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-gumpaste watermelon how to -Fruits gumpaste watermelon how to how to make

gumpaste watermelon how to how to make

    -gumpaste watermelon how to -Fruits

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    EASY BREAD RECIPE - Unleavened Flat Bread Yeast Free and Quick - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    hiney huge welcome see skating today we're going to be making the most simple
    in the world this is red I make so often I don't actually use
    a recipe at all but I'm gonna give your SP so it simple for you to
    to learn now the spread is a simple flatbread
    they go back in I tend to attribute this to Indian cooking but they go back in
    history to almost
    every culture in the world very easy to make let me show you how
    %uh on
    it really doesn't get simple in this we've got two cups of plain flour you
    could use a bread flour I'm just using
    all-purpose flour here and we got a couple water and about
    half a teaspoon 2 teaspoons salt really you can adjust that
    to suit your flavor and just now but the so in there
    and the one cup above water now we will need more water
    but for the moment I'm just putting one cup in that now this looks really simple
    but I can tell you is gonna taste fantastic
    just take a fort now and start to buying that together
    now there is no use a fork is used to keep your hands clean at the beginning
    and you can see that starting to come together will need a little bit more
    water in there
    not using full cup just a few splashes maybe
    and you start to draw back together again
    now that is looking really good I'm just going to start to use my hand now take
    the fork at their
    and start to you see the way the flowers pulling away
    from the side of the ball that is perfect
    might be a little bit way if I need to add a sprinkle flour into their just to
    get the consistency that I want
    and that comes together like that into a ball
    week Android out at the mall or onto the site I'm also going to just plow the
    surface a little bit as well
    and you can decide now how much what you want to put into this does the more we
    need it the more the gluten
    strands will stretch out even in this all-purpose flour
    and we get a lovely elastic doe usually like to go for about
    now need that dough for about five minutes you can see it's still quite
    sticky which is perfect
    we don't need to over to this is not a rice bread so
    it's a flatbread but see the Texan now though it still got some stickiness
    which is great I'm going to now divide this
    up into bowls around about the size of a large
    golf ball so they got made nine
    little balls he so we're gonna get nine great database just gonna pop the site
    no-one a fairly heavily floured surface
    just to roll these out on and take one of these little balls of dough here
    and I'm using the a chip my rolling pin Rodney a
    outside is just technique that I find worked really well and what you do is
    role role these out spin them turns Spain
    role never the technique develop
    and this makes a perfect little round bread
    they have it now that he's ready to cook
    now they're very like a flour tortilla or actual patty but I don't wanna give
    it a particular name cuz the serb radar use all the time
    now I prefer a heavy bottom pan to cook the spread it really works well
    at heated up its piping hot there if I sprinkle a bit a water you'll see
    sizzling on the top and now we just bring are bred over to the pan
    lay it down and what this does it's just gonna toast and sealed that side the
    bread I can push it down with a spatula if I like
    there is no
    oil in this planet needs nothing at all now just a few seconds that side and
    then turn it over
    and now we sealing the other sites were getting a little sealed surface on the
    now both charges sealed I'm gonna turn it over
    again and this time I'm gonna be looking for a separation in the center the bread
    little air pockets to start forming
    they see this little air pockets so the coming there that is perfect it means
    that the brady separating in the middle I complete that one over now
    to got a beautiful little dimples on their and its popping up into a little
    ball and I can push it down
    that's creating a nice little pocket in there and back
    is ready to eat that will be delicious just as it is
    and if you take that one pop it onto a plate stack them up high in search of
    you have won a most delicious bread you've ever tried
    and just of two minutes we've got a whole plate these beautiful shop breaks
    which care so easily and so softly
    he's a lovely I'm warm I really urge you to try these they are so delicious you
    can have these I mean my kids
    have been like regular bread you can but then we not a lot peanut butter and jam
    you can opt to do them with curry you can do that with Pastor a taste
    if one bread on my channel you give a try it's this flat bread
    is fantastic when my papers
    so if you enjoyed the video please share the love give it time
    sup subscribe to cease kitchen I will see you
    in the next video be good as I said guys
    the splatter exists so is to make you really must make them I will leave a
    link to a couple about the same the recipes on my channel but get across to
    kitchen answer to this so much going on over there at the moment
    up please comments down below be good
    see in the next video do
    there *** *** How to make Arabic Bread (Pita) - YouTube !!!
    well are
    yup red coupe
    I have them both or remake
    or ok
    last only like
    up doing
    their your the
    long and for
    number less girl
    one kilo lower one big
    table me I'm this one been used
    I'm liquid one that you open water
    lot with power one thing was one almost
    on them almost what their
    Walter Reed more and then we have to put all ingredients
    me here
    make sure real
    heart not you
    well so now yeah
    there here
    last maa wholesome
    top up
    him ok

