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4 - 30, 26, 18 10 __ Multi-tiered_Wedding_Cakes 30, 26, 18 10 how to make

30, 26, 18 10 how to make

    4 - 30, 26, 18 10 __ Multi-tiered_Wedding_Cakes

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    FullyRaw Edible Christmas Trees! - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    I'll hey you guys
    its Christina without your creativity skill
    today because we're gonna be making fully well
    edible Christmas tree if I'm so excited about this holiday recipe that I have
    actually gone
    out and made myself like handmade
    my own tacky Christmas sweater just for you
    do you like it it has its own Christmas tree right in the middle
    go put on your tacky Christmas sweaters that we can all make
    this amazing recipe together and where I tacky Christmas sweaters together as we
    make it
    for I absolutely love this recipe because it is a healthy alternative
    to any processed are fattening holiday at dish
    out there you can bring it with you a social events for any be moms out there
    who are looking for
    a replacement to making gingerbread houses difficult perfect
    creative art and craft ish to me I am so excited to eat this with you
    are you ready he's ID
    absolutely deliciously 3 ingredients that you're going any
    one right pineapple strawberries raspberries hmm
    attack fairy is one pair
    cherry lot
    a finishes the flight kiwi's cherry tomatoes
    great flight
    cucumbers and
    flight sideways red and yellow bell peppers
    any other fun free ingredient that you wanna add
    out because this is your creative tree and you can use
    any for that your first thing that you're gonna do
    as you're gonna cut your pineapple into
    a cult you're gonna cut off the top and the bottom part and then you're gonna
    kindly shape of the fat until it looks like it all come
    then you're going to take your toothpicks
    you're gonna stick them in top you're gonna cut off the top and the bottom of
    your pair
    and you're gonna stick it right on top that way we've created
    base have your Christmas tree you're gonna take oliver little toothpicks
    gonna stick your for its on top oven
    however you wish and you're just gonna start building up your Christmas tree
    let's get started
    hockey p.m. already for I wish I would have grown up with it
    instead I've building gingerbread houses building for Christmas trees like dot I
    would've been the happiest kid on the fifth planet
    let me everywhere wanna strawberry other
    next up I'm gonna be adding
    kiwi's Ford Community see you may notice that
    actually using the Canada kiwi's on here have tons of nutritional value
    please never be afraid candidates me actually quite delicious
    next prayer this is
    trench each area me and now
    we're going to you black every
    and neck cherry tell me guilt and next
    will do great next at an art cucumbers
    final touch on top at an
    some rad various got the main assembly but we still have to add our Christmas
    tree like
    for this I'm just gonna take for my bell peppers
    I'm going to garnished fattened alongside
    just right here and we are almost done but not quite yet
    you cannot have a Christmas tree without a star on top
    and so while you're cutting your pineapple be sure to cut off once life
    two years later
    needed to make the star gonna take it and you're gonna grab your
    star cookie-cutter or I should say your for
    cutter and you're gonna precedent for that you can make
    are you ready your fruit star
    we're gonna take our star and we are going to put it
    on top archery Momo
    do you see are gorgeous fully rock edible Christmas tree
    look at how beautiful that is we have lights we have
    ornaments its fully well fully edible totally
    3d definitely low in fat and it isn't perfect
    dish to bring with you too any holiday meal even to make with your kids to give
    them something creative to do that holiday from
    if you love this tree and if you want to eat it
    and you still believe in Santa Claus and if we love my Christmas letter
    no I think we should give this video
    thumbs up it I hope you love this recipe and that you subscribe to my channel it
    fully Rock Casino
    right changing your tips and tricks and fun recipe to make in the kitchen help
    inspire you to let live vibrantly helpful
    if you want to connect with me daily you can also visit me on my Facebook page
    at fully rockwell you know where I loved interact with you guys and I love to
    give you
    daily had I love the gorgeous produce here today comes from my at local co-op
    can he said which is actually the largest in the nation
    called Rocklea organic and you can check that out softwaregeek.com
    I you guys I'm gonna go thing Christmas Carol
    and eat my fully ruckus mystery and I hope that you get to do nothing
