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- ", " -Different buttercream animals cakes tutorials 2, 3 2D,3D_Animal_cakes ", " -Different buttercream animals cakes tutorials how to make

", " -Different buttercream animals cakes tutorials how to make

    - ", " -Different buttercream animals cakes tutorials 2, 3 2D,3D_Animal_cakes

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    How to make a motorbike cake topper out of modelling icing part 2 by The Cake Tower - YouTube !!!
    today it's Karen ain't and today with ants carry on making them a spike
    left yet I'll wheels and
    to dry say
    pretty and now we're going to need to political right
    this is about fifty grams I'm sorry koch et moi scales
    batteries just a flop say
    but it gives you a lynch me and back tanking
    shape full
    the main body of
    teammate body K
    its nice for a change in shape
    and going to use
    just spot
    if boiled water my Porsche just chillin to
    meant and sticky gonna get the wheels
    just gonna Porsche the wheel in Chi
    two courageous funding each
    now mean body weight
    looking to put that back onto the Bulls
    leaf oldest sect
    sithole becomes hard include sleepy
    style to
    wanna meet India so
    next stage if they should can actually put on
    d mort gots say
    safety explains delays hosts
    you should
    nice Ste
    this campaign do this
    and that's one side
    row below
    to use to
    giant peel small Maltese
    men's me with X this
    came to help polls
    post the same size and then once to your GP
    East full
    tank and loopy
    heady problems
    nicest fax it to try and help
    and then we kept fishbowl
    to sausage
    PC pinching action going to laughton out
    the sausage moved to be
    its hands
    uses some blue
    to more recently you
    and push
    got on the fringe hoops
    cheese say mccain
    said the fact
    nice I was just
    push it the water of the bush once the back home
    to see the snow chief did he do want year
    I she to be show what the EU
    new Ashish slip straight cost
    us just ext
    got on and then
    to the tank I
    cities rectify
    its okay we can be folded
    became okay
    with you oldest to sway
    making who
    towards face watching K shape such
    and fight
    some more
    wheelchair suitable to political to HIA and here
    ok Scopus in the paint
    tank own
    to and change and aunt from called
    me its
    works it's a bit more polluted water
    on for each Institute and on different
    look day and tweet just
    handlebars have to pull
    this whole facing for what se pasa shop Paul
    in she she
    this was the set when you left catering units of by
    to spend if the patient left takes a fat
    range to test their
    and I'm gonna get the tiny piece day would be
    if you bike still standing slightly he gives it more attractive because then it
    looks like it's actually
    more in motion and I which can pull a bitch

    into the hole then where the edges and
    bit more into different would cost team was you going to fall because it will
    dry have from now with call
    all teardrop shape
    the point student
    into you the whole we push
    and then we can Mia
    have liked next stage
    is for each put on to see so
    black its back
    way you need non-black
    mood said dishes
    I make myself said it's a nice consistency
    me too quickly and the role that
    into you class
    it's quite sausage
    man couldn't a bit more polluted civic
    and and
    tent band
    get my see each
    and they've down just got
    just reaching the tank progressed
    told justice now stuck sticking up
    they can if you want making
    all you can push it down own
    to YouTube cold cough pressed and you can
    create dished to see
    key pillion the back the name we have had estimates bikes a flaw
    the next stage is to put Fox
    and that
    and wonderful and exhaust *** *** Bicycle Themed Birthday Cake_First Attempt Using Fondant Icing - YouTube !!!
    hey what idea now
    right King the current funds for about $
    got it
    my mum it published in

    we talkin right turn highly if you don't know now you know
    have you got in a current phone is very simple
    just three pop and all the time but
    Cup right in power gotta to
    but I've got crumbs to you
    people whom
    for Uganda
    or bit quiet
    a K community a houseful underground right than
    ground should happen
    going to crime
    butter okay
    be another recipe site do you 3i but it uses a lot less
    mixture ongoing you in what
    can be few why in the future
    I'm gonna decorate the cake I'm gonna you
    look really cool which is why I'm leaving the joint music
    you can meet sicko
    sicko second I want
    yeah okay I'm gonna
    what in the butt get
    and creepy you your cable Kenwood
    visit my mom and it incredible
    you buy one your copy of your children
    and a ad hoc okay
    the final result re something beatification
    for sick seyi
    goodbye shot said engine my seat and

    now office
    act like crazy why
    get on but should add
    increase get on a plane and
    we right well
    and Anna it forget Aaron
    you may eighty
    series met cream together half but it look in a bit
    to creamy my liking
    but think that some kind add see more I
    fashion out that it
    it dropping they were

