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    Truck Cake 3D Tutorial HOW TO Cook That - YouTube !!! English - Truck Cake English Captions English - Truck Cake English Captions Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon, today I am going to show you how to
    make a dump truck cake. I made this particular one for my little boy
    when he turned two on the weekend and we had a party to celebrate.
    Now if you go to the blog howtocookthat.net you can download the
    template that i've made for you.
    You can make the fondant details a month ahead but the minimum you are going to
    have to do it is about three days ahead. Because the fondant needs time to dry out
    on these details so that they will hold their shape. Put you black fondant on some non-stick
    baking paper. If your fondant is sticking to the rolling pin like this one just
    spray it with some cooking oil and run that around your roller
    and then it should roll out smoothly for you.
    you want to roll it to about

    Then using the templates that I have given you as a guide.
    Then cut out the front of the truck.
    Then cut out the rectangle and strips and lay them over the top.
    as shown and then put a strip on either side.
    We then want to cut out the two little rectangles, one in each corner.
    use the back of a skewer
    to poke some little holes for details and then the corner of your ruler
    on the bottom of each corner just to make a little indent.
    and then I've use the back of a spoon, anything that has a rectangle shape.
    Just poke a couple of little rectangle holes in it.
    Optionally if you want to you can use use your skewer to make little dots and write the
    name of the birthday boy on the front of the truck.
    Cut out the side pieces for your truck.
    Now there is a couple of pieces that need to be folded
    and set on a right angle so just fold those
    and put them up against a wall to dry so that they can dry in the
    correct position.
    Then repeat those pieces for the other side of the truck so you need two of each of those.
    To make your screws take a small amount of black fondant, roll it into a ball
    and then squash that to form a circle in the size shown. If it is too big just
    start again making a smaller ball of fondant.
    and roll it out.
    Then roll out some more fondant
    cut a circle using the back of a straw
    and put that on top.
    Then take some silver luster dust and a dry paintbrush and just brush it over

    to give you your silver screws. They're going to go in the centre of your wheels.
    When you are cutting out all of these pieces you want to leave them on the non-stick baking paper
    If you try and lift them up and move them you are going to put them out
    of shape.
    So leave them where they are.
    So that you can store them I like to cut around them
    and then transfer them to a baking tray so I can put them on top of the
    fridge out of the way and they can dry out there.
    To make the funnel to go on top of the truck
    roll out a snake shape and place it over the template
    trim it to size
    Poke a piece of spaghetti into the base end of that so it will help it stand up on the
    to make the barrel
    roll a cylinder in the size shown
    and then I just put a little circle on top of that in the middle.
    For your cabin
    We want to cut strips of fondant
    and again if you get the template under the non-stick baking paper and you can
    use that as a guide
    to make you window frames just using the strips, put them into place
    and stick it together
    Next for the yellow fondant. Make sure you wash your hands and your rolling pin well so you
    don't get any black on it
    If you are nor familiar with using fondant or colouring fondant
    go to the fondant basics video. If you click on CAKE DECORATING TUTORIALS
    in the description below this video
    then you'll find the fondant basics one there.
    And it shows you how to colour fondant.
    I've actually addicts some banana essence to this one too
    to give it a bit of flavour.
    take the inside wheel rectangle template
    and roll it around a piece of paper so that the edges of the rectangle meet.
    and then sticky tape
    that into place.
    Cover that roll of paper with some banking paper and sticky tape that
    into place as well.
    Roll out your yellow the fondant
    And cut out strips in the width of that rectangle.
    straighten the edges using a ruler and trim one end straight.
    Roll that carefully around
    the cylinder that you've just made out of paper.
    and once it gets to the meeting let it overlap just a little bit
    and then trim off the edges neatly.
    You want to stand that upright
    dry. To make the top of your truck cut out the rectangle out of the yellow fondant
    and mark where you want the circle and the lines to be by gently pushing down
    with an object on top of your template
    Then remove your template
    Cut strips, place them in place and use a ruler to straighten them up.