    from here
    bread old
    red work I'm sorry this is found
    me time help
    here so let's see how
    up up
    i'm don meyer
    here already on really retired

    him working in the kitchen been a partner for our
    redbook her Turner from
    with eat smooth really really good I hope you like
    i hope i helped you at least me no see how to make this army
    your comments are Brad are
    I would like you to trial home I'm this artist rendering
    you through he about one hour to prepare everything
    you know heart and you can try
    over home so please yet somehow dark brown are
    at least you know amid be happy now
    they are on the night here behind me
    need times under me a long time to

    on thanks a lot the car maker
    the with
    up *** *** Best Pita Bread recipe, 100% whole wheat (Arabic) - YouTube !!!
    leaders of the world to the area so they already promised to go there with his
    wife just measurement in the description hope so you don't have to worry about
    but our house here
    percent while *** *** COCONUT FLAT BREAD - YouTube !!!
    and going to me open it lead Bridge to D
    simple to make their I need four cups of flour

    cups of cooked
    salt and do pops up for
    meeks ok go ahead
    Xiamen still wants to be the in the latch
    forest anymore then you can buy
    to me
    and build a soft dough
    then stop after all in your door on the bench top
    or on base sheet many diesel on
    the wide their team to several equal parts
    small leak that he said
    and we need to leave me address to the beat
    then piece nonstick you
    one want and make it
    yet and sponsoring said
    pp yen from and she make sure you have Mike Duff
    and i'm just still want so why is this training
    and complex and keep their came and not using any
    Tom the only thing that pops your
    makes it crispy and nice
    so I'm going to put this image hands
    of first
    stuff cool one side at least three meets
    skillet batons rounds their names
    party dreamy its
    p.m. to sign him
    it's nice and brown
    when money is on the stove you can make the other month
    up *** *** Greek Pita Bread | Akis Kitchen - YouTube !!!
    guys how are you love to see you but he not peacekeeping I Q Street the bed or
    maybe he's on the menu today this is not that I think beatable it a Greek pita
    bread that is usually served with you don't like Buffy in the little more
    bread like you will not even need to use the oven already shown you how to make
    Greek to like today we are making pita bread I will send them with roasted
    vegetables and it's very very easy to make guys want to make homemade pita
    bread at your home you will never buy against or boat because it's very easy
    to make no preservatives added in there is no comparison so let's go in my book
    here going
    teaspoons active dry yeast is your friends don't
    be afraid to use yeast walked one this
    million eighty million little water
    both at room temperature does give it a mix until the sugar dissolves
    set aside for about five minutes start to activate and floor I have another
    bowl here where I will add three hundred and twenty grams of flour
    salt and
    press time he's given us to combine their he should be activated by now
    who's this I'm going for a gun tablespoon of olive oil and obligation
    makes it into the flour and work within it will start to think into keeping
    mixing until the calories incorporated into come together to form a dough
    Dustin nice clean working surface with flour to make it easier to work with the
    dough then out the door and mediate 445 million new mid to late so and so
    this way that dole won't cover it with a towel and set it aside for about

    minutes until doubled in size
    nicely my goal has to know your farmer of a million here and asked withdrawal
    avoid you're working so the door on the surface in pressing down to remove their
    divided into six equal sized pieces
    so I think
    the last
    goes everywhere
    out *** *** Humus With Pita Bread - Easy to Make Homemade Dip - Recipe By Annuradha Toshniwal - YouTube !!!
    todavia making a very nice the middle
    Easton deep called a whole month which is very versatile
    so for this we need right cheek be's and you to soak
    haha Cup overnight in water and the next morning his boy then normally
    to that damn adding three green chillies and
    bought some godly
    and I'm going to liquid ice this whole
    mixture I am
    at some water and I'm now will do
    liquidates this
    so this is what a mixture looks like
    after this I'm going to act on you which is a ready-made system it beats
    available in the market
    don't try to make it the shelf life is very good for just by
    a job and use it them adding too nice tea with scones
    a little bit though hosted jeez %uh powder and lemon juice
    not all this is treaties so I'm just adding a little bit
    and then we shall teeth and see how this so i'm good day basis now and see the
    salt is right
    mean man when did you move it in them
    ball that you want to serve this now over
    this thing will sprinkle some red chilli powder
    and some roasted kyumin powder
    and give up in a rough oil on top
    this prevents it from drying sometimes I like to put
    olives in it said you did and I green color just a month I'm
    on Toolroom whatever you like so
    of months is ready to be eaten but now I sure it is available in the market
    but today I'm going to show you how to make homemade
    pick-up van cricket our regular route de
    got it into square that wouldn't oil in it nonstop I would like to put the mid
    Eastern spice 'cause that that
    and pop this into the I would and even get Chris
    spend nights the government that they bring their duties will take about five
    to ten minutes
    see how you I will be here with them the gist of it
    Chris but not burnt so up close clarity