    marry Chris had
    he got a look at my fully about Christmas trees and beautiful
    is beautiful and I love it and made it just for Santa Claus I made it just for
    Papa Noel
    fed milk and cookie keep getting a tree it what you think
    Papa Noel there is no up on oil there's no Santa Claus
    play there is no Papa Noel
    me to *** *** Cuisinart Knife Set Review: VEGGIE HOLIDAY PLATTER How-To (for Awesome Stuff Week: Gift Grab!) - YouTube !!! *** *** Christmas Tree Tutorial Part 1 - YouTube !!!
    hi everyone this is Kelly mothers cracked my mom
    I put out the video the other day on a Christmas tree card that I made
    and I was asked by most to be you to show how to cart
    the tree and the card was made someone to do that this video
    I'm gonna make this a two-part video I'm
    the Stars partner show you how to make just the tree
    and then in the second part I'm gonna show you how to make
    the card you know put everything together on the card but some if you
    guys know how to do the car just wanna see how to treat someone a shade that
    so what you need to do that is the am this is the Martha Stewart
    I'm honestly pine branch punch looks like
    this and it's hard to find I've looked online
    can buy it on ebay I'm we have found on e-bay
    South you gonna need some kind of it he said I'm just going to use this Scotch
    per minute he served you need in their star
    or iron bow or anything like that to me so babo
    and you need to come tumbling I'm using
    different kinds of little diamond things and some pearls
    and get me a piece of paper
    Green Paper I'm in any color paper you want dark green light green
    you back so now that that's all together
    let me show you how to punch this out and attach a tree
    okay lets you just take your car stock and I'm using Stampin Up cardstock
    so it's really hard and you just go into
    fight or branches out like that
    and to say it's time
    I would head and did that
    I don't know for princeton after probably did I'm not try it
    I'm and yasuo
    going to need a basis for a tree unless you can do this
    i cant which I cannot so I'm not going to attempt it
    so what I did was I took my winter frolic cartridge can I cut this
    out I want to say it four inches don't
    fought me a map because I'm not sure
    but did I think it was four inches so
    when I'm going to use mine take my
    it he said and I'm just gonna cover
    the whole tree with it sturm
    she can do this with wet yousef you know let's play he said for use at
    if you want to run into your statement didn't go here
    but you do need to be careful because you don't want to attach it to your
    breach you can see my pieces on the air
    and that on my do is take my branches in with them pointing down
    like this I'm gonna start attaching them where I think
    widow right there and you don't wanna put him down to parker zine is gonna
    like just a big blob
    and you're just gonna start attaching make
    so make sure you always keep your branches dared
    what I do as I kinda
    outline you know go all over my tree and then when I feel
    that its term
    good enough
    I can like the outside look good you can always go back in attach more I'll show
    you how did that that's blurry
    underneath my computer cameras actually blurry
    but she don't wanna really
    are make it you don't do a perfect because you know there's not a perfect
    tree out there
    and i've seen just keep them
    yes and if you let him poke up still they look you know
    real and this looks a lot better in
    real-life than it does on a cord
    earned not given its to several people arm an
    they said that it it looks real the first
    brown on YouTube and armed
    she was my my
    trial and hers turned out beautiful
    parents like I'm gonna keep making a see see how quick that was
    menus gonna take your thing and just keep
    keep filling the millions then right here is gone what kind of
    collette pitiful so I'm intake
    only put one mark at the top to accept
    came then take the same tape times in a row let
    over some other
    reddened there my hands stickam
    used to attach to your
    okay sorry about that my camera died
    okay whatever you is now that I've attached
    on my branches to where it looks really cute to me
    Tom I'm gonna take this and
    pizza ribbon in this poem showed you she could the pearl of
    I wanna stay about these from Walmart
    and their arm one other sections
    and then missed a game in England dot you don't wanna popped out because you
    don't want this to pop up
    just one mini glue dot and I'm gonna attach it
    about right there Namen take my bow
    reason back out and I'm going to attach
    my knee bow right there
    senators in cricket in there you know if you wanna leave it like that you can
    I know so