    I right now to
    pretty I'll
    great cake to know it happened on a boycott
    in mile
    say they've cut me back know and out little I'm
    difficult my mom and she'd let me let
    curry but
    had com right he had a you
    not to put them in in penetrated by
    plant to give me a chance got sick last %ah
    main at people bought a ready by Kate makes it a couple boxes
    from market and not a big deal absolutely
    hi right already begun mockery
    open I'm I am
    fifty-minute in my case
    okay temperamental ovum
    we getting into
    to you chica but I'm thinking about decorating
    like Hank which is cooking had
    it it up by okay
    gonna make it look like arrestee Compal
    Bugatti to kinda a clean
    funded I think actually did she cannot book I'm ready made
    I would be in he
    mall altogether but below Wiley & crane the
    Priya you wanna pray my back in the day muddling
    and cream on it well
    on it gonna pick you know at what they do
    trippie little and la jolla
    I'm gonna lie in the Cape Wind from late
    which actually it proportional to the flowers look pretty
    ridiculous use your imagination
    crazy quake in addition to the crazy fetish
    to the bike will be sitting on chocolate
    iPad and then I'm gonna lie in fact
    state no of it hey
    done fateful on all
    look at them little mini chocolate luxury
    with big bases
    good look no my K lining the hospital the other
    crop I cook it for more than
    relook at ComEd of him a couple
    like fun it was about an hour haha
    I'm out-of-pocket week already
    and commerce it
    but not browned on top
    little bit thinking in the middle but I'm
    that Mike Brown an echo down for
    moto good yeah I'm
    okay okay okay
    that overnight like who now football
    of he wouldn't mind and we're going to i
    it I'm funding on think and between you and me
    I have high I who all
    I'm yeah yet want to bring it cold
    haha catering call my free calls
    Noah fitted hard
    I hard
    rose yeah do already
    I make
    you wanna see the recipe
    much even teach them Superman
    got money funded i've been waited
    to them on
    down and give them a good ol
    meeting stephen p Superman
    been needing be funded I think for a little while
    gun knife saw her into

    piled and I'm by they gonna
    mucho together it look marbling
    I kept it while dusted would be on time to go I love doing it
    Anna kept right I can be a nanny for haven't doc
    to the fact that have put
    Tony little bit jam around a couple K help me I think stick down
    never done it before
    good this go
    right now I'm just putting it down funny making sure the crop cutaway
    I didn't
    funded i think im gonna hang on
    not about wants you
    mountain kid

    no closer very good
    sub-par on the middle happily
    keel lower the talk too much rain
    I ready to be prevented
    the help of Canada that month uncut
    yet *** *** TORTA DE HOMBRE CON BICICLETA/ STANDING MAN AND BICYCLE CAKE TOPPERS - YouTube !!! Spanish (Automatic Captions) Spanish (Automatic Captions) *** *** How to make a motorbike out of modelling icing part 4 by The Cake Tower - YouTube !!!
    hello it's Karen a game from the cake tower I
    we just be showing have to make the East
    make but these are she's due to soft
    awarding recommend is adding this is live whites to soft
    it makes the same charge a fee chip say we're going to put that one
    to assess to try fish is a
    Harley style that being wakened and avoid you pull
    one-page if Silva on the
    exhaust pipes and into pieces
    and is to just meet is spent painting
    and we'll save me too
    be putting edit at dot
    on the tank dresses fit showing