    Use the end of a straw to cut out a circle.
    and enlarge the circle to the right size by moving the straw around in a circlular motion.

    To make the
    back of our dump truck you need to find a box in your cupboard
    that is about the size of the template that I have given you.
    This weetbix box that I have got here is about right
    What we want to do is trim up the box so that the edges
    curve around just like they do on the actual truck
    So we are going to just
    cut it, trim them up and then sticky tape into place.
    Now I found under the weight of the fondant this box wasn't quite strong enough. It started to warp a little bit.
    It was OK but if you are going to use a weet-bix box I suggest you stuff it with something in
    the middle just to give it a bit more strength
    Now the box for your truck needs to be about
    So this one is a little bit short so what I am going to do is place it on a book.
    to rise it up to the right height.
    Cover your box with non-stick baking paper.
    and your tray as well. Roll out the yellow fondant and cover the box.
    You might find it easier to transfer it on the baking paper rather than taking it off.
    On the short end of the truck place it around and just gently fold the corner into place
    Leave about a
    your fondant to make it neat
    at the corner then of your long side
    leave it going right down to the paper
    Up next to the end that you have just done and then trim it up and across in a
    straight line as shown
    all the way to the other end
    granted effort the krona
    the impact of that canada an across damning of the sides
    and make the alongside match what you've just done on the fast start
    using a pizza cutter
    make two cuts
    at the end as shown and then using your ruler
    fold that up over the ruler so that it bends
    down if the truck was the right way up.
    roll pout some more yellow fondant in the width of your truck
    put a little bit of water on your finger and run that over the fondant that is already
    and place the rectangle of fondant over the truck
    pushing into place as you go here I am just using a ruler to flatten it out.
    Leave a
    fold up just a little bit at the end
    so that it's sticking up.
    Cut two extra pieces of yellow fondant to place along the sides
    to give it that
    Next cut a strip of fondant
    and put it along
    corner edge of your truck to just where it's bending down.
    Place a thicker strip along the top edge of the truck and going around
    the back
    I'm using a needle medicine dispenser here
    just placing a few little circle holes so they look like
    rivet holes on the truck, using some more fondant
    put a few stripes going down the edge.
    after a couple of days the yellow circle should be dry enough to work with
    take them off the cylinder
    then place them on some grey fondant and cut around that
    Roll a snake out of the grey fondant, trim it down
    and place it into the middle of the circle
    and then roll another snake, trim it down and then cut it in half and put it like a
    criss cross in the center of the circle
    take one of the screws that you've already made before and put it in the middle
    and then push it down gently
    It's these sort of details on the cakes that make them look good.
    Now that all the details are done.
    Let's make the actual cake.
    take your template for the bottom layer of cake
    and put it in a cake tin. I've got a rectangular cake tin here that can be
    resized to any shape I have had it for ages and it's really useful.
    I'll see if I can find anyone who currently sells them, if so I will put a link in
    the description below the video. If you don't have one of those you can just use
    a cardboard box. Make sure you use a box that
    coated in a shiny picture because they have a plastic coating on it so it needs to be just a
    box and then make a frame. Doesn't need a base, just the frame tied into place.
    You want it to be just slightly bigger
    Than your cake template this allows you room to trim off the edges of your cake
    and just be left with that nice moist centre piece of chocolate cake
    and then line it with baking paper just like I have done with the frame here.
    so that the cake mixture can't leak out into the oven
    I'm using the same chocolate cake recipe that I always use becsaue it is really
    chocolatey and delicious.
    if you need the video for that recipe it is already on this channel
    when this video finishes if you click on see more videos by How To Cook That
    you'll find the chocolate cake recipe there.
    Bake it until a knife inserted into the centre comes out clean.
    Because it is a large cake I put this one in the centre of the oven and put an empty
    baking tray on
    a shelf above it. Just to shield the top of it from heat so that the top didn't
    burn before the centre was cooked.