    loose small heat
    seeking can these red moment you
    is I buy my letters like this
    and I just cut their
    to wear you know separations
    I just fine that's cheaper been trying to buy Boeing
    and then times can take my tweezers and on a pattern of
    I think perhaps am just going to start attaching
    a little red rhinestones wherever
    you want to attack him doesn't have to be perfect
    like I told you I don't think any tree is perfect
    just however you want to do it
    and this also helps to push into the branches down
    King student for
    I can try to find it cuz mufflers a mess
    okay someone do that an open up my pearls here
    these I got they were a dollar AC Moore
    and I'm on take my teeny tiny little pearls
    and I'm just going to attach them
    I don't quit the

    stuck to my finger
    wherever I can do it
    and if you don't like the colors that I'm using that's the good thing you can
    whatever you want to do if you wanna chat
    black I'm I haven't damn nice
    I've never seen it done my card
    but I know that
    they make those white Christmas trees i've seen
    um I had friends that had that have had them
    so if you wanted to cut this out say with white paper
    I'm I don't know how pretty it would be but it's worth a shot
    but there is what my tree looks like winds are also
    finished you saw how quick it %um so all you need
    this Justin Lane he can only mean
    United grey/black Minnesota Green
    whatever whatever floats your boat
    and then you just gonna need some paper and I Martha Stewart punch and some type
    but he said
    I'm don't even have to happen glue dot to attach this
    if you wanna touch with adhesive or you know liquid adhesive
    anything like that you can so that is my tree
    so that's part one I'm if you go to part
    I'll show you how to put the whole car together thanks so much for watching
    hope you all have a Merry Christmas *** *** Shabby Chic Christmas Tree Tutorial #1 - YouTube !!! *** *** Christmas Tree Decorating Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    today me show you how to decorate my Christmas tree and we should do a few
    simple steps and we'll go through it really fast if you like this video
    please subscribe and like below thanks alright guys so many do first is a dick
    down my crib skirt and I'm going to approach the angel on you can do a poor
    topper that's up to you this angel have had for a long time
    sentimental and any special
    already went out alright
    tree skirt Angel Tree we're gonna start putting in Garland treaty to keep it in
    a pattern that will interest so it's not one directional and then we go from
    there so there's a lot of options you can do for women I actually even half
    the fabric that's just cut into short hair
    squared but this way if I need just a little bit of Ravenna can put it in to
    conduct or you can do big long remain it's nice but wire edged ribbon is
    really nice
    mean on the trees that telephone and good dollar store and get
    it at hospital to get it started the top of my tree and I am going to start with
    smaller section
    line and if you have wire you kind of wrapping it around your branch I really
    like it when there's a little bit comes out in front and then a little bit you
    talk everything just to be up and out later the tree while things ok so what
    he did at less you have enough to cover up to the very bottom so he's a little
    bit of variety although and rearrange
    I do
    this is just a good way to add a little variety to look at you know how
    far a little bit to you
    just made it a little bit of variety and texture
    you really have to think about it and patterns like diamonds or I can use
    whatever you feel sure you put it in fact that you also are night when you
    kinda like that they're not happy that way right on the outside
    ok if you do it you might as well be nothing and everything on the very edge
    of entry aren't really is high but three
    there are like this they reflect sunlight and now the good time to get
    any special have the rotary classic really beautiful make sure that they get
    a nice importance bottom three and then he billion in with your man
    now we have a lot of and we have the Garmin that we have the tree skirt the
    angel or whatever you wanna do tree topper and now I'm gonna start I'm doing
    kind of gold and black and white Christmas trees I'm not gonna start any
    other colors if you're known as mostly everything there's a little bit of
    silver but people so now I'm gonna start of color on the tree you know stymied
    bright because basically full now we just have a little bit
    we put in a really big ornament that industry built up the inside of the tree
    and then we did a whole array of one color gold at the base of a tree and
    then we do the accent black and white *** *** Hershey's Christmas Tree - YouTube !!! *** ***