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    How to make a motorbike cake topper out of modelling icing part 1 by the Cake Tower - YouTube !!!
    hello on Karen I indicate Allah
    and I sell I stage to
    makes by X and the iTunes on even stay
    good shape have now to make stiff little simplistic style which
    Thomas side got my scales
    much more can't
    hmm thank you
    and I've already rolled out dough balls because she came one day
    he watched me do that skip this one 18 grams
    Annes this little tiny people here each
    is just to gramm's is handle boss
    and this is Paul day wall sets me two scales
    way to make the wheels
    of balkan smashing bold
    going to flatten out the bull
    same with yours alone
    now fools nice
    to call apps
    achieve teach their
    and up sickle culture
    which I just can t indent
    leaves this gives you the definition between
    the actual spank area
    and the time to help with
    be it is in to do this
    to match
    mikhail we have achieved wheels
    put the East just put much is
    cake photos greaseproof paper and
    Ltd left one side to try
    and now when me
    to the wrote a phone number to roll
    the Bulls into nice
    sausage group
    long to to be quien a fan
    overweight and sausage and then
    with and she Folge test
    in Hall its
    plane ticket and pieces with this is for handle balls
    at this point in time just much like all
    how a want to put
    bolt can we get hold of
    and a double and triple tools when we push
    he into the center
    it'll AP now handle Paul an even nicer
    indented area which will come in handy later
    is day-long have to pull those to one side
    need to try *** *** How to make a motorbike cake topper out of modelling icing part 2 by The Cake Tower - YouTube !!!
    today it's Karen ain't and today with ants carry on making them a spike
    left yet I'll wheels and
    to dry say
    pretty and now we're going to need to political right
    this is about fifty grams I'm sorry koch et moi scales
    batteries just a flop say
    but it gives you a lynch me and back tanking
    shape full
    the main body of
    teammate body K
    its nice for a change in shape
    and going to use
    just spot
    if boiled water my Porsche just chillin to
    meant and sticky gonna get the wheels
    just gonna Porsche the wheel in Chi
    two courageous funding each
    now mean body weight
    looking to put that back onto the Bulls
    leaf oldest sect
    sithole becomes hard include sleepy
    style to
    wanna meet India so
    next stage if they should can actually put on
    d mort gots say
    safety explains delays hosts
    you should
    nice Ste
    this campaign do this
    and that's one side
    row below
    to use to
    giant peel small Maltese
    men's me with X this
    came to help polls
    post the same size and then once to your GP
    East full
    tank and loopy
    heady problems
    nicest fax it to try and help
    and then we kept fishbowl
    to sausage
    PC pinching action going to laughton out
    the sausage moved to be
    its hands
    uses some blue
    to more recently you
    and push
    got on the fringe hoops
    cheese say mccain
    said the fact
    nice I was just
    push it the water of the bush once the back home
    to see the snow chief did he do want year
    I she to be show what the EU
    new Ashish slip straight cost
    us just ext
    got on and then
    to the tank I
    cities rectify
    its okay we can be folded
    became okay
    with you oldest to sway
    making who
    towards face watching K shape such
    and fight
    some more
    wheelchair suitable to political to HIA and here
    ok Scopus in the paint
    tank own
    to and change and aunt from called
    me its
    works it's a bit more polluted water
    on for each Institute and on different
    look day and tweet just
    handlebars have to pull
    this whole facing for what se pasa shop Paul
    in she she
    this was the set when you left catering units of by
    to spend if the patient left takes a fat
    range to test their
    and I'm gonna get the tiny piece day would be
    if you bike still standing slightly he gives it more attractive because then it
    looks like it's actually
    more in motion and I which can pull a bitch

    into the hole then where the edges and
    bit more into different would cost team was you going to fall because it will
    dry have from now with call
    all teardrop shape
    the point student
    into you the whole we push
    and then we can Mia
    have liked next stage
    is for each put on to see so
    black its back
    way you need non-black
    mood said dishes
    I make myself said it's a nice consistency
    me too quickly and the role that
    into you class
    it's quite sausage
    man couldn't a bit more polluted civic
    and and
    tent band
    get my see each
    and they've down just got
    just reaching the tank progressed
    told justice now stuck sticking up
    they can if you want making
    all you can push it down own
    to YouTube cold cough pressed and you can
    create dished to see
    key pillion the back the name we have had estimates bikes a flaw
    the next stage is to put Fox
    and that
    and wonderful and exhaust *** *** how to make a 3D fondant teddy bear cake decorating tutorial how to cook that ann reardon - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to howtocookthat.net. Today we are looking at how to make a fondant teddy bear
    for a cake topper.