    petrol and will say
    page headlight on spanks
    this one is also pretty fair and miss
    okay need to Chino show I just full
    surely a client to use
    and I use its metallic fees paint
    in the Doxil make by main they just
    wolf this we DVD's beachfl
    creativity is and I huge
    and to lose even push for the
    find it worth it and
    his and through a to doing day
    large areas should do
    correct when this completely
    I have every single click if this metallic paint
    wonderful stuff an equally deals make a massive difference
    from best just
    giving you much more leasing and
    once these are completely set
    that's when I had not practically maybe ashey
    HD today thanks for watching funny *** *** How to make a motorbike cake topper out of modelling icing part 1 by the Cake Tower - YouTube !!!
    hello on Karen I indicate Allah
    and I sell I stage to
    makes by X and the iTunes on even stay
    good shape have now to make stiff little simplistic style which
    Thomas side got my scales
    much more can't
    hmm thank you
    and I've already rolled out dough balls because she came one day
    he watched me do that skip this one 18 grams
    Annes this little tiny people here each
    is just to gramm's is handle boss
    and this is Paul day wall sets me two scales
    way to make the wheels
    of balkan smashing bold
    going to flatten out the bull
    same with yours alone
    now fools nice
    to call apps
    achieve teach their
    and up sickle culture
    which I just can t indent
    leaves this gives you the definition between
    the actual spank area
    and the time to help with
    be it is in to do this
    to match
    mikhail we have achieved wheels
    put the East just put much is
    cake photos greaseproof paper and
    Ltd left one side to try
    and now when me
    to the wrote a phone number to roll
    the Bulls into nice
    sausage group
    long to to be quien a fan
    overweight and sausage and then
    with and she Folge test
    in Hall its
    plane ticket and pieces with this is for handle balls
    at this point in time just much like all
    how a want to put
    bolt can we get hold of
    and a double and triple tools when we push
    he into the center
    it'll AP now handle Paul an even nicer
    indented area which will come in handy later
    is day-long have to pull those to one side
    need to try *** *** How to make a motorbike out of modelling icing part 3 by The Cake Tower - YouTube !!!
    hey it's Karen Kane and today what an ass
    finish estimates by by putting takes a last
    its d full X
    just save will call
    choose pea-sized pieces
    pitched peace and achey Maltese
    size polls to
    the pea size
    overall and then when
    Wellington nicest sausage
    topic we wanted to go from the
    handle Paul's down to this end
    if the week is that correct
    pace wells said come on see
    so say group posted same size
    huntin seems
    E and
    these pollutants Maltese guys find
    gonna be the ex sources just simplistic Pike said
    what we want to do is you want to with me
    over all day she wanted to beat a page
    more this and this
    can nice just check with much cake from sent to the back wheel
    to tape it
    so see shape as well nice
    me looking for same size to
    much more almost boiling water so
    the boiled water hiya
    and slammer launch
    my folks to be to put I'm
    pressing remember everything still is pizza
    say in them changes its bit more with the film
    just check if indian desi just helps stick betting
    casual look me to from the same
    from the purchase vegetables
    and send
    and hope
    ok which image
    pensions much you so much sorry place conant
    to man
    which is cool too
    long send into
    Leo in
    tone pixels per inch
    because same the ocean not to hospitals
    kept the way away from the main engine Paul up
    and then when she used back and
    have my looking for cash into the
    and this kit
    typical a whole week so step
    we've repeat
    litem a little twisted repeat the process for the
    signed memba have to be gentle why you hold me some holding
    balls between thinks I'm not knocking anything
    shape pushed
    watch min
    total from the in pushing
    twiddling chimney home
    in the exhaust and then we have
    to the image
    is to be keen acting those finishing details say
    welcome came in squashed thank you *** *** How To Make Gumpaste The Krazy Kool Cakes Way - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is how I making
    a quick tutorial on how I make gumpaste had a lot of people ask me
    whether I make a mess of hot weather i buy it all remaining
    and I have purchased pray make gumpaste
    to be honest with you haven't really been totally happy with any particular
    I started making my own outpaced about your call
    and I really like the texture I really like how it holds up
    so maybe can try and and I may be like it you
    okay what what I is chill make fondant
    sci-fi the wheelchair share a white rolled fondant
    you guys can't find this at Hobby Lobby or at my holes
    and this is five pounds okay it's the big box of a little box
    the reason I like shit by this status because at Hobby Lobby Day almost half
    forty percent coupon then you can plant
    online and so the price usually at Hobby Lobby is $

    but with the coupon comes out well you like about fortune box
    so it's a lot cheaper than buying gumpaste already made and you get all of
    the time pace
    for very little price okay all right let's talk about
    China Los the service this is a catch-all said I and it's basically the
    same thing but
    for some reason sometimes it comes in two different labels missus
    rx international hi titles Potter
    this is the same thing we can but it's not too different labels
    you can find this at any takes up I place my case a pipe a sells it for

    this last up very long time home
    and each one is about 2 ounces well it is exactly chances
    and if you cannot find titles powder which is what these are
    you can also buy up contract against
    or gum arabic which serves the same purpose
    okay okay I'm so
    the recipe today it is basically an shoes hair on your chest so
    the only difference is that this is the way this is the comment that I use
    okay so what I do is when you open here
    your box ok okay it costs
    it should be which the
    packages so each holidays
    of China have passed K Anish
    what I do and basically take
    large on and I headed up