    Take your cake board template
    and cut it out of some really thick cardboard, then I have wrapped it in alfoil so that the
    cardboard is not going to absorb the
    oil from the cake or the moisture from the cake and go soft.
    Stick that into place on the back.
    We need the truck to sit off the cake board
    So to achieve this I have cut more squares out of the thick cardboard
    and stick them together
    Then I am attaching that to the bottom of your cake board and sticking it into
    Your chocolate ganache will be firm when it has just come out of the fridge so whip it up using an
    electric mixer
    this adds some air but it also softens it
    The ganache recipe is on that chocolate cake
    video that I referred to already.
    Cut your first layer of cake. Use a cake leveler if you have one. If
    you don't have one
    just put something that's the right
    thickness for the layer
    and put it just under your knife to guide your knife as you cut so that you get the same
    level the whole way through.
    put your template on top of the cake and cut it out
    put a smear of ganache on the alfoil
    and put that first layer of cake into place
    cover the top of it in another layer of ganache
    and then cut out your next layer of cake using the same method that we used
    Put the template on it but right over to one side.
    Cut that out and put it into place on top of the piece that you have already done.
    Put some ganache over the top of that
    for the top of the cabin
    Use the piece of the cake that you have already cut some out of
    and cut that in two. put it together and piece it together to make
    the rectangle that you need for the top of the cabin
    Put that lengthwise across
    the front of the truck
    and then put ganache on top of that.
    Next we want to cover all the sides and the front and the back
    of the cake in your ganache
    I'm using a palette knife to smooth it off. It doesn't have to be perfect because
    remember your fondant pieces are already set firm
    Check the height of the front of the cake by holding up the fondant front of the cake to it.
    if it's not quite tall enough just add a bit more ganache on top.
    Then put the front of the cake in place
    Now because your ganache is warm and we have just whipped it
    it's not going to hold in place straight away it will start to slide so you need to put
    something under its to support it while it's setting and once it firms up in the
    fridge it will hold there no worries.
    if you are serving this cake outside or somewhere very warm
    then you might want to poke some spaghetti through the front
    into the actual cake just to give it that bit of extra support
    put the top of the truck on followed by the sides and the back of the front
    section of the truck
    Take the rectangle sides and pushed them into the cake on each side to make that bit that
    sits above the wheels
    To make the windows
    put some isomalt into a saucepan and heat it on high heat until it melts
    and then tip it into each of the window slots.
    if you don't have isomalt you can use normal sugar
    If you haven't worked with sugar before in that way
    Then there is a video how to make sugar decorations for desserts
    Once your windows have set and cooled and they are hard
    use your left over isomalt just reheat it
    and it's the sides of your cabin pieces into it.
    and use it like glue to stick it together into place
    Take your final layer of cake. Level the top of the cake
    and then using your wheel templates cut out four circles of cake
    and then
    cut around the centre sections
    cut a hole out of each piece of your cake. Place some ganache on the top of the circle
    Roll out a thin layer of black fondant using the circle template again
    just cut around, leave about a
    slightly bigger than the circle in your black fondant. Place that over the wheel
    Flip it over and repeat that on the other side
    Then take a knife and cut a small cross in the centre section right where the
    hole is in the wheel
    and take the yellow wheel centre that you have already made, put it right in the
    middle and then gently push it down into place.
    Take some more black fondant
    roll out a long strip and cut it to a thickness that is slightly thinner than the
    width of your wheels
    using your finger put some water on the top of the fondant, not a lot just a little bit
    Then roll up your wheel so that it joins at the other side.
    Trim it off.
    Then I am using a chop stick, anything that you've got in your draw that has a square
    shape to it
    just make indents around the
    edge of your wheel
    on the top side
    and then again on the base of your wheel just push it to line up
    with the indents that you have just made for the tread of your tyre.
