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- how_to_make_a_fondant mastic from proteins for making flowers how to make

mastic from proteins for making flowers how to make

    - how_to_make_a_fondant

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    the meeting
    hey this is Rob art for kids huh dot com I got like who are some kids and me
    had n joke lose
    chukkas how are you guys doing yeah
    we're gonna try today beginning Java a kinky
    a birthday cake some fun yeah
    yeah I got markers alright
    and this is a cool exercise
    to work on or shorten your goals
    yeah do you wanna for certain circles here with the for certain circles as
    others brown circle hours at a flat circle
    Gramps aka omaha's as
    flat circle I okay so the first that we're going to have our paper horizontal
    like this
    kornblum and then we're gonna drop or shorten circle
    right in the middle above the paper
    to your hats
    a flat circle
    good job
    good job ads they were gonna try out two lines that come
    down of aside good hands
    good and then we're going to occur one that's like this one
    so like that one Mike that one
    and we're gonna drop between these two lines look like a cake
    yeah thank you kinda
    know there has been no decorations that all or not I'm
    let's put it on a plate so now we're gonna go for certain circle
    but its command yeah he can I'm Continental Tire pizza
    I'm sorry im draft for certain circle attorney
    this is gonna be the play and because it's underneath were in dry ice
    but have can you do that Kajaki go on
    perfect good job Osama
    knowles ledger paper so I can go home say it like
    p graphics are hump but
    so the whole thing was when you're drawing a lot of
    or certain circles on you want them to be
    like on this K we want this for certain circles to be the same as the plate
    and then we want the bottle is curved line to be the same as the person so
    they all look like they're
    circles to it the same direction
    k ready for decorations yeah
    self-protection because we're excited yeah he's so
    for decorations are gonna start and I'm just gonna make
    love Hazara
    expectancy sorry
    origins can I do somebody lines Akhtar
    and I'm gonna do but winds along the bottom because we're done markers
    I'm can already feel a potato I
    job hats
    this is Gary super simple but the kids at home can decorate their cake anyway
    we're just gonna show how to decorate it our way and then they can do it
    different meant why I'm gonna do
    as I'm gonna make also some layers
    smother layers on the cakes I'm gonna make more
    curve I'm slick contour lines happy
    like how does your dry and I
    monster cake do I'm just cleaning
    yeah and then draw some copper lines were
    like hats I'll percent of checkers
    I was cut your Boston fruition
    where we met last misty
    borrowing the no
    yeah so I'm just you can do as many cameras you want I'm just gonna do one
    yeah and so what you can to watch me so we're gonna do the same
    for certain circle but this one's gonna be really small
    and I'm gonna drop right about here so I have room for the fire
    so draw for certain circle and I have a small
    you guys come but more good job hats
    I'll up it looks like how your dry mustard
    yeah as the eyes Byzantine
    mesum out %uh yup
    was indeed I carpool
    so okay it's an ex parte revenge on a candle
    the sites we can't know you gonna come down
    and then contour line on the bottom
    and I want a race that line but we got markers
    some candid and then we have a job one little
    my income and out on a camel looks like
    only like I can
    are and they were gonna child fire make a baked a cake
    I yeah so
    now we're going to a fire and this is gonna be is going to look like a
    but like that misfire one
    bad hang coming
    on today
    and there can be no arm
    like like holding PMT
    or some oh and dynamite died are leaving and I and II yeah
    looks like I your IT and yeahh
    ahead yeah and don't do that kicked your friend
    yeah my blowout metal
    no passed through candles are ready thank you
    plant forecast me so you can also do some other things you can ride on top