    so I hope you enjoyed this dish and hope you will make it and serve it to you
    again for the next hour
    cocktail party that you have if you're interested in any of these
    easy and fast recipes you like to buy my book called kaleidoscope sensitive to
    available with me nifty no see you soon
    bye bye on *** *** Arabic Bread (PITA)- How to do at home! - YouTube !!!
    long and for
    number less girl
    one kilo lower one big
    tablespoon E I'm this one you can use the I'm
    liquid one that you open water
    lot with powder one thing was one almost
    on them Paul water
    Walter Reed more and then we have to put all the ingredients
    me here
    make sure real
    heart not you
    well so now happy their
    hooker wholesome
    top up
    him ok

    from here
    bread old
    red work I'm sorry this is found
    me time help
    here so let's see how ok
    i'm don meyer
    here already on really retired

    him working in the kitchen been a partner are
    redbook her Turner I'll
    with eat smooth really really good I hope you like
    i hope i helped you at least me not see how to make this army
    your colours are Brad are
    I would like you to trial at home hunted this artist rendering
    you through he about one hour to prepare
    you know heart and you can try
    over home so please yet somehow dark brown are
    at least you know amid be happy now
    they are on the behind me
    need under me a long time to

    on thanks for watching out in the car
    the *** *** Chef Gloria B. with Chef Maria Guerrero - Gluten Free Pita Bread - YouTube !!!
    my name is Matt yet rated
    I'm working with shit lauria be and
    bad loans contrition lifestyles we are going to make
    today some balls they are gluten-free
    and their little bit different than the so most is that you find in India
    and the Sun is special because they are country
    we are going to prepare now are basic
    gluten-free flowers meeks and for that we can I use three different types
    a flower first we gonna makes one
    and a half cups sorghum flour at
    week at one and a half cups of cornstarch
    into that week-and-a-half
    now we gonna meeks are flowers
    which it waz we need to incorporate them pretty well so you know
    cap pumps of different flowers
    you can ask to have one speak mix
    with this flower that we already makes
    three flowers and we are going to use these mix
    for our dojo for this post so from the slow week again
    to and I have cops cloud
    so here we have
    her flowers makes gluten-free
    to make disciples we gonna start by
    putting in the food processor are gluten-free
    flower mix now with the net at
    this salt makes
    that's on them come
    and last that they came powder that is
    also fielded
    now we've been up who delayed frost
    and posted a little bit
    so he will makes all the flowers
    and they all the ingredients that's all you need to do with this lapse
    know we gonna they finally
    grated mozzarella sheets
    only gonna
    also again to blend that well with the flow
    I'm going to measure
    took thers a pickup of it extra virgin
    olive oil and I'm on it added through the feed into
    while the machine is running and you have to add
    slowly good
    so in a poor one-third of a cop
    and then another third of a cop
    we gonna add the olive
    oil slowly while we have the motor running
    sleep they make stupid
    sticky and he will be on that
    walls of them for presidential so we have to lifted a little bit with a
    we give another
    prime time
    and now I see that he's well makes
    we gonna have now X we r
    separate it why
    from the eight-year-old
    it for a
    whites you
    we don't
    they won
    loss one call a am
    and we gonna had that to the mix
    and make Stilwell again we have to make some will be with a spatula to
    lifted all that he stuck to the wall this will look
    when he's ready like crumb
    probably you will be like pea size crops
    and when I put or if a cop of ice
    what and we are going to added to
    makes while the model his prime
    while we see bad the lobby
    home at home
    for me if all then we makes it a little bit more
    and is ready
    are the boys ready as you can see separate from the walls
    process and I'm lumping in one big bold
    going to give it the old
    and meet needed
    little bit remove the blade carefully
    we just needed to know
    little bit chill making all
    ones you don't have to be needed
    so we make a bold Matt Kemp to
    rapid up
    and in the fridge for about
    we are going to put our go in the fridge
    to chill what about thirty-eight minutes
    and outgo has been jailed so we gonna get it how
    and then rolled
    we could have on track installed
    in Kat
    because we got no water went
    pieces part-time not be called
    week lapd
    in were gonna or
    with plastic wrap
    we're gonna would peaceful though the week
    said classic
    challenged go wave
    peace left
    and we need to put these people on NYC
    the impossible role and handle this bill
    now mister roving are no it
    whoever gold
    and being but a syringe
    make dual you going through the like
    you see that is very making
    way then it got there the whole putting through the paper
    so you can handle detailed
    and we get oh that just straight did
    know it gonna con
    that's all in strips about for
    inches but you can do it wider
    if you wanna make bigger samples these are like small some awesome you can make
    that's the best world
    now we gonna feel or some %ah says I have here
    brown me with spices but you can use
    any feeling you can use well maybe you can use
    vegetables huge choice would be fine we gonna
    peeled the took they had a plastic
    how we gonna put
    just little did about half a teaspoon
    if you make small sample size on
    corner on defected
    you don't want to put too much feeling because Dan that dole
    very fragile and he's got great now you lifted
    plastic with it all something called in a triangle