    even plates
    for mention are fine chain
    a want half cheese old
    your child's
    K all services on all parties
    so here's my pic of ongoing like us.
    take my shade any bouquet call attention
    for and breaks you need some although Greece
    and I always have tons of fun case
    on hand haha spotting favorite so all I can do is
    you take one other for break stay already cut you can take half a teaspoon
    up your child's powder or whatever what are you seeing
    some traffic and or your gum arabic
    okay and for every
    break it's half a teaspoon of titles
    came saw like to soften it up a little bit before I start
    and basically you are just
    meeting the fondant into the title stop
    you wanna do this class of leaked to the press staff should quickly
    main your child exploding
    scope flying everywhere say you need any
    that and really well you don't need for ever
    just you know enough so that you know that
    but I also spend well blended cheer
    pace so I pretty much do this
    Chahal I don't see any white powder residue left at all
    on my on a work surface
    that's pretty well one day I don't have any more white hot on my surface
    and so what I do is I just make
    a giant chill or learn how to this thing here
    and the reason I'm doing it just because I'm gonna cut it up into equal portions
    so that I can
    cover it our wrap it in saran wrap with plastic wrap
    so that I can story because I
    small pieces at a time you know what I have a
    air because it does try pretty quick K
    solve this
    about of okay
    also like you I have kept this
    into for call of hearts all
    firsts i cud metal bond
    hope this happen at all and then i cud
    this happened
    so there I got for parts
    and iraqis and plastic wrap
    so quite a bit of gumpaste
    added just at half a brick that comes in the five-county Fox
    well to find it don't forget thanks to find out your
    percent coupon
    it is a lot cheaper you can get a 23 dollar box a fondant for like

    so I hope this helps let me know if you guys have any questions
    I can pretty much you do this recipe
    with any type of fondant and a if you make your own marshmallow homemade
    and all you basically do is
    for every two and a half pounds %uh your homemade fondant
    you will use should take to teaspoons
    up titles powder alright K so let me know what you think
    hope this helps somebody and if you have any questions let me know k talk to your
    body very soon take care
    aback *** *** How To Make Mini Fondant Cakes - YouTube !!!
    hey guys received
    with me became I've got my butt
    and the clinic me school
    Mike ship
    and beat until fluffy being an ad in my vanilla bean paste something in the
    would have been sleeping you'd like scored
    at in yours
    sour cream
    and you know
    but actually enjoying
    just until incorporated
    and my hugh a and its competitors
    has a very tall edges that's what you want paper but I N
    and you can spray decides if you like as well anything
    a special session predicate even
    to go to help you that's me even if they cut off
    degrees Celsius for about half an hour
    missing do check it because it is P in and could cook a bit seniors
    well comic LA's
    using paste should
    on in well Ron
    it's become really think
    I'm gonna say adding in Mike ala miscues gold by American

    list bachelor EU mess
    cannot just
    fine should just
    noonan for pristine
    should reaches rent
    keep climbing think you can always remove the excess
    its a lot easy to work with too much than it is to work with too little
    in the concert scraping off gently
    make sure it's nice and clean otherwise
    if you were to take a No minutes try you have a scanner will be
    and transparent no layer between
    which doesn't look very nice today men to the same phone
    based molds base metals into a baking tray and that's it for about

    hours into the class and random computer cake bakes for half an hour
    and leave it on the counter cool down
    completely but an enemy
    set on medium-low speed into South school speech that paled

    me I little bit
    the this stage in at about

    maybe for now we'll see how it goes gonna
    min and then deleted on medium to high speed
    for about
    minutes with me the that I think
    the mountains truck into the fire it like that
    and expand
    that in mind a vanilla extract skid