    First of all you to need to color your fondant. If you are not sure how to do that, click
    on the link and go to the video on fondant basics. Then we are going to split the fondant
    into basic sections for the amount we are going to need for the body, the legs, the
    arms and the head.
    Starting with the piece for the body roll it into a circle, oval-type shape and then
    we are just going to squash it a little bit narrower at the top and then we are going
    to make it a bit taller than it needs to be. The reason for that is the fondant tends to
    squash down a bit, so if we make it a bit taller as it sags down, it will be the right
    shape. Gum paste doesnít do that, but gum paste is a lot more expensive, so if we can
    make it out of fondant, that just makes it a little bit cheaper.
    Next we are going to do the legs. So we take a piece of fondant, roll it into a ball and
    cut it in two. The reason I do it that way is I know they are both even. Roll it into
    a sausage-type shape and then flatten the bottom for the bottom of the foot and then
    squish down the bit where the leg is going to join the body. We are actually not going
    to join the legs on right now; we will set him up once he is dried. Then the legs will
    just sit under the body so we will need to make it completely flat.
    Next, take the piece for the arms, again roll a circle and cut in two so youíve got two
    even pieces and then roll again a similar sort of sausage-type shape. Now where we are
    going to attach it to the body, we are just going to take the knife and cross-hatch and
    then just get a little bit of water and pop that on to join. That just helps it to stick
    the two pieces of fondant together. Take your other arm, again just roll it into a sausage
    shape, shape it how you want it and then take a piece of spaghetti and place it through
    the arm and then place that into the body. This is going to need some support while it
    is drying, so to do that you just rip off some of your baking paper and place that underneath
    the arm.
    Next take the piece for the head, roll it into a circle shape to start again and then
    just looking at the bear that you are making just shape it down how it is. Put the baking
    paper underneath the head because you want the head to sit a bit forward, we donít want
    it sitting flat. Take two pieces of spaghetti, poke them into the head to support it and
    then put that into the body.
    Next, we are going to make the ears. Take a small piece of fondant and cut in two, little
    bit of water on the join and then just pop it into place. And then you repeat that for
    the other ear.
    Next we will do the line down the face. (If you look there is a line going down the middle.)
    So just take a knife and not pressing hard just gently make the indentation down the
    middle. There is a little bit of line that you can see on his body, so using the knife
    again just do a little indentation again in the middle of his body. And they are just
    the stitching seams, but it is just those details that take it from looking ordinary
    to looking great. So do the same on the legs and around the arms as well. Once you have
    done that, take something that is rounded on the end, I am just using the end of a paintbrush
    here; you can use whatever you have, and then just push down in the middle of the ears just
    to give that rounded indent where the ears are.
    Next we are going to make the pads to go on the bottom of his feet so you need some light
    pink fondant. Just roll it out fairly thinly and then using a piping tip to take the circles
    out of it, cut out two circles and place one on the bottom of each foot. Grab a spare piece
    of fondant and just using the end of a piece of spaghetti give a bit of a fur-type texture,
    just have a practice on the spare bit first and then do that a little bit on his chest
    just under his chin and then on the end of his feet. Then take some light cream-colored
    fondant and shape it into a round shape for his nose, then cut it in half and then as
    it is in that shape just stick that right where his nose should go. Once itís in place
    you can then shape it a little bit more. Take a knife and just follow that indentation that
    is down the middle. Then take a small amount, a very small amount, of black fondant and
    roll into a very, thin even snake. You might have to redo this a few times until you get
    a nice piece, just keep trying until you get a nice even piece. Then using the knife just
    cut it to length and lift it up with the knife and pop it into place. Cut the spare bit off
    the end and pop it on the line that would be going down from the nose to the mouth.