    now we cannot cut at the age so when it
    at triangle
    and here's to some awesome now we just have to peel
    the plastic up with in the cookies if for
    taking the paper the plastic paper of
    you should Press edges so the feeling
    does income out we're gonna put are some or just to bake
    on a cookie sheet we gonna put on a cookie sheet
    liner on the cookie sheet there when you gonna put your
    some also on the cookie sheet you old
    that took of the plastic paper then
    you put it on the computer shit
    while you leave the other part of the day we have their
    of in preheated at
    fighting hi
    and we gonna with it some also seen billowing
    for about
    minutes Wed
    the wall
    are the
    are *** *** Quick & Easy Flatbread - Ready in 30 Minutes - YouTube !!!
    I'm gonna show you how to make flatbread faster than it would take you to drive
    to the store and buy it which you'll never do again after you have homemade
    plaque bread
    it's that good let me show you how easy this
    okay we're gonna start with a mixer makes the job much easier
    we've been used one and a quarter cup soy flour I'm using all-purpose flour
    you can use bread flour if you want we're going to use the east now let me
    tell you about the East I'm using active dry yeast but you can use either one you
    can use the active dry
    or the instant use like that just make sure you know the temperature when used
    active dry it's
    someone use this one today so it's one teaspoon abused
    it's a half teaspoon of salt 2 teaspoons of olive oil
    and a half cup of warm water
    so by checked it's good to use their instant-read thermometer if you have one
    to make sure that the water temperatures right so we get this going to head the
    and we're going to mix it like that for one minute
    I'm a star shape in the back right as you can see
    it's become kind ever a nice little ball of dough almost
    it's gonna be a little sticky but that's good so we're gonna take it out
    what this did it makes it and also kinda needed it so
    we're gonna put on on a well floured court
    at my board up already and just kind of
    shape it into our a little ball like that
    get smooth out a little bit and now we're going to cover this
    and let rest for
    minutes to their
    at it so after a
    minute rest the first thing you could do was to preheat
    a cast iron pan
    at pretty hot active to medium-high so we're gonna start that preheating
    and while it's healing we're gonna start to shake these Brett
    so see it's kinda puffed up a little bit after
    minute rest so now the first they want to do is to cut the Center for his
    gonna make four flatbreads
    K to cut it into four like this in them like that
    and each one gets shaped into a ball so
    this is the way I kinda like kinda kinda go
    you know there's like a dryer part on the top seed is kinda shit like that
    it stickier just dip in flower
    and so there is 1 and keep everything flowers cell
    put on a floured surface there's one just want to get around enough so we can
    not get rolled into a ball
    so there's for the right there now we're going to add flour the surface
    really well and put a little bit over here and we have set these aside
    and we're just going to roll them into I'm I dunno but a six-inch circle
    thank so use the press it down to get started get my ruling pen and you just
    know what secret way to roll you just
    whatever it takes to get flat I like to do all of them before
    we start to cook because they cook so fast so there
    this one right there but I do three movies
    I just kinda set them aside what I do the others
    okay here's the last one no you don't
    are often quite as thin as when you make tortillas he went to have a look at the
    pic missed
    there's the last one ready to go and if you're not sure you can test your pan to
    make sure it's hot
    enough by just putting a few drops of water on it you get that says oh
    you know it's hard enough okay so now watch how quickly they cook here's the
    first one
    on it on greased pan right there
    now you're gonna be able to flip it and check it you can use a spatula like this
    are you can you start arms whichever you have whichever is easier
    so if you if you watch as a starts to cook get a little %uh bubbles like that
    and the bubbles will get bigger and bigger will start to pop up a little bit
    number gonna flip it over it's about one minute per side
    artsy its the bubbles are starting to get bigger it's been about
    I don't know forty seconds and you can check the bottom
    because you never know how hot like that how beautiful work
    that's it that's flat bread right there
    one minute per side and it's done
    there's no rule about how many times you can flip it over not doesn't matter it's
    just bread
    you know see
    that's what mom looks like you know non is the is flat bread
    this is a flat breads really date back centuries I mean every every culture has
    been making flatbread
    this looks about done
    cell alright see put them on a plate and if you're gonna serve them right away
    you can just put the same time we want to keep them or
    so keep it warm and take the next one there it goes
    see at look at this one how beautifully it's bubbling up like that
    I think the longer you let the door rest the more you
    get pockets inside like that then you have those pita pockets you know
    the look look how beautiful that's perfect
    there here's another one now this is
    state you can get it as brown as you like but this this is people this is
    perfect right here
    but what happens sometimes too is the flower that's on the from rolling them
    are getting the panic can burn so just grab carefully grab a paper towel in
    just wipe out
    cut flowers he doesn't so doesn't burn okay here's the last one and
    I'm not a if the for flower burns a lil bit the pan take a look at these from
    rolling and just brush off the flower
    this pressure often what land in a pan okay
    here's the last one look at this time beautiful
