year's you know she really was that while you holding always go to
    the average rose
    dog and the pen hit the target in the colder in the corner
    keep your hands or I can see them not dare you to hit the target
    don't you dare you will get shot in the face
    the pad and stay where you are
    I K do not move keep your hands are I can see them
    don't try anything funny I know what to do
    seen as you evil a new track to love my dogs in here
    I'm gonna do the same to your gonna trap you inside the pen is a go
    you have a nice port talk to eat like a dog a dog in a trap you in this case
    then we go to it's safe step back step back into target then we got trapped in
    a cage
    he's got no way of getting out I can do to him what he tried to do too love my
    not go his stock I finally called the evil get to tell you how awesome is that
    oh yeah and one more thing by the way hit the talk well but was it good
    to quake totally polluted cities disappeared
    bicycle was hit the target where is indeed house he just is just a little
    behind here
    house he just disappeared like that almost out there
    is %uh look at Tullys xscape from we will use up here
    no never looked up here was just up this just a cave
    is just just a normal tell you he couldn't xscape to pee this quick though
    look is it just a dead end it just didn't to hear house txt bak wit police
    returned the way then turned back in need
    immediately column well was hit the target got on his mother beat down here
    always disappear I'm never going to track him down now avoid in court
    i funny Ford called the evil hit the target but he's just
    disappeared on me I can't believe that all gonna be oh my god now
    right that's it I'm going to properly prepare
    well hit the target and make sure that no matter what he does
    he cannot go off to me i cum believe that some not back at the right time
    I came back to early I meant to come back to
    when I started this video but unlike other I'm still slightly in the post
    I know I can do though because I'd been secretly working on my time machine for
    a while
    I think by this point I'd already built a time machine
    see if I go down now into my arm into my secret base
    hopefully Eve fingers crossed my time she will be there
    and I can go back to the present time that's the plan anyway that's what I
    want to happen so
    let me try and see down here I think there's a a few Google is round here
    right hopefully I've heard round it might take a another quick breath before
    I go down
    right here we go this is the %uh the less elegant way over entrance to
    answering my %uh secret pace
    I is more elegant going through the door by sometimes forget the combination
    yes look who got his my Time Machine and the cakes not here because I hadn't made
    it yet
    which means I'm I actually still have some of the ingredients in here
    you do it means I can make a wonderful honey cakes I'm hungry the motorbike and
    making them another time
    right here we go into the time machine once again I'm some to get fed up with
    this time machine right
    so I wanna go this time to the future
    and i wanna go a battle
    two weeks I reckon that I will be close enough and right
    let's go hopefully The Time Machine is gonna work properly this time
    here we go stumpy cactus going to the future
    once again here we go of
    and Here I am still in my Time Machine hopefully
    everything's gonna be okay hope you gonna be no more dinosaurs ok anything
    scary I'm everything seems to be okay
    um is like a one-time-only it is is this
    normal time let me check in here wanna buy ingredients is still here so I
    haven't made my cake yet
    am such a strike up top in trying I investigate what's happening
    I'm scared I'm going to run into myself because but I know I think meeting
    yourself might be quite scary I don't a
    stop making any salt time paradox or anything it always gets
    very confusing when you're trying to deal with time travel
    it was a very confusing try to go but if these I live heat is up just found out
    right everything seems to be normal I seem to kinda be
    in the same situation I was I when I first started the video up here
    I was going on or the state are those be right there
    that just be starting the video that was me the beginning of the video saying
    welcome to my lovely well wat
    I come at the right time than that this is this is perfect of come here
    but just the right perfect time then but gotta go back in there and see my
    and then I'm gonna go to my my god tournament on a goat's you love my dogs
    and stuff so
    have done it I've come back to the right time I just wanna be
    careful just to make sure that I'm yeah I don't accidentally see myself pretty
    well let's go in here
    this going height here inside of this house here and
    yeah I've done it I'm back in I'm back at the right time as
    that was an amazing journey I really enjoyed going through time and hopefully
    a you enjoyed the video as well please don't comment down below the same like
    fake told anything along those lines because although this week
    well this could swing up the water is well I forgot about that I should stay
    international it's good to see me fat
    is a breeze 0 comments same fate because I wasn't trying to fool anyone has to
    start to entertain you and hopefully
    are you did enjoy the video I'm gonna hide for a bit
    and oh wait for me to go back into the past I guess I'll just hide in here
    and then you know maybe I will in a future video make another
    tasty cake who knows who knows so you have this is my
    a hundred episode in my lovely way out and hopefully I'm gonna have several
    hundred more
    in my lovely waterfall at my friend so big thank you at everyone who helped me
    make this video
    and for every one that stuck with me throughout these a hundred videos
    tomorrow when
    your first video was watching me my lovely way out but I see in this video
    so I just want to say thank you very much for watching and
    I will see you later bow
    you *** *** Play Doh How to Make a Giant Birthday Cake Ice Cream Popsicle RainbowLearning - YouTube !!! Statistics

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