    Next you need a small piece of fondant, make it a triangular shape using your two fingertips
    and then again using the knife just pop it into place for the nose. If it is not quite
    the right shape once itís in place you can just use the knife to carefully reshape it.
    Next for the eyes, you need a tiny piece and just roll it into a circle and then make it
    slightly oval shaped and then just pop them into place on either side.
    Now lastly we just want to take some pink luster dust or pink glitter and using a paintbrush
    just brush some just inside each ear and some on each cheek.
    Now depending what you are having on your cake on your party, to the final one I've
    added a little mini-blue macaroon made out of fondant because we had the blue macaroon
    with chocolate filling on the party table so it mimicked what the party food was. If
    you want to do that, of course you can make that as well. And just, I secured it in place
    with a piece of spaghetti.
    And there you have your teddy bear. *** *** How to Make Fondant Numbers | Cake Fondant - YouTube !!!
    on to
    now we show you how to make the number going to be making
    the number one today this can be used for a
    first birthday cake for a little boy a little girl gonna use paying for a
    little girl
    you could use any color like
    use yellow or green or blue so it is going to take
    appease a pink fund I'm their role in some
    cornstarch them going to
    start to roll it into a log them before
    I started shaped the number one we're going to take
    a wooden dowel which you can get
    a skewer and just cut it down and it take a clue
    which is our water and I'm going to paint that's half
    though thou long
    just a little bit so that when we insert it into our number it's going to stick
    so we're just gonna take into this roll it into
    her number now all the way through which is halfway through
    and then I'm just gonna stay start to roll it a little more
    and they take off this excess edge their role it some more
    me not too thin because we don't want the
    wooden dowel to show just for a little bit more
    and then at the end I was gonna roll a little bit thinner
    so that we can make and I swirl design
    so you take it and we're curled and
    in a pinch the top then it take
    than David and swirling in you can use it to a few why
    if you can get to swell the right way and then just
    swirl it up and then I woulda
    but that is that side am gonna start to make
    the bottom have your number one you know I let that dry overnight because
    if you pick it up now it's just that far so they take another piece a pink fonda
    do same thing just roll it out and then for this
    Ravenna at the ans have your
    can find on just gonna
    make it a bit then thinner than the body a bit
    for you to take those
    ans through the same thing there with its the top
    and we're just going to role it to make a little swirl
    each and so looks a little whimsical and fun
    way to take that piece
    very carefully pick it up we're just gonna
    bring it closer to our number one then when these
    are dry unity your number one
    and you're gonna play set into your cake and then
    after you could take your aunt
    a to play said just under your one
    so you have a queue little fun number one
    for 1st birthday cake so if you want to do
    other numbers me like the number eight which is a bit trickier than the number
    you do is just shape your number eighty and then take two little toothpicks
    and at your rounded part of your 8 just take them
    in the middle to think what I want and one another and
    wait till they dry and then you just gotta pop it up
    on your cake and that technique and work with any curved number *** *** Mickey Mouse Figurine Cake Topper Tutorial - How To - YouTube !!!