    Roll out some more black fondant
    and cut one edge straight
    and put that edge up against the front of the truck
    and smooth it over the back part of the truck body.
    trim it up using a knife and then use a knife or a ruler to push it into the corners
    and smooth it around the bumps that stick out.
    Then use your chopstick to make some indents on those side sections
    make some more indents on the back of the truck.
    take your side pieces and push them into the sides of your cake
    so that they sit as shown.
    These are going to sit just above your wheel.
    roll out a little rectangle of black and place it over the box of ganache
    that you can see there
    Then take one of your tires
    and you might have to push it down a little bit and push it into
    using some ganache secure your back wheels into place
    and take your funnel
    and poke it through the hole in the top of yellow fondant
    To make the dirt you are going to need two packets of oreos
    Place them in the blender
    the middles need to stay in. don't take them out just put the whole biscuit in the blender
    and blend them up. To make the rocks that go in the back of the truck
    use some of your chunks of left over cake
    just use your fingers to break bits off them to make them look a bit more rock shaped
    rather than slices of off cut cake
    dip them in some warmed ganache and then just put it in the fridge to set.
    Add some ganache to the back of the truck
    and then put your tray carefully into place.
    Add in your rocks and some dirt, put some more rocks on top, little sprinkle of dirt
    on there. If you want you can add some rock candy jewels
    and some geodes. I will do a video on how to do rock candy with large crystals at a
    later date for you.
    use a small amount of ganache to put the little barrel in place in the middle
    and the cabin with your windows
    in place on the front of the truck.
    Finally put a thin layer of ganache over your whole cake board and sprinkle it with your
    oreo dirt
    Put a couple of rocks on the cake board as well
    and some chocolate popping sugar
    traffic cones. Don't forget to add some tracks behind your truck
    and a little bit of dirt on your back wheels
    and you're ready for your birthday party
    [singing - happy birthday]
    [singing - happy birthday]
    [singing - happy birthday]
    [singing - happy birthday]
    hip hip
    Thank you to everyone who clicks like on my videos and shares them with their
    friends and to all my lovely subscribers
    really appreciate your support and i'll see you next week Bye *** *** FROZEN ELSA CAKE TOPPER - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom) *** *** How to make Minion fondant cake topper figurine tutorial - TheCakingGirl - YouTube !!!
    he guys is the king girl here today and when the show you how to make many in
    I'll be making three million fishery
    different ways making here I and lake
    these are two colored fun and Johnny and media with have golden yellow and happy
    lemon yellow
    in the blue is with royal blue and opinion play
    I use regular brown for my brown and then Brent
    and black and Lee
    first and gonna make the you'll find it with gun cap powder
    so becomes come peace this will help the dry and harden pastor
    next time mister shipping them an amusing s mother
    help me okay and I'm gonna make one that's longer some other minions are
    taller than the others
    okay number a little blue funding biggest Rica at the bottom and then at
    the Capitol
    and makeup artist Dick fell for the overalls begin long enough so that wraps
    around the back up in many in this file
    throughout this video and using water as clue
    sticky overalls on and heaven cover all the way around
    cut the bottom in and cut up any extra the front pockets Ashley
    curbs on the bottom some uses circle cutter and then make a streak and a top
    and both sides
    include is in for another overall
    general too thin strips for the straps
    have the strap over what the coroner's cuz you be adding buttons
    okay every three min into their overall I munich won many intending ceramic the
    lakes for it
    to with Compete's powder makes it into the black and blue fund
    cut a small piece of the blue for the lake and make a line in the center
    limit the black fun and make a slightly longer than the plea want to stick to a
    make sure their proportional to the mini in
    attention together and set aside while you finish the mini
    okay so now we're gonna make the IFE
    uni circle cutters and make sure their proportional to your figuring
    you want cutters they're slightly smaller and bigger so