    alright so here we have four freshly made
    still warm flat bread you can do anything with flatbread
    you can make a quick pizza I love them you can make a Greek hero
    are you can wrap like a tuna sandwich in it anything you like
    you can wrap in a in a flatbread I'd like to wrap our pool way up in the flat
    bread but
    he said no *** *** Get Baking with Paul Hollywood | Wholemeal Pitta Breads | Waitrose - YouTube !!!
    we thousands at these things every
    single week of course if the beautiful
    Greek pitter I'm gonna show you how to make them
    now gets baking huddled
    my students today of friends skating him Kim admits her baking leaves a lot to be
    but she's desperate to improve and Kathy indicate
    bakes cakes but never makes bread
    also baking along apartment Patrick
    a self-confessed foodie and Russell the comp bike book makes a mean fried
    but my neck spread pitter is so easy I'm sure all the more master in no time
    now even if you guys make a typical no never
    happen to be in town pizza bread is is so versatile
    the actual way that works in an office fascinate you get sick growing movement
    right in front of your eyes night's action very quick to the in the bull
    I've actually got wholemeal flour stone ground whole wheat flour
    and I've gotten white flower so doing half-and-half
    and to blend that together again takes the pitter to another level
    to my flower a muddy water boil
    instant East sold and cool water
    than just give it a quick mix with yep straightforward
    I've got something I come where it went
    its best at the water a little at a time until you have a soft
    sticky dough months in the wholemeal flour because it's quite grainy mixture
    and it does absorb the olive oil in a tense the balloon a little bit when you
    proven upset when you break a net a little bit a flower on the bench
    no light do just pull the Topeka see almost straightaway Euclid OH
    its it's literally the to feel a oh yeah
    really nice this list movements of the
    feels like he does not yet to see the Queen that's the story within
    five seconds because
    communities in
    gram it's considering small it is it you do
    one on so with this hand I you can basically
    say do whatever you want and to launch the phone
    now while you're having a copper
    keep kneading the dough it should become less sticky people in my simple
    this is basically folding technique so long two images rollin L
    flatten it out rollin L flatten it down
    you'll know when you order is ready when it feels smooth and silky
    then cover the dough and leave it to double in size
    so good down here that's been dressed in about an hour and a half to anticipated
    quite now this'll make to
    pit is concise pitches all for little ones if you like
    afford to split that's shake them into bowls
    put put your fingers over the top went to spin it around
    the okay all just flatten each ball with your fingers
    and dole out into a noble rolling out quite
    limits normal pitches to be quite that obviously
    what you wanna take them to a little bit of a noble
    and you can see the shape that the the pits an hour
    said that's basically where he won a bit
    put the pits onto a tray with some flour and transfer to a hot oven
    got a train that which is already been preheated slide
    on the close though leave it for 10 minutes
    what you looking for the slightest but I call it arrive on the top me see almost
    the dryness happening on the top for the pitter
    that's when it's ready give a look in there you see its
    its dooming slightly what's happening is the
    outside the Pitzer quickly seals in the open and then steam pushes the OPP
    into a pollution ape time to see if my students have been paying attention
    they've already got some pizza dough and all they have to do shape its and roll
    it out
    with Kate need some help to
    suspending in a bit of luck what are the secrets of seeing this
    all the time rice if I get a piece that though
    put in that fly like a like that what happens spa
    it just spins around our both the house together
    though on the surface actually flower free
    slot that down the middle angola or so then
    it's got something to stick to others say simple as that it's crucial to its
    smooth because if it's cracked
    this could become a hole when it's baked and it will let out the steam
    and the pits that won't rise my guys case we got along the giant
    I you need to divide it often divided
    African economy the big ones just a little bit more ok with Mike
    and this one over here it's always actually it's pretty good
    I am make sure it's all about the same she got a full the
    lockdown nice flop after just a few minutes in the oven
    let's see if the magic is happen see the colour on the outside
    just indicate not the quite dry all nice the correct
    well it's very very good just flip it over double
    insights colour that color their
    is what you're looking for the Flickr brown Mitchell was gone the base cuz
    that's the one that was in contact with the with the Tri
    it was heated in the oven very well so look at the size of our
    well well
    rice Wow I should literally it's like a little clout
    but Pierce thats that is going to be with the steam comes out say
    anything program company easy there
    still simple absolutely you gonna make these I am
    never gonna buy them again may attend the well think
    I'll picking her you over
    this just goes to show that even Sudans we've never made a pizza before
    can succeed this time round
    I've been making at this for a long time actually
    examples ago here all very very good are you happy with them
    yet let's have a closer look
    first a case mean look at this digital pocket this railway
    that is just protesting really really good
    now km
    maybe not this a good the problem could do with a little bit longer in the open
    books you still got
    the pocket side actually its bank what it's like it is like
    to know the
    difference is true that