    hello I'm gonna show you how to make and Mickey Mouse figurine
    on income peace ok
    the Big Green and making in this tutorial is about
    and here in his picture he's sitting honestok from block with
    okay some say off with the black fun and rolled into a ball
    and this is gonna be his head and then apply compete ami kintu
    into the circle cutter to make it too thin cuz you need to put
    a toothpick in afterwards can crack it was too thin
    set them aside to let them try
    the rule
    thin piece a fun in for his face I'm using
    built-ins koppel a skin tone for the color capital with a circle cutter that
    slightly smaller than the ball
    black funny
    and is a little smart air bombardments him quickly puppet with the pen
    at the top of the circle
    a smart then tell for his and Guyana
    and what color his hair hine and then place in the center this heading clue it
    throughout this video I'm using water as flu ok
    okay so now I'm gonna make the snout
    the spread is can the tricky and hard to explain but I'll try my best to you
    to start over the compass peach pond in immediate and were made
    with your hand to make a pliable there slowly stretch it to the shape of his
    cheeks and
    count to make a slightly bigger than it should look on his face
    cuz still need more material on the side to pack in infielder fights leader
    to create this product which is owed alice marble off on the behind the
    pressed down a rounded so she peed and concealing a top I talking down the
    then we do the same with the to cheeks with that much smaller Paul
    a fun
    museum alling steak and palette knife to shape it
    attach it to the head any shipping gertha all those tight around
    to seal in combining add water and feel the two parts together
    after its done this piece a punishing look smaller and more proportional to
    the head now
    check around the site to see that field
    you can't eat on them balls inside in
    with an exacto knife and cutting out where his smile
    be so you're removing on it out initial look like us they support
    don't care too much I want is fair to remove little by little
    them to cut out a lot ones that have been told to put it back if you move too
    then I'm using my fingers to smooth out the lines
    in I'm also been living a better funding for miss cheney
    cousins too bulky
    personal looks a bit too big so I removing more funding
    with a small piece of black finding cut into the shape of the smile
    and at a small piece %uh red fondant on top for his tongue
    and sorry I did this off-camera without realizing it
    numb the flip it over so I can cut the tongue
    fun and to fuck
    lose out on then use a piece kinda funny roll into string
    include around the map in
    with the palette knife
    press down into the smile line to make sure to strengthen cover it
    now I'm having a bit of water on both sides in the smile and the public the
    and with the mauling stake I'm smoothing the string and piece together so looks
    more like mickey in the pictures
    I'm using a small oval plunger and it's not big enough so I'm willing the way
    find it not too thin
    after I cut them out I pressed down my finger to make a larger
    more proportional to the state could a tiny bit of
    at the bottom so sits nicely onto the stamps in
    ok intrumental is a great shape or size for size
    then at his nose
    with a knife had to smile packet
    que no I'm adding that year's
    he should be trying okay to work with right now commit tiny bit of the bottom
    says more surface area to glue onto a tad
    stick a toothpick into the head and then search that year onto the toothpick
    if you're sure where to put the toothpick
    you can place it near their first the March where the center of the era is
    and then that's where the toothpick should go Mike
    and right now I'm making the people and I'm doing the same thing I did to me
    PI's I'm using a smaller oval tanker in
    if you don't have the oval plunger you can roll fun in
    Paul and pressed
    down your finger
    are rolling
    with a palette knife and Malling think I try to smooth the face to give it up
    any marks in ok
    and for the body roll out black n red fondant cut them with a knife and
    combine them together
    only determined at the bottom it makes it easy to securely onto the cake
    I'm also making to Denmark's for the like
    and then to own rules for the panic button
    well I think peace right on in and cut it with a circle cutter
    then roll up like fun in the same thickness and this will be his like
    below you'll find it for the shoes set this aside and let it dry for at least
    two hours
    baby for putting everything together gonna make the hands
    for the hands for a low white fondant and make sure it's playable
    so needy and warm in with your hands first can add to circles
    in with a knife kind of both I love the circles think at the lines for the
    schrum after signs of the fingers if it looks too wide
    the term after corners at the tips of the fingers
    and surrounding them by pinching them gently
    the rule to streets a fine in one way and when yellow
    they'll be going around the shoes and hands now they have all my pieces and
    put the cream together
    have some black funny ready for that arms to have the body sitting on the
    cake or Styrofoam
    cat that barbecue school were and how they're going through the body
    in at least three quarter up the head and some other and the bottom steak au
    free to put it into a star from or the cake in
    and the last thing you need to make are the arm so
    from to pieces a plan fun and for the times
    attach the yellow strain in the way string around the hands and the shoes
    and lastly and two white dots as a corner these people
    I'm using white color gel you can use for icing
    or fondant then add three black lines on his hands
    am using edible marker and now the figure is finished
    ok thanks so much for watching hope you enjoy this tutorial
    and don't forget to suscribe *** ***

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