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    Mater from the movie Cars and other cars are stuck in the mud, but robokar Helly saved them - YouTube !!! Russian (Automatic Captions) Russian (Automatic Captions)
    надежда сочи
    д напомним ул
    это поможет
    ну а мы им
    нужно спасать
    да еще и
    должны думать об этом
    хорошая новость для нас просто

    это не мешает ему мы считаем кака однако
    что же делать
    ну кто теперь поможет а теперь и все
    что ж но также
    ну прокурора
    большая часть планеты
    первое место на стоянке
    о куб
    индексы на сайте
    я знаю с постоянными
    ооо так
    но теперь появился

    ха ха ха не будет
    кто его будет еще лучше
    а нет
    совсем рядом упал
    пожарная машина оно стояло
    владимир по сути не заявлял да я и не
    я делаю
    как говорится на сайте
    я с ней
    ему предстоит пройти
    он источник по словам
    помыть посуду
    может это супер машиной и сделает
    работу но точно всех спасет
    ну ладно
    шейна давно
    ну почему
    на трассе чтобы женить стоило
    хадж из отпуска
    тем более что не такая машина
    м в частности чистая правда кроме как
    напомним что на класс
    да еще хуже было сделано
    п *** *** Играем, Крокодил нападает на машинки, а Метр защищает их, Crocodile attacks cars, Krokodille angrep - YouTube !!!
    same one key the theater we may hear him yet he but you can leave your way if we
    could you buy my yeah *** *** Торт Машинка / How to make Car cake - YouTube !!! English English Russian
    Today on the birthday of my son I'll make a cake.
    Not simple, but in the form of car, because he likes cars.
    Form the dough. The most common biscuit.
    I take a cup and smash
    Take a mixer with blade "whisk" and whisk.
    That is enough.
    Poured into a bowl.
    Add flour.
    Gently stir whisk.
    Add baking powder (can be baking soda slaked with vinegar).
    It turns out the dough like thick sour cream.
    Now you can bake.
    Take a baking dish and thoroughly grease it with butter.
    Pour dough into baking dish.
    Put the dough in a preheated
    C oven and bake.
    Now preparing a second biscuit.
    We prepare it the same way as the first biscuit.
    I decided to add cocoa in the second cake for browning.

    minutes have passed, you can check the cake.
    Check up readiness of the cake with a wooden stick.
    Nothing stuck to stick, so biscuit is ready.
    Leave to cool.
    The first biscuit is ready. Similarly, prepare a second biscuit.
    Prepare the cream of the sour cream and chocolate.
    Melt the chocolate in a water bath. To do this, get destroyed into pieces.
    And wait, when it melts, stirring constantly.
    Chocolate is melted, off the heating and give it to cool to
    Chocolate has cooled down. Add to it a warm sour cream and stir.
    We no longer need the spoon.
    Take a mixer with blade "whisk" and whisk the sour cream with chocolate.
    Sour cream have to be warm - not lower than room temperature.
    The cream is ready.
    I got two shortcake biscuits.
    Cut the light cake into
    The second cake is also cut into
    Lubricate each cake with cream.
    Spread on top fruit: kiwi and bananas.
    Shortcakes will alternate: light, then dark.
    For the first layer cut kiwi into slices.
    Spread on cake.
    At the bottom of the brown layer grease cream
    and put on the first layer of cake.
    Also lubricates the cream on the top.
    Put the bananas on top.
    Next cake grease with cream too.
    Put it on a layer of bananas.
    Give the cake to soak for
    It took
    I took a toy car for example.
    Why do I have a round form cake?
    Because the sides are cut off. Of these I will make the cabin.
    Take a knife and cut away the sides of a semi-circle.
    The second side.
    The result is a billet - the machine body.
    Cut the sides, join the top with cream.
    For this purpose put the cream on the top layer of cake.
    Lubricates cream also cut sides.
    We connect them together and put on the cake.
    Then we will cut off all the defects with a knife.
    Form the front of the car: the windshield and hood.
    Cut away the cake to the desired form and put aside.
    It is getting a form of the car.
    Correct the top with a knife-saw.
    Cut away neatly.
    Correct the hood - is cut off at an angle.
    I hope, you get beautiful.
    Form a place under the wheels.
    Cut away a little at the bottom.
    Form the hood of the cut pieces of biscuit.
    Align the trunk.
    Make a recess for the wheels.
    First make an incision with a knife.
    Then remove the excess with a spoon.
    Cooking sweet. For this purpose, we melt the chocolate in the water bath.
    Milk or black chocolate.
    We break into pieces and melt on the heating to
    Stir constantly.
    Chocolate is melted. We give it to cool to
    Add to the chocolate melted butter.
    Mix together.
    Cooked sweet applied onto the entire surface of the car.
    Sweet easy to apply with a brush.
    Remove the workpiece in the fridge to froze.
    It is needed to cover the car.
    We put in a water bath chewing marshmallow.
    Add a tablespoon of lemon juice.
    Add a tablespoon of butter and mix everything.
    We wait until marshmallows begin to melt.
    Marshmallow softened and began to melt. Remove it from the water bath.
    Gradually add powdered sugar. Sift it through a sieve.
    Mix everything.
    When the sweet mastic becomes taut,
    take the powdered sugar and sprinkle the table.
    Spread the mastic (MARSHMALLOW FONDANT).
    For convenience, grease hands with butter.
    Add powdered sugar.
    We may need up to
    g of powdered sugar.
    Mastic should be coloured.
    Tear off a piece for decoration of cars: windows and doors. Remove.
    Another piece colour with the food coloring.
    With a wooden toothpick.
    Add a powdered sugar.
    Knead and stretch.
    Mastic should be a uniform colored.
    Mastic is ready when it does not stick to your hands.
    Formed from the mastic ball should maintain its shape.
    Sweet mastic is ready. Wrap it in plastic wrap
    and remove for
    minutes in the refrigerator.
    Sweet mastic froze on the machine.
    Roll out the chilled mastic using a rolling pin.
    Mastic is unrolled the desired shape.
    Take the mastic with the rolling pin for convenience.
    Transferring the mastic on the car.
    Little by little, we press the mastic to the cake in the form of the car.
    Squeeze out bubbles. Sculpt like a plasticine.
    Also roll out white piece of mastic.
    Cut of the mastic windows and doors. The billet of the paper of desired shape will help me.
    Apply the billet on mastic and cut with a knife.
    This is a front window.
    Align the edges with scissors.
    Glue the window with dipped in water brush.
    Glue the windows.
    Making the front and rear bumper cars.
    Attach the wheels. They are out of round candies.
    At the lights attach small candy.
    Headlights are yellow, rears are orange.
    It is for my little son on his
    It is difficult to determine the brand of the car, but in any case, this car!
    Bon appetit!

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