    he is me
    that No
    thanks to take my unless we cut here we
    for each Mike
    just the Rams make sure you've got to the very
    make some so-called cake smile
    way a little Jens not
    the maybe in the world
    face him
    attachment sleep
    nation cent
    and through the whole purses
    back because if you try to use your special
    and trying yes will
    is capable find
    slated ease minimal touch
    basic country and free between
    first Boyd
    City down thanks a lot easy first I have my
    a humongous not yes IBM but
    we but I'm gonna use and facing at least its mention
    that an answer run it for a
    magnet right up to the edge that skateboard
    message to help us guy now
    scraper as the scapegoat the excess
    special very Jimmy
    th in make sure they have all the space kind
    when using your bench scraper have a nice and medals at the ninety degree
    mmm scraping
    was in fact that down month
    sweep of the excess cages to keep your bench scraper
    from my special hot water
    no help just even surface that the cake
    Intel not there me ninth
    getting anything
    okay the circle shaped K squeeze
    posting on under hot water again and I'm going slow here in mickey
    just means good
    just a mess if it's a small corn flour analysts at rolling out my funded
    you the thing about it because it's so small
    doesn't take long to relief fund and it doesn't have to be
    and been eBay going to be a little bit because that way
    it hides all these lumps and imperfections quarter of an inch bigger
    bigger than that
    he's funny yes
    messing up
    you can see it
    fund actually coming away and thank keep reading
    that was expected happen to sleep
    shirts area that's
    really clicked it yes so when you pull
    doesn't chain
    me actually
    cooling Pacific thing
    race King tactic
    %um since these just came out now
    this still a bit tacky which is the best time to be putting
    lead us to expect from them custom called
    huge which fresh and
    just mine
    crash to sleep P
    things just
    then to attach help lower I'm gonna go
    bit past the inch
    little to the side as well like minute then the Middle Miocene
    right K
    be sitting like that say pushed