    seconds while
    and actually depends on the type to you that is looking
    soft that's not deadly that spreads them it's a good
    but will the boys have done as well now these guys ive seen this one before this
    forget lovely colour flow should call the coming down here
    very very good I mean I out by like them
    and house Patrick's giant size version
    this this very good to win by the shape assisting
    she got the boot was actually put a knife in their
    has run it down nicolosi's ok result there
    they have it a little bit a Greek magic in your own kitchen
    the difficulties yesen
    okay I think you guys should talk him into it they the
    hitter match call mom
    yet baby Kim the *** *** Chicken Pita Sandwich - Laura Vitale - Laura in the Kitchen Episode 446 - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC

    one my Mr Big Hadley
    on this episode online ticketing show you how to make what I like to call
    second-guessing lights an this is a really simple simple recipe but I
    thought I would show it to you because
    I love this kind of it because it perfect for lunch
    and I think that anyone can write the back to school and whether you're in
    middle school
    for high school or parents gone back to work or anybody
    that on the goal really these kinda recipes I think our
    he to being able to eat a good healthy lunch
    without having to sacrifice I'm now without having to spend
    hour now in the kitchen or having to going to get some fast food just because
    you don't have time
    sell the recipe it's just getting things I have leftover and me when I'm
    impressed me
    first time and give it a rest the sitting room for you to some pita bread
    and these are some whole wheat pita pocket
    and spray makes tomatoes some cooked chicken that shredded
    uncommon olive pit now got and sun-dried tomatoes
    Aizawl car Lake government salt and pepper extra virgin olive oil and
    balsamic vinegar
    now I suggest when if you are taking this
    two lines put the pita on the side that way
    doesn't get bad if such up good to go at
    go to recipe and I am using my leftovers taking I'm a Christian at least once a
    and I house because I adore it again but I
    love leftovers I think personally I think leftovers
    leftovers chicken is the best part and having a roast chicken
    so you can do by two different things with it so if you wanna learn how to
    make my was taken
    there's a recipe online tickets not calm go check now
    fell now and cutting my I'm getting too little small pieces I'm gonna die
    K really nice and find a problem now can you the whole onion
    and like I said this is the perfect recipe to use what
    care for you got left or if it doesn't you come burgers if you want to use
    totally different reasons and I'm using then
    by all means go right ahead you can put in some shredded carrots and celery
    some bell peppers you name it if you want to do
    like I'm Mayo drastic I have you can do that but just
    if you are Tina to mind you wanna make sure that it's kept refrigerated have to
    really cold
    but by doing it this way I don't have to worry about that
    because anger problem in Iran and
    and what of the correct now
    hang up chop up some garlic nice and fine
    as well and like I said
    if you are you know a child or teenager what not try
    making yourself a nice lunch the night before
    and the got something to look forward to that makes you happy throughout the day
    sidetracked riff-raff number into my basil as well
    along with my alums and my fund writes me a national you want to make sure
    looks like what
    all topped last my friend right
    made Kathy than it was in salt and pepper go lay on the softer because you
    have the islands are very very salty
    now and I laughed because when I think think these are things I have one hand
    I really mean it because I mean I could mostly Italian site
    always have olive I always at sun dried tomatoes
    in the pantry and got some marinade artichoke
    things like that but this I was really curious about
    and I wanna all you need wall want you to comment below
    when I don't know if I know there's a lot of different people that watch
    Lauren kids from all
    all over the world from fiftieth from where you are in your country what
    arguing greens are you always have leftover you now
    I don't I always got them to me I have always got paid off because I think like
    that but
    what were your fam what are the staples
    in your kitchen that you find yourself that you got bits and pieces left I'm
    really curious because
    I'm foodie I love food thou
    just drizzling a little bit more olive oil and vinegar
    good unit of
    now if I think in this to work tomorrow or school
    this is the point where I would put their and its own a container
    and the pita into a container along with a little bit of lettuce and tomato on
    the side in an assembly
    at months time I'm going to school tomorrow and i really wanna show you
    what one looks like
    some nice assemble at gonna come might be at my PPL Park in half
    but it opened the be gentle on to put and
    couple slices have to me nor
    really juicy cue
    actually gonna season the two minutes just tying tad some
    let an some a chicken salad
    mixture what I love me lovely
    lines that it may give this by right now left
    miss mmm
    I'm mmm
    so I so
    I'm I love this combination
    but I guess I could do whatever your heart desires
    I have my investment in with me good every day video vigilante it's not
    something that the ring recipe
    hey good luck come at the school or work or every don't market makers have a good
    one so you have something
    really help me I really yummy to look forward to
    made a I'll mine line