    you can have a border for the goggles so I have a large medium and small med
    large when is a circle cutter
    my medium is an icing tip and my small one is a circle plunder
    so when am I many is gonna have
    1in for that and the news on large and medium together
    and then other too many as I could have two spies
    sobbing use the medium and small together
    key and makes a black-and-white fun together to get make refund in
    little a bit thicker so they're gonna be a call calls
    several away fine it make this relief then
    in infantile it will you still fun and make it really thin as well
    and we can shapiro eyes to show you how to do the island blues away circles on
    in with the yellow circles you can cut them to make them into a highly
    so the big one is when he looks like he's annoyed
    and this one looks like he's laughing and excited
    and this will have a normal looking eyes
    seeking a islands on the top and the bottom as well but the people I'm using
    brown fun
    so to make a really small circles I roll a tiny tiny ball
    in a press them with the backup an exacto knife
    soap into same amount of unimaginable to Paul
    leak at the same size people engines pension little bit more for the bigger I
    include a people's on
    and with the black on it a little and cut into strips
    they grew in london mini in all the way around to the back
    summit is shapiro eyes to show you that every turn and we can change the
    expression on the mini and
    he look angry drowsy than traps laid down a hill suspicious as well
    and using animal black marker
    if you don't have one you can make black full color gel with vodka or lemon
    pretty draw circle than a dot in the middle
    a line to connect the dot to the circle
    then go for light to create diamond shape
    in the middle
    okay and then into the middle of it
    people as well
    in with the scene with Amy to people's I'm gonna make the button
    as well okay this part is optional I'm gonna pee on them details you can leave
    this part only like
    I'm using a breakaway color gel
    then diluting it was women extract
    in for the goggles I'm using lemon extract a silver luster dust
    so I'm adding white dot at the corner of two people
    and I'm crossing the park kansas law
    I don't do it the way it was just one drop of water and I'm
    at from lines for the overall
    and impede the card will sober
    for one of the many in and twenty years fun in for the smile
    the other 2 a.m. when in use black edible marker and for the hair
    the first way is making very skinny streams with black pond
    with this method I grew to him lying flat on top of the many
    a final picks up easily evade try getting them to stand up so
    the second me up making here as I use toothpicks and paint them black
    some little toothpaste right for bill
    so right now I'm gonna do the arms so with back fun and a little
    and if you wanna make sure there was seen signs you can use a circle cutter
    commit to cuts for their fingers
    and for the arms and issues in me alone and then just general into strings
    okay so this is one here doubt that many in hand the finest chance can be used
    for this
    with a tiny bit a red and then at the time so
    you can use the same circle cutter so than the edges with that together
    I'm it appeared leaks before set aside to try and that one is for
    I'm a million to standing so I'm also gonna show you how to make one that
    sitting down
    and it's really simple as just rolled
    will find and fully extend cut the black fun and Hannah so both pieces are seen
    signs and northern
    for the shoes so valid for Q scores in the millions
    and when a testament to keep them so the Iranian
    added to stand in Lake and this left from here
    is gonna be a fitting one and I'm gonna want too late
    for the middle man and I'm leaving with no Lake
    that I may claim millions for making is not on this poll and its make this
    Darius while
    especially if you're gonna make in million that's the size or smaller
    for the standing up strands of hair just inserted toothpick
    on the top of the head and if anyone wants it to be green just let them know
    to get it
    okay so here's a tough few other three different hairstyles
    ok and that I make mine a million figurines make it covers
    and show you how to make the difference nice patients at different hairstyles
    in many in it sitting or standing hope you find this helpful
    pieces go to my channel for more tutorials thanks so much for watching *** *** How to make Rainbow Dash, My Little Pony cake topper figurine out of fondant tutorial - YouTube !!!