    just think that
    an effect on
    watching Pinterest and thing *** *** How to apply Fondant to Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    show you how to cover your cake in fondant to get those beautiful nice
    sharp corners and I'm going to use my element which is on my website are some
    company dot com slash recipes committing to a kind of tone down blue screen I'm
    gonna take a little but I've read a little bit of blue you can make your
    case of your cake any color you want when you first I always recommend that
    you keep this up until it's very very warm that's going to improve elasticity
    because it's been sitting it's very stiff and crumbly right now this is not
    usable you gotta put it back in the microwave for
    seconds until
    it's nice and warm you wanted to be to feel very warm like you just made it and
    then we're going to need it until stretchy before we even attempt to cover
    it okay so this was in there for 30 seconds very warm start meeting this and
    it at first he seems very small talk March and it's very crumbly to do
    something that's called the tacky method of media on your hands
    this is gonna actually help moisturize the phone as well one hand here
    poll like Kathy this helps reactivate the stretch and it also helps reduce air
    bubbles and it's a lot easier to need and sort of doing this
    like this is a lot of work on your back to this is more a workout for your arms
    counts as your workout for the day as well see how beautiful structure that is
    now you want to do that every time so I wanted that it could appear dry and oily
    and cracked and crumbly is actually just not conditioned this beautiful perfect
    churchy funded ready to go a little powdered sugar down the board here the
    frequently move around as you get stuck to the surface of your table for sure
    down if you need it will be from green color take my gosh cake that their make
    sure you don't have any chocolate on your hands
    that will get onto the surface of your phone and you get onto your room all the
    way around that the top first we're going to fluff the dress everywhere
    where there's a truffle just gonna pull it out
    press against the cake
    you'll be able to do it one hand like this go a lot faster just going slow for
    the purpose of showing you the technique oh I forgot to mention if your fondant
    is not sticking to your ganache then you can spray it with a little bit of water
    before you add your funded doesn't have any problems so I don't usually worry
    about any of that a lot of people do go around with my sneakers that any good
    fiction get that phone up against the cake I have this special goal that I
    like to use for my six inch rounds otherwise I use a cake pan but this is
    what i do to finish off my kicks finding you can keep use that for later
    chilled you can handle it pretty easily looked it up put a ball down or a small
    object that has a flat surface in a wide base of the small works out perfectly
    good is pretty stable and it's just more than a six-inch you know ok so it works
    out perfectly for this again make sure you don't have any chocolate on your
    one senator on top once they're inside gonna go around what
    you have any bubbles between the surface of your taking your funded they will
    turn into tumors take care of them now where they will come back to haunt you
    does this happen when people say how do you avoid bubbles
    well it's just inevitable you just gotta take care of him not cry about it
    move on with your life
    chocolate somewhere away from the surface of the
    extender after you
    have probably have a little bit but if you have butter cream touching it that's
    fine you can remix buttercream in to find it but you can't remix chocolate
    to place it on the cake for it I like to use the boards from Cape support
    solution dot com recoded there's no reason why not
    now we have our cake on our board and now you were free to decorate your back
    as you please that's how you cover can thank you guys SO much for watching *** *** Fahrrad aus Fondant modellieren - YouTube !!! German (Automatic Captions) German (Automatic Captions)
    diesmal habe ich versucht ein paar Tracks wurden
    erstens braucht er eine Zeitlang nach ein paar Abstatt das aus dem Internet
    ein Text oder per gehen sogar Meister
    dann eine Prosa noch Teile dann habe ich weiße bei Sempermed Amt eingeführt
    und an einem Strang von dem von Bernd Auszüge druckt dpa ausgegrenzt
    abgeschnitten und damit Prozent den Armen von dem Fahrrad
    nach korrigiert so geht es auch dem Ausdruck was im Internet
    zu sehen ist damit ist dann die größeren diese Form von Misurata
    so bin ich dann Vorgang Hauptthemen etwas kleineren Teil - hier mit der KAB
    zum Beispiel
    so dass Esther
    mehr Zeichnung entspricht
    die Schnittflächen eventuell noch etwas gerade machen
    damit man das auch künftig angeben kann es gab damals die Zeit zusammengeklebt
    als ich dann mit dem größeren Teil fertig war habe ich eine kleinere noch
    König nahm
    aber noch mal beißend Mandant ein gefühlt
    und habe dann einen kleineren Brand inneren Strangen aus
    das habe ich dann benutzt für vorn die Gabel und hinten
    wo die Rede an dem Festival das ist ja etwas feiner
    als der eigentliche fahren
    diese Teile habe ich dann auch in entsprechende Länge wie das auf dem
    zu sehen ist ein Zug schnellten
    die Ende nehmen
    ein da eigentlich Obama die eigentlich egal
    zudem ist der kleinste Teil Vereinstitel durchgegangen alles geben entsprechend
    zurechtgeschnitten zurechtgelegt
    an den Schnittstellen habe ich drauf geachtet dass Prozent die Schnitte dann
    auch in entsprechenden Foren sind das Meister bis spät an den Rand und Band
    habe ich auch schräg Schnitte angesetzt m dann beim kleben einen und die
    die Templer
    es ist erst ein aber geht um mehr Arbeit aber es lohnt sich
    und so detailgetreu es ist aber auch möglich
    und sie können auch einigermaßen ein paradox
    dann ist der Rahmen eigentlich auch schon er hat etwas kommt dann beiseite
    das muss ersten Schritt durch trocknen
    dann habe ich einen zweiten Ausdruck
    da fange ich jetzt einen mit dem Zahlenkranz unten verkehrt eingeordnete
    Gehalt auf befestigt
    auch noch zwei gleichgroße
    googeln gemacht Prozent Lady
    ragten haben
    an diesen Rat nahm hatte ich vor die Speichen dran zu befestigen
    dementsprechend habe ich die Radnaben etwas dicker gemacht damit ich da gern
    Spaghetti ist es die
    Streikenden darstellt auch gewinnen
    versenken kann besser sein können
    stabiles Radweg gibt Isiktekin Spaghetti
    und solche Sachen vernünftig schneiden zu können ohne dass mir das durch die
    ganze Produkt bringt