    you know and I think India is if this was a card for some money
    you give whole your paper in half and then drop that cake
    right there on the front or on the inside soldier
    Olympics are I didn't think he had a
    for you're gonna turn 5 someone super five candles on
    key I'm gonna change i-ninety
    and II okay just do warheads
    all here
    me good job open a consulate bomb but
    you're making your candles overlap that once
    awesome looks really cool we endanger
    something I'm gonna drive home or camels
    and it can not perfect circle
    wall that was like a perfect circle each
    do this from its job to work at Mosaic law and may not be done
    okay dang I'm gonna write
    wall how having I
    hunchine goes really fast again goal
    ok in that group
    a little but there's not an extra a.m. age
    a the lol yeah
    blush I day
    and all but then he and then wipe
    leaves this months good job ads
    are I was that fun sorry give a honk
    York under different decorations we kept it really simple so that this would be a
    quick video
    sure is a combined are our friends yeah
    the letter friends happy birthday my
    doing *** *** How to Make Cake-Filled Origami - water balloon recipe - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    things Miliband days
    shouldn't and this
    isn't learning water balloon got its building
    cake so I resolve this mess P I'm not a Burmese channel Davis Japan the meeting
    cooking baking channel if you don't know it
    capital in Temple ok analysts often you have to try it for myself
    she handled it first and then go in the kitchen she had a filament be
    and good to let go
    pediste African get some parchment paper and I'm using these reynolds baking
    sheets because they're nice and flat
    become impacted
    Sep they come for dissing quarters
    and we're gonna cut the lead to six inch squares so I gonna do just kind of a
    little bit access am using a
    rotary cutter here but you can just use scissors someone to cut off the excess
    can you scan it a key
    paring knife and then just slice on the phone
    and then he should have for perfect six inch squares
    okay to begin we're gonna just fold irons square
    quarter to quarter to form a triangle
    then you can open it up and then for the OPSEC winners together
    back then open it up turn paper
    over and then fold it in half
    so what we've created are some nice phone lines so we can make
    face are water began with a few min cheap like this
    and then just gathered up and fold it into a triangle with the triangle
    up gonna take the corners and fold them to the peak at the top
    do this on all four quarters up
    next you can take little side flaps
    and then for them right a little and get it from all four sides
    the new Danny Shelton acts like this
    next you can take these little flaps infotainment
    a tiny little pocket pack to open up the pocket tuck in the flat do that on
    ask for middle-class this will hold the water balloon take
    it's at this point well done before then can you then Portland
    besides and final hole on the top than just give it a good path
    there in an action flick your wonderfully and urged
    some dishes in a store but keep make this is from petty and then I'm just
    preparing it acquired
    back distractions up ass added a few more sprinkles because I felt like it
    wasn't me know enough
    once you have your cake better prepared you can either use a pipe in bad with a
    small tent
    wakened issues is a black bag and cut the tip of the corner
    and use that as a pick
    so carefully insert the tip and the bad in TV
    topping the box and then just squirt in the filling
    and fill in about half to
    way be sure not to overfill
    otherwise the battle command the top so I think things according to package
    directions at
    for about
    minutes point I scare comes out clean
    if he found that smoking matters on the float at sana khan
    just tension of want to keep better still hot and then you should have a
    pretty clean top
    so that's given teach still
    opening and folded fresh capital will not stick
    eat and black
    lift way
    Handzus thinking clinton back you get a beautiful little cue
    have kik and let's give it a surreal you
    perfect little piece of cake
    it's a very sweet cake already and I don't think it needs any trust anything
    the one about trusting you can fasten afterwards super moist and flew back to
    langley fake
    banana butter flavor that the honors class with confetti
    but this really is about crafting this
    I do have said these are quite labor-intensive if you wanna do entire
    cake but makes you happy
    these which is a lot of work
    so actually use these little baking cups which I picked up
    at die sandwiches Japanese dollar store they're practically the same size
    to the bay to the same rate and these are super easy to Philly don't have to
    clean up anything this is a muffin tin anything
    miss fell on their freestanding excellent love these things
    an expected to pick you just happened eat them
    so that's not a fun for anyone to come each year kik
    sp if you like this video does in 27 Mike and I should cement xvideo
    to do day can't
    meant strengthening taken stations here
    and then take a listen fish wrapped thats consulted
    and seasoned and it's delicious and
    use from a t-rex were
    Tom I'm proudly *** ***