    on *** *** Make A Delicious & Easy Falafel Pita Pocket (with Trader Joe's Cheat)—Deb's Kitchen Episode 13 - YouTube !!!
    you will see next heights heal
    other special ingredients together extra
    and flight mother and like so many of you and charlie trie party last fall out
    of town together the individual
    till she and simplify your kids in time
    indebted to him
    i have a colossal already and up and and full disclosure
    it did not mean it
    dominating on early
    instead i got them from trader joes one of our favorite stories and they're
    basically justin ready needful of all that you can just popping up in for a
    few minutes an income tax rate
    similar to what i do you know that i will take about two block called and
    were disconnected doesn't happen from inside
    while we work on preparing our little kita
    the first black hat
    gave a little hotmail and comment
    is also another student should peace bragged mightier weapon x and it's just
    not going to go and the bottom of our captain you would have generous now
    because taxes that for a bus stop before yard possible apple sanctions depend a
    little comments
    and i'm just gonna go in and acting a little watchful
    do you give me a note to maybe thirty video monitor overcrowding
    waking up in the alaska
    ibmers action letterhead
    and fans mehta
    a little bit of cucumber and piak other kinds of ninety-five theses flavor tend
    to go pretty well
    and if i don't even have a little bit venage disapproval of rumble attached
    now the secret special sweat i've been to give this a little bit of an extra
    uh... special waiver it's absolutely pop it back in the cockpit because that
    helps it carmel together and all the little
    profit project he and his knee and extra feet
    before that i decided to take a little bit of a cooking spray tan breakout
    so that outright
    panic to tap into bragging to get some of the christian ambassador topic about
    at about five minutes media time all of the game
    since then a couple minutes i think that papa just about done since the advent of
    and flee at barney's speaking out
    each mountain okay
    and normally bad
    topical half all at a little bit about the cactus hannah
    put them back and japan getting ready to played a lot of times fallout
    the entire relief that she'd envelope tornado and let its really cool because
    birds will lipset as you got pretty heated out now usually displayed at the
    little since she has to be nice to be needed for salad if you can add a little
    bit of psychology exam
    lately that it's teeth the easy sending home a bottle stand next academic degree
    weekend decent
    for more bath recipes in texas goodie in dad's kitchen dot com *** *** How to Make Homemade Pita Bread - YouTube !!!
    in trouble ima addict table speaker
    at least and one
    and a quarter cup and warm water
    ok just gonna mix it up
    and left the eastern bloc
    fix a couple minutes it's been about five minutes
    and just I'm going to add my flower
    I've got a couple to happen ok
    for our man's a key speaker
    assaults them in a bit
    my mixer McDuck her
    tournament at another couple for our
    deacons adding another cup of flour
    her whole
    now we got into additional cops
    myth let he picks in
    i right now I'm going to you it's all pretty well mixed
    kinda has to make the latest on the net mom cold
    hmm in a dump it out yes so we got going on the bottom
    and sis meet its her lust there
    alright his radio farrow
    here wonder what drinks do in he is working on some flowers
    prefer he is going to town
    yes searchers broken the primary key
    he was eating a brown rice cake and deacons meeting till
    her body yeah that's fine
    needed for a bit it's pretty her last sexy in her lots of your car or
    year Almeda mall her okay here
    now I'm gonna divvied up with heavy ball haha permitted
    my card bill that bet
    I just have you gotten earlier this year old girl perfect through-ball
    okay her out and I'm just gonna
    clamp down and let him step for her car sections are
    haha Obama her
    year alright it's been about
    and now I'm going to you I'm put them on my film
    groundbreaking is get in trouble good running backs chrome
    it's really cool mom all
    on alright unashamed Pete is they've been an hour for
    about on seven minutes