    Don urge do
    yet have to me
    Lee for me and sign me me
    here Iran gas the most
    my page and wasn't
    no yes that my was
    me some p and leaders
    his heart hair well
    whose who won
    and i won he most he named
    NY many yeah gift-wrapped
    making have a mustache head has to go
    going to make a bowl with them maybe we'll marking paint
    and when heated pressed into mine thank to make them all
    day week into the machine in the mall
    P Diddy shaping tool
    to make I testimony week going
    to make two holes
    and we going to fit with the paint why
    she pays NBC sitcom
    too good I I'm using
    and in part in this well with the I'll
    are you can you spot nice well I'm using
    black for continuing I the
    I yes yes
    and pupils
    that oh missus I'm statement in tap and
    of creating them any thankful and rent
    thankful he
    inflections I missus and Houston send like committing

    at this point we can help them white
    she left pane
    M-one really really tiny
    know the key think making the body and we going to start to we can make the use
    in a ball
    sugarpaste and making existing debt
    however one side is that the login and you had one
    take a dip speak and most in need to be with them or deception want
    form of day for the body itself
    any you since and no one and modeling pays
    and and pressing my inside to make an ache
    at this point we can blaze it
    over tonight
    to athlete ahead
    and we're going to set it to think from the neck to neck
    ending we cannot go ahead
    we can go doing

    and then do anything think with some small left-wing
    and its chemical with them more time
    own a table and then we can run the antis
    economy single-use they here's a small triangle with pres
    and test today helped we can make known the beautiful

    and we need small pieces sugarpaste when it close up there and of course
    so we need purple blue green yen no end
    and finally made
    now we can attach they tend to the body and that we're going to need ed
    a deeper blue and to speaking again
    food & Noble Park did that happen going to use them
    purple blue and green modeling paste instead
    for the hair on top of the head we're going to use
    lleno almond enjoyed now
    leaking think the cutie mark and
    again in using a double
    death some popcorn
    said it noticed my in nineteen
    is meant yellow and do
    now I'll remember this is done
    and if you guys nected PD I don't forget comes out
    I would really appreciate it also have going to recreate November best and
    don't forget to post it on my
    think paint second see your beautiful recreation
    have a think tank why *** *** Flower and modelling paste Peter rabbit cake topper tutorial How to make a Peter rabbit cake fondant - YouTube !!!
    SPO the making Peter Rabbit and
    just diet smuggling pay a light brown color
    tits farm Manchester got here gestures French ass fucked cannot do that nama
    fund into a few like you ain't
    I love it fair to I'm gonna leave some but
    his head yes I'm just going to take rest for the party
    just control somehow months she crack Sims
    train I'll out not gonna do is for anybody who can create
    I basic share and just gonna be at
    passionate tomorrow let just trying to squash the top
    me by today cry
    case that far ASIC
    peach rabbit shaped okay many a bit like retirement
    centrist cockpit like past scanner
    from this into a look back hatcher
    share gonna pro out black
    each fixed the front apparatus that's about
    up size-wise arms fit well-managed
    up smarter times the party right attached mistake
    push I'm family is quite big
    this is peter rabbit Mac doesn't smaller depending on
    the size of each a night cleaning company
    and I shot I'll
    tufts factors troutman using you
    modeling tool I he's a cocktail stick
    Chevy professor ok
    lines I'm sign open it in now
    gonna create a tops these tanks Sat
    just of the
    white path as a buddy just keep pushing
    but he mad lento to create a line
    how while you can see media
    gonna bring it crashed comes down side
    that white peaches I'm undamaged try and push
    Hannah strange
    and you can do the same the site I'm just going until
    which can be used man and you can choose a high schooler
    such as fun to tear drop shaped
    gonna squashed Anna back
    smack childbirth inside was taken on I'm just gonna
    a.m. Nepal not to
    aligned and me
    trial mistake
    another wash from me shop to me Puntland
    just push that under buddy bet
    sucked big time into me
    she speaks cookout now
    you can do yon stirred up am 2 p.m. see my gramma
    bpm sorta I'm
    down schram I cannot mobile energy now
    adding believe cut to cock
    Hester discoverer out try
    and just once for long enough to read fatty
    idea public rolled money perhaps try and catch
    that mister buddy get its hands
    see size right hand on Oct based on to come
    just down past is little bit
    change it he can to
    gonna lame back on to blow again a wrap the blue around
    somewhere about touched contest launched come tonight he s mine
    Linea minor decide
    last max made
    what happened inside his jacket and put it back on
    stick to it can you can do it I
    Easter switch is pushed back
    and and I'm not gonna push the very con- a bit on China beneath us
    Saturday trickle back she's gonna
    she tight
    top after party change much honey to half-mast creases
    guy leaving without calling japan akashi ninety
    colored just CAF a couple triangles
    plan with Dan
    attach to top each
    K you don't have to have to call a

    it to you back me
    minor Guinea tumbling free noms set
    action key part about going back to brown
    for the face not gonna need I'll ahead
    team-best just roll involved
    holding it against your body CT sidelines what's lacking
    comparison for she can't Cup passions right
    action for happy ap Trinity
    cracks and my J used take the head off by
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    just keep checking it looks like against your body not gonna do now
    she's in the night I'm just gonna
    and night turn it around no I'm
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    going down ups nice face okay
    countries not mine
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    me and for them out now
    very nice I'm gonna do it's just
    indentation with the bond tell disconnect and damn
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    madelinetosh burn it down tiny Connor
    side going into him
    is just for a cocktail stick through spotty had
    to sit on just check statements and
    prop but if not prints check two min
    I'm much thanks
    wench happy with it on the body
    to her water from atop at the bundy
    back counter-strike
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    gonna my in a
    around his mouth let me just a little bit Sep just got
    love Muslim past if you find it easy to use on
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    Obama flattened and last and aside
    and nurses how K
    chapter that just another mantra
    and I'm not gonna try and a track
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    if you want to hang our heads trying to four times on weekend that's fine
    is easy to activate
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    have come into I'm just now
    two balls and want to be smart enough to incident
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    just rolled it on the bus ticket class
    can just pull up bar to
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    yes i'd trap I'm me
    but getting some buttons doubt out of pale yellow
    I'm just gonna well three of our
    just go three
    discount check on tap
    use passion a thanks now
    gonna at the time so you wanna in bloom again
    czesc that mix-ups much time to try to help it
    much just Kerala past sausage
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    Press the comp time
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    for the head and body and literally just gonna
    two balls you know pic
    gonna put that Washington and each piece leaves
    am she won even critics find intentioned but Mia
    paintbrush house to keep him play
    jiska posh aunt
    likes stick into one and
    to time to take shape
    to cock not browned
    now I'm gonna at yes

    first Ashika
    how I'm gonna keep
    one bit think a combat the comeback
    be attach to the head
    I'm just gonna look against his head how r
    parties to base probably to how think
    recruitment pick up crying just cutting
    I'm Cup and
    share out
    that's why
    just gonna an app a top company

    much AM indentation from the bottom
    and be going up but
    inside I'm much exactly the same
    give up he can't try around it account to
    get them the same size and shape
    and what should happen but can actually attach them
    with that water I'm to to
    ahead cam
    them together and I'm girl like
    I have them at their power
    love it apply
    century snap out using the black I'm just gonna pain
    and Teresa nice searchers
    just fax it kind of got and use a recent approach
    hi just gonna
    hey esakal into his eyes became active seems
    I'm just gonna berle to release Mar Isles
    now back inside nice circuit
    Sachar squash am a bit
    and ac any unitaf trained
    I'm cinema inside cap K and then
    I need today announced trying to be difficult to do it
    well you just going around around
    like power for the tail I'm just gonna stick
    that are too but the backs of two it might strike strike by up to do it
    okay if you're making us stirred up your family to do it
    thank you for watching
    if you liked this video I would like to see more please click on the images and
    the in a video suggested
    also please do subscribe to my channel using the button on the bottom right
    hand corner of the screen
    you can also visit my cake apply to my facebook page to see more cake
    and ideas *** ***

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