    Habichler eine Cryan Sharpe besorgt aus dem Tierheim Lette das funktioniert
    wunderbar lässt sich zu verschneiden
    funktioniert besser als eine normale BASF entschieden
    Hochrad habe ich jede Nacht spalten zurechtgeschnitten
    Bremen damit hätte ich mir wichtiger
    warten was denkt
    das ist einigermaßen
    ja zumal Deco passen von einer Welpen
    das ganze muss sie natürlich zweimal machen die Titelfrage
    dann habe ich so frei Hand intakte modelliert
    ein fast so wie ich mir das vorgestellt hatten ein Dreieck dazu ein bisschen
    mit den Erlösen zurecht geformt das ist doch ein können sagte aussieht
    zuletzt hatten ich habe
    da habe ich mir lange überlegt ich habe dann einfach einen Strand
    und alle sehen am Ende ein kleines Stückchen umgebogen leicht verletzt
    er war
    dargestellt hat
    auch hier natürlich auf die Proportionen achten
    damit das auch von der Größe her alles
    die nächste Herausforderung war dann natürlich der Lenker
    da habe ich als erstes an die Schlange so wurde ihr
    Ulm die
    die sind übrigens auch einen Triathlon Rat auch einen auf dem Rennrad Lenker
    oben drauf ist
    wo die Fahrer bei einer längeren Fahrten Strecke ähnlich waren
    die Arme abspielten
    also einfach mal ein großes zu
    wie lange das ist habe ich erst mal aus Aach gelassen
    das habe ich keine
    und auch den Rennrad Lenkeit inhaltlich
    ja ich sag mal frei Schnauze Modelinie zu wie ich mir gedacht hat dass es
    funktionieren könnte
    über die Kante von Mai an Formen etwas sieht man auch selber gebastelt habe
    habe ich gehen einfach so oder gehängt und ist vertrocknet
    damit auch wirklich diesen Bogen bei
    habe ich mir noch einmal umgedreht und den Stephan ein in Celle
    unter gelegt damit endet in sich zusammenfällt
    und die Speichen selber zu kriegen hat mich oder fahren haben
    mit etwas Alkohol gelöscht
    Dr Spaghetti
    da ich im Moment nicht viel Zeit habe es gar nicht vergeben sein wenn der
    schlecht sagen wollte ich das Fahrrad EAs freistehend auch Heiner Preute alle
    das hat nicht funktioniert so wie ich mir das vorgestellt habe dass ich ihn
    habe Langenbucher
    hergestellt Mattersburg hat daran wenig
    war eine Notlösung aber funktioniert ganz gut
    zunächst stellte sind dann schon ihre ein
    hier habt ihr die große Tochter wird bei den Exponaten nahm
    aber auch hier alles machen
    langer Schlange raus
    und dann einfach
    OM meine Spaghetti Felge drumherum erlebt
    Banken müssten aufgespießt
    das ist dann natürlich erst mal ein wenig effektiv
    das kann man dann aber erstmal Wasser abgelassen
    wenn man das erstmal umgelegt hat Rang
    bin ich dabei gegangen
    ich habe das ganze in eine einigermaßen Runde Form gebracht
    diese ganze Arbeit ist natürlich jeder sehr aufwendig
    die Teile müssten immer wieder lange Zeit zwischendurch trocken
    das ist jetzt alles schön trocken «Das hat mich mehrere Tage nacheinander
    und dann erstmal liegen lassen und hier liegt das dann alles zusammen
    nach unten es hätte ein
    das muss dann auch erstmal wieder trocknen und wenn das dann alles
    getrocknet ist
    dank Prozent an der Sarthe aufgesetzt werden Enka Abschluss
    ja dass er hat alles schon ein paar Tage gedauert APA ich war mit dem Ergebnis
    einigermaßen zufrieden
    Deiche relativ frisch im Thema Motiv Tortenböden war mir schon klar dass das
    Fahrrad nicht aussehen wird wie von einem Profi
    aber wie gesagt
    das ist glaube ich schon ganz in Ordnung
    ja das letztendliche zusammen waren von den Banken ein Wertheim
    eine Fleißarbeit
    in Alexej
    das habe ich jetzt hier nicht aufgenommen da war der akutellen alle
    von Maja Kamera
    aber ich denke das ist dann jetzt ja nicht so schwierig sich das bildlich
    das ist eine Idee die man so etwas machen kann ich habe hier seither haben
    von meinem
    und heute gab das nächste Bier Optimist *** *** How to make Minions out of Fondant Cake Topper - YouTube !!!
    do the mood
    how we've got three painting happening lately
    me I made my from of
    of of pop pop pop pop pop
    first the movie going to start a routine
    could deter black over we are going to be
    the meaning and shoes we're going to need through over
    who heats me in we could have put it own
    the cake who obviously your KK to make big-time me
    charles is Lake we going to meet again to both
    this time it going to be like him 18th color
    at you prime blue with a tiny bit over
    powerful only going to make to lead to drop
    one the shoes friendly
    and cast like have been done we putting Flyers I
    cue be from you
    and now recurrent inspired
    obviously one queen
    the phone with couldn't throw into the shape now we have two more than the game
    I'm going into the same with the other one
    act dumb thing put the other too long
    that some planning to do all free and im gonna be there
    over ninety so they could not dry n
    we're not gonna put the medium gordy is not going out
    proof that they make in the terms is down we're going to start with
    been notable they were going to make them is
    & Noble this is the first one was gonna do the same
    with the addition to obviously they have different sized because
    free meaner at different times to
    and now I'm going to make tomorrow
    up to make the thunderous I'm crying
    cue rolled from her phone group
    then using a small Frank sup
    I'm going to Cooper themes
    booty up
    now I'm going to me her
    root for the past
    for the prompt about where dungarees
    configure put enough pressure hey perhaps to third
    this kind of a anything
    features he would be around eight tho because they're going to be
    that parking to make the front market
    I'm going to use through pp
    from now going through I
    them are
    a complete
    I'm can't for people throughout not work I'm pretty
    the Banchory try he can't go to them
    more mum
    obviously remained to know
    need to come someone put a different thing
    pumpkins time for the back room break going to act from
    mom black loop man pursued comp
    now I'm going through our some not Condon
    promote game from mind
    for clip
    to make the knesset from crying
    loose to both crew crazy
    mountain pace from with her ball
    through make their move for the
    actual crying
    now I'm going to feel p classes
    with them lying to them
    from come
    for this kind from going to put a new look
    group gray from Ruth up
    then some up blank
    mountain loop
    now we're going to make I am NOT in hand
    going to need to you north one block
    obviously from behind hemline yellow
    I'm going to throw morning
    lleno pain now
    wouldn't impress down your
    London then and in