    minutes firms are you
    here is the finished product these are super super easy
    the really really are you cook them in the oven these cooker got nine minutes

    you can cook a longer shorter depending on how soccer country that you want them
    almost got show you the best part pocket in Cyprus
    cumslut working on art room would start with all sorts good
    have won over here threes like that time
    my husband's first turkey and cheese mustard mayo
    avocado sumitomo's cucumbers whatever you want
    there but I'm but I'm the crew parking to work where
    here's the there's the stock market square
    I hope you guys enjoy and limited me questions
    ride *** *** Homemade Flatbread Recipe - Mark's Cuisine #25 - YouTube !!!
    hi everyone welcomes was that simple recipes
    to die and it did she that
    with I'm my on this flatbread NEC I'm gonna show it at his flat bread
    now fled great is why I must I inches
    and it's my will all and he hears college in Pine
    in Mexico School the tortilla and the Middle East school
    his now you can violence
    British Shaw there are a lot like bread
    on and there's nothing life quality
    haw fresh Brett us
    right from the start to the tide
    this is what we can't in the
    for the flatbread and as always cause
    the ingredients and the recipes below in the Description box
    so negative the flat broke down together about
    which which is cannistraro in the air I'm just got half a teaspoon of salt
    that which is gonna ground well
    and get it just makes this
    Aranda vs just in the image is gonna
    Navy steam that had been staying in a half volley ball
    just gonna less that least
    route that through the flaps
    and then we gonna and they have water and
    just this olive oil just gives the that brace
    a really nice flavor ice he could head different spices to this
    now you could put them some kami no you could put super procuring
    yeah I mean just give it some interesting fly this that
    just plain sign of Pisces didn't want my
    so that's probably enough working in with the
    olive oil and when and just gonna slyly were keen
    the water I'm sigh
    put in a little bit at a time
    says we can see how much
    weenie its
    and you don't wanna make it to wastes
    nicest as it is time yes probably mates
    a little bit more water and I'm
    I'm just gonna head fraction more
    probably in the last
    sin and different dyes you need more or less water for the same and a flair
    so that now which is gonna need this
    it's just a little bit more rest
    and I might just ed a little bit of flair wall on a team is just to give you
    little bit more drawings
    I'm just gonna sprinkle
    that flower on and I'm just gonna need that fall on
    doing this in once we finished
    need enough for five minutes we're just going to let that rest you could
    stack calling them straight away and that's fine too
    but if you let them rest they seem to be coming up there its
    so here we go ago I said this is
    what it does should look like awesome pliable
    that's been dated for about five minutes im just gonna regret that in San cling
    so here we are and we're this site you
    rolling at the house black brace and I'll just
    yes practices does that's been resting for that happening now
    and we're just gonna spring pools and fast food geez
    Eunos lot of layouts much easy to work with
    the sprinkle a good amount of their own thing
    and then we just gonna role these into
    I A ball
    long law bets anyway we're just gonna
    show these into sections for a up
    you individual flat race
    okay here we have a little ramble
    to and that's that I think three quarters of an inch
    to send images why day and is probably
    trace an inmate is suing a house enemies across
    inches across the
    so I'm just gonna flattened that aa
    get that round like that so the stuff with the Rams
    ball and then you just one to a little bit you know you're all across the ages
    on this
    spot to start with you just wanna cable rolling a little bit twisted
    in Reno so otherwise the that
    and having well
    yeah then he's gonna make sure you got enough flour
    the Mesa doesn't stay so it's always good to have
    beautifully on for and then once you get it is not that stuff in the middle
    stop any twisted yeah Kate putting for an amazing you feel it's not my style
    Clara I said I'll and
    and he all just do that
    gore make small well
    its send stuff the state could be
    this youths
    in its yes and the weekend
    that's a wrap flatbread really put on C
    since they have C you can see my hands free that's the last thing you want to
    get your flask with
    and that's really going to the stars and cook
    some really cool the let great now I know just gotta
    my cast on and the day and not just got slightly largest I've the surface and
    that smoking hot Sona hai hey
    I'm just gonna try much padding and
    as you can see it all starts change column now
    its owner really well answer this fall
    end up stunning to bobble
    we want that just to rise up
    and so
    as you can see now about doing now and
    week probably not far off tuning and I
    are written insists and I've been now
    and that'll released a to

    blow up now and as you can see that blowing up really nicely
    and we have
    I A earthy flatbread
    nesting me and who can I'll
    so they have to go ice beautiful friend great
    and I'll just night is she to bed missus detonated his right now
    and desi for this way and I'll see you next week
    on yes recipes *** ***

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