    but means have
    couldn't make to pick her more I'm and
    then we need to around fingers
    you there beach in p.m. and good now
    the freshman I'm going to
    boom every turned only
    the passion
    they will be easier to start
    the from now
    I'm going to attach get prime up
    home to the phone with me ending no
    we're going to
    hand own to the on
    can drink you couldn't see anything on the left time
    no you didn't include show I'm going
    to her team
    seemed cool now I'm going to paint behind
    and I didn't he noted but both has warned green
    them one brown so I'm going to start with a clean
    up I first
    continue with the brown
    can now I'm going to paint the can't build up
    wonderful girl good for me
    hard to my client on being
    time now
    weekend for the bomb to today
    and sick there's still something
    day you think you have the a main gate two from the line
    and it is really food on
    don't *** *** How to Make a Fondant Ribbon & Bow | Cake Decorations - YouTube !!!
    Hi, my name is Amanda Oakleaf. I am owner, head baker, decorator of Amanda Oakleaf Cakes
    in Winthrop, Massachusetts where we do custom cakes of all kinds -- wedding cakes, birthday
    cakes, sculpted cakes. Anything you can think of we can make it into a cake. And today I
    will be talking to you about cake decorating. So we have our airbrushed cake and now we're
    going to add a ribbon around the base and a little bow in the front. So we have our
    color. We're going to give it a little bit of a knead and we want to sprinkle a little
    corn starch. That'll keep it from sticking to the table, and we're going to roll out
    a long strip so start with the shape that we want. We want a long ribbon. So that should
    be long enough to wrap around the cake. We have this fancy tool, it's a scissoring roller
    cutter and it allows you to cut a strip very easily. To make it look like fabric we have
    another roller that has a zigzag edge that will add stitch marks. You could also add
    polka dots. You could also have a texturing mat to give different looks to your ribbon.
    To glue it onto the side we have a mixture of water and meringue powder. We'll start
    with a flat edge, and you can cradle the ribbon so it doesn't stretch with your other arm
    and just apply it with your other arm as you spin it around. When you get to the end you
    can use your exacto tool and cut along right where it meets. There'll be a little seam
    but we can cover that up with the bow. So that's our ribbon, and then to make the bow
    you want to cut out a shape where it's skinnier in the middle and wider where the bow edges
    will be and then a little skinnier towards the middle again. So it's kind of like an
    untied bow tie. That looks how I like it. We want a little bit of glue in the middle
    here because that's where the two ends are going to stick together, and then I also like
    to glue a little bit on the outside of these because that's where they're going to scrunch
    up into a bow. So put that in the middle, and the other one. A little bit of glue, and
    then you want to scrunch it up as if it was tied and you can create a couple folds to
    make it look like it is fabric. Give it a good pinch. So that's the basic bow. I like
    to put it on a foam. That allows it to dry a little faster and keep it from drying too
    flat. Then we want a strip to cover the middle so on your extra, cut a little piece that's
    wide enough and you want it to extend and wrap around the back as well. Flip it over,
    a little glue on the back. Flip it over, with your exacto tool cut off the extras. Then
    you want to just let it dry half an hour to an hour. That will stiffen up and we'll be
    able to place it right on the side of our cake